Leave No Trace (2018) Movie Script

- [rain falling softly]
- [birds chirping]
[man humming, vocalizing]
[girl joins in
humming, vocalizing]
[both humming
"You Are My Sunshine"]
Thank you.
Dad, this wood is really
good for feathering.
It's really nice work.
[hums two notes]
[flint striking]
Thank you.
[humming melody]
[rain pattering on tarp]
Excellent haul.
Need help?
Uh, could you
tighten that
with the screw
right here?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Hold it. Yeah.
Will it cook a mushroom?
It should
cook a mushroom.
- You put it on here?
- Just like that.
- It might take a while.
- Might take a little bit.
- [crickets chirping]
- [dogs barking]
- Shoo.
- Seems like the pack's gotten bigger.
- Yep.
- [barking continues]
Shoo! Shoo.
[barking continues]
- Need a extra layer?
- Yeah.
- [clicks tongue]
- [clicks tongue in response]
[rain falling]
That's leaking a lot.
[man] Would you
hand me the tape?
- How we looking?
- This one needs another piece.
Here as well.
You got it?
- [chain saw revving]
- [chatter on radio]
- [conversation, faint]
- [chain saw continues revving]
[flint striking]
it's been really damp.
[flint striking]
Dad. It's okay.
We can use
the propane.
Don't waste it.
We're low.
I'm hungry.
- [propane tank hissing]
- [burner ignites]
It's really good.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
[chain saw revving,
It's okay. It's a work crew. I saw them
earlier. They're down by the pathways.
You're burned. Your tracks
are all over the place.
- Dad, I can do this.
- Well, then do it well.
Do it well.
One more time.
- Ten.
- Fifteen.
Nine. Eight.
[taps ground twice]
Your socks.
- What?
- Your socks burned you.
You gotta muddy 'em up.
Ankles were down.
Shine. Shadow.
- Shape.
- Dad.
It's better.
I'm hungry.
[crickets chirping]
[helicopters whirring]
- [whirring stops]
- [crashing]
[clicks tongue]
- Dad.
- Mmm?
[clicks tongue]
[mutters] Whoa.
[rain pattering
on tarp]
your favorite color?
What's yours?
[rain continues pattering]
What was my mother's
favorite color?
she taught me that.
I wish
I could remember her.
Well, she would have
wished for that too.
Get some sleep.
Good night, yellow.
Good night.
- Why are we going to town today?
- Your appetite's growing.
[gruff voice]
I'm growing!
I know.
See that?
- See my boot, my track?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I think we need
a new path.
If it's still here when we
get back, can I keep it?
Okay. That's fair.
Come on.
Ah-ah. In plain view.
- Turn around.
- Whoa.
[metallic rumbling]
[girl humming]
[recorded voice on speaker] The cabin
will swing as it passes the tower.
Please watch your balance.
Thank you for riding
the Portland Aerial Tram.
As you exit, look both ways
before crossing the tracks.
[helicopter whirring]
I say, uh, kinda... I'd call
it, like, a stress coin.
You put it in your pocket, and
if you have some stress here...
If you have a friend or family
member in trouble that's a vet,
just pull it out
and find a phone,
call 'em up and just press
"1" with that number.
- Can I take this?
- Absolutely.
That's a gun lock.
It goes in the barrel.
Keeps them from accidentally
shooting someone.
And it gives them
time to think
before they commit something wro...
even worse, so...
[man on PA,
faint, indistinct]
- Long or short grain?
- Long.
Can we get these?
Want or need?
"If you are a veteran
who takes benzyls for PTSD,
here is what
you need to know."
Sell them to me.
When was the last time
that stopped a nightmare?
They're all
pretty much useless anyway.
I haven't taken them in two
years, seven months, and 28 days.
- Can you play your doctor any harder?
- I don't want to get flagged.
At first they're handing
them out like candy.
Then they pull
the leash on us.
Anything you get, bring it to me,
I'll take it off your hands.
[girl's voice]
"Seahorses pair for life.
They find each other first thing in the
morning to reinforce their pair bonding."
[faint thumping]
[watch beeps]
[man] Hello?
Somebody up there?
