Legend (1985) Movie Script

I am the lord of darkness.
I require the solace
of the shadows...
and the dark of the night.
Sunshine is my destroyer.
All this shall change.
Tonight, the sun sets forever.
There shall never be
another dawn...
Ah, Blix.
Come closer.
You summoned me, lordship?
Are you not the most loathsome
of my goblins?
Truly, master.
And is your heart black
and full of hate?
Black as midnight,
black as pitch,
blacker than
the foulest witch.
That is why
I have called you here.
Since I must remain in darkness,
you shall be my eyes and ears.
You do me
great honor, lord.
Something troubles me.
I feel a presence
in the forest,
a force I had mercifully
almost forgotten.
Must be dread, indeed,
to trouble you, lordship.
Looking upon
these frail creatures,
one would not think that
they could contain such power.
One could rule
the universe with it.
You must find them for me
and destroy them!
What do they look like, lord?
Fool! Let this
serve to remind you.
They are each crowned
with a single horn...
reaching straight
to heaven.
I get the point, lord.
Bring the horns to me.
You will be well rewarded.
You shall be a prince
here in my realm.
A rare privilege, master.
Where shall I look, sire?
There is only one lure
for such disgusting goodness,
one bait that never fails.
What be this bait?
Please, you teach me.
Innocence. Innocence.
Come, white flowers
Weave us a carpet
Spreading oak
Make a shade where we lie
Leaves and branches
whisper our love song
When I look
in my true love's eyes
Young as any spring
His eyes almost sing
To me
Blooming fairies!
God bless, Your Highness.
A royal visit's
always a pleasure.
Have another biscuit.
I have no time to stay
for a visit today.
Oh, you've got
a sweetheart waiting?
No, I don't. Surely, your
father forbids such folly.
What my father doesn't know
won't trouble him.
Oh, the willful heart
invites despair,
like blind men creeping
in a dragon's lair.
Not a country proverb
nor king's command...
could keep me
from the woods today.
Then it's common sense sort.
Lily. Princess Lily.
I look on you as a daughter.
If you'll pardon my saying it,
it's time you started behaving
like the princess you are.
You should be out looking for a
handsome prince on a white charger,
not visiting
poor folk like us.
No. Don't you know
I love coming here?
This place holds
more magic for me...
than any palace
in the world.
You live a very rich
life, Nell.
I don't know of a prince
who could carve wood like this.
You're very sweet, Lily.
Magic is a wonderful thing.
You'll find your own magic
one day.
I'm sure you will.
I have no time for this.
I'm going.
Oh, and you look out for
spriggen and banshee, my girl.
These woods
be thick with them.
Stay clear of toadstool
rings and willow trees...
and old oaks.
Where are you?
Jack! Jack!
Jack, answer me.
Jack! Jack!
Jack, please. Please, if you're
here, say something to me, please.
Jack, you scared
the life out of me!
You're so clever.
Oh, here.
Whoops. Look inside.
See what you can find.
That's something to eat.
I made that for you myself.
Well, I-I took it from Nell.
Do you like it? Is it sweet?
I know someone sweeter.
May be innocent,
may be sweet...
ain't half as nice
as rotting meat.
Good. Very good.
Just right.
Jack, now teach me rabbit
like you promised.
It's much harder than finch. Let me try.
I'm a good student, and my
father says I'm brilliant.
See how brilliant I am?
Let me dazzle you
with my wisdom.
It's much more than wisdom
that dazzles me, Lily.
Jack, teach me rabbit.
Not today.
Why not?
there's something really special
that I've been promising to show you.
- Jack, do you mean it?
- Only if it pleases you, Lily.
Oh, it pleases me
more than anything.
We must go now...
because they'll only be here
for a short while.
Don't you trust me?
I trust you, Lily.
Oh, Jack.
Look! Ugly
one-horned mules.
Nothing is more magical.
As long as they roam
the earth,
evil can never harm
the pure of heart.
Do you speak
their language?
They express
only love and laughter.
Dark thoughts
are unknown to them.
No! No.
