Legend of the Fox (1980) Movie Script

-What is it about?
-You can't go in.
Sir, my uncle is sick.
The rain is so heavy,
we can't go on anymore.
-Please allow us to take shelter here.
Thank you.
Just stay in the corridor,
don't mess up the place.
Uncle Si, take a seat.
-Who are you?
-Why did you just rush in?
Can't you see it is raining heavily?
Who'd have expected this?
It won't trouble you
if we take shelter here.
-Go away, don't anger me.
' 11
Uncle Si.
-Are you unwell again?
-Young Master. No, I'm not.
Uncle, don't call me Young Master.
Others will be suspicious if they hear it.
Look at that gangster leader.
-What happened?
Don't you always fail in martial arts?
Pay attention to him,
perhaps you'll succeed.
I don't get it.
Your martial arts manual
is missing two pages.
That's why you keep complaining
you can't understand.
The two missing pages
are with this one person
by the name of Yan Ji.
Does this mean this person has
something to do with my father's death?
Yes, very much.
It was he who betrayed
your father, Hero Hu Yi Dao.
Eighteen years ago,
Yan Ji was a village doctor.
When your mother's pregnancy
was almost due,
your father asked him to help
your mother deliver you.
Then how did he get
those two pages of the manual?
It's a long story.
After you've mastered your skills
and you're able to avenge your father,
I'll tell you in detail.
All you need to know now is that
this person was involved in that incident.
You must remember his face well.
It seems Yan Ji harbors
evil intentions to the people here.
Those guards that were
frightened by him are all gone.
I'll go in and have a look.
If I see them, I'll warn them.
Young Master.
You have too many archenemies.
So you should stay away from this.
Just leave them alone.
Since I've spotted him,
I can't just do nothing.
I'll be careful.
Hu Yi Dao.
Miao Ren Feng, Yutang.
Hu Yi Dao's Zhongkan
and Miao Ren Feng's Qimen.
All right. That's all for today.
Do you remember your father's enmity?
Mother, you want me to reiterate it daily.
How can I forget?
Eighteen years ago,
Miao Ren Feng always
claimed to be invincible.
He was too arrogant.
So Father went to challenge Miao Ren Feng,
but he wasn't home.
His brothers then fought with Father
but were killed.
And that incurred all the hatred.
Hu Yi Dao killed my father
on behalf of Miao Ren Feng.
So they are my irreconcilable enemies.
How are their skills?
With Hu Yi Dao and Miao Ren Feng's skills,
they have very rare rivals.
-How are you going to avenge your father?
-I'm still young.
As long as I practice hard,
my skills will improve daily.
But they are getting old.
I'll kill them someday.
Someone's outside. Go to have a look.
-It's you.
-Young Master.
That group of people is suspicious.
It looks like we're accidentally
in our enemy's house.
-I think we better leave.
-But the rain is very heavy.
And you're sick. We can't leave now.
Luckily, they don't recognize us.
We'll decide after the rain stops.
This young and the old fellow,
they looked like beggars.
And the old man is sick.
I don't think they are suspicious.
But those in the hall...
This group of people is up to no good.
Let's inform everybody to get ready.
The clothes are dried out.
And we've had enough rest.
Boss, look at those two.
Why don't we rob them?
Dear, let's take shelter here
until the rain stops.
This lady is so beautiful.
Master, you're really lucky.
-Uncle Si.
-Be careful.
These people are out of luck.
Uncle Si, do you recognize
the person who just came in?
His name is Tian Gui Nong.
Of course I can recognize him.
You must look carefully,
more carefully than Yan Ji.
He is...
My face was scarred by his sword.
He also chopped down my arm.
Gentlemen, sorry. My wife needs to rest.
She doesn't like to be disturbed.
-He thinks that this is his home.
You're so rude!
Master Tian, it's you.
Do you know me?
I used to serve you
back in Cangzhou 18 years ago.
Oh! You're that village doctor.
I didn't expect you
to be a gang leader now.
All thanks to your teachings.
It looks like you are going
to rob this family.
I have nothing to do with this family.
So it's none of my business.
But your followers
were impolite to my wife.
I cannot forgive them.
Master Tian, please forgive them.
-I will punish them myself.
-I can't let them off so easily.
Well, for your sake that
you still remember me,
ask them to cut off
one of their arms each.
Uncle Si, who is this person?
It seems everybody is afraid of him.
He is the invincible
Golden Face Buddha, Miao Ren Feng.
Even Tian Gui Nong is afraid of him.
Do you notice the woman next to him?
That was originally Miao Ren Feng's wife.
But he had an affair with her.
How can he not be scared?
Mother, I want you.
Please go home with Father.
Mother, hug me.
Mother. I want Mother.
I want Mother.
Your daughter wants a hug.
Why are you ignoring her?
How can you be so cruel?
-What nonsense are you talking about?
=You're so cruel.
You should be punished by God!
Lan, just ignore this little beggar.
I'm indeed very cruel.
Uncle Si.
Do you know how lucky you're
to be alive just now?
I was planning to wait for you
to master your martial arts,
and when you're capable of taking revenge,
only then I'll tell you your story.
Because I don't want you
to act recklessly.
Now, you're growing up day by day,
and your skills are gradually improving.
Not knowing the seriousness of the matter
may allow you to screw things up.
Since my health is getting poor,
I better tell you now what happened.
The incident occurred 18 years ago.
At that time, I was still a waiter
at an inn in the small town of Cangzhou.
That day, while I was cooking,
I saw your parents putting up at the inn.
Your mother was about to deliver.
So your father asked the storekeeper
to look for a doctor.
And the doctor turned out to be Yan Ji.
Yan Ji told your father
to ask me to boil some water.
But I was thinking of my family's trouble.
My father couldn't return
the money he had borrowed.
So he was forced to sell my sister
to the creditor as a concubine.
When your father found out,
he gave me money to repay the loan.
Congratulations, sir. It's a baby boy.
-Thank you.
