Legacy of Fear (2006) Movie Script

Mellow R&B
- Cathy, Cathy, Cathy...
[ Muted gunshot ]
- What are you doing?
- Hi, Cathy.
[ Sobbing ]
- Daddy! Daddy!
[ Growling ]
[ Phone ringing ]
- Hello?
- Partner, a housecleaner just
found two stiffs on Crescent.
Looks like our
boy's at it again.
- I'll be there
in 20 minutes.
[ Sighing ]
[ Police radio ]
- Two victims,
no sign of a struggle.
Male, one shot to the head.
Female wasn't so lucky.
He strangled her, but
not before having his fun.
Ritualistic cuts...
Tied her up, just
like he always does.
You see the Polaroids?
Bound, photographed,
and strangled.
It's the BPS Killer!
- You sound a bit too excited
about that, Wilson.
- Uh, what my partner
is trying to say is
shut the hell up.
- What? It's not
like it's a secret.
The guy's killed
8 people already.
- Already?
This whole damn city is
in a state of BPS panic.
The last thing anyone needs
is a wannabe detective
and his half-assed speculation.
Now I suggest you go serve and
protect on the front lawn.
- Well, that was kind of brutal.
- So's this.
That's the kind of
excitement he wants.
- Looks like he
left another note.
Written in is own special code.
- I'm sure it's another
demand for publicity.
- What do you think this
guy goes home to at night?
- God only knows.
- Details are sketchy
on what looks to be another two
victims of the BPS Killer.
- It's too early to tell
if this is the BPS Killer.
There appear to be
but we're not going to comment
until we've got a chance to
review all the evidence.
- How can he keep getting
away with killing people?
- That detective is stupid.
- Well, I hope they
catch him soon.
It scares me to be home alone
when you're working nights.
- You don't have
anything to worry about.
I quit my night job.
- You mean it?
- Absolutely.
I can't have my wife
and baby home alone
with the dangerous BPS Killer
running loose, can I?
Besides, I'm going to
be a hands-on dad.
One more night,
I'm all yours.
[ Doorbell ]
- Yes?
- Hi.
I'm conducting a brief
poll for Councilman Wallis.
Are you aware the state plans to
approve a toxic waste dump
a few miles from here?
- No! I wasn't.
- It's unbelievable.
I haven't found
one resident who is.
If I could have
a moment of you time
it would go a long
way toward fighting it.
- Mommy, I can't find Red.
- Well, hi there!
What's your name?
- Jeannie, but my
dad calls me J.J.
- Well, that's a
very pretty name.
- Thank you.
- And you have
a very pretty doll.
Listen, I can see you're busy.
- No, it's OK.
I'd like to hear more about it.
Come in.
- I want you to be real
quiet now, Jenny. OK?
No matter what
you hear, all right?
- Please! Don't hurt her!
- Well, that all
depends on you, Linda.
Help me make your husband
understand what it is I do.
[ Sobbing ]
I might just let
your daughter live.
- I think we've been looking
at this case ass-backwards.
- How's that?
- We've been looking for
patterns in his victims.
Physical type,
age, occupation...
Hoping to figure out
his next move.
Forget random.
What if he knows 'em?
Stakes 'em out.
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming ]
- Well, that would
explain a lot.
- If he knows the victims,
knows the schedules
he's got all the time he wants.
[ Telephone ringing ]
- You're a lucky man, Detective.
It takes special courage
to die the right way.
For all your bravado
somehow I doubt you could die
with the same dignity
and courage Linda has shown.
- I'm not sure
I know who this is.
- Yes, you do.
There's no need to trace
this call, Detective.
I'm calling from your bedroom.
[ Linda moaning ]
[ Dial tone ]
- Get a car to my house, now!
[ Siren ]
[ Siren ]
Oh, God...
- Jeannie!
- What's wrong?
- Nothing. I'm done.
Let's go get coffee.
- OK.
You sure you're supposed
to be eating that?
- One of the perks of
living as long as I have
is that I can do
whatever the hell I want.
- Seems to me that your
doctor recommended against it.
- He also recommended
that I do this aerobic
walking every morning.
So, it's a wash.
[ Laughing ]
- You're a trip!
- So, how's work?
- What kind of
question is that?
- I'm making
conversation here!
I'm old!
Humour your grandmother.
- It's good, it's fine.
It's been quiet.
- Good.
- Mmm-hmm.
- How's that new
partner of yours?
What's his name?
- Fred. Fred Brampton.
He's good. I'll tell him you
were asking about him.
- You like him?
- Yeah, he's fine.
Still a little green yet.
- Do you like him?
- Oh, you're a nasty old woman!
- Why?
Because I'd like to see you
find balance in your life?
- Why do I have to be
married to have some balance?
- Who said marriage?
- Everything comes back
to marriage with you.
- What's wrong with marriage?
- Nothing, if
that's what you want.
I don't.
Maybe someday
that'll change.
But right now I have a
career that fulfills me.
- Your father had a career
that fulfilled him too.
You're just as obsessive
about your work as he was.
- You're saying I'm going
to end up like my father?
- I'm saying you're obsessive
because of what he did.
And I don't want to
see it rob you
of the best years
of your life.
- My job is part of my life,
Mimi, and I love it.
Why can't that be enough?
- Is it enough?
- Yes. I'm very
happy with my life.
Very happy.
- OK, what kind of juicy tidbits
do you have for me?
- How about the guy at the
counter? He looks juicy.
- I'm serious, Jeanne.
I'm a journalist with nothing
of consequence to write about.