Lily, no, please!
Come dance, sparrow
Sing me good morning
Rise up, sun
Like the arch of the sky
You'll spook the beast
and spoil the trap.
Living river
Turn the light to diamonds
When I look
in my true love's eyes
Like a child feels
Watching a rainbow
Like a bird feels
The first time it flies
I feel magic
Stirring within me
When I look
in my true love's eyes
Young as any spring
His eyes almost seem
This shot be
just as sweet as pie.
Jack? Jack?
It was lovely...
like a dream.
What you did is forbidden.
Who says so?
It is known, Lily.
These are sacred animals.
- I don't care.
- You risk your immortal soul talking like that.
I only wanted to touch one.
Where's the harm in that?
It was magic.
Thank you.
Let me sing to you.
I'll chase your fears away.
In the bumps and the hollows
The sunlight and shadows
He kissed her as those
Bluebells blow
As his lips met her breath
He went sweetly to death
At the roots
of the bluebells
Is where he is laid
Are you afraid
to kiss me, Jack?
I'm afraid
you'll break my heart.
Then still your heart.
You're dear to me
as life itself.
Don't you wish this
was our wedding ring?
If I say yes,
will my wish come true?
I'm a princess.
It's my right to set
a challenge for my suitors.
I will marry...
whoever finds this ring.
I smell human flesh!
- After you, Pig.
- Oh, no, after you.
Clock. Mortal world
turned to ice.
Here be goblin paradise!
Plenty hospitality here.
I simply adore milk-fed meat.
What are you,
some kind of animal?
How did you do that, Blix?
Yeah, tell us how
you do those tricks.
Quite easy, actually.
Goblin omelette.
Very nice, very nice.
Lucky day! Kill
ugly one-horned dead!
You act like you do all. It was
me who shoot the poisoned stinger.
Me! Me! Me!
You only got the shot in
because the princess was there.
Wrong! 'Twas beauty
led the beast to bay.
She was so sweet.
I could eat her brains like jam.
- I could suck her bones-
- Enough!
Better hurry. Dark Lord,
he don't like to wait.
- Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!
- What have I done?
Four, five, six!
Hurray for Blix!
I'll make it right.
Lily? Lily?
Who's there?
Who are you?
Here be forest child
and not know the Gump?
Gump, is it?
Honeythorn Gump
at your service.
I, I must be dreaming.
If life is a dream,
better you dread the waking.
- Jack?
- Stop it!
- That's Oona. She likes you.
- Go away!
Does your blood
run so cold, Jack?
You'll be a gobs
before your time.
How'd you know my name?
How does
a migrating swallow...
know the way south
in winter?
Or a spawning salmon...
find the very source
of his birth...
from the cold, black depth
of the mysterious sea?
I know everything, Jack.
Then why is it like this?
Why is there winter now?
I'd be a powerful wizard,
indeed, could I answer.
Suppose you tell me, Jack.
You know these woods
as well as any elf.
Did you not see
something odd today?
Any strange spirits?
Did nothing untoward happen?
No? No?
Uh, I did take Lily
to see the Unicorns.
You did what?
Oh, God, Gump,
she touched him.
Touched it? A mortal
laid hands on a Unicorn?
Jack! Squawk, squawk,
no more talk!
Do you think you can upset the order
of the universe and not pay the price?
But she meant no wrong!
What I did is done,
but I did it for love.
Love, you say?
But answer me this riddle,
and all will be forgiven.
And if I cannot?
Why, Jack,
then 'tis your death song
I'll be playing.
Then ask away...
and pray God
my answer pleases you.
What is a bell
that does not ring...
yet its knell
makes the angels sing?
Answer me this...
and all will be forgiven.
Bluebells! To hear them ring
means your life is at an end!
Damn it! Damn it!
Damn it!
Riddles! Riddles!
Damn it! Riddles!
Riddles! Riddles!
You've bested me, Jack.
Bested me, bested me.
A riddle without an answer's like an
empty cup when you're thirsty for wine.
Well spoken! And if it's wine
you want, it's wine we shall have.
