Legacy of Lies (2020) Movie Script

Red Star is on sight.
Headed due south.
Payload is on board.
Stepanenko has arrived.
Wait a second.
You have the address of the bank, right?
Oh, shit.
- You have the code?
- Here it is.
Don't give this address to anyone.
Stepanenko is not alone.
Repeat, he's not...
Red Star is down.
I need backup.
They have the payload.
Where the fuck is my backup?
- Olga. It's me, it's me!
- No! No!
- Martin?
- You okay?
- What are you doing here?
- You stay in the car, don't move.
Give me the bag.
Throw me the bag.
Let her go.
Are you listening to me?
I'll throw the bag
when you let her go.
I'll kill this bitch right now!
Just listen to me, all right?
You let her go,
and you walk away,
that will be the end of it.
But if you do not,
you are a dead man.
Throw me the fucking bag!
Come on!
Come on, do it!
Twenty minutes.
You all set?
Yeah, I'm good.
- What the hell is that?
- Avocado salad, low-fat yogurt.
- I'm detoxing.
- You're detoxing. What for?
- You're 12 years old.
- So amazing.
You can clean out
your whole body.
It works on your mind and
your feelings and your life.
Everything changes
for the better.
It's so powerful,
do you know what I mean?
Sorry, am I boring you?
What did you say,
Never mind.
Listen. This Richie May.
He's got the range,
but you got the power.
He's really tricky.
He's gonna keep you dancing
at the end of his jab,
so you need to use your legs,
create space and bide your time.
And when he gets tired,
move in for the knockout.
Lees, I'm gonna do
what I always do, okay?
I'm gonna walk him down,
smash straight through him.
- I don't think that will work, Dad.
- Don't you worry about it, you leave it up to me.
- You're sure?
- 'Course I'm sure.
Anyway, what is this,
20 Questions? Go on.
What are the odds
on the next match?
Bully Boy, 2.8.
Richie May, 1.9.
2.8 for the Bull?
You kidding me?
Richie May won
the last K1 Grand Prix.
He kicked the shit out of The Fly
and almost choked Garry Newman.
Bully Boy should
be way over three.
2.8 it is.
- What's the minimum bet?
- Fifty.
Oh, you're a real high
roller, aren't you?
Here's 500. Richie May.
Are you ready?
Are you ready? Fight!
Haymaker! Haymaker!
He's got the range,
use your legs!
Can you fight? Look at me.
Can you fight?
Stop! Come on, Dad!
Come on!
It's time to stop!
You all right?
For the lady.
Better luck next time,
Bully Boy.
What the fuck is that?
Did you bet against me?
I tried to warn you,
but you were clearly not listening.
Why would you do that?
I don't know what's
been up with you lately.
You've just not
been... focused.
Lees. Lees!
Oh, my God, I gotta see you.
Babe, are you all right?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to turn it on.
Just go, all right?
Just go.
- Look, I'm sorry, I didn't...
- Just fucking leave!
- Just go!
- All right.
Remember what I told you.
Dad, I've been thinking.
You like it here, right?
It's all right.
I'm tired of moving
all the time.
I think we should
settle down here.
Open a restaurant or something.
What do you think?
You know what I think, Lees.
I think we should
keep moving. You know?
That's the way we do it, right?
Me and you, we're a team.
But why?
Look, you're not
concentrating, are you?
Do you remember what I said
about aiming the gun?
Use these gun sights to aim.
All right?
You don't look at the target,
target's in the background, blurry.
You're still aiming
at it, but it's these.
That's what you use
to focus. Yeah?
Come on, you know what to do.
Have another go.
I want to start school
this fall.
Lees, you're not
concentrating, are you? Focus.
Dad, I have to think about my future.
I have to have a profession.
What, you want an office job?
Come on.
I'm not saying that.
I could be, like,
a writer or an artist.
Oh, yeah. That's just what the world
needs, is another artist.
Begging on the street for money.
"Please, please pay me,
pay me to express
my innermost thoughts."
What have I always told you,
Lees? It's to be independent.
