Legend of the Broken Sword Hero (2017) Movie Script

(Mahathat Market, Pichai Province)
Come back here, you moron!
You hit me first
Whoa, child!
What a mess this is
Go play somewhere else!
Whoa, what's with you guys, huh?
Kong, try to avoid the punches, would you?
Never lower your hands. That's it.
Be serious with your practice, boys.
Don't lower your guard, Singh.
Oh it's you again, Joi?
Uncle, teach me to box today, please!
I can't wait to learn to fight.
Silly boy! Your dad was a famous boxer himself.
Why not let him teach you?
You know my father well, don't you, uncle?
It's not that I don't wanna teach you,
but your dad would...
Uncle, look at my stance!
Alright, show me your shadowbox technique.
Now show me the kick.
That's it. Whoa, good high kicks, nimbly!
But here's the trick, watch me!
To prepare, you must start with this position,
right hand covers your chin,
the left on your chest,
cover all the important parts of the body.
That's right. Now shadowbox for me.
Knee strike!
Great! Left knee!
Good. Well...
I heard that you punished your boy
at the boxing camp,
embarrassed him right in front of boxers?
Well he's so stubborn, running away
from the temple and his classes
to spend the whole day at the boxing camp, sir.
This time if the governor takes action,
I'll have nothing to say,
since he's always fighting
with Master Cherd, the governor's son.
So young and already a thug.
But Cherd and his pals started it!
Don't you dare talk back!
If only you didn't cause arguments then
maybe he would've quit meddle with you by now.
Want me to give in
when I have hands and feet to use?
Stop being bigheaded!
Isn't it just normal for...
boys to always quarrel and fight each other?
You yourself also spent lots of times
boxing when you were young too, remember?
But the reason I'm entrusting him to you is
I want him to have education and knowledge, sir.
Speaking of that, your son,
Joi is clever enough to learn things
so you need not to be worry, Jang.
Maybe he's even more clever than
the governor's son.
And you, naughty kid...
ragged like you've been fighting a pack of dogs!
Go clean yourself up, go on.
Hey, how come I haven't seen the jerk Joi lately?
Maybe he's so afraid he stays at home crying.
Well there'll be no fun for me
if he does that, right?
I think he's hiding somewhere around here.
Well then let's find a way
to bully him more, okay?
It hurts!
Show yourself, you moron!
You bastard, Joi!
Bastard! Joi!
Thought you disappeared somewhere already,
who would guess you'd be here playing like a girl.
Come on if you guys think you're that tough!
Don't you dare ! Guys... finish him!
Ha ha, how's that? You're doomed, moron!
Master, Master Cherd sir!
Blood! Master!
You bastard, you... you hurt the master!
You hurt the governor's son!
He'll kill you for sure!
I didn't mean to.
Think twice, son.
You guys, to the left.
You... to the right!
The rest, follow me.
Where the hell are you, son of a bitch?
He must be in this area, Master.
Split and find him.
I'll pay a big reward to the boys who do!
Hmm... close one, you idiot.
Did you find him?
Joi... are you a ghost or what?
Even if you are, I'll still kill you again!
Master Cherd sir!
Bastard, that hurt!
Where the hell were you guys?
You told me to go that way, so I did sir.
Damn it! Joi!
Go on, tell me. What happened to your face?
Dad... you must take care of this for me.
That bastard Joi... he assaulted me!
Joi, huh? Which Joi?
I'd say Joi won't get away with it this time.
Why's that?
Look there!
See that? His lordship's getting real pissed now.
This time it's that bastard Joi's head for sure.
Get lost, Cherd! Get out of my face
before I get more pissed!
Well I don't buy it.
He was alone and there were so many of you
and you're telling me he assaulted you?
Again! More! Go on!
Get another one! Quick, go get!
Holy cow!
MY dear boy!
Now how was that, pal? Huh?
Finished. Hey, let's go.
Let's go.
Big feast for you tonight, Joi.
You're real good, pal.
Damn right you are!
Go, Joi!
Yeah! Hooray!
See that? Come on, pay!
Well, bud,
not a good day as usual, huh?
Anyone else wanna try defeating my man?
Can I have some fun too?