Brown Tom! A small measure
of entertainment at best.
But, Gump, it's the last bottle
of me best wine.
Oh-Oh, if you say so, sir.
Now, Gump, don't you
be forgetting me.
Oh, careful now.
Oh, it's so precious.
Elderberry wine.
Sorry. No finer drink under heaven.
Here's to Jack,
Oh, brother.
riddle solver, dancing fool
and fairy friend.
Tip it.
Hmm. Ahhh.
Here, this'll help.
Don't you care
what's happened?
Of course we care. What good's a
world locked in a season of death?
But we must find the
answer. That we must.
But first we must see that
no harm's come to the Unicorn.
I sadly fear the worst.
Wait. Shhh.
Jack, what?
Forgive me.
I meant no wrong.
Well, Jack, tell us
what has happened.
Come on, Jack.
Don't keep us in the dark.
The dark
is where we'll stay.
We're cursed.
Is there naught
we can do?
We must get
the alicorn back.
Only then will the world
return to normal.
We must find a champion...
bold of heart
and pure in spirit.
Champion? What champion?
Don't give up so quick, lads.
You'll do.
We must get you
some weapons.
But, Gump, I know
nothing of weapons.
You'll learn. I know
where to find the best.
Brown Tom, stay here with the
Unicorn and guard her well.
Like me own life. Better.
She's the last of her kind.
Magic horn
is mine, mine, mine.
Now all creatures
will love the night...
and worship goblins
as divine.
You shouldn't
talk like that, Blix.
Why not?
I've got the power now.
Plenty big talk.
Not even darkness
lasts forever.
Jack, I can't go
with you now.
Anyway, Oona
will guide the way.
Follow me, Jack.
Over here. Come on.
Come on, Jack.
Here, Jack.
Come on.
Nobody knows but you.
It's our secret, Jack.
Don't tell Gump. Promise?
I could be anything
you want me to be,
even your heart's desire.
You've got to help us, Jack.
The fairies' love
makes anything possible.
Higher, higher,
burning fire.
Making music like a choir.
It seems a pity
to waste such power.
Waste? Better watch out,
old pal Pox,
or I'll turn you
into little pork chops.
Why not turn everything
into garbage?
A great towering
mountain of slop.
Wouldn't that be magic?
Higher, higher,
burning fire.
Making music like a choir.
Blix, Blix. Blix!
- What?
- Big D!
Hear me,
you angel of darkness!
Your reign is over!
A new order begins!
- I hold the power!
- Enough!
Shit! Please!
It was only a joke.
I didn't mean it.
No! No!
Have you no sense of humor?
Adios, amigos!
Forgive that intrusion,
great lord,
but goblins are inclined
to be outspoken.
Yeah. and I like to
encourage their initiative.
Did you think
this a mere plaything?
With it,
my empire is eternal.
Before I ruled
only the night.
Now my minions will frolic in
darkness until the end of time.
The Unicorns are dead,
is this not true?
True, lord, very plenty
true. Undeniably true.
You lie!
Here is dawn!
It is essentially true.
On the other hand-
Stallion is dead.
Dead as dreams.
- Out with it!
- The mare lives still!
If even one Unicorn walks the
earth, my power is not complete.
She's just a female, lord.
She has no power.
Only the power of creation.
Get the mare!
I command you!
Well, let's see,
what have we here?
Ahh, a little sassafras.
A little spearmint
would be nice, huh?
Some foxglove?
And a little colt's foot.
Hey, who goes there, what?
I'm- I'm Princess Lily.
You! You're the cause
of all our sorrow.
I'm- I'm so sorry.
I didn't know.
Please, please forgive me.
- I'm not the one you should be askin'.
- Listen to me.
Try and understand. I'm only
trying to make things right.
Darkness has sent the goblins
back for the mare.
It's not safe to stay here. You'll
have to hurry! Leave now! Go!
Good lass. You're
a plucky little partridge.
- Hurry! Aaah!
- Too late!
You imps are lookin' for a fight,
you come to the chap who'll oblige ya.
