Lee Rock II (1991) Movie Script

Here's your share.
I don't want any part of it.
It's cute.
There's a story behind this charm.
My grandpa was born in the year of the monkey.
He had 1 2 children.
And my dad was also born in the year of monkey.
So my grandpa give this charm to my dad.
You were born in the year of the monkey too.
That's why my dad gave it to me.
But he made one condition.
He said if I met the right girl,
I must give it to her.
The others know how to earn dirty money,
but you don't.
You're going to die penniless.
Do you want to marry Rose?
Fine, show me $50,000.
You are looking down on me.
You are nothing...
I don't have anything
but I'm C. I. D. now. How about it?
Stand with your legs apart.
Don't say I don't give you a chance.
First you kneel down, and apologize to Bing.
Then you crawl between his legs.
Finally you'll make amends
with a feast on tomorrow.
After that I can consider to forget everything.
Let you mom crawl between the cur's legs.
Didn't you say that I was your boyfriend?
So, call me "Darling".
I can't hear you!
Please help me, darling!
Pay your respects to Mr. Ngan!
Are you dumb?
It's my apologies, Sergeant Ngan.
In 1 959, Christopher,
the Sergeant Major of Yaumatei retired.
In order to be promoted to this position,
a power struggle between Lee Rock
and Ngan Tung was emerged.
Ngan Tung established close ties
with Hong Kong's
most powerful underworld kingpins.
I'm just beginning to learn from you
to see how you get ahead.
If you don't teach me some tricks,
I can't win.
I am afraid I am a washout.
Only a matter of time before you bound back.
Brother Ho!
When you're in charge of Yaumatei district,
we can then sit down and talk.
Damn you. Who needs you after then?
I will act better than she does.
I will go out for a moment.
Go to find some trustable guys,
and ask them to follow Ngan.
No matter what he does, who he sees,
Which hookers he has been prostituted?
I want to know everything in detail.
Right away.
Mama, what's that word?
It's the Chinese character of "Sword".
Lee Rock 2
This way, please
Thank you!
Would you like to order some drinks?
I like wine, please.
What a lovely child!
Where are you living?
My working factory
has provided accommodation for us.
Did he go to school now?
We just escaped from mainland.
He didn't find the school yet.
Is his father still in China?
Come here.
Tell him your name?
My name is Lee Yung-Yin.
How old are you?
My surname is Lee too.
For my whole life, I'd only with one man.
Sorry, I'm married.
I can guess.
I know what I need to do.
Do you want to say?
None of my business.
Shit, I'll kill you.
Not yet.
Why don't you call me earlier?
I can arrange another person to admit it.
You should know Brother Rock
needed to wrapped up to get his promotion.
Still not finish?
Not yet.
Bring him out.
Come, bring him out.
Go to hell.
Why are you so stubborn?
How much are they going to give you?
Don't know.
The bank reported for around $1 0,000 lose.
Divided by four,
the best you could get was $3,000.
If they knew you were caught,
all the money would be gone.
You could not ever get your $3,000.
If you tell us their names,
and we caught them then.
Ever you're in jail, l, Lee Rock pay you $5,000.
No matter which jail you are in.
The money will be with you anywhere you go,
how about that?
Don't waste your time.
I will not betray my pals
for $5,000.
Forget it!
I'd sworn with my pals...
We did all the things together...
We all knew what brotherhood was since
we came out together.
If you were me, would you betray your pals?
$1 0,000, maximum.
You came out to rob the bank just for $10,000?
Don't waste my time.
Just speak it out, or I'll change my mind.
Don't be foolish, I'm a straight guy.
You ask me to be a betrayer,
you better ask me to get kill.
How can I face my old pals in future?
That's enough, officer, don't deduct it.
Then tell me the truth!
You just said you'd pay $10,000.
$10,000 will let you do it.
Do you really mean it?
Are you first time to hear my name?
I said what I meant.
Calamity Choi
I mean our leader is Calamity Choi.
Brother Rock
I heard from Ngan Tung's people.
They had bought a lot of people
to admit the crimes.
I won't stoop so low.
Ming, bring the chair over here.
Sit, Brother Rock.
Ming, he hangs out in Yaumatei.
We were pals, you can trust him.
Call Brother Rock
If you need any help, just call me.
Thank you
I need a list of all the underground owners.
And the list of all the gang
leaders in that area.
Plus inside those areas,
how many drug dens,
gamble spots and whore houses,
and all the underground
prostitute spots are there.
Check it all out for me.
I need some cash flow.
How much?
$2,000 will be enough.
I'll give you $4,000 first.
But do remember,
give me all the information within a week.
All the information must be accurate.
Sure, Sure
What a beautiful sight!
I must say you seems to be doing very well.
In fact, I never see amaze your ability. N.T.
I think I'll do it better
if I am in right corner, Sir.
But the question is: "Which corner?"
I won't worry about it, N.T.
I am sure you'll get exactly way
where you want to go.
Shall I take this as a promise?
You have my word.
Thank you. Sir.
By the way, N.T.
Will you be attending the races
in Happy Valley on Sunday?
Yes, I'll.
Will you mind to join my wife
and I on our box?
It will be my honour, Sir.
I am very glad actually, you see.
Because there are several
interesting horses running.
Ngan Tung set up a dinner party
in Peninsula Hotel.
He invited a lot of colonial officers.
That's the trick of buying out their heart.
If I was them, I would enjoy it too.
Go to the party first, drink brandy like tea.
And the movie stars will dance with them.
After the party,
they go up stairs to sleep with them.
No way. Brother Rock!
We can use the same trick too.