Is it dangerous to move the
pawn in front of the king?
As long as you castle.
[dog barking, faint]
[barking continues]
This is not a drill.
- [barking continues]
- [people chattering, faint]
[police radio chatter]
- [man] Yeah, right up here.
- [barking continues]
- [barking]
- Hey. Hey.
- [barking]
- [man] He's got him.
[barking continues]
- Still.
- Stand up.
- [barking continues]
- Still.
Hands on
the back of your head.
- [barking continues]
- Hey. Still.
Don't move.
- Anything on you that's gonna hurt me?
- Just the knives.
Where were you running?
You alone out here?
My daughter is with me.
Tom, come out.
Tom, come out!
[handcuffs click]
- [barking continues]
- Stand up.
- Come on.
- Dad?
- Go down there.
- [grunts]
Cooperate. We haven't
done anything wrong.
- Cooperate.
- We don't know who you are or what's going on.
- Let's go.
- [police radio chatter]
[dog whining]
- Dad.
- [woman] Can you tell me where you live?
In the park?
Just walk down here to me.
I want to go with my dad.
I want to go with my dad.
- I know you do.
- Please. I want to go with my dad!
And you may be able
to go with your dad.
- But right now we need to ask you some questions.
- Why'd you chase us?
We need to figure out
what's going on here.
- You needed a dog to figure that out?
- It's a big park.
- [sniffs]
- I want you to tell me a little bit about your dad.
Does he drink
or take pills
or anything
that makes him act strange?
Does he have weapons here?
Anything that might hurt somebody?
Does he hide things?
This is where we keep our
tools and important papers.
- One second.
- [camera shutter clicking]
Thank you.
Are you just gonna
stand there?
What are you doing?
We're making,
um, dream boards.
You cut out pictures that
have to do with your future.
So, like, houses or pets
or jobs, stuff like that.
to look forward to.
Like, for example, I want
love in my future, so...
It's just something that we do every
week, and it gives us a path.
So, what are you
doing here?
I wasn't where I was supposed
to be, so they took me away.
Well, they don't think I was
where I was supposed to be.
Where were you?
With my dad in the park.
So you're homeless then?
Why else would you be
living in the woods?
If you had a home, they
wouldn't have brought you here.
They just don't understand
that it was my home.
Where is your dad
I think he's somewhere in this building.
He's gonna come get me.
Tiffany, know anyone whose
parents come for them?
- No.
- Me neither.
You want to make sure that
you fill in each bubble.
Don't make any stray marks, 'cause
the computer will grade this test,
and the computer can't tell the
difference between bubbles and doodles.
How do you read my answers? You think
they're gonna mean a certain thing?
They might be able to tell us
a little bit more about you.
You could just ask.
Yeah, but you might not
be able to say it.
We don't have any record of you going
to school. Who taught you how to read?
My dad teaches me.
You're actually quite a bit
ahead of where you need to be,
but school is about social skills
too, not just intellectual ones.
Can I see my dad now?
Respond true-false
to each question.
Um, it's voice-activated, so you just
say it right into the microphone.
There's 435 questions.
If you can't answer something
you got three seconds,
it'll beep and move on
to the next statement.
There you go.
[female computerized voice] Welcome.
The test will begin in three seconds.
I wake up rested and
peaceful most mornings.
I enjoy reading
articles on crime.
My day-to-day life is full of
things that keep me interested.
I have nightmares
or troubling dreams.
I think about things that
are too bad to talk about.
Things aren't turning out like
the prophets said they would.
- [beeps]
- False.
It seems like
no one understands me.
- Do you feel safe living with your dad?
- Yes.
I saw that the two
of you share a tent.
- This ever made you feel uncomfortable?
- No.
- It's warmer with two people at night.
- Yeah.
- Has anybody ever touched your body without your permission?
- No.
We didn't need
to be rescued.
Your dad needs
to provide you shelter
and a place to live.
He did. He does.
It's not a crime
to be unhoused.
Many people are.
But it's illegal
to live on public land.
Is my dad
taking tests like this?
- [beeps]
- [groans]
- [door opens, closes]
- [beeps]
I know there's
a lot of questions,
and you wouldn't be the first one
to have a problem with this test.
