Learn to Swim (2021) Movie Script


(mournful saxophone solo)

(inhaling deeply)
(breathing deeply)
(crowd chattering)
(lively jazz music)

(crowd cheering, applauding)

(crowd cheering)

(saxophone riffing)
(crowd cheering)

(trumpet solo)
(saxophone joining in)
(crowd cheering)

(crowd chattering)

(song fades, crowd cheering)
(crowd cheering)
Thank you, we're Deux Soleil.
Selma Torres, everyone.
Cunto tiempo?
Hey, sax man, can you play me
Woman in crowd:
Ay, que gracias.

(band starts up)

(in a spoken-word style)
Peace hangs low in my mind .
Truth as heavenly
as you can find.
This harvest is a-plenty.
There's no reaping
what you sowed on my time.
See, we flow together
like water.
Saturated with truck oil.
Cars passing
on a summer evening.
We crash fast,
glances grasping.
Onto pieces of identity,
wrapped in human truths.
I see you, I see you,
I see you.
I see you,
I see you, I see you.
Heart strings exist
to be pulled.
We rely on fate,
but where do I lead
and where do you go
the moment you say...
I don't know you anymore
I don't know you anymore,
I don't know you anymore
I don't know you anymore, no
I don't know you anymore,
I don't know you anymore
No, I don't know you anymore
Then I don't owe you
anymore, oh
(saxophone joining in)
Then all the rum and the--
ah-- kicks in and then you say
Goodbye to who you were
Then all the rum and the--
ah-- kicks in
And then you say

(singing in Spanish)
...conmigo amor...
(continues singing in Spanish)
...conmigo amor
(crowd cheering)
Selma: And then you said
what you said,
and I said what I said, and he
said what he said!
Oh, thank you.
June: That's what.
She needs more than that.
- Dezi: Finish that.
- Okay.
(group laughing, chattering)
- Thank you.
- Dezi: All right, ladies.
fellas, to big brass
and big health,
and one day not getting paid
in tens and twenties.
Tens and twenties!
Except, you know...
strippers get paid in tens
and twenties
and they're doing just fine.
Trying to quit the band, June?
Oh, that's what I need
to do tonight.
Dance, come on!
June, baby, are you in?
No, no, no, no, no.
-Oh, come on!
- I can't, I can't, I can't.
- I gotta handle something.
- What's his name?
Thanks, Selma. Fucking
incredible set tonight.
Appreciate you coming back at
the end there.
Thank you, Sid.
I've gotta take care of
the door, kids.
Yeah, that's how it's done.
- Charlie, baby.
- Yeah?
I got kids.
- What, they don't drink?
- No, not yet.
You know what?
Liz got the babies tonight.
Dezi let's reach. You know
Latinas love the dark mans!
(speaking in Spanish)
I'm gonna drop these two cases
by Ricky's, man.
- Selma: And then you're down?
- Charlie: Eh?
(Bachata music playing)
(Bachata music playing)

- Hermana!
- Jesse: Hey, mami!
How is your night?
Tips are shitty,
but what can you do?
- Ayuda mi!
- (laughing)
Can I get you guys something
to drink?
- Selma: Yes please.
- Jesse: Okay, always yes.
Got something special for y'all.
Oooh! Okay, okay, I see you.
How's the night been?
- All right.
- Jesse: Yeah?
Do a little bit of dancing?
Yeah, did you see him out there?
He's got moves.
Yeah, you got the one-two.
The one-two step.
I like that.
- Salud.
- Salud.
This isn't the cheap shit,
this is the good stuff.
You don't shoot it, you sip it.
El Dorado is the good shit.
Oh! El Dorado is the good shit.
You got a lot to teach him.
(speaking Spanish)
Jesse: Okay.
sounds good, mami.
Y'all roommates?
(speaking Spanish)
(speaking Spanish)
I need air,
I'm going for a smoke.
All right.

So, what's your story?
- My story?
- Yeah.
- Long story.
- Oh yeah?
I know you musician types.
- Oh yeah, you do, eh?
- I do.
No need to tell my story, then.
That's the cheap shit.
You can shoot it.
You know she left, right?
She's not coming back.

