League of Gods (2016) Movie Script

In the beginning,
the world was full of possibilities
for all living creatures.
But desire and ambition
drove humans to own the whole world
and war began.
Some got devoured by darkness.
Some became the guardians of light.
A war to seal the fate of all humanity
is imminent.
Do not enter the imperial bedroom.
Do not act rashly.
No matter what you hear, do not trespass.
Yes, sir.
Your Majesty.
What a good appetite you have, my consort!
You seem quite ravenous.
It's solely for serving you
and your Dragon Body, Your Majesty.
Lei, what time is it?
The Big Dipper just passed the zenith.
We are just one mile from Zhaoge.
We have only one mission:
To rescue the Grand Elder
of Invisible Tribe before dawn.
Over the years, King Zhou has
slaughtered numerous Adept tribes.
It's said that he's bewitched by Daji.
He's merely a puppet of that Nine-Tail Fox.
Captain, why don't we just take
this opportunity to kill that evil Fox.
Only Master Jiang can wipe out
this ancient Fox Demon.
Now, our top priority is
to find Invisible Tribe's Grand Elder
and bring him safely back to Xiqi.
Since we crossed the Zhaoge border,
I can smell blood,
and it's growing stronger.
I feel it's coming from a fox!
Lei, when we are in there,
whatever happens, make sure
not to use your Adept power!
Daji's sorcery is immeasurable.
She can sense even the tiniest surge of power.
Yes, sir!
Master Jiang. How rude of us.
Please forgive Ji Fa.
Listen to me.
Never be too tense.
A marksman never holds
his arrow too long on the string.
- Xiqi!
- Invincible!
The truth is, King Zhou has a secret.
In order to gain the world,
he made a devilish deal with
Supreme Demon when he was young.
I can give you everything.
I will own the world.
I will be the one and only king!
But you have to exchange your body for it.
The world will be mine!
He sold his own body
to feed the Black Dragon with his royal blood.
When the three suns converge,
and Black Dragon descends,
great darkness will envelop the world.
We will be left in this darkness
for 18,000 years.
So Nine-Tail Fox isn't the biggest threat.
Actually, it's this Black Dragon.
Why involve Grand Elder?
He's the only one that knows
the secret to killing Black Dragon.
If you can't get him out,
It'll be the end of the world.
We're saving him. What are you doing?
Good question.
I could tell you of such mysteries,
but you wouldn't understand.
Anyway, get them and escape quickly.
And you? How will you escape?
I will leave the way I came.
The Imperial Prison,
where Grand Elder is being kept, is ahead.
Here comes Her Majesty, Queen Daji.
Your Majesty,
your gift is ready.
Present the gift!
The guards are changing shifts now.
Save our Grand Elder.
They are less attentive when they start a shift.
The best time to take action
will be after the handover!
Save our Grand Elder.
I can hear the Invisible tribesmen calling!
Come out now!
The Invisible tribesmen are just inside!
We are the Ji Clan warriors from Xiqi.
We're here to help you!
I have decimated the Invisible Tribe.
What do we need their Grand Elder for?
Of course, to us,
he's of no use.
But he can be used by some people
to threaten us.
Because his eyes
can see the past and the future.
Your Majesty, I really want to know
what the future ultimately holds for you.
The cage is blocked with black magic.
You can't open it.
Our Invisible power is blocked, too,
so we can't get through the bars.
Lei, don't use your Adept power.
The Invisible Tribe tried to use their powers.
Time is critical.
The orphan of the Wing Tribe must be here.
What is my future?
Show me!
It can't be. That's not what I want!
You wicked tyrant!
Your resplendent kingdom,
painted with the blood of millions,
will become a desolate land of the dead.
And your body will lie among the ruins!
No! That won't happen!
Gouge out his eyes.
Yes. Gouge them out!
Where's Grand Elder?
King Zhou's men just took him away!
Hurry. Let's save Grand Elder.