Storekeeper, please prepare
some food and wine.
I want to treat everyone here to dinner,
be it your customers or your staff.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
That night, your father treated
everyone there to dinner for your birth.
My whole family came to thank him.
I feel so thankful for his help.
At that time,
Tian Gui Nong and Miao Ren Feng
arrived at the inn.
Miao learned that your mother
just gave birth.
So he left without a fight.
Your parents knew his concern.
When I was tidying up,
I heard your parent discussing
writing to Miao to clarify
the misunderstanding.
What are you going to tell him?
I'm telling him that the ancestors of
the Miao, Tian, and Hu families
forged a grudge due to
two treasured blades.
His and Tian Gui Nong's father
went to the outskirts to look for me
because the male blade
was with the Hu family.
But in fact, we couldn't manage to meet.
So the rumor that they were both
killed by me is not true.
I guess his father
and Tian Gui Nong's father
fought each other
in order to get the male blade.
Or maybe Tian Gui Nong's father
wanted to get the female blade
from his father.
After taking you home,
I'll take him and Tian Gui Nong
to bring back their father's body,
and their cause of death will be known.
Now, even I also don't know
the whereabouts of the female blade.
I'm not sure if he will believe it.
-Master Hu.
Please go ask Doctor Yan
to come to my room.
Master Hu.
Doctor Yan, someone will deliver
a letter here tomorrow.
Please go with him
to deliver this letter
to Golden Face Buddha, Master Miao.
He is the yellow-faced man
who came to drink.
-Then I will reward you well.
When Master Miao
left without a word yesterday,
I knew he would send
a letter of challenge to me.
I have already written
my reply last night.
Doctor Yan has the letter.
Please take him to meet Master Miao.
Please come with me.
Come with me.
Senior Tian, he is here to deliver
a letter to Miao Ren Feng.
I'm Tian, you may pass the letter to me.
-You don't have to make another trip.
-Thank you, Master Tian.
Go have a day's rest.
Come back in the evening
and tell Hu Yi Dao
-that the letter has been delivered.
Tell Hu Yi Dao this.
There is no need to fix another date.
We'll be there on time tomorrow.
Ask him to prepare three coffins,
two big and one small
-not to waste my time.
I will deliver the message
and tell him it's from Master Miao.
You're quite intelligent.
You'll be rewarded
once the matter is over. Go.
Thank you, Master Tian.
So you're not giving this letter
to Miao Ren Feng?
Certainly not.
I'm sure when Hu Yi Dao gets the message,
he will not dare to raise this matter
about the letter to Miao Ren Feng.
Let me tell you frankly.
I arrived when my father was dying.
The female blade is with me now.
But it is not the time to reveal it.
As for the rumor
that Hu Yi Dao killed our fathers,
it was me that spread it.
Miao and Tian are both
from honorable families.
But Miao Ren Feng keeps boasting
that he is invincible
and despises our clan.
-This time, just let him and Hu Yi Dao--
-Let them perish together.
That night, I was not able to sleep.
I knew your parents also couldn't sleep.
Tian Gui Nong bribed Yan Ji
to cause trouble.
So that deadly fight is unavoidable.
Your father then handed
your family's martial arts manual
to your mother for safekeeping,
just in case.
The next day, Master Miao
and Tian Gui Nong arrived at the inn.
Go back to the room.
Let me have a look
at what Golden Face Buddha is like.
Master Miao,
please have a drink.
Ren Feng, be careful.
The wine might be poisoned.
I've long heard that
Hu Yi Dao is a man of honor.
He will not plot against me.
Dear. In this world,
no one else can rival you
except Master Miao.
Master Miao, you're indeed a
straightforward and real gentleman.
If my husband dies at your hands,
it'll not be unjust.
-Come on. Let me toast to you.
-Thank you.
Ren Feng. As the saying goes,
women are all evil-minded.
Master Miao,
if you have any unfinished matters,
let me know now.
In case my husband kills you,
your friends may not complete
your matter for you.
Shang Jian Ming from Wuding County
can't accept the fact
that I call myself to be invincible.
So he once came to challenge me.
By chance, I'm not home.
He attacked my brothers
and killed them with darts.
Did you not seek revenge?
Avenging my father is more important.
-So, I came to Hu Yi Dao first.
Just leave this matter to us.
Hu Yi Dao, let's begin.
Master Miao. My husband may be skillful,
but he won't necessarily beat you.
Oh, I have forgotten. Hu Yi Dao,
do you have any unfinished business?
If you kill me, my child
will surely seek revenge in the future.
-So please look after him well.
=-Rest assured.
If you lose, I will take care
of this child like my own.
Good friend, please.
Let's begin.
No formalities, Master Miao.
Please attack.
Everybody, please move out of the inn.
Okay, I'll attack now.
I'm using a treasured blade, be careful.
Take this.
I'm sorry.
It's not because my blade is sharp,
but your move is too swift and fierce.
So this is the only way to deflect it.
You better change the sword.
Very well, my spatial hand
can't pit against you.
Someone lend me a blade.
This blade is too sharp.
So we can't show our real skills.
It's too light.
Miao Ren Feng,
you refuse to take advantage of me.
-It really shows that you are chivalrous.
=Not at all.
-But I have something to clarify with you.
I know your martial arts are outstanding.
So I may not win over you.
I've been publicizing that I'm invincible.
It's not that I'm being
arrogant or ignorant.
I already knew of your intention.
You were eager for a challenge.
But you didn't know my whereabouts.
So you use this method to lure me out.
Now that I'm here, let's begin.
Gui Nong, if you step in again,
I'll have to ask you to go back.
Let's start again.
Brother Hu, you're highly skilled.
I really admire you.
Shall we continue through the night
or fight again tomorrow?
-Please let me live one more day.
-All right.
Once Master Miao left,
your father also left on a horse.
He only came back early the next morning.
He left with a white horse
but came back with another horse.
Your father did not sleep then
and waited until Master Miao returned.