- Okay?
- [beeping continues]
But you can only abstain
from so many.
I don't want it
to count against you.
Okay, so true or false.
"I'm proud of my daughter."
- [chuckles]
- She's a really wonderful kid.
You did a really great job
raising her.
So let's answer
as many of these as we can.
"I am a strong team player."
Used to be.
"I find it hard to imagine having a
long life and fulfilling my goals."
In finding placement
for you and Tom,
we've considered
what kind of support
will be most helpful
for the both of you.
We'd like to go back
to the way we were living.
We have found an option.
It's not the park.
Um, it's kind of a special accommodation.
It's pretty isolated.
There would be no rules or regulations
saying you can't live here
because someone
is saying you can.
[man on radio] Traffic has already
begun to back up across the state.
Taking a look
at what the chopper sees...
[man continues on radio,
Where is Forest Park?
It's directly behind us.
This is Mr. Walters.
Hi, Tom.
Hey there.
[woman] I already got you started
on some basic groceries.
And here's a casserole
for later.
When I read about you
in the paper...
We really can't thank you enough.
This is very generous of you.
Well, I'm just happy
we could make this work.
A lot of people like to imagine they
could live the way you guys were living.
[phone clicks]
Well, thanks, guys.
See you guys
in about a week or so.
Tomorrow'll be a full day, so I'll
just leave you two to get settled in.
[lock clicks]
Feels good to be
by ourselves again.
It does.
They treat you
all right?
It was hard not knowing
how you were doing.
I was worried about you too.
Everything's different now.
We can still think
our own thoughts.
[light knocking]
Come in.
Your favorite sweater.
There's something
on my mind.
They said
a person saw you,
that's how
they found our camp.
I saw a person, but I
didn't think they saw me.
It was a mistake.
Why didn't you
say something?
I was afraid.
I didn't want to leave our camp.
It was such a good one.
We stayed there too long.
Are we gonna be
okay here?
We're gonna make
the best of it.
[Tom] We could sleep out here.
No one would notice.
- [knocking]
- Morning.
I didn't mean to
interrupt your breakfast.
I was hoping you could help
out with the tree work.
You ever
drive a tractor?
You have any work
in the stables?
Yeah, but, uh, I don't want
you down there just yet.
Those are expensive animals
and take some training.
But right now
I need help with the trees.
That's where
I make my money.
Swap it out. Yeah, I got about
a half dozen more left.
We don't want to send something like
this to a customer in California.
They would not be
pleased with that.
It's got a big hole in it.
The top isn't over center.
It's a little wild. We only want
one top on a Christmas tree.
No. Right...
That one.
Right where the line of the
tree meets the leader.
That's where
it needs to be cut.
[loud rumbling,
[man shouting, faint]
These are things
that were donated to our agency.
Got it?
We don't need more things.
Well, maybe you can find
something you could really use.
How you guys feeling
about this place?
[bell dings]
Oh, I brought you the, um,
paperwork to enroll Tom in school.
Here's the statute
so you can read it
and understand it.
Um, I'm gonna need that back
signed next time.
And then we can start talking
about the DMV.
- [grunts]
- Don't forget this last.
- Now push it down.
- Down?
Push forward.
It's okay.
[wheels squeaking]
Keep pedaling.
- Ready?
- Yeah, but the bike's leaning.
Well, then you gotta counterbalance
it with your weight.
Put your legs
into it.
Look where
you want to go.
[bell dinging]
They offer
free acupuncture
and a safe place to come and share with
each other and unloaden your burden.
With that, at this time I'd like to invite
you all to just stand, greet one another.
Say hello to someone that you
may not have met before.
- [piano playing]
- [congregation chattering]
- Hello.
- How you doing, now?
to meet you.
[chattering continues]
- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
All right,
you may be seated.
[piano continues
playing, stops]
Uh, this morning
we have a special...
We have, all the way
from Klamath Falls,
For His Glory Dance Troupe,
here to celebrate
and worship God
through both music
and dance.
Christian ballad playing]
All this world
Needs you, Lord
We're so many
[instrumental break:
guitar solo]
Let the weight
Of your glory
- Great to see you again.
