Leap! (2016) Movie Script

SONG: You'll know the right words
They're all in your head
So wake up in the morning
and get out of bed
The dreams
you've been dreaming
Well, right now's the time
You build up these monsters
They're just in your mind
If you feel it in your heart
Then sing it loud
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
I know you know who you are
So sing it loud
It's all about you
You just gotta know, gotta know
You can do it on your own
Guess that's why I wrote this song...
You know it's about you
It's always about you
So let it go.
Bye-bye, orphanage!
Slowly! Almost there!
- BOY: Stop!
- Shhh!
- Ha!
Where is Felicie?
Uh, sir, I don't know.
What are you looking at,
you idiot?
- (GRUMBLES) Go get Felicie!
You know, I'm having
a little bit of trouble
knowing which direction...
- NOW!
- Ugh!
- Ouch! Ah!
- Can you help me?
- Ha!
Stop! Stop doing
your grumpy face!
I'm not, I'm just a little bit hurt
that you were...
(SIGHS)..I don't know,
escaping without me!
Escaping? Me?
No, I was just looking
at the spectacular view!
Because, you know,
you wouldn't last
more than five minutes
out there without me.
Ha! Ha!
Don't start!
You know how this ends.
We arrived at the same time,
and we'll escape
at the same time.
I promise!
Hey, Victor! Hiyah!
(GRUNTS) Oh, no! Here we go!
- Whoo! Whoo!
You just gotta know, gotta know
You can do it on your own
This is why I wrote this song
You know it's about you...
- Whoo-hoo!
- So let it go.
- This is the last time!
- We're sorry!
- We're sorry, and...
Tut-tut-tut! Let them go!
You, go to your room.
Thank you!
Thank you, Mother Superior.
Enough. Go to your room.
And may I just say
that you are looking very...
- Enough.
- ..superior today.
- Enough!
- OK!
Felicie, I know you have
this dream of being a dancer.
- We all know it!
- But I...
All the world has a dream.
But get this into your head -
dreams are not reality.
Dreams are buried
because life is
hard, brutal and without pity.
- But...
- Tut-tut-tut!
VICTOR: A dance school in Paris,
little lady,
the Opera de Paris,
full of dancers and dance!
Where did you find this?
I have my sources.
OK? Enough!
- Can I see it again?
- No.
No, but if you escape with me tonight,
you have my word.
I will take you
to this dance school,
and you will become
the greatest dancer,
and I will become
the greatest inventor ever!
- Do you have a plan?
- A brilliant plan!
A plan worthy of my total,
utter, unquestionable genius.
- Let me see.
- After we...
- Now! Now!
- escape. No!
- I said after.
- Now!
- After!
- Now!
- After!
- BOTH: Ow!
A dance school in Paris.
Hmm. (SIGHS)
Shhh! It's me!
Come on!
Oh, my!
Is a chicken part of
your brilliant plan?
- VICTOR: Affirmative!
- Great!
- Aaah!
(SINGSONGS) I'm taking
this pitiful deserter
to Mother Superior.
OK, Sister. Hmm...
- Ahh!
Emergency! Emergency!
Activate Plan B!
- This way!
- Activate Plan B!
FELICIE: That was
your best ever plan?
VICTOR: You are so critical!
FELICIE: And you're
a terrible escaper!
'Escaper' is not a word!
Ow! God, not again!
Get back down here!
Open this door!
VICTOR: For the last
three months,
I have been studying chickens.
- I know how they eat.
- Open this door!
I know how they walk.
I know how they lay an egg.
There is nothing about a chicken
that I do not know!
- Ta-da!
I call them chicken wings!
Chickens don't fly!
But they have wings.
They must fly.
You fly, don't you?
- Uh-oh!
I'm going to... Grrr!
Come here, you rascals!
- Goodbye!
- What?
- Let's go!
VICTOR: One day,
everyone will travel like this!
My music box!
Victor! He's behind you!
I've got my eye on you!
You're not going anywhere!
Aaah! Oh no!
- Hang on!
Victor, watch out!
Yeah! Ha-ha!
Now I've got you!
I see you!
FELICIE: This way! Let's go!
- Wait!
- Oh! Oh, no!
- Yah!
- Grab on! Grab on!
- Oh! Let me go!
- Let him go!
- Let me go, stinky! Oh!
(SIGHS) That went well, no?
You're unbelievable.
I know.
Victor, we actually did it!
Yes, we actually did!
- (BOING!)
- Oh.
I can fix this.
But I should say
that seeing as this
is the one thing
that was in your crib when you
were left outside the orphanage,
you should take
a teeny-tiny, eensy-weensy
little bit more care of it.
Fixed! Don't thank me!
And tomorrow, Chrie, Paris...
..will be ours.
- Good morning, sunshine!
Eww! When's the last time
you brushed your teeth?
- MAN: Start with this one.
BOTH: Ugh!
I can't see where we are.
Relax! We're in Paris! Aaah!
Quiet! We're
going to get caught!
Not another noise out of you.
(FARTS) That wasn't me!
- It's incredible!
- Paris is amazing.
So, where's the dance school?
Relax, Felicie!
