Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen (2010) Movie Script

"In 1914, the First World War
broke out in Europe"
"British and French armies suffered
heavy casualties under German attack"
"ln 1917, the Chinese government dispatched"
"150,000 laborers in lieu of soldiers to Europe"
"to fight alongside the Allied Army"
"Each Chinese laborer was assigned a wristband
with a code for identification"
"The scars left by the copper wristbands"
"became a sign of recognition after the war"
"The Chinese laborers were poorly equiped"
"Besides trying to survive in the battlefield,"
"they had to do manual labor on the frontline"
"France, 1917"
We need more men outside. It's too dangerous.
We're out of ammunition.
Hurry...Move it.
Tianyuan, don't be afraid.
Stay cool.
We will go back to China. We won't die here.
Don't be scared. Let's run together.
Don't look back. Just charge ahead.
That's my amulet.
it will protect you.
Brothers, let's run for it.
Hurry up.
The ammunition has arrived, sir.
How comes the French army is retreating?
Chen Zhen.
Chen Zhen.
The Germans are coming. Watch out.
Is everybody all right? Anyone hurt?
I'm fine.
Thank God for you, Chen Zhen.
I'm fine,
thanks to your amulet.
God help us...
Don't go out. Stay cool.
Don't go out.
I'll kill you all.
Take cover.
We can't die here.
"At the end of the First World War,
though China was a victorious state,"
"she was ignored by the Allies"
"Qingdao in Shandong was occupied by Japan"
"ln 1925, Shanghai was divided into settlements"
"Underneath the facade of peace and order,"
"Japan was increasing its influence,
in preparation for the invasion of China"
"Shanghai, 1925"
Master Liu.
"Liu Yutian - Shanghai tycoon"
Master Liu.
Thank you.
Business is really booming here.
Who'd believe there's a war going on.
It's chaos outside.
Where else can they go?
My brother heard cannon fire in Shenyang.
He said General Zhuo would defeat Zeng.
Rumor has it Zeng is already fleeing.
If Zhuo wins, perhaps China will be united.
Not necessarily.
Zeng is backed by the Japs.
The Brits don't want a united China either.
Have you been to Taiwan?
The Japanese rule is so organized there.
If you start trouble, they'll kill you all,
so you can't even write your own history.
Sooner or later, Taiwan will become Japanese.
China isn't ruled by Chinese anyway.
The winner will be either Japan or Britain.
Don't forget,
the more trouble there is,
the more money we'll make.
Tell her to sing this song.
Kiki, a Japanese Song.
Come on, let's go.
Thanks a lot.
Wonderful. Superb.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Please calm down, officers.
Tonight's on the house. Don't be upset.
Please sit down.
I'm sorry, please sit down,
Pardon me, Master Liu.
You came from France?
Let me buy you a drink.
Thank you, Master Liu.
Which is higher: 2 pairs or 3-of-a-kind?
What do you have?
Then my 2 pairs beat you.
Let's go on.
Straight. I win.
I win.
It's my turn.
You're betting with your life?
Can I do that?
How much is your life worth?
It can't be cheaper than yours.
What did you say?
Is your life worth this much?
Then I'm handing my life over to you.
We'll see.
You're out of luck.
I have 2 pairs.
How can that beat 3-of-a-kind?
Didn't someone say 2 pairs beat 3-of-a-kind?
Sit down.
You set the rules,
so live with it.
My friend,
you'll pay me back with money or your life?
Of course I prefer money to my life.
That's good then.
Are we still drinking at your place, Master Liu?
Can't take it anymore.
Time to head back to the hotel.
Forget the hotel.
Move in here.
It's rather simple. Hope you don't mind.
Don't stand on ceremonies.
All right, thank you.
You're here?
Didn't you promise to save me this room
for watching sunrise?
It's only 3 a.m. Watching sunrise?
Meet my brother, Qi Tianyuan.
This is Kiki.
You now have more brothers than wives.
What about me?
Marry me and you can do anything you want.
What about your other wives?
They're fleeting clouds. You're here to stay.
Then let's wait till they fleet.
- Let's have a drink.
- Next time.
I already drank too much. Thanks.
He drank too much. Let me...
Then I won't intrude any longer.
I should go.
Wen is downstairs. He'll drive you.