Brother Hu, you looked tired today.
I'm afraid you'll lose tomorrow.
Not necessarily.
Last night I did not sleep.
I'll sleep well tonight
and regain strength.
-You did not sleep last night?
-Brother Miao, I have a gift for you.
-Is this Shang Jian Ming?
-This is precisely Shang Jian Ming.
-Did you rush to Wuding last night?
I caused five horses to die of exhaustion.
-What blade skill did you use to kill him?
-His Eight Diagrams blade skill is fierce.
I caught seven of his pearl darts,
then I used the reverse sword style
to defeat his 29th move
of the Eight Diagrams blade skill.
The reverse sword style?
-That is our Miao family's sword skill.
I learned this skill secretly
from you yesterday.
I did not use a blade
but a sword to kill him.
Shang Jian Ming, please ask someone
to bring me a sword.
Hu Yi Dao, your fame precedes you.
Why do you need a sword?
You've killed members of the Miao family.
If I kill you with a blade,
it'd mean your blade skill
is superior to Miao's sword skill
and Hu's blade skill.
So I must use
Miao's sword skill to kill you.
Good, you avenge the Miao family
using the Miao family sword skill.
-I'm grateful.
-Your Miao's family sword skill is unique.
It's easy to kill him with this skill.
I'm just doing a favor.
Brother Hu, if something happens to you,
don't worry that this child
will be bullied.
Thank you, Brother Miao.
That night,
not long after your father slept,
Tian Gui Nong's followers came disturbing,
trying not to let your father sleep.
So that he won't defeat
Master Miao the next day.
But your mother used a band
to snatch their weapons.
That scared them away.
Si, come here.
Come here.
Look for some rope
and hang these weapons under the eaves.
You're not gentlemen at all. Get lost!
Brother Hu, this group of useless fellows
disturbed your sleep last night.
We'll call it a truce today.
Have a good sleep.
We'll compete tomorrow.
It was my wife that drove them away.
I was sound asleep and not aware of it.
Thank you for showing mercy
and not killing them.
-Shall we change places today?
We'll pit against our jumping technique
and use it together
with our weapons. Okay?
I will comply. After you.
Today, none of us came out victorious.
-We'll change the rules again tomorrow.
-Brother Hu, I'll not be going back today.
Let's drink and discuss martial arts.
Very well. I've studied your skill.
Yet, I still don't fully understand.
Tonight I will consult you.
You all go back. I'm staying here tonight.
Ren Feng, be careful of his sinister plot.
I'll do what I like.
It's none of your business.
I'm just reminding you.
Don't forget your father's vengeance.
-Let's go.
-Leave the sword behind.
Master Hu.
Get us some food and wine.
-Also, get a good room for Master Miao.
Talking with you is better than
studying for ten years.
The Miao's sword skill.
I've fully understood
about 80 to 90 percent.
And thanks for teaching me
your Hu's blade skill.
All right, let's not talk about this.
It looks like you had enough drinks.
It's late now, so please have some rest.
Late at night, your father
sends Master Miao to his room.
Meanwhile, I saw Yan Ji and Tian Gui Nong
sneaking around.
Tian Gui Nong gave him some money,
a glove, and a package.
Yan Ji took the powder from that package
and smeared it on Master Miao
and your father's weapons.
He had gloves on
to avoid any contact with the powder.
Brother Hu, what shall we
compete on today?
After these few days of fighting,
topping up with last night's discussion,
we both mutually understood
each other's skills.
Today we'll exchange our weapons
and compete again.
You're indeed wise.
This way, if you win,
it's like Miao's sword skill
won over Hu's blade skill.
If I win, it's Hu's blade skill
defeating Miao's sword skill.
Regardless of who wins or loses,
the status quo remains.
-Brother Miao, please start.
You're a rare talent in martial arts.
You've totally mastered
the Miao family sword skill.
I learned it within these few days.
Brother Miao,
your skill is equally superb.
If it was not for your enlightenment
last night,
I fear I can't compete with you.
This move is not right.
This move is not in your
Miao's family sword skill.
I created it spontaneously.
You were caught off guard.
Therefore, I won one move by luck.
Brother Miao, don't.
Sorry! Your skill is unpredictable.
I really admire you.
I also created this move spontaneously.
If not for your kind, intentional care,
it won't go so well.
Not really. Actually,
if you hadn't shown mercy,
my left arm would have been
cut down by you.
Brother Hu, my move
has indeed been cautious.
But even if I would have cut off
your left arm, your kick would be fatal.
Based on your conduct,
you could not have killed
my father and Uncle Tian.
Why don't you tell me how
my father and Uncle Tian died?
Haven't I said clearly to you already?
But you don't believe
and insist on fighting.
I have no choice
but to risk my life to comply.
You've said it to me? When?
Brother Hu.
This sword is smeared with poison.
Brother Miao. We have fallen
into the trap of the wicked.
This poison is very potent.
Dear, it is better for you
to die this way.
Master Miao, you exchanged your weapons.
You didn't even notice
that they had been poisoned.
This is fate. I can't blame anyone.
I promised him to bring up
the child personally.
But in these five days, I've known that
you're a brave and righteous man.
Since you've promised
to look after this child,
I'll just take a laze.
I'm not going to labor
for the next 20 years.
Kill the child in the room
to prevent future trouble.
Brother Hu and Madam Hu,
please rest assured.
I will definitely
take good care of your son.
Here are the manual pages
that Yan Ji tore away 18 years ago.
Why is he willing
to give them back to you?
I just mentioned that
Master Miao asked him
to return those few missing pages
from the manual.
Master Miao was present at that time,
how dare he not return them?
Hey! This move is really ruthless.
But it's a pity that you didn't learn
the last few moves.
So it's not very well executed.
Young beggar,
do you also know the blade skill?
I know more than you.
You've only learned the front part,
not the last part.
Originally I only knew the last part.
Now I've learned the front part.
This means that I know what you know,
but you don't know what I've learned.