Since Ngan Tung can buy them the wine and girls,
we can play with the same game.
He gave them one girl each,
I'll give them a couple.
One stone for two birds.
You know it is every man's fantasy...
to have two girls at the same time.
Do you agree?
Have some fruits.
Thank you.
Brother Rock,
the idea of this son of the bitch sounds great.
Brother Rock
Brother Rock
What did you say?
Nothing, Nothing.
When are you going to pick her?
How should we call each other?
I think she is not an aggressive person.
I am not aggressive too.
I didn't mean it, from the day I knew you,
I know you are not that kind of picky lady.
Tell me frankly, besides her,
have you ever love any other girls before?
Come closer, I'll tell you.
Say it.
Besides her, I only have you.
Rock, if you marry her,
she is not allowed to come in my bedroom.
Whatever you two do, I don't mind.
I don't want to pip at you.
Don't worry, I'll choose a room farther away.
We will not bother you then.
No way! You two better remember.
Don't ever wake me up
even you two are making love.
It's hard to do it quietly.
I don't care, no noise at all.
Grace, thank you.
The colour is too bright.
Not bright, it's just right for the wedding.
Special bulletin: The government announces
a new law will be enacted.
Each married person
can only have one legal spouse.
Otherwise, they'll be guilty of bigamy.
In the future,
concubines will not be recognized by law.
Concubinage is forbidden.
Yesterday, Hong Kong Government announced
to abandon the Ching Dynasty's rule.
From now on, one man for one wife.
Had all the government officers
started the action first.
I'm Grace.
Please come in have a seat.
Have a tea, please.
Don't be like that.
No, please drink it first.
It's all my fault,
I don't come to break your marriage.
Don't be misunderstood me
I didn't come to blame on you.
Up, please.
You drink it first.
No matter what, you must drink it first.
This cup of tea is my sincere to you,
please drink it.
Don't be like that.
Stand up, please.
You must be Yin, right?
Forget it, Rock must be like him a lot.
They're still strangers to each other.
Come! Yin, go to play over there.
Before I met you, I felt...
You were the third person between me and Rock.
Now I knew, I was wrong.
Rock gave you that jade charm.
It proved that he really loved you.
About the abandonment
of the Ching Dynasty's rule,
you must be heartbroken over this.
But you should know, one man for one wife,
even the governor had to obey it.
I think Rock will be very sorry too.
I never blame on Rock.
This time I come to Hong Kong,
of course, I want to be with him.
When he came to my house at the old days,
I never had a chance to meet him.
For so many years, I was worried about this.
Don't know whether it will hurt him or not.
Now I've met Rock, he is in such good life.
I never have any idea to disturb his life.
Don't worry, Grace,
I decided to leave him alone.
I didn't come to force you to leave,
I didn't mean it.
It's not you, but it's my fate to force me.
Rose! Yin! Come to help father.
Rose! Yin!
Brother Rock, when you read this letter,
Yin and I had left already.
Don't try to find us.
We just don't have good fate to be together.
Since the god means it,
it doesn't mean anything for me to stay.
Take good care.
What is it?
Brother Rock,
I'm uneducated and not good in speaking.
But as the old folks said,
"Everything in life is predestined."
It is all fates that
he have how many children and wives.
Just like that I used to be very poor.
How do I expect to be so...?
How about Ngan Tung recently?
Any action?
How about Ming?
Is the report on Yaumatei completed?
The list is on Kwan's hand.
Please have a seat.
Brother Rock
Well! Maybe some other time.
Nothing, I just want to go home earlier.
What? Something must be happened.
About Ngan Tung?
The drug dealers of Yaumatei
gave him 3 million dollars
to buy the position
of Sergeant Major of Yaumatei.
Smart guy.
I've think it over,
we can get 3 million dollars.
But the worst is...
he has already a head start
on those Yaumatei's connections.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
I don't want to...
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Rock, since it couldn't be changed
and you'd enough on your mind already
Contact Fanling's Sergeant Liu immediately,
and Yuen Long's Tang
to meet me three days from now.
Also, tell all pals,
we will have a meeting right now.
Do it, quick!
Let me tell you, I never believe in fate.
I only believe what belongs to me will be mine.
Since you want to topple Ngan Tung,
the Commissioner is the key person.
What else is the problem?
Just buy him out.
The problem is...
that guy's already buttered up by Ngan Tung.
What else can I do?
You'd been a police for so many years.
This way can't through,
you can go for the other way.
Just only a foreigner,
you can't even handle him.
I know the only secret.
About Commissioner's wife,
She is a famous gambler in Macau.
She always lost.
Last month she'd lost lots of money.
You can go from this way,
If you need any money,
I can give all my money for you.
You can pay me back when you have.
I consider it as the investment on your future.
How do you think?
A Casino in Macau
How's that?
Almost finished,
she had lost over $8,000 in 3 games.
Give her $20,000.
Give it to her for me.
Thank you!
This is from Mr. Rock, over there.
Tell her.
Mr. Rock wants to make sure your husband
will read this report.
So, why don't you give it to him yourself?
You see him everyday at the station.
Well, Mr. Rock doesn't want to take any chance.
He knows the commissioner is a busy man.
It's up to you to impress on him
that this report is the highest priority.
Tell her, this is the gift for her from me.
This is a token of his appreciation.
Darling, what're you doing here?
I want to show you something.
Can I have it later? I'm busy.
No, it's very important.
No, read it now.
The man we selected is ability qualified both
in terms of experience and ability.
The commissioner is very glad to announce
about the position of sergeant of Yaumatei area.
He had chose a very appropriate person.