Enjoy Paris. Breathe it in.
Hi there!
Love your moustache, monsieur!
Ah, yes, Paris!
City of romance.
City of dreams.
City of fame and fortune!
City of lamp posts.
City of pigeons.
Did I say romance?
Yes, you did.
Now, where's the dance school?
Uh, I don't know.
Don't worry. We're a team.
- We'll find it together.
- Ugh!
Do you think it was stupid
to come to Paris?
Don't say that! We should
never give up on our dreams.
We're kids! We're all alone.
Was I really crazy to think
I could be a dancer?
What do you think?
- Victor?
I said...
- I'm OK!
- Come back!
I can't swim!
Meet me on this bridge
at this time tomorrow.
No matter how dangerous it is,
I will return!
Victor! Come back!
Don't leave!
MAN: What have you come
here to do, huh?
You came here to steal,
didn't you?
Answer me! You're a thief!
I wasn't stealing!
I was looking at the dancer!
Liar! Empty your pockets!
- Get off me!
- Oh, yeah?
WOMAN: Leave her alone.
She came here to steal!
I didn't! I really didn't!
Think this through.
If you hurt her,
then you will have to explain
how she got here
in the first place,
and aren't you supposed to be
taking care of the building?
Do you really want
to take the fall for this?
Clear off.
- Wait!
- Go. Get out of here.
I have nothing to steal!
I-I can't sp...
I can't speak!
I just wanted to say
thank you for saving me!
You've said it.
Have a nice life.
Excuse me, but who was
that dancer on stage?
Rosita Mauri,
top dancer at the Opera.
And what she did - that crazy
jumpy thing, what was that?
Are you a dancer too?
I'm a cleaner,
and you are an irritation.
Go away. (SCOFFS)
But you're the first person
to show me any kindness
in this city.
I've been separated
from my best friend.
I have nowhere to go,
and I'm an orphan.
Nice try, but I hate kids,
especially orphans.
Go find another idiot.
The stairs, Odette.
The stairs are a disgrace.
I have guests
tomorrow afternoon,
and I want my building
looking worthy top to bottom.
I understand, ma'am.
If you understand,
why are you entering your rooms?
- Let me help you!
Get out of here!
You need me. I can clean.
In fact, 'Squeaky Clean'
is my middle name.
I'm young.
My legs work. Yours don't.
Uh, it's gonna feel so much easier
with me helping.
Are you coming?
Whoa! That's a lot of stairs.
- Are you the caretaker?
- Yes.
And you can stay with me
until you get on your feet,
on one condition -
no more questions.
How long can I stay?
Ugh. That was a question.
By the way, who was that witch?
Regine Le Haut.
She owns this building.
And she eats ginger orphans
with ponytails.
Now, clean!
Huh? How long
have you worked here?
Do you have a nickname?
Wanna know mine?
Will I have my own bed?
What's your favourite soup?
Do you snore?
Are you a morning person?
What's your favourite fruit?
What do you have for breakfast?
I love baguette and jam.
I escaped from the orphanage
to become a pupil at the Opera.
Did you?
You work there,
so you must know people.
- Could you help me?
- Don't hold your breath.
What that toile did yesterday,
oh, it was so magical.
I love dancing.
Do you love dancing?
Is that because
you've got a limp?
- REGINE: Get up.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Who is this?
- No-one. She helps.
You feed it out of your wages.
Yes, ma'am.
I want you to air
and press the linen. Now!
It's not clean.
Whoa! Oh!
Oh! Whoa!
Servants are supposed to knock.
Who are you?
I'm Felicie.
I work with Odette. I clean.
(SINGS) Da-da-da-dum!
OK! I'm done. 'Bye now!
Wait, little rat!
You were spying, weren't you?
- I don't think so.
- Yes, you were.
You were admiring
the most wonderful dancer
you've ever seen.
Isn't that so, little rat?
You're not
THE most wonderful dancer.
- Yesterday I saw...
- Don't be insolent!
- Are you a ballet dancer?
- I will be.
Mother and I are waiting
for the letter
that admits me to the Opera.
I am so talented!
Plus the director dines
in my mom's restaurant,
and he loves the prime rib.
So this time next year,
I shall be a famous Ballerina.
Ballerina! Me too!
Reality check, little rat!
You're nothing. I'm a star!
You're just orbiting around me.
- (CLICK!)
- What's that?
Have you stolen
something from me?
- No.
- Show me! What is it?
It's mine, and it's precious.
- I'm sure.
- Fetch!
- No!
- Oops!
A letter for Madame Regine Le Haut
and Mademoiselle Camille
from the Opera.
Hmm! Handmade paper!
Embossed! Blue ink!
- Oh, how rude!
Children today have no manners!
MAN: Give me that!
You are not Camille Le Haut!
- Of course I am.
- No, you're not!
This time I call the police!
Police? Police? Why? No!
La la la la...
What's going on here?
Um, she says
she's Camille Le Haut.
Hmm... Are you Camille Le Haut?
Uh... yes?
Hmm... (LAUGHS)
She IS Camille Le Haut!
(LAUGHS) Return to
your post, my friend.
