Legend of Billie Jean, The (1985) Movie Script

Good Morning Corpus Christi!
This is Jimmy J. Judge voice of the Texas Riviera.
They say, 'Some like it hot' - well some
of you are going to burn today.
I'm coming!
Hurry! I don't want to be late!
Why is it always so hot?
Woo! Woohoo! Yeah! Hey look at her!
Come on baby!
Hello who this!
Ok, Eleanor you're on the air!
Now tell it to the Judge.
I love you Jimmy J!
Well that makes two of us, Eleanor.
Line 3, you're on the air. This is Dave.
Where can I get some shade man? Sun is too much!
Just crawl back under that rock. I'm kidding, Dave.
You always got a friend in court.
Line 2, tell it to the Judge!
You get vanilla?
No. They ran out of it.
Strawberry? You bought strawberry?
Binx don't you ever get tired of vanilla?
Hey, Binx how about a piece of tail?
Mmm, taste good.
Get your hand of that!
Off what? Your sister or your fagmobile?
Ooo wee! Right in his face!
You better check it out first.
Why? I'm hot.
The alligators.
Well I can handle alligators.
You're not fooling anymore.
Billie Jean?
Billie Jean! Billie Jean!
Looking for me. You are going to get it.
Billie Jean?
Tell me about Vermont?
Never gets hot? How many times you have to hear this?
It gets hot but not like this.
I know. Clean hot.
Green mountain state. Got leaves
that turn colors and snow in the winter time.
Long cabins! Ski lifts! Snow prowls! Snowballs!
How come I have such a weird brother?
Snowball fights!
And no alligators.
Hey! Leave it!
Come on, Hubie, now it's not a toy!
He's dead.
Look, Hubie, I'm real sorry all right.
He didn't mean nothing by it.
Leave it, fart-face!
No. Don't!
The bastard.
Don't worry we'll get it back.
Spent all that money and
now here you are broken hearted.
Wasn't his fault.
Fault doesn't matter.
It's what you end up with is what matters.
'Member what happened to your daddy.
Oh mom, come on.
Loved to go fast just like you. I'm relieved that
darn bike is gone. Are you gon' eat those?
Oh that's him. Where's my pumps?
What time you coming home?
Late I hope.
You think this one will be different, Billie Jean?
Oh he looks nice.
Let him see your eyes. You got pretty eyes.
Now, Binx, don't you worry honey.
He won't bring it back. Not Hubie Pyatt.
Yes he will. He's just getting even.
Eat your supper.
He better not hurt that bike.
He better not even scratch it.
What did I tell ya.
I'm getting my bike back.
Come back here. Binx! Come back here!
Look at those tits.
I think they're gross.
That's cause you don't have any.
Why carry them? You think I want to look like that.
Wouldn't hurt.
Get the keys to the car! We gonna go!
How far my dad needs it.
The police station. Now hurry up!
Where's Binx? Did he get in trouble?
What did he do? Can I come, Billie Jean?
I just love police stations.
I thought you were grounded.
I am.
Did you see that guy?
Come on! Move it!
Well, I think it's best to wait a day or two
before I complicate things.
You don't know my brother.
That scooter is his whole life.
Billie jean. You're a very pretty girl. This Hubie
was probably just trying to get your attention.
I have a feeling he'll bring your brother's
motor scooter back.
What kind was it?
Honda Elite.
My dad left him some insurance money.
Hubie won't bring back.
How do you know?
Cause he's a fucker that's how I know.
She always talks like that.
Well, I'll tell you what I'll do. Here's my card. If that
Honda isn't back on your lawn in two days you'll give me-
We live in Breeze Haven.
All right in front of your trailer then.
Give me a call.
We'll, um, drag in the fucker.
She's still up. Gonna be grounded
'til I'm 35 years old.
Where have you been?
You go to that room and shut that door.
You are grounded, goddamnit!
Thanks Ophelia. I'll call you.
Oh Binx!
I'm all right.
Did Hubie Pyatt do this?
Well I got my bike back!
Hang on I see a spot!
I'm amazing.
Hey guys wait here. It won't take very long.