You know the bet is high, right?
Sure your heart is as brave as your word?
If that money's not enough...
This sword would be yours to.
If he defeats me.
Joi!!! Fight hard, bro!!!
Go on, fight!
Damn!!! Master...?
Don't!!! What a loser, we'll leave him like that.
Told you, lucky day always comes around, right?
What are you laughing so hard about?
You, idiot, what else!
Not only knocked-out in the middle of the air
but also left like a mangy dog!
Well... where's my master and everyone else?
Who do you think left you here like this?
That's impossible!
Think your master is such a nice guy? Huh?
For him you're just another gamecock.
And the cock that loses the fight,
always ends up in the soup pot.
Hey kid,
do you know why... you were defeated? Huh?
You're too confident,
you thought you were better than him.
This time is when you learned the proverb,
Behind an able man there is always other able men
Such a rookie! A no-technique boxer just like you,
when facing a real rival, will always lose.
And... what would you suggest I to do?
Hey, let me tell you the truth,
you're a good boxer, you have talent.
What you lack is the proper knowledge
from a real boxing master, that's all.
(Master Tiang's boxing camp, Kang Village)
Soi, dear?
Yes morn?
You want to learn boxing, huh?
If your father found out,
he'd be absolutely furious.
I know.
Good. All right.
Hey! Here, do it like this.
Hey... hey!
Now who are you? Huh?
Good day, sir.
Hey, hands down, will you? I'm not a monk.
I just want to apologize
and ask for your permission to be your disciple, sir.
Huh? You've been practicing
with my disciples before I even said yes
so what else can I do?
What's your name?
Do you have a name for me to call you ?
Sweet pumpkin, daddy.
Freshly steamed, nice and warm,
taste good too, dad
Hmm... your pumpkin tastes
as good as your word, dear.
What's with you? I asked for our name,
don't you have one?
My name is Pump... Thong... it's Thong...
My name is Thongdee sir.
Oh, Thongdee, huh? Well,
try a piece of this, here.
Or do you want... some betel?
N0 sir, I can't chew that thing, I eat rice, sir.
You funny guy! Right,
people eat rice, that's so true.
Hey stop!
Thongdee, your tactics are brilliant
but your punch is too slow. Now try me!
Very well.
Hey... stop!
Good. After getting ahold of his leg,
hit your right elbow into the groin.
Don't be too harsh on him, Phun.
Thongdee, I want to see your skills.
- Try it.
- Yes, Sir.
Thongdee, if this was a real fight...
Absolutely no one would ever hold back.
Now remember,
"Crush your enemy totally".
In fighting, knock your enemy to the ground,
so he can never come back for revenge.
Hot snacks anyone? Freshly made.
New clothes? Miss, come take a look
Make way, make way.
Steer clear
Who are you?
Why do you have all these soldiers with you?
Take it easy, Master.
My name's Panritdeja, I'm the governor's brother.
He had commanded
that I come here along with the soldiers to visit
and get some information.
Hey, bring those gifts to the master, quick!
What kind of information are you looking for?
Someone told us there's
a criminal hiding in your camp.
Personally, I don't believe so,
that's why I had to come and see for myself.
Criminal? I think there's some misunderstanding.
The bastard Joi...
who attacked Cherd, my nephew,
and robbed him of his horse
and fortune had come here to hide.
There's no person called Joi in this camp.
Well if you persist on that...
you wouldn't mind if I had a look around, right?
Because if those informants lied to me...
and accused you falsely...
I'll punish them immediately
I've told you. That person isn't here!
Why bother talking, uncle?
Let's do the search.
You guys...
go ahead, search! Go!
pay some respect to the master, will you?
Search all over!
Today the bastard must be captured.
This is too damn much!
I come in peace, brother.
So don't make it a big deal, alright?
However, could you just give me a little smile?
I wanna see how white is your teeth.
My uncle told you to smile, you hear?
- Motherfucker!
- You...!!!
Found one, sir.
- Come!
- Get off me!
- Quick!
- What's this for?
I thought you say there's no one named Joi!
What? Are you crazy? That's Grandpa Joi...
he's almost 80, how could he be the criminal?
Calm down now, Sir,
We're only doing our official duty here.
