Least Among Saints (2012) Movie Script

So, Sergeant Hayward, you've
served eight years overseas...
multiple tours of duty
as a squad leader.
Yes, sir.
File shows that you were hit by some IEDs.
A couple.
You suffer any head injuries,
anything that you didn't walk away from?
I get headaches once in a while,
some ringing in my ears.
that only gets worse.
Any trouble sleeping?
Some. No rest
for the wicked, eh?
So, is there anything else
I should know about?
Anything that's not mentioned
in the files?
Negative, sir.
Well, if you need to talk to anyone...
the division psychologist is available
to you at any time, as is a chaplain.
We have a very good therapy
program here at the base.
You want to hang around for an...
Six months?
No, thank you, sir.
I just want my discharge.
Well, you've certainly
earned it, Sgt. Hayworth.
Anyone waiting for you at home?
Just divorce papers waiting
for my signature.
Mom, Dad, deceased.
Well, if anything comes up, if
you have any issues of any kind,
make sure you talk to someone.
All right? Good.
Good to go, son.
Thank you, sir.
Good luck, son.
Go home! You don't live here
anymore, Anthony.
Go home!
Hey, you're back!
You're a fag.
Hey, you can't park there!
You can't park in front
of the store, it's illegal.
No, no, I refuse the right
to serve my customers.
All right? Out.
Whatever you say.
I'm calling the cops!
Understand, goddamn it?
Well, hello, shit birds.
You guys want some beers?
Here you go.
Gotta make my escape now.
Adios, assholes!
Fuck it.
Come and get me.
Sir, I'm gonna need you to step
down from the vehicle.
Are you stupid or deaf?
Get your ass down from there, now!
Yeah, we're gonna have
to go get him.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Good evening, dick head.
You want to tell me just what
the hell you think you're doing?
Just waiting for the bad boys
in blue to show up.
How about you remove yourself
from the vehicle...
and I'd be glad to hear all
about it...
because, now, get this.
You're in luck, I just happen
to be the fucking police!
All right, my bad.
Forgive me.
All right.
Were you operating this vehicle?
What the fuck did you say?
I said, did you drive this piece of shit
straight into a telephone pole, pendejo?
I love that. How you're able to mix up all the
Mexican words with American talk, man.
That shit's genius.
You're about one smart-ass comment
away from getting your head kicked in.
Promises, promises.
Oh, whoa, Jess!
Pull him off now! Goddamn it,
cut it out!
He came at me!
You fucking moron!
Cool it!
Armando, go across the street
and debrief the witness.
Jesse, stand down.
Are you the owner of this
establishment, guy?
Uh, yeah.
Have a gun on you, Tony?
Okay. Good.
You've been away again?
Yes, sir.
Where you been?
A few places I can't pronounce.
Well, welcome home.
Now... you listen to me.
This is the last time, okay?
Yes, sir.
Don't fuck with me here.
Next time you're going to jail.
All right.
The boys will walk you home.
Come on, Hayworth,
hike up your skirt.
Let's go!
You're almost home,
don't quit now!
Well, you served your penance
for the day.
Go with God.
Blow me.
Still standing, motherfucker.
What kind of vehicle is that?
Get the fuck out of this fucking car!
Where are you, huh?
Where are you? Where are you?
You're gonna get down there and
you're gonna fuck me, huh?
I'd do it.
Now, give me my shit!
I can't hear you.
Say it again.
I've been there, bro.
They just don't fucking listen,
do they?
Mind your own fucking business,
pal, okay?
See, you got yourself all
exposed. You're all fucked up.
How about when I'm done
with her, I come fuck you up?
No, see, you're definitely not
on my frequency.
See? Now that is the proper way
to subdue your hostage.
I now have complete control
over the situation.
I can do with her as I please.
What the fuck are you doing?
Are you feeling left out?
All right.
Fuck her, then, man.
I'll play with you.
I'll fuck you up, dog.
Oh, see, now, you're making
my panties wet.
You're fucking crazy.
Right on, man.
I dig that shit.
Can I get my fucking keys, please? Huh?
Is that cool with you?
She's all yours.
She's a good girl.
Yeah, fuck you!
You fuck!
I'm sorry, I just, um...
I've been trying
to get clean for my boy.
And I just haven't fucked up
in a long time, you know?
But I had a handle on it...
but, uh...
Where are all the men
in this world, you know?
These motherfuckers...
who follow through
on their word.
You know, just once,
I'd like to be taken care of...
just a little bit, you know?
Just a little fucking bit!
Listen you've had a rough night
and it's past my bed time so.
See, I could take care of you.