I introduced to you the new Sergeant Major
of Yaumatei District, Mr. Ngan Tung.
Sergeant Ngan Tung will be
the new Sergeant Major of Yaumatei area.
Thanks, thanks...
Congratulation, congratulation...
Let's cheer for Sergeant Ngan.
Quiet, please.
I had another important announcement to make.
There has been a high level decision
to create a new post, Chief of Sergeant Majors.
Now the high level decision will
create a new post, Chief of Sergeant Majors.
The new Chief will be responsible
for all the Chinese detectives in the colony.
They will answer directly to him. He and he alone
will be responsible for all work assignments.
Chief of Sergeant Majors in charge of
all Chinese Sergeant Majors in the colony.
He alone will be responsible for
all work assignments,
and in charge of all the arrangements.
Gentleman, I would like to introduce you
the new Chief of Sergeant Majors.
Mr. Lee Rock
Now let me introduce the new Chief
of Sergeant Majors, Mr. Lee Rock.
Congratulation, congratulation...
Chief of Sergeant Majors
Congratulation, open the champagne.
Please take care of me...
Give him a hand!
Chief Lee, congratulation for you
to be the Chief of Sergeant Majors.
Please take care of us from now on.
Thank you!
Come, let's cheer for Chief Lee.
Thank you, all of you.
Please remember be!
Excuse me, Chief Lee.
My congratulations!
Thank you, sir.
From now on,
I'll personally direct the collectors.
We'll collect weekly from every district.
Have a seat, N.T.
Thank you, Sir.
I hope besides the collector
who can collect the money.
No one will allow asking for the money.
Besides, we'll standardize all payoffs
Any private sports,
movable spots and the relatives
owned spots will be closed down,
regardless of police connections
According to my estimate,
the daily income is around $580,000
$1 80,000 were from Yaumatei area.
After all the money being collected,
the money will be divided
according to this ratio:
30% for high-ranking officers, including me.
20% for the lnspectors,
1 0% for the Sergeant Majors,
5% for the Sergeants.
There is only 65%... how about the rest?
The rest of 35%
will be shared to the rest of all police force.
The sharing ratio I proposed
was determined through precise calculation.
I think it will not affect
the benefits of most people.
This sounds very great.
Besides, I'll watch on each
area according to their population,
the local's money and interest
to determine how many different types of business
will be set up in that district.
For example like Mongkok, there can have
10 gambling dens and 10 drug dens.
But not in Sam Shui Po district.
There can only have 5 gambling dens
and 7 drug dens.
The reason is when the supply exceeds demand,
there will be cutthroat competition.
That will lead to bloodshed.
Therefore, I demand that
every district's officers must follow my plan.
Try the best way to control
their districts efficiently.
I don't want to hear about any favouritism
towards hoods who are uncooperative.
Don't suppose
that just because you're an officer,
that you won't end up pounding a beat again!
I am confident in the future,
the prospects and welfare of the police force
will be caused for great excitement.
That's all what I want to say, thank you.
N.T. Do you say any flaw in this?
No, sir.
Good, because I hope that you and
everyone here will support this whole heartily.
It requests nothing less than
total commitment in order to success.
The Commissioner hopes
that we will join together
and wholeheartedly support this new order.
I take it that you admire
Sergeant Lee's new proposal.
Is that correct, N.T.?
Yes, sir.
Then you'll work hand in hand with him in this.
I'll, sir.
I am glad to hear it actually.
Chief Sergeant Major
Limped Ho, the biggest importer of "black rice"!
Am l?
Yeah, under Rock's new order,
there will only have 4 drug dealers in Hong Kong.
The profitable South Central Kowloon
area is yours.
Hong Kong lsland is Kong's territory,
The other two areas...
One in Kowloon side, one in New Territories.
How can they compete with you?
Am I right?
Chief Sergeant Major,
there are over hundred drug dealers.
You dare to cut it down to only four.
You really have guts.
What a clever mind!
You didn't disappoint me.
From now on, my income...
will always have a share for you.
Besides, inside my area,
if you need any help from me,
Iike any criminal that you want to catch,
just give me the name, I'll handle it.
Brother Limped Ho is really a guy.
I represent all polices
in Hong Kong thanks to you.
I represent my fellows.
We are on the same standpoint, cheer.
Come, cheer.
Go home and sing in front of the mirror.
Sam, who is this guy?
A police detective in this area.
Why did he show his gun?
I see.
Chief Lee wants to talk with you.
Brother Rock
Chief Lee
You like to show your gun out?
No, sorry sir.
I don't understand English.
Sorry, Chief Lee.
Tell your supervisor tomorrow morning.
You volunteer to be constable.
You can then show your gun
on the street for three months.
Please give me one more chance, Chief Lee.
You are so cold blood.
Come, Brother Ho drink it.
Hsiu Fan's song is getting better.
Try to rape me, catch him!
Don't run.
Rapist! Rapist!
You fucking son of the bitch
How dare you molest girl around here!
I didn't...
Do your molesting somewhere else.
Go to hell.
Stand up.
Hand him to the officer.
Who are you?
We are from the gambling den of Brother Wah.
We had paid the money for this month.
I saw you were catching this bastard.
I came down to help you, am I wrong?
Don't mention it.
It's every citizen's duty
to preserve public order.
Right, right!
Go, shit bitch!
Officer, walk carefully.
Just holler if you need help again.
Always willing to cooperate.
In 1959,
Lee Rock promoted to be the Chief of Sergeant
Majors. He set up a new system of pay-off.
The underworld vied for his favour
as his power increased.