You're a homicide detective.
If I can't exploit my friend,
it's time for a career change.
- We have an opening in Vice.
- Does it pay?
- Vice always pays.
[ Chuckling ]
What do you want me
to do? Make something up?
Things are quiet.
It's the way we like it.
- I'm not talking about
your love life, Jane.
- You're a real stand-up.
Just like my grandmother.
- If you mean that we both
understand the medical benefits
of getting laid
once a year, then yeah.
- Come over for
dinner on Saturday.
Unless of course, you
get a better offer.
- I'll be there.
- Hi, Cindy.
- Morning.
- Is Freddie in yet?
- Half hour ago, with doughnuts.
- You're easy.
Good morning.
Ow. Thank you.
- Hey, boss.
Just finishing up the paperwork
on the Anderson shooting now.
Be on your desk in 5 minutes.
- You don't need to beat me
into work everyday, Freddie.
- I know. It just
works out that way.
- You better take it
easy on those doughnuts.
Cindy thinks you're
coming on to her.
- Really? Ha!
Maybe I'll bring in some
danishes tomorrow.
See if I can't get lucky.
[ Phone ringing ]
- Yeah?
We're on it.
- Where we headed?
- Boathouse Cove.
Two bodies. One of them
apparently very ugly.
[ Siren ]
- Hey, Jeanne. Fred.
- Hey.
- What you got, Val?
- One male, one female.
Killed sometime between
10:00 and midnight.
The male took one shot
to the back of the head,
As for the female,
somebody really did
a number on her.
She was strangled,
but they took the long way
around the barn to get there.
A few small cuts.
Looks to be ritual.
I'd say she was kept alive
for a couple of hours
before she was strangled.
I'll know more when I
get her back to the lab.
- Got any prints yet?
- No, not yet. But we'll
go through the drill.
Now look at this.
- What do we got here?
That's our girl, isn't it?
- It appears to be.
- What kind of a sicko
likes killing so much,
takes pictures of it?
- BPS.
- What was that about?
What's BPS?
- A serial killer.
- Great. Why haven't
I heard of this guy?
- Disappeared 30 years ago.
- What are you talking about?
- I'm not sure,
but if I'm right,
we're looking at a monster.
Bound, photographed,
and strangled.
The BPS Killer terrorized this
city for months in 1977.
It's the same M.O.
Duct tape,
ritual cuts, Polaroids.
Looks like we've got some
catch-up research to do.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Mmm-hmm.
[ Elevator bell ]
[ Knocking ]
- Hey, Jeanne.
- Hey.
- Sorry.
- No, no.
You'd think a homicide detective
would be used to looking at
dead bodies by now, huh?
- Occupational hazard for me.
After a while, it's kind of
like dressing a mannequin.
So, are you here on
business or pleasure?
- It's all business
until 6:00.
Is this our girl
from the boathouse?
- Yeah. I'm not
quite finished yet.
But here's the
report on the man.
- Oh, great.
- What about after 6:00?
- Uh, after 6:00 I
rest up for the next day.
- Well, you must eat dinner.
- Yeah, when I remember to.
- You don't make
it easy, Jeanne.
- Make what easy?
You're asking me out?
- Is that a bad thing?
- No, I'm flattered. Really.
It's just I'm not interested--
- Fair enough.
- No, Val.
I mean I'm not interested in
dating anyone at all. Period.
That's what I meant.
But if I was...
- The guy was killed
by a single head shot.
.38, died instantly.
I sent the bullet
to ballistics.
- OK.
But the real story's
with our girl, huh?
- Yeah.
Cause of death was
- Fifteen cuts, 3 burns with a
lighter and he strangled her.
- How did you know that?
- Thirty years of prep work.
Is there any chance the killer
left any DNA evidence on her?
- CSI didn't find anything
at the crime scene,
so I'd say not good.
- Things have changed
in 30 years.
He's got a lot
to think about now.
He's going to make
a mistake this time.
- You think he's killed before?
- If it's BPS,
he's killed plenty.
And if it's not
he's about to.
[ Knocking ]
[ Knocking ]
- It's Fred.
- Hey!
- You up for
a little overtime?
[ Chuckling ]
Veggie special!
[ Sighing ]
What I can make out,
BPS liked taunting the cops
as much as he liked
killing his victims.
- Yeah, he would call and tell
them where the bodies were.
They have recordings
of his voice
but they could never
close to catching him.
- No.
Jeanne, why didn't you tell me?
- Habit.
First thing people think is
I'm obsessed with the case
and can't be objective.
- Are you obsessed
with the case?
- For as long as
I can remember.
But I am objective.
And I am sure that
the boathouse murders
are somehow connected
to BPS. Absolutely.
- Well, for what it's worth,
I think you're right.
- Thank you.
- But why would he just stop
then start up again
after 30 years?
- Maybe the only thing he
stopped was bragging about it.
- Huh... Your father was
running the investigation.
You think BPS got to him?
- I think that my father
made it personal
and he paid the
ultimate price for it.
That's why he shot himself.
He was absolutely devastated
after my mother was murdered.
I had the hardest time sleeping
for years afterwards too.
- I don't know how you
kept it all together.
- Yeah, I've got it
all together.
My booming social life
shows you how popular I am.
- It's quality,
not quantity that counts
when listing friends.
You're a good cop.
I'm proud to
be your partner.
- You know, my father
was a great cop.
And I've always considered
him to BPS's last victim.
- It's him, Ray.
- Aw come on, Jeanne.
It's a big jump
for 2 dead bodies
with a couple of cuts and
burns, don't you think?