Thank you.
Your girlfriend is beautiful.
You're interested?
Help yourself...but she can be a handful.
A handful for you perhaps, Master Liu?
Thank you, Master Liu.
You're welcome.
How come you became Liu Yutian's partner?
You'll be a celebrity overnight.
That's too dangerous, too high profile.
It's only an expedient measure.
No, getting Liu Yutian on our side is good.
It's not easy to win his trust so quickly.
Make good use of it.
You really think Liu is up to any good?
This tycoon has clout with the triad.
But he's a Chinese after all.
We don't have enough resources.
To fight against the Japanese,
we need to motivate every Chinese we can.
The more clout Liu has the better for us.
Penetrating the triad
and the Municipal Police
is beneficial to our movement.
We've contacted...
the Chinese from France.
Don't forget students like us.
Every Chinese is willing to unite and fight.
It's a pity...
our country can't be united.
It will, I'm sure of it.
"Jing Wu Athletic Association"
Master, why did you set up
the Jing Wu Athletic Association?
To protect our home and country, Chen Zhen.
"France, 1917"
Tianyuan, we're going home.
Rest in peace.
Tianyuan is coming back to China with us.
Chen Zhen can't go home.
but Qi Tianyuan can.
China will be our war zone.
"Hongkou Dojo"
"Colonel Takeshi Chikaraishi -
Japanese Army's General Staff Office"
I got word from Casablanca.
the Brits got hold of our dispatch schedule.
Except for me, only the 3 of you have seen it.
Who did it?
I don't know about them but I never left HQ.
All Japanese soldiers...
must be ready to die.
Sisters, here comes the Boss.
Whose birthday is it?
Doesn't matter,
as long as you're buying.
Very well.
The Boss is quite a popular guy.
He's well connected in Shanghai.
The one in white is Vivian.
General Zeng's girl. Keep an eye on her.
He has arrived.
Isn't he at war?
He's here. He's at YQ Mansion.
He just sent for me.
Shall I get you a car?
No, thanks. His chauffeur is picking me up.
So happy.
Have a drink before you go.
Pour her a drink.
Hey, Huang Lan.
You have Red Haskels?
Sorry, it's just sold out.
Shall I get you some?
Goodbye, Mr Qi.
it's General Zhuo and General Zeng.
My men are in place, waiting for your order.
- How are you Vivian?
- How are you, General Zhuo?
Long time no see. Please sit down.
It's too cold. I'm treating you to hotpot,
so the two of us can have a good chat.
"General Zeng - Northeast Troops"
"General Zhuo - Northeast National Army"
if our armies go to war,
which side do you think will win?
If the Japs decide to support your dad,
then it's hard to say. I'll accept fate.
My father is only exploiting the Japs.
He's doing it at the sacrifice of principle.
The Japs won't wait much longer.
They're getting ready.
They already mentioned a Manchu State.
To be honest,
I don't want to hurt the Northeast Troops,
but I won't let them interfere
with the unification of China.
I'll be frank with you.
If your father backs off and puts you in charge,
I'll personally guarantee a ceasefire.
What do you say?
You're asking me to betray my father.
Tell that to our fellow countrymen.
General Zhuo,
General Zeng told me repeatedly
that he trusted and respected you.
Can't you trust him also?
Tell your father:
To avoid being the Japs' running dog,
he has only one option...
peace talk.
The Republic has come a long way.
Her future depends on you and your father.
I need time to convince him.
Give me 7 days.
Very well.
7 days then.
If your old man won't listen,
we'll meet at the battlefield next time.
We'll always be brothers.
Drink up.
Protect the General.
A superhero just botched our operation.
Let's go.
Whose car was that? Crashing a Police car?
Whose was that?
Go take a look.
Who? Me?
Who else?
Go on.
Cover me.
Don't block me.
Look at you.
Seal off the area...check for survivors.
Look over there.
Who are you?
The Masked Warrior.
Why did you save my life?
I didn't mean to, you little warlord.
Tell that warlord father of yours
to stop colluding with the Japs.
A people's enemy will die a dire death.
Did General Zhuo send them?
No, this is beneath him.
But who else knows you're here?
Colonel, we support Commander Zeng.
Why did we try to kill his son?