Just take me out of this spot.
Front me some cash.
Yeah, I'm your neighbor.
It's not like you can't find me.
I will hook you up.
You can do
whatever you want to me.
Go home.
What the fuck!
I was just trying to salvage
this fucked up night.
You know?
Just, I thought two lonely
souls, you know?
That sort of shit, but...
Hey, you know, I got you.
I got you. Now you go
what you gotta do.
Come on, Milo.
I have some dinner for you.
Here you go.
You all right, man?
Can I help you?
Don't fucking touch me!
I told you not to stare at
people, it makes them nervous.
I didn't mean to make
him upset. I was...
Aw, that's okay.
No matter what you tell them
anyway, he's just gonna keep at it.
He's got a mind of his own.
Don't you, boy?
So, you just moved in, right?
Yeah, something like that.
What's all your shit
doing on your lawn?
Uh, it's what's left over
from the ex-wife.
Ah, you should've left that
couch, man. It's nasty.
Yeah, I just took it
to piss her off.
Had to take something,
you know?
Oh, yeah, I just took my kid.
It's all I needed, huh?
That's not a bad deal.
I got the dog, too.
You an angel?
Oh, no, it's just a trinket
I picked up along the way.
Yeah, you are.
You saved my ass.
Man, that shit was dope, man.
I should probably
go talk to him, so, um...
Can you just, you know,
watch him for a sec?
Wade, honey, I'm gonna
be right back, okay?
You just stay here with...
Jesus, what was your name?
You just stay with Anthony,
okay? Um...
Yeah, um,
I'll be right back, okay?
Is that your dad?
How come you sleep out here?
You seen me sleeping out here?
You yell out in your sleep.
You shake and stuff.
Bad dreams.
Wade, honey? I'm gonna
be right back, okay?
Uh, you're fine watching him,
right? You're cool?
Um, what do I do with him?
Oh, no, you just like watch him
and when you're done playing...
you know, just make sure
he goes in the house.
Okay, bye.
You want to skate some more?
I want to go home.
Might have better luck
plugging those bad boys in.
Is your mom home yet?
I'm making hot dogs over there.
You want to come over
and get some grub?
Where'd you learn
to fight like that?
It's a long story.
Well, I mean,
there's this kid at school...
What, does he pick on you?
Do you fight back?
How come?
I'm scared to.
Well, nothing wrong with that.
Everyone's scared of something.
Gotta be careful waking you up,
it's like diffusing a bomb.
Good morning.
You are definitely within
500 feet of me right now.
I missed you.
And there's a gun on your floor.
Don't think about it too hard,
you might hurt yourself.
You're not in high school
any more, Anthony.
That shit doesn't impress me.
And you fucking ruined my lawn!
Why can't you just call?
Like any normal alcoholic,
stalking ex?
It's not my style.
Look, I know somewhere in that
circus of a head of yours...
you think this is some kind
of display of affection.
But it's not, okay?
You can't come here any more.
I can't sleep.
Won't... don't want to.
Rather not.
I can't handle the dreams.
They keep coming all the time.
Even when I'm awake.
Come here and I'm near you...
and I sleep.
You never came back.
I'm here.
You never came back to me.
Don't go.
Fuck you.
Anthony, just fuck you.
Hey, Anthony!
Aren't you forgetting something?
What, a kiss goodbye?
No, you're not leaving your
truck in front of my house.
Get out of here, Milo.
Hey! Help!
Anthony, come! I need you!
Who is it?
I need help, my mom!
Unfucking believable.
I don't know what's going on.
Something happened.
I need you, please!
Please! Help! Please!
Please hurry, I need you!
My mom... please!
My mom... she's...
Come, hurry!
She's in here.
What happened?
Look, I don't know, man.
She's all fucked up again.
Mom, Mom, Mom!
Come on, wake up, Mom!
Watch out, watch out.
What is this? What the fuck?
Guys, she's fine.
Okay, she's fine.
That's it.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, my god.
We gotta get her to a hospital.
Give me the keys to your car.
Give me the keys to your
fucking car!
You're not taking her to the
hospital in my car, man!
Oh, shit, we can't take her to
the hospital in my car, man!
Goddamn it!
Goddamn it!
Watch out!
We gotta go, okay?
We gotta go to the hospital now!
Get the door! Get the door!
Go! Move, move, move!
She's fine, guys!
Get the car!
Get in the car! Go!
Get the fuck out of the way!
You're not taking my car,
Get out of the fucking way!
Come here!
We gotta go.
Wade, how long
has she been like this?
I-I don't know.
I came out of my room when
I heard that man yelling.
And then I came and got you.