Alright, please yourselves.
Welcome, Miss Le Haut! Charmed!
I am Auguste
Emmanuel Vaucorbeil,
director of the Opera.
You are here because
your mother serves
the best prime rib in Paris.
Oh! I hope you dance as well.
Of course.
SONG: When I look at my life
Wanna see myself shine
on the dance floor
But I won't get it right
Until I stop asking why
and just let it go
Sometimes I take
a look at my life
I take a look at my life
And say oh, oh Wanna get it
Yeah, gotta get to
the pot of gold
- Looking for the rainbow...
To break the storm inside of me...
You're not a dancer, are you?
- Yes, I am!
- Who would've thought?
Return to your class!
Oh, greatest ballet master
of all time!
Oh, most talented choreographer
in the universe and beyond!
He is handsome! He is elegant!
He is strong! He is powerful!
He is the man!
You want something from me?
How did you know? Yes!
I have enrolled Camille Le Haut
in your class.
(GROANS) Thank you.
Looking for the rainbow
To break the storm
inside of me
The rainbow
To take the clouds
that are hiding me
All I want is someone
to heal the heart of me
The rainbow...
Hi! Hello!
OK. Super.
- I'm Felicie!
- Felicie?
Uh, no, no, no! No, sorry.
I'm f-friendly,
ever so friendly.
And my name is Camille.
OK. I'm Nora,
but everyone calls me Nora.
That's the name
that goes with my face.
- Hey, you should warm up!
- Warm up?
Oh, my! That is crazy!
I'm guessing you're new,
my darling.
You can tell that because...
- Who is that?
- You are joking, right?
It's Louis Merante,
ballet master,
world-famous choreographer,
the man who performed the most
fouetts ever in a single solo.
Turns. Really difficult turns.
187 in total,
and right after, he vomited!
Silence, mam'selle!
First position!
- Uh...
- Second!
- What?
- Third!
- Uh...
- Fourth, and rest in fifth!
Huh? Oh!
Today is an important day.
I've gathered all
the coryphes together
to audition for the part of Clara
in 'The Nutcracker',
which will debut on Christmas Eve
and star Rosita Mauri.
Rosita? Rosita Mauri?
- Oh, I don't believe it!
- Ahem!
So every girl in this room
has a chance
to dance in my new ballet,
except you.
You've all worked hard,
except you!
You are here
because of talent and guts.
- Except me.
- Exactly!
Starting tomorrow,
we'll have an audition.
One of you will be
eliminated each day.
So, tomorrow, little rich girl,
no matter what strings you pulled
to get here,
that will be you!
But my mother serves
the best prime rib in Paris!
I am a vegetarian.
First, second. Second.
No, second, third.
Third? Third?
- Third, fourth.
Fifth? Fifth.
First. Second.
- Hello!
- Third. Third?
Bonjour! (CHUCKLES)
- Fifth, sixth.
- How are you?
- There is no sixth.
- Well, I'm happy to see you too.
- Oh, Victor!
- Hello!
I have so many things
to tell you!
Me too.
(SIGHS) Wow! This time,
it's really broken.
Can you do something?
Don't worry, I've got it.
I am the winner
of our little bet.
(CHUCKLES) What bet?
You know, the one about
who gets their dream first.
- I am going to be an inventor!
- Really?
You're just jealous that,
in 24 hours,
I've got a job with the man
who is building that!
Did you bump your head
when you fell in the boat?
Yesterday, after
you got separated,
I just took a quiet walk
around the streets of Paris.
It was all good, totally good.
I was really not scared at all.
I met some charming locals
who helped me find my way.
And you will never believe this,
but then I stumbled on
a Breton bar
and I got a big, warm
and friendly welcome.
They welcomed me like
a brother, a son, a nephew!
And then I met this super guy
called Mathurin.
We talked, we laughed,
we danced together,
and then my new best buddy and I
decided to head home
to his place.
And you are never, ever
going to believe this
but he works in the atelier
of Gustave Eiffel,
the nicest, best
and most magnetic inventor
in the whole world!
I am going to be
the most famous engineer's
right-hand man.
Oh, and I've gone back to square one
with my chicken wings.
I am now working on
combining air velocity
with fibrous catchment systems.
I'm trying a kite.
- Wow! I made progress too!
- Really?
I'm a dancer. Yes! Yes!
A student at the Opera.
And soon I'm going to be
an toile at the Opera de Paris.
You, a dancer at the Opera?
OK, and may I know
how you came to be at the Opera?
By the door,
I saw some lights and...
- Liar!
- OK!
It's Camille Le Haut,
the one who broke my music box.
- Liar!
- She wanted to apologise.
- Liar!
- Let me finish.
- Liar, liar...
- So, she gave me the letter
- Liar, liar, liar...
- that allowed her into the Opera.
When you're lying,
your nose shivers.
- You're exhausting!
I stole her identity.
What? You stole it?
Are you insane?
- Whoa! Whoa! Uh-oh!
- Whoa!
- Victor!
Victor! Victor!
- Whoa!
- Victor!
- Come back! Don't leave!
SONG: You're gonna be somebody
You'll be bigger than Mars...
