Ledina (2003) Movie Script

Tonight we will transmit
the basketball game live.
Yugoslavia takes on
the United States.
The American team is on the ropes,
but don't count it out.
Prices are going up.
I buy tofu from the Chinese.
Cheap and healthier than meat.
I wouldn't buy food from a Chink.
They're so dirty.
Bras and umbrellas maybe,
but no food.
I don't buy anything from them.
They don't speak Serbian.
They're so sassy.
Like our new clerk.
She even slept with guys
who didn't want her.
- Morning. Sorry, I'm late.
- Morning.
No off-white bread today.
No People's Bread at all?
No, only the organic kind.
We're going to starve.
Any off-white for me?
I've been craving it.
- When did you arrive?
- This morning.
I'm out 11 days early
on good behavior.
You look good.
Not scruffy at all.
Three hearty meals a day.
My late Dragica couldn't match that.
Fresh air, social work.
Now I'm a skilled locksmith.
I can change your door locks for free.
Your locks
are sitting ducks for burglars.
Easy prey.
- Welcome, Ostoja.
- Good to see you, Blatobrk.
- Know what I've been thinking of?
- What?
Who might be fucking our Ostoja
in Zabela Prison?
- In Zabela.
- It wasn't Zabela.
I was in Mitrovica.
There weren't any gays.
They allow conjugal visits.
So, you got married in prison?
If I weren't a nice guy,
I'd pluck your mustache.
You can pluck me a bit lower.
- Morning, Dragan.
- Morning.
The organic one, again?
- Here you are.
- Thanks.
Traffic accident?
If I weren't a nice guy,
I might be glad.
Hey, Nikola.
- You play great.
- What brings you here?
I work as a night watchman
here on the building site.
- Do you come here every day?
- Not quite.
More often since my mother died.
How's Svetlana doing?
She's the newslady on Pink TV.
We're VIPs.
We'll have to watch her.
Come to watch the game.
I'll watch it here alone.
- My ax was of some use.
- A big help.
Dragan, don't do anything stupid.
- Nothing stupid. Only smart things.
- Bye.
Know what would have been smart?
If I had let you ax him back then.
In front of the elevator.
That would have been smart.
This is for you
and for Granny Ruza.
She's been gone a while.
She died that very night
when you...
- When it happened.
- Condolences.
Thanks. Sorry, I'm in a rush.
My new boarder is coming.
Thanks for the coffee and the candy.
- Evening, Dara.
- Oh, it's you.
Is Paja in?
I've popped corn for the game.
- He's busy.
- What?
Too busy for basketball?
- I thought I heard the doorbell.
- You're mistaken.
Ostoja, you're free again?
- We could watch the game.
- What game?
Basketball against the U.S.
Don't you know we're playing?
My doc won't let me watch sports.
Have a nice evening.
Same to you.
Evening, neighbor.
I see you're watching
and my TV is on the blink...
- Such things happen.
- There was a white spot and then...
Must be the screen.
It's gone for good.
- Am I disturbing you?
- Not at all.
- Take a seat.
- Thanks, neighbor.
You're watching alone?
- Alone.
- My Dragica used to hate sports.
But she rooted
for Yugoslavia's national team.
I see we're ahead.
If only we could beat the Yanks.
- Who?
- The Americans.
Like we beat the others.
In prison we celebrated each
victory. We cried like babes.
If only we could retaliate
for everything they did to us.
War, misery, bombs...
If only we could screw them.
Did you do this all by yourself?
- Sprinklers and the works?
- Yes.
Everything you see.
It's beautiful.
I would have planted box trees.
How come nobody touches it?
People shit on the ground
when I was in charge.
Maybe they got scared.
After everything that happened.
Seven years earlier, autumn 1995
You must be the new neighbors.
- On Level 3.
- I'm on 5.
- Ostoja, block president.
- Dragan.
Your predecessors were slobs.
Hope you aren't.
We'll behave.
- Come on, Petar.
- Is it heavy?
Today the world's eyes
are on Dayton.
We are here to conclude peace
for the heart of Europe.
I hope that one day
Dayton will be remembered
as a place where we buried
the hatchet in former Yugoslavia.
Especially Bosnia-Herzegovina.