He wanted you to save the children first.
Stay alert.
Get the children out first.
Benefactors, please take
good care of the children.
We'll go save...
This is the Royal Court sewer.
We'll retreat from here.
Prepare the boat!
Is it Time Freezing?
Enough! Do no more evil!
Are you tired of living, Jiang?
How dare you trespass on the palace?
Don't you know it's a capital offense?
Obsessed with your vain ambition,
you don't even care about your life,
- do you?
- How dare you?
You pathetic old man.
What a busybody.
My son, you belong to the sky.
You go first.
Ji Lei and I will bring up the rear.
What are you doing?
Listen to me!
You are my brother and comrade-in-arms.
I need you to make any sacrifice
necessary to get them out
and help me complete the task!
Im General Leopard.
How dare you intrude on the palace on my watch?
Rebels from Xiqi.
Are you seeking death?
Im old.
I like to interfere.
Now I reign supreme over the entire world.
Who dares not to submit to my rule?
Old bastard.
You've been an ascetic for centuries.
Don't overestimate yourself.
Show me what you're capable of.
Do you think you can possess the world
in such a heretical way?
It's you who have overestimated yourself.
The wings hanging in my room could sense you.
They must belong to your father.
Let me reunite you with him now!
Bridge the stream! Forward!
With your so-called legendary divination powers,
couldn't you sense this was a trap?
You are disappointing!
You are as well!
Ive long heard that Daji
is the greatest beauty in the world.
Too bad,
you're just a fox
disguised as a human.
Lower the floodgate!
The exit is directly ahead.
We must leave Zhaoge before dawn.
See you in Xiqi!
He must know my story.
I was able to sense those wings, too.
Our mission isn't done yet.
Don't get distracted.
Promise me
you'll allow me to seek
the answer after this mission.
Ill make you young again
with the Reverse-Aging Curse.
Reverse-Aging Curse?
Master Jiang!
Go home and tell General Ji,
Ill raze Xiqi to the ground.
Ji Clan warriors have long been trained
for this moment!
Master Jiang.
Go now!
Hey, let's go!
Calm down, Your Majesty.
They can't get away.
we are halfway to victory.
Brother, we're back home now.
They are back.
Open the City Gate!
His mystic eye is with us now.
What are we waiting for?
People usually enjoy the full moon at night.
But it's a double moon.
You can only see them at sunset.
How can we kill Black Dragon
with just an eyeball?
An Invisible tribesman can see
the stars behind the sun.
Grand Elder's eyes have stored
everything he has ever seen.
He is the only one who has seen
Black Dragon's nemesis.
Though it's just one eye,
at least it gives us some insight.
I am younger now.
I was hit by Daji's Reverse-Aging Curse.
The Curse accelerates
every time I exert my life energy.
Would you like to try?
Do I look handsome?
But the price is, when my energy is used up,
my primordial spirit will vanish.
We are facing our doom.
How can you make jokes?
Whoa, don't worry.
Win or lose, alive or dead, he who laughs last
will win the day.
So it's the legendary Sword of Light?
The Sword of Light
is the only weapon that can defeat Black Dragon.
Only Gold Dragon is capable
of mastering this Sword.
The Sword has tremendous power.
But its power can be destructive
if not controlled.
That's right. It depends on the heart
of the person using the Sword.
I just want the world to be at peace,
not perish with King Zhou.
There can be fire on water
and rebirth from death.
We all have been through hardship
because what we are doing
is not just for ourselves,
but for the future of the world.
Ive prepared many years
for the war against King Zhou.
What Xiqi needs is to stick together,
not gamble everyone's life on a sword.
Well, it's not a gamble!
I know you don't believe in the Sword of Light.
- You don't even believe in yourself.
- Don't I believe in you?
Look at your face now. Soon, you'll be
young enough to call me uncle.
How can you be so uncompromising?
The other eyeball is with Daji.
She knows something we don't know.
You and I have no choice.