I'm not helping Zeng get rid of Zhuo.
But Tokyo ordered...
It doesn't matter what Tokyo ordered.
It matters what Tokyo needs.
An internal strife among the Chinese
is beneficial to us.
If the General is killed,
his father will go to war with Zhuo.
It was my mistake.
I didn't expect a superhero to show up.
Assassinations involve risks of failure.
The key is to find out who this man is.
Get on with it.
The Masked Warrior is an icon
of Japanese resistance.
We shall make good use of it.
An extra identity is good for you.
We'll run a report on him accordingly.
Extra. Masked Warrior beat up the Japs.
Huachao, don't wear black all the time.
People will think you're the Masked Warrior.
Look who's talking.
Who could be the Masked Warrior?
I know who the Masked Warrior is.
He's so fierce. Could it be you, Master Liu?
Either he escaped from a mental hospital,
or he's someone from here.
Are you so sure?
Everyone knows I run
the largest mental hospital in Shanghai.
You better watch out. Don't get involved.
How can the head of a mental hospital
be afraid of mental patients?
That's true.
What the hell happen last night?
You stupid chink.
What have you done? Collecting dead bodies?
You shouldn't trust the paper. It's not true.
You know who was there?
General Zeng.
In fact, we got wind yesterday,
there would be trouble at YQ Mansion.
We went there to check it out.
The place was crawling with people,
How many?
There were only 10.
Fine. There were only 10.
But someone started to shoot.
Who did I grab?
You grabbed me.
We took cover behind the car...
and returned fire.
Then we split up.
I took the left side, you the right.
Bang...I took out 3 of them and ran out of ammo.
What could I do?
I was out of ammo, too.
I jumped from the car.
and started to punch...
You think I'm dumb as a pig?
How do you explain the Masked Warrior?
Listen to me.
I began to fight. I didn't want to show off.
I pulled down my hat,
so nobody could see my face.
They must have mistaken me for the Masked Warrior.
You are the Masked Warrior?
Look at yourself.
You look more like the Masked Pig.
You stupid Chink.
No, not Chink...Chinese.
Whatever, you stupid chink.
This month's payment.
I can at least explain to the brass.
True. As long as we're here,
you'll have cash to hand over every month.
What are you looking at? Shall I buy you one?
Lucky this wasn't on display last night,
or you would be wearing a kinky costume.
Stop horsing around. I have a gun.
A gun?
Why didn't you come sooner last night?
I need to find the opportune time.
I found what you asked me to.
Those dead Japs had no identities.
Who's behind this?
How am I supposed to...
tell from the dead bodies.
General Zeng has left for the Northeast.
What about that Vivian?
That General is a true romantic.
He put her up in the Glen Hotel.
Where's the cash?
Stay off trouble and don't get me involved.
Anyone suspicious in Casablanca?
There's a new partner.
He looks suspicious.
Go on.
His name is Qi Tianyuan.
He just returned from France.
He was a laborer in the war in Europe.
He hit it off with Master Liu right away
and was made a partner of the nightclub.
What about you?
My mission is to get close to Henry the Brit.
There're too many people in Casablanca.
I didn't notice him.
I'll keep an eye on Qi Tianyuan.
I'm sorry.
Next time you make a report.
wait for your turn to speak.
I'm sorry, Colonel.
I thought I'd never see you again.
Vivian, we brought you these.
Cosmetics and perfume...
from Shanghai.
And this.
Thank you.
Thank you all.
There you go.
You asked me to bring these.
These bracelets...One for me, one for you.
They are from your mother.
You're my best sister.
All right. Time to go.
Get me a pack of Red Haskel.
Yes, Kiki.
Very nice to meet you.
How dare you cheat in here.
I did not.
Excuse Me.
We are ready.
Who's that foreigner with glasses?
A British comprador.
He has clout at the American
and British embassies.
He's very well connected.
Better than you?
Yes, only with regards to the Brits.
Here I come.
- Give me a hug.
- Don't go away.
Don't drink so much.
You scared everyone off.
I want a half-day off.
To do what?
To go out with him.
You don't mind?
Not at all.
Let's go.
You may not like where I'm going.
You're afraid to bring me along?
- Can I have a seat?
- Who is it?
For you? Of course.
Look who's here.