A fucking cat
is tearing my pajamas apart!
Is this a jungle or what?
What happened
to our shitty cat catchers?
- Are you nuts?
- Where are you running, idiot?
People can't work
after your nightlong music.
- Some work, some have fun.
- Shame on you!
Speeding in an urban area.
Things are going to change.
You won't screw me for long.
Beautiful. Gorgeous.
It suits the boys.
- Cute.
- My grandchild gets only knitwear.
The rascal rips it all up.
Like a wolf rips sheepskin.
Our new neighbor
is dressed up fit to kill.
Her poor child
wears store-bought clothes.
That Croatian woman?
I've heard a lot about them.
Do you know what she plays?
The flute of all things.
- She wears lace stockings.
- Slut.
- Morning.
- Hello, neighbor.
- Going shopping?
- No, to work.
- Your husband's babysitting?
- He's off days this week.
She smells like a perfume store.
I told you she's a slut.
She's probably in the "escort" trade.
Good morning!
Got stuck in a bus?
- No?
- Really?
- There was no bus.
- How are you, neighbor?
Fucked up.
She's also rude. No upbringing.
Comes from the sticks,
acts like she owns the place.
Ladies! She's barenaked.
- There's the off-white.
- Open, the bread's here.
I want a well-done loaf.
- Six for my grandchildren.
- Two for me.
Stuff yourselves.
I need the hose.
Turn the water on.
Gypsies, here's a coin to buy a van.
My dear wife, before you died,
you hid absolutely everything.
Even all the cord.
- Petar, you're going to fall!
- I want to see a brass band.
You'll see them in Kusturica's films.
What's that?
What the hell is that?
Will you beat it!
We're not in a zoo.
- Beat it!
- This is an artistic performance.
You motherfucker!
We'll see who's a motherfucker!
- I'll call the police!
- Those cocksuckers!
I'll teach you a lesson.
Now I'll give them a licking.
Here I come, you bastards.
Are you running away?
Think you can shit on us?
Even musicians need a permit.
I have plans for this bare land.
Suck my dick, motherfucker!
Swallow it.
Don't chew your cud.
Chew it and down the hatch.
Stop playing hooky.
You spit loaves every day.
I tell people I'm feeding grandkids.
I buy six loaves every day.
You're nuts!
- Yes, I'm nuts. - You are!
Please, another mouthful.
- Good morning.
- Morning, neighbor.
- Going to the Danube?
- For a ride.
- Your wife dislikes the Danube?
- It's no Adriatic.
She does, but rivers aren't seas.
Rivers have good sides.
- How true.
- Why did she move inland then?
These musicians are killing me.
Gypsies, junkies, and now classical.
I couldn't drive
with that funeral music on.
- You can't drive anyway.
- True.
You'll rub the paint off that car.
Come upstairs.
You're afraid of her, right?
You'd be too if she were your wife.
Luckily mine died young.
May I have it?
- What?
- The football.
You can have a whipping.
It's a soccer ball.
- Why do you play with kids?
- Don't know.
- He's a bit retarded.
- This is not a playground.
- What's your name?
- Ostoja.
Don't pull my fucking leg!
That's his name.
- Who are your parents?
- I'm a refugee from Mostar.
- I'm living with my aunt.
- It's no playground.
Find a ball field.
This is a village green. Get it?
Next time, it's my ball.
It's the rules.
Thanks, Uncle Ostoja.
Keep pedaling. Good.
- Hold me, Dad.
- I'm holding you.
Look straight ahead.
Oops, I fell.
- Good afternoon.
- Afternoon.
- A kilo of sardines.
- A kilo?
Take some sausage.
- It's health food.
- Fish is healthier. Any olives?
- Certainly.
- Your boys are at the river.
Rain's coming.
You miss the Adriatic.
- Anything else?
- No, thanks.
You forgot the bread.
No, I have enough.
- In the freezer?
- What?
We freeze bread for shortages.
Defrost it, pop it in the oven,
and it's bakery fresh.
- Even if it's a month old
- No, I don't freeze it.
What do I owe you?
184 dinars.
- Keep the change.
- Thanks.
- Here you are.
- Thank you. Good bye.
Bye, neighbor.
Save 15 loaves for me.