Walk on your star...
- Walk on your star...
- Yeah!
You're gonna take the title
like the champion you are
From Ibiza to L.A.,
London to Qatar
You'll be somebody...
You'll be somebody...
You'll be somebody
You're gonna be somebody...
You'll be bigger than Mars
You'll be somebody
You'll be somebody...
And to finish, the splits.
- Hmm?
- (CRACK!)
Now rise.
The class is over,
and the person
who's leaving us today is you.
You have the energy of a bullet,
but the lightness of
a depressed elephant.
Pack your trunk!
Ahem! (GROANS)
- Rise, please, mam'selle.
- But I like it here!
Rise now!
(GRUNTS) I'm stuck!
Get her out of here.
Didn't you say
one person per class?
Very well.
Until the next audition.
Then it really
will be bye-bye.
Merante hates me.
Don't say that.
That's just his way.
No, she's right. He hates you.
If he could, he'd smash
your kneecaps with his cane.
Oh, I have no chance.
- There's always a chance.
- Not always.
This might be one of those times
there's no chance at all.
But I really wanna stay here.
Then you have 12 hours
to work really hard, listen,
push yourself
and then work some more.
- Who is that?
- Rudi from the top boys class.
Holder of the Best Cheekbones
at the Opera award.
I love him!
He's so blond and shiny.
- (WHISPERS) Oh, wow!
Ooh! You are new, yes?
- She's Camille.
- She has two eyes.
Ha! You have spirit, Camille,
but your dancing sucks.
- It's mine!
Who does he think he is?
Until we meet again, Minoushka!
Only in your dreams.
- Felicie?
- What are you doing here?
- I can explain!
There is nothing to explain.
Wait! Wait!
I'm sorry! Triple sorry.
If there was a bigger word
for 'sorry', I'd say it.
I let you into my life,
and you lied to me.
I don't like lies.
I could lose my job
because of you.
I get it. I messed up.
But you don't understand.
Since I can remember,
I've wanted to dance.
And when I saw Rosita Mauri
and she did those amazing moves,
I knew that's what
I wanted to be.
I knew my dream could come true!
I know it's hard to understand.
You hate dancing.
But I just want you to know
I'm truly sorry.
- Any mail?
There is no mail.
As soon as there is, fetch it.
Can you dance?
Yes. At least, I think I can.
Training starts at 5am tomorrow.
Are you a teacher?
Do you have another option?
Time to train!
Jump and ring the bell!
- Why?
- Just do it.
You don't want me to dance?
No talking.
Jump and ring the bell!
- Again.
You said we were going to train.
- This is it! Again!
- Hmm!
Felicie, you lack
precision and finesse.
You have little
or no sense of rhythm.
You're without balance,
grace and charm.
Come on! You can't tell all that
from one jump, can you?
You can.
On the good side, you have
the energy of a bullet,
but you also have the lightness
of a depressed elephant.
Hey! Merante used
exactly the same phrase!
After 10 years of cleaning,
you pick stuff up.
OK, now jump up, ring this bell,
land and do not
splash the water.
But that's impossible.
I thought it was
your dream to dance.
Come on!
SONG: You're so unfair
to yourself
Got that feeling
in your chest...
- Can't look in the mirror...
- Get lost.
- Can't see who you are...
- Get lost!
Shoo! Shoo!
You wanna be somebody else
Every time you falter
Every time you fall
I can still see
the road ahead...
You'll be brighter
than the stars
And you'll see
how radiant you are
I know you're full of doubt
But don't let them
bring you down
'Cause you're unstoppable
Rising higher than the sun
Climb all the way
to the top
Way up above the clouds
They'll never bring you down
'cause you're unstoppable...
- You!
That was not merely bad,
it was a catastrophe
wrapped in a disaster
with a side order of bad.
- Ta-ta!
Hold on, don't let go...
You, me, up.
Even in the dark, you glow
You'll be brighter
than the stars
And you'll see
how radiant you are...
- It's incredible!
They'll never
bring you down...
'Cause you're unstoppable...
Last time we met,
I was so very rude.
Let me introduce myself.
I am Rudolph Dimitriev
Stanislaw Artiem Rankovsky...
(SPEAKS RUSSIAN)..the Third.
Big choice of names there.
Don't worry.
Everyone finds it hard at first.
But you and I are unique,
and we do not
follow silly rules, yes?
(LAUGHS) How is that pick-up line
working out for you?
It is no line.
I say it only to you, Camille.
Just to you.
- Et hop!
- Minoushka!
Uh, are you alright, Camille?
Yep! I'm OK!
There's this boy, Rudolph,
who, it turns out,
is a real Russian prince
with a castle and peacocks
and cheekbones!
And he took me
on the roof of the Opera,
and he was looking at me
like this.
Then like this.
And then once like this.
Wait! Uh, a boy?
What type of boy?
What type of cheekbones?
- And Rudolph?
- He's a friend.
He says I'm gonna be
everything I wanna be.
I say that too!
But he's deep as well.
Deep? (LAUGHS)
Yeah, well, I have these.
Whoo-hoo. Doors.