Wade, you're gonna be okay,
Wade, you're okay,
buddy, okay? You're okay.
Hey, we need some help!
I need some help here!
Hurry up!
We need some help!
Hurry up! She's not breathing!
Guys, I need some help right now!
Hurry up!
What happened to her?
I don't know, she OD'd.
How long has she been like this?
I don't know.
Go! Move, move!
She has no pulse.
She's not breathing.
Sir, you have to wait here.
Do you know what she was using?
I don't, I found her
with a needle in her foot.
I don't know what was in it.
Is this her son?
Are you the father?
No, I live next door.
Are there any family members
you want us to call?
Anyone we should contact?
Wade? Is there anyone?
Just wait over there.
Someone will come out
and speak with you soon.
Excuse me?
Do you have a pair of socks?
Come again?
He left the house
with bare feet.
Yes, of course.
Are you here
for Cheryl Carpenter?
How is she?
She's in critical condition.
We received her
without a pulse.
She's on life support.
We've taken your mom to the
intensive care unit...
where she'll be more
And when she's ready,
I can take you in to see her.
Are you the father?
No... I'm a friend.
I can't let you go back there
with him if you're not a relative.
May I speak with you
for a moment?
Wade, just... wait right here,
I'll be right back.
She's brain dead.
The body will slowly shut down
and it'll happen soon.
He should get a chance
to say goodbye to his mom.
It's important.
He shouldn't have
to do this alone.
Are you the father?
I'm the father.
Okay, good.
When will she wake up?
I don't know.
Wade... your mom is very sick.
The doctors have done
everything they can...
but they're not gonna
be able to save her.
Do you want to come
closer to your mom?
It's okay.
She's not in any pain.
You can just sit here
quietly with her.
Or if you want,
you can talk to her.
Tell her things.
See... if you whisper to her,
then she'll know you're here.
Do you want to tell me?
Then I can tell her for you?
Tell her that I love her.
She loves you, too.
Time of death, 5:20.
Social Services.
She'll take care
of things from here.
Thank you for what
you did in there.
I wish I could have done more.
It was good of you
to stay with him.
What's that?
Oh, it's a phrase in Latin.
What does it mean?
God will know His own.
Does He?
I don't know.
You need somewhere
to get cleaned up?
I'm sorry?
Your hand.
There's a bathroom at the end of the hall.
What's gonna happen to him?
Well, his mother is deceased.
His father's whereabouts
are unknown.
He has no extended family
to speak of.
We take him into protective
where we will find a bed
for him in a foster home.
Then his case will be filed
with Child Protective Services.
We'll investigate and try to determine
what's in the best interest of the child.
You brought them in?
And you're...
Extended family, I heard.
I live next door.
Thanks for sticking around.
Least I can do.
How long until you have to take
the body to the city morgue?
Seven days.
I'll do my best to find someone
to claim her. No promises.
Listen, would you mind if I stick around
for a little while longer?
I don't feel right
about leaving him just yet.
Yeah, sure, I'm right here.
Can I use your phone?
My cell has no reception here.
So, she told me the deal.
I guess they're gonna set you up
with a new place to live.
I know what's going on.
When my mom was in jail,
I had to stay in these homes.
Hey, it's gonna be okay.
No, it's not.
It's gonna suck.
It's gonna fucking suck
very much.
Hey, hey, hey!
Don't do that.
Don't hurt yourself.
Excuse me?
He hasn't eaten yet tonight.
Wait a sec, so you don't have
any beds available?
Oh, you don't have any beds,
period? Terrific.
I want to take him
to get some breakfast.
I can't let you do that.
Wait, what?
No, I'm not sending him
to County.
All right, he'll get eaten up there.
They'll put him on the floor.
He's on my watch now,
if anything happens, it's on me.
It's been a long night.
A lot's happened.
Kid needs a little break.
The cafeteria is open now.
It's just on the first floor.
I brought him here.
I'll bring him back.
Hurry back.
Well, wake them up!
I don't give a shit,
get them on the phone!
Just wait a second!
I don't need you!
Go away!
Just wait. Just wait.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I won't go with them.
I won't let them take me away!
You can't make me!
No one's gonna take you.
Just take it easy, okay?
You can come home with me.
All right?
Just for a little while until we
find a safe place for you.
We'll figure this thing out.
I'm a friend.
Let me see that.
Let me see it.
Where'd you get this?
It was my dad's.
Here you go.
Come on.
Put your seatbelt on.
Think that's good?
It's good, right.
It's gotta be good.
You okay in there, buddy?
You didn't drown on me,
did you?
Is it all right if I come in?