Ngan Tung's prestige suffered a serious blow.
Many gangs even refused
to continue paying him off.
This intensified the enmity
between Lee Rock and Ngan Tung.
Where is your boss?
I thought that guy named Kirin was your man.
He owned every shark loaner in town.
Ngan Tung, don't worry. I'll find him tonight.
Don't be rash, think it over carefully.
Don't make a decision in the heat of the moment.
Heat of the moment?
We had a deal?
When the stuffs from Thailand
was arrived at my wharves,
I could have as many as I wanted.
Now the stuffs give to that 4 drug dealers only.
Even if I can find the client,
I don't have any stuff for him.
He forced me to do something.
OK! Do whatever you want to do,
I'll support you.
But I will not be responsible.
Don't worry, wait for my good news.
Brother, let me do it.
You are so dumb, you have to go to Holland.
Shit, he is in luck
What's he in for?
He, he peeped in the toilet.
Peeping at pissing?
What are you yelling at?
I hate this kind of people the most, get in.
Wait for me to teach you a lesson.
Let me take care of Kirin.
Whatever you want to do.
Miss, are you a police?
No, what's the matter?
My wallet was stolen, I came for the report.
I had waited for 1 0 minutes,
but no police is around.
I think maybe they are busy.
Wait over here.
I ask them to come out.
Pay the money to all brothers...
To all who have the cards.
I told you before that you needed not
to ask me on these matters.
You just do whatever you decide.
Fine, that's it.
Are you tired?
You shock me, have a seat.
Every night you are so busy.
After tonight,
I can go with you wherever
you want to go tomorrow night.
Don't promise too early.
What kind of soup is this?
You like it the most, abalone and chicken soup.
Come, drink it first.
Where is Sam and Kwan, where are they?
They might be in business, and went out.
No wonder I didn't see anyone in the front desk.
None of them?
Stop, who ask you in?
Brother Rock, are you fine?
Are you OK?
Brother Rock, are you there?
What's the matter?
I went home,
my wife and child were all disappear.
My home was empty.
Your home's air is not good,
maybe they went for the fresh air.
This is normal!
Impossible! Rice was cooked
but the fire was still on.
The next door said
they saw someone kidnapped them away.
Sam, please help me check it out.
Let me check who want to buy
Rock's life case first.
And then we will find your folks back.
Even it is dead body.
Once you still alive,
your whole family is not all died.
Are they enjoying in Macau?
It is time to bring them back.
Is it any word want to say with me?
We can help each other, right?
Quick, don't let him run away
Stop, don't run...
Go there!
Ngan Tung, help me!
What are you doing?
Being police will get lots of enemy.
We must always on the alert even
you are in the toilet.
Especially with those
unnoticed places and peoples.
It will be the most dangerous.
Just like your blood brother - The King Crab.
Don't bullshit!
King Crab's not my blood brother
He's just an acquaintance.
He dared to try to kill our Chief Rock,
he deserved what he got.
You should be happy since he was dead.
But not everybody who wishes me dead is dead.
Now you are so famous, who dare to touch you?
Don't worry too much.
Look at the mirror.
Don't be so serious, let me ask you.
Look at both of our faces, who will live longer?
You look so handsome.
You will live longer than me.
Since you don't look better than me.
So, be careful. I want you to live to be 1 00.
In 1 960,
Gangland activities reached a peak.
Lee Rock not only became
one of Hong Kong's biggest VlPs,
but also his personal fortune skyrocketed.
Come on, do it.
He is Chinese god.
His name is Mr. Guan, come on.
Lee's Trading Co.
Brother Lardo is back
What's the matter?
Brother Lardo, your telephone.
Rock, don't worry, he received our gift!
He should know how to do it.
About Brother Wen, he said...
Brother Lardo, it's ready.
Fine... Brother Wen said...
From now on, he don't want to pay weekly.
Anti-Corruption Unit
Sir Lee!
Morning, Brother Lardo.
Good day, sir, had your coffee yet?
Sir, sorry, I was late...
No problem, no problem.
This is your share.
Sorry, not this one, sorry!
this is the right one.
This share belongs
to Government Supplies Department.
I must go, sorry for not drinking with you.
Let's drink it the other day!
Come in.
Lee's Holdings Co.
Boss Chow comes to thank you.
To help him solve the nightclub's problem.
Please take care of me from now on.
You don't have to thank me.
If you do, Ming is the right person to thank.
No, I shall, I shall.
Father's back
Let me take it.
Mother, is it pretty?
It is really so pretty.
"Lee's Property Co.", "Lee's Travel Co."
- Uncle
- Good...
- Father
- Take it to play.
- Sister-in-law
- You are back.
Mother, take a look.
Who bought it for you?
Father bought it.
Nightclub used to be the best business.
However, property is the best this year.
You've earned 5 million dollars
for the first 3 months.
Really? So, let's concentrate on real estate.
But, don't drop off the nightclub business.
Of course!
Have something to eat.
Morning, Sir
In 1 972,
London assigned Scott to be Hong Kong's
new Commissioner of Police.
Be seated.
Back in London, I was impressed with
Hong Kong's reputation as a land of marvels.
No natural resources, but a flourishing economy;
An understaffed police force,
but a surprising high percentage of cases solved.
Even back in London,
the Commissioner was impressed
with Hong Kong's high percentage
of solved cases.
But since assuming my post as commissioner,
my impression has dramatically changed.
Since coming to Hong Kong,
his impression has drastically changed.
The fact is that Hong Kong
is a hotbed of criminal activities.
Now he finds that Hong Kong
is a hotbed of criminal.
Sergeant Lee, do you agree?