Hey Chief. Come. Hurry up.
This is Miss Kiki,
introduce yourselves.
I'm Dagang.
- Dabao.
- Xiang.
I'm Zhi.
I'm Laixi.
Chief, is this pretty lady your wife?
Miss Kiki, you like Chinese white wine?
You bet.
What do you do?
How did you snatch him?
I'm a hostess at Casablanca.
A trendy girl. That's the most fashionable
occupation in Shanghai.
Let's drink up.
Chief, I want to say something.
I'm overwhelmed with the Chief's visit.
I suggest we make a toast
to those brothers who died in Europe.
Let's toast to our dear brother and comrade...
Chen Zhen.
Forget the past.
Let's drink up.
Come. Let me pour you a glass.
- Zhishan.
- Hello.
- My sister.
- Your sister?
You look nothing alike.
Of course not.
I'm better looking.
Isn't the Chen Zhen you mentioned
the one who barged into Hongkou Dojo?
Wasn't he shot dead by the Japanese then?
He wasn't dead.
There were many rumors,
but the Japs definitely hadn't killed him.
He fought with us
for 3 years in Europe.
Chen Zhen was my brother.
He's our brother, wasn't he?
That's true.
I have small eyes, but I can see very well.
He was invincible on the battlefront.
He could run faster than a bullet.
Drink up
Miss Kiki.
This is for you.
Thank you.
I'll leave you alone.
Does it look like me?
Everyone here is so nice and real.
No need to grovel...
or pretend to be happy.
I wish I could live like this too.
Baton, tiger, chicken.
You lost.
I let her win.
Here we are.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Who are you?
I'll shoot on my count to three.
You've drunk too much.
I should go.
You always carry a gun?
Shanghai is a mess.
Master Liu gave it to me for protection.
So handsome. Can I have your autograph?
Forget the autograph. Keep it.
This will be my war trophy.
Thank you.
Who are you?
Your real name?
Fang Qing.
Miss Fang Qing.
The Northeast map must be completed soon.
Tokyo wants it in 2 days.
What about the Chinese relics?
This map shows the distribution
of relics in the Northeast.
The Shang Dynasty oracle bones are valuable.
Take as much as we can,
destroy the rest.
This land is rich in all kinds of resources.
It's wasted on the Chinese.
We should be running this country.
Colonel, a classified document from Tokyo.
"Death list"
So many people to be killed?
To kill that many in a month is tough,
even if the army moves in.
They must die to make way for the dream
of our lmperial Japanese Empire.
All we need is a leak.
The people on this list...
are openly against the Japs.
We can't publish this.
It will...
only help the Japs create a panic in Shanghai.
The Brits and the Yanks won't give a crap?
Did they interfere...
when the Japs started to occupy Shanghai?
They watched on the sideline
trying to gain something from it.
Don't forget we won the war in Europe,
but the Brits, the Yanks and the French
still gave Qingdao to the Japs.
They don't care about justice,
they're only after gains.
Japanese Death List.
Special Report from the Shanghai Radio.
A Japanese Death List has been exposed.
Hundreds of patriots are being targeted
for assassination.
Jack Taylor,
John Haneke, Robert Wenders.
Du Wenqiu, He Chang, Hu Zhiyong.
This list has come out.
What precautions are the police taking?
Sit down.
Thank you.
I had a discussion with my boss...
this morning.
We will closely monitor its development.
We will stay on it.
It's not a problem at all.
Don't give me that crap.
I held your job once.
A discussion with you boss...
A discussion with your boss means shit.
I'm now a businessman. This has come out.
You know what this means to my business?
Everyone is getting scared.
If my customers ran off,what should I do?
I need to know your action plan.
Will you protect those on the list?
Or try to catch the one who circulated it?
You're the police. You should maintain order.
Don't count on Masked Warrior to do your job.
Of course not
That's all I have to say.
Oh yes, this is my partner Qi Tianyuan.
This is lnspector Huang.
My pleasure, lnspector. I'm Qi Tianyuan.
Huang Haolong.
Boss, the Japs are here.
We have a situation.
Wait,come back, ladies.
Sit over here.
Here comes trouble.
Yamazaki-san, how are you?
Long time no see.
Have a smoke.
I need women.
Where are the women?