Is that okay?
I guess.
You've been in here a long time.
You cold?
I don't have my shoes.
Well, we can go next door
and get them if you want.
When I touched her, her skin was
cold and she looked like wax.
Sometimes when people die
they look like wax.
I'm gonna need my shoes.
Where's your bedroom?
It's back there.
Okay, let's go.
Will you take me to my dad?
The lady at the hospital said
they didn't know where he was.
He's here.
Will you take me to him?
How long have you had this?
I don't know, a while.
This looks pretty old, Wade.
You sure he's gonna be here?
Mm-hm. Yeah.
Just... could you
take me to him?
Yeah, sure, Wade,
I could do that.
We got company.
Hang tight for a bit.
Where is he?
Is he with you?
Listen, I can see you're upset.
No, this isn't upset.
This is where exactly is the
ten-year-old in question?
He was scared, okay?
He ran away.
Where is he?
He's inside.
Was this his decision?
It was.
Okay, this is completely unacceptable.
Do you understand me?
I need to be able to
successfully retrieve this boy...
and put him in a safe environment
without your interference.
They don't pay me enough
for this kind of bullshit.
Hey, he's okay,
I took care of him.
That's my job.
I need to see Wade right now.
Yeah. Come on.
Hey, bud.
He's friendly.
Don't worry, it's good.
He's good.
Yeah, he's good.
Hey, Wade.
You really scared me
running off like that.
How is everything? You okay?
I'm good.
Yeah, everything's okay.
Okay, good.
Yeah, I wanted to come here.
I've been here before
a bunch of times. Yeah.
Anthony made me a bed
to sleep in.
Yeah, it looks cozy.
Yeah, and I ate really good.
Oh, I see that.
Cereal, huh?
I want to stay here.
I don't want to go away.
You going somewhere?
No, I just got back.
I've been taking my time
I'm recently divorced.
Thank you.
Negative, Marine Corps.
Oh, my father was a grunt.
He served in Korea.
No shit.
Yes, that's correct.
No, I'm sorry.
Want to show me
around the place?
Yeah, sure.
Now. Now.
Yeah, okay, come on.
Sleep much?
Oh, I wasn't expecting
any visitors...
let alone a new roommate.
This used to be my folks' house.
Oh, you didn't sell it.
Can I get a glass of milk?
Upset stomach.
Goes with the job.
Yeah, sure.
Here you go.
How's your milk?
Wade, will you wait a little while
Anthony and I go talk outside?
Come on, bud.
How well you know this kid?
Uh, I only moved
in a little while ago.
He trusts you.
Here's the situation.
I don't got a bed for this kid...
and at the moment, you seem to be the only
person who has any kind of relationship with him.
So would it be okay if he stayed
one night, two tops...
with you while I arrange
his living situation?
Is that something that
you think you can handle?
You all right?
You with me here?
Yeah, no, good to go.
He's gonna need more
than a bowl of cereal to eat.
See that he eats properly.
I'll reimburse you,
save your receipts.
Oh, no worries.
Now, there may be some mental
health issues here.
Well, what's that mean?
Mental health issues?
Well, he witnessed his mother OD
and God knows what else he's seen in his life.
I just want you to be aware
that he might act out.
If you see anything, contact me,
and I'll take another course of action.
You experience anything abroad
you may have brought back with you?
Ever been diagnosed with PTSD?
Bipolar, depression?
I have nightmares.
Yeah, me, too, pal.
I'm living them right now.
You got any kind
of criminal record?
Anything I need to know about?
Do you want to know
my favorite color?
Don't get cute.
I need to feel confident...
that he will be well
taken care of...
and that you will provide a safe
environment for him.
Can you do that?
Yes, ma'am.
I can do that.
So, tomorrow he goes to school
and he comes back here, and that's it!
Anything happens, you get any
more bright ideas, you call me first.
We good?
See that he gets to school
on time.
Go back in the house, Milo.
Stay there.
You all set?
What's that?
What's it look like?
Piece of shit.
Well, be that as it may...
it's our ride to school.
What about my dad?
We'll go look for him later.
I promise.
Come on.
Here, give me your backpack.
I'll carry it.
Hop on.
You good?
Of course not.
What time does this thing end?
I'll be right here,
right back at 3:30, all right?
What the fuck?
What are you doing back here?
Did you walk all
the way back home?
What happened to you?
Did you get hurt?
Did somebody pick on you?
Come with me.
Where is he?
Big, little fucker, isn't he?
Kid's a beast.
Well, he flunked like two grades.
You don't have to do this
if you don't want to, okay?
It's up to you.
Okay... I think I want to.