Yes, the doors to the atelier
of my new boss,
engineer, genius.
If you saw what was
behind these doors,
I would have to kill you.
Looks like you're gonna
have to kill me, then!
Oh la la!
What's that?
The Statue of Puberty,
soon to go to America!
But it is a super secret,
so you did not see it, OK?
So, here's my office,
the home of big ideas
and genius.
For example,
here we see the plans
for chicken wings version 3.
Oh! Aaah! Ahem!
At the moment, my boss and I
are working on several,
uh, important...
He, uh, he... (GRUNTS)
He calls me his ideas man.
Do you know how
to use all this stuff?
Uh, not yet,
but I... I have a chair!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
- Oh, hey, Victor!
- He's the cleaner.
(WHISPERS) He's two sandwiches
short of a picnic.
(GRUNTS) So the pencils
all need sharpening,
and the boss wants us to polish
his boots for tomorrow.
So, your big boss calls you
his ideas man, huh?
Well, uh,
he... he has the ideas,
and I think they're great.
But it's a start!
Hey, Victor,
you were right for once.
Dreams can come true!
Oh! Oh! Oh no!
First position, second,
third, fourth, fifth.
These five positions form
the basis of everything.
First position, second,
third, fourth, fifth.
Now you jump.
First position, second,
third, fourth, fifth.
And pose and smile!
It's when you're tired
that you start to progress.
You were a dancer, weren't you?
- No more questions.
- Again!
Oh, to reach, you might need
to stand on your pointes.
Feel the balance. Oh!
Your toes must be
as flexible as willow
and hard as a rock.
First position!
No hands allowed.
- Try this way.
- Oh! Stop! Stop!
(RASPS) You were a dancer,
weren't you?
ODETTE: Of course I was
a dancer, Sherlock Holmes.
To pirouette,
you must become
the mistress of your dizziness.
Stare at a spot,
and don't ever lose it.
OK, now come to me,
and don't spill the water.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
SONG: When you ask me to jump
I say how high...
Try to introduce your left foot
to your right foot.
See if they can
get along one day.
I'm waiting in line
But now that it's time...
There's a bright future for you
as a candle seller.
I'm gonna take
what's mine...
First position!
Second! Third!
Fourth, and rest in fifth.
Thank you, mam'selles.
- That was... better!
I'm ready to do
that crazy, jumpy thing.
(LAUGHS) And I'm
the Empress Josephine.
- I am!
- Of course you are,
but there's a difference
between being ready
and being ready to do it well.
That's why we train every day.
That's all we've been doing!
And then you'll be ready when
you can answer the question,
"Why do you dance?"
I've answered it!
It's my dream!
Oh! Oh!
Ow! Ow!
By the way, that crazy jumpy thing
is called le grand jet,
and you're not ready.
Are you doing dance
or kung-fu? (LAUGHS)
You are SO funny.
This is Victor. We escaped
from the orphanage together.
I am loving your apron.
(GROANS) It seems that
you are going out tonight.
Bring her back late
and you will be six inches smaller.
Of course, of course, of course!
It's a quiet, sober,
quiet, sober thing.
- Breton music?
- Whoa!
VICTOR: Whoa! Excuse me!
- I love it here!
- Whoo!
Let's party!
Did you say
you loved me or the bar?
- Yeah!
- Whoo!
- That's my girlfriend!
You're a lucky guy!
Oh, wow!
Oh! Oh!
I hope that tomorrow you act
with a little more dignity.
Anyway, tonight was...
a good performance.
Thank you, sir.
- Whoo!
- Whoo-hoo!
(LAUGHS) I have no idea why
you're happy, but it is great!
(LAUGHS) Whoo!
Well, I'd better go in.
I've got my audition tomorrow.
Of course! Sleep well.
And I... I...
- What?
- I think you're, uh...
I think you're great.
- What are you doing?
- Uh, oh, nothing!
(LAUGHS) I'm stretching.
Yeah, gotta...
Ooh, gotta get that one!
OK! Yeah, it's best I leave.
(MUTTERS) Stupid,
stupid, stupid!
- Hey, Victor!
- Uh-huh?
I had the best time.
Goodnight, Felicie.
Oh, sorry.
Mademoiselle Camille Le Haut.
- REGINE: Wretch!
I want her put in prison!
She stole my life,
my honour and my name!
I want it back! (SOBS)
- (WHISPERS) Too much.
- OK.
What is your name?
My name is Felicie Lebras.
I come from an orphanage
in Brittany.
I didn't mean to hurt Camille.
I just wanted to be
at the Opera and...
I'm sorry.
You traitor!
You knew this!
You stabbed me in the back!
- You are sacked!
- Silence!
Alright, like it or lump it,
here is my deal.
Miss Le Haut,
you may enter the coryphe class
starting tomorrow.
And you will also
be in the auditions
for the part in 'The Nutcracker'.
But I want to be clear,
if you sack Madame Odette,
I will sack Camille.
You made a terrible start
to the classes,
and you have lied
and cheated to be here.
But you have also
shown great promise,
and you've worked hard
and shown your dedication.
You must have a good teacher.
So you may also stay
in the auditions.