Don't have to rely
on anyone else.
But to be independent,
I have to have skills.
You got plenty of skills.
I taught you everything
you need to know.
After this summer,
I'm starting school. That's it.
Police are
investigating the sudden illness
of a Russian opposition
activist named Sergei Skuratov.
Skuratov and his wife were found unconscious
Sunday in New York's Central Park,
after attending
the international summit...
on regime evolution in Russia.
This is a major incident.
We have determined
that it was attempted murder
by administration
of a nerve agent.
I will not...
Lees, I'm off to work.
Lees, off to work.
Be back late, okay?
I've put you a pizza in the oven.
Frozen pizza again?
Do you ever listen
to anything I say?
I'm detoxing.
All right, break it up, lads!
Right! I said break it up!
Enough! Okay? Break it up!
Get the fuck out of here!
Mate, what the fuck
was that all about?
You want the police
to turn up here again?
Sorry, I'm all right.
Listen to me.
Get your shit together.
You hear me?
Sorry, mate.
Okay. Next.
That was quite an impressive
display of anger management, Martin.
Purse on the tray.
Did you know that anger is always
preceded by feelings of pain?
You should probably mind your own
business, don't you, love?
We are in the same business.
We need to talk.
You forgot this.
I'd be a bit more careful with my
belongings if I was you, Ms. Stepanenko.
Interesting name, huh?
What is it?
You do remember my father,
Egor, don't you?
You worked with him.
The Gazette?
Kiev, 12 years ago?
He told me you were
the best investigative reporter
he'd ever met.
I think you might have me
confused with somebody else.
This was taken
on my father's cell phone.
It was taken just a few days
before he died.
My father,
his colleague Olga...
and this is you, right?
How did you find me?
I'm a journalist,
just like my dad.
What do you want?
My father's mission is mine now.
Nothing has changed
since he died.
Have you seen the latest news?
Look, what happened to your
father, that was a tragedy, but...
I need your help
to get the files.
Martin! You old fox.
Home at last.
Been a long time, huh?
What's going on, Trevor?
Old lady throw you out again?
Or CIA starting another war?
Just craving a little
chitchat with an old buddy.
Why don't you sit down?
See you found the beer.
Pleased to meet you.
John Edwards, MI6.
Heard a lot about you.
- You're bleeding.
- Oh, don't worry.
Nothing serious, just a little
intranasal tumor. Comes and goes.
Just can't seem to find the time
to schedule the surgery, though.
I'd get on to that if I was you.
Can't be too careful.
Wanna tell me what you're doing
here in the middle of the night?
Let's get down to it.
We're here because of your little
tte--tte with that cute reporter.
What exactly
did you two discuss?
I don't know what to tell you, Trevor.
I mean, I'm a bouncer.
You know, part of the job description
is you gotta talk to people.
When you quit MI6,
we had an agreement.
You don't mess with our business,
we don't mess with yours.
I told you then.
If you tried to get back
in the game,
I'd take you out.
Now, did she mention the files?
It's 12 years ago, Trevor.
Why the fuck are you
bringing it up now?
You know what happened.
The Russians got the files.
Mission not accomplished.
Well, the reality turns out to be
a bit more complicated than that.
Please, enlighten me.
We're all worried
about your health, Martin.
What's that supposed to mean?
They will find you.
The Hilton,
yesterday morning.
He was less fortunate than you.
- Who is he?
- One of our chaps.
Got too close to her.
They nabbed him by surprise.
The stakes have gone up, Martin.
The Russians
have repeatedly used
nerve agent in the UK.
Now they've done it
on our turf as well.
We consider this an act of war.
Work with us Martin,
we'll protect you.
Otherwise, well...
you could end up
with a new smile too.
Lees, back to bed, please.
- Back to bed.
- Lisa!
Last time I saw you,
you were wearing a poopy diaper.
- Can't sleep.
- You need to go back to bed, sweetheart, okay?
Some daughter you got there.
She's growing up fast.
Looks just like her mother.
I look like myself.
Listen, Martin,
I get you don't give
a rat's ass about the Russians.