So is this the way that official duty works?
Unable to separate rights from wrongs like this?
"Wrong" can never be used
to describe official duty, Master.
Here I am!
This is him, uncle, the bastard who attacked me.
Cherd, I'm ready to surrender myself to you.
But these people have nothing to do with it.
So promise me first that
you're not gonna hurt anyone
and I'll surrender.
So it's you? Joi?
Bastard, you come with me now.
This is all I want, Master.
What are you guys doing now?
Just calm down, will you?
I just wanna help you clean up your camp
so no one can come and hide here anymore.
Burn it all! Burn it!!!
Burn it!!!
All Of it!!!
I really don't know how to apologize
for the trouble I've brought to you
and everyone here.
Hey, don't think like that, you hear?
But it's not safe for me to stay here,
I gave it a thought already.
I really think I should go.
I want to say goodbye to you
and everyone here now.
Thongdee... Won't you change your mind?
No, Master.
And where will you go?
I don't know yet.
But what I know is, to walk along this path...
I need to learn a lot more about boxing.
Thongdee, if there's anything that you lack...
it's providing speed.
If you are determined to become better
my advice is for you to head towards Baan Tha Sao.
They're famous for their aggressive speed boxing.
You'll make progress for sure.
Next time we meet, I'll surely defeat you.
I'll be waiting.
Farewell, everyone.
Thongdee... have a safe trip. Good luck.
Go! Both of you! Get lost!
Hold on, brother, please calm down!
I can explain everything.
That's right, dad, listen to us first.
We were attacked for real!
I don't wanna here anything from you guys!
Not only have my soldiers been seriously injured
but you also burnt down Master Tiang's camp !
You guys are lucky enough I don't execute you!
Now get out of my face, go!
What should we do now?
We'll chase and kill that son of a bitch.
come back here to behead my brother.
My dad?
Who are you and why are you following me?
The name's Boonkerd.
Why are you following me?
I'm not. I'm just going my own way.
Then go your own way now.
And you, where are you going to?
Tha Sao.
What for?
Lots of places to go, why Tha Sao?
You're not a child anymore,
how come your teeth are so white?
What kind of toothbrush are you using?
Let me know,
I want to have white teeth just like yours.
Hey bro, you haven't answer my question yet!
(Bang Tao-Mor Temple Market)
Hey! Stop following me, will you?
How can you say that?
We're going to the same place.
I'm going to Tha Sao to learn boxing too.
A man should know how to fight, right?
Look! There's a Chinese theatre over there!
They're called "Chinese Opera".
Let's go, Bro.
Hurry up, guys. We don't want papa to get angry.
Get everything ready.
What are you doing?
And what's your problem, huh? Wait...!
You look like a girl, are you one?
Well sure I am and you...
what are you doing here, kid ?
This is my theatre, and we're not open yet.
You think I would believe this place is yours?
And who are you calling "kid"?
Someone around here.
Hey you...!
My name's Thongdee. And this one here is Boonkerd.
What's your name, Miss opera actress?
Well that's not it for sure.
My name is Li Yue Wen.
Li YueWen, means "a polyglot".
Li Yue... Yun... Oh right, Li yi Yen!
Yi Yen your ass, you jerk!
What a name, why is it so hard to say?
Hurry up daughter,
come put on make-up for the show now!
Who are these guys?
They're my friends, Pa.
That one's Thongdee.
And I'm Boonkerd, sir.
What's your business with me?
I've watched your performance
and was impressed by your delicate gestures.
Also you could jump
and roll so high in the air too.
It's called "somersault".
- Can you please teach me to do somersault?
- What?
I haven't prepared anything
to pay a tribute to you, but still...
I do wish to be your disciple, is that possible?
No way! We Chinese practice the theatre from birth.
The bending,
the acrobatic, the jumping movements...
It is not easy at all, you know?
And another thing is you're a grown-up
so it's too late to start practicing now.
If you can jump over my head, I'll teach you.
C'mon Uncle, don't be skimpy, will you?
Get lost! Go away right now! Go, go, get out!!!
You came with my daughter once,
I remember your white teeth!
Why are you doing this?