I'm coming with you.
No you're not!
Oh, hi, Ophelia.
You think he's cute?
She thought Hubie Pyatt was cute. Let's go!
No! You're staying here. Watch him, Ophelia.
What? Oh.
Hubie, that's for you.
It's an estimate from the body shop.
For what?
For my brother's scooter.
$608 dollars. That includes:
parts, labor, paint, and tax.
You're out of your mind.
The bill is for scooter.
And this is for Binx....
You crazy bitch!
Hello folks? How are you, young lady?
Hubie? Where are you, boy?
Mr. Pyatt?
Yes, ma'am.
What are you doing down there?
Mr. Pyatt, I'm here to collect $608 dollars.
Your son, Hubie, trashed my brother's scooter
and that's what it will cost to get it fixed.
Get up, dummy.
Did she do this to you?
She's lying, dad!
It's the truth and he knows it.
Come on. Let's go.
Boy it's never a dull moment around here.
You'll have to come back soon and see what happens next.
Yeah, sure.
Looks like we got a difference of opinion, don't we?
Don't believe her, dad, she's from the trailers.
Oh yeah! What's that got to do with it?
She'll say anything!
Woah, hey, slow down, Hubie.
You look a bit under the weather. Why don't you get
some fresh air? It'll do some good.
Just throw her out, dad!
Boy... making too much noise.
I'll settle this. Take a hike.
Damn, bitch... ruined my life.
Hubie and the truth, have a natural way of not
getting along together.
How much you say you got coming?
$608 dollars.
Yep, sounds like Hubie.
Well don't keep that cash
here in the register. Come on up.
Come on. Want the money don't you?
You know lotta folks wouldn't pay this bill.
Your word against my son's.
Well I'm telling you the truth.
I'll believe you. No matter where you live.
You Donna Davy's little girl are you?
Oh you know my mother?
Yeah, well, I see her in the store.
She's a good looking woman, your momma.
You show do take after her. This looks real good on you.
I bet you drive them boys crazy.
Oh, come on, Mr. Pyatt.
You had ol' Hubie with his paws sticking straight up there.
With your little smile. Your little teeth.
I got friends waiting outside.
Can I please have the money, Mr. Pyatt? Sure.
There you go. $50?
We're gonna have a little arrangement...
Let go of me.
"The layaway plan."
No. No. Stop! I'm going to give you $50 dollars today
and everytime you come back...
I'm gonna get me a little bit more.
Woah, woah, relax. It's too hot to get excited.
You know what I mean: It pays, you go.
Billie Jean!
She didn't get the money I knew it.
You can't just take it!
Hey, look at what I found.
What the hell is going on here?
Hey, let go of my sister.
You put that gun down, boy. You do as I say.
You get the money?
No, put the gun down, Binx.
What he do to you, Billie Jean?
Hubie? Call the police.
They come here to rob the store. Your little girlfriend
suckered me upstairs so her friends could empty register.
That's a lie. Let go of me.
Get on the phone, Hubie!
Nobody moves. You let her go and give us the money.
We'll get it later let's just get out of here.
You're not going anywhere! Get on the phone, Hubie.
He's got the gun, dad?
So what. It's not even loaded.
You think I'll keep a loaded gun
in the cash register.
It's empty?
Dad! Jesus.
Oh my god. I'm getting out of here.
He killed him.
He said it wasn't loaded.
Don't even touch him. I'm calling the police.
Come on.
You heard what he said; he said it wasn't loaded.
I didn't mean to shoot him!
We got to go to the police.
They'll never believe you.
It was an accident!
You think you'll say that? It's his word against a
bunch of crazy kids. He's gonna lie.
Why didn't you stay in the car!
What are you doing? I need gas.
My dad checks the gage everytime he comes home.
Are you out of your mind! Keep going!
Hey guys! Did you get it?
Move it. I'll write a note to mom.
Where's your money? Up in my closet!
Far out! I'm coming!
Forget it. This is serious.
I can be serious, Billie Jean.
I can't stay here without you. I'll just die.
Go away, Putter.
Billie Jean said I could come. Don't move!