Ooh! Ah! Ah!
Try this on for size.
You can't beat me.
Ha-ha, look at that!
Keep 'em coming, fellas!
Oh, check this out!
Yes, sir. You see?
You just can't beat me!
You can't-
Little tool is stuck.
They done for me.
Wait for me!
Brown Tom!
Brown Tom,
you can't be dead.
This is terrible.
Brown Tom.
Brown Tom.
Jack, lad.
- They killed you too?
- Of course they didn't.
- But what in blazes are you talking about?
- Goblins.
- Goblins?
- Shot me through me brain pan.
That's one spot an arrow
will do no harm.
I did my best to fight 'em off,
but they swarmed up by the hundreds.
All fierce creatures they were.
The princess warned me, but-
Then she's alive!
She was alive still
when they killed me.
The goblins
must have taken her.
We follow their tracks
in the snow.
The Great Tree.
When evil anarchy
ruled the land,
the wicked came here
to sacrifice.
Ugly. I hate it.
Good. You go first.
Why always me?
Ooh, slippery.
Uh, uh-
Oh, okay, okay.
I made it!
Foul-tasting fairy!
Come to Meg, juicy boy.
Who be this tender morsel...
Meg Mucklebone's rest?
They call me Jack, ma'am.
And what a fine,
fat boy you are, Jack.
You don't really mean
to eat me, do you, ma'am?
Oh, indeed I do!
But that would be a shame,
because someone as fair...
and lovely as yourself, Miss Meg,
deserves far better than scrawny me.
Don't you think?
You think me fair,
do you, Jack?
All the heavenly angels
must envy your beauty.
What a fine meal
you'll make,
be the rest of you
as sweet as your tongue.
Wait! No!
Your Loveliness, feast on
the beauty of your reflection.
You are an angel, Miss Meg.
Look. Look.
What a splendid idea.
Clever boy!
Your alchemy makes
crusted steel shine like silver.
That's discerning taste...
for one so young, Jack.
Come. Come, Jack!
Give us a kiss...
before dining!
I did it!
Oh, okay. Okay.
Oh! Whee! Look.
What a big trumpet!
I'll bet it makes a lot of noise.
Our lives are lost if it blows.
I think it stopped.
Look out!
My back! Me achin' back!
Oh, I'm not as old
as I used to be, you know.
Ooh. Hey, where are we?
we don't want to be.
Hey, hey!
Wait for me!
We gotta get out of here!
It's the stench of hell itself!
Shh! Quiet!
You'll be fricasseed fairies
if you don't keep quiet.
Who be you, bucket head?
Who I am won't help me
nor you, neither,
even though
we are all brothers.
What happened to you?
It's a long story.
Let's just say
I went looking for adventure...
and found
more than I could handle.
Doesn't matter now anyway.
We are all in the same fix!
I knew it. I knew it.
I should have stayed at home.
Let's face it, brothers.
Me and you all...
is barbecue.
That's right. Barbecue.
Only dead meat waits
for the stew pot.
Spring the lock
with your magic, Gump.
Iron is trouble for elves.
Iron, huh?
Oh, no!
The thing!
Oh, no!
He's coming! Hide!
Hide! Hide!
I don't think I can handle it!
Help me!
Let me go! Let me go!
Help! Help me!
Please! Please!
Help me!
Oh, you beast!
Help me!
Let me go!
Ah... ah... ah...
ah... ah... achoo!
Gump, we've got to help him.
Oh, don't worry. Our brother
can take care of himself.
I'm sure of it,
I think.
Screwball's right. It's more
important that you find the Unicorn.
Why not have Oona fly out,
find a key?
But she's much too small.
Could never lift it.
Our secret!
Our secret will keep forever
in this grave if you don't help us.
You promised!
You willful sprite.
How dare you keep such secrets?
They're mine to keep.
I'll do what you ask...
if you'll kiss me, Jack.
Easy enough.
You call that a kiss?
Am I not sweet?
Sweeter than bee pollen...
on a summer wind.
Sweet as the wind
that blows me to you.