- Good morning.
Hey, guys.
How are you?
It was really good to see you guys
this morning. You look so good.
[woman] Would you like to try the flags?
There you go.
If you take
and you cross over,
cross over back
and forth,
and go up and down
with them.
- Good to see you.
- [woman] Kind of a figure eight.
Hi. I'm Pastor Spencer.
Are you new here?
- New.
- Oh, all right.
It was great having you in
this morning.
Um, we'd sure love
to have you back.
- Thank you.
- All right. Yeah. Join us anytime.
- Dad.
- Yeah?
God created frogs.
Did you know that?
Says who?
This pamphlet.
"Considering membership?
There are many ways
to participate...
music, devotional dance,
camp prayer group,
rock and roll,
social media."
Is that why we went?
We went because
Walters asked us to.
You dress up,
show up on Sunday,
people will believe
certain things about you.
Then they don't ask so many
questions about our lives?
Our lives before.
[chain saws revving]
[helicopter whirring]
[clicks tongue]
- Hey.
- Is this your rabbit?
I didn't see her get by.
I'll take her
from you.
That's all right,
Good girl.
Hey. Hey. Hey.
She likes to take off when I
start clipping her nails.
- And why would you do that?
- For shows.
For 4-H, you know?
Future Farmers
of America.
Don't know what that is.
Well, it's a club
where, uh,
you learn about
agriculture and animals.
Is that what you want to do in future?
Be a farmer?
I don't know yet.
I enjoy the clubs
and stuff.
You from around here?
No. I just moved in.
Over there.
That's gonna be
my tiny house.
I'll have my kitchen sink
about right here.
Window right here.
Be able to look out while I'm doing dishes.
Pretty nice.
And then I'm gonna have a loft, little
ladder that goes up. Little sleeping loft.
Maybe even have Chainsaw
sleep up there too.
- Are you gonna live here?
- Yeah.
Where are you
gonna put it?
Colorado, I was thinkin'.
Maybe Utah.
That's actually Chainsaw's
mom right there.
They look alike.
She still alive?
she's still alive.
- [liquid pouring]
- If you want, you can set her down.
There you go.
[stirring in glass]
Her ears are soft.
that's my favorite part.
If you like rabbits, you should come
to the meeting. The 4-H meetings.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
[shouts] Tom!
[dogs barking
in distance]
[door opens]
[door closes]
- Hi.
- Hi.
I met a kid who lives down the road.
We were talking about rabbits.
There was no time to tell you.
It was just happening.
Sorry for making you
worry about me.
If we had a phone,
I could have called you.
Always been able to
communicate without all that.
I think it might be easier
on us if we try to adapt.
We're wearing their clothes.
We're in their house.
We're eating their food.
We're doing their work.
We have adapted.
The only place we can't
be seen is in this house.
We can still think
our own thoughts.
Like you said.
What if the kids at school
think I'm strange
'cause of the way
we were living?
How important
are their judgments?
Guess I'll find out.
Take one step back.
Okay. Keep your rabbit
tucked in there.
Take one more step
Please return your rabbits
to the table.
Okay. Very good.
[man] Turn your
rabbits to face you.
Take your left arm,
and you'll hold the rabbit
close to you as you lift up.
The other hand on the scruff.
Yes. Thank you.
Thank you.
Now you can go ahead and just
slowly set them back down.
Very good.
Start checking the ears.
And listen to its breathing.
You want to make sure
that it sounds nice and clear.
Like they don't have any
congestion or anything. Okay?
And no... On self presentation as well,
make sure you stand up straight.
Look happy to be here. Right?
A little confidence
is always good.
Very good, guys.
Hi. Um...
I wanted to drop off
some paperwork for you.
Um, here is the date for your
appointment with housing.
And I thought
you could use a phone.
It's important for you to follow through
so you guys can remain independent.
Do you understand?
Okay, well, um, I'll be
back in a couple weeks.
We can go over that
and, um...
All right.
I'll see you guys.
Pack your things.
Don't take anything
you don't need.
I liked it there.
Did you even try?
I did.
Dad, did you?