Coming to you live and direct from scene of the shooting.
Police have not yet made a statement, JJ.
But C-101 has learned they have a good description
of the assailants. All points bulletin is already an effect.
And an arrest is expected soon.
Thank you Ed Saunders. Back to you on the hour.
Before then if any other news breaks.
This is Jimmy J. Judge of the Texas Riviera.
You peel'em, we deal'em.
Where's your stuff?
I'll drive you anywhere you want.
That'll be great.
Okay! I'm ready!
Where you think you're going?
With you.
It's all right. I'll drive her back with me.
No way!
He pointed them out. Here.
This one.
This his sister.
Goddamn. I think I blew this one.
You're name wouldn't Hubie, would it?
Yes Sir, that'll be me. Hubie Pyatt.
Must be all shook up about what happened.
Oh, yes, sir. I guess I am.
Hey, Let's talk about something else.
Let's talk about... motor scooters.
But I love miniature golf.
Please can I stay with you?
Putter, you can do us more good back home.
Can be my eyes and ears.
Hey, you know you'll be interviewed on the radio?
What about TV?
Sure. Live and direct.
You guys be careful, ok?
Come on now. Move it!
If you don't let me out - I'm throwing up
all over the front seat!
I was part of it, Billie Jean. I was there too.
Would you hold it, you idiot! I'm not in the car.
Good morning, Corpus Christi!
It's another sizzler coming up!
This is Jimmy J. Judge, voice of the Texas Riviera.
Who's on Line 1?
This is Al.
What are they going to do about these kids-
Walk into a store and gun a man down?
We going to put them where they belong, Al.
You don't have worry about that.
I don't see them behind bars yet. If there is going
to be a man hunt, they better cover the whole state.
Why don't we go to Vermont?
They'll never find us there!
We don't have enough gas to get out of Corpus.
Then we'll steal it. We're outlaws!
No stealing.
We maybe the outlaws, but we're not the crooks.
I'm a hungry outlaw. Where's breakfast?
They got pancakes in Vermont.
Real maple syrup from a tree.
Stop thinking about your stomach!
Think about Mr. Pyatt. What if he's dead!
Putter, what are you doing?
Please mom never let's me buy anything.
We can't afford all that.
No we don't steal.
What's with them?
Beats me don't look at them.
Are you Billie Jean?
No. No, not me. Isn't that you?
That's from the yearbook!
She took the best picture in the class.
It's them!
It was an accident. We never robbed anybody.
I told you. Well, doesn't matter,
they're blaming you anyways.
You know, you'll never sneak
all that food out of here.
Just put this on my dad's bill, ok.
That's us outside.
Well thanks. We really appreciate it.
Can I have your autograph?
Josh, Jennifer, come on.
We'll all right then.
Hey let's go.
My dad says you're going to end up dead.
The victim was taken to Shoreline Hospital. Where his
condition was listed as good. Did you hear that?
Good, Not fair!
Not critical!
He's not dead!
Hold on, baby, hold on.
This is Lt. Ringwald.
Billie Jean, I'd like to help you?
I asked for your help. Remember?
I'd been thinking about what happened...
And we're going to turn ourselves in.
That's great. You're a wise girl Billie Jean.
But I want the $608 and I want
Mr. Pyatt to give it to me.
Is that absolutely necessary?
He owes it to us.
Billie Jean!
I'll meet you at noon tomorrow.
At Oceanpark Mall near the fountain.
That's great. I'll make all the arrangements.
And that's all we want.
Fair is fair.
I got shot! And you want me to pay for it?
I'm not paying a goddamn red cent
to those little bastards!
I lost two pints of blood.
I want them in jail.
Your son busted the boy's motor scooter.
I'll let them sue me from the penitentiary.
Is that picture in the window for sell?
No! Why?
We'd like to buy it.
I'll give you $5 bucks for it.
We got $7.
That picture is $10 dollars. I'll sell it to you as is.
If you wait for a frame it'll be $12.50.
Sold American!
Hubie, go roll it up for him.
Don't you worry girls.
We'll have plenty more where that came from.