Fine. But you realize
those files
would probably expose the
scumbag who betrayed us in Kiev.
If we find the rat
in our network,
I promise you,
he will face a firing squad.
Don't you want to know who's
responsible for her mother's death?
- My mother was in an accident.
- An accident?
- Trevor...
- A car accident.
- You didn't tell her?
- Tell me...
Right, that's enough.
Get out. Lees! Lees!
Think about the traitor, Martin.
Wouldn't you just love to
encourage his disappearance?
Trevor, I told you before,
I'm out. Now, fuck off!
Very well. If there's ever anything
you'd like to share with me,
you know where to find me.
Good seeing you again, Martin.
I'm sorry, Lees.
I was gonna tell you.
- Go away.
- Lees, honey, just...
- Will listen to me, please?
- You lied to me.
I was gonna tell you
when you were older.
Go away. Leave me alone.
Please, honey, just...
You lied to me.
Promise me it will
always be like this.
- Promise!
- All right, I promise.
- I promise.
- I don't believe you.
Today, American
counterterrorism forces
took over the investigation.
There is widespread speculation
that the Skuratovs
were poisoned.
Military toxicologists have concluded
that the Kremlin was most
likely responsible
for this heinous act of
terrorism on American soil.
Lees, pack your stuff, please.
We're leaving.
Why do we have to leave?
- Dad?
- Just do as I say, okay?
I don't want to leave.
I want to stay here.
- Why is it always about...
- I haven't got time to argue with you!
Just pack your stuff!
Bring him here.
Perfect profile for a secret agent.
All right, slow down.
Just slow down, okay? You...
Whatever you wanna know...
I want the files.
What files?
What are you talking about?
I don't know what files!
Where does she hide them?
You've got the fucking files!
I saw the guy
take the shoulder bag
with my own fucking eyes!
You've got the files!
No! No! Whoa,
whoa, whoa! No!
Maybe this refreshes your memory.
Okay, okay.
Sasha knows where the files are.
I can get them for you.
She thinks I'm a journalist.
I used to work with her father.
You know that, right?
I can get you files.
- You will get them.
- Yes.
The files and the reporter.
24 hours.
I want the files
and the reporter.
Dead or alive, I don't care.
You've got 24 hours.
You will get her out.
Promise me. Promise me. Promise me.
Your father is collecting
a present for me.
If you are nice,
we will be nice.
You can order all candy,
chips, soda you want, okay?
I want a berry smoothie.
Strawberries, blueberries,
raspberries and two cups of spinach.
Bring her a strawberry milkshake.
Do you like cartoons?
He's just parked at
Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho.
Maxi Million Club.
He's in.
Go check it out.
When I tell you I'm out,
that means I'm out.
- Hey, mate.
- Hey.
- Maxim around?
- Who's asking?
Tell him Bully Boy's here to see him.
Wow. Bully Boy.
Have a seat.
- Cognac?
- I'm good.
So, what brings you down here
in the middle of the night?
Are we okay to talk business?
Yeah, sure.
Go ahead.
I got a fight coming up
with this Armenian guy.
And the funny thing is that the Russians
are talking about the Armenian guy
kicking the bucket
during the bout.
Bucket kicking?
Like, you mean... die?
Apparently, there's a girl
mixed up in this as well.
Ukrainian girl, blonde hair,
phoenix tattoo on her neck.
Says she's a journalist.
Know anything about that?
Why should I know about her?
Well, because I found this.
In her wallet.
So I think it's about time
you quit the bullshit, Maxim.
Don't you? Where is she?
I don't like your tone, Bully Boy.
Sit down. Calm down.
How the fuck did you
get that in here?
Came to see you, didn't she?
That's how she found me.
You are a dead man walking.
Get your phone out.
Get your fucking phone out.
I'm not gonna ask you again. Do it.
Look at that. He's in close,
but he can't get a punch in,
so he ties his opponent's arms and
pushes him back at the same time.
See how he pushes Spence
back on the ropes?
A lot of fighters get
uncomfortable in that situation.
Especially Shawn Spence.