I prefer the off-white.
Mind brewing me a coffee?
I'm a poor widower.
- Want some cunt as well?
- Lf it's available.
There's a bar where you can get
both cunt and coffee.
Don't molest my clients.
I wanted to lend my neighbor
a helping hand.
Neighbors should stick together.
See that bare land?
I plan to create a village green
with my bare hands.
I'll plant grass and marigolds.
Even box trees.
Not for my own sake, for us all.
Plant some coffee.
If it grows,
I promise to show you both my tits.
Show me one.
Don't dare get that sweaty again,
you little biker.
You're as heavy as lead.
- Say night to Dad.
- Night.
- I can ride a bike.
- And scrape your knee.
Easy come, easy go.
Like you say.
- You should have seen me.
- You're too little to be a big shot.
- Ask Dad.
- Will do. Now sleep.
Will you make more pudding?
Sure, now that you can ride a bike.
How are the rehearsals?
Only half were there.
Half were out drinking.
- I'm wasting my time.
- At the National Theatre.
- I'd love to waste time there.
- I hate this suburb and its people.
- He didn't put his toys away.
- I'll do that. - Please do.
Is any pudding left?
Yes, if you deserve it.
Has anything happened?
I've blossomed
since we moved to New Belgrade.
My doctor asks me what I lack
and how I feel when I'm sick.
All I need is a little dick.
How could he do that to her?
- She'll get her way with him.
- A slut!
Look at that.
On a night shift, neighbor?
Some get off.
Others work their balls off.
Just wait until I'm done.
- Number 22.
- What 22?
- Door 22.
- It's there.
We're closed.
You're a big help.
- Pudding.
- Thanks.
When are you going to fix the TV?
Is that a good idea?
You're more relaxed
since we stopped getting war reports.
I have no news from Croatia.
The phones are out.
We're incommunicado.
- TV is not a very reliable source.
- You don't give a hoot.
Where are you putting that?
- Over here.
- No, we said we'd put it here.
We're safe from war here.
If only I hit it off with your mother!
You don't.
- Here we have all we need to live...
- Here?
Ostoja keeps grilling me.
Put your things where they belong.
Okay, let me do it.
He's only trying to help.
He asks if I eat sausage
or like rivers.
Those old hags keep whispering.
- I haven't noticed.
It's not my way.
- Want to change them?
- No!
But I don't want them
to change me either.
I'm sorry for Petar.
- Good evening.
- Are you Ms. Zorica by any chance?
She lives across the hall.
- Can I help?
- I'm her new boarder.
Welcome, neighbor.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Shame on you.
Who could that be at this hour?
Could be some drug addict.
He could slaughter her
right at her doorstep.
Come in.
This is my new boarder, Nikola.
My neighbors Elsa and Dara.
Please ignore her, Sonny.
She's not in her right mind.
Let me show you the room.
- Night, ladies.
- Night.
Here's your clothes closet.
With five coat hangers.
You can put underpants here.
Towels up here, shirts down here.
Or vice versa, if you like.
I can bring you another chair.
No need for that.
I'm a nice landlady.
Bathe every day.
Electricity's no object.
It doesn't affect the rent.
I won't cause any problems.
- There's only one condition.
- What's that?
Don't dare bring sluts in.
Mother and I are alone.
We don't want any scenes here.
What would the neighbors say?
I won't cause you any trouble.
Where's your luggage?
This is all I own.
Fine. You have what you need.
As long as you're tidy...
- Do you smoke?
- No.
Good boy.
The mere sight of a cigarette
makes me puke.
I mean vomit.
Smoking is the utter pits.
It makes the curtains stink.
Did I forget anything?
I need some sleep.
- Want me to wake you tomorrow?
- No need to.
Why can't you keep
your filthy mouth shut?
- One day I'll slit your throat.
- He's kind of ugly.
Maybe he has AIDS.
- Hey, didn't we make a deal?
- We did.
So you betrayed me.
I just wanted to finish off
my animated comics.
- Are we allowed to lie?
- No.
I'm sorry.
Now go to sleep.
- Night, Dad.
- Night.
- Zorica?
- Hush, I'm watching a film.
What did I get on my math test?
You got an A. Be quiet now.
He doesn't love her.