I can't let the Sword fall into their hands.
Whoever seeks the Sword,
I will destroy.
You want a pair of wings
but you don't have the heart to fly. Do you?
Ive tried. But Ive failed every time.
Im a Wing tribesman who cannot fly.
No one can teach you.
Ask your heart.
Just fly! Just fly!
My son.
It's time. Spread your wings.
Just fly!
Don't lose heart.
You're a Wing tribesman.
One day, you will have your own wings
and return to the sky.
Come here.
Catch it.
What is it?
A map for a sword.
The Sword of Light.
The Sword of Light
is looking for its master.
Who is its master?
Could I be the one?
Its master must be smart,
brave, righteous,
very wise.
Most importantly,
he must be tenacious.
I will go!
Will you?
Children are counting on him.
Grown-ups are counting on him!
- The whole world is counting on him!
- Ill go!
You'll get killed!
Im not afraid. I will go!
It's coming. It's coming.
It's coming.
Treasure! Where's my treasure?
Who is he?
Your little companion for the journey: Naza.
You know who I am.
So did you hide my treasure?
I see. My Wind Fire Wheels are not here.
Ill go find them on my own.
Don't chase him. He will come back for you.
Hey. Take those three pouches
and start the journey.
You'll find your companions without any effort.
Isn't it a sword I seek?
The second step comes after the first.
The third step after the second.
When you reach the third,
then you will be invincible.
Make haste.
you're letting him go?
We have to let him face things alone.
Only though hardships can he find himself.
Find him
and report his whereabouts.
It's been several days.
I haven't seen a single soul.
Am I headed in the right direction?
- Why didn't you ask me, silly boy?
- Who are you?
Im the most important of the three pouches.
Magic Grass. I know all.
Oh, then you can help me find the Sword.
That's nothing. With my power
that will require very little effort.
You're just bragging, right?
You brat. Are you doubting me?
If it weren't for Master Jiang
talking me into it,
I wouldn't take the time to help you.
How shall I put it?
Without me, it's impossible
for you to find the Sword of Light.
If you're so great, then show me the way.
Not so fast.
With constant effort, you will succeed.
When success comes, I won't have to tell you,
you will know where to go.
If that's the case,
you're not needed anymore.
Aren't you waiting for your little companion?
When I exert my strength,
he will appear soon after.
Oh, gosh. So stinky!
You know nothing, greenhorn.
No living creature in this world
can resist my magical scent.
They have no choice but to be attracted to me.
They'll be killed by your stink,
not attracted.
What a braggart.
Can someone help me?
What did I tell you?
He's coming for sure.
It's Naza.
How about that? Do you see my power now?
Gotta save him.
Get me out of here!
Hey. Watch out.
This kid can be cunning.
It serves you right!
Little bastard.
Been caught stealing food again?
Buried here as punishment?
No, no, no. Don't cry.
You want to run? Where can you go?
Be good.
Be good. Listen to me from now on.
Listen to you, my ass! It's mine now.
I am not playing games with you anymore.
Give it back to me!
Come and get it if you can.
Come on.
You burned me!
If only I had my Wind Fire Wheels!
I will smash you!
Bring it on.
Easy there!
- What monster is this?
- What is this?
It really is attracted to me.
It's the legendary Desert Centipede!
It's catching up to us!
Don't follow me.
Go after that baldy!
- Move faster!
- Get off, if you think Im slow.
Im not playing with it. You have fun.
All right, now.
It's coming again.
The centipede just wants you.
Im exhausted.
Completely out of breath.
Why'd you come back? Leave me alone.
- Because I miss you.
- Stay away.
Move your ass!
Help... Help me!
Help... Help me! Help me!
You burned me again!
Out of my way!
Baldy fool.
I don't want that Grass anymore.
Now, I own this pouch.
That pouch is meant to be yours!
Little shrimp, the Third Dragon Prince.
So it's you?
Naza. You bastard!