(engine revving)
(Band demo plays on stereo)
Sid (recording): Can you come up
in my headphones?
(jazz music playing)
(volume increasing)

(breathing heavily)
(objects clanking)
(dishes clattering)
(pained moaning)
The tooth is abscessed.
When the soft tissue inside
the tooth dies,
it can create an infection,
as it has in your case.
The discomfort you're feeling
is the infection moving
into the bone.
So now what?
Dentist: Well, hopefully we can
save the tooth
but I won't really be able
to tell
until the inflammation subsides.
Worst case scenario,
we'll just do an extraction.
Take-- take it out?
Yeah. What are the next few days
looking like for you?
I can do whenever.
All right, well, front desk will
schedule you in,
and in the meantime,
I'll write you a prescription
for some antibiotics.
It should help cut the infection
and reduce some of that
Anything for the pain?
Dentist: Aspirin should
tide you over.
It gets pretty sensitive,
you know, when I touch it.
Just Aspirin.
Periapical abscess removal?
Yeah, that's the one.
Clerk: You like mornings
or evenings?
Bring this to the pharmacy
they'll validate parking.
Friday, 10 am.
And if you need anything
until then,
my number is at the bottom.
Your number?
Our number. At the office.
Help you, cuz?
Yeah, cuz, what's good?
Y'all stalking me now?
Who the hell is "Y'all?"
How about "Nice to see ya, cuz.
How you been?"
- My bad.
- So, how you been?
- I been living.
- Yeah.
Yeah, we all been living.
You been playing?
No, just trying to stay low--
'Cause you know there's
a showcase
we've gotta crush this weekend.
Yeah, yeah, you know my phone
been fucked up.
Sid: Fucked up for what,
like a year now?
Yo, this remote "one-note here,
one-note there" shit
ain't gonna work.
Guy's gotta eat, you know,
And I know you could use some
paper too.
You guys have the sets.
And I got a thing.
- Oh, you got a thing?
- Yeah.
- Solo now?
- Something like that.
But you see this though?
I don't play.
- All right, cool.
- Yeah.
We'll be at the spot
around seven.
(knocking on window)
(paper rustling)

(music playing next door)
(door latching)
(needle scratching)
(faint jazz music)