Forgive me, Master,
it's because you wouldn't
accept me as your disciple.
Alright, then...
today you'll learn things the hard way!
Daughter, you naughty girl!
You planned this, right?
It was all my fault.
I asked her to help, and it came out like this.
Thongdee, if you can't perform right,
won't my opera troupe be out of business?
But haven't you heard the applauses Pa?
If someone should be punished in this case...
It should be me, Master.
I've brought this wine to ask
for your forgiveness too.
See? It takes only a jar of wine...
and my dad's in good mood now.
Should be best if he accepts us in the first place
so I could also ask to be his disciple
and could call him Master Li too.
Ha haha... Master Li... ha haha.
Master Li...!
I like that! You're such a sweet talker too,
you know that?
Come, drink with me, come on let's drink!
I think you're too young to drink, Boonkerd.
Alcohol isn't good for you.
Who's too young, Bro?
- Burmese invaders!
- Wha-? Where... where's the Burmese?
Little Sis, what kind of joke was that?
You still sleep your life away like this
that's why Thongdee wouldn't wait for you.
He's on the way to Tha Sao already!
There are some Burmese soldiers up ahead!
You go tell the masters
we may have to take another route.
What happened? Why did the cart stop?
Well I...
Why do we have to dress like the Burmese?
Then we can put the blame on them. Let's go!
Thank you so much.
Surely my master should reward you greatly.
I can't accept that. I have to go quickly now.
Where are you going?
I didn't do this expecting any kind of a reward.
Well then,
you take this.
- No buts!
- Uh...
Just take it.
I'm not giving it up,
just wanna leave it with you for now.
But whatever problem you might have
in Tark Province...
this ring can help you out.
Are you from that town?
Look for me there and bring that ring back to me.
What's your name?
Still want to travel along with me, man?
I'll tell you next time we meet.
(Master Mek's boxing camp, Tha Sao village.)
Brother... which way is Master Mek's boxing camp?
I'll take you there, just follow me.
You wait here, okay?
Master, this man wants to ask
to become your disciple sir.
Hey, you two, stop.
What's your name?
Thongdee, sir.
Have you thought long
and hard about becoming a disciple here?
You will have to practice real hard
Well I don't eat much anyway, Master.
Do not call me Master
because I haven't accepted you yet.
Come try out with Thongdee a bit, okay?
This is Dang here,
he's been studying with me since childhood.
Beat him and you can call me Master.
Oh, great, Dang!
Alright, I'll accept you now.
Boonkerd! Boonkerd!!!
Yes sir.
Take him to see his sleeping space
and feed him food.
Hi, Freshman, let's go.
Thongdee, for you to be a Tha Sao's disciple...
you need to do things correctly according
to our traditions.
The ritual dances of boxing are
just like the actions in fighting.
The hands must always cover and ward,
to concentrate, you have to..
Think of holy subjects and teachers.
Hey Bro, I thought you were here
to be trained as boxer.
This is also a training too.
The real fighter must be able
to endure all kinds of duties and obstacles.
Where did you get that ring from, Bro?
Can it be "none of your business" just for once?
Whoa, don't get moody, alright?
Why did you leave me
with those opera people, huh?
Well, I saw you've entrusted yourself
to Master Li already
and thought you wanted to go along
to play opera with Little Sis.
I sure miss her.
What about Little Sis, how's she doing?
At the boxing fest at Phra Tan Temple this time,
surely Master Nin of Toong Yum boxing camp
will challenge our's.
Tomorrow, I need five excellent fighters
to redeem our reputation.
Yes Master?
This time...
Tha Sao's hope depends on you.
(Phra Tan Temple fest)
Lucky we got here on time, huh?
Later we'll look for the Master,
he should be near here.
Is that so?
Little Sis, how come you're here?
Well I came with my dad, how else?
It's really good to see you again.
Also this would be a good opportunity for me
to study Master Li's kung fu seriously.
Whoa, all you really think about is boxing, Bro
You know so little, Little Sis.
Now he is not only thinking about boxing,
but also about a lady.
At night he hardly goes to sleep
and keep staring at a ring
and raving about a woman.
What are you looking for, Bro?
Oh..no, no, nothing.