We got some coming in full color.
You won't pay her. But you'll sell her picture.
You damn right.
Maybe I can make a little something out of this.
You want one, Lieutenant?
I'll give you one.
You are ruining everything!
We never even left Texas.
Suppose their fooling us?
You'll see. They'll give us play money.
Hey let's take a vote. Majority rules.
No vote. I've decided.
Suppose if-
We're getting the money.
That's what this is all about.
Besides we have a plan don't we?
Come on, Binx?
How much you make a year, Lieutenant?
You gotta be out of your mind using your own money.
You can't afford $608 dollars.
That's my business, Mr.Pyatt.
Well if it is, why don't you give it to her then?
She wants it from you.
Yeah. You a sucker, you know that.
I see them. They got Mr. Pyatt with them.
Got an envelope with them, guys.
You sure it's the money?
I'm going to find out right now.
Wish me luck.
Ok, 10-4. Rodger over and out.
What really went on in your store, Mr. Pyatt?
Pretty girl isn't she, Mr. Pyatt?
You think you made a deal?
You made a mistake.
The cops aren't going to help you.
You would've loved it Missy.
Get her! Get her! Get her!
You dumb son of a bitch!
I'm scared.
Keep that door open.
Son put down that gun.
There's no one here to hurt you. Binx get in!
Tell me, young man, what happened here today?
Well these men were chasing the girl right over here.
And then she splashed through fountain.
And racked this man down the escalator.
What do you think about this Billie Jean?
She's a rebel.
Personally I think they're picking on her
cause she's a girl. And I think that's disgusting.
Well there you have a woman's perspective.
I thought it was awesome.
Billie Jean went running up that escalator right there.
This guy grabbed her by her backpack and she turned
around and kicked him right in the nuts.
And kept running, it was hilarious!
Billie Jean wherever you are I love you.
Nothing in her background suggests violent and unlawful
streak exhibited in this peaceful and attractive young woman
...now subject to a statewide man hunt.
The mystery remains-
Oh my god.
...Corpus Christi ask you to call
the crime stoppers number.
Stop Binx! You hear me? Just stop it!
Did you see that guy freeze?
I had the drop on him. Beat your butt!
That guy was a policeman. Thought this gun was real-
he'd really kill you.
We were on TV! You should had seen it!
We on the news.
This is supper?
All we had left was 78 cent.
Let's go to Vermont. We could live in the woods.
Eat plants and leaves and stuff. Go hunting.
Wait til my dad sees this.
Who says your dad is going to see it?
He'll see it when we go home.
Look at that one. God!
I bet it looks cool in there.
I bet there's food in there.
Stop the car.
What for?
That one looks empty.
What's this?
I think it's chicken.
It don't taste like chicken. When you're rich,
food isn't suppose to taste like what it is.
What you do that for?
I almost choked.
Who told you going around scaring people?
You didn't have to hit me.
You live here?
Yeah just me... and my dad. He's in Dallas.
Then it's Raymone, Gloria - who work for us.
But... they're out for the night.
You couldn't have came at a better time.
For what?
Want to be a star?
You're weird. You're Billie Jean.
Hey, Billie Jean. Billie Jean, TV, we're on TV.
Holy shit.
Well hello...
Hey who is he?
He lives here? What's your name?
He knows who we are.
You're a dead man, Lloyd.
We're missing the news!
I'm not going to lie. It was personal with me.
And I decided to take personal action.
I don't think there is a father in this country
who wouldn't feel the same way.
Look who it is.
That sucker.
I got a teenager myself and no one has to tell me
what this younger generation is all about.
These kids are playing games with the law.
Change the channel. Who wants to hear this?
I do.
You like anything that's on the TV.
While there were no shot fired. The gang head north
from here in a late model Sudan...
Late model I wish.
...and reportedly robbed a truck stop on the boarded
community of Juliet.
I love it. We're everywhere.
...yeah, sure they had guns
that's how they got me tied up.
...and they broke up the register and cleaned it out.
Took $427.
Great now we're thieves.
Probably took it himself.
Was there anything said during the harass? Just words.