- What about the Polaroid?
- A Polaroid doesn't
make a serial killer.
- BPS's original
first two victims
were killed in a boathouse
similar to the one
these two were found.
In both killings the
man was shot in the head
the woman was bound,
cut, and strangled.
I follow the facts and connect
the dots like a good cop.
It's not a coincidence.
It's him.
- You really think this guy
starts killing again after what,
a 30-year vacation?
- At this point it could
be a copy-cat killer.
I admit that I don't
have all of the answers
but these killings are
not a coincidence.
I know that. And they're
not going to stop.
It's either BPS or it is
someone just as deadly.
- OK then, we're dealing
with a serial killer.
- Thanks, Ray.
- Jeanne?
- Yeah?
- Make me look like I
know what I'm doing, OK?
[ Screaming ]
- The DNA extracted
from the boathouse
belongs to the victims.
- Where they killed there?
- The evidence says yes.
- That fits with BPS.
- There's something else.
She was strangled with
an old hemp rope,
at least 20 years old.
The neck wounds are
definitely post-mortem.
- You sure?
- I'm sure.
Why would someone
strangle a corpse?
- To send a message.
- They found number 3.
- In a wooded area?
- In the wildlife reserve.
- Well, let's shut it down
before the press
gets wind of it.
- I just have to change.
- BPS wouldn't go to the trouble
of mimicking his own
murders so perfectly.
Nobody gets past here.
- Why not?
He was all about
his own publicity.
- It doesn't feel
right. Not like this.
We're dealing with
a copy-cat killer.
Same cuts...
- Yeah, it's the same M.O.
- It's going to be in code.
Same one my father broke.
- What is that?
- It's one of his trophies.
Connie McMullen's
driver's license.
- Who the hell is
Connie McMullen?
- His third victim.
- Guess that shoots your
copy-cat theory all the hell.
- Maybe.
- What copy-cat
theory is that?
- Kathleen, what are
you doing here?
- I got an anonymous tip from
one of my adoring fans.
- Let's go.
- Give a girl a break!
- Fred, wait.
What kind of tip?
- A phone call.
He said the biggest story
in 30 years was out here.
What's going on, Jeanne?
- He picked you.
- What do you mean?
- He wants to use you as
a conduit to the public
to tell them just how
frightened they should be.
But I don't want that
story broken right now.
- All right, but I think you can
trust me enough to tell me why.
- We've got a real psychopath
with a taste for killing
and an even bigger
taste for publicity.
If you break this story
now, you start a panic.
- The public has a
right to know
if for no other reason than
to protect themselves.
- OK listen, Kathleen.
I want a shot at this guy
before all hell breaks loose.
It is personal.
He's making sure I know
that by picking you.
- You know I will do
whatever you want.
But you got to give me
a break here. I need this.
Just keep me in the loop and I
will sit on it until you say go.
I promise.
- You're already in
the loop, Kathleen.
But you should know that
everyone in the loop
is a target for murder.
What is it about
red meat grilling
that brings out
the animal in me?
- It's primal.
Somewhere in your
DNA is a cavewoman
who wants to be taken and fed.
- That's the truth.
Any chance you can get Fred
over here for dessert?
- Trust me.
He's not your type.
- Like hell he's not.
Another glass of this
and he can tie me up
for an evening
of light spanking.
- Not funny, Kathleen.
- You need to lighten up.
What is your problem?
- I don't have a problem.
- Like hell you don't.
- I understand your
job can be a downer
but you gotta learn to
leave it at the office.
Life's too short.
- Don't lecture me
about how short life is.
We have a man running around
tying up women and killing them.
- That is not what I'm
saying, and you know it.
I'm just trying to have
a little bit of fun.
I'm just as concerned
as everybody else is.
- I don't think so.
- What does that mean?
- It just means that
it hits a little bit
closer to home for me.
You know?
- Granted you do have a front-
row seat to all the carnage.
But that's no
reason to hammer me.
- Remember what I told you
about my mother's death?
- You told me she died in a
car accident when you were 6.
- She was murdered by BPS.
- What?
- She was his last victim.
I was tied up in
the closet listening,
waiting for my turn,
but he never came.
- Oh my God...
Jeanne, I didn't know.
Why didn't you tell me?
It's not exactly
dinner conversation, Kathleen.
- I'm sorry.
- It looks like your
boy put his John Hancock
all over the
boathouse murders.
Ballistics ran a perfect match
between the .38 slug we
pulled from this guy's head
and all the slugs they
found in the BPS victims
from 30 years ago.
The guy's using the same gun.
- It all just seems to keep
falling into place, doesn't it?
- You don't sound convinced.
- BPS left a coded message
announcing who he was
with the second woman he
murdered, Connie McMullen.
This new note uses
the same code.
But this time it's
a threat, to me.
- "The fun is
just getting started.
"Let's do it all again and
fulfill your destiny, Jeanne."
It's him, Jeanne.
It's got to be him.
He's got all the
same trophies.
He uses the same gun.
He knows the code.
Who else could
reproduce his murders
with the same
level of precision?
- It all fits but it just
isn't the right tone.
I can't explain it, but it just
isn't the same arrogance.
- You were a kid, Jeanne.
You really think that
you can remember
the tone of a serial killer's
taunting all these years later?
[ Sighing ]
- Maybe not.
I know where I can
find out though.
[ Knocking ]
What took you so
long to open up the door?
- I was in the shower!
- Um... I...
I need to talk to you.
- What, your phone's broken?