You guys haven't met for so long,
just go walk around and enjoy the fair, alright?
I'll follow in a minute.
Here, sir.
Let's go pay respect to Buddha.
This festival is huge.
Just wait for me, okay?
Miss? What's your name?
No, not good.
What is your name?
My name's Ramyong.
So you really are a boxer just like
I thought when we first met.
What camp are you from, anyway?
I'm a disciple of Master Mek's Tha Sao camp.
Oh yeah? Well then you'll enter
the boxing challenge today too, right?
It's true that I'm a Tha Sao's disciple
but this time I may not enter.
How so?
You are a talented boxer, you know that?
Also I have an uncle who's
a famous boxing master too...
if you guys have a chance to meet
then you could get to know each other.
I sure hope so.
And that I'll get to see you again too.
Here's the ring you told me to give back
to you when we meet again.
Ah hah, I understand clearly now.
No wonder Thongdee keeps staring
at the ring every night.
So this is your errand, huh?
No wonder you fled from us so quickly!
So you're Ramyong,
right? I'm Thongdee's brother,
my name's Boonkerd.
You can say that you have
conquered the Tha Sao camp.
Says who?
You guys even know my name?
So you were eavesdropping on me
for quite a while then.
Well, I must go now, Thongdee,
I've left my master waiting long enough.
Oh! You're leaving?
What about this ring?
I thought it would finally find its way back
to its owner for sure.
You keep it for now, okay?
And will we have a chance to meet again?
We sure will, if you want to.
Here, Thongdee.
Women always say things that
are difficult to understand, huh?
That's true.
Women never say things that are
too difficult to understand at all.
It's the men that aren't clever enough!
You're so insolent, you know that?
You have conquered all of Master Mek's disciples!
This time Tha Sao camp might be out of their fame
and become a deserted camp for good!
Don't bark too loud, Nin. My camp...
is not that indigent.
You have to beat me before
you can say that you have
conquered the Tha Sao camp.
Maybe this is the time my camp will come to an end.
No need, Master. Let me.
Tha Sao hasn't run out of fighters.
I, Master Mek's disciple, Thongdee,
would like to represent Tha Sao team once again.
Well, Tuek, who would've guessed
that after the main course
there is still dessert left for you too!
Think you could gulp some more?
To fight the tiger, you must be real quick.
But to fight the elephant,
you must be precise and patient.
N0 play, Tuek!
If you lose... don't ever come back to my camp!
Thongdee of Tha Sao wins!
Take him out!
Tha Sao hasn't won until you can conquer me,
you white teeth jerk!
I apologize, Master.
I wanna say farewell to you, Master.
Thongdee, the thing you've done to save our faces,
I appreciate more than anything.
I have nothing worth enough to repay
except this letter of recommendation ..
To Master Pang at Sawankaloke District.
He'll teach you the sword technique.
I believe it will do you good in the future.
Thongdee, to travel so far ahead,
it is good to have some company, isn't it?
Good? I am already fed up with you!
- But I think...
- Hey, what's with you, Boonkerd?
So weird!
Hey, there's a cart coming this way!
Brother, can you please give us a ride with you?
Okay, get on!
Little Sis! How come you're here?
Boonkerd, did you kidnap her from her father?
No I didn't! She just came herself!
Hey, how could you say so?
You're the one who persuaded me, remember?
Well I didn't know you would come for real.
Anyway, it's your fault.
How is it my fault?
Can I come along too?
Who else is that?
They sure get along well,
even though at first Boonkerd didn't trust you
and said that Tuek is ruthless and brutal.
That's because in reality he's not like that
Tuek just looks scary on the outside
Me, I'm not different from him.
I was thrown away when I became useless.
Little Sis, if you've ever been thrown away,
You'll have sympathy for Tuek too.
(Master Pang's Swordmen camp, Sawankaloke)
Are you sure this is the place?
Hey, you heard what the villager told us, right?
Hey Brother, Brother!
Is this Master Pang's swordmen camp?
Yes, it sure is.
Well... where are all the disciples?
Disciples? Oh yes, there's me!
And Glar over there.
That's all?
Oh no, including my sister
Na who's out gathering vegetables,
we have 3 disciples here.
