Legend of the Naga Pearls (2017) Movie Script

Long ago, human and wing
tribes lived together.
The wing tribe lives in the sky
The king of wings wants to rule the
world, fighting with human tribes
In the end it fails, the state is
so weak, it can not fly anymore
The people live in the heavens and
build the city of the heavens
Come out...!
Who told you to disturb new people?
Hey, little boy, what's your name? Do not be afraid
Ni Kong Kong
From now on, we are
brothers, are we?
Let's go, I'll protect him
Come on
Good brother, give me your hand.
you have eaten before? Hungry again?OMG!
- sad - Come on, eat
What a fool. This junk is sold
Enough for us to eat for several months
No problem. If I do not cheat
them, how can I support you?
I told you, the world is full of deceit
Sister Sa
Hurry up! Guests are waiting,
quickly prepare food
Order please...
Ordering so much, can
you eat everything?
You have no money ?!
- Don't you know who i am?
- Whatever!
The important thing is money!
Quickly prepare the food...
The important thing is to have money
- Ni Kong Kong - Why are you
looking for your ancestors?
- You dare to cheat anyone money!
- You're mistaken
-Will not pay? Leave your hand!
Do not let him escape!
Got you!
Ni Kong Kong, the great king of robbers!
This is what you give me.
Cut it down?
You got nothing by killing me!
That's right. So
what do you think?
I have a plan. The original
item has been sold, disbenefit you
I have the perfect plan for you
Giving you big orders
This is a good chance. He loved
the collection of magical things
Usually heavily guarded, difficult to act.
Every object is precious.
That's the best time, and a
good chance for you to act
Your Majesty arrived!
Sorry, make you wait!
Today, I travel,
Got heritage again.
This time that I really got the magic thing
According to legend, the magical object...
Who is it...?come down here!
The way you work is so slow
The employer did not
tell you to have fun
Seeks for death!
Let her go! What arrogant ?!
As vice chairman of course arrogant.
He's the chief confidant
A few more days go looking
for heirlooms. He
Himself who handles
this important task.
- It's great - It's
because I never fail.
You should stay away from him.
Do not forget the human tribe brother
That's right
God damn it!Dont waste time!
What sound is that?!
What's that smell ?!
Whose there? show yourself!
Damn, that smells!
The chairman has arrived
Shit! Back to work!
You go first, I'll go look around.
According to legend, this
magical object has witnessed...
- Failure of human wings
- wingsmen never fail !.
Wingsmen once controlled humans
dress like this... do you want
to pour some wine for me?
This thing is not yours!
You... Bad!
Quickly move...!
- Something happened, Your Honor!
- What's so panic?
All was destroyed, without a trace
It must be a human wing
Could that be Sie Lien's act?
Sie Lien?
At that time His Majesty was kind
enough to let him live. He's cruel
Do not let him act, quickly
investigate this issue
Catch the killer!
7 honorable families were killed.
The victim's wound is deadly
23 important guests, 8 honorable
families, and His Majesty, all dead
You can not stay here
Why do not you let me investigate
this case? I'm also a clerk
Dont you hear me?
All this is his deed
Sorry, I did not mean to trouble you
Do not tell you about this case because
you do not want to be in danger
Sir, Sien Lin has long been isolated, this
time it appears there must be a cause
Sir, his brother is involved in this
case, should also be investigated
- This case, you do not get involved. -Sir!
-What do I have to say again ?!
This is called acting first
Try again! Siau Kan!
Why is this so heavy? What do you eat?
This time we are rich
I can not believe you can not open it
Put it down!
Who else knows this box?
I do not know. I accidentally
fell here, can you get me out?
-Talk honestly, you wish to die!
-I want to live...
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What is this?
- where did you find it? What?
- Not just looking, but it smells awful.
you are dead!
Thank you
- Brother. -Impossible.
-I'm not your big brother!
Be aware, go with me
Brothers... not similar
Why is this sign important? What
is your goal this time?