You tore down the Merfolk Palace
and destroyed my home.
You even extracted my spinal cord
so I can't grow up anymore.
Im sure my father will get even
with you for that.
Wind Fire Wheels.
I want my Wind Fire Wheels.
Do they have an old feud?
Naza once wreaked havoc on the East Sea.
His body was destroyed.
But Master Jiang kindly helped him
to retain his primordial spirit
and restore his body.
Yet, without his Wind Fire Wheels,
he is always in a highly unstable state.
My Wind Fire Wheels!
Why did you tie me up?
Wind Fire Wheels! I have to find
my Wind Fire Wheels! Let go of me!
If you promise to go on the journey
with that silly boy, I will set you free.
Let me go right now!
Promise me first.
Just promise him.
If not, he'll bore you to death.
What do you mean?
Who are you?
Master Jiang said
whoever tries to take a pouch from me
is precisely the companion I need.
Is that old man your ally?
You're my ally, too.
We'll complete the task he gave us.
So this is how you treat your companion?
Don't be rash.
Don't forget that you
just got cheated by this guy.
What are you doing?
What does Old Jiang want?
The Sword of Light.
To save the world?
You don't want to help him?
This treasure is mine now.
Only I can lead you to the Wind Fire Wheels!
I swear what he said is true.
Damn baldy,
don't con me into helping you
find the Sword of Light.
If I don't find my Wind Fire Wheels,
I'll extract your spinal cord.
Okay. It's a deal.
If we have come to an agreement,
then please let go.
Im dying of thirst.
I told you this wasn't the right way.
It's been three days and nights,
and we are still going in circles.
Ji Lei, does this shitty thing ever work?
Master Jiang gave me this navigator.
He must have his reasons.
We have to trust him.
Only an idiot like you would trust that lunatic.
If he's so great,
why didn't he take care of it himself?
No need to be so angry.
What a huge city!
Who cares?
My Wheels won't be there.
- Master Jiang sent us.
- No talking!
What is it?
It must be a good thing.
Why didn't I know about it earlier?
Look! My Heaven's Bolt is almost completed.
- It's mine now.
- Don't make trouble!
Are you helping each other?
Alpha Rings!
Stop. Don't engage!
Get lost!
I wanna play with this.
Put it down!
This treasure is mine now!
Cut it out, Naza!
Put it down!
We're sorry.
How could it be? It should be able
to resist both fire and water.
Give it back to its owner.
I get it.
Nine-Tail Fox sent you here!
Nine tails, ten tails, whatever.
You were fooled, hairy guy!
This treasure is fake.
Everything here is fake!
Cut the crap, okay?
Day after day.
Season by season.
No birth and no death.
No things and no self.
So what if it's fake?
So it's you, Yang Jian.
We haven't met for decades.
You were trapped by the Fox's spell.
Why are you helping me?
Because we need you in Xiqi.
Black Dragon is about to descend.
Xiqi is our last hope to stand against him.
What is it to me?
You were once headstrong
and attempted to kill Nine-Tail Fox alone.
But you were trapped by her for decades instead.
And now you've regained your liberty.
How can you just sit by
while that evil Fox harms the world?
I just fell in her trap
due to my carelessness.
I, Yang Jian, swear to finish off Nine-Tail Fox!
That's exactly what I wished to hear from you.
We must stay united with one heart now.
Hey, Fossil, give him the pouch.
Sky Howler?
It's really you!
Now, before anything else,
we have to find the Sword of Light
and return to Xiqi
before the three suns converge.
Let's go, Sky. Let's find my Gold Armor.
I can defeat Nine-Tail Fox alone.
Yang Jian, we'll see you in Xiqi!
You are so rude.
Having a dog makes you cool?
You didn't even say thanks.
Damn baldy,
you lured me here to fight
a vain fight with that three-eyed guy.
Where are my Wheels?
Don't hurry.
Let's check the navigator.
What the heck is it?
Looks just like an olive pit.