- It's not really something we
can talk about on the phone.
It's important and
it's difficult.
- Difficult short
or difficult long?
- It's BPS.
- I don't talk about that.
- He's back, Mimi.
I know that we
don't talk about this
but I really need your help.
- Your father always said
"BPS wants to be in the
serial killer's hall of fame."
They had a secret battle
going on between them.
BPS wanted Don to be his
puppet, a conduit to fame.
Don would have none of it.
He twisted every arm
in the local press
to hold the story down.
Just give them the
facts, nothing else.
Well, a lot of people felt that
by not giving BPS what he wanted
Don was pushing
him to kill more.
And your mother
was one of them.
- And did Dad know how she felt?
- No.
Oh, she tried to tell him
but he was so obsessed
with the killings
he lost his objectivity.
- How? How was he obsessed?
- He brought everything home.
Pictures, evidence.
Couldn't talk
about anything else.
Your mother put up
a brave front
but it was obvious to
me how scared she was.
- Scared of BPS?
- No, scared of what it was
doing to her husband.
Don became obsessive
with the objects that
BPS took from his victims
convinced that they held
the answer to catching him.
- Yeah, the trophies.
- Your father started collecting
all the same items
to try to get inside
the killer's head.
- Collecting the same items?
- Yeah, whatever BPS took,
Don would take the same thing.
If he took the victim's sock,
Don would take the other one.
If there was a watch missing,
or a piece of jewelry
he'd find out exactly
what kind it was
and buy the same thing.
He was copying him.
- What did he do with it?
- Linda said he laid it
all out on the basement floor
and stared at it all night.
Couldn't sleep.
She could hear him down there
pacing back and forth,
talking to himself.
- Do you hear me?
- After he died, I got
rid of everything.
- Don't look at me like that!
You hear me,
dammit? Don't!
- She was convinced
that he was trying to
think like that madman.
It's not hard to understand
why Don did what he
did after Linda died.
- Oh my God. That's it!
BPS took Connie McMullen's
driver's license.
It's the only thing of
her personal effects
that was missing.
That's the way Dad first
fingered him as a serial killer.
- I don't understand.
- The new killer left it
on Tara Leach's body
as a calling card.
Serial killers don't
give up their trophies.
- Are you saying it isn't BPS?
- That's right.
He took Tara Leach's license to
mimic the original murder
But BPS doesn't need
to prove who he is.
He's too arrogant.
We are dealing with a copy-cat.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
- Oh my lord, I forgot!
I've got a date,
and I'm not ready!
- A date? What does that mean?
Got a date?
- I mean a man's
taking me out to dinner.
- Get outta town!
- No, just down the street.
And you be nice to
him when he comes.
- Well--
- He's younger than me!
- You're so excited,
you don't know how to get
into your own house!
- Hello?
Hello? Is anybody home?
- Hi! Right here!
- Hello.
- Hello.
- I'm Jerry DiCaprio.
Is Mimi ready yet?
- Actually, she's still
upstairs. I'm--
- Jeannie. I would
know you anywhere.
- Really? How would
you know me?
- I told him!
- You're all she
ever talks about.
- That's not true.
I talk about my sordid
medical procedures.
- That is true.
- That's nice, Mimi.
Where are the 2 of
you off to tonight?
- What are you? My mother?
- I just thought it would be
nice if I joined you.
To get to know Jerry.
- Forget it! Two's company,
three's a nightmare.
- But--
- Get your own dinner date!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Is that rain
check still good?
- I didn't know we
had a rain check.
- Well then,
I guess I'm buying.
- You're so dreaming
right now.
There's no way you're
getting anything out of me.
- Come on, Freddie.
- He's going to kill
again tomorrow night.
One male shot in the
head, left in a car.
One female strangled
and left near a river.
- Yeah, but where?
- I don't know where.
- What do you want me to do?
Want me to pull
over every car
with a man and a woman
and send them home?
I'm not saying that I
don't believe you, Jeanne.
I'm just saying that there's
not much we can do but wait.
Right now I've got every
available body on patrol.
All we can do is hope to
get lucky, that's all.
- This isn't about
being lucky, Ray.
This is about
out-thinking this bastard.
- Then go out-think him.
But it's a big county, Jeanne.
Why don't you narrow down
his target area to let's say
something like 10 square miles?
Then we can talk about a
dragnet. How about that?
In the meantime,
why don't you go back to your
dinner date over there
and let me get back to my
coping mechanism, OK?
- Cheers. Have fun.
[ Sighing ]
I swear, sometimes he
can be so infuriating.
- Yeah, I know the feeling.
- I'm not pulling this
out of thin air.
This guy is taunting us.
Telling us how and when
he's going to murder.
Am I right?
- Yup.
- BPS is dead. That's why
he stopped killing.
I know that I'm right
about this nutjob.
He's paying some kind of
twisted homage to BPS.
He must know him, Val.
Because he knows the smallest
details about the murders.
Things that only
BPS would know.
He's got the trophies,
he's got--
- Jeanne?
- Yeah?
- I thought we were going
to have a nice dinner,
and conversation...
- Yeah, that's
what we're doing.
- Well, then can we talk
about something else?
- We're chasing a killer.
I mean, what else is
there to talk about?
I can't exactly check
this at the door.
- Well, I can.
This is a job to me, Jeanne.
I do have a life
outside the lab.
Cops need to
to deal with the
crap we gotta deal with.
If we want to keep our sanity.
- Yeah. I mean, I hear
what you're saying.
It's just I need some closure on
this to get on with my life.