He asked whether Sergeant Lee agree or not.
No comment.
Well then. My primary target is
eliminating vice, gambling and drugs.
Commissioner's first priority is
to destroy prostitute, gamble and drug.
Mr. Lee, I expect you to lead
the blitz against these three evils.
It seems that you're the primary target!
Are you up to challenge?
The Commissioner hopes that
you'll lead the blitz
against prostitute, gamble and drugs very soon.
Sergeant Lee, any problem?
Of course no problem,
this is our duty to clean it off.
Excuse me, translator.
Please tell the Commissioner.
I have a pot of soup on the stove at home.
If there is no more things,
I must go and watch it.
I have to leave first.
If all of you have time,
you're all invited for soup at my place.
Sure, see you later.
As a new comer,
if not doing something, he will be a nobody.
Dame it, forget about him.
He just wants to show his power.
Then let's get some peoples to pretend for him.
We can tell those gangs to line up.
And wait for us to arrest them.
Everything will be fine then.
It is not that easy! Brother Lardo.
This Caucasian is very clever.
If we go about this perfunctorily,
he'll find just the excuse he needs
and there will be all hell to pay.
Damn it, ask him to take away
the figure of the Chinese God.
Just change another for us.
Ask all dens to close shop for 1 0 days.
Let me have a big clean up.
I'll arrest anyone
if they are still in business.
No exceptions!
Brother Rock, isn't that too drastic?
No vice, gambling or drugs for 1 0 days...
Those addicts and johns
will go out of their minds.
All the gangs will move their criminal
activities out of the dens and into the streets.
It'll be terrible.
Right, Brother Rock
The Commissioner would haul us over the coals.
It seem to kill our own golden goose.
What are you saying?
It's not a dead-end
but the road to our salvation!
Nothing! I want you to plant
the items in the newspaper.
Criticize the society's dark side,
more critical.
The police cannot control the city.
The new commissioner should be responsible
to this for his wrong policy.
Muggings and rapings
happened everywhere in past week.
All citizens blamed the government
for the increasing of criminal activities.
How do you explain that?
The newspaper is kept on criticize
that police can't control the security.
Commissioner asked you
why you can't control the crimes?
Translate it for me we had all our manpower
to implement his order on stamping out drugs,
gamble and prostitute.
We could not spare enough peoples
to fight the street crime.
That takes a lot of manpower.
That is not excuse.
He is right, this is not an excuse.
But that is the fact, it's the truth.
Tell him if he slows down the action
and reassigns the men
to their normal routines.
I can guarantee everything
will be restored in two weeks.
Yeah, I have another pot
of red bean soup on the stove.
If that's all, I will go home now.
Wait until your decision, call me up.
I'll wait for you
Chief Lee, how are you?
Chief Lee, how are you, long time no see.
Chief Lee, long time no see.
How are you...
Let me introduce you, this is Chief Lee.
This is Miss Ting.
Chief Lee Rock, how are you?
Well, Mr. Norman it looks as the other
unofficial commissioner of police
is far more influential and popular
than you the official one.
I don't think that is too funny as far as
I or the British Government is concerned.
What do you think, Bill? Is he admirable?
In the way,
you might right.
For someone who has managed the mastermind such
an ingenious system of paid off
has 90% of the police forces on the take
and has managed to keep the whole thing
going for so long.
Yes, he is admirable in a perverse sort of way.
Brother, he is Carter.
I like to introduce my assistant, Bill.
Bill, this is Sara
Nice to meet you.
This is my niece, Emily.
Hello, how do you do?
I think I let you friend for yourself.
Ladies, would you come with me?
Mr. Carter, allow me to introduce
to you Sergeant Lee Rock.
Of course, I know Sergeant Lee Rock.
I heard Mr. Carter is coming to take over
the anti-corruption department.
Is it the truth?
Your detective work is most impressive,
Mr. Lee Rock.
But in fact, you're wrong.
The anti-corruption branch has became
so corrupt and is completely unmanageable.
I'm setting a new outfit
that guarantee to do the job
the anti-corruption branch has failed to do.
Good idea, but if we had a new one.
How about those old people where will they do?
To the political department.
That is a brilliant idea.
Corruption and sordidness
go hand in hand in politics.
Mr. Carter is very funny.
Inform me
if you really need any help.
All my people is very trustable.
If you need them,
any time I can recommend fifty for you.
Thank you Mr. Lee Rock.
If it's offer, I definitely keep in mind.
Now if you excuse me, I must go.
Nice to meet you.
My pleasure, Mr. Lee Rock.
Excuse me.
Sorry, excuse me.
Stand still.
You are Chinese.
Why are you working for a foreigner?
Isn't the Commissioner a foreigner as well?
Very good in speech,
just back from England or Australia?
Australia, how do you know?
Your boss has been busy recruiting over there.
If you use your mind, you can guess it, right?
Too bad,
if you had a little justice in your heart,
Hong Kong will become a peaceful land.
Now is a happy land too.
Only it belongs to me.
It is a shit place, you made it like shit.
Don't dare to say that.
Shut up.
He looks like the one I used to be.
What is your name?
If you don't mind, come to my department.
This is my name card.
Excuse me.
His surname is Lee too.
Lee Yung-Yin
How long did they come back?
Almost a year.
One year?
Finally I found her.
A lady who worked in the laundry at China town,
raised her son,
and let him finish the college education.
It's not easy, Brother Rock.
Mother, let's go.
Yin, he's your father.
This is the fact, it can't change.
For you and the whole society,
he is trouble, this is the fact too.