-Stop bragging.
-You don't believe? Come on, try it.
This Eight Diagrams blade doesn't
suit me well. But I'll try to use it.
Look, I can easily deflect
If I'm not mistaken, your next move
is to attack my lower part.
Am I right?
Watch out, I'm going to attack you now.
This move of mine
will attack your left shoulder.
Look! You can't avoid it, right?
Who are you exactly?
My name is Hu Fei.
You haven't heard of it, have you?
But you can try to think about it.
Have you been involved with anyone
by the surname Hu?
-Hu Yi Dao?
-That's right.
Today will be your death day.
Thank you very much, young man.
Madam, you don't have to thank me.
I am Hu Fei, Hu Yi Dao's son.
It was all your husband's fault back then.
But my father has been dead
for many years.
So I helped you avenge your child's death.
Uncle Si.
It's getting dark.
We'll not be able to reach the lodge.
Let's rest here.
Don't be upset. Everyone dies eventually.
Someone is here. I'll make a move.
You must block the Zhong brothers.
Don't let them snatch away
the letter for Master Miao.
Who are you two?
Don't bother my uncle, he is sick.
Are you with the Zhong brothers?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Are you sending a letter to Master Miao?
The invincible Golden Face Buddha,
Miao Ren Feng?
Do you khnow Master Miao?
Not really. But Master Miao is so famous.
-Who wouldn't khnow him?
-Well said.
Just because Master Miao is a great hero,
I, Liu He Zhen,
is willing to be at his service.
Someone asked me to deliver
an important letter to him.
It's related to the life
of a group of anti-Qing patriots.
But the Zhong brothers
are trying to snatch this letter.
I can't beat them all by myself.
-Buddy, can you help me out?
-What do you need me to help?
When they come here, please try
to delay them as much as possible.
Uncle Si.
Young Master.
Your martial arts are good enough now.
Also, you're kind-hearted
and can distinguish right from wrong.
I'm relieved now.
Uncle Si!
I'm so stupid.
Miao Ren Feng has a lot to do
with my father's death.
I should have asked Liu He Zhen
where he lives.
Everything here belongs to me.
If you want to pass through,
you must pay me.
This is a rundown temple.
Nothing here is of value.
Where did this thief come from?
How dare he ask us for money?
You both are in such a hurry. Are you
pursuing a person by the surname Liu?
Are you with Liu He Zhen?
No, I'm not. But I know he has
an important matter to attend to.
Why don't you wait for him
to finish that first?
That's what we want
to stop him from doing.
-Get out of the way!
-It's not difficult to ask me to make way.
If you can defeat me,
there's no way I can block you, right?
In that case, we, the Zhong brothers,
will have to fight you.
Draw your weapon!
I came in a hurry and didn't bring any.
I practice the blade skill,
it's no good without a blade.
Stop putting on airs.
If you want to block us,
show us your capability.
In that case, I'll use
this wooden stick as a blade.
But I must say this before we start.
Since I'm using a stick,
this will be a friendly match.
If I lose, I'll kowtow three times to you.
If you lose, what then?
-We'll leave right away.
-That's not necessary.
You just walk back 50 miles.
After which, it's none of my business
even if you want to continue pursuing Liu.
Well, the Zhang brothers are famous.
I'm sure you won't break your word.
Come on.
If I'm holding a real blade, your arm...
Don't worry. You're not injured.
Excellent blade skill! Brother, let's go.
It's a shame that he chose the wrong path.
What do you mean by the wrong path?
How dare he hide there and spy on me?
He must be worried
that I can't block the Zhong brothers.
Fool! I should follow him
to look for Miao Ren Feng.
This time, Miao Ren Feng
is going to fall into our trap.
Follow him.
Please have a seat.
The person who handed me this letter
said it's extremely important.
Now that the letter has been delivered,
I have to go.
After I read the letter,
please help me to send a message back.
Brother Ren Feng.
Your daughter is smart.
I'm just an ordinary fighter.
So I'm not suitable
to educate your daughter.
But she's most welcome to stay with us.
Sincerely, Brother Tian Gui Nong.
Master Miao, I'll help you capture them.
Master Miao, I may not be your friend.
But I'll not harm you. Do you believe me?
Very well, help me catch
those evildoers outside.
Zhong Zhao Ying
and Zhong Zhao Wen are here.
We have an urgent matter to inform you.
How dare you trick me?
Miao Ren Feng is already blind.
Father, what's that sound?
Is the wolf here to eat the lamb?
It's not a wolf, but four mice.
Will those mice bite?
Yes, but there is a cat here.
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
A thunderstorm is approaching.
Don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid.
The thunderclap is so loud.
Continue to sleep.
The thunder god likes obedient girls.
Young man, what is your name?
Have we met before?
When a gentleman befriends someone,
he must be loyal and devoted.
-So the name doesn't really matter.
I, Miao Ren Feng,
have only two best friends.
One is Master Hu Yi Dao,
and the other one is you, who is nameless,
and whom I have never met before.
Those guys are Tian Gui Nong's followers.
And I've had a feud with
the Zhong Brothers' ancestors.
They're here for vengeance.
Go ahead if you want a fight.
My daughter is asleep, don't awaken her.
Why are you blindfolded?
Are you looking down on us?
Please speak softly.
I'm blind.
We'll not take advantage of you, then.
We just seized someone at the entrance.
His name is Liu He Zhen.
He wanted to see you.
I think he harbors evil intentions.
So you know Liu He Zhen is coming
to harm Master Miao.
He was here already. Master Miao's eyes...
If it's not for you,
we'd have caught up with him.
It was Tian Gui Nong that harmed me.
You couldn't have prevented
his trickery plot.
Master Miao, I was tricked.
It was he who gave me the letter.
I cannot disobey my teacher.
It was he who...
So you are Tian Gui Nong's student?
Yes, my name is Zhang Fei Xiong.
He was afraid that you'd kill him.
So he tricked me into
delivering you the letter.