All right, hey, listen.
Once your adrenaline kicks in,
you're not gonna feel a thing.
All right? You just keep coming
at him until he respects you.
Okay? Got it?
Hey, I'm gonna be
right there with you.
Come on.
What's his name?
Hey, Jeremy!
Come over here!
Who are you?
I'm the police,
now get over here!
Wade here has something he wants
to talk to you about.
Well, what do you want,
ass face?
Don't look at me,
he's the one that hit you.
Sack of shit!
Fight! Fight!
What the hell is going on here?
Could someone answer that
for me, please?
We all right, buddy?
All right. Go on.
Just wait a second,
hot pants.
Let him get a few more licks.
Oh, and who the hell are you?
Go on, Wade!
Do your worst!
Excuse me!
That's it, Wade!
Go on, boy!
You're doing great!
Come on! Come on!
Just got burned.
Come on, buddy.
You're all right.
You're all right.
Who was that man?
Who's that man leaving here?
And who did he come with?
Did they come together?
Okay, everyone quiet down!
I can't listen to everyone
at once.
Line up by my office.
Here, put it to your eye.
Like this,
and then you hold it there.
That's good.
Hey, Wade, why don't you
go dig a hole or something.
Yeah, you know, kick rocks.
Go climb that tree.
See how high you can get.
He's a good one, huh?
Excuse me?
Uh, the boy.
He's good.
Where's his mother?
She's dead.
She died.
Yeah, I'm his neighbor.
I've been looking out for him.
What does that mean?
You're looking out for him?
It means I'm trying to do
something nice.
Thought you might
appreciate that.
It's weird.
What, you're weird.
He's cute.
The kid, he's cute.
Yeah, I know, he's good.
What happened to his eye?
Oh, he fell on his skateboard.
Why don't I believe you?
Because it's not true.
Um, he's gonna stay
with me in my house...
for a little while.
I'm gonna take care of him.
He's not a stray dog,
I mean, the kid needs
to be taken care of...
and that's not exactly
your strong suit.
You need help.
Oh, that shit, don't start
with that shit right now, okay?
What do you want me to say, Anthony?
What do you want me to say?
I don't know!
But just don't do that.
You've got this...
this boy...
And he needs some place safe.
And you are not
a safe place to be.
Anthony... you are not safe.
Right on.
Come on, Wade!
Time to go!
What do you got there?
That's good.
Is that who you were married to?
For three whole years.
How come you're not married
to her any more?
Well, there's such a thing
as a restraining order, Wade.
And that prevents someone
from being close to the one they love.
I don't get it.
Yeah, me, neither.
Why is she so mad?
You see, when you marry a woman,
you make a promise to take care of her...
and I didn't do that.
Why not?
Well, it's complicated.
I went away for a little while.
I went away for a little while
and when I came back...
I wasn't the guy she remembered.
And that made her sad.
She didn't seem sad.
She seemed mad.
Yeah, well, she's that, too.
But you see when a woman
acts like that...
it's because they really like you
and that's their way of showing it.
No, she just seemed mad at you.
You may be right, Wade.
You may be right.
What did they say?
No one answered.
When's the last time
you talked to him?
I just want to go.
I mean, you said
you'd take me to him.
Yeah, go ahead.
Pack your stuff up.
Hey, bud,
you see that car there?
It's been there a couple of
weeks. Can you give it a tow?
Come on, Milo.
Come here, bud.
This way, Milo.
Get up there!
Good boy.
Are we all upset
about this? Okay, wow.
Here we go. Finally.
Can I do the talking? Because
I was here for the entire thing.
Wow, you guys
arrived in record time.
It's not like a child was
assaulted or anything.
Now there was some kind
of altercation here on the playground?
Yes, with my son.
Uh, yes, that's correct,
A man brought one of our
students to school this morning.
They entered the playground together
and then picked a fight with this student.
And I was attacked, okay?
I was insulted and I was attacked.
Okay, did you see any
distinguishing marks or tattoos?
Yeah, he had tattoos
on his arm right here.
Okay, they shouldn't
be too hard to find.
I take it you guys
want to press charges.
Why are you wearing those on your
head if you're not listening to music?
Makes a cool sound.
Makes me feel calm.
What is that?
Oh, my dad gave me this.
I was going somewhere and he
said it would keep me safe.
Here. We'll put it
here for us.
All right, let's check it out.
I'm gonna knock on the door
and see if anyone's home.
Police Department, anybody home?
Let's call it in.
Here you go, put this on.
It's my fault.
I was sitting in my room,
and I could hear.
I had my headphones on,
but I could still hear
that she was in trouble.