And what about the Master, where is he?
I'm bringing this firewood to burn him.
I mean... to keep him warm.
So this is the famous Master Pang
of Sawankaloke, huh?
Not too loud.
For the sake of Mek, I'll accept you,
Thongdee the Whiteteeth.
Whoa, whoa!!!
Thank you, thanks, I can help myself.
You go get something to eat, go!
Won't your Master be drunk
before he starts teaching you, Thongdee?
What are you guys staring at?
If he doesn't wake up,
so how can we start learning?
Just wake him up if you guys want to learn!
No wonder why there are only 3 disciples here.
Master Pang sir?
What is it, Bro?
Oh no, no, nothing.
Why did you wake me up so early?
Do you want us to start practicing now, Master?
Yeah, yeah, go pick up your swords.
You guys must cull the swords yourselves.
Boonkerd, don't mock the master!
Hey, have you gotten your swords yet?
Who first?
You, Tuek.
Poor Master...
He might fall because Tuek is so strong.
Quiet, the lesson is going to start now.
All gone!
Alright, loser pays for wine! Come!
Give me your best shots, come on.
Hold your sword steady,
your hands are weak like a girl's.
Losing your sword means you lose,
go get me some wine!
Your turn, White Teeth, come!
I apologize, Master.
A jar of wine, alright?
Come on!
Your turn now!
Salute to you, Master.
Come eat!!!
Pick up the sword!
Your hand's so weak,
use the rope to bind the sword to your arm.
It's not about losing your hold of the sword,
it's about the movements,
grab hold of the sword. Come!
It's time to practice, Master.
Practice what?
You're so good that I'm almost unable
to fight you now.
That's not true, Master.
Definitely true!
I have nothing more to teach you guys.
Master, we'd like to say goodbye to you.
- Hey, hey, hey Master...!!!
- Let, let go of me!
Go quick if you want to, no need to come say goodbye.
Don't be bothered.
It's just that he's afraid he
would cry in front of you.
- Oh, he wants to give you something too.
- What's that?
You guys need to carry the swords while traveling.
Master insisted before he got drunk.
Has he ever been sober?
- What about mine?
- Oh yes, I forgot.
Why so unfair?!
Everyone gets a sword but I only get a knife!
Go ask him. You guys better leave now,
still a long way to go.
Mar... farewell, Bro.
Good luck you guys.
Glar, Na, farewell, friends!
I talked with the villagers
before we start this trip
they told me about the tigers around here.
it's forbidden to talk about the tiger
when you're in the woods.
Well that's what I heard, really.
Alright, we've been walking for a while,
let's rest here for a bit.
Great! I'd like to hunt down
a tiger for us to eat.
I told you not to say the word tiger.
You wouldn't listen, keep saying tiger, tiger!
Well if a tiger really comes out,
I hope he pounces on you first!
Little Sis,
you said the word tiger five times already.
I'll be back.
Where are you going?
Little Sis, I saw a tiger!
- Boonkerd... Boonkerd!!
- Boonkerd!!!
Kill him!
Bastard! I've been searching for you for so long!
I won't let you get away anymore.
So badly injured, he may or may not survive.
Whatever you can do, please save his life.
It's not that I don't want to help,
but I can't.
There must be a way, right?
What if we bring him
to the provost at Tark Province?
Oh yes, the provost of KhaoKaew Temple.
Tark Province?
Thongdee, my horse can't cross!
- Let's meet at the temple then
- Alright.
(Tak outskirts)
Help! Help!
Somebody, help me please!
KhaoKaew Temple.
Please help take my brother there!
Uncle! Brother! Please help!
Can I borrow your horse?
What are you talking about? Mine's not for rent!
Let me buy him then, I have the money.
- I have the money!
- Just this small amount of money?
I have money
Are you insane or what?
A ring... I have a ring.
You're trading this shoddy ring with my horse?
Get lost! Get out of my face!
Sa, Den, chase this jerk away!
Get back! Go!
Your hands and feet can
never compare to a sword, you jerk!
I'll teach you to realize not
to meddle with someone like me!
Hey, take care of him!
What's with you?
Gonna kill people for just one horse?