He said if this letter
is not delivered to you,
a group of anti-Qing patriots will suffer.
He also said that the Zhong Brothers
had a feud with you.
So I must stop them
since he is no match for them.
We already knew his background.
Seeing the sneaky looks of you two,
I knew you had bad intentions just now.
Tian Gui Nong knows that
I love my daughter very much.
He sent a letter to demand
for my daughter.
I was angered by the letter,
LRI NI AHe put the poison in the letter.
Master Miao, I have a favor to ask of you.
Please hand me this kid.
Brother Liu, it's not worth
haggling with this villain.
-Let him go.
-Zhang Fei Xiong.
Go back and tell your teacher that...
Well, there is nothing to say.
You may leave now.
Master Miao.
I, Liu He Zhen, is young and ignorant.
I must take responsibility
for your blindness.
Brother Liu, there's no need
to blind yourself.
Brother Liu, why are you doing this?
I know it's unintentional on your part.
I don't blame you at all.
Are you courting death? Get out of here!
Master Miao was so kind that he let me go.
So I must say this.
The toxin your eyes are exposed to
is the powdered heartbreak grass.
My teacher got the poison
from the King of Poison.
Unless the King of Poison
is willing to help,
nobody would be able
to neutralize the toxin.
-Where is this King of Poison?
=In the Villa of Medicine.
That's all I want to say.
Master Miao, thank you for sparing me.
You two stay here and protect Master Miao.
I'm going to meet the King of Poison.
Seeking the King of Poison
may be a futile journey.
Nothing in the world is impossible.
Miss, can you show me the direction
to the Villa of Medicine?
I don't know.
Why do you want to go
to the Villa of Medicine?
A friend of mine was blinded
by powdered heartbreak grass.
I'm here to request
the King of Poison for an antidote.
Do you know the King of Poison?
I've heard of him,
but I never met him before.
How do you know
he is willing to give the antidote?
This is indeed a difficult matter.
That's why I'm asking you
to show me the way.
Bring two barrels of manure
from that manure pit
and water these flowers for me.
Be careful. The excrement water
must not touch the leaves.
You help me to water the flowers
in the hope that I'll direct you
to the Villa of Medicine, right?
These flowers are very beautiful.
Wait a minute.
You said these flowers are beautiful.
I'll give you two.
What is your name?
I am Hu Fei.
It's better if you walk in that direction.
My name is Hu Fei. I'm paying
my respects to the King of Poison.
The Golden Face Buddha was poisoned.
The poison they used was stolen from you.
Please be merciful and give the antidote.
This flower can detoxify.
That lady is kind to me.
Sir, I have no ill intention to come here.
If you don't want to meet me,
forgive me for being impolite.
Sir, I beg you to meet me.
That lady has a way of detoxifying.
Why don't I go back to ask her?
Please come in.
I have nothing to offer you
except some plain food.
I'm sorry for disturbing you.
Who is that?
Why are you here late at night?
I've reacted too late. Otherwise,
these flowers wouldn't be destroyed.
Even if they have not been destroyed now,
they will still fade away in a few days.
It's just a matter of time.
I have not yet asked your name.
My name is Cheng Ling Su.
Miss Cheng.
I'm going to see several people now.
Will you go with me?
Let me state a few rules
for accompanying me.
First, do not speak to anyone.
Second, do not fight with anyone.
Third, do not leave me
for more than three steps.
Shoulder these baskets and come with me.
Why is the weight not balanced?
Place the bamboo baskets here.
I saw these two dead people
in the daytime.
They are the students of
my senior, Murong Jing Yue.
They have been poisoned
by the blood chestnuts.
WeYe @
Nothing grows in the surrounding.
After seeing them poisoned, my senior
must have thought of my blue flowers.
That person who came by just now
is your senior?
When my senior came,
you were already here.
He wanted the blue flowers.
The other person
wanted to destroy the flowers.
Who'd want to destroy those flowers?
You'll understand if you think about it.
The guy who planted blood chestnuts?
Climb up the blowhole for a look,
and you'll understand.
Did you see that person?
It's the person just now.
He is sitting inside a cauldron.
A woman is watching the fire
under the stove.
My senior is trying to boil
the poison out of his body.
But there's no way to cure him without
the Seven Hearts Hypericums pollen.
-So they're your seniors?
Blow this smoke in.
Is it poisonous smoke?
Brother Hu, you're such a kind person.
I'm trying to save life, not to Kkill.
This smoke is made of
the Seven Hearts Hypericums pollen.
Don't move.
I feel better after inhaling the smoke.
Senior Murong injured you with
the Seven Hearts Hypericums poison.
Do you think he'll help you detoxify?
I don't think so.
But I can feel that
the toxicity has subsided.
Perhaps he wanted to meet us.
So he let me restrain the toxicity first.
Then use the antidote
to coerce us to obey him.
Since you feel the toxicity has subsided,
we'll attend the meeting
and see how it goes.
We'll hide there.
Eat these.
Put these in your mouth,
but don't swallow.
Senior Murong, we are here as agreed.
So please show yourself.
Since you're unwilling to show yourself,
we're compelled to be impolite.
Junior Jiang and Junior Xue,
you're getting cruel now.
How dare you say that?
Who'd imagine you hiding
in the bamboo basket?
Senior Murong, it's too late.
Okay, I lose.
The antidote is here.
Since you have poisoned me,
-we'll trade antidote.
-Nonsense, when did I poison you?
So you asked us here to tell us this?
Tie Shan, let's go.
Since Senior Murong would rather die
than give you the antidote,
there's nothing else to say.
Junior Xue, what poisoned Senior Jiang?
Senior Murong, stop being hypocritical.
-It's the Seven Hearts Hypericums poison.
=This is honsense.
Why would I poison you?
All right. Senior Murong,
let's get down to business.
What do you want out of this meeting?
I didn't set this meeting.
It was you who carried me here.
Why are you saying I set this meeting up?
Didn't you write this letter?
I can still recognize your handwriting.