And I could hear that man
And I didn't go out.
No, Wade...
She was already gone
when I got there.
She wasn't breathing.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because we had to try
and save her, Wade.
We had to try, man.
I was too scared.
Shit, man,
I was scared, too.
But you came and got me,
And we did everything
we could to save her.
You showed great courage, man.
I waited too long.
No, Wade, no.
There was nothing anyone
could have done.
Your mom,
she was on her own path.
And no one could save her.
I know life is coming down
on you real hard right now.
But you're gonna survive this.
You're gonna make it through.
You're gonna walk your own path.
You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be okay.
Come on.
Oh, where'd you...
where'd you find that?
It was under the seat.
Right. Shit.
Well, what do they say?
You shouldn't play with guns.
So don't.
I was just holding it.
You ever shot a gun before?
Just on my Nintendo.
You want to learn?
All right.
Okay, come on.
Now, keep your finger off the trigger
until you're ready to fire, all right?
Get the butt of the weapon
into your shoulder.
Get it in there nice and tight.
Hold on here.
Keep it nice and tight, okay?
You're gonna feel like you're
getting kicked by a mule.
All right? Okay, now.
Pull back here, push it forward.
Always rack the weapon hard,
So you don't jam it
and look stupid.
Switch it to fire.
You're holding a loaded weapon
now, okay?
You got one in the chamber.
All right.
Come here, Milo.
Stay close.
You're good to go.
Breathe in...
Whoa! Oh, my god! That was crazy!
You all right?
You all right?
Told you, man!
Get over here, Milo.
Atta boy.
Can I shoot it again?
Yeah, all right.
There you go.
So you gave him custody
of this kid?
Yeah, that was a mistake,
Worse mistake than
your first marriage?
Watch your language.
So his ex-wife has a restraining
order out against him?
They had a pretty messy
when he came back
this last time.
He'd park his truck on her lawn
at night and see who came to the door.
Drunk and disorderly.
Assault with a deadly weapon.
His boot.
The deadly weapon was his boot,
you know? He was outnumbered.
We had to charge him
with something.
He assaulted the kid's teacher.
Well, there is a case pending.
I should have my head examined!
Don't be too hard on yourself.
A lot of these guys, they come
back and they can trigger...
on the most random things.
I know this guy.
You know him?
I know... what
it's like to come home.
He's operating
from a different set of rules.
He's trying to do
something good.
Hey, don't worry.
We'll find them.
Bring him in
and get you the kid back.
Hey, what is it with you
and those things, anyway?
Yeah, where'd you get 'em?
Look like they're
from the 70's or some shit.
Well, they were my dad's.
He used to wear them when he
listened to his records.
He'd put these things on and...
he'd like disappear.
When he left, my mom took all
his records into the backyard.
She threw them against the wall.
And she smashed 'em up.
Took his headphones
when he was packing his stuff.
How come?
Because I thought
he'd come back for them.
Wade, I'll be right back,
I gotta make a phone call.
Try and eat something, bud.
Hey, Anthony?
Yeah, Wade.
Do you think my dad will
remember me?
Of course, he will, Wade.
Now eat your food.
Hey, this is Anthony,
Wade's neighbor.
Where are you?
Is Wade with you?
Uh, he is.
I was wondering if I could take care
of him for a little while longer.
Um, it's a little too late
to have this conversation.
You need to bring him
to me right now.
I filed a warrant
for the both of you.
Whoa, what are you talking
about? Wait a second.
You assaulted his teacher.
There's a case pending.
I didn't... all right,
I didn't assault...
Okay, that was stupid.
I have found a bed for him
in a foster home.
And you need to bring him in right
now before you make things worse.
He wanted to find his dad.
I made him a promise
and I gotta see it through.
You what?
Okay, do you have some kind
of auditory processing issue?
Do you need me to give
you some visual cues?
The message I need to get across
to you right now, dude...
is to bring him back!
Here it is.
Apache Hotel.
There's nothing.
I want to leave.
Okay, Wade.
I don't want to be here!
All right, bud.
Hey, take it easy.
Leave me alone!
You want to send me away?
Hey, take it easy.
I don't have to go with you!
You can't tell me what to do!
All right, all right!
Take it easy! Take it easy!
I'm not gonna make you do
anything you don't want to do, okay?
I won't stay with you!
Who are you?
I'm your friend.
Who are you, anyway?
I'm your friend!
I hate you!
Whoa! Whoa!
Hey, hey, hey!
We're going, bud.
We're going!
Just take it easy,
all right?
What are you doing?
I'm packing.
I'm leaving.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Just take it easy for a sec.