He wants to grab my box!
Give me the box
Brother, look at yourself now ?!
Give me the box!
- Why do you want this box?
- This box is the doomsday of the sky city!
I must destroy it
'' The Flying Ghosts ''
Thank you
Do not force me!
- Over there faster!
-Arrest them all!
Where are you going?
You're mistaken
Are not you the little thief?
- The king of robbers. -Arrest him!
-I am the only one.
-What are you doing here?
- I'm here to investigate the case
Chase him...! You come with me!
Who is he?
The box is the doomsday of the city of heaven
You think we're small children?
Only with this box?
My name is Yi Kong Kong, the king of robbers.
Beautiful woman, what's your name?
Apparently you are a fugitive, interesting.
Good thing I am, or you're dead
Many people want to kill, I
will not be easy to kill
Why want this box?
- Why are you interested in this box?
- This is my stuff
Goods inside the box are very
dangerous, must be destroyed
-I know who can open it - Who?
Your pet is calling you
Eat... just know eat!
Unexpectedly Hei Yu worked for Sie Lien
The superintendent supports him, is very arrogant
This time it's not all right, is it?
We do not waste any more time
Away from me!
How should I stay away from you?
Why is there still?
- You He Yi?
- Yes
- Do you know where Sie Lien is?
-I do not know Sie Lien
-But you wing tribe!
- Like a wing tribe united with Sie Lien?
You know where Sie Lien is, say!
- Where is Sie Lien?
-I am Tao Se (king of robbers)
You do not know Tao Se ya? Tao
Se is an important person
I can find it. Please
Here's a lot
- If you know in this field alone
-Nothing I do not know here
Who are you?
Who am I, what is there relationship with you?
Where is it from?
- Good too - Why are you
looking for Sie Lien?
I was helping my dad
catch the Sie Lien group
-Your father's official -
It's none of your business
I know after finding Sie Lien,
what is there a little...
Well, as long as you help me find Sie
Lie, I'll give you what you want
-No problem, I accept this business, but
take you out of here first. - Good.
- Day-to-day, you're looking
for it -I have a plan
It's the only way to open the eyes
of the sky, you're messing it up
I deserve to die
Your sister seems to be interested in that too
I have no sister!
Oh, yes?
- She sees sister...
- He did not mean anything to me at all!
Ni Kong Kong is a robber,
and now he's stuck in there
Let me just go
I am willing to make amends
Are you looking for a chance
to meet her sister again
Enough! You go!
Do not let me hear the failed again!
Here can do it
What are you doing?
Not knowing to return the favor. Quick help!
-What is this?
- Effective medicine. Must buy with money
Hold on
Wing... you wing tribe
- Just once a question
- Why not fly?
I'm lazy to care about you
Who can open the box?
Why are you interested in that box?
I'm an orphan. Sie Lien killed my parents
You better do not mess with me!
Now can tell me who
can open the box?
Ye Cau...
Later you will know. Take that box first
Remember, I'm Tao Se
What's in your hands?
Change clothes
From now on we are partners.
Where to look for Sie Lien?
Finally I had a chance,
I'm very excited
It seems everything went well
Can you shut up?
I'm tense every time I talk
Why is your mouth so big huh?
- Left - See? The
mouth is very big
Thank you
- Everything is tired
-What happens?
This bird man fights
The human face of this bird is ugly
What is wrong with you?!
- Shit. Tell me again!
-Do not be angry
Quickly finish, let me get home quickly
You should be a bird man
driven out of the city sky
In front of someone
I'm not blind
Why so many people?
-Do not be afraid, there's
me-Hold it once, get closer
Be careful
- Sorry - Hurry up the road
What do you see? Tense huh?
I feel this is very exciting
You touch me
-Tuan - Turn left
Lately a lot of
problems, all worried
- Tell the whole thing, tighten
up the guard - Ready, sir!
At that time the man got
away, what's the news?
Our man is looking for
him, he can catch him
Who? Why so many people?