Oh, it's fairy magic.
- Lily?
- Yes, Jack.
This isn't real.
Oh, it is.
I'm warm and alive...
and want to be in your arms.
No, I, I can't. No.
This is just
more fairy glamour.
Human hearts
don't work that way.
What care I
for human hearts?
Soft and spiritless
as porridge!
A fairy's heart beats
fierce and free!
Your fine sensibilities
have left us here to rot!
I'm behind you all the way, Gump.
You look like mourners
at your own funeral.
Quick, lads!
You mortal, you!
I could vex you!
Dance your life away!
Uh, I'll stay here and-
Ahh! Wait for me!
A terrible sight
for a sober man.
We must find the dungeons.
I think I'll stay right here,
thank you very much.
You'll search
with the rest of us.
Then I'll go with Jack.
No! We split up.
Yes! It's better
if we go in teams.
- No, I will go with Ja-
- Shh!
Gump and me,
Brown Tom and Screwball.
Right. Let's synchronize.
Oh! A-ha!
We meet back here in twice
Do you know what I think? I think we should
add a couple more hundred breaths of a-
Take care.
Come on, Jack.
Be careful.
There's only one thing
I want to know. What?
Why me?
I think we should go west.
I think we should go east.
Oh, okay.
Father, I hold the world
in my grasp,
and yet this girl...
distracts me.
It has been an eternity
since I felt such desire.
What am I to do?
She fascinates you
because her soul is pure.
I'll take her then.
You must woo her!
She remembers the world
as it was,
so... tempt her.
Win her.
Make her one of us.
Hmm. Hey. Psst!
Psst! Psst!
Did, did you see something?
No, did you?
I don't know.
I think.
D- D-D-Did you hear that?
What's that?
That's a horse,
you idiot.
Woo her.
Win her.
Woo her, win her.
Make her one of us.
Lady, do not be afraid.
Quiet, quiet.
How like you my gifts?
Does the gown
not please you?
Can you speak so
of your bridal gown?
I've found my true mate,
and you know it.
- Never.
- Beneath the skin, we are already one.
Was it not your sin
trapped the Unicorn?
- No.
- Even now...
the evil seed
of what you have done...
germinates within you.
No. You lie.
You disgust me.
You're nothing
but an animal.
We are all animals,
my lady.
Most are too afraid
to see it.
- Lily!
- Jack.
There's nothing
you can do now to help her.
Be thankful she still lives.
You've got to help us,
The last Unicorn dies
- As her blood ebbs,
- Never.
the sun sets forever.
There shall never be
another dawn.
Lady, I require the solace
of the shadows...
and the dark of the night.
Sunshine is my destroyer!
Damn you!
We are all of us damned,
my queen.
As long as the sun still shines,
we can destroy him.
Let me dazzle you
with my wisdom.
I think I know a way.
Come on, come on, come on.
You're holding us up.
Listen. We're not going down
the same corridor umpteen times.
I think we should go that way.
No, we're going this way.
No, not me.
Let's go down there.
Stay close to me now.
You know what?
I vote we run like hell.
I second the motion.
Where were you?
In another three flicks of a
badger's tail, we would have gone.
While you're having fun,
time goes by fast.
Yeah, we found the mare,
and it's alive in the dungeon.
Excellent, you two!
Thank you very much.
Now Jack has a plan,
and a good one!
We must gather every
shining object we can find.
We're going to bring light
to darkness.
Any more noise,
and you're shish kebab.
You do what we say, understand?
Swear it.
I swear it on the festering
forelock of Nicodemus!
Please, help. Help me.
Thank you.
Judge me not so harshly,
I invite you
to share this supper.
Look how sweet it is.
Hurry, hurry. Keep 'em
comin'! Come on, come on!
- Brown Tom!
- Huh?
Gump? Gump!
Jack. Jack!
Three cheers
for our champion!
Hip hip!
- Hip hip!
- Hooray!
Hip hip!
Now what, Jack?
Must go all the way out.
Not much to hold on to.
Take a pea pod pixie
to make that climb.