(women singing):
Charlie: Hey!
The Doctor is here! my guy.
- Sid: My guy.
- You look good.
Long time.
You remember Nia, right?
Cut the record back in July--
Yeah, I do.
All right, let's start back from
the course.
Dez will find us.
You know what to do.
Whose arrangement is this?
Um, it's the one you sent.
There are no vocals on this
track, why is she singing?
- We threw it back in there.
- I see that, but why?
'Cause it's a part of the gig,
they wanna hear a song with some
vocals on it.
We've got vocals,
just don't have her vocals.
It's fine.
Let's just start back from
the chorus.
Nia, count us in.
Three, four.
I'm out.
(women laughing)
Server: Can I get you
anything else?
No thanks.
(group laughing)
(raucous laughter)
(laughter continues)
(laughter growing louder)
Charlie: All right,
so one am hits, right?
We're done. Food coma.
Nothing is happening.
Desi here throws on a track.
(humming, scatting)
Craziest mix I've ever heard.
Where he put the keys and then
layered in the voice?
Phew! That's why we call him the
Doctor, you know?
Jesse: That's why you call him
the Doctor.
Everyone else
just calls him Dezi.
So how long has it been, then?
Um, three years me and Sid,
about a year and a half
with Dez,
and June whenever
she'll have us.
You should let him put his paws
on your EP.
Charlie: Yes.
- I don't know.
What is your experience with
Latin jazz, Doctor?
Prescribe me something.
I dunno, I think you got it
sorted out.
You know, with the feature the
label got you on,
with the artist whose name we
shall not speak.
- You mean Drizz?
- (all shouting)
Don't trip, you guys thought
it was fire.
It's nice, you know,
to be heard,
but I want more.
I don't wanna just be
the pretty girl
singing traditional Bolero.
I want beyond features.
That's why this EP that I'm
trying to do is so important.
Yeah, shit.
All we do is features.
But that's why we want to set up
this tour, right?
We're gonna find the right city
along the way.
I mean, look at Maple Leaf Band.
New Orleans,
Tuesday nights only.
- Paid!
- Paid.
Or Maxine and Deb, 12 nights a
month in Tokyo,
- Paid.
- Paid.
Ain't nobody trying to live in
Japan, you know what I'm saying?
June: Yeah, and I'm not trying
to eat corned beef and rice
every night for dinner, Charlie.
Tens and twenties!
Tens and twenties!
- You play anything, Jesse?
- Whew!
Jesse: Oh, well, a few times
I rocked the maracas
- on stage for my girl.
- Selma: Yeah, toss it up.
You know, shake it up!
That's cool, that's cool.
You got your whole little thing.
Jesse: See. This is why
y'all aren't signed.
Cause you're assholes!
Sid: That's what got this lady
to the label right?
Being polite? Nah.
I wanna hear it,
I wanna hear this Old School
Torres that got you signed.
No, no, no, y'all ain't ready
for no old school Torres.
Hey, can we get another one?
Yeah girl, get you some courage.
Calm the vein in your forehead,
I am courage.
Mmm, give it to us.
(singing in Spanish)
(Singing in Spanish)
(Singing in Spanish)
(Singing in Spanish)
Dezi: Yeah, the voice, too.
I dig the voice.
The guy that samples this into
a set is on some next shit.
I thought you were on that
next shit.
What did Charlie say, oh,
"He could rearrange the tiles
on the Taj."
I dunno what he's talking about.
That don't make any sense.
It really doesn't.
Jesse: Don't even worry about
her, she'll be sleeping.
Selma: Mira, your coochie is
gonna swell up and fall off.
Thank you, Dez.
So you trying to get
something done?
'Cause I could listen to
some tracks.
Oh, I'm working with someone
from the label, you know,
but maybe we could jam on
at a session with the band
next time.
- Sure.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Good night.
Good night.
(cell phone ringing)
- Hello?
- Selma: Hey, where you at?
I'm at Fortino's, holding
a yellow Fendi purse.
Selma: It's a clutch,
and thank you.
And I'm so sorry.
All good, I'll bring it on
Friday when I see you.
Selma: Friday?
My phone is in there.
I know you ain't trying to hold
my phone hostage for a week.
Hostage? Yo, you left it.
I got somewhere
I gotta be right now.
Ah, what's her name?
You could have just left it
down there.
Thank you, Dez.
For sure. Tell Jess
I said 'sup.
She's not here. Decided to make
a little out call tonight.
I've got some El Dorado
and I'm making tostones
if you want to stay,
but I totally get it if you
gotta jet.