What laugh?
Over the top
Are you sure the box is here?
So true
Do not find the box, anyone
will not get out of here alive!
Only by climbing there
can only go from here
Is there still another way?
-I have a plan. -What?
- Perfect plan
- Who's keeping today?
-There are those who escaped from prison
- Who?
-Tao Se - Who's Tao Se?
Do not move... catch him...!
I'm here, catch me
Looks like there's a sound
Capture him, hurry up!
- Cool is not it?
- Who are you? Dare come here! Catch!
- Shit! Return the box
- Take your own!
- Ready!
- Road - Still not coming
Quickly do...
Very tense
Upon arriving above listen to me!
Still not dead!
Over the top!
-Do not run - Here's a
lot, that's my manaya
- Extremely high - Hurry!
Still taktahu his name
- Keli - The name
is easy to remember
Where are we going?
Ye Cau...
- Sie Lien is there?
-It's not easy to find him
I have a plan. She
wants this box. We
Open this box, then
destroy the items inside
- Perfect plan -
What's in this box?
Sie Lien's wanted weapon
If it's a true weapon, we'll
use it against Sie Lien
Your actions can kill us
- You know who can open this box
- Lie Sien?
You birds are always together
Why? Afraid?
I'm afraid he does not come.
If it comes, I'm sure
- Catch it - You'll be on your
knees and beg for forgiveness
We are on the same side, to be honest
What's inside your glove?
Our problem is how
to open this box
We are on the same side, there
is no point in making noise
We only have the same
goal, not colleagues
And... better you do not mess!
Notify all members
Immediately report to those who find He Yi!
Before they know about the eyes of
the sky, we must take back the pearl
This time, I have to go alone!
What are you thinking?
None of your business
You are more beautiful
smile, sullen not beautiful
Who knows what fucker to give
I want you to lend the
person who hurt you
Do not be so rushed
Where's the necklace ?!
You do not feel we're a good match?
Do not expect!
- It's your secret - It's
none of your business!
I give it back!
I am guilty...
Should not sleep huh?
I've been patient with you!
What is this?
Where is it?
How can you get up there?
Very dangerous!
Death to me...
Ni Kong Kong!
Ni Kong Kong!
It turns out these feelings can fly
You can fly, I'm bad luck
- Sorry. - You yourself do not know
this secret, no need to apologize.
First time drinking wine
Last... sorry
It's the only thing my
father left for me.
My father wished the tribe of
wings and humans to live in peace
Shortly thereafter, my father
was considered a wing tycoon
At least you still have a family.
I do not know where I came from
Did not you say Sie Lien
killed your father?
I was caged by the beam, they
called me a strange creature
- Diamahluk strange. -Do not hit me.
-Hands can shine.
Ever since I got to know Ou Kai. Over the
past few years, I just believe him (Ou Kai)
-What does your hand have to do with this box?
- I have no idea
No need to know this. We have something in common.
No friends
You're with me
You're good at fighting, now can fly.
We're a team
I already have a name for our team
We are robbers.
The name is so cool
- How?
-Whatever in the box, it must be destroyed.
I know. But I want you to know,
first look at you, attracted by you
At that time I did not think of anything...
Want to kiss me? Unless you die!
- The bird man is flying again?
- New
Learning to learn,
still need to adjust.
I also saw the light
inside your glove
It's no use. You're a big mugger
- That's very dangerous
- It's coming
Its place, the black market, the illegal area
- Look... good stuff -
Look, it's interesting
It has been a long time to hear about
this place, it is heaven of man
- I love this place -
you are also a woman
Why are they so sexy and beautiful...
Here is suitable for someone like you
I'm a real man
It's here, here
The venue
It must be here. We are looking
for those who like to drink
And gamble, never
leave this place.
- Interesting - We
scattered for them
Regarding the case, Sie
Lien took an heirloom
It was made by a wing man
-What's been there He Yi's news?