I'll do it.
What's the matter? Ain't
I small enough for the job?
No job is too small
for my little brother.
Please, Gump. Let me try.
I won't let you down.
All right, all right.
Do it, but be swift!
Oh, thank you, thank you.
You'll never regret it.
I always knew you'd be
going places, Screwball. Yes.
- Eat.
- I'm not hungry.
You lie.
Just to please me.
I do nothing
for your pleasure.
All I wish...
is for you to sit
and talk with me.
- Here?
- Yes.
- I prefer to stand.
- Sit!
Or stand.
As you wish.
It is enough that
we are alone together.
Just the two of us.
Some... simple conversation.
I have nothing
to talk about.
You've stolen my dreams away.
All things change, Lady.
The dreams of youth...
are the regrets of maturity.
Dreams are my specialty.
Through dreams
I influence mankind.
My dream...
is of eternity with you.
I offer you this rose,
my heart,
my soul,
my love.
Once I was content
with solitude...
until that moment...
I felt your vivid presence.
A little to the right.
Left. Good!
It grows late. Sit.
I value your thoughts.
Share them with me.
- Nothing more than that?
- And talk with me.
I think I'll stand,
if you don't mind.
Damn you!
No! Never! Never!
I hear a throat
begging to be cut.
Are you so... anxious...
to see blood flow?
As you are to drink it. Grant
your bride one wish on this night.
You have but to ask.
I will stay here with you
as you wish.
- But on one condition.
- Anything.
I want to kill the Unicorn.
I can't let that happen.
In the beginning...
there was nothing-
a void of darkness,
a cold eternity
of silence.
Jack, your greatest challenge
is still to come.
And we have not much time.
When the perfect void
was corrupted...
by light,
a great wailing was heard,
and all the brethren fled
in terror.
Oona, fly up like the wind.
It's time.
Judge her with your heart,
not your eyes.
Hear me,
ye powers of the night!
We offer this sacrifice,
in honor of you,
sanctified with blood...
and with fire!
I pray you, Father,
accept my sacrifice.
Let light
be forever extinguished.
Let the age of darkness begin!
Come, Lady.
The birth of a new world
awaits your stroke.
Let my offering be made
of flesh and blood.
She means to do it, Jack.
She's one of them.
I am sister to the Fates.
Kill her. Forget her.
Think about the Unicorn.
- Do it!
- Lily.
- I'll do it.
- No! No.
I trust you, Lily.
I'll always trust you.
Run! You're free!
What have we here?
A little boy.
Screwball, wake up!
Wake up, Screwball!
Wake up!
It's always a pleasure
to take a brave man's life.
Wake up!
Don't you know me, boy?
What time is it?
Every wolf suffers fleas.
'Tis easy enough to scratch.
Give it to me, boy!
Protect me!
You think you have won!
What is light...
without dark?
What are you...
without me?
I am a part of you all.
You can never defeat me.
We are brothers...
Do it, Jack! Kill him!
Kill him!
She's under a spell.
A powerful spell.
Do something.
Look what we've been through.
Look who you are.
Have faith in yourself.
It is the greatest lesson
you have learned.
Only you
can answer this riddle.
I'm a princess.
It's my right to set
a challenge for my suitors.
I will marry...
whoever finds this ring.
We too have
a promise to keep.
Now fulfill your promise.
I will miss you.
But don't forget us.
I love you, Lily.
Come back to me.
Come back to me.
I... love you, Jack.
I love you, Lily.
I had such a terrible
Did you?
It's over.
Jack, was it all a dream?
You're safe now.
So many terrible things
I learned something
about myself...
and something about you.
What's that?
You belong here.
You're my prince.
I'm only Jack.
My Lord Jack.
So you take that...
and you keep it,
treasure it.
It's part of me.
Can I come tomorrow?
Of course.
I'll be here.
I'll always be here
for you, Lily.
Will you sing for me?
Come down, sparrow
Sing me good morning
Rise up, sun
like the arch of the sky
Living river
Turn light to diamonds
When I look
in my true love's eyes