Selma singing (recording):
Pray for rainy days
Can't see the sun
Or feel the brighter rays
It feels on my face
Darkest of grey
I'd do it on my own
But I don't want to be alone,
Selma: I have a feeling that
thing was sent to me
- from the heavens.
- Hmm.
I don't want to feel
like I'm wrong
Please stay,
and I'll always be the love...
This ain't the one.
The one the label got sampled,
This, young man, is Centerbe.
it literally means "100 herbs"
in Italian.
They ferment it with no sugar.
That is about one month's
I can arrange your whole album
if you give me
until the end of the bottle.
Like the last set I did
with the band?
Yeah, could be.
Could be.
Selma singing:
Don't be afraid
Don't, don't be afraid
Don't, don't be afraid
Trust and believe
this feeling
Don't, don't walk away
I won't, I won't
I don't know why you're not
getting this key,
you sound like a crying mouse.
A mouse?
Yeah, like a mouse when it gets
caught in a trap.
Wow. Comparing me to a rat?
I said a mouse.
I never said no rat.
- Mouse. Rata. Raton--
(speaking Spanish)
Listen, listen.
I used to have mice growing up,
all right?
I had really bad asthma as a
kid, breathing machine
with the mask and everything.
That's why I don't sing
all that much.
- Yes, that's the reason.
- Before, I could blow.
My mom would set these
sticky traps
she got from the restaurant
And all through the night, I'd
see 'em racing under my bed.
Then in the morning,
during breakfast,
she'd throw 'em in a bag,
take a broom.
Right. And that's what
I sound like?
Dezi: You're trapped in the way
you sing.
Let go of all that traditional
stuff from back home.
Come at it like a rapper,
like the last time.
- Speak a line if you want.
- Which line?
Sometimes she'd just take the
stick off from the brush,
you know the bristled part,
she'd see one coming,
hiding in the corner.
- Bam.
- Jesus. Dead?
- My people don't miss.
- You would say that.
Yeah, I did a lot though.
Once one got caught in a trap
when she was out,
but just its leg.
Didn't die.
I called her because I couldn't
clock it myself with the broom.
Selma: And what did she
tell you to do?
- Drown it in a bucket.
- Oh my God.
Yeah. And, worst part was,
the trap was wood,
so it kept floating the mouse
back up.
It was gasping for air,
it wouldn't die.
That is fucked up!
Had to put a rock over it to
keep it under.
- No, no you didn't!
- Mom's idea. Mom's idea.
Put it out of its misery.
Your mother sounds terrifying.
Nah, she was just taking care
of business. It's them or us.
Wasn't gonna let anything
take over.
Where is she now?
With the mice.
From your chest is where
you want it.
And if you don't wanna sing
a bar, drop it.
Just be free with it, yeah?
On key.
Don't be afraid
Trust and believe
this feeling
Don't walk away
I'll give you all my loving
Don't be afraid
Trust and believe
this feeling
Don't walk away
I'll give you all
- Dezi: That's better.
- Mm-hm.
(phone vibrating)
Man on phone:
Hey, is this Dezi?
Yes, it is.
Man on phone: You're running the
brass cleaning service, right?
I have a tuning slide
I need cleaned.
Dezi: Yeah, yeah.
Tuning slide. Yeah, for sure.
Man: Great.
How does that work?
Uh, I can that as part of
a cleaning.
- Man: Flat fee?
- Dezi: Yeah.
Man: Perfect.
I've got a show on Sunday,
but I'm heading out of town
this week,
so I'd have to drop it off
sometime before then.
Dezi: All right,
when are you back?
Man: Saturday morning.
- Okay.
Man: I can pick it up pretty
much anytime later that day.
Dezi: Alright, gimme your
number, I'll follow up.
If I don't pick up,
I'll call you back.
All right.

(Darondo's "Didn't I" playing)
Didn't I treat you right now
(Didn't I)
Didn't I do the best
I could
Didn't I
Didn't I give you
(thudding noise)
(Didn't I)
I tried my best
just to be a man
(Didn't I)

Didn't I do it

Why you wanna leave me, baby

(thudding continues)
(thudding intensifies)
That a woman could need
I bought you cars, clothes,
a home
(thudding continues)
And I'm back again
Hey, hey! What are you doing?
Sal: That your couch
on the curb?
Garbage isn't picked up
til Monday,
and they won't take it anyway.
You gotta bring it
to the dump yourself,
or you know, put it back
in your apartment.
- It's not mine.
- Really.
(thudding continues)
- Hey, hey, hey.
Why you keep hammering?
Tenant Christmas party.
I'm hosting.
All are welcome.
Even the new ones.
Not interested in parties.
Well don't think of it as
a party, then.
More like a way to show what
kind of neighbour,
or gentlemen you'll be.
- A quiet one.
- Mm-hm.
So who's gonna move that
couch then?
(thudding continues)

(woman singing distantly)