Reverend Father!
Reverend Father sir!!
(KhaoKaew Temple)
Don't know what he's been through
but it looks really bad.
Father, help my brother, please sir.
No need for you to worry now.
He's in good hands now,
whatever happens now depends on his fate.
Thanks so much,
without you my brother might be
in worse bad shape.
Seems you love this brother
of yours very much.
I must leave now.
What's your name and where are you from?
Perhaps in the future I can repay you
for helping me this time.
My name's Ruang, my house is in this Tark Town.
I believe we'll meet again
Oh, right.
This belongs to you.
In the future, I'll repay you for sure.
Before he was shot he told me...
he'd like you to teach him boxing
and swordsmanship.
He wants to be as skillful as you are.
If he wakes up, whatever he wants to learn...
I'll teach him all.
He'd be glad if he could just listen.
Why are you here?
Everyone at the market talked about you,
you know?
If you wake up,
I'll tell Thongdee to teach you to use the sword.
Listen to me, pal, you have to wake up!
You have to be my best friend forever!
How come you look so sad?
Are you worried about Boonkerd?
I'm very worried about him,
he hasn't woken up yet.
Don't worry too much, okay?
He's in good hand now.
There, you are smiling now.
What are you doing?
Ramyong... how do you feel about me?
Hey, did you know in a few days
the new Tark Governor will hold an Oath
of Allegience Ceremony ?
Yes, Tuek told me.
But what does it have to do with me?
Then maybe you also know that this
new governor is very fond of boxing
and he'll arrange a boxing competition
on that day.
And if you're in this competition
with some famous boxers...
and win, I'll answer that question of yours.
Why can't you answer right now?
Boonkerd, you're awake!
Thought you'd never wake up.
Am I that drowsy?
Yeah, yeah. Drink some water first.
You're so lucky, you know?
Gunshot in the middle of the chest like that.
Luckily Father Provost could save your life.
Shot? I got shot?
Come on, don't lie to me, Sis.
Nonsense you! Who lied?
Even when I'm sick, you go on bluffing me.
Yeah, yeah, alright I'll speak the truth.
Do you remember
when we were walking in the woods?
You were so arrogant,
didn't believe the warning
about not saying "tiger".
You kept mentioning it along the way.
So a tiger jumped
and grabbed you right in front of our eyes.
Good thing Thongdee chased after the tiger,
stab him to death
before taking you here to be cured.
- Thongdee, you saved my life.
- Hey.. Boonkerd.
Thanks for not leaving me
or else I would be the tiger's meal by now
Thanks a lot, Bro.
What tiger?
Just drivel, that's all.
You two go wait inside the bower.
I'll repeat one more time.
Today's boxing contest
is to celebrate the Tark's new governorship
He'd like to see the boxing skills of you guys.
Any of you whose boxing skill... lmpresses him,
Will be greatly rewarded
who else wants to try out?
I'm Pun, I'm from Baan Kang Village.
I want to challenge...
I'm Tuek, from Toong Yang Village,
I'll accept Mr.Pun of Baan Kang's challenge.
Great. You two go wait in the bower.
Looking for someone?
Oh, this is my uncle, Hao,
the one I told you about.
He teaches boxing to the governor's Officers.
Uncle, this is Thongdee.
Is that you?
You know each other?
Real well too!
Right, Thongdee?
How long have you known Master Hao, Thongdee?
Many years ago I was completely destroyed by him.
Never thought I'd see him again.
Oh yeah?
Well Bro, that was so long ago!
This time if you both tried out...
I think you'd have a really good chance.
Maybe not, Boonkerd. He's a senior
and the boxing-master of the Lord Governor too.
Well? ls there another pair
who wants to do the try out?
If not, then I'll deliver the names
of all boxers who volunteered
to the Lord Governor right away.
Hold on...!
Are you saying you want to do it, you thin slag?!
Not me, but my brother here would like to.
And whom do you wish to challenge?
What are you saying, Boonkerd?
Thongdee, still think you wanna try me again?
With your kind permission,
I'd like another chance, sir.
Will you approve of that?
Roen... wins!
It's my turn now.
Be very careful.
This man is a very sharp boxer.
Anyway, I wish you luck.