'Cause I can't tell.
They were gonna separate us
if we didn't follow their rules.
Won't they notice
we're gone?
If we're lucky,
not till tomorrow.
What are you doing here?
Did you bring them
with you?
Since you two got burned,
rangers are here all the time.
[train horn blows]
Let me see.
Mmm, it's not too deep.
Clean it out.
[horn blows]
Why are we doing this?
Dad, we shouldn't
be here.
- [man chattering]
- When they start to board, get on.
I'll be in the back.
[woman on PA] All passengers continuing
northbound will need a bus assignment...
[woman on PA continues,
[driver] Good afternoon.
Welcome aboard.
I would like to, first of all,
assure you that my goal today
is that you have a safe, smooth, and
comfortable ride to your destination.
We will be arriving
in Salem next and Albany.
Then Eugene and, lastly,
the University of Oregon.
Mind if I take a look
at your passengers?
Hey. How's it going?
- Are you traveling alone?
- Yes.
- You have any ID on you?
- No.
You don't look like an adult.
You look pretty young.
I'm... 18.
I'm gonna ask you to step off the bus
so we can look into your situation.
- Just grab your bag. Get off the bus.
- Come on.
[cell phone
camera shutter clicks]
[clicking continues]
[man coughing]
What's wrong?
Dad, no one can see us.
[driver] We're pulling in
to the rest area now.
We'll be here for about ten minutes.
Thank you.
[man singing on speakers,
Dad, the bus
is about to leave.
We're not getting back on.
We're not getting back on.
Let me clean it.
What did that woman
on the bus ask you?
Nothing. She barely
even noticed me.
She was doing
her own thing.
This isn't the way
we used to be.
- Have some.
- You hearing me?
Drink it.
- Hey, are you going north?
- No, sir, I'm not.
I'm heading
the opposite direction.
I can't take that liability.
I'm sorry.
[alarm whoops]
- We broke down.
- Yeah?
Would you take us
up the road a bit?
If I'm gonna give you a ride,
I need to know a few things.
Let me talk
to the kid a minute.
Over here.
If you're in trouble here, now
would be a good time to tell me.
My dad and I
just really need a ride.
Your dad?
I just need to know
I'm doing the right thing.
You are.
[man on radio]
And help myself wonder
If you're back at home
Feelin' it too
'Cause back at home...
[siren wailing]
Not sure why that sheriff
was out here.
Marijuana's legal
up here now.
So it's really not that.
But then you got
all the, uh, people here
got hooked
on pain medication.
That's devastated
their lives.
Families too.
Ruin their marriage.
I'm aware of a few people
that have.
[man singing on radio] Love
in the morning In the spring
Well, we just crossed
into Washington.
[Dad] Yeah, anywhere
around here.
- This is that logging road I was talking about right here.
- Hey.
[turn signal clicking]
Time to get out.
- Good luck to you.
- Appreciate it.
It was good to have
your company, you guys.
- Likewise.
- Bye, Willie Nelson.
Try and stay dry.
- Okay, watch your step.
- Willie will miss ya.
It's cold.
We're at
a higher altitude.
My fingers are stiff.
[thunder rumbling]
[branches creaking]
You said there'd
be some cabins.
I really thought
there would be.
- My boots are leaking.
- Huh?
My boots are leaking.
You have extra socks?
Yeah, they're in my bag.
Keep your gloves on.
What are we going to do?
Where are we going?
We're gonna keep moving.
We've gotta move quickly.
[thunder continues rumbling]
Dad? Dad.
Can we please sit?
We gotta keep moving.
Please can we sit?
- What?
- I want to sit.
- No.
- I can't feel my toes.
- You can't sit down. You can't sit. Come on.
- I'm tired. I need to sit.
Put the knife down.
- Thank you, but put the knife...
- I want to help.
Put the knife down.
It's gonna keep the heat
close to your body.
S... Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Dad, are we gonna freeze
in our sleep?
No, Tom.
How do you know?
[thunder rumbling]
Dad. Do you think
it's empty?
It tingles.
That's when the blood starts coming back.
Start warming up.
[flames crackling]
How many are there?
It's really good.