So you think this
Smokin' Joe will win?
Oh, yeah.
I'd put cash on him,
70/30 odds, at least.
There he goes. Oh!
That hurt!
What did I tell you?
Wish I'd put money on that.
You put money?
I'm here to help you.
Your father was my friend. I'm not
gonna let the same thing happen to you.
- Give me your phone.
- Why?
How do you think I found you?
Take this. It's safe.
You do know what we're
up against, right?
They don't scare me.
I want those files published.
To avenge your father's death?
Yes. And all the others.
I found his log book.
The last entry was about a meeting
with a woman he called Red Star.
Red Star had collected evidence
of a chemical weapons program.
She had gotten hold
of the formula for Novichok.
She even had samples of it.
Your father didn't tell me that.
Red Star thought it was too risky
to bring the files to the meeting,
so she put them in a bank.
- She put them in a bank?
- Yes.
- Where is this bank, Sasha?
- I'm the only one who knows.
The address of the bank
was in his log book.
I burned it.
You have the address of the bank, right?
Red Star wanted to give my father
the code to the safe deposit box.
Very smart.
I need your help to get the code.
For fuck's sake,
taking a nap while on duty?
Let it ring.
Turn around,
don't you look at me.
Let me see your hands.
- Who are you?
- Don't you worry about that.
Log into the CIA system.
We're just a trading company.
- Don't know what you think...
- If you don't want me to blow your brains out
all over this nice monitor,
I'd do as you're told.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What you doing?
What you doing?
I know your game.
You got a real password
and a fake one, yeah?
Let me suggest something.
Put the real one in.
Okay. Operation Red Star.
I wanna see everything you've got.
Keep going. 12 years ago, Kiev.
All right, stop.
There's a handwritten note.
Yellow handwritten note.
A van just pulled up outside.
Men with guns.
Get out of there.
It's encrypted.
I don't have access.
Print it. Everything.
Is it printing or not?
- Yeah, it's coming.
- Come on.
Get up! Move!
- Where's the escape route?
- The what?
- The fucking escape route!
- On the back wall!
Where is it?
What's going on?
I've got a hostage here.
Martin, let's talk
about this, shall we?
Come on. If you have a gun,
just put it down.
We don't want anyone
getting hurt.
You hear me? Martin?
Martin, I'm coming in.
Two! Down! Let's go.
Game over, mate. Slowly up.
Jig's up, Martin.
One on him.
- What took you so long?
- Drive.
Ten hours have passed.
Increases the pressure.
Yes, I will do it.
You're telling me MI6, CIA,
they're all after us?
It's not even our main concern.
You're not like any
reporter I've ever met.
That's 'cause
I'm the best, right?
Isn't that
what your father said?
- Fuck!
- What's wrong?
They've changed the encryption.
You're surrounded!
Come out with your hands
above your head.
We will use force.
Final warning, Martin.
Good. Very good.
Now move forward.
Tell your men
to put their guns down.
Do as I say or I'll kill him.
The files you're looking
for are in a bank.
Martin has the code
to the vault in his head.
He's the only one who knows it.
Now you tell me,
shall I blow his brains out?
That would just
break my heart there, Sasha.
- Am I?
- For christ sake, Trevor!
Tell them to put
their guns down, now!
Come on, please.
I'm the only one who knows
the location of the bank.
Calm down.
You're bluffing.
Sasha. Sasha.
What are you doing?
- One!
- Okay, okay.
I told you, he wants those
files more than anything.
Wake up!
What did he want?
You guys seem to know
each other pretty well.
Don't play games
with me, Martin.
You know who I'm talking about.
He said it was a handwritten note.
Yellow paper.
I could only print
the encrypted version.
I'm sure you got a lot
of questions, Sasha,
but you're just gonna
have to trust me, okay?
When was the encryption
last updated?
- Uh, six months ago.
- Good.
Then he doesn't have
what he was looking for.
Look, believe me,
I'm as scared as you are.
I'm not scared.
Did anyone ever
follow up on this?
Yeah, but the number is not
registered to any network.