- I guess you should have told
me that before we ordered.
- I'll catch you later.
That is the kind of
that comes from
love, not work.
- You working for
the rags now?
- Just calling
it how I see it.
- You need to have
your eyes checked.
because we're
friends, nothing else.
Under a lot of
work-related stress.
- Whatever you say.
So, you think BPS is going to
strike again tomorrow night?
- And where did you hear this?
- You know how
boys like to talk.
- Yeah, he left a
letter for me, telling me
that he was going
to keep on killing
until I fulfilled my destiny.
- What destiny?
- To be bound, photographed,
and strangled.
His last victim.
Just like my mother.
Have a good night, Kathleen.
- OK, OK...
Let's call it a day before
you knock my head off.
- You're not
patronizing me, are you?
- Hardly.
Hate to be the guy
who tries to steal
a base on you.
Here, hydrate.
You this obsessive
about everything,
or just all things non-sexual?
- Ha!
Don't confuse obsession
with passion.
- Ah, that's what
you call this.
Seems to me you've got a
passion for pummelling men.
- Just one man.
You know, I've spent
my whole life
thinking that BPS was going
to come back and kill me.
Can I trust you with something
that's a little screwed-up?
- You can trust
me with anything.
- I was actually
kind of relieved
when this guy showed up.
It's like every nightmare I
ever had finally made sense.
I know he wants to kill me
but for the first time in
my life, I'm not afraid.
I think the only
person in the world
that can understand that is him.
- Guess we better
find this guy, huh?
- I know I'm close,
I just can't crack it.
Because of that, two people
are going to die tonight.
- You've grown into
quite a woman, Jeannie.
Have you thought about me
as much as I've
thought about you?
I've been waiting a
long time for this moment.
You have been thinking about me.
Your mother changed the
way I looked at people.
She was strong, and beautiful.
I chose her for revenge,
but she taught me how
important life was.
Your life.
She was willing to
do anything for you.
Even knowing that I was going to
kill her after it was done.
What about you, Jeannie?
Are you the woman
your mother was?
[ Spitting ]
I'm going to make
you pay for that
with more pain than you
can possibly imagine.
[ Knife scraping ]
Connect the dots.
Come and find me.
- B...
Rose Park. Rose Park!
It's a B. The first two
sites are different.
But the pattern is identical
down to the exact distance.
- What are you talking about?
- The sites were the bodies were
are in the shape of a B.
I think I know where
he's going.
- I'm calling back-up.
- No, if I'm right,
we can't risk it.
This may be my only shot.
I'm on my way to Rose Park,
where Tapley turns into Bay.
- OK, I'm on my way.
At least wait for me, Jeanne.
[ Sighing ]
- I'm Detective Joyce!
Freeze! But your hands
where I can see them.
I said put your hands where
I can see them, now!
[ Woman mumbling ]
[ Gasp ]
- [P.A.] Orderly, to
surgical supplies.
- How you feeling?
- Where am I?
- General hospital.
That's one nasty bump
you got on your head.
Any idea who gave it to you?
- No.
There was a girl.
- Yeah, well, all we found
was the dead man, and this.
On your forehead.
- "Not yet... BPS."
- Car belongs to
Kevin Cunningham.
He was the stiff
next to your car.
- He's going to change his
pattern now that I blew it.
I got to get to the station.
- Whoa...
You're not going anywhere.
Except for home.
Couple days rest.
This is Ray's orders.
And he also wanted
me to tell you
that we are searching every
single riverbed in the city
but so far nothing.
- Am I interrupting something?
- No, no, Mimi. It's fine.
- Oh...
- I'm OK.
This is Fred Brampton.
- Hmm... The partner?
- Yes, the partner.
And can we please submit all
embarrassing questions
in writing?
- It's very nice to meet you.
- So, Fred...
What do you think
about our girl?
- I think that she's
going to be just fine.
As long as we can
get her home to bed.
- You have my permission.
- You are a nasty old woman.
- What you call nasty,
I call practical.
- OK, I got to get going.
- Please do.
Don't forget this.
- Thanks. Good to meet you.
- Give up.
- Hi there.
What's your name?
- Jeannie, but my
dad calls me J.J.
- Well, that's a pretty name.
Look, I can see you're busy.
- No, it's OK. I'd like
to hear more about it.
Come in.
[ Phone ringing ]
- Hello?
- All hell just broke lose.
Get your ass back here now.
- What's going on here?
- Surprise!
- Happy birthday!
- You may have forgotten
about your birthday
but we didn't.
We have big plans
for you tonight.
- Were you two in on this?
- Guilty. Happy
birthday, Jeanne.
- Come on. You could
use a night out.
Forget about this psycho.
Go tie one on
with the girls.
He'll still be
out there tomorrow.
- Come on. You need a
night out more than I do.
- I really appreciate
the sentiment, you guys,
but no thanks.
- Then that's an
order, Detective.
- I know you enjoy
calling the shots
but you're not in charge
of my personal life.
- Ooh!
Well, you're absolutely right,
so why not I rephrase that?
Either you go out and celebrate
your birthday tonight
or early tomorrow morning,
in my office
and we'll have
a little talk.
It's your choice.
- Let's go. Come on.
- OK...
- Let's get this
party started!
[ Screaming and whistling ]
- Mornin', partner.
I understand your party
was a big hit last night.
- Big is relative, Fred.
Unless of course,
we're talking about guns.
In which case, bigger
is always better.
And from the look
of your panties here
I would say that you
missed out on that memo.
[ Chuckling ]
- Fun's over, folks.
Back to work.