(woman singing, muffled)
At times, it can be pain
We always try the wrong way
And then we turn
I recognize that this
could be
Something more
We always get there
And then we turn
And then we turn...
And then we turn
Dezi! Yo, Dezi!
(tires squealing)
Tangled, intertwined,
face to face
And we, then we lie
Face to face
Mama said
there's a thin line
Between love and hate
Baby, we always look
To yesterday
We always run the wrong way
I want to go swimming.
I recognize
that this could be
Something more
We always get back
(keys jingling)
(doorknob rattling)
Sal: And where are you
coming from?
O te corto los dedos de tus pies
mientras duermes!
You're really good at that.
We need to fix this.
Good night.
Good night.
Selma: And we just had to
pack everything.
(chuckling) Into two suitcases
for six people.
There was no time for goodbyes.
It was just, in a truck,
on a plane.
Into an apartment in Midtown.
Hah, it wasn't that easy.
Family is tough.
Imagine half of you not loving
your other half.
I am so many people.
But a huge part of me is
in that city still.
Dezi: Not everything got
left behind.
We gotta take a photo.
Everyone I work with,
I take a photo and they sign.
- I don't know about that.
- Oh, come on.
We didn't make nothing yet.
Yet. Hmm?
Okay, shut up and hold still.
- Okay, ready?
- Yeah.
One, two...
(camera shutter clicking)
(lock unlatching)
(couple chattering)
(thudding on stairs)
- Man: This is so nice!
- Jesse: Thank you.
Okay, bedtime.
Still got a lot of rum left.
Another time, Doctor.
- That was good, though.
- Yeah.
We'll just have to work on it
again sometime.
- Call me.
- I will.
- All right.
- (gasping, thudding)
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Hey, hey, you good?
- Oh, fuck. Yeah, yeah.
- Bathroom.
- Okay, okay.
- (knocking)
- Selma: Jess? Jesse?
Jesse, where's the fucking kit?
- (bottle rattling)
- Jesse!
- Here, here.
- (moaning)
Dezi: Okay?
- Mm-hm.
- Dezi: See?
- Mm-hm.
(Selma groaning in pain)
Okay, it'll be good.
You know what you're doing,
- You ready?
- No!
(both laughing)
Oh my God! Oh my God!
(gasping in pain)
- Okay?
- Oh my God.
- We're good.
- Yeah. Phew.
(breathing deeply)
(pill bottle rattling)

(phone beeping)
Selma (on voicemail):
Hey, it's me.
You're not home yet.
Are you still at the studio?
Well, I'm gonna take a bath
because my back really fucking
hurts, so...
Love you.

Selma singing:
Please stay
And I'll always be the love
you can count on
Come back, come back,
come back, come back, yeah

I was wrong, I was wrong,
I was wrong...

(equipment rattling)

(music stops abruptly)
(turntable scratching)
(knocking intensifies)
Keep it. I've got two.
You live in the same place too
long, you start to hoard.
Doesn't look like you've done
much settling.
So can I help you?
Do you always answer the door
like that?
So you new to the city, or...
just to the neighbourhood?
Dezi: What makes you think
I'm new to the neighbourhood?
(Sal chuckling)
I'm from the West End.
Sal: Yep, me too.
I moved out here after my old
place flooded.
Thought I'd move back,
but I never did.
I've got the same one
in a box somewhere.
Dezi: No, no, no.
Head is broken.
Oh, well it seemed to be working
fine the other day.
And yours doesn't sound like
it's in box.
Sal: And then this constant
buzzing noise,
like you're building chairs
over here,
and yet, not much to be seen.
I don't mean to disturb you,
So what brings you east?
- I needed a change.
- Mm-hm.
You running to or away
from someone?
Neither. You ask a lot
of damn questions.
Always one or the other.
It makes sense for my business,
which again, I'm--
I'm slammed with.
So when you find some China,
drink down half way,
then cover yourself up,
and then drink the rest.
I have a jaw infection,
not a flu.
Everything in that little bag
is stronger than anything
you've got.
Oh, and next time,
instead of ambushing me
with your slammed doors
and loud music,
you can play me something.
As I said,
I prefer the quiet.
Mm, how's that
working for you?
(door closing)
Woman (muffled):
(voice continuing indistinctly)
(voice getting louder)
S, lo s. Gracias...
Besos. Ciao.
(phone beeping)
You ready?
Yeah, just a mind fuck
that the label is here.
All the sessions I've had and
this is the one they show to?
(Dezi sighing)
Miss Torres?
(soft jazz music playing)

I want you,
you want me
Don't make it complicated
I could show you my world if
You let me in just
for the night
Sit back and relax
Now, there's nothing
wrong with feeling

All these things you are
Keeps running
through my mind
Got me under your spell
Losing track of time
So, what if we fall?
It could be worth it
Only way to find out
Don't be afraid
Trust and believe
this feeling
Don't walk away
I'll give you all my loving
Don't be afraid
Trust and believe
this feeling
Don't walk away
I'll give you all...
I want you,
you want me
Don't make it complicated
I could show you my world if
You let me in just
for the night
Sit back and relax
Now, there's nothing
wrong with feeling