Maybe we could build
ourselves a place like this.
What about a tiny house
in a tree?
You wouldn't need any land for that.
Just one tree.
Do you miss the things
we had at the farm?
Do you?
They were really
never our things.
- Noodles.
- Beans. Noodles.
- Can we play chess when you get back?
- Yes.
Gather kindling
before dark.
Save those matches
for the stove.
I won't be gone long.
Follow the creek.
Over the ridge.
Along there to here?
[water sloshing]
- Make sure you drink some water.
- I will.
[clicking tongue]
[clicking tongue]
[flames crackling]
"Do you have difficulty
enjoying things?
Have you felt distant
or cut off from people?
Are you unable to have
sad or loving feelings?"
[wind whistling]
[bird calling]
[gunshot in distance]
[stream babbling]
Can you hear me?
Dad, can you hear me?
[gunshot in distance]
[motor revving]
[motors revving]
[revving continues]
Hey! Stop!
I really need your help.
My dad's hurt.
- Get in, get in.
- He's by the stream.
Hold on, bro.
- [woman] Hi. What's going on?
- We found him up in the woods.
He's in
pretty bad shape.
[woman] Okay.
Bring him around.
- Okay.
- Go.
I don't know. He's...
He's gotta get to a hospital.
Can someone
from here help?
- No.
- Can you not call anyone?
Can you put it down?
They're gonna treat him,
even if you don't have money.
He just doesn't like
to be asked questions.
Are you in some kind
of trouble?
- No.
- You sure?
Please, can someone just... Can we
just take care of it ourselves?
- Yeah.
- Please, can we just take care of it ourselves?
You don't worry. I'm gonna take care of it.
It's gonna be okay.
- Get yourself some water.
- You don't need to call anybody.
I'll be right back.
- [groans]
- Easy.
I bet your head's
about throbbing, isn't it?
- You got any pain?
- [grunting]
- [gasps]
- Mm-hmm. All right.
Easy. Let me have it. I'm gonna
have to pull this boot off.
It's gonna hurt.
One, two, three.
[screams, grunts]
- Yeah, you did a number.
- [panting]
Now you're with me.
Pain lets you know
you ain't dead yet.
- [groans]
- Remember being in the woods?
You all right?
Stay with me.
Do you know where you are?
[sighs] On a couch.
[chuckles] Yeah.
You are on the couch.
The good news is, brother, I didn't see any
fluid coming out your nose or your ears.
But this is gonna
take some time.
Blane was a medic
in the army,
so he's in good hands.
Was your dad
in the service?
He was.
What happened out there?
We got lost.
Where were you guys headed?
I don't think we knew
where we were going.
Where do you live?
Where's your home?
With my dad.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Well, he's splinted
and taped up.
There's a fair amount of soft tissue
damage, so that's gonna take time to heal.
That's gonna frustrate him.
It's hard to tell if he may have lost some
function in his toes without an X-ray.
- Can he walk?
- Yes, he'll be able to walk.
[pills rattling]
Those are for the pain,
when he does finally wake up.
- Thank you.
- Yep. You bet.
I'll be back to check on him
in the next couple days.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Here you are, dear.
Tom, if your dad is messed up with
something or running from someone,
I really need you
to tell me,
'cause folks around here aren't looking
to get mixed up in any trouble.
It's not
that kind of trouble.
- Get some rest.
- I will.
[door closes]
[wind chimes tinkling]
[whispers] I'm so sorry.
I know.
[man on radio]
Tried to love my brother
But my heart
Has lost its way
And I've never
Learned to pray
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
Never tried until today
Oh, you angel of mercy
Okay. Got the other RVs
on up the hill,
but this one's
a little more private.
We'll be out
of your way here.
[Dad groaning quietly]
If you need anything else,
you know where to find me, okay?
Thank you.
We won't be here long.
It's not a problem.
[door closes]
I like it.
Do you know
what these boxes are?
- No.
- They keep bees.
Have you ever seen
inside of a beehive?
Would you like me
to show you?
Okay, wait right there.
Let me get something
for you.
- When I open this, the bees are gonna come up.
- Mm-hmm.
But they're not
coming out to hurt you.