"Xue and Jiang, meet me in the woods
outside the villa at midnight.
I have something to inform you about.
Senior Murong, what's wrong with it?
The handwriting on this letter
resembles mine,
but I did not write this letter.
You put me in this basket
and carried me here.
What do you want?
Tei Shan was injured by
your Seven Hearts Hypericums poison.
-Give him the antidote now.
-Are you sure
it's the Seven Hearts Hypericums poison?
"Murong Jing Yue, Xue Que,
and Jiang Tie Shan.
The three of you harm each other
despite being of the same clan.
I'm very disappointed by this.
Can't you let bygones be bygones?
The last words of Monk Mo Jen."
What? Is our teacher dead?
Junior Cheng, where are you?
Where is our teacher's medicine manual?
Did you keep it?
Senior Murong, Senior Xue.
Our teacher educated you
for so many years.
Yet you didn't care if he lived or died.
You only ask of his relic.
You are too heartless.
Senior Jiang, what do you have to say?
That Seven Hearts Hypericums poison
must be from you.
And you must be the one that set this up.
Hand out the manual now.
I was tricked by her.
The poison was taken from me.
Teacher is biased. He must have
given his manual to her.
B TT 38
Bring out the manual
and let everybody have a look.
Indeed, the manual has been handed to me.
This is our teacher's order to me.
Please have a look.
"To Ling Su.
On my death,
please inform your seniors about it.
If they still have me in mind,
then show them my manual.
For those devoid of any sentiment,
they're no longer my students.
The last words of Monk Mo Jen."
Junior, you've brought a good helper.
Who is this young man?
I'm Hu Fel.
Come to me if there's anything.
Y T 15
-The Seven Hearts Hypericums poison?
-You're right.
This candle is made with
the Seven Hearts Hypericums poison.
Senior Murong has been poisoned.
And you two are about to drop unconscious.
But don't worry.
It's not the time to kill you all yet.
I'll give you the antidote separately
and hope that by the time
you three wake up,
you're able to reconcile.
But if you don't,
you should know the consequences.
I was poisoned while fighting with them.
The students of the King of Poison
must learn the poisonous palm skill.
So your teacher Monk Mo Jen
is the real King of Poison.
He is dead.
Why is it that your seniors
are so heartless and unjust?
Initially, my teacher didn't want
to take any students anymore.
But after seeing my three seniors
were too unreasonable,
fearing no one would be able
to tackle them after he died,
he took me in as his student.
You're hit by the poisonous palm.
Why are you not worried at all?
You promised to save me.
With you here, I don't have to worry.
Just now, you feared they would injure me.
Well, use your finger
to touch my shoulder.
What poison did you put on your clothes?
It hurt so much!
Had they touched you,
this is how they would feel.
This is red scorpion powder, no big deal.
Then, is my hand poisoned again?
Don't worry.
The powder has a burning sensation,
but the toxicity does not last.
I'll go get some clothes to change into.
Is this the famous
Seven Hearts Hypericums?
Don't be afraid.
Although its petals and leaves
are extremely poisonous,
they're totally harmless
in an unrefined state.
You will not die
so long as you don't eat them.
I'm not a cow.
Why'd I eat flowers or grass?
The poison used by Tian Gui Nong
to harm Master Miao.
I wonder if it was given by your seniors.
No, they don't have the heartbreak grass.
It was from one of my uncles.
The heartbreak grass
is his special toxicant.
My uncle's nickname is Poisonous Owlet.
He likes to impersonate my teacher.
And the acts of my three seniors
have caused my teacher's bad reputation.
Master Miao is seriously injured.
Please advise on the usage
of the antidote.
Master Miao was injured in the eyes.
That's the most tender place
one can be hurt.
The amount to apply
needs to be with caution.
If you beg me, I'll go.
Thank you, Miss Cheng.
Miao Ren Feng,
your eyes are already blind.
You're only suffering in this world.
Why don't you take your own life?
Tian Gui Nong,
you don't even have the guts to kill me.
Brother Miao, I'm here.
Brother Miao, how are you?
Tian Gui Nong.
I know you can't sleep
if you don't kill me.
You've brought along a lot of people.
I just want to invite you
to stay a few days at my humble place.
Be careful, we're outhnumbered.
Brother Miao, your prediction is accurate.
You're indeed outnumbered.
Guys, show Master Miao the way.
Tian Gui Nong,
why don't you come over by yourself?
Why send others to their death?
Master Miao, take this.
You are back, young man.
-Keep the blade.
-I have my own.
I managed to invite the King of Poison.
Your eyes will surely be cured.
Don't listen to his nonsense.
The King of Poison is my old friend.
R Te 1= n=-
This is the King of Poison.
The one you know is a fake.
Be careful. He's using Hu's blade skill.
It's different from
Miao's family sword skill.
Brother Miao, your skill has improved.
You have my respect.
Now I'll use the Sky Dragon Sword to
pit against Hu's blade skill.
Master Tian, wait up.
There's no need for Master Miao to fight.
I just saw Master Miao's move,
and I still remember it.
Why don't you pit against me instead?
How does he know Hu's blade skill?
Young man, is your surname Hu?
-I'm called the Flying Fox.
-Gu Yue Hu?
No, it's Fox.
"Turn the slash.
"Pick the stars."
"Close the door and hide the blade.
"Demon searches the sea
and looks for the lotus seat.
"Hold the moon in your arms."
This was a fake move.
Why are you so impatient?
Let me finish it.
It was indeed a fake move.
But it doesn't hurt
to make it a real move.
You've only listened to half of it.
e To
Tian Gui Nong,
you abducted someone's wife.
And now you want to commit murder.
You're poisoned,
and this is your retribution.
You'd better kneel
and ask Master Miao for forgiveness.
This red scorpion powder is so powerful.
Don't be too happy.
He brought many people here.
And I didn't want to kill them.
So I use this harmless poison.
Maybe someone will help him
neutralize the toxin, and he might return.