You don't get it. It's called Porta-Boat.
It can take you anywhere you want.
Anywhere I want? No kidding!
Just think of a place,
and Porta-Boat will go there on its own.
If it weren't for King Zhou's relentless invasion
these people would not be destitute and homeless.
Don't get sentimental.
Hey, we've checked dozens of markets and docks,
but haven't seen that stupid boat.
It's your bad luck. Let's do it separately!
My name is Blue Butterfly.
Can you teach me?
The Sword of Light
is looking for...
A map for a sword.
Waiting for him to save the world.
Save the world?
Why are you helping me?
Because we need you in Xiqi.
The next task is to follow this boy
until they find the Porta-Boat.
Send me reports along the way.
Are you so easily distracted?
Don't forget your important business.
I won't.
I just did her a favor.
You have to bear in mind Lady Taiyi's emblem.
Porta-Boat is with her.
But when you meet her, never ever mention Jiang.
Why not?
Not another word.
Im here looking for...
Everybody here
must be looking for something.
See for yourself.
But I see nothing!
Never look with your eyes.
You should do it
with your heart.
Is this the Porta-Boat that can go anywhere?
Correct! Anywhere.
And Ill go with you.
We both want to gain enlightenment.
We'll meet again someday!
you'll come back to me to ask for it.
You're back at last.
It's been 80 years.
Have you finally come back to me?
Fossil, I have a bad feeling.
Im not Jiang.
Im here for Porta-Boat.
Who are you if you're not Jiang? Why do
you come to cheat me in this disguise?
Im not Jiang, I mean it!
Jiang, you're back at last.
It's been a long and painful wait.
I won't let you leave me again this time.
Im Jiang?
Travel around the world with me.
Travel around the world?
Hey! You can't get caught in her dreamland!
Wake up! Now!
I don't want to.
Wake up!
You know how dangerous that was?
If I weren't quick-witted,
your primordial spirit wouldn't
have been able to return.
- What's wrong with her?
- Ignore her.
Porta-Boat is right there.
While she's still dreaming, unwilling to wake up,
let's get the thing and go.
Hey. It's not right.
- Is Lady Taiyi here?
- Why you are here, too?
Who are you?
I just showed you the butterflies.
What butterflies?
- I was just...
- Enough. I'm here to look for Porta-Boat!
Only Jiang knows about Porta-Boat.
You want to steal my Porta-Boat as well?
Im not Jiang,
Jong or Jam.
No, you are not Jiang. You're lifeless junk!
Why is it so tiny?
Give my Porta-Boat back!
The crazy bitch is coming!
Which crazy bitch?
That woman is really cruel!
How cruel can a woman be...
Give me the boat!
It's obviously an olive pit!
It's a boat when it touched water!
Throw it now!
The witch will catch up real soon. Hurry up.
Porta-Boat is steered by the mind.
Concentrate solely on getting out of here.
Let's set off!
Where's the boat heading?
It depends on whose mind prevails.
I want to go home.
Little shrimp!
Stop being so noisy!
Don't bully me.
Im warning you. Im quite hungry now.
Don't hit me.
Stop bullying him, Naza.
We'll reach the East Sea tomorrow.
That is my territory.
The Merfolk Palace?
I can tear it down once again.
Im afraid if we go there, we won't
be able to find the Sword of Light.
How does she know about the Sword of Light?
Who sent you here?
Confess! If you don't tell the truth,
Ill feed you to the sharks.
Let go of me!
Blue Butterfly.
Why is he a child now?
Good for us.
The whole world is at peace now.
This way. Move a bit more this way.
It's the right direction now.
How do you know about the Sword?
You might not believe me,
but I saw it in your memories.
Why did you forget me just now?
I don't wish to.
I don't get to decide what to remember
or what to forget.
Sometimes, if you forget something,
you have less pain to bear.
Is that really what you think?
I was orphaned when I was young.
I can barely remember what my parents look like.