I'm sorry.
Hurry up.
Let me check it out.
Check out what?ell them to get lost?
Where are the women?
Right away.
- What is it?
- Where are the women?
The pretty girl is here. You're a life-saver.
Come, sit down.
Pretty girl, come here.
What took you so long? Sit.
Tell them this.
No problem. Anything.
No girls from Casablanca.
will sit at their table today.
You'll get me killed, Miss Kiki.
Tell him.
Tell him.
She said no girls will sit at our table.
- What?
- Sorry.
Please wait.
Hold on.
what's going on?
Let me deal with it.
Sorry, I'm Qi Tianyuan. Nice to meet you.
You're Master Liu's new partner, Qi Tianyuan?
You're well informed.
I'll sit with you.
I'm more than well informed.
I like to look things up.
The man in this picture is also Qi Tianyuan.
I've been looking for that.
Thanks so much.
No need to thank me.
It's not hard to find this photograph.
The hard part is deciding who the imposter is.
Do you know who the Masked Warrior is?
I heard it's...
a very nice film.
It's been doing well at the box. office.
It's excellent. Have you seen it?
Now that the death list has come out,
you think the Masked Warrior will interfere?
You mean that Masked Warrior?
Wait. Let me think.
He will.
How about a wager?
Let's see if more people will die,
or if more will be saved by the Masked Warrior.
Shall we?
What's the bet?
One silver dollar.
How nice of you to drop by, Col Chikaraishi.
What are you playing? A silver dollar?
Have you met my new partner?
A very interesting man.
Why did you let him be a partner.
but turn us down?
This business is too small for the Japanese.
On the contrary.
Then open your own, get a bigger one.
You're not afraid we'll become enemies?
If you manage to open yours, I'll close mine.
On the Death List disclosed by the Japanese,
why are there names of foreign nationals...
besides Chinese?
The Japanese army start moving in the Northeast.
Are you planning to invade China?
Is Japan planning to start the Second World War?
The fact that I'm here is enough
that Japanese and Chinese are good friends.
Master Liu and I are the best of friends.
We'll never be enemies.
I have to go. I'll be back when I have time.
Please don't come back even if you have time.
Thanks. Good bye.
Mr Chikaraishi,
you dropped something.
That's mine, thankyou.
Feel free to drop by Hongkou Dojo.
Sure, I'll do that some day.
Boss, everything is OK now.
I have become a traitor now. OK?
"Death List leads to multiple shootings"
Mr Lam, go lay low in Hong Kong.
Sure. Thankyou, Masked Warrior.
Fang Qing, I'll take you home.
Remember you offended the Japs?
Many people in Shanghai have offended them.
Can you protect them all?
I'll try my best.
Watch out.
"School principal murdered in traffic accident"
"Assassinations mounted. Masked Warrior beaten"
Dagang, tell the Chinese laborers
to get ready to support the student movement.
Down with Japan.
Rescue China.
China is our country. Why should I leave?
Precisely because China needs you.
You should take temporary refuge.
We'll come for you when it's safe.
Stop it.
How dare you mug me. I have a gun.
What's wrong with you?
I want you to protect those people.
Those defenseless intellectuals.
I followed the names on the list.
They refused to leave. What can I do?
Scare them away.
You're good at scaring people.
Just leave like you're told and shut up.
- Just go.
- What?
You have no right to do this.
I have the right but you don't, go.
- Just go.
- Don't push.
You people are ridiculous.
Things can get more ridiculous. Want to try?
Get into the car. Go.
Since you disclosed the list, many have fled.
Then half of our problem is solved.
Move it...
"Down with Japanese"
What are you doing?
"Patriots killed and hanged in public"
us, the British, the American, Germans,
we need to get involved.
We must show the Japs whose in charge here.
Fucking Japs, do you here me?
How Brave you are?
"British businessman murdered"
Have you considered leaving Shanghai?
I've been away before.
This time is different. I mean with me.
Where to?
When everything dies down.
I'll take you away.
Right now, I have things to sort out.
There are so many problems in the world.
How can you solve them all?
If everyone chooses to leave,
this place is finished.
Without a country, we have no home.
You're not afraid to die?
Everyone will die.
It's a matter of dying for something worthy.
You agree?
We must manage the time
the fleet enters the harbor.