Profanity. Vile words. They were bombed out of their minds.
Bastards! They're all bunch of liars.
I told you.
How can they say things like that?
They can say anything. We're in news now.
'I cannot live.'
Is that a boy or a girl?
'I was crying through the frost. Blessed church
bells, send my voices to me on the wind.'
It's a girl. Joan of Arc.
She dressed up as a man and
all the French followed her to fight the English.
Did she win?
Yeah and no.
She heard voices. 'Stop being a peasant,
be a soldier. France needs you. Truth. Justice.'
And she won. She beat the English.
And then...
Then what?
The French burned her...
Come on in. Water.
All right!
Lloyd, you make videotapes?
All the time.
What about copies?
As many as you want.
You are absolutely right! What a great idea.
What's such a great idea?
Your sister is going to answer them
and send copies to all the TV stations. Am I right?
Oh, come on.
Where's your bathroom?
It's upstairs.
Set up your camera. I'll be right out.
She's nervous so she has to pee.
Move a little to your left.
Hello everybody!
Binx? Binx? You're in the way.
Are those uppers or downers?
For asthma. You want one.
Which one looks best?
Oh my god.
Billie Jean... you look...
Saint Joan.
Turn the camera on.
I'm Billie Jean Davy.
I want to set the record straight.
Binx! They're saying goodbye.
They don't have to take forever.
You could stay for awhile.
My dad won't be back for another week.
We'll just get you into trouble.
Who cares.
You're sweet.
But weird.
You're not as weird as you think you are.
Lloyd's cute, huh, Billie J?
He gave this to you?
Far out. That's what I call making an impression.
Woah. Wait up! Tapes are not going to be enough.
What do you mean?
I mean their still going to have to give you the money.
They'll just hunt you down and catch you.
Can't you see that?
Cops don't have to bargain with you.
You don't have anything they want.
I got a solution for you. A trade.
Whatever is that boy doing?
It's a trick. I saw it on TV.
What kind of trade?
I'm going to be your hostage.
Now wait. What are you talking about?
Then they have to negotiate. I'm your guarantee.
Like when you buy a car?
That's warranty.
Why you doing this?
Hey someone's here!
It's Raymome and Gloria. Quick.
Take me. I'm yours.
Oh look at this...
Port Arthur... Crystal City...
This is no damn good.
Half of these sightings are simultaneous.
Get rid of it.
Who gave you this?
She's on the air!
I'm Billie Jean Davy.
I want to set the record straight...
Oh my god.
I'm not a liar, I'm not a thief,
and neither is my brother.
Hello ma!
Sorry that is him.
Mom I don't know when we'll be coming home but we love you.
I know people are making up stories about us.
Don't you believe them.
As for you Mr. Pyatt, you are so sleazy!
You think you can do anything you want, lie about it and we
just have to take it! Because what are we, a bunch of kids.
Well not this time.
From now on we're doing this our way.
No lying. No cheating. Fair is fair!
$608 for the scooter your son trashed. That's what you owe
and we're not turning ourselves in 'till we get it.
Fair is fair! We didn't start this. We didn't mean for this
to happen, but we're not giving this up 'til you pay.
Fair is Fair!
Lt. Ringwald? Now what?
We got a hostage.
District attorney is here.
Sorry about what happened, Mr Muldaur.
We'll get him back.
You think he was kidnapped? Don't you?
You can never tell what that boy is going to do.
You see this girl on TV?
Me and half the country.
Doesn't look like a kidnapping.
Looks like a party.
I think it was. I think this was a bunch of kids
having a fine ol'time.
What about that gun they pulled on you?
Fun and games?
I been thinking about that gun.
I'm not sure it was real.
A toy store reported a few items was stolen.
They left I.O.Us.
The kid got the drop on you with a toy gun?
Yes sir. I believe he did.
I would had liked to seen that.
These kids are smart. Got the wire service interested.
Got the networks interested.
Got to give them a lot of credit.
My son and I don't get along real well.
I'm running for attorney general
and he knows he can screw me.
Please, dad, do whatever they say.
These are some heavy duty criminals. Oh god.