Let go! It's mine!
Just wait, okay?
I'm trying to help...
Let go, it's mine!
I'm trying to help you,
just wait a second!
Are you out of your mind?
Hey! Slow down!
Milo? Milo!
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
What happened?
He got hit.
We gotta go.
Stay calm, I got this.
Easy, friend.
What is all this?
I just needed somewhere
to come to.
Okay, okay.
All right, just... easy.
I'm gonna set him up in 213.
You serious?
It's okay, I got it handled,
just keep going on your rounds.
Okay, I need you
to stand over here.
I'm gonna...
He's gone.
I'm sorry.
How did this happen?
It was an accident.
I remember you.
He wanted to find his dad.
I felt like I owed him that,
you know?
Like I could
at least give him that.
I don't understand.
You have to tell me.
Aw, fuck. I can't...
Okay, hey, hey!
Take it easy.
Let me do it.
You're okay.
Let's get this off you.
You're okay.
That's better.
Nurse, is everything okay?
I'm sorry.
I need to speak to you.
Sir, I need you to stop.
Sir, stop right there!
I need back-up in the ICU.
You be careful, goddamn it!
He's just a kid!
Hey, we're...
Be careful with him,
goddamn it!
Wade, you're gonna be okay!
You're gonna be okay.
Okay, Wade?
All right, the hospital will handle
the remains of the animal.
I have a number
for the mortuary.
You want to tell me
what your plan was here?
Didn't have one. I took him to
find his dad, it's what he wanted.
Excuse me, can I talk to him?
I think you've done enough.
Don't, don't.
Look, it was an accident.
Come on, Wade.
I was teaching the kid to shoot.
He just grabbed the weapon
and it went off.
It was a ricochet.
Shut it!
Look, it wasn't his fault!
Stand down, Anthony!
It wasn't his fault!
Stand down!
It wasn't your fault!
What happened to Milo was nobody's fault.
Sometimes things happen like that
and nobody has any control over it.
I'm sorry!
I was responsible for you, it's on me.
Let it go.
I was responsible for him!
That's right, you were
responsible, now let it go!
Come on!
Let's go, honey.
Let's go.
We disposed of the remains.
Where is he?
I'm sorry, but we didn't
know what to do.
It's time to process you out.
The nightmares,
they don't go away.
The time between them get
longer, but that's all.
There was this family.
It was my call.
We hadn't slept and couldn't
really see shit.
No one was around, and this car
comes out of nowhere...
flying at us fast as fuck.
Everyone's jacked up, squad
on either side of the road.
It was on me.
The silence afterwards
is deafening, you know?
And I was just drawn out there.
I walked out to this car
and I could see this family.
This family...
Father, mother, older lady,
maybe an aunt...
a brother,
bags packed stacked up.
And there was this boy
in the back of the car...
and he was looking right at me.
And he looked fine.
Everybody's yelling at me to get back,
get the fuck back...
I see this boy and he looks
fine. He looked alive.
So, I go to him and I-I reach
in the car and I grab him...
and I pull him towards me...
and the back of his head
stayed stuck to the seat...
and everything just came apart.
I pulled him into the street.
I wasn't thinking, you know.
I couldn't move.
The guys were grabbing at me,
trying to pull me away...
'cause another car was coming.
Fuck! Fuck.
You have got to find peace
within yourself.
You have to let it go.
Hey, look, come on.
We impounded your car.
Want a ride home?
No, thanks.
I feel like walking.
Don't forget your court date.
What's this bullshit say?
Some shit about child endangerment,
is that the best you can do?
Why don't you shove it up your
ass and see how that helps?
Listen, go home, get your rest.
Thank you.
I always liked
to watch you work.
My mom always said that if you
asked me to take down a brick wall...
I'd either do it or die trying.
I know I left you alone.
If there was a way
that I could&
I know you would.
I just always knew you were
gonna be my girl forever.
I was.
I need your help with something.
How hard was it for you
to ask me that?
On par with when I proposed.
Forever on your knees,
What do you want?
I wanna talk to you
about Wade.
I want him to be placed
in my care.
Who's your friend?
His ex-wife.
You want me to set you up
with the Big Brother Program?
Put together a year of sobriety,
have your PO sign off on it...
you can take him to a ball game.
I wanna take responsibility
for him permanently.
I wanna raise him up,
get him through high school...
get him into college.
In what? Food stamps
and recycled beer bottles?
Go sing "We Are the World"
somewhere else.
Look, children of an injured vet
get taken care of by the government
healthcare, college tuition.
You help me put this thing together,
we can give this kid some kind of future.
You fuckin' blew it, dude.