Keep a safe distance between the warships.
It's time we showed our strength.
Against the Chinese army,
quantity is not the issue.
We're much stronger than the Chinese dogs.
How about a wager?
Don't you like to write? Go ahead. Write.
See if you can write anymore.
Chen Zhen,
don't give up.
Chen Qiang of the Shanghai Times is dead.
There's another one up there. No one alive.
The Deputy Editor Li Shan is dead too.
Your kid brother is dead.
The comrade who taught me this song
died in Europe...
fighting for his country.
Even today,
many people are still dying.
Long live.
Japanese army attacked in the Northeast.
General Zhuo being cornered.
Back up from Heilongjiang was cut off.
They're out of ammunition.
We must unite. Down with the Japanese.
Down with the Japanese.
Rescue China.
Let's burst in.
And kill them one by one.
What you said is useless.
It won't work.
Don't be reckless.
We must have enough ammunition.
We need a quick victory.
I agree.
You should stay here while we attack.
It won't work like that.
We must go in for the kill.
Kiki, your Red Haskels.
Excuse Me.
You have something to tell me?
One lump,two lumps.
No cream, right?
What do you really do at Casablanca?
I'm a hostess.
Are you looking down on me now?
Why did you ask me when you know the answer?
You don't smoke. Why did you ask Huang Lan
for cigarettes?
I don't know what you're saying.
I wish you're not working for the Japanese.
Don't ever come back,
or I'll have to kill you.
Let me go.
Don't hurt Kiki.
I'm the General's girlfriend.
He'll do anything you ask of him.
Leave Kiki out of this.
Do you understand?
Don't be scared, Kiki.
They only want the Genera to listen to them.
You thinkyou know her?
You don't.
Her name is not Kiki. Her name is Yumi Yamaguchi.
She's a Japanese.
What are you doing?
Doihara has Kumoko.
I have her.
They are the best spies.
Don't harm her. She's with the General.
She's still useful as a hostage.
Using a woman for blackmail...
is beneath me.
We are creating a smokescreen.
Since Zhuo opposes Zeng's cooperation with us,
he has his son's woman assassinated.
Yumi Yamaguchi, this is your new mission.
Congrats, Captain Yamaguchi. Well done.
I shall report to the headquarters.
Excuse me.
I'm Huang Haolong of the Municipal Police.
What do you want?
I'm here to see the Colonel.
Chen Zhen sent me here but pulled a no show.
There are 3 points to our plan.
The first point is Time.
Since we will split up,
we have to come back at the same time.
The second point is still Time.
The danger multiplies with each second.
The third point is still Time.
Hurry up. What's the matter?
What are you doing?
I'm the inspector. I stand watch.
You're garbage.
Catch it.
What is he doing here?
He's the enemy of our Army...
All Chinese are enemies of our Army.
How many can you snatch?
Did you find out anything?
Chen Zhen, you're too careless.
You once killed a Tsuyoshi Chikaraishi
at the Hongkou Dojo.
This man was my father.
"Sick Men of East Asia"
Chinese are not sick men of East Asia.
Colonel, trouble at the headquarters.
Chinese are not sick men of East Asia.
Let him go.
I'll take him on at the dojo.
I shall avenge my father's death.
The Japs are coming. Let's go.
The Japs are coming. Let's go.
Hurry up. Hurry.
Let's go.
Get into the car.
Don't move.
Where's the bomb I gave you, asshole?
Game over, Chen Zhen.
Mr Qi.
Give me a hand.
Kill them all.
You're Chen Zhen's sister.
I won't kill you.
Come. Go in.
You stay here.
Back off.There's nothing to see.
Wake up, comrades.
Fight the Japanese.
Remember our national humiliation.
Boycott Japanese goods.
Wake up, comrades.
Fight the Japanese.
Remember our national humiliation.
This is a special report
from the Shanghai Radio Station.
General Zhuo was ambushed by the Japanese
and is losing the battle.
30,000 people were killed or wounded.
The Northeast National Army is retreating.
You've been sleeping like a log.
That's brilliant.
How can you sleep at a time like this?
I thought I was an irresponsible asshole.
But you beat me. You've been sleeping.
What time is it?
It's a mess out there. Wake up.