You know, it would have been
nice if somebody had told me.
- OK, I had no idea.
Kathleen promised me.
I don't understand.
- I just spoke
with the Governor.
He's demanding we come
clean to the press
with the whole story.
- You can't.
You'll start a panic.
- What do we got going now?
- We cannot give this
bastard what he wants.
Just let me run
point on this.
We will talk to the press,
but we'll use as
an opportunity to...
To provoke him into
making a mistake, OK?
- I just hope you're
not making a mistake.
- "I gave you a chance
to be part of history
"and you ignored me.
"I suggest you
visit the library
"and check with
Emily Post on etiquette.
Do it again and you'll
pay with your life."
- I'm sorry, Jeanne. It was
waiting for me when I got home.
We were 15 minutes to press
and I thought you'd say no.
- You still should have
called me, Kathleen.
- I know.
I know, but I was scared.
- It's all right.
We're going to get this guy.
All right, this is what we know.
The first 4 murders
were an almost perfect
re-creation of BPS' first 4.
And the woman I saw
is most likely the 5th.
Not just because of
the way they were killed
but because of their size,
their age, and hair colour.
It's obvious to me he
spent a great deal of time
researching his victims.
- These weren't
random choices?
- No.
His timing, his preparation...
It's obsessively meticulous.
There's no doubt in my mind
that he had 11 victims chosen
before he even made
his first kill.
- That's so he could stick to
BPS' original time frame?
- Exactly.
He knew their schedules.
He predetermined where to kill,
where to dump the bodies,
and all without a single
trace of evidence.
- So where does that leave us?
- He'll definitely change
his location pattern
I'm sure of that.
But he will stay on
his original timetable.
Which means that he's going to
kill again tomorrow night.
[ Sighing ]
"I suggest you
visit the library
and check with Emily
Post on etiquette."
- You think she's being rude
by blowing him off the
first time he called?
- This isn't a reprimand.
- Great, another one
of the psycho's
cheeseball little games.
- Well, he's nothing
if not arrogant.
Here it is. Emily Post,
all about etiquette.
- What does it say?
I don't get it.
Why dump her all the
way the hell out here
just to tell us where she is?
- We had to find her
before the animals do
so we can appreciate
his handiwork.
- This is getting old.
- Things are only
going to get worse.
If only I wasn't out
wasting my time last night
I could have figured
it out and saved her.
- Come on, Jeanne.
You went out with friends.
You can't live
this thing 24-7.
- He does.
Take a look at that girl and
tell me I'm doing enough.
- Maybe it's time you step
away from this, Jeanne.
You're too close to it.
It's not a knock, it's
just this guy's in your head.
There's no way of knowing
whether he'll play you again.
- Sounds like you're
saying I'm a problem.
- I'm saying you're a huge part
of this psycho's motivation.
Take you out of the
picture, what does he do?
- He kills, Fred. We're
all part of his equation.
- One of her earrings
was ripped out.
It's not here.
- I was right there that night.
I could have saved her.
- Pretty doll...
- Give me a glove.
- What is it?
- It's my doll.
- What do you mean?
- When I was 6,
I was playing with...
He's saying how
he's going to kill me.
Fred? Can I get a
picture of this please?
The murders appear to be related
But I would like to reiterate
that we are not
dealing with BPS.
I'll take questions now.
- How do you explain the
Polaroids left on the bodies?
- He may be a copy cat,
but it's not BPS.
- How do you know?
- Uh, copy cat finds fulfillment
in merely mimicking.
BPS revelled in what he
considered to be his art: fear.
- Wasn't your father
the detective in charge of
the BPS investigation?
- Yes, he was.
- And your mother was BPS' last
victim before he disappeared?
- Thirty years ago, yes.
At the time, this rendering
was circulated nationally.
It was sketched as
per the description
of the only person
to see BPS,
I was 6 years old.
I know every detail
of every murder.
And I can tell you
that we are not
dealing with BPS.
The person that we
are looking for
is a coward with
little intelligence
and no insight into human
behaviour whatsoever.
- Are you worried
that he might be coming after
you, Detective Joyce?
- It is not BPS.
No, what worries me is that
the people of this city
will allow a lone psychopath
to affect the way they
live their lives.
Thank you.
- Detective Jeanne Joyce,
sole survivor of
the BPS Killer's
original reign of terror
standing defiant against
a serial killer
determined to galvanize
our city with fear.
- You better know
what you're doing.
- I do.
Every time he makes
a play for attention
I'm going to
run interference
and have the press
talk about me, not him.
- We just put a
bull's eye on your back.
- He put the bull's eye there.
I just gave him a
reason to use it.
- Gerry says you were wrong for
calling the killer stupid.
- I don't give a damn what
Gerry thinks. Who is he?
Where did you meet him?
- Bingo.
- Bingo? Bingo, Mimi?
What does he do?
- He's a retired butcher.
And that subject is closed.
Now I haven't made this in
years, so don't expect too much.
- Come on. Nobody makes
casserole like you, Mimi.
It smells good.
- Your mom never
liked my casseroles.
- Really? I find
that hard to believe.
- She was a bit of a snob
when it came to cooking.
I think it was
the artist in her.
She was a great cook.
She could make a plate of hot
dogs taste like a gourmet meal.
- I don't remember.
- Oh...
I always forget how small
you were when we lost her.
Hard to hold onto your memories
when you're that young.
- I want you to be real
quiet now, Jeannie, OK?
No matter what
you hear. All right?
- Please! Don't hurt her!
- That all depends
on you, Linda.