Dezi: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold up.
You feeling this?
Was it on the charts?
Dezi: Yeah.
Then, yeah, I'm feeling it.
Let's take that again.
We'll stay on E.
Producer: Yeah, Selma,
let's take that again.
That last line was
coming in a bit too sharp.
- Why don't you try D?
- Selma: We're staying on E.
You just tried E.
You heard what that got you.
Hey, buds, this tape is live.
It's not real tape, bud.
Let's take that again.
(soft jazz music playing)

(soft jazz music playing)
All things you are
Keeps running
through my mind
Got me under your spell
Losing track of time
So, what if we fall?
It could be worth it
Only way to find out
Don't be afraid
Trust and believe
this feel--
(soulful saxophone
solo sounding)

(soulful saxophone
solo sounding)
(soulful saxophone
solo sounding)
(soulful saxophone
solo sounding)
(breathing heavily)
(phone beeping)
(breathing heavily)
(phone ringing)
(breathing heavily)
(phone ringing)
(breathing heavily)
Woman on phone:
St. Clair Dental Associates.
Tracy speaking.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hi... I... I'm, uh...
- Woman: Who is this?
- I need something stronger.
- I need something--
- Calm down. Who is this?
I need something stronger.
I need something stronger.
- The meds...
- Woman: Dezi?
- Yeah. Hey, yeah.
- Woman: Dezi, please...
It's me. Do you remember me?
Woman: What are you
talking about?
Do you remember...
Woman: What's going on?
- Dezi: I'm, uh--
- Can you hear me?
- I need something...
- Woman: Please, calm down.
I just need something stronger.
Do you remember...
Woman: Okay. Okay,
where are you?
I'm, uh...
(breathing heavily)
(voice echoing:) I'm, uh...
I'm at, uh...
Woman: Can you hear me?
(man and Selma
speaking Spanish)
(Selma speaking Spanish)
(man speaking Spanish)
(Selma speaking Spanish)
(man speaking Spanish)
Selma: Right.
(speaking Spanish)
Ready to go?
Man: Whatever, man.
Enjoy your food.
Selma: Ciao.
(door closing)
How's the arrangement for
tomorrow night coming?
I don't know why
you trip on it so much.
You speaking
Spanish ain't a trip.
Who you speak it to is
interesting, though.
Oh, okay, so you think
I speak Spanish for spite?
I think you're really nervous
about the drop tonight.
But that's all it is, a drop.
You've never had to drop
an EP in another language.
It's a drop, play a couple
shows, get yourself a tour.
It's more complicated than that.
It's always more
complicated than that.
Just get your shit
and let's roll, all right?
To where? Seattle?
I told you--
You told me the guys you're
arranging for are from there.
You didn't think I'd have to go?
I told you,
it's three months, Selma.
Selma: Whatever. Whatever.
Whatever. Run.
Okay. I'm not the one
who hides anything,
I'll tell you that.
Oh, okay.
What am I hiding, Dez?
Tell me something I don't know.
Just hurry up. And you eat
before every show.
Selma: Don't tell me what I do.
I get that I'm not the guy
that you usually bring back.
Don't do that!
This isn't about that or them,
okay? Don't, Dez.
Okay, okay, okay.
So, what's this about?
Cause obviously,
it's about expectations -
yours, theirs.
At least I have someone
to have expectations from.
(engine revving)
I always eat before a show!
(engine revving)
- I always eat befo--
- (engine revving)
(yelling in Spanish)
(Selma yelling in Spanish)
(yelling in Spanish in distance)
(engine switching off)
(Selma sighing)
(keys jingling)
(engine revving)
Hey, didn't you say
this used to be your aunt's
place or something?
Hey, the ice worked.
Um, but I brought you this,
too, just in case.
- Sorry.
- (knocking)
(door opening)
- Men: Hey!
- June: Hey!
Charles: Junebug!
June: How's it going?
Charles: Dez, this is a nice
place. You levelled up.
- June: Hey.
- Let's set it up, guys.
Sid: I hope you don't mind
a little private rehearsal
for the neighbours, right?
- Nia: Where the hell are we?
- Charles: Scarberia, man.
(bass sounding)

(soft jazz playing)

(soft jazz playing)

(soft jazz playing)

(soft jazz playing)