He's handsome, but an asshole.
Like every handsome guy.
He left you, you poor thing.
My panties hurt.
If you take them off
my fist will hurt.
Dara, let's go. The film is over.
Sorry, ladies,
but she's driving me mad.
What happened?
Just a little cut.
- It's nothing, really.
- Let's see.
I wanted to apologize
for my boarder.
He told me he rang your bell first.
At this hour!
- Don't worry about it.
- Your name is not on the door.
That confused him.
And what's this?
A treble clef. We're all musicians.
It's a little gag.
Looks like a chicken.
- Yes...
- Sorry again.
He has no upbringing.
What a fucking bastard!
- Morning, I'm an early bird.
- Morning.
Can I help you?
I want to turn some bare land
into a green.
You can't get enough green.
I'll do all the hard work.
Neighbor Paja will donate water.
And your contribution would be
a piece of cord.
- Cord?
- Yes.
Let me have a look around.
It's not urgent.
Good morning, neighbor Ksenija.
You'll have it some time today.
May I ask your view
of my whole idea?
Which one?
Oh, that. It's fantastic.
You know the saying:
It applies to food,
nice people and lawns.
- The more the merrier.
- Thanks, neighbor.
Sorry to bother you.
- He'll go from door to door.
- Let me do that.
Have you forgotten
about our little deal?
- Which?
- The cord.
It slipped my mind.
I'll send Petar in a minute.
We'll fence it in. No trespassing.
- There must be rules.
- Petar is coming.
He better hurry up.
I take my honey in five minutes.
Is it a black and white TV?
- Color.
- They don't last long.
Mine's black and white.
- What's up?
- This noise is unbearable.
What will my new boarder think?
I'll sort it out immediately.
- This is too much.
- Sorry.
- What's that?
- My comics.
Get into the kitchen!
- I'm terribly sorry.
- That's all right.
- Goodbye.
- I'm sorry. I was terrified.
This won't happen again.
Where are you?
Come out of there.
We're not alone in this building.
Next time call me
and I'll do anything you want.
Now bring this cord to Uncle Ostoja.
- I need it for the comics.
- I'll buy more.
- I need the cord.
- No back talk!
Look, son...
I promised to help,
now I have to.
I'll buy cord tomorrow.
No problem.
But it's my cord.
- Petar.
- Hello.
- Where are you going?
- To Uncle Ostoja.
- Could you go shopping for me?
- Sure.
Here's the money
for a bottle of brandy.
- And not a word to anybody.
- Okay.
Hello, Mom.
Yes, and you remembered.
Yes, he'll be nine
the day after tomorrow.
Good idea.
He'll be glad. I'll talk to Ksenija
but it shouldn't be a problem.
Thanks, Mom. I love you.
Ostoja, why are you digging?
Greenery is good for you.
Did I ask you anything?
That's no village green.
It's going to be one.
- The kids will mess it up.
- No way!
We'll see about that.
Uncle Ostoja, here's the cord.
They're playing my favorite song.
Listen to it!
- Here you are, Uncle Ostoja.
- Thanks, my boy.
Shame on him. If I didn't remind him,
he would have forgotten.
Lets me work all day
and he can't remember the cord.
- People are mean nowadays.
- I've worked hard all my life.
Tito himself decorated me.
Know what my heroic effort earned?
- A silver medal.
- He valued you.
Who else would think
of making this a village green?
Let alone do it.
Shit! The cord is too short.
- I hate sloppiness.
- Can I help?
I like doing everything myself.
You like molesting people.
You better shut up.
I know you better than you think.
- You've fucked around for years.
- You drove your wife out.
Now you're molesting me.
- Shut up and let me work.
- I did drive her out!
But not into the grave
like you did yours.
I'll remember this.
Paja, don't stand there.
Find a piece of cord somewhere.
- I'm on my way.
- I'm out of change.
- Never mind.
- I'd take it.
- No, keep it.
- Thank you very much.
- Goodbye.
She's nuts.
Must dislike our money.
One pack of cigarettes.
And one sack of flour.
I want my change. Every cent.
- That clear?
- As clear as a foggy night.
- Hi.
- Where's our door plate?
- I removed it.
- Why?
- The neighbors disapproved.