Mr. Lee, no matter what happen
I had to do it for personal or justice.
It's so exciting.
Yin, you can't be liked that.
You want to let your father into trouble.
You are not qualified yet, kid.
Mr. Lee, evil can never win over the justice.
I think you forget this so long.
Don't be too proud of yourself.
I'll arrest you one day by myself.
Mother...get away.
Quick, call the ambulance.
What's wrong with her?
Get away
What's wrong with her?
Go and see.
Stop, leave us alone or I'll take action on you.
Listen, I'm her blood relation, you are not.
I have the legal right to stop you
from disturbing her.
You listen,
go to talk with the lawyers if you want.
I am going to see her and no one can stop me.
Chief is not so great,
sue me for attacking the police.
You dare to attack your father.
None of your business
None of my business?
What? This is hospital, don't fight here.
Chief Lee, what's wrong?
Nothing, go out, go out.
Always against your father
Your mother never say don't want to see him.
Lardo, listen to me...
You go to see her firstly.
Don't argue with him, listen to me first.
Think about it
If Rose woke up and knew that
we were in quarrel,
it would hurt her heart, right?
Listen to me, take good care of your mother.
If anything happened,
I won't let you go free hand
Lardo, take good care of my wife.
I'll, I'll.
I'll leave now, but remember
if anything happen, do call me.
Thank you, please take care for me.
Don't mention it.
What are you starring at me for?
I am your uncle, want to beat me up.
What's happen?
Nothing, nothing
Today the commissioner will give out two merits
for two outstanding polices.
The first is the juvenile criminal department
had a very good result to control it,
Mr. Lam Kong.
Sergeant Lam, please.
Thank you, sir.
Well done
The second one to win this merit is
smart and clever to clean off the crimes,
Chief of Sergeant Majors, Lee Rock
Chief of Sergeant Majors Lee Rock, please.
Thank you, sir
Well done
Sir, Mr. Lee's award-winning days are numbered.
It may take a few years,
but we're confident
that l.C.A.C. will put an end
to corruption in this society...
at least where the police force is concerned.
We won't let you down, Sir.
If we want to beat Lee Rock,
it is going to take a bit of political intrigue.
Well, that's one area we, British, do excel.
Commissioner said
that the government has taken note
of the shortage manpower in the police force.
there will be a recruitment drive soon.
There will also be a change
in the present system.
For example, the no.
of Sergeant Majors per district
will be increased from one to three.
That means we'll hire a lot of people.
in recognition of his outstanding
contribution as a police officer,
Sergeant Major Lee Rock
will be promoted to lnspector.
Congratulation, Chief Lee.
Besides, the Governor is very impressed
with the outstanding performance of Chief
of Sergeant Majors Lee Rock,
the Governor is breaking precedent
by promoting Chief Lee
to the position of lnspector.
In addition, lnspector Lee Rock
will join a provisional committee
for the assessment of police supplies.
Inspector Lee Rock
will be assigned to a special committee
to assess police supplies.
He will work close with 3 police heads
to investigate and modify
the future supply needs of the police force.
How long do I have to work on it?
About six months
How about your present duties?
Inspector Lee's present duties...
will be shared by Sergeant Lam and Sergeant Ngan
One, two, three, four, five...
my godless, jail again?
Jail again!
Brother Rock, I was so mad on those guys.
They said if those shares
were not going to split into three.
They will clean our dens.
Before the promotion,
those two bastards
treat us like father.
As I said before,
the arrangement of each area with 3 sergeants
is to cause more infighting amongst us.
Trust me, this is only the beginning.
Brother Rock, only this small part
If everyone of us come out to pee,
the l.C.A.C. will be flooded.
It will not be so afraid to us.
I am more concerned about Ngan.
He will take advantage at this time.
He must revenge.
All in all, nothing can be better,
if you come and take in charge again.
No, I just received a letter from them.
They approved my retirement.
And listen to me.
If nothing else, quit the job and go with me.
Brother Rock, let's not talk about that now.
Just tell us when you are leaving.
We can then have a farewell party with you.
Come, drink the tea.
Today marks the founding
of a new government agency,
We interviewed Mr. Carter
on the function of the l.C.A.C.,
the lndependent Commission Against Corruption.
The l.C.A.C. is under the direct control
of the Governor
and its goals are to totally uproot
corruption from Hong Kong society.
The vase majority of Hong Kong citizens
want their society to be run on the principles
of law order and equality.
I appeal to all citizens
who are being victimized
or who have knowledge
of corruption to come forward
and report these crimes.
He emphasises that all information
will be held in strict confidence.
I told you to send the money to Canada,
how is it?
Those cashes have transferred to there.
I'm starting to liquidate
the nightclubs and restaurants...
plus the properties.
When everything has done,
you emigrate soon as well.
I know
Brother Rock,
Sam and Kwan still don't want to leave.
I have told them so many times.
They are underestimating
the British government this time.
The anti-corruption department
used to accept the money from us.
Now the l.C.A.C.
is directly reported to the Queen.
I think no more excuse can be arranged.
I'm really worried.
If they don't leave now,
they will be caught some day.
Talk to them when you have time.
Let's celebrate Mr. Ngan to be acting
of Chief of Sergeant Majors.
Cheer, cheer, brothers...
Mr. Ngan, hope you promote even higher.
Good...this is for you.
Mr. Ngan, wish you make a fortune.
Good...this is for you.
Mr. Ngan, I want to drink with you too.
Sure, come...
Ngan's money, you don't want it.
Sergeant Major Ngan, cheer.
You should say the Acting Chief
of Sergeant Majors, you are so dumb!