When a bee stings it dies,
so they don't wanna sting you.
They wanna come up
and land on you
and just get to know you.
It's kind of nice to have the
trust of a whole box of creatures
that have the power to come out
and kill you if they wanted to.
So it means a lot to me
that I have their trust.
- I worked hard to get it.
- Mmm.
Come on.
[groans quietly]
I nearly got it.
Lost it.
Kind of looks
like a seahorse.
- How's your dad doing?
- He's okay.
Trying to get up
on the crutches.
Yeah, I didn't figure
he'd stay down for long.
He wants to leave.
I imagine he's trying to find
a way to make it all right,
and now he feels stuck.
- [whines]
- You know, my friend here, Boris, has helped me a lot.
I think your dad would like
having him around.
He can sense
when somebody's restless.
He can nudge him awake and help
him out of the dreams that way.
That's what he does for me.
I wonder if you wouldn't mind
taking him for a few days.
[acoustic guitar playing]
Kiss me once
Oh, kiss me twice
Give me a taste of paradise
I don't want the blues
Always on my shoulders
Get me a cold beer
As I get older
[man, woman harmonizing]
Oh, my stars
- How you undo me
- [laughing] Great.
All right.
Good seeing you.
Oh, my stars
Okay. Thank you.
Oh, my stars
You undo me
The sun's going down
And the sky
Different colors
Baby runs through
All the different hues
I feel all right
But these times are bad
Mama, run here
Help me with these blues
Oh, my stars
How you undo me
Thank you, dear.
Dale, this is all
I've got.
Me and Dad,
we want to stay.
Can you take it?
You're welcome to stay down there
until your dad gets better.
If you guys were gonna
be here a long time,
it costs something to stay on for
water and propane, things like that.
Is this enough?
I don't need to take
your money right now.
We want to stay
a long time.
I can take this
as a deposit.
I'm not gonna rent the place
out from under you.
- Thank you.
- Will you grab that other bag?
Dale, I really like
living here.
I'm looking for the carrots,
the dried carrots.
What's that for?
I leave this out for someone
who lives up in the woods.
Haven't seen him
in years,
but I know
he gets the food
'cause when I come back,
the bag is always empty.
That's a good one. Throw
some oranges in there too.
Been the same spot
for years.
Have you ever seen
inside a hive before?
It's cool, huh?
You put your hand
over it.
You can feel
the warmth of the hive.
A person can withstand
500 stings.
Close your eyes.
See, you don't need
to be scared.
I want to
tell you something.
Please do.
I paid for this place,
so we can stay here.
Yeah, that was
the right thing to do.
I rented this place.
So we can live here.
- [acoustic guitars playing]
- [chattering]
[woman] I'd rather be
In some dark holler
Where the sun
Don't never shine
Than to be here alone
Knowing that you're gone
It would cause me
To lose my mind
[woman, man]
So blow your whistle
Freight train
Take me far on down
The track
I'm going away
I'm leaving today
I'm going
But I ain't coming back
[guitars continue]
[owl hooting]
[zipper closes]
What are you doing?
Dad, your... your leg isn't
even healed all the way.
And it won't.
It won't heal right.
I don't want to leave.
Last time
you almost died.
And you would have
if I hadn't found you.
That will never
happen again.
These people, they're not
that different from us.
Yes, they've been very good
to us, but we have to...
You need. Not me.
The same thing that's wrong
with you isn't wrong with me.
I know.
[branches creaking]
I know you would stay
if you could.
[crying quietly]
[crying continues]
[sniffles, sighs]
[clicking tongue]
[clicking tongue]
He had to go.
[clicking tongue]
[humming continues, fades]
[woman] I wandered
This world, green and wild
And the things in my mind
Are like a red sun go down
Oh, and I
I know you must go
And I think I know why
But I don't know why
Still I am thinking We both
share a moon And a star
May you be safe
May we both find a place
With a heart
Where treasures abound
In the things I have found
A leaf, a song
Come from above
In the wood
Where secrets crawl
Be it so small a place
A home, a dream, my own
There'll be a tree
That joins you and me
From afar
And I am certain We all
share a moon And a star
[song fades]