- No child should have had
to endure what you did.
But Jeannie, it's been 30 years.
And you can't undo the
unspeakable horrors
he committed to your mother.
- I'm not trying
to undo anything.
- Aren't you?
- No.
- Your mother wasn't
the only thing
that monster killed that day.
Part of you is
still in that closet.
And that part's
lost, Jeannie.
Finding Linda's killer isn't
going to bring that back.
- I'm not trying to
find Linda's killer.
I'm just doing my job.
You bastard.
- They were a little late.
- I think it's OK...
- Jeanne.
- Yeah, Ray.
- I'd like a word.
- Noun, verb, or adjective?
- How about suspended?
The serial killer
enters your apartment
leaves you a token
of his affection
and you don't
brief me on this?
- I just wanted
confirmation from Val.
- Like hell you did.
You don't play me
on this one, Jeanne.
I warned you about
this lone ranger crap.
- I'm sorry.
I wasn't hiding
anything, Ray.
I just didn't think
that it was...
- You didn't think
it was important?
You didn't think
it was policy? What?
- What do you want me to say?
- Yes, sir. No, sir.
And I won't do anything
without back-up, sir.
If this sick bastard wants
you on his trophy case
then I want him to go through
every man I got to get to you.
Is that understood?
- Yes, sir.
- Good.
- And Ray...
I love you too, sir.
- It's a perfect match.
I'm sure DNA tests will
confirm her blood on it.
I guess we know
why he took it now.
- He's letting me know that he
can get to me whenever he wants.
- If that's the case,
doesn't it seem a bit
reckless to challenge him?
Especially in the press?
- If being reckless
gets me a shot at him
colour me reckless.
- I don't think calling him
a coward and unintelligent
is productive.
- He is a coward.
- He's also murdered 5 people
and hasn't left a
trace of evidence.
- Not that we have found yet.
- I guess maybe we should all
be as productive as you are.
- What the hell is
that supposed to mean?
- We all want to
get him, Jeanne.
For our own reasons.
- Hey, I got here as soon
as I could. What's up?
- He sent me another message.
- "I only chose one writer
"so your fame is inevitable.
"Your defining moment
is here, Kathleen.
Don't be afraid. Embrace it."
- He wants me to
print the story.
I'm not sure what
to do, Jeanne.
I didn't tell anyone about it.
But the truth is, it's
the story of a lifetime!
The national coverage
I could get off this
would change my world!
I may be able to use
this as a springboard
to a whole new career.
Maybe one of those
on-air news correspondents
at a major network!
I mean, my editor
would kill me--
- What the hell
are you thinking?
You do understand that
the man who wrote this
is planning on killing 6 more
people, and one tonight?
- Yes.
But I also understand
that if I don't do what he says,
he'll come after me.
He picked me. Remember?
Look, Jeanne. I'm scared.
I want to do everything I
can to help, but I'm afraid.
How do you know that printing
that thing won't help?
- I don't.
My father was wrong and
he killed my mother.
Run it, don't run it. I don't
care what you do, Kathleen.
- Where are you going?
- I'm going home
to find a killer.
- Jeanne!
[ Beep ]
[Kathleen]: Hey Jeanne,
I decided not to run it yet
but I really need to talk to
you about it some more.
I'm on my way to yoga class to
work out some of this stress.
Can I swing by later tonight?
Call me if that's OK.
Hope you're feeling better.
[ Beep ]
[ Exhaling ]
- Why did he pick you?
You're pretty, by why you?
Lived alone as a writer...
Lived alone as a writer...
"Lisa Torbett, believed to have
been abducted outside a disco
"between 8:00 and
10:00 on Wednesday
was made famous as the BPS
Killer's 6th victim."
"Waitress, student, housewife,
secretary, student, writer."
She was the only writer.
She was the only writer.
"I only chose one writer
so your fame is inevitable."
Oh my God. He's going
to kill Kathleen!
Oh my God!
He's going after
Kathleen this time.
It's going to be
within the hour.
It may already be too late.
- How do you know?
- I don't have time
to explain it now.
You'll just have to trust me.
- Are you sure about this?
- As sure I am that he
is going to kill again.
- What do you need?
- The yoga class at the church.
Get some units over there
right now, please!
[ Woman moaning ]
[ Woman moaning ]
- Police! Freeze!
- What the hell
are you doing?
- We're just making out.
It's my boyfriend!
- It's OK. It's all right.
[ Siren ]
Just relax. Stay right
there, it's fine.
It's fine, it's fine.
- It's all right.
It's not our man.
It's a false alarm.
- What the hell
happened here, Jeanne?
- I blew it.
- What's going on, Jeanne?
- I thought he was
coming after you.
- Oh my God.
- Back in the car, guys.
- You can get
back in your car now.
- Jeanne?
Chief's waiting for you.
- Jeanne, come in.
This is Agent Diamond
from the FBI.
- How you doing?
- Agent Diamond will be
taking over the BPS case.
- Ray's brought us up to speed.
You've done some pretty
impressive work so far.
- You can't be serious, Ray.
- The Governor told the Feds
they can expect
our full cooperation.
That would include giving them
everything you know about BPS.
Past and present.
- Sure. When pigs fly.
- Don't forget your
place here, Detective.
- Look, I understand
how you feel.
But this is a matter
of experience,
not competence, Detective Joyce.
We're trained to handle
these kinds of cases.
- With all due respect,
You don't have
any idea how I feel.
- That's enough!
- You're right. That is enough.
- Right there, Jeanne!
I will not tolerate this
kind of insubordination.
