Leave in Summer (2022) Movie Script

Oh, I'm sorry.
I've called out a few times,
I was wondering anyone's here?
There's flower shop.
It's written that you're closed,
but I really wanted to stay overnight,
I don't mean anything suspicious.
I lost someone precious.
and it seems that person
staying at this inn.
My girlfriend.
My girlfriend died in this town.
It seems she was staying here.
Do you understand?
The police came for ground investigation.
I should have been off today.
I'm sorry.
I can't offer anything.
I would be grateful just to be able to stay.
The hot springs have been cleaned,
so its available available to us
from 8:00 to 23:00.
Excuse me,
Can you tell me anything?
What places she visited?
What was she talking about?
Anything is fine.
Like you
She came suddenly and hardly had any luggage.
I still have the impression that
She was a mysterious person.
And also
Her smiles was impressive.
like flowers blooming.
She had a smile that was bright and lively.
Is that so?
Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Excuse me,
are there any places around here
where I could have breakfast?
At this time,
Probably, convenient store.
Pardon me.
I haven't been eating anything decent.
Please go ahead.
Is the inn managed by just only
Okami san (Innkeeper) here?
The innkeeper (woman)?
I'm Nana.
Ms. Nana?
I'm alone.
However usually there are several employees.
Excuse me.
My parents passed away when I was young
May I offer incense on behalf of myself?
Please give me one.
Do you smoke?
I don't smoke.
Even so, you seem accustomed to how to smoke.
What was the reason you started smoking?
Since when?
Because Yuiko was smoking.
I Started smoking after she died.
What does Ms. Nana smoke?
Amazing, isn't it?
My crush used to smoke in high school.
A high school student?
Yeah, that's right.
It's a curse, isn't it?
By the way,
With her,
I talked to her first time while smoking.
With Yuiko?
Just wanted to freshen up my mouth.
I didn't know.
There isn't anything that
someone who doesn't know can say.
Welcome back.
I'm back.
That lighter?
- Have you seen it somewhere?
- Snack Atsuko.
We have that snack.
It's been about a year for Nana-chan too, right?
That's right.
Is this you boyfriend?
No, he's a guest.
excuse me.
Has this person ever come here?
Can I come in?
Oh, how unusual.
Everywhere was full,
so I reluctantly came here.
How rude.
What would you like to drink?
Isn't that Nakajima?
From high school days?
Was there?
Yeah, there was Nakajima.
She confessed to Kanai senpai
and got exposed as a lesbian.
I remember.
You're also become interested in men.
That's awful.
Ms. Nana.
"Staying at Yui-ko's
Old building
Without reservation
Wanting to let me stay until 12:30"
When I smoked a cigarette
It was stale.
I, you know
I came to find out where Yuko went.
the police are actually investigating
where she roughly went.
I could've told the family,
but Yuko's parents weren't too fond of me,
so I didn't tell them either.
You know,
I didn't even know that Yuko was in this town.
I thought she was just working normally.
We were also in contact.
Even if you're in relationship,
no matter how much you're in love,
there are still plenty of things you don't know.
Did you think I was crying?
I'm not crying.
I was just like this though.
You're really serious, huh?
That's right.
Mr. Kaitar
You're drunk
You've only had three drinks, right?
be careful.
Please be careful.
Mr. Kaitar?
Ms. Nana.
once was with a man I didn't even like.
At that time, I had feelings for someone,
and he also had feelings for someone else.
We both had voices that couldn't be heard.
During that time,
I was thinking about the person I liked.
Perhaps he was also thinking
about the person he liked.
That was the time when
I felt the most love.
thinking about someone else.
It felt as if those feelings were deeply
rooted between the two of us.
- Do you understand?
- I do.
I'm sorry for yesterday,
I feel like I overdid it with the alcohol.
I really crave alcohol.
Did I do something rude?
How did you end up being hurt that much?
Are you going again today?
Can I come along too?
I know this town well.
I might be able to help in some way.
I've been here before.
the flowers you
brought when he came to the house.
Do you know the language of flowers?
I know.
Yuiko used to like.
Mr Shintaro,
What did you like about yuki?
It seems like she might wander
off if you let go of her hand.
She was a strange one,
She liked the places you couldn't quite grasp
even when you tried to catch hold of them.
Is something wrong?
It's just a small town
that you can see from here.
Have you ever thought about leaving this town?
No, I haven't.
I feel like I can't escape.
I wonder if there's also a sense of
relief in not being able to escape.
I often don't understand
What you're thinking.
but occasionally you says something sensible.
I wonder if Yuiko-san liked that about you.
Shall we go next?
Long time no see.
Is that popular among young people?
Wasn't there a girl in
the photo you showed me yesterday?
That girl was also doing such things.
When she visited this place,
What kind of conversation did she have, etc.?