If you get the part in 'The Nutcracker'
fair and square,
you may become a coryphe too.
If you fail to get the part,
then you must leave the Opera.
- Is that clear?
- Yes.
Is that also
clear to you, madame?
Then, Felicie Lebras
from Brittany,
your future at the Opera
is in your hands.
What if she's good, Mother?
Get that part, do you hear me?
I want vengeance.
- I will have it.
She even makes sweeping
look graceful.
She was a good dancer,
wasn't she?
Not just a good dancer.
The best of her generation.
And then there was
a fire onstage.
What's this for?
For everything!
(SIGHS) We don't have time
for this.
We're talking about
your future now.
You have only one opponent -
ODETTE: I have seen her.
I know her.
Her technique is perfect,
and she is stronger
than she looks.
ODETTE: She is precise,
she is sharp,
and losing is not a word
in her vocabulary.
Up, down! Up, down!
Up, down! Again!
- Up, down!
- I'm tired.
'Tired' is for losers!
Again! I am going
to get that part!
ODETTE: If you try to take her down
on her turf, you will fail.
ODETTE: Your diet suffers
from eating very little food.
Your muscles
are like marshmallows.
In short, on paper,
you're going to get humiliated.
Great pep talk!
So, how do I get that part?
You get the part
because you have something
she can only dream of -
ODETTE: Build on this.
Feel your anger and your pain
and your sorrow and your joy,
and put it all into your dance.
Live the music, feel it.
Every note, every sound,
every harmony
needs to have
your body vibrating
from the end of your hair
to the tips of your toes.
And then, and only then,
will you take her down.
Alright! The person
leaving us today is...
- Hmm!
This is the end of the road,
Miss Nora.
What road?
Oh, I'm finished.
- I like you. Beat her.
Camille and Felicie,
tomorrow morning at 8:00am,
we will know which one of you
will have the honour
of dancing Clara
in 'The Nutcracker' with Rosita.
I can only advise you
to give everything, ladies.
You've made lots of progress,
dirty, little rat,
but tomorrow I am going
to be the chosen one.
We'll see.
You can work
as hard as you like,
you can train 24 hours a day,
but you will always be nothing!
- I am somebody.
- Who exactly?
Answer me! Who are you?
(SCOFFS) You're nothing!
- She's wrong, you know.
- You're not alone.
- What?
- You have me.
And I know exactly
what we are going to do.
Tonight, to prove
our connection,
we will embark on
a little romantic party.
I offer you the Eiffel Tower.
I offer you fireworks.
- Tonight, 7:00pm.
- I should train.
You don't need to train.
You don't need to know
who you are.
You are unique.
Say that again?
Felicie, it gives me
great pleasure
to present to you...
Victor! I'm in
the final audition!
Wow! Congratulations!
I have great news too.
My boss finally spoke to me!
He said, "Get off my foot,
you biological mutation!"
(LAUGHS) That's good, right?
- Ugh! You have no class.
What, me? No class?
- Rudi has class.
- Rudi again?
What, is he your boyfriend now?
No! He and I,
we're connected.
OK, OK. You win!
I'll give you class
and connectivity-ness.
Dinner! You and me.
Some knives and forks, napkins.
Uh, 7:00pm, north leg
of the Eiffel Tower.
- Is that a yes?
That's a yes.
Sit! I've got something
for you.
They were mine.
Now they're yours.
Wow! Thanks.
OK, enough talking.
Eat, and then we practise
for tomorrow.
- What?
Well, I'm going out with Rudi.
He says I'm ready.
He says I'm unique.
Why do you dance?
Stop asking me that question!
When I was a dancer,
the night before an audition,
I trained and then I rested.
- Rudi's waiting for me.
- Stay!
No! You're not my mom!
I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking.
OK. Go, then.
- Look at the bird.
No! Look at me.
Look at the bird.
No! Hmm? Look at me.
This is a poem I composed
in your honour.
Ah, of course, a poem.
"Look at the bird!
"He flies in the sky.
"No-one can trap him."
Do you like?
That's, uh...
..well, original.
I know. Thank you.
Come on, Minoushka!
Let us go to the very top!
To the stars!
VICTOR: OK, Matty, we practise.
Music, please! Classical!
OK, but that's not
my musical comfort zone.
- Oh, stop!
Stop, stop, stop!
We'll go Breton,
but soft and romantic.
This will blow her away.
She arrives, she giggles.
I am looking dark
and mysterious.
I give her the music box.
She's... "Oh! Oh!"
Uh, I don't know much
about girls.
Frankly, they are
a mystery to me.
But I do know that
this one's not coming.
Young, innocent fool!
Of course she will come!
(SNIFFS) I can already smell
her perfume.
RUDI: Oh, no!
Oh, beggars! Ugh!
Paris is infested
with beggars! Yuck!
- But...
- Don't be afraid.
- But...
- Quiet! Follow me.
Have no fear, I have developed
a fighting technique
based on Cossack dancing.
Don't be ridiculous!
OK, stop right there!
He's my friend!
Oh, is this some kind of joke?
No! This is Victor.
We grew up together.
Oh, my! This is funny.