Are we going to do this thing or what?
Listen, this was your idea be serious.
Daddy, just remember, if you get somebody's ear
in the mail - it's mine.
You guys are really boring.
Hey listen to this?
Listen to Billie Jean! C'mon down to the C-101 in beautiful
Corpus Christi and collect yourself on a brand new Yamaha.
courtesy of Douglas Motorcycles on North Avenue.
And from all us jocks: Fair is fair!
Did you hear that?
A Yamaha? Are you serious?
We're rich! We are so rich!
He's worth $10,000.
From your dad?
Only 10.
Wow, straight A's.
President of the Drama Club.
You're father is the district attorney?
Temporarily. Plans to be attorney general.
So how come you didn't say anything?
You're supposed to be taking your medication.
Your father says, 'Please give him his pills.'
I haven't had a pill since I left the house.
Haven't wheezed once.
'No negotiations.' What a hard ass.
He never negotiates.
He's worried about you.
Not him. Hey! You getting too famous.
I'll buy you a wig.
Ease it down, ease it down.
Here pull it. Pull it.
Don't get me wrong - I'm real sorry about your son.
But the minute I heard about it
I knew the people would sit up there and listen.
You mean come in and buy.
You think it's just the money - you're wrong.
The average citizen is sick and tired
of seeing kids running wild.
Look at this, looks what's been coming in.
See that! Look at that.
That's from all over the country.
Parents, educators, businessmen -
it's John Q public.
And all them voting age.
What's that suppose to mean?
Means if you running for office you better damn well
pay attention, because people want the filth cleaned away.
Hell you in law enforcement? Well Do something!
Why don't you crawl back into the woodwork?
Why don't you do your job?
Can't do it maybe somebody else can.
Simmer down, Lieutenant.
Mr. Pyatt?
Yes sir.
I appreciate your concern.
Lieutenant - I want road blocks, helicopters,
and additional men assigned.
If it's not a real kidnapping...
We don't know that, for sure. Do we?
I do.
For sure?
We have to act on the bases on the worse possible case.
Anything else I'd be advocating my responsibilities.
Yes sir.
And it's the C-101 Billie Jean hotline.
Have you seen her?
Call the Judge! Day or night.
She's out there somewhere.
This could be your lucky day.
Line 4, Youre on the air!
Billie Jean, I don't feel so good.
I wonder why, you've only had 12 Kit-Kats.
Are you Billie Jean?
You got it bud.
Someone's got to help, Kenny.
He's in a lot of trouble.
Hey look it's Billie Jean! Come on you guys.
Let's go! No, man, Billie Jean!
I'll run with you anyday, Billie Jean.
Billie Jean, show us your gun.
Get your hands off it!
No. It's mine!
Who the hell are you?
I'm Billie Jean.
You're not her. Get out of here.
Get your things. We're leaving.
You stay put!!!
Jesus Christ, you are her. Is that your gang or what?
Don't bring them in here. I don't want any trouble.
You thirsty? I got some sodas out back.
Kenny going to be spending some time
at his grandma's.
Did you guys rob that liquor store in Galveston?
Yeah that was us.
We did not.
What about that school in Laredo?
Did you burn it down? No way, guy. We don't do schools.
Here you go!
Souvenirs from the Billie Jean gang!
Stop the car it's her!
Who? Billie Jean! Back there.
You kidding me?
What in the hell are you doing?
Making us a down payment on a house. $10000 dollars.
You can't shoot them!
Let go of me! I'm going for the tires.
Try it on.
Holy shit!
Son of a bitch!
Have you lost you mind?
Get rid of that gun? Just let them go!
Get down! Those are real bullets!
I don't know what's gone on with you.
I don't want it! Take the wheel!
You are crazy!
He shot out the tire!
Oh my god, Putter, your bleeding.
She's been shot.
No I haven't. But there's blood.
Oh my God, Putter, it happened.
It's about time.
You keep quiet, Binx.
It's wonderful!
Ok. Let it down.
I want you to take it easy.
You can stretch out in the back of the car.
When can I get a diaphragm?
I don't know what'll done if you were hurt.