Tonight you stay with Mr. Ngan for "dumpling".
What does it mean?
It means sleep with Mr. Ngan.
You naughty!
Sorry, I had to go to the washroom.
Mr. Ngan, I'll go with you.
Mr. Ngan, you can drink more now.
Don't move.
What? Get your hands away.
If you move, I'll hit your head badly.
When did you come back, Shrimp Head?
I thought you were in Holland.
If I'd come back earlier, you'd already be dead.
You son of the bitch dared
to kill my boss King Crab.
You...what do you mean?
Don't get fool by other people.
The whole gangs
told me you did it.
Lee Rock's men led the assault
against your boss.
I wanted to save him, but...
I was too late to get there.
Chiu was there then, you can ask him.
Lee Rock drove your brother out of business.
That's why your boss wanted to kill him.
I was on his side.
Didn't you remember, you were there too.
No wonder your boss called you brainless.
I was his old pal from way back.
I know you want to revenge for your boss.
Fine, I'll help you to get rid of Lee Rock.
I'll give you $2 million,
think it over.
If I died, you would be all alone.
Mom, don't talk that much.
The medical technology is so advance,
I'm sure you will be cured.
Can you promise me?
Reconcile with your father,
take care of each other.
Mother, don't worry about it.
The most important thing is to get well.
Don't let her get agitated again.
Take a good rest.
If she want to see anyone, ask them to come.
We don't have any relative.
Who are you looking for?
Is Lau's party here?
Next room
Don't be too nervous.
Here are all polices around.
No one would dare to attempt an ambush here.
They tried it at the police station.
Why not here?
Rock, we'll miss you after your retirement.
Mr. Ngan
Mr. Ngan, Lee Rock is over there.
Brother Rock
Sorry, I'm late.
You know how busy it is being
a Chief of Sergeant Majors.
Please forgive me.
Don't be silly.
Just a small token.
Have a seat.
Such a lavish gift!
Why do you count with me on this?
How long have we known each other?
For years and years!
We have been against each other so many years.
What's past is past.
I've expunged it from my mind.
But I still remember.
Is it the truth there can't have
two tigers in one mountain?
Or because we can't help ourselves since
we are in the society.
Or we get our hatred from our past life.
No matter what happened, from now on,
whatever hatred is all over.
If Mr. Ngan still don't feel comfortable,
please accept this cup of tea
as a sign of my atonement.
Nothing, don't even mention it.
Whatever Rock said, it's all gone.
Good brother, I had one thing remind you about.
What is it?
I heard a news,
King Crab's brother was just back from Holland.
He probably wanted to avenge
his brother's death.
I knew everyone thought I did it.
But I really had nothing to do with it.
I make it a point to be careful...
You should be more careful, too.
Thank you for your concern, has a cup of tea.
Lee Rock knew Shrimp Head was back.
He even told me to be careful!
He's too concerned!
He must be in some kind of tricks
All get the share.
How much did you lose?
Five Thousands?
Five Thousands!
Thank you
- How much did you lose?
- Three Thousands?
Brother Rock
Finish paying them for me, I will be back soon.
Sure, Brother Rock. Wait for you.
What's up?
Rose is very ill, she may not last for tonight.
I'll see her now, let Grace know. Quick!
Excuse me, Rock has to go out for a moment.
What's up?
Mrs. Ho, be seat and have a cup of tea.
Father, where are you going?
Did you tell her?
I did.
Don't wait for me, Let's go.
Father is fine, get in first, have fun.
Brother Rock, your car is too showy. Take mine.
Mr. Ngan, something happened please have a look.
Kuen, Chek, let's go
Fine, I know what to do.
Quick, come out.
What's up?
Come out, come out
They got away!
Let's change our cloths, quick!
They will be here soon, changing quickly.
Car is coming...
Quick, quick!
What's up?
Where is Lee Rock?
Who is Lee Rock,
I don't know what you are talking about?
Shit, beat him up.
Brother Sam, it's for you.
Just do what I tell you.
Brother Rock, what shall we do now?
Let's go to the hospital first.
Your wound...
I can handle it, quick.
Brother Rock asks us to go out for a moment.
He is fine, we will be back soon. Don't worry.
Kwan, ask them come with us.
Mother, what's the matter?
Be careful, be careful.
May I help you?
We come to visit a patient.
Your leg is bleeding.
Let me take you to the emergency room.
Don't bother...
This is serious. You are losing too much blood!
We are here to visit a patient.
Man, Chuen, come and help this man.
I am really fine.
Sir, be careful.
Just leave us alone.
Hold me.
Hold me.
How are you? We are almost there.
Almost there.
It is here.
Am I looking good?
Hair is a little rough.
I lost my comb.
You can style it with your hands.
Have a seat. I'll get you a chair.
You are here.
Sorry to wake you up!
Let the two of us have a love chat.
I'll be outside.
How are you?
I am so sorry to you.
I never had the chance to take care of you.
Don't be foolish.
It's I who never took care of you! Right?
Where's Yin?
He just stepped away.
In my whole life,
my biggest regret is that three
of us never live together.
I ask him to come in.
I'm his father. He'll listen to me, right?
I'll ask him in.
Yin, your mother just told me.
In her whole life,
she never saw us stay together happiness.
So she asked me to come inside with you.
Listen to me. Let's go in together.
I am talking with you so quiet,
because I don't want to disturb her.
It doesn't mean I am nice to you,
please leave us alone.
It's best to make peace!...
He ruined my mother.
Don't say another word,
or I will not talk with you too.
If you really want your mother before her death,
she can't see three of us
being together and happy.
You don't have to go in.