Friends, huh?
If we're friends,
why are you looking so ashamed?
- I'm not looking ashamed.
- Oh, yes, you are!
I feel sorry for you, Felicie.
- Oh! You're jealous.
- No!
Ever since you started
at the Opera,
who are you trying to be?
Mixing with this
big, hairy asparagus?
- You're so sad.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
I could knock you out
with one flick of my tiny finger,
but that would make my finger
dirty and smelly.
So, I'm dirty, but at least
I don't spend my day in tights!
I can't believe this!
She is MY muse.
Yeah, well, she is my
whatever-you-just-said, too,
with knobs on, asparagus!
- Stop!
You're both idiots!
Well, goodbye, then.
- Well, goodbye.
That is so low!
Oh, no! The audition!
- I'm sure this...
- Watch it!
..production of 'Nutcracker'
is going to...
- Excuse me!
MAN: Hey!
Bravo! Bravo!
Thank you, mademoiselle.
The orphan is late.
It's over.
Well, as Felicie did not deign
to show up for the audition,
it is Camille who will dance
with Rosita.
Wait! Wait! I'm here!
Please, please let me dance.
It's over!
Don't you understand?
Sit down!
- I-I apologise.
- Did you sleep?
(SIGHS) Not much.
Did you train yesterday?
- No.
- Why?
Alright, music!
- Start again.
- She fell! She's eliminated!
Start again!
You remember our deal?
you will have the honour
of dancing Clara
in 'The Nutcracker'.
Did you think it would end here,
little rat?
No! Let me go! No!
Oh, no!
Please! Please!
Odette! No!
You will never see her again.
And, of course, you're sacked.
Where is Felicie?
I'm here.
Oh! Well, uh, good.
- She's lost her spirit.
- Tut-tut-tut!
Pull yourself together,
you big fool!
I know. I miss him too.
SONG: Have you told me all?
I've got things to say
Hey, I'm talking to ya
We got things to do
We got plans to make
And I wanna
take ya with me
Yeah, I wanna
take ya with me...
But a far-off gaze
is wide in me
Can you feel it?
And if you can't tell
I'm a restless girl
What are you hearing?
Pack it all away
Pack it all in one suitcase
I got all I need,
all I need to be free
Pack it all away
Pack it all in one suitcase
I got all I need,
all I need to be free
Pack it all away
Pack it all in one suitcase
I got all I need,
all I need
I'm flying
Pack it all away
Pack it all in one suitcase
I got all I need,
all I need to be free
Pack it all away
Pack it all in one suitcase
I got all I need, all I need
I'm flying...
OK, I was escaping,
but it's stupid,
and you caught me.
So, a big sorry to you,
and I'll just go back to the dorm.
- This way, quick!
- Huh?
- Whoo! Whoo-hoo!
- Whoo!
Thank you!
Go now.
- Let me help you.
You need me. I can clean.
'Squeaky Clean'
is my middle name.
In fact, I need you.
I wanna stay with you.
I'm so sorry!
I really missed you!
(CHUCKLES) Me too.
Come on.
Merante has given me
a room in the attic.
There's a little corner for you.
Work starts at 6:00am.
One hour for lunch.
I promise, he is not here.
Do you know
when he's coming back? Please!
Well, actually...
- Ow!
Nope! I don't know that.
Will you please
tell him that I'm sorry?
I've been unkind and foolish
and silly and stupid.
- And rude.
- And rude.
Tell Victor that
he's my best friend ever.
That's my other hand.
- I have three hands, actually.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Goodbye, then.
'Bye, Victor.
That wasn't him.
He is not here.
ODETTE: Victor has worked
a miracle! Who'd have thought?
He just has the look
of a total nitwit.
He doesn't wanna
speak to me ever again.
- He will.
- MERANTE: No, no, no!
- Here we go!
- Stop! As cold as lard!
Miss Le Haut,
you perform tonight
and so far, we have no emotion!
But I'm doing exactly
the steps you told me.
It's not enough to do the steps.
Find some anger or some pain
or some love,
but find something!
She lacks this.
Tonight will make that clear.
OK, I'm going to do
the stairs in the lobby.
- You can finish here.
- OK.
Leave it. Give it back.
(CHUCKLES) Silly me!
I didn't throw it hard enough
the first time.
Don't make the same mistake.
Why are you leaving?
Scared of being humiliated?
Looks like you need
more training.
You are nowhere near ready.
I'm going to show you
what a real dancer looks like.
- Are you sure about that?
- Quiet!
Tonight these seats
will be full.
Paris will be looking at me,
adoring me!
- Or not.
- I already told you!
You are nothing.
You will always be nothing!
Only one way to find out.
Right here, right now.
SONG: It's time for me
to take it
- I'm the boss right now...
- Hmm!
Not gonna fake it
Not when you go down
'Cause this is my game
And you better come to play
I used to hold my freak back
Now I'm letting go
I make my own choice...
- Oh, my God! BATTLE!
So, leave the lights on
No, you can't make me behave
So, you say I'm complicated
That I must be out of my mind
But you had me underrated
Rated, rated
Oh, oh, oh
- What's wrong with being...