Could you tell me?
It was about exactly a year ago, I think.
At that time, Nana-chan was also present.
It's rare for Nana- to come here with someone.
Did she come with Nana-san?
Yes, that's right.
I met someone I used to like,
and she apologized for
what happened in high school.
Then, she told me that things
would change once we have children.
Things like love and romance.
Since I've never had a family,
I don't understand women.
I couldn't help but laugh.
I knew I shouldn't have left the town.
Why did you come here in the first place?
If no one had appeared in front of me,
I could have stayed quietly by myself.
but I wanted to change.
You got involved with someone, didn't you?
Nana, are you there?
You know, she haf a body
that can't make children.
When we decided to get married,
my parents told me to get her tested.
But I can't just ask Yko to take it.
I did it too.
And then?
Is this even possible?
She's said having children would be difficult for us,
Let's break up.
I said it's okay, isn't it?
Even so, I'm happy.
but she just shook her head and cried
It was the first time I'd seen her cry.
I'm crying too, you know?
It's the first time I've seen her cry
since we started dating.
Since I've break up with Nana today.
I went to the snack bar yesterday.
Were you going around this town with Yko?
Why don't you ask why I was silent?
They say people are creatures
who want to be known.
Maybe she wanted you to know the truth.
That's why, Yko-san didn't die in this town.
Wanna visit?
The place where Yko-san passed away.
When Yko-san first came.
she was bright and energetic.
I thought she was the exact opposite of me.
On the night I went to spread the futon,
Yko-san was standing on the balcony.
She had a look as if she might
die right then and there.
We were both smoking on the balcony.
I guided her around the town from the next day.
Thank you very much.
Yes, please.
I'm sorry for not talking about Yuko-san.
I wanted to know so much about her.
I feel like I don't want to know right now.
Do you know about the legend of Hatsushima?
Long ago, there was a princess
named Hatsuki-hime.
One day, she got stranded off the coast of Izu.
and drifted ashore on this small island
all by herself.
The princess wandered along
the beach every day.
Wondering if there were people
on the opposite shore.
She lit a fire as a signal.
In response, a small deity named Izuyamahiko
from Mount Izu answered her
With this newfound strength,
the princess built a bridge and crossed over to Izu.
And then they met.
The princess who crossed
to Mount Izu climbed the mountain.
She found and raised two children
living in the woods.
As the children grew up,
they became a couple.
Eventually, their descendants prospered
and multiplied.
On the last day they met,
they took anything,
even an adopted child.
They said, "I'll live happily ever after."
With a big smile,
she decided to stay a little longer on this island.
And from there, I don't know either.
She felt relieved.
The reason why Yuko-san died is...
Not because of Shuntaro-san
or the children or something like that.
Maybe there was another reason?
Even if you think you've met someone
who understands women,
isn't there an absolute loneliness where
you can't understand anyone?
The flowers at the entrance are beautiful,
aren't they?
The big wolf also liked flowers, didn't he?
Is it okay to use this as a storage space?
Oh, yes, please.
We'll be open for business
again starting tomorrow!
Let's do our best!
Yes, see you tomorrow.
See you.
Thank you for your hard work.
Oh, this needs to be fixed, right?
It needs to be fixed.
Did you stay here yesterday?
Nana inviting guests to stay over
on her day off, I can't believe it.
No, no, rather, it's fine.
She's has been alone without dating,
ever since her parents
and grandmother passed away.
You're the first one who took me out, right?
I'm sorry, Nana.
The faucet in the back room is acting strange.
Yes, I'll go now.
Please do.
Come down, please.
Thank you.
In the end,
What I've come to realize by coming here is...
That I'm a total idiot, right?
I was quite worried
I think Yuko was saved by your kindness,
even though she was quite worried.
Because if it were me,
I would have been happy.
What's that?
Where are you going?
Since Dad and the others
are getting discharged today,
I thought I'd bring this.
Well then, why don't you take this along too?
Thank you.
Well then, I'm off.
along with my father and mother,
Why did my grandma had to die?
We promised each other
to do our best to live, right?
Yuiko!! Why did everyone left me behind?
I am here.
I am here.
Let's go out.
What about work?
It's okay,
let's go.
I think I'll go back tomorrow.
Can i ask about your favorite place?
Is it strange?
How could someone like the place
where their parents died?
I think
if you told that to my younger self,
he would probably think it's strange.
Thank you very much.
Where's Nana?
Ah, she already left because she had some
business at the liquor store today.
Is that so?
Um, since she'll be back,
is it okay if I go out for a bit?
You were in a hurry because you
wanted to see me off, right?
You're annoying.
Take care.
I'll write a letter.
A letter? In this day and age?
Is it okay?
I'll wait.
Welcome back.
I'm home!
Welcome back.
Nana, he left something for you in your room.