You understand me?
- This is insane, Ray!
Nobody knows this
case like I do.
My entire life has been about
getting a shot at this guy
and when that happens,
you hang me out to dry!
Why? Because the Governor
makes a call to the FBI
just to bolster
his poll numbers?
- I made the call.
- I screwed up last
night, Ray. Fine.
I had a hunch and I acted on it.
You would've done the
same thing. Come on.
- Maybe I would have.
But that doesn't
change the situation.
You're still off the case.
- Why would you do that to me?
- Because it's not about you.
We need a new set
of eyes on this thing.
Every piece of evidence
indicates that it's BPS
but you disregard it like
it's a plate of bad clams.
He's playing you, Jeanne.
And the people of this
city are dying on my watch.
- Was Fred in on this?
- You should go
home now, Jeanne.
You're suspended
until further notice.
[ Police radio ]
[ Beep ]
- You have one message.
Message one:
- Open your eyes, Linda.
Do you see this?
Keep your eyes open.
Either you watch
or Jeannie does.
[ Sobbing ]
That's better.
- I can't do this!
For the love of God!
- Look at me!
I don't want to
hurt her, but I will.
Whatever you don't
watch me do to you
I'll do to her.
Do you want to
protect her from that?
- Yes!
- Then keep your
eyes on the knife.
- Hey, partner.
- Not anymore.
- You know, for
what it's worth,
I think taking you off the
BPS case is a friggin' joke.
Can I have a beer?
But I don't think that the FBI
coming on board is a bad thing.
- There go your chances
of getting lucky tonight.
- If you're going to go
that hard on bourbon
you should probably
get something to eat.
- You're a real
buzz kill, you know?
- Can we have a couple
burgers over here, please?
- I don't need a
nursemaid to sober me up
or preach to me the virtues of
crimefighting the FBI way.
See you on the slab, partner.
- Yeah.
- Hey!
You're not
ducking me, are you?
- What are you talking about?
- I acted like a
jerk the other day.
- Well--
- No, no.
I'd like to make it up to you.
Why don't you let
me make you dinner?
- Are you sure that's what
you're after, Val? Dinner?
[ Chuckling ]
- You're drunk.
- Well, that's not
a bad thing.
I'm at my best
when I'm drunk.
Take me home.
- OK.
Not like this.
[ Chuckling ]
Ha! What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Get the hell off me!
[ Screaming ]
- Welcome home, Jeanne.
I bought it a year ago.
The owner died in
his sleep one night.
- What are you--
- It's the only place we
could do it, don't you think?
I mean, this is where
it all started for you.
I underestimated you, Jeanne.
I admit it.
You almost had
me in Rose Park.
Don't do anything stupid.
You of all people should know
how thought out this is.
- Mimi!
- You were your mother's
reason to endure.
Being your only relative,
she'll have to do.
Let's hope your courage
matches your mother's.
- Why are you doing this?
[ Muffled yelling ]
- Because I love you.
I have for some time.
This is our destiny, Jeanne.
It was decided long
before we ever met.
- You don't have
to kill me, Val.
- Of course I do.
Killing you is the only way
to have it all make sense.
It's our
30 year anniversary.
- What about my grandmother?
- Well, that depends on you.
[ Knife sharpening ]
- You know who BPS is?
[ Laughing ]
- Of course I do!
It was my father.
He was the perfect dad.
I really had the best childhood.
Only I had something
the other kids didn't.
A father with godlike power.
Deciding who lived and died.
- And he passed his
power onto you?
- Oh.
The first photograph
he ever showed me
was of you.
That's when I fell
in love with you.
I've dreamed of this
moment for so long, Jeanne.
- Why now? Why start
killing now, Val?
- I told you!
It's our anniversary.
Dad taught me the importance
of timing and preparation.
He was my hero.
And I wanted to find a
way to pay tribute to him.
To bring his genius
to a new generation
that will appreciate
BPS for what he was.
A man to be feared.
And worshipped.
- By killing 5 innocent people?
- Innocent?
We're all guilty
of something, Jeanne.
The truth is...
dying sometimes...
is an answer to pain.
- That's what you'll do?
Hurt me with a few
little burns?
I'm disappointed.
- You're special, Jeanne.
Dad said you would be.
- Your dad was sick.
You don't have to do this, Val.
- My father was an artist.
- He was an animal!
- Shut your mouth!
- Is that how he did it, Val?
He beat her and then
he burned her later?
- You want to see how
my father did it?
- Yeah.
- You can see first hand.
I'll love peeling your skin off.
- You're pathetic!
A disappointment to
your demented father!
- You're going to
beg me to kill you!
What now, Jeanne?
You seized your moment.
Made your move.
Just one problem:
Soon this room will
be an inferno
and your grandmother
will be burned alive!
- Drop it right now!
- Come take it from me.
You feel that?
Feel me squeezing
the life out of you?
That's power, Jeanne.
[ Mimi grunting ]
My power!
- Let's go next door!
Just go! I'll be all right!
- Oh! My granddaughter's
still inside!
- Mimi? Mimi?
I'm OK.
[ Siren ]
It's OK. It's OK.
- How's it coming?
- Ten years and I can't even
fill a box this size.
- So there's no chance
you'd reconsider, huh?
You're too good a cop to just
walk away from it all.
- I've been a cop since
I was 6 years old.
Time to think about doing
something else.
- So what are you
going to do now?
- I was thinking about getting
married, having some kids.
Sure get Mimi off
my back, wouldn't it?
- Jeanne?
I like kids.