Next, Tuek..vs. Pun!
Oh yes, here, there's a note for you.
How dare you challenge my uncle?
You'll lose and I'll be watching, Thongdee!
And so we meet again.
Come to watch the boxing too?
Heard you're gonna try out
with the Governor's fight master,
so I wanna see with my own eyes.
But unfortunately,
I may not stay until you finish.
There's something very important I need to do.
What thing? Can I help at all?
When that time comes, you sure can.
Your friend has the advantage over his rival.
Tuek, wins.
Next... Thongdee...
Master Hao.
Hope you're a lot better than before
I don't want to clean up too soon
I'm ready to learn from you, Master.
Thongdee wins!
Hold on, Thongdee!
You still have some strength left, right?
I want you to try one more fight with Master Muk,
What'd you say?
Today's competition has now come to an end.
The Lord Governor will give the awards
to the winners himself.
The one whose name is called, stay. And if not...
just leave the field right away.
All of you have skills that impressed me a lot.
I shall now reward you.
Especially you, Thongdee!
You alone have defeated two of my masters.
So your reward will be really special.
Ramyong, you come here!
What're the smiles for?
I'm not gonna reward you with Ramyong,
Go on, give them the money.
Protect the Lord Governor!
Kill the bastard governor!
Anyone not involved, just leave!
Kill everyone who dares resist!
Why are you doing this?
This is between me and the governor,
it's none of your business, Thongdee.
Just get out of the way!
If you don't, I'll have to kill you!
I won't let you do that.
Ramyong, Tuek, take the governor and leave.
Stop right there! If you guys don't wanna die!
Thongdee... you better shoot me.
If you don't,
I'll have to shoot you.
Ruang ...
For the sake that you used to help me,
just leave, please!
There's no turning back for me.
I've already come this far.
Just kill me now.
Shoot me!!!
I'm gonna repay you with my own life.
I'm not gonna let you hurt people I love
and go on to do worse.
I've never seen anyone as stupid as you, Thongdee.
Just shoot me, Ruang. I'm ready.
My Lord sir, I didn't mean to.
I didn't mean for you to get hurt, sir!
Please don't execute me, sir!
Why should I do that?
Since you did that great imitation of me, huh?
Get someone to take care of his wound. Doctors!
Alright everyone, go have your wounds taken care of!
Don't be puzzled, Thongdee.
The first Lord Governor you saw was the imposter.
Can you understand the whole thing now?
Ruang, don't tell me you're...
My name's not Ruang,
My name is Sinn.
I heard all about you, Thongdee.
First from my wife
when she was travelling in the cart
and facing the Burmese raid.
If not for you
I can't even imagine all that would've happened
to my wife and my children.
- Thongdee!
- Ramyong!
- After that... I had seen your skills
- Wait for me.
With my own eyes
when you defeated the famous Master Nin
at the Phra Tan Temple fest.
I could see that your boxing skill was different.
You even dared to challenge my people,
And you've defeated both Master Hao...
and Master Muk in the same event.
Not counting the time you stabbed a tiger to death
And most importantly, you stole Ramyong's heart.
Let me tell you right this minute, Thongdee,
Talented men may be hard to come by,
but the man with a brave heart just like yours
who places righteousness over personal matters
is even harder to come by.
For example, the 3 boxers
who started boxing the same time as you,
They were the first group that ran
to save their lives.
Only you and your friend passed my test.
Your test...?!
Yes. I'll go straight to the point, Thongdee.
I need people who I can trust fully even
while my back is turned.
I need people like you
to come help me with my duty.
Well I don't think so, my lord.
You're really too much, Thongdee.
Can you tell me the reason why you couldn't?
It's not that I don't want to serve you, sir.
I would say if I'm a horse...
I'd rather be running wild than fighting in battle.
Great, I like that you said that.
Makes me want you even more.
Well let's have a wager, you and me.
If I lose, I won't hold you back
and I'll reward you with plenty of money.
But if you're the one who loses,
You'll have to come help me.
And be one of my people until the day you die.
Hey Brother...!
Oh no, or I should call you Lord Pichaiarsa?
Is it you, Joi?
Yes Mom, it's me.