When they have a blizzard, everything is white.
The ground. The sky. Even the air.
And you can't hear anything but the wind.
And the hiss of the snowflakes
as they land all around you.
I was scared. So was I.
Why were they shooting at us?
Have you ever been to Vermont?
Sure. Skiing.
Maybe we should go there tonight.
I mean all us - hitchhike.
You can't. Not now.
Everybody knows about you.
They want to see you get that money.
They want to see us dead.
Remember Joan of Arc?
Why did this have to happen?
I'm glad it happened.
This isn't working.
That's cause we're standing up.
Not us. Putter and Ophelia,
I-I have to get them out of this.
What? You going to turn them in?
All right, girls, off you feet! Wake up!
Come on.
Watch your hands!
Surprised? You know how I found you?
Billie Jean called me.
Liar! She wouldn't do that.
She did it.
Now you tell me where she is?
Where is she!!!
No you getting this all mixed up. We start stealing cars,
who's going to care about a motor scooter?
We got to have wheels.
It's not stealing. It's borrowing.
What we do - leave and I.O.U. for a car?
If that's what you want I'll pay for it!
You think this is all a game.
Your money let's you get away with anything.
I'm doing this for you.
You running away from home.
I can do that without you.
Then do it.
You're not mad at me, you're mad at yourself
what you did to the girls. Hurry up and get in!
Oh don't tell me what I'm mad at!
OK. If that's how you want it,
then I'm not your hostage any more.
Great! I'll see you in jail.
There they are!
There they are!
Oh shit!
Come on!
Through the gates!
Get in! Well get in.
What are you waiting for?
I want to tell you something... Billie Jean called me
cause you she was worried about you.
She doesn't want you to get hurt.
Now you have to tell me something.
Is Binx using a real gun?
Lieutenant. We got her.
Billie Jean.
They all say they're Billie Jean.
Call their parents. Send them home.
Putter Jacks!
Putter, don't. Putter!
Oh my god.
Where are you Billie Jean?
This is C-101, your station, waiting for your call.
Hello who's this?
Where you calling from, Tina?
Tina from Tyler. You're terrfic. Talk to me Tina.
Billie Jean is the best! Fair is fair!
Fair is fair at C-101.
Hello who's this? This is Dave and I think she's hot!
Give her the money man!
Are you listening, Billie Jean?
There is 608$ here. Get over here girl and pick it up.
That's right. It's been pouring in
from all over the state.
C-101's Billie Jean Scooter Fund. You stay out there long
enough, you'll have enough to buy your brother 10 scooters.
Line 4, you're on the air. Me and my girlfriend are cutting
our hair off just like you, Billie Jean. Fair is fair.
You want to go Mexico?
No I can't.
But they can't touch you down there.
I have to find my brother.
Billie Jean! She's here.
But it's pouring.
I'll be fine.
Wake up, sleeping beauty.
Billie Jean.
I was so scared I wouldn't find you.
Knew you'd come here.
Now you can take over.
Take over what?
Guarding the hostage.
I thought I chased you away.
I'm sorry I got mad at you.
Everyone gets mad at me.
Nothing makes sense.
Everything's crazy now.
Sure it is. That's why you have to be
crazier than they are.
I'm so glad to see you.
That's not crazy.
I was beginning to think...
I don't even know who I am anymore.
You're Billie Jean.
Hello? Anybody here?
I want to make a bargain with you, Billie Jean.
You listening?
I want you to turn yourselves in. To me.
I want Lloyd home and safe. And you too.
You listening, Binx?
I'll have that scooter fixed up better than new.
We got to end this kids, you hear?
We got to end this now.
I want you to pick up the phone
and call me and say, 'yes'. You hear?
Call me please.
Sure like to see that scooter fixed.
Better than new.
Billie Jean, we'll do it just the way you want.
I'll give you my word.
But I have to know if that boy is all right.
Hello this is Lloyd.
How are you doing, son?
I could use a steak.
Hello? Hello?
It's me again. Was that enough?
That was perfect.
Now Billie Jean, what I want you to do is...
That's all I wanted to say.