What's wrong with being
What's wrong with
being confident?
- What's wrong with being
What's wrong with
being confident?
(WHISPERS) You can do it!
Impressive, ladies.
But let me ask you both
an important question.
Why do you dance?
I dance because...
I dance because... because...
..my mother makes me.
Because it's always been
a part of my life.
It was there with my mom
when I was a baby,
and it's here now,
thanks to Odette.
It allows me to live,
to be myself.
She should dance.
That was very honest,
Miss Le Haut, and brave.
You have a future at the Opera,
if you wish it.
Felicie, tonight,
YOU dance 'The Nutcracker'.
Great job.
Well done, my sweetness!
OK. Bravo, bravo.
- Oh, bravo!
- Yes! Yes!
- I call them Pigeon Wings!
- Wow! Great!
But I'm not sure
I want to test them.
Live dangerously, Matty!
I promise you they will
almost certainly work.
- MATTY: Oh!
- This is nice!
Matty, can you give us
some privacy?
- When?
- Matty, privacy!
Oh, now. OK!
I'm dancing tonight
at the Opera.
- I want you to be there.
- Really?
I like you, Felicie.
You make me laugh and cry
at the same time.
- You're a weirdo!
- You cannot help him.
First you deceive my daughter.
- Then you take her identity!
- Mom, stop!
Now you try and take
our honour and our future?
- CAMILLE: Mother!
REGINE: Do you think you can
turn my daughter against me
and get away with it?
Ah! No-one cheats me!
Mother! You scared her! Stop!
The last time she was this late,
it did not end well.
VICTOR: Hey, it's Matty
and his twin sister!
What happened?
There's a big, scary lady
chasing your girl up the statue,
trying to kill her.
- What?
- And, also, I wet myself.
- Come on! Quickly! Save her!
Matty, the Pigeon Wings!
This is the only crown
you will touch today,
victim of a terrible accident
on the night of your debut.
You will have something
to share with Odette.
Both of you used to be dancers.
- Let go!
- Oh!
Uh-oh! OK! (GRUNTS)
MATTY: Uh-oh.
- VICTOR: Felicie!
- Ha, ha, ha!
- No!
- No! (GROWLS)
- VICTOR: Whoo!
Felicie, don't worry.
We'll be on time!
VICTOR: We will be on time!
In version three,
it might be a good idea
to work on some brakes.
Can't you just say
that I've invented something
and it worked?
- I can.
- Then say it!
Victor Franois Xavier
the First,
you're a great inventor.
Thank you.
You're ready.
Then dance from right here.
You won the bet.
You made your dream come true.
SONG: I had a dream,
was it real?
We crossed the line
and it was...
I can't make it stop
Give me all you got...
Let's set Paris on fire.
I want to go all the way
Take me to emotion...
I want to go all the way
Show me devotion
And take me all the way,
all the way
Take me, take me,
take me all the way
Oh, oh, oh
I wanna cut
through the clouds
Break the ceiling
I wanna dance on the roof,
you and me alone
I wanna cut to the feeling
- Oh, yeah...
- Oh!
That really is my girlfriend.
Play with the angels
I wanna cut to the feeling
I wanna cut to the feeling
I wanna cut to the feeling
I wanna cut
to the feeling
Ah, ah, ah, ah
I wanna cut through the clouds,
break the ceiling
I wanna dance on the roof,
you and me alone
I wanna cut to the feeling
Oh, yeah
I wanna cut to the feeling
Oh, yeah
I wanna play where you play
With the angels
I wanna wake up with you
All in tangles, oh
I wanna cut to the feeling
Oh, yeah
I wanna cut to the feeling
Oh, yeah
Hey, whoo!
Take me to emotion
I want to go all the way
Show me devotion
And take me all the way
Take me to emotion
I want to go all the way
Show me devotion
And take me all the way,
all the way
Take me, take me all the way
I wanna cut through the clouds,
break the ceiling
I wanna dance on the roof
You and me alone
I wanna cut to the feeling
Oh, yeah
I wanna cut to the feeling
Oh, yeah
I wanna play where you play,
with the angels
I wanna wake up with you
all in tangles
Oh, I wanna cut
to the feeling
Oh, yeah
I wanna cut to the feeling
Oh, yeah
I wanna cut through
the clouds
Mmm, cut to the feeling
I wanna dance on the roof
Oh, oh, oh
I wanna cut to the feeling
I wanna cut
to the feeling
I wanna cut to the feeling
I wanna cut
to the feeling.
SONG: I was at our old school,
sitting in the sun
Waiting for
the passing trains
Wishing you were here
and wishing we could run
Wishing we could run away
Right across a river
in a town so small
The leaves are gonna change us
when they start to fall
Take us to the city
where we'll have it all
We'll have it all
Oh, yeah, I would
run away with you now
We could do the things
we promised we would always do
Take a train to Timbuktu
We could join the circus
Oh, yeah, would you just
escape with me now?
We could do the things
we promised
Dreaming wide awake
Take me back to yesterday
We could be the runaways
Oh, we could be the runaways
Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh-oh
Yeah, we could be
the runaways.