Master Miao,
let me have a look at your eyes.
It is indeed the toxin
of the heartbreak grass.
My uncle always impersonates my teacher.
He must have conspired with Tian Gui Nong.
King of Poison. This way, please.
Everyone's poison has been neutralized.
Thank you for helping us.
Brother Tian, how about you?
I'm all right.
You're great. You can neutralize
the poison so easily.
That is red scorpion powder.
It's just a bit painful.
But it's not fatal,
and the toxin doesn't last long.
This is only a minor trick of our clan.
Who is this young girl? How dare
she call herself the King of Poison?
The King of Poison was my senior.
He's dead now.
I alone can inherit the title
"King of Poison."
That young girl is just my senior's
youngest student.
She'll not have a chance
to inherit the title.
My senior had three students before her.
They all now turned towards me.
Jing Yue, Xue Que.
Come and greet Master Tian.
-Master Tian.
-Master Tian.
They're my first and second students,
Murong Jing Yue and Xue Que.
There's still Jiang Tie Shan.
Initially, he was unwilling to follow me.
So I asked Xue Que
Jiang Tie Shan, kowtow to Master Tian.
Brother Shi, what is this?
Our fellow clan members
constantly take medicines
so that we attain anti-poison ability.
But it's got to be
in a progressive manner.
If the dose increases suddenly,
one may be poisoned
and could lose their life as well.
If an exact dose is administered,
that's the outcome.
Now that he has lost his mind,
he won't know how to
administer the poison.
But his skill has improved significantly,
and he has no feeling at all.
So I think he's quite useful.
Will he be under your control?
Brother Tian, you've seen it.
This is just what we need.
Back then, thanks to you
giving me the heartbreak grass,
I was able to get rid of Hu Yi Dao.
And we're very successful this time
as Miao Ren Feng is blind.
-But that young girl...
-Don't worry, Brother Tian.
My senior gave a medicine manual to her.
I must have it.
At the same time,
I'll help you get rid of her.
Thank you so much.
I'll surely reward you after that.
Master Miao, where is your daughter?
It is not safe here.
I've sent her to the neighbor.
Isn't this the Seven Hearts Hypericums?
I'm using poison to detoxify.
This is the only way.
I'm done.
After three days, when the pain subsides,
and the eye starts to itch,
you're healed.
Help Master Miao to his room for rest.
I'll go prepare some food.
Young man, Hu's blade skill
is only for the Hu family.
Master Hu Yi Dao only has a son.
But he was killed.
So is Master Hu your uncle?
Master Hu is not my uncle.
Then how do you address him?
He passed away many years ago.
I'm not fortunate enough to address him.
Then where did you learn Hu's blade skill?
I learned it from a manual.
I once practiced my skill with him.
He enlightened me on Hu's blade skill.
Now Hu's blade skill has a successor.
Come, let me show you something.
Please look.
Eighteen years ago,
I sparred with Master Hu.
Even after several days,
none of us emerged victorious.
I didn't know that someone
applied poison to the blade.
A slip of the hand
and a great mistake was made.
-Then what about his wife?
-His wife committed suicide.
-She also died because of you?
I've made two dishes for you.
Come and have a drink first.
Young man, since you're unwilling to say
how you are related to Master Hu,
I'll not force you.
If you want to avenge Master Hu, go ahead.
I only hope that you'll take care
of my daughter.
I'm going to water the flower.
I must use the wine.
It will die if you use water.
That's why my seniors
were unsuccessful in planting it
in these years.
Master Miao has fallen asleep.
Can't you see that he wouldn't
apply the poison to the blade?
Why are you still suspecting him?
Yes, and he just told me the whereabouts
of my parent's graves.
But avenging my parents
is an important matter.
I'll not rest till I've found
my parents' real killer.
Based on Uncle Si's description,
your father killed himself
because he was poisoned.
Master Miao only injured him lightly.
So the person that poisoned
your father is the real killer.
According to the situation,
your father was poisoned
by the heartbreak grass.
Shi Wan Cheng
is very familiar with this poison.
If Tian Gui Nong colludes with him,
then Tian Gui Nong must have
administered the poison.
What do you think?
If Tian Gui Nong had accidentally obtained
the powdered heartbreak grass
and placed it in the letter,
he wouldn't mention that
the King of Poison is his old friend.
My uncle would also not be here.
If my uncle is nearby,
as soon as he knows I'm here,
he'll inevitably come to seize
my teacher's medicine manual.
Moreover, it all would be tonight.
If my uncle does turn up as expected,
this will prove that Tian Gui Nong
colludes with him.
That evening, we went to see my seniors.
I wanted you to promise me three things.
Do you still remember?
Yes. Do not talk, do not fight,
and do not leave you
more than three steps.
I, however, broke all three promises.
Don't break the promise again hereafter.
Since you're here, why don't you come in?
No need to be so cautious.
There's no poison on the door.
Junior Cheng,
why don't you kowtow to our uncle?
Since when did we have an uncle?
I've never heard of it.
Well, have you heard of
the Poisonous Owlet?
Hasn't your teacher ever mentioned me?
I seem to have heard
of that name before.
My teacher did mention that
he had a junior.
But he abuses the toxicant
to do evil things.
So my teacher had to expel him.
-Master Shi, was that person you?
-Junior Cheng.
Your nonsense has offended our uncle.
You better apologize.
If he is angered, you'll die immediately.
Xue Que and I have decided to follow him.
You better hand over the medicine manual.
Then, he may take you in as his student.
Since you've decided to follow him,
there's no need for me
to address you as a senior.
What about Senior Jiang?
Has he decided to follow Master Shi?
Jiang Tie Shan is ignorant.
I've already received the order
to punish him.
Now I'm married to your Senior Murong.
Sister Xue, I congratulate
you and Brother Murong.
Why don't you simply kill Senior Jiang?
It's better for him than to be half-dead.
It's none of your business.
Hand over the manual and offer
respect to your new teacher now.