Do you want to see them?
I can help you see them if you'd like to.
No, thanks.
Xiqi is my home now.
It's almost morning. Get some sleep.
I don't like to sleep.
I worry that when I wake up
I'll have forgotten everything.
Why worry?
What's past is past.
It's always a new day with a new start
when you wake up.
This is the first sunrise in my memory.
I really hope I can remember it forever.
You are too naive.
These memories never belonged to you.
I can take them away anytime I like!
Blue Butterfly.
I can't keep them.
My memories disappear every day.
Wake up!
Hey! Wake up!
Are you really attracted to her?
You know nothing about her.
She might have been sent by the enemy.
I don't care!
Id like to help her!
Don't forget.
You have a bigger mission.
We'll catch that brat soon.
And when we do, I will break his wings as well.
Look. It's a brand-new day.
Where are we going?
What is this place?
Who are you?
You've forgotten everything again.
What did I forget? Is it important?
Never mind.
Just forget it.
Just kidding.
I do know who you are.
Im so happy!
I can remember everything!
The sunrise at dawn and the starry sky at night!
And you, too.
I hope you are happy every day!
I don't want my memory to slip away anymore.
I will remember every sunrise and sunset!
As long as you have faith in truth,
your dream will come true.
Believe me.
Ji Lei. Thank you.
You are the reason I have my memory
for the first time.
I thought I'd changed the direction.
Why are we on the East Sea?
So it's Third Prince's mind that prevails.
The Merfolk Palace is my homestead
I really, really miss my dad
Go home I want to go home
- Why is he so happy?
- Perhaps because we're near his home.
You're finally back, my son.
You're finally back.
I want to go home I want my dad
Bring Third Prince and that little bastard here!
I want to go home
Little shrimp!
Has your spinal cord grown back?
Looking for a beating?
Go home.
- Naza!
- What are you doing?
Im going to save him!
His destiny has always been
to return to the East Sea.
He cannot escape it.
And you should be on your own way as well.
You'll meet him again soon.
Get your hands off me!
You guys really know nothing.
Aren't you afraid
Ill tear down the palace again?
Hi again, brat.
Do you remember me?
Old shrimp, did you steal my Wind Fire Wheels?
Hand them over!
You want the Wheels?
Who do you think you are?
Take my advice. Return my son to me.
You want your baby son?
I just ate him.
He's in my stomach now.
You'll find him in the toilet later.
Cut him open!
Alpha Rings!
"Alpha Rings"?
I thought they were donuts.
Why are you so blind?
Take this!
Extra arms? What's the big deal?
Depth Charge!
Stream Sweep!
Now you see how tough I am, huh?
Out of pee now?
You can't catch me!
Crush him!
I saved my best move for last.
Indirect Shock Wave!
Immortal Fart!
Divine Thunder!
Earth Rumbler!
My palace is done for.
Wow, fresh crab leg.
Ugly octopus.
Don't go.
Come play with me. Don't run.
Stop fighting.
Stop fighting. I give up.
You stinky seafood.
I haven't finished yet!
Ill return your Wheels.
Just as I expected.
My Wind Fire Wheels.
Wind Fire Wheels.
Im coming!
I can freely fly between heaven and earth again.
Where's my son?
Catch him.
Dad! Dad!
Im home.
I missed you so much.
Now we're even.
Where on earth is this Porta-Boat taking us?
It seems that this is our destination.
Don't worry.
This place is so familiar.
It's the Floating Old City.
What's this?
Solar Bird!
The totem of Wing Tribe.
How do you know that?
Wing Tribe disappeared long ago.
I engraved this.
You did?
You've been here before?
It is... It was my hometown.
Now I remember.
I remember everything!
Im from Wing Tribe.
On the day of the Flight Ceremony,
when I was six,
the Floating Old City met with disaster.
From that point forward,
I never had the courage to spread my wings again.
What do you fear?