-If there is news, please let me know
Red wins
- No need to lecture me -
you're still drinking wine
lya, I'm glad, why not drink?
Very fragrant
- Look at you, your dad deserves
to say you're useless. -What?
Your father belittles me, you
also belittle me, right?
- Why do I go all the way here with you?
Nobody underestimates you
Want to report?
This is the man you say it is
Who is this?
Coat of Tien Cien
- You almost killed us -What?
-I am here looking for him?
- Forgot the plan?
The person you are looking for has been found
Look at this guy, it's interesting
- More odor than him.
- Hurry him please
Do not hit...
Ou Ke!
Who would dare make a
problem in my place?
Boss, who dare to make
trouble in your place
Your friend is stuck here, we want
to help him, break your rules
If I'm not mistaken, this beautiful
woman is a wing man right?
Why? Wingsman can not come here?
His character is bad,
I apologize for him
I know
Who says not to come? Sure it is allowed.
Here is enough
I admire you, know why?
Because in a place like this, dare to
face me, it takes... great courage!
Never mind, no need for mutual resentment.
Look at your personality
Especially you. I thank you as a friend.
Let's go
Wait! I want to take it in!
If paying off his gambling
debt, please take him away
What's his debt?
Not much. A thousand gold including flowers
Why see me?
- Who's out bringing so much money, gilaya?
-No problem, I'm doing business
Every moment thank you here
Come on
I have a plan... perfect plan
I walk first
Change clothes barely recognize it
I... I'm here for a drink.
You dress like that
for a drink with me
Wait a minute
Your eye hurts huh? I'm good at blowing it
I help you to blow
Here's enough...
Do not move...
Go find your employer
Your turn, please
It was not his plan
Beautiful woman... where are you going?
Just rest in my room
- Rule, I understand
- Who rules?
Get out!
If you can not drink, do not drink
I want to fight with him
Put the...
Where is this jade from?
It's mine
I asked where did you get it?
I came from the sky city
- I mean where is the jade?
- My mother gave me, why?
- Correct?
Prince, unexpectedly can meet you
How do you know?
Thank you God. We are the
guardians of the sky city
When you were born, I was in front of the door.
I was fired for drinking and women
I've repented, I'm not
my old self again
- Stand up - No
Do not make trouble
You know I've been holding back...
It is such a coincidence
There is something...
Let me help you
- Protect the boss - Get away!
I told you to leave
Get out!
Get out!
-I'll loose the
guy you want - Go
- Actually me and him...
-I do not want to know
Already completed
Let's go
You do not want anything?
Everything has a secret, it's not easy
-What the hell?
-Handy hand...
- Who are you?
- Uncle
Uncle, it's me
Who's your uncle? Why are you here?
- You are looking for you...
- We want to know how to open this box?
Follow me
- Where's your pet?
- He's drinking too much
Are you hiding here?
After your father leaves, I'm
here drinking and gambling
Unexpectedly met you
Sorry to make you like this
Life is entirely uncertain
The important thing is free. This is it
Do not touch my talisman,
put it, here a lot of traps
This is it
-What is this?
- Open it
ln him
Do not...!
- This is his pearl -What?
9 countries reconciled, 6 tribes united
War of the wing tribe, the king of the wings killed him
Getting pearls and gold symbols
that can open the eyes of the sky
Suddenly all died
The king of man sends a swordsman
to the city of heaven,
When the pearls shine again, the
swordsman managed to take the pearl
The human tribal forces join the good
wing tribe defeating the wing kings
You guys, look
This middle circle is a pearl
and this is the eye of the sky
Looks like I've seen this picture
It's in the box. What kind of brain is that?
I want to know about the pearl.
Why every time close to my hand...
Somebody's coming!
Do not make me act!
- Hurry up - How do
they know we're here?
Finally coming, I've been
waiting for you for a long time
Go if you're afraid. Leave it to me!
Sie Lien!
I am He Li, the prince of the sky city!
You will kill me!
How dare make trouble in my area!