It's out of my hands.
I wanna make it right.
You want me to trust you?
That's right.
I don't believe in trust.
Well, what do you believe in?
Character, the display of.
Okay. Well, what do I got
to do to prove to you.
A lot!
You gotta get a handle
on your volatility.
You gotta get yourself into a
support group for returning vets.
You gotta enroll
in parenting classes.
You gotta make that
house a home.
I mean, hang a picture
on the wall, for Christ sakes.
Then you gotta get her to write
a letter to recant your abuse.
You gotta rally the school
teacher you beat up.
You'd have to get a letter
of recommendation from me...
which at this point,
would be pretty piss poor.
I mean, should I say more?
Yes, please. Let me continue.
Then if all that worked,
you'd start out with supervised visits.
You'd be monitored
and tracked by the courts
and the social workers, meaning
me and although I'm pretty...
I'm thinking you don't wanna
see my face twice a month.
It's a long process.
It's a lot of time for you
to fuck up and have us end up...
right here in this very moment.
He shouldn't be on his own.
I can do this.
I can do this
and it could be good.
Hey, none of us are anything
like saints. I ain't no miracle worker.
This is gonna be the way
it's gonna be.
Let's go, Anthony.
He's not a bad guy.
He just tries too hard
Go home.
Beth told me you're not eating.
Do you wanna tell me
what that's about?
Does the food suck?
Is she a bad cook?
I spoke with your teachers
at school...
and they said you're a little
behind on your homework.
Well, the good news
is I can get you a tutor.
County will pay for it and I can
arrange for someone to come over...
work with you,
help you with your homework.
So, you're gonna let me know
about that tutor?
If I ever find myself in a staring
contest, I want you on my team.
Okay, Wade.
I'll be back again next week
to check in on you.
If you need anything...
&just call, okay?
Have you seen Anthony?
Oh, he speaks.
Yes, as a matter of fact,
I did.
Did he ask about me?
Yes, he did.
Could he be my tutor?
I don't think he would
be very good at that.
He might need one himself.
I'm sorry, Wade.
He can't.
What's this?
I took it from him.
I know it's not right
to steal but...
I wanted to have it.
I was gonna give it back
to him when he came here.
Could you give it to him?
All right, buddy,
thanks for a good day.
I appreciate it.
You clean up well.
What brings you around?
I've got a crush on you.
He took it from you.
He felt bad about it
and wanted you to have it back.
Thank you.
Can I get you anything?
You want some milk?
You got a crush on me?
Don't get cute.
After you.
Thank you.
Just give me one second,
dude, okay?
Two days, that's it.
During that time, you will be in contact
with me by phone every four hours.
No field trips,
no bright ideas...
no fuck ups, no mistakes.
That's the deal.
I don't believe in trust.
I want a guarantee and you will
return that child to me...
in perfect condition.
You got me?
Okay, I'll see you guys
in two days.
I gotta get going.
My guy is taking me
out to dinner.
How do I look?
Um, I don't know.
Wade, when a woman
asks you how she looks&
never mind.
What do you think?
I don't know.
I'm sure you'll figure it out.
I kept this for you.
I thought you might
want to have it.
You've been okay?
Hmm-mm, yeah. And you?
Oh, yeah, man, you know me.
I'm too mean to let
anything happen to me.
You're not mean.
I'm staying here?
Yeah, for a couple of days.
And, uh, you know, maybe if I can
figure some things out on my end...
we can make it more
of a permanent thing.
What do you think?
Is that a good idea?
Yeah. Yeah, I think so.
Yeah, man, I think so, too.
Come on.
You still sleep out here?
I've been meaning
to bring it back inside.
You want to give me
a hand with it?
# I used to kneel before you #
# Full of grace #
# Then I've been the world around #
# And now I stand before you #
# With tested faith #
# Beaten up and broken down #
# I awake beneath a beating sun #
# Feel it warm against my skin. #
# Do I deserve reprieve #
# For what I've done #
# Or am I forever spoiled within #
# All I ever done #
# Is what was asked of me #
# I'm rewarded with a guilt #
# That's living deep #
# Inside of me #
# Must I be forever scorned #
# I vow to give myself #
# To something new #
# Resolved to be a better man #
# And then I forget myself #
# Inside of you #
# Shirt tie my eyes #
# And take your hand #
# I believe that you could be #
# My second chance #
# How much longer should I have #
# To see this blood upon my hands #
# Let me get where I belong #
# What lies ahead of me #
# Nobody knows #
# The future isn't ours to say #
# But as my path #
# To sweet redemption grows #
# Angels guide me on my way #
The End