If I don't,
will I end up the same as Senior Jiang?
Since both of you have decided
to follow Master Shi,
you'll have to start
your learning all over.
Master Shi and my deceased teacher
each have their strong points.
So this medicine manual is of no use.
I'll just burn it.
Jiang Tie Shan, take that manual away.
Put out the fire. Retreat!
Young girl, he has contracted
my silkworm poison.
There's no antidote for it.
You're the student of the King of Poison.
Why don't you cure him?
I was poisoned
because I didn't listen to you.
I know you're trying to protect me.
Swallow this medicine quickly.
That manual is fake.
Shi Wan Cheng was deceived for a while.
But he'll realize very quickly
and come back.
The antidote doesn't seem to work.
The poison is taking effect.
Certainly, it's not working.
What I gave you is not the antidote.
It is only an anesthetic.
-An anesthetic?
I want you not to be able
to move and speak.
Then I can eliminate the poison for you.
The silkworm poison
must be sucked out by mouth.
Shi Wan Cheng said that
the silkworm poisons have no antidote.
It's totally wrong.
He never thought that someone
was willing to sacrifice to save others.
No doubt Shi Wan Cheng
is colluding with Tian Gui Nong.
Otherwise, he wouldn't
have known I was here.
The toxin that harmed your father
must be given by him to Tian Gui Nong.
So he's also your enemy.
I'm going to part with you now.
But I have everything arranged.
After I die,
you'll not only have your revenge,
but I'll also clean up
the clan for my teacher.
The heartless and cruel seniors of mine,
they both will surely die.
Shi Wan Cheng
may be much more skillful than me.
The Seven Hearts Hypericums poison
will at least make him
be like Senior Jiang.
This is the antidote
to the Seven Hearts Hypericums poison.
Brother Hu.
Don't be upset.
You were just trying to protect me.
You knew that Shi Wan Cheng's poison
was very potent.
In my heart, I also regret it.
Jing Yue, go inside and have a look.
She must have sucked
the poison out of his arm.
Her boyfriend was not revived,
but she also died.
Whoever contracts
my silkworm poison will surely die.
So many of them.
I wonder which is the real manual.
The previous manual was fake.
Let's bring them all back.
One of them must be real.
This young girl was so cunning.
She must have set some traps here.
Jing Yue, light the candle
and look carefully.
This candle that has not been lit
might be a trap.
Light the used one.
The Seven Hearts Hypericums poison?
Senior Tian.
Someone saw the Flying Fox
head for Hu Yi Dao's grave.
Hu's blade skill he used the other day
is undoubtedly proficient.
He mightn't have learned it recently.
So he must be related to Hu Yi Dao.
We must kill him to avoid future trouble.
-Get some men to go over there now.
The Seven Hearts Hypericums poison.
Shi Wan Cheng, make two somersaults.
What are you doing here?
Tian Gui Nong said
you came from Miao Residence.
I have something to ask you.
I'm here because when my parents died,
I was too young
and unable to serve them
before their death.
Now I can only offer respect
at their grave.
Unlike you,
your daughter asked you for a hug.
But you ignored her.
You've left Master Miao.
So what if I came from Miao Residence?
Were you the young man
who helped me in Shang Mansion?
How are they doing?
They're not good.
Master Miao has been blinded.
Miss Miao is alone
and has no mother to take care of her.
Your parents were unfortunate.
Recently, I have been thinking
of Miao Ren Feng and our daughter.
But it'd be too disgraceful
for me to go back to them.
Today I come here
because I remember that year
when we were married,
he led me here to pay respects.
He said in his life, he only admired
Master Hu and his wife.
It's no use crying over spilled milk.
Please tell me in detail.
How are they now?
This Miss Cheng died because of me.
I want to bury her ashes here.
We'll talk after that.
Lan, this lad is very fierce.
Leave him quickly and come here.
You call yourself the Flying Fox,
and you know Hu's blade skill.
Now you are in front of Hu Yi Dao's grave.
-Who are you, actually?
-I'm his son, Hu Fei.
The Flying Fox? Hu Fei?
So you're here to pay respects
to your parents?
Okay, I want you to have
your wish fulfilled.
Please don't kill him first.
I have something to tell him.
Lan, what are you doing?
Be careful. He may harm you.
He is about to die at your hands.
Why can't you let me speak to him?
-Don't be hypocritical.
-Are you going to die
before burying the urn?
I just have something to tell you.
It's all about your father.
Do you want to hear it?
I can just tell you and no one else.
But you can't use me as a hostage.
If you do not comply, I will not say it.
I'm grateful to you for telling me
about my father.
Why would I want to harm you?
There are many men of honor.
Do you think I'm like
the villain, Tian Gui Nong?
Bury the urn about half a foot
behind the headstone.
Dig downwards,
and you'll find a treasured blade.
It was buried by Miao Ren Feng that year.
I saw it with my own eyes,
so I'm telling you now.
Bury the urn
so that the dead will rest in peace.
When you're done, it's your time to die.
You told him that Miao Ren Feng
killed his father?
Let him bury the ashes first.
I already promised him. It won't be
too late for you to kill him after that.
Uncle Miao, are your eyes cured?
Did you call me Uncle Miao?
Yes, I'm Hu Fei. I was lucky to be alive.
-You're Master Hu's son?
I was naive and confused.
Now I already understand.
Tian Gui Nong,
together with Shi Wan Cheng,
are the real foes of my father.
Your weak skills would be no match
with Tian Gui Nong.
Let me do it.
Be careful! Tian Gui Nong
has a treasured blade.
This is the blade
that you kept safely for my father.
You take it yourself.
I have my own.
-Look at it.
B cleYoYe I
I'll use Hu's blade skill
to avenge your parents.
Let me tackle these two.
Not only did Shi Wan Cheng
give Tian Gui Nong poison
to harm my father and you,
but he also killed Miss Cheng.
Come on, Hu Fei.
Avenge your parents now.
Subtitle Translation by: Jason Loh