- Hope they like our chairs.
- They haven't seen them yet.
- Very funny!
One lady remarked today:
"She must dislike our money."
- You're cute when you're peeved.
- I'm furious.
Why don't you play outside?
- He's grounded.
- Let him go outside.
- Dinner is in two hours.
- Okay.
Mom suspends your punishment
and you're not delighted.
I don't want to play outside.
How come?
It's boring outside.
- Go and play something.
- The boys won't play with me.
They'll change their minds.
When they learn to appreciate you.
Give them a second chance.
Okay. Bye.
- He's having a hard time.
- I know.
- Mom wants us over on his birthday.
- Mom!
We can celebrate at her home.
If you agree.
I don't know. We'll have to see.
Pass it to me!
- Come on, Petar.
- No, he's too small!
You don't have anything. Again!
You wanted to give me a key.
I plumb forgot. Here you go.
Where are you going?
In the hospital.
Do you have a disease?
I'm only afraid for my mother.
- Nothing contagious.
- Thank God.
You can come and go
as you please.
- Bye, ladies.
- Goodbye.
- What do you say to that?
- I told you he's sick.
In the head, for sure.
Will I ever watch TV again?
Yes, starting now.
even Tesla couldn't fix it better.
Nothing stops singing
in this country.
Where's Petar? Probably shopping
for one of those old hags.
- Nothing wrong with that.
- It's the wrong crowd for him.
We've been here for a while.
But you've never invited
any of these folks over for coffee.
- I don't want to mix with them.
- Are they untouchable?
They throw litter out the window,
question and molest you daily.
What kind of people
do you prefer?
Ones who live and let live.
And let you die
in the middle of a crowded street.
- And don't care where I'm from.
- Please don't.
Petar was harassed at school
since I'm a Croatian from Dubrovnik.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- You only listen to your mom.
Those are serious things.
Petar needs you now.
Don't be so strict with him.
Dogs are his only company.
I'm Serbian, you're Croatian.
Wherever we go, he'll have problems.
We'd better move to Greenland.
They wouldn't give a damn.
They wouldn't care who he is.
- In Senjak people behaved at least.
- Shall we go back there?
- I don't know.
- Petar and Mom would love it.
It wasn't so bad.
You and Mom did the arguing.
You and I did the kissing.
And here we are arguing.
It was all alone
next to the dumpster.
- You're a good storyteller.
- It's true.
Your son's a sly fox.
Garbage men would have thrown it
in their truck.
It would have died.
You give it a name, Dad.
How does Kolja sound to you?
Sounds good.
Let me give you a good boy's kiss.
Take him to the bathroom.
You're in charge of him.
You feed him and keep him clean.
Is that clear?
- Sure.
- Let me give you a kiss.
Everything's going to be fine.
- Why aren't you sleeping?
- I'm not sleepy.
Play something for Kolja and me.
Really? For you and Kolja?
Falling asleep?
No, you're not.
Disconnect the doorbell.
We can't be unlucky all the time.
- You okay?
- Sure.
The music made us think
someone died.
No, my wife and I were playing.
I need something else.
Last night idiots cut the cord
and pulled out the stakes.
- Unbelievable.
- They did.
Do you have any cord left?
No, I'm sorry.
What you gave me
was too little anyway.
You're in charge of the cord.
I gave you all I had.
I really don't have any.
I believe you're out of stock,
but could you resupply me real fast?
- Do you want me to buy it?
- That's a possibility.
Sometimes you're a real puzzle.
I'll buy some.
Great. Then we have a deal.
I saw her in her pajamas
taking a cat somewhere.
The cat was all mucous.
- Mucous?
- Slime came out of its mouth.
Good gracious!
They'll infect us all.
We ought to speak with them.
I don't mind them catching
something, but what about us?
They must get rid of that cat.
If they don't, we will.
That's my boarder.
He's coming home now?
That's fishy.
You'd better be cautious.
He had nothing on him except...
- What?
- An ax.
- Holy shit!
What does he need that for?
I have no idea.
He's here for medical tests.
God, why did I take him in?
Something's fishy about him.
Call us if you're in danger.
Your stinky rears smell fishy.
- Shut the hell up!
- Hell, no!
Do you do any Greek?