Hey, mate. Fancy a joyride?
Not a phone number.
The fucking code to the vault.
Print it out.
What do we do now?
- Got a credit card?
- Yes.
Get it out.
Time to set a trap.
- A trap?
- Yes.
Trevor's got
the code to the vault.
So let's lead him
to the honeypot.
- Give me status.
- He's close.
We've lost him.
Oh, sorry! Excuse me.
Sorry, I really wasn't looking
where I was going, was I?
It's British.
Gonna be all right with that?
We got a hit.
Sasha just booked
two tickets to Moscow.
A hotel in the city center.
I'll make some calls.
Don't bother.
They're not going to Moscow.
He's not that stupid.
Check all outbound flights
from every airport
within a hundred mile radius for a
passenger named Sasha Stepanenko.
- Check the trains too.
- What about Martin?
You seriously think he'd
travel under his own name?
Give me all the security
camera footage
from every airport in London.
That's pretty. Is it really yours?
Your bracelet.
It is now clear that
Sergei Skuratov and his wife Yulia
were poisoned by
a military grade nerve agent
of a type Russia has
developed in the past.
It's one of a group of nerve
agents known as Novichok.
I hope you
have good news for me.
I know where the files are.
I'm gonna need more time.
Listen, if you're trying
to trick me,
you will not win.
You understand me?
Nobody's trying
to trick anyone here, okay?
The files are in Kiev.
Sasha is taking me there now.
We're close.
I just need a little more time.
How do I know this is true?
Well, do you want
the files or not?
Say hello to your father.
- Dad?
- Sweetheart, you all right?
How are you doing?
Okay, I guess.
I'm having a pedicure.
- When will you come?
- That's enough.
I want to speak
to him more. He misses me.
I'm sure he does.
You have no children, do you?
If you were a mother,
you wouldn't do this.
You think you know me?
If you had kids,
I bet they'd hate you.
You think you are
an intelligent girl, right?
Good. Let me tell you a story
about your father and your mother.
You know what he did?
Your father told her
he was a journalist.
He pretended to love her,
but he was really a spy.
So my question is,
intelligent girl,
what are you for him?
Accident, maybe?
Or maybe you good for cover.
You don't know shit.
I was born out of love.
- He told me.
- Okay, we are finished.
We can't be late for the fight.
Bingo! They're on a flight to Kiev.
All right.
Get in touch
with our Ukrainian friends.
Ask for Colonel Zelenko,
send him that picture.
Tell him I want him
to keep a close eye on them.
Come on.
Get your ass in gear. Let's go.
Hi! How can I help you?
We'd like to rent a car.
It's them.
Is something wrong?
I haven't been here since he died.
We ended our
chemical weapons program in 1992.
We eliminated all the chemical
weapons that existed in Russia.
Martin, look.
But at the same time
we are very suspicious
of everything that's happened around
this provocation against Russia.
And naturally,
we want to know the truth.
The Russians' position in this case
is becoming increasingly bizarre.
You know what the next step is?
They're gonna start
blaming the Americans.
You remind me of my father.
Your father was a very brave man.
And very stubborn.
Little bit like you.
Why did you leave Kiev?
I lost someone too.
A woman?
She died?
Never get personally
involved during a mission, Martin.
That leads to failure, remember?
We don't want that.
You were right.
He won with a knockout
in the third round.
How do you know that?
What happened to my mother?
Forget about that.
No, tell me. I want to know.
I can't tell you.
You should ask your father.
Tell me.
Your mother was
in a dangerous situation.
Your father tried to save her.
- She got hit.
- Hit?
- By a bullet.
- Who did it?
Did he?
It was an accident, Lisa.
Sorry, I can't get
to the phone right now,
but please leave a message.
I'm in Kiev, waiting for your call.
So far, so good.
You sure you're ready for this?
Hi, how can I help you?
I wish to see my
safe deposit box in the vault.
Your documents, please.
One moment.
Hello, Miss Stepanenko.
Follow me please.
Good morning.
Good day. Open the door, please.
First enter the number
of the box and then your code.