Don't count on me. I can't do this.
You're Chen Zhen, wake up.
Fight the Japanese.
Remember our national humiliation.
Boycott Japanese goods.
Wake up, comrades.
Remember our national humiliation.
Boycott Japanese goods.
Stop shouting.
What's the point of these slogans?
Go home.
That's Japanese turf over there,
I can't help you once you cross.
Who need you?We don't need help from a cop.
You work for the foreigners.
You don't represent us Chinese.
Calm down.
Besides taking bribes, what else do you know?
Clam down. Get back.
- Police brutality.
- Stay where you are.
Cop fired.
Don't shoot.
Who opended fire?
Stop it. Don't Shoot.
Who opended fire? Stop.
Stop it. Stop it.
You did nothing in their armed insurrection.
Now you expect me to let them go?
Think. Where do the students get their guns?
Someone else must have started the trouble.
The students must be convicted.
Otherwise, what can I tell the Japanese?
Why do you need to tell the Japanese?
We're in the British settlement.
You're useless.
You want to quit?
Fuck off.
This is China.
It's you guys who should fuck off.
I hate you white-skinned pigs
shoving your fingers in my face every day.
If I tell the brass how much
you're taking from me each month
we'll see who has to fuck off.
I bet you are penniless back home too.
Without us, can you be so comfortable?
Can you be like that every day?
Can you stay in this job for so long?
What can I tell the Japanese?
You tell them shit.
What? Cat got your tongue?
You don't understand?
Then I'll say it in English.
You're absolutely useless.
China has been around for thousands of years.
So many bullying foreigners have come here.
In the end, they're only waiting for 2 words:
"Fuck off"
Release the students.
He's waking up.
He's really waking up.
He's waking up. Doctor.
Laixi, Fuhai, Changman and Dabao...
They hanged them one by one before our eyes.
That's what the Japs want.
That's what they want us Chinese to see.
What now?
When I got there, Zhishan was already...
Don't worry. I'm fine.
I'm really fine.
Extra. General Zhuo defeated.
The Japs and Zeng defeated General Zhuo.
He and his wife are dead.
And the Death List...
Those on the list are either dead or gone.
We have lost. Let it go.
The two of us can't save the world.
How can it be Kiki? I must be mistaken.
You haven't been to work. I've been worried.
You look nice in this uniform.
I'm Captain Yamaguchi of the Japanese Army.
Miss Captain.
Merry Christmas.
I'm here on behalf of the Japanese Army.
I hope you can help us find someone.
One of mine?
We don't know.
His name is Chen Zhen.
Isn't Chen Zhen dead?
We arrested his accomplice Dagang.
What if I can't deliver him?
To protect our subjects,
we have already expanded the area
of our settlement.
We are ready...
to bring in the troops.
In other words, if I can't deliver him,
you'll find an excuse to attack, right?
Can you shoulder this responsibility?
You're running out of bargaining chips.
And you.
What's going on?
I got my chip
Master, why did you set up
the Jing Wu Athletic Association?
To protect our home and country, Chen Zhen.
Chen Zhen will prevail.
Long live Jing Wu.
Chen Zhen will prevail.
Long live Jing Wu.
I've been waiting for you.
Nothing has changed in 10 years.
There's no need to change.
We Japanese are born strong.
Then the outcome will be the same,
you lose.
Did the electric shock make you mad?
You promised to spare him.
Captain Yamaguchi, you know
I never spare those who oppose the Army,
including him
and you.
If you prefer Fang Qing over Yumi Yamaguchi,
go ahead and be Fang Qing.
Chen Zhen.
Women are only sex. tools for men.
Just like Fang Qing and Qi Zhishan.
Listen, you people.
Chinese are not sick men of East Asia.
Stop. Stand down, everyone.
Leave him to me.
Sentimentality is only for the weak.
Chen Zhen. I overestimated you.
Come on.
You piece of crap.
What now? Come on.
We will go back to China.
Run for it.
Our war zone will be in China.
If we unite,
no country can bully us.
I asked you to protect those people.
We've lost. Let it go.
Protect our country.
"Peace on Earth"
Are you really Chen Zhen? Open your eyes.
Welcome, Captain Kawashima.
"The Chinese resistance movement persisted as
the Japanese invasion continued"