This is the entrance gate.
What have you done? What?
- Nothing.
- She's crazy!
Shame on you!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday. Come here, my
My big boy.
After breakfast
we're off to Senjak to Granny.
You soil your panties on purpose.
You should be ashamed.
If you soil clean sheets again,
I'll throw you out of the window.
No, it won't happen again.
What did I do to deserve this?
What sin did I commit?
- I'm going to kill you!
- Please, don't.
Please, Mommy, don't do that.
Hi, neighbors.
You're doing good.
Did you see these gentry?
They got a cat.
I saw it this morning.
In the idiots' bed.
They don't give a damn
about their health.
- Where are they going?
- Nowhere! For a ride.
Wouldn't hurt them to help us.
Who am I doing it for?
I'm childless.
My grandkids live in Toronto.
- Paja, get some water.
- Right.
I moved my car so we can work
and he...
Namesake, come over here.
Come on, I won't hurt you.
Some doctor phoned for you,
but I didn't want to wake you.
You should have.
Sorry, I didn't know.
- What did he say?
- It's Dr. Mitrovic from Psychiatry.
You should bring the court papers
and the whatchamacallit.
- Expertise?
- Yes.
And bring the "object".
- Thanks.
- He said he'd call you.
Something wrong with your head?
Wake me next time.
All right.
Where are you hiding?
Where are you?
Rowdies are messing on the ground.
It's the guy from Level
Get the fuck off the village green!
- What?
- Come here, you old cunt!
- Get the hell out, you prick!
- They might be armed.
Now he's turned on.
Come suck our cocks, you old cunt!
If I come down, you won't get up!
Call the cops.
I'm waiting. Come get it.
This is Belgrade Police Department.
Please hold the line.
- Paja!
- They wouldn't answer.
They don't give a shit
about us poor suckers.
You can't screw me.
Are you coming down?
Come down to blow us
on your village green, you cunt.
What do you want, bastards?
You want me to suck your dicks?
You pussies don't have the balls.
You cunt!
- Hi, kids!
- Hi, Granny.
- Still driving that crate?
- Well...
He sure is.
- Granny.
- My boy.
It's beautiful.
It must have Persian blood.
- What's its name?
- Kolja.
- Dad gave him the name.
- How are you?
- Sure.
- This is for you.
Thanks a lot! Come in.
Take off your jacket.
Come here.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
This is Grandpa's clarinet.
It made him famous.
- A real clarinet!
- A real one.
Every time I see him
he's more handsome.
He's having a hard time
in New Belgrade.
- Why?
- You should see the neighbors!
The cake is delicious.
Anybody for some more?
Unbeatable, Mom. To your health.
Cheers. Cheers, kids.
What about your new neighbors?
I wanted to talk to you.
So many primitives in one place.
- Primitives?
- They quarrel.
They gossip, curse, wallow in filth.
And they eat it up, right?
- For them it's normal.
- Most are newcomers.
They're unhappy
and prone to quarrels.
- You should know that.
- Since I'm a newcomer.
Not only that.
New Belgrade has changed
since the war in Bosnia and Croatia.
If it weren't for Petar,
I'd return to Dubrovnik right now.
You couldn't live
under the same roof with me.
You should have heeded me
and left for Prague.
Dad's family would welcome you.
He was famous.
He played at the Prague Philharmonic.
You had the chance but didn't leave.
- It's not my fault.
- Please don't. It's Petar's birthday.
Petar, let's go.
- One more minute.
- It's late.
What did you want to discuss?
Not now. It's late.
I'll give you a call.
Dragan, take Dad's pension.
In hard, foreign currency.
Thank you.
If she wants to leave, let her go.
You keep Petar.
Mom, please stop talking like that.
Things are complicated enough.
Let's go. Thanks.
Thanks. I'll give you a call.
Let me give you a kiss.
Mom, let me sleep.
What did I get on my math test?
You got an A. Now shut up.
- Not here.
- Who gives a shit?
You don't know how she is.
- Who?
- Zorica.
What is it, Mom?
Hurry up.
Put a pillow under my butt.
I'll kick your asses sooner or later,
you motherfuckers!
The coffee's ready.
Don't wake him up.
- Everything okay?