I leave you.
If you need assistance,
please call me.
- Thank you.
- You have 15 minutes.
First corridor on the left
after the security gates,
then down the stairs,
second right,
then third right.
- There's a security guard.
- Yeah.
Looks like the bait worked,
stay where you are.
Take me to the safe deposit box.
What happened?
Take me to the safe deposit box.
Sure. Follow me.
Your pass, please.
You can't enter without a pass.
What's going on?
We'll take care of it, sir.
It won't take long.
Whoa, whoa.
Show me the vault.
- But there's an emergency, sir.
- Take me to the fucking vault.
I'll take it from here.
Stay here.
Nice of you to turn up
to the picnic, Trevor.
Well, well, well.
You're getting
predictable, buddy.
Put the gun on her
and shoot her if you have to.
Get inside.
Nice of you to bring it
in person, Trevor.
Punch in the code.
I know you've got it on you.
You give me too much credit.
You want me to fill you up?
What is it, Martin?
Quick trade with the Russians?
A little revenge
on your former employer?
- What?
- Just do it.
Your new girlfriend,
she recruited you to the people's cause.
Cozy little bedtime
publishing deal?
Look, enough of your bullshit.
Just open it.
I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
What if it's set as a trap?
Think about it.
Red Star was FSB.
What if she wanted to fuck us over?
Stop! There's Novichok inside!
We good?
Tell them to back up!
All the way down the hallway!
Do it or I'll fucking kill him!
You just signed
your own death warrant, man.
Agency's gonna have
a hard-on for you.
You think so, do you?
I'll take my chances.
Hey, Sasha.
You trust this guy?
Like your father did?
You know, 12 years...
This way.
- This looks bad.
- It's a scratch.
Bullet went straight through.
I was lucky.
Ukrainian medicine,
best there is.
This might sting a bit,
but you're a big boy, right?
Do it.
Sasha, what are you doing?
You're one of them.
- I can explain.
- Don't move.
I swear I'll shoot you.
If you shoot me,
you're gonna kill my daughter too.
The Russians have got her.
Don't move!
You're full of shit.
It's the truth.
I need those files, okay?
My daughter's life depends on it.
I know you want to expose the
people that killed your father.
And I get that, I really do.
But do the ends
justify the means?
You seriously
think I believe you?
Just ask yourself this, okay?
Would your father sacrifice
the life of a little girl?
You don't know shit
about my father!
Never get personally
involved during the mission.
You will get
her out. We don't want that.
Promise me? Promise me?
- That leads to failure.
- Olga?
- We don't want that. Failure.
- Olga.
You have what I want?
Yeah, I've got what you want.
Files and reporter?
Yeah. Yeah,
I wanna talk to Lees.
Here, talk to your father.
When are you coming to get me?
I love you, sweetheart.
Dad, you sound weird.
Just don't ever forget
that I love you, all right?
You're worrying me.
All right, Martin.
We meet at 10 p.m.
No funny games.
Why do you always
have to ruin my day?
Trevor, I need your help.
Martin Baxter, asking for help?
- This is a treat.
- They've got her.
The Russians have got Lisa,
and they're gonna kill her.
If I don't get the case to them
by 10 p.m. tonight, she's dead.
Where's the case?
She fucked you over, didn't she?
And now you want me
to help you get it back
and give it to the Russians?
Deal is still on the table.
But you know
how the game is played.
Tell me where you are.
Miss. I need to know if you have got a
tracking device installed in your vehicles.
- In this case, we should call...
- Please, calm down.
Are there tracking devices
installed in the vehicles?
- Tell me where the fucking thing is now!
- Okay!
In the name of Tyner.
Alison Jane Tyner.
It's parked at Pasazhyrskyi,
the central train station.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
You've done well, Martin.
You've used all your skills
to get what we want.
I know you have feelings
for the reporter.
But she's not important.
Just collateral damage.
Testing, testing. Check, check.
Do you hear that?
What is important is you,
our daughter, and our mission.
I love you so much, Martin.
I'm not armed.
I'm gonna get my phone
out of my pocket, okay?