It's Billie Jean Day at Derby Beach. You hear me people.
At C-101 makes you apart of it.
Drop what you're doing! Come on down!
I don't care what you're doing!
If you can hear my voice you
are close enough to get here.
She's live and in person.
Come on down and tell it to the Judge!
If your within the sound of my face -
I want to talk to you!
The whole damn state of Texas
and she picks this place here.
There is a reason. What is it?
I don't know.
Maybe she thought it was symbolic.
Symbolic. Oh shit.
The whole world is listening.
And the whole world is waiting.
Come on in Billie Jean. This is your day.
I'm still hurt, damnit.
And a bullet is a bullet.
Even if a kid did the shooting.
And I don't buy this toy gun crap!
Those kids are dangerous. You remember that.
What are you doing here? What your name, honey?
Moranda - I love it!
Moranda, tell the Judge, what you think
of this Billie Jean thing?
I believe she's the toughest thing that
happened around here.
What are you doing here? Hey buddy this my beach!
And I want all these people out of here.
Except Billie Jean.
She can stay and watch me surf.
Kind of a heavy attitude. I think there.
I don't have the slightest idea what she wants to say.
She can recite the Gettysburg address for all I care.
Move back now!
Get your hands off me!
You should we try to clear them out?
Nah this is what she wants.
You should had cordon off the beach.
They would had came in on surf boards.
You think this is pretty funny. Mr. Muldaur... you want
to tell all these kids to go home that's fine by me.
When a riot starts I hope you can run pretty fast.
Thanks for the party. This wasn't my idea.
It was Billie Jean's. Hope to God she shows up.
She gave her word.
I bet she's already here.
Love it!
So far out!
Here it goes.
Where's the scooter?
I don't know they were hunting a new mirror.
What are they doing here?
Who sent sharp-shooters?
I did.
What are you doing? You're crazy!
Those kids are the ones that are crazy.
I need insurance and your cooperation, Lieutenant.
I'm a cop, Mr. Muldaur. You're a politician!
And you're not running for office here.
Put down those weapons.
Open the bolts and give me the clips.
I see her.
You just sit and let her walk on in.
Where's the scooter?
I see the scooter.
Far out.
It's not her! It's not Billie Jean -
It's her brother!
No, no.
Shut up, Hubie.
It's her brother! It's her brother!
He's wearing a dress!
It's a trick! You little faggot!
Will you shut up, dork!
Binx! Stop!
Got the camera on her. Billie Jean...
What do you want?
You got no business with me.
You're the one the blame. You're the one going
around thinking you're so damn hot.
Who paid?
Who paid, Mr. Pyatt? Was it you?
You still want the money? That what you came here for?
Why didn't you say so? Why didn't you say so?
I got the money right over here.
You giving me the money. Now?
It's a real shame what happened. Just got out of hand,
is all. Who paid for the scooter?
What difference does it?
The whole thing was an accident.
Who paid!!!
I did.
For your boy.
Look... no need to count this.
Little more, little less.
Just take this... for your trouble.
You pig. You don't even know what a pig you are.
For trouble? Or to keep my mouth shut?
Or maybe for a few minutes in your room upstairs...
How much is that worth to you, Mr. Pyatt? Tell us!
Everyone is listening. Nobody forced you up there.
You knew damn well what you were doing.
What about our lessons?
'Pay as you go. Earn as you learn.'
What were you going to teach me, Mr. Pyatt?
You lying piece of trash!
You said, 'I was going to love it.
Love being touched by a man like you.'
I'm sick and tired of your mouth
you little slut! It's over!
We're finished!
It's over!!!
You're right it's over with.
I can learn to live with it.
But I can't take all this.
Here's your change.
You can keep your money.
Go buy somebody else.
Holy christ.
Hubie? Hubie!
Where are you, boy? I need your help.
Get some water!
Are you happy? Are you satisfied now!
Get some water here!
What you all standing here for?
Let's get some water before the whole place goes up!
Someone get me some help.
Call the fire department..
What you standing here for? What you looking at?
Get some help here!
Listen you said it was cold.
But this is ridiculous!
Far out.