I fear that, someday,
if I spread my wings again,
another disaster will befall
the people I love most.
It could be the Ji Clan warriors,
or Master Jiang,
or even you.
Promise me that you'll fly with me?
Im not afraid.
Wherever there is Solar Bird,
there will be light and hope!
I got it!
The Sword of Light must be there!
The Sword of Light!
We found it at last.
How did he know we were here?
Im sorry.
It's my fault.
To tell the truth, he sent me to you.
You are my friend!
Grab the Sword!
Don't kill him!
Who are you to say this?
Please don't kill him.
Don't worry about me.
Get out of here!
Ill help you pull out the Sword
in exchange for his life,
Are you in love?
You're so naive.
Once I erase your memory,
you won't remember who he is!
No. I will remember him.
Shut up!
You're just a chunk of wood!
You are lifeless!
- Get me the Sword now!
- Don't!
Pull the Sword!
You are the only memory I want to have.
Nothing is more important than you.
Hold me tight.
We must survive this!
I remember you told me:
As long as you have faith in truth,
your dream will come true.
You can fly at last.
I promised
that Id fly with you.
Promise me one more thing.
Don't be sad for me.
Im just a marionette.
No! You are Blue Butterfly!
Living one good day
is like living an entire lifetime.
Ive seen the sunrise
but I still want to see the sunset.
Solar Bird will take my place by your side
enjoying every sunrise and sunset with you.
Baldy, you really have wings now.
Is that the Sword of Light?
Looks like a rod of charcoal to me.
Cut the crap.
King Zhou's troops must be
at the City Gate by now.
Pick up the pace.
You thought you'd found hope
with the Sword of Light.
Now, I will give you
and great despair.
Let Xiqi run with blood!
Bring Jiang back here to me!
Father, can the Octagon Maze
really hold back the enemy?
You have to trust Master Jiang.
He's a powerful sorcerer.
Im sure he can defeat them.
Wait! What am I doing here?
What am I doing here?
How could it be?
Qian and Kun trigrams are inverted...
Master Jiang.
What's wrong?
That curse has changed you so much.
General, the City Gate is in danger!
My son, our warriors have trained
for a day such as this.
Let's fight separately.
Ill defend the Observatory.
You guard the City Gate.
Yang Jian. I knew you'd come.
Wearing Gold Armor now?
Really commanding.
Let's see who's faster.
Father Commander, Im back.
You found your own wings at last.
Fly high! Higher!
Father Commander, Ill leave the Sword with you.
Let's safeguard Xiqi together!
What a shame
than an undefeated general got beaten
by a brat.
I don't want to die!
All right.
Now I will transform you
an immortal warlord!
- Master Jiang!
- Who are you?
We're back with the Sword of Light!
What's wrong with you, old man?
The Reverse-Aging Curse is getting stronger.
Soon his primordial spirit will vanish.
Why can you guys fly?
We're running out of time.
- Little Jiang.
- Come here.
Do you remember me?
Who are you?
Come down.
Sky Howler, let's ride Little Jiang for a while.
Don't worry.
I just worry you can't keep up with me.
Don't run. You're running nowhere.
Oh, my God! Daji's tail can
reach us all the way over here?
Are you here to play with me?
Come on!
Come! Come on, now!
Silly boy. Just run!
Team Tornado, take the south side.
Team Thunderbolt, defend the north side.
Father Commander!
This is
our last chance.
Carry the Sword
to the Spring of Life.
Let light return.
Ill entrust the safety of Xiqi with you.
Brother, get going!
Take it to the Spring of Life!
Master Jiang.
Where's Master Jiang?
Jiang was caught by Daji's tail!
The real Gold Dragon.
We've got the Sword of Light.
Let's kill Black Dragon now.
No need to hurry.
It's all just as Master Jiang predicted.
We'll storm Zhaoge!
you don't have the Sword of Light
while Im protected by Black Dragon.
Killing the Dragon with a sword?
That's preposterous!