What did I tell you?
No fucking games.
I'm gonna send you a link.
It's a link to a video stream.
Just open it.
The files are in that case.
Once Lisa is safe,
I'll send you the address.
She can hear you.
I know you have a present for me.
It was the bracelet
of my daughter.
What does it say?
Thank you.
Now go.
Take her to him.
It's all gonna be
over soon, sweetheart.
I promise.
He's unarmed!
Saksahanskoho Street 97, first floor.
Go together.
Stay down!
She's out.
She ran out of bullets.
You all right, sweetheart?
Martin, you know what I want.
- I've got it!
- Don't do it, Martin!
Publish the files!
No matter what happens to me...
you stay here,
all right, sweetheart?
Dad, no. Don't.
You stay here.
Dad! Stop!
Let her go,
and I'll throw you the case!
Throw me the fuckin' files!
Don't do it!
Dad, Dad!
On your knees.
I said on your knees.
My regards to your dad.
Lisa, are you all right?
We need to get him to a doctor.
Hold out the case
and walk over here slowly.
There's no way out, Sasha.
Hi, Dad. It's me.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
I'm okay now, seeing you.
So how they treating you?
Your foster mom?
- Good.
- Yeah?
She makes me soup for lunch.
Borscht. It's pretty good.
I bought her a TV.
And a laptop.
- Yeah?
- Her daughter Marina lives in Moldovia.
They can now talk online
to each other.
- Marina's really sweet.
- Hang on a second.
You bought her a TV
and a laptop?
Where'd you get
that kind of money?
- I earned it.
- You earned it?
Well, that Russian lady,
she was kinda weird.
She was crazy about gambling,
but she didn't know anything about boxing.
So I offered my services, 50/50.
You partnered up with her?
Yeah. I ran the numbers
and she put up the money.
And we won...
a lot, actually.
You always were the cleverest.
Come here.
I've missed you.
I missed you.
She told me what
really happened to Mom.
She said you tried to save her.
It was an accident.
I just didn't know
how to tell you that.
I didn't want you to hate me.
It's okay, Dad, it's okay.
I haven't been a very good
father, have I?
You're not that bad.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
We're a team, remember?
You and me.
We're a team.
We are.
Taxi for Boryspil Airport.
Get me out
of this godforsaken place.
You all right?
Does that name look familiar?
That's just a copy.
The original is in a safe place.
If anything happens
to me or my dad,
it'll be sent
to all the right people.
I know you'll find a way
to get him out of here.
Dear Lisa,
I hope you're doing fine
and the foster mother
takes good care of you.
I will always be grateful
to you for saving my life.
Inside this envelope,
you will find the name
of the double agent
in the CIA-MI6 network.
Please be careful.
when you live among wolves,
you must behave like one.
Your friend, Sasha Stepanenko.
Online publication
of the files in Russia
has led to the largest
public protests in years.
Sasha Stepanenko,
you've made these files public.
The first response
from the Kremlin
is that the files are "fake news."
What is your response to that?
If it's fake news,
why don't they
permit inspections
of the chemical weapons lab
in central Russia?
It's like we're back
in Communist times.
The extermination program was
focusing on opposition activists
and journalists, like my father.
But this isn't just
a Russian problem.
The concept of objective truth
is being threatened everywhere.
It is really important that we,
the international press,
stand together,
unified for free speech.
If not, lies will be our history.
- You all right, Lees?
- Yeah.
- You hungry? Yeah?
- Yeah.
So what about journalism?
It's a pretty cool profession, isn't it?
I don't know,
it's mainly behind a desk.
I mean, at the end of the day
you're just gonna be stuck
behind a computer, aren't you?
Yeah. But you get to travel,
get to meet people,
- things like that.
- Travel?
- Yeah.
- What's the pay like?
Oh, come on, Lees!
It's not all about money, is it?
- I could cover boxing.
- Yeah, you could.
And you could also cover,
I don't know, the National Ballet.
Kitchen is closed.
We shut at 11.
We're open again...
Phoenix in position.
Proceed with the operation.