(soft jazz playing)
(soulful saxophone sounding)

(trumpet and sax
playing together)

(music fading)
(all laughing)
But when you first
started soloing in
during that song,
it ran about 30 seconds.
Now, it's like
a minute and half.
I'm just saying,
I'm just saying,
some people have noticed
the liberties being taken.
Hey, Dezi, you remember
the one day we got this?
It was in Kensington from that,
like, weird-ass Gypsy lady.
She gave you something else,
too. What was it?
Oh, those fuzzy dice cubes.
Do you still have those?
So, yo, check this, Dez.
I spoke to the suits.
They got us a good tour -
two bands.
We split the doors,
and the take home on this,
we could be eating for
a year after we wrap.
Sounds great.
It's almost on lock, we just
gotta do these showcases.
Like, a formality, you know?
As long as we kill it,
give 'em what they need.
Yeah, yeah.
I gotta hang back here.
This is just
starting to pick up.
What's this?
This little collection you got
going on in here and the tub?
You restoring
brass or something?
Yeah, restoring,
cleaning, service.
What? Like Ricky's?
Dezi: Exactly like Ricky's.
Who would choose to clean brass,
when you could play it?
Everyone knows refurbishing
is Ricky's game, cuz.
He's the only guy
anyone's ever used.
I was trying to tell him.
Where did you say
we were again, June?
What? You think no one
can make the drive?
And now they won't have to.
Listen, cuz, the show, the tour,
it sounds tight,
but I don't play.
You keep saying that shit,
but I just seen you
light up like a blunt, hitting
the bass line a minute ago.
Yo, there's room
for both of them, right?
Nah, nah.
You know what I don't get, man?
It's how you just can,
you know, bounce around
you want, no worries,
no care, like you're
the only one that got crushed.
- Charlie...
- Nah, nah, for real.
Like, Sid and I took you in.
We didn't care what you did,
where you came from,
so you just always do you.
You think
I didn't appreciate it?
You don't, my guy,
that's the thing.
You don't give a shit.
You walk around like you're
some kind of wounded pe--
Yo, let's just chill, huh?
No, come on.
Okay, all right.
So, let's run this.
That night,
the one you been tripping,
I had a solo,
your girl had a solo,
but where were you at?
No, no.
Just finish up that glass,
get yourself back home cuz.
Right, you see, cuz?
You done fucked with our
now you wanna fuck around with
our money.
- It ain't that deep.
- We make music together.
- It's always that fucking deep.
- You know what?
- Everyone get the fuck out!
- Dezi.
Get the fuck out of here, man!
Guys, guys, take it easy.
Take it easy.
You know what? Stay.
Y'all stay here.
Feel this apartment.
Feel what it's life is like
outside this bullshit.
(door closing)
(footsteps echoing)
Thanks for getting me.
You know, if you got nowhere
to crash, I have a place.
I'm sure she's fine.
(engine revving)
So, there's this guy,
he's looking for a horn player
on the west coast.
So, I say, "Yeah,
I'm interested."
He says he was interested. Okay?
June: Mm-hmm.
Dezi: So, send
him my two demos...
...of something new
that I created.
And he says no... by email.
- By email...
- By email.
(both laughing)
Oh, we're fucking assholes.
They're too showtimey, anyways.
All good.
There's a band in
Montreal I might check.
You know,
you can stay with this one.
You're always looking
for an escape, you know?
You're all looking
for a way out too.
They're taking Sid.
Fucking dick.
Do you think there's some
universe out there where...
...I, like,
finished school, or...
...sang solo?
Or I went to school to start.
You're gonna cut me a demo.
- No, I'm not.
- Yeah. Yeah, you are.
To the water and back,
you break first, I get my demo.
It's like minus 40 outside.
It's like minus ten max,
and that's why it's pants only.
Come on.
Come on, you know the rules.
I wanna go swimming.
Come on!
Hold up!
(June laughing)
(June laughing)
Yo, you were
gonna try that shit!
I told you,
I'm a frigging quitter.
It's like minus
40 outside, anyways.
Dezi: Yeah.
You really didn't
wanna cut that demo, eh?
Is that what you
really want from me?
(breathing heavily)
(Dezi sighing)
(waves crashing)
(guitar music playing muffled)