You don't have to go in.
I am telling you, I am going in now.
I am waiting for you.
Brother Rock...
Leave some space for others.
For others?
You ask me to forgive someone
who has ruined my mother's whole life.
Listen to me. Kid.
Everything is just like a coin.
There are two sides to every coin.
You can't just look at one side.
No matter how bad your father is,
he did spend his heart on your mother
and bring happy to her.
If he is no mean and heartless,
he will not be here to see her.
Nothing is totally right or wrong
as long as the affections there.
You feel not guilty of it.
Would you please quiet?
Actually it is you who loathes your father.
You try to have your mother involved in.
Is that the way to be a decent son?
Now your mother's only will
is to see you and your father to get alone well.
You are so stubborn.
This is the time to let your mother happy.
How can you treat your mother like this?
Women are so fretful.
Yin is talking with Lardo, he will be here soon.
Be patient.
Didn't I say
Yin will be in soon?
When you recover later,
we'll all go on a trip together.
Wherever you want.
Where's the jade charm?
I want to have a title.
Can you give the jade charm back to me?
I told you it was already been yours.
Can I give it to Yin? Do you mind?
Silly, it is yours.
You can do whatever you like.
is Mr. Lee Rock here?
I don't know, you can ask that policeman.
Thank you
Sir, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
What's happen?
This is emergency room, who are you looking for?
We are looking for someone.
This is emergency room.
Please go to the information counter
for checking.
You can't come in here. Please go out!
This is the emergency room, please go out.
I just saw a man upstairs whose leg is bleeding.
Ask him to go to the emergency room,
but he refused.
And shout at me, so mean.
The show's over.
I love you.
You can leave now.
Thanks a lot, thank you for what
you have done in front of my wife.
I was able to fulfil a promise to my wife.
Go to catch them separately.
Go away!
You cannot come here at night.
Why are you here?
None of your business.
Get down, go!
Go faster.
It's not the right time to be the filial son!
Keep calm!
I hope you get a shot right now.
Do you think that it will make your mom happy
if I get a shot?
Go away!
I am fine, you walk over here and up there.
Go, they come for me. I can handle them.
You go, I'll be fine.
Be careful.
They are up on the roof.
What are you doing?
No one is allowed in.
Which district are you from?
Sergeant Ngan, I heard Rock was assaulted,
he was up there.
No, I heard it was only a squabble.
You didn't answer me yet
which district you are from.
We are from Mongkok district.
This isn't your jurisdiction!
I've my own men here. You can leave now.
No, we can't do that.
Why not?
If you want to wait, wait over here.
No one is allowed to come in. It's an order.
Yeah, Chief Ngan
Just wait to see.
Drop the gun! You amaze me.
Even you got the bullet wounds,
you can still kill so many peoples.
But I'm not as lethal as you.
I have been waiting for the chance
to kill you myself
for almost 21 years.
Before your retirement,
I have this chance luckily.
I can kill you now and blame it on the hoods.
Other peoples will think that
I'll kill the person who killed you.
I did it all for your revenge.
May be I can get another medal next year.
You better kill us together.
You had only six bullets left.
It is not enough to kill all of us!
Shall I lend some for you?
How can you faster than me?
You looks handsome, can take a lift.
We can only walk the stairs.
I kill you now,
it can count on them.
Don't be a fool.
Lee Rock, tell them be careful.
Guns down
Brother Rock
Guns down
You too, get your gun back.
Stand over that side.
Let me tell you, I want this moment so long.
You thought I didn't know what you have done.
I wait for twenty-one years.
That fist is for uncle.
This is for my wife.
Pull him up.
This fist is...
for Rose.
Which Rose?
None of your business
This fist is for me.
How about this one?
No reason, just hit you.
Listen, when you arrest me later,
tell them I am bad manner,
hit people in the public.
Are you satisfy?
You can only hit me.
You are not a police now,
you don't have the right to arrest me.
I have
You are suspect of misjudge-justify the law,
I had the right.
We had the rights to sue you too.
Intention of murdering
I will sue you, what's your name?
Police and l.C.A.C. corrupted.
I am Lee Yung-Yin, father and son corrupted.
Now I shall deny you.
In 1 974, lndependent Commission
Against Corruption established.
The government declared war on corruption
within the Royal Hong Kong Police.
Inspector Lee?
We are from l.C.A.C.
Please go and help us for prosecution.
Sergeant Cheung, we are l.C.A.C.
Please go back with us for investigation.
Sergeant Lee, we are l.C.A.C.
Please go back with us for investigation.
What's up?
The l.C.A.C. is inviting him for coffee.
That's serious!
Sergeant Wong, you are suspect of corruption.
We had the enough evident to sue you.
What else can you say?
Sergeant Yeung,
your income was $1 57,000 dollars last year.
What's the problem?
It didn't match your salary. Please explain it.
I won it from the gamble.
What sort of gambling?
The horses.
It is over $1 0 million in your bank account.
Besides, you're a partner of three restaurants,
two nightclubs,
and one dance hall.
How do you explain that?
If you don't have a convincing explanation,
we're empowered by
the new legislation about corruption
to indict you for illegal income.
Please ask my client
specific questions.
Otherwise, he will refuse to answer.
Mr. Ngan, how did you get the $1 0 million
in your bank account?
My wife worked as a prostitute. Is it OK?
Every time she earned $1 Million for it.
Canada, 1980
Why do you want to join the Police Force?
How about you?
I'm bloody asking you!
It's for eating.
Master, missus says the dinner is ready.
Do you know what makes living so hard?
Don't know, master.
To have to eat.