- Yes.
- We're not going back to your mom.
- Absolutely.
What are we going to do?
Start all over again.
Get used to folk all day
and techno all night.
- Nothing wrong with that.
- Perfect.
We buy the off-white and freeze it.
We eat sausage,
drink brandy, watch Pink.
And let the damned world go to hell.
You'll become a true Serb.
- Let's go for a walk.
- Fine.
- We ruined his birthday.
- No.
- I have pangs of conscience.
- Nonsense. Let's go to the river.
- Did you call me?
- Let's go for a bike ride.
- I don't believe my eyes.
- Look how big they are.
Three heaping piles.
Here he comes.
You have chocolate filling.
I have the bread.
Have you been waiting for me?
Nikola, we had an agreement.
I didn't expect any problems.
But last night...
- I'm sorry.
- This is no cathouse.
I won't put up with that.
You have to leave.
- Please don't.
- Get your kit and caboodle and leave.
Come in.
I'm so mad I started smoking.
The cigarette looks good on you.
Wait! Where were you?
Who did you visit?
- Pardon?
- What are you doing here?
- Who are you?
- Answer my questions.
- What questions?
- Why are you here at 6:30?
- Were you on my lawn? What's that?
- None of your business!
Answer my questions!
This might end bad for you.
What's up?
I asked him what he was doing here.
Jerks and junkies can't screw me!
Neighbor, please wait.
He's Zorica's boarder.
- Calm down.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- You should've asked.
- I did.
Nobody in this world
is going to screw me anymore.
I told them to lay off.
I cut off my brother's hand with it.
I never regretted it.
Until I heard you playing.
I won't need it anymore.
Petar, easy.
Now step on it.
It doesn't matter where we are
as long as we're together.
You really think so?
What's up?
- Kolja's gone.
- Check the stairwell.
- I'll look.
- Don't be long.
What are you doing here? Stealing?
I'm looking for my cat.
Have you seen him?
None of your stuff is here.
Nothing but my belongings.
Kolja's gone!
- Gone?
- Somebody stole him.
We'll find him.
We'll search high and low.
- What happened?
- Kolja's gone.
- Vanished.
- How?
I've searched the whole building.
Don't cry, we'll find him.
It's those old hags!
I know it's them.
Didn't we agree on something?
- They hate us because of Mom.
- I told you not to talk like that.
They're ugly and stinky!
- Go to bed!
- Mom was right. We should've moved.
You don't decide who's right.
- No need to shout at him.
- He mustn't behave like that.
You put that crap in his head.
- We must find the cat.
- Tomorrow.
Zorica come, I'm ill.
You don't have anything.
Call the ambulance.
Pay a fee for a false alarm again?
You're fine.
- Except in your head.
- I'm suffocating.
Infected with AIDS.
Ostoja'll plant my ass
before he gets his green.
He's more likely
to give us a blow job.
There's no air here.
No happiness.
We'll drive each other to damnation.
My landlady kicked me out.
They're as venomous as snakes.
- What's that perfume?
- A special one for store fucking.
Do you really want to?
You're my choice.
I decide when and who.
Take off your clothes.
Hurry up!
Ostoja'll plant my ass
before he gets his green.
He'll give us...
Want one?
- You scratched me.
- Fuckstresses scratch.
Where have you been?
Halt! What are you doing there?
Want to shit again?
No way. Not this time!
What was that?
I don't know.
It was nearby.
- Did you lock the door?
- I think so.
I warned you!
Where are the others?
It was an accident.
- Did you forget what happened here?
- By accident.
They molested me.
- It was self-defense.
- Self-defense?
You call it self-defense?
I served my sentence.
Seven years.
If I'm guilty, so be it.
I didn't complain.
I was released 11 days early
because the prison is overcrowded.
Come here!
Did you dream about this place
in Zabela Prison?
I was in Mitrovica.
I'm not a murderer.
- I'm the murderer.
- Don't do it! We're civilized people.
- You can't take an eye for an eye.
- I can.
If we win, fans will shoot in the air.
Nobody'll notice anything.
Neighbor, you can't just take a life.
My life!
Watch the game!
Miller missed
a three-point shot!
The game's over!
Yugoslavia is World Champ!
We win 81-87.