(woman singing in Spanish,

(loud scraping
from above)
(song continuing)
(loud scraping
sound from above)
(music getting louder)
(door closing)
(song continuing, muffled)

(song continuing, muffled)
(bottle lid scraping)
(liquid pouring)
(song continuing)

(Spanish guitar solo playing)

(clattering from above)

(singer continuing in muffled
(saxophone plays discordantly)
(song continues)
(song continues)

(saxophone sounding
(singing continues)

(saxophone playing discordantly)
(song continues)
(saxophone sounding
(loud Latin party music playing)
(saxophone sputtering)
Goddamn right.
(saxophone chirping
(Latin music continuing)

(saxophone sputtering)
(Latin party music
getting louder)
Y'all shut up! Shut up!
Shut the fuck up! Hey!
(music continues blasting)
(glass shattering)
(music stops)
(glass shattering)
It's chilly.
What are you doing?
(record crackling,
soft Latin music playing)
How'd you fix that?
Sal: Come on.
Wait. I-I have prepare.
I got the show.
You can either play
or you dance.
(man singing in Spanish)
I know which one you want to do.


(song distorting and echoing)
What happened to you?
Do you not feel that?
Can you feel this?
- (Dezi gasping)
- Does it hurt?
- (gasping)
- (door opening)
There you are. Oh...
missed a great night.
Everyone was asking about you,
but I told them you had to be at
the studio, finishing up a song.
(man singing
Latin jazz song)

Oh, which reminds me,
Sid picked up slack on the
horns, so be sure to thank him.
(man singing
Latin jazz song)
(man singing
Latin jazz song)
Ugh! Rum...
I had a great night.
How was yours?
(man singing
Latin jazz song)
I tried to go back.
You were already gone.
Selma: It's okay.
One show, two shows.
(man singing
Latin jazz song)

I pushed to do an original at
the end of my set, though,
you'd be proud;
it was amazing.
Everyone was there...
...except June...
...you and June.
Tell me something
I don't know, Dez.
Tell me.
It's over. I'm sorry.
Look at me.
No, look!
Selma, I'm sorry!
Selma! Selma, I'm sorry.
(breathing heavily)
(man singing
Latin jazz song)
- (door closing)
- Selma...
(lock clicking)
(water running)
(slamming on door)
(slamming on door)
(slamming on door)
Open the fucking door!
(slamming on door)
Selma! Selma!

(slamming on door)
(slamming on door)

(gas hissing)
(gas hissing)
- Wait.
- Dentist: Just relax. Good.
(drill whirring)
I appreciate this.
We're all in someone's
dental records, right?
You ever feel like you...
you can't hold onto things?
I'm not the one for this, Dezi.
It was never going to
work, you know?
- I know.
- No.
No, not just with her.
It just doesn't work
'cause you have to be able to
see the future in things, Dezi.
You have to live beyond the now,
not just where there's
wood for you to burn.
I'm gonna tell you something.
Everyone is trying
to hold onto something.
But they actually try.
I know guys like you,
grew up with guys like you -
always running,
chasing something
you don't even care
to take time to know.
But you're so electric,
so ambitious...
so easy to love...
in the beginning.
And that's where
you guys belong,
the only place -
in beginnings.
(jazz music playing)
SID: Again.
Can we get a
bit more juice, please?
(chord sounding)
Great. Dez?
(drumsticks counting in)
(slow jazz playing)

(bass playing solo)
(saxophone joining in)

(drums join in)

(inhaling sharply)

Ooh, ooh

Your eyes
Feel just like a sunrise
Sometimes they turn to grey
Your lips
Flutter like butterflies
At times, they give me pain
We always run the wrong way
And then, we don't
I recognize
that this could be
Something more
We almost get there
And then, we don't
Then, we don't

Then, we don't
We lie
Tangled, intertwined
And we...
Then, we laugh
Mama said
There's a thin line
between love and hate, baby
We always look
to yesterday...
We always run the wrong way
And then we flow
I recognize
That this could
be something more
We almost get there
We almost get there
And then, we don't
Then, we don't

We almost get there
And we don't
We almost get there
Get there, get there
Get there
We almost get there
And then, we don't