The guardian of the sky, protect Your Majesty!
- Give me the box -
do not talk much!
Give me the box!
Yes, sir!
You killed my uncle.
Now you will catch me!
You can not be cheated!
Tell your dad to send
some tough fighters!
I am the greatest warrior of the city of heaven!
How dare a bird man!
Are you alive ?!
I'm still breathing
Apparently you care about human tribe.
You are a wing loser!
Submit! I'll let
you die together
Since when can you fly?
Why does he tell you how
to fly, but not me ?!
Do not do it
You do not understand him at all
He is a wing tribal loser!
Do not talk about dad like that!
The greatest swordsman of the
sky city, fell like a dog
Sir, I've taken back the pearl
Get up...
Are you ok?
Ni Kong Kong
Where is the pearl?
It seems to have been sneaked by your sister
You're hurt like this, still powerful!
I have to go back, it's very dangerous now
You still want to go back
Chiang Cen Ce...! I command
you to stand up now!
Take a good look! You are satisfied?
Finally I understand, I'm really stupid
You think you're great, invincible,
really stupid, you know?
Correct. That's what dad says.
I'm so stupid. Sorry
- Now the only way is soon
- Back to the sky city, how?
We pass the waters, quickly return.
I've seen the picture, in
a temple in the city sky.
They've got the gold
and pearl emblems.
Next is open the eyes of the sky
No! I have to tell father soon.
Sie Lien has wings
What is wrong with you? What's to say
I'm not a hero, just a mugger.
An unknowing robber
I was bullied since childhood, no friends
I assume you're friends, but ever since
the box is open, you care about me?
We care about you, we are friends
You, one is a prince,
another is a hero
You know why I'm here?
I want to search
Know about my horrible hand!
The box is open and
you know it, right?
-What does it have to do with my hands?
- You know all this, what's the connection?
I know you do not want
to go, you coward!
I'm a coward, you great hero
You really can not be helped!
Go... get going!
- Hey...!
- Have seen it
It's raining down, damn bad
There are people there
I'm back!
Ni Kong Kong is back, miss me...?
Hurry down
I was thinking how long
it would take to ship
Do something must be
a disaster, right?
I told you we are colleagues, loyal friends
This is...
How do you overcome them?
There's nothing I can not do
Very bright, look at this shine
I've throw gloves off.
It does not matter
Do not talk much, we have to get going
Ou Ke!
- How to?
- Just ride and fly
How do we stop Sie Lien?
-I have a plan -Ta
shame, follow my word
No kidding...
No kidding. Quickly tell me your plan
His goal is the sky's eye.
Over there are many soldiers
He will try to lure the soldiers
Whatever happens, our
goal is a military camp
Can not scowl?
So glad, the third one
can fight together
What do you say?
- What do you say?
-Wait for me...
- Siau Meng - siap
-Going news?
- They're looking for it, no news yet.
If you do not come back...
forever do not come back!
You know why we're here?
Why can not we fly?
People are destroying our
lives, robbing our sky city.
Tonight, we will
regain our honor.
This is the day of human death!
Protect Your Majesty!
- They've fought - It's
still not too late
They attacked the military camp!
I'll help them first
- Sorry, I'm late.
- You violated the command...
Another one came to take life!
You're here for this, right?
-Don't want to see them - Okay
The wing tribe! You are a long life too
Let your brother finish talking first
-Tao Se - You remember me yes
You go find Sien Lien,
here leave it to me
Come on!
Prevent them, I'll find Sien Lien!
Why listen to him?
Destroy his weapon
Funny, you can fly
Let go!
Ou Ke
It's all just starting
Get up
Stupid, get up quickly. What do you
want to eat, I'll buy it for you.
Do not leave me...
Ou Ke.
Do not leave me
-Master - Ni Kong Kong!
Quickly grab the pearls
You stupid man
There is nothing strong against the power of pearls
Evacuate the people at once...
Dad, I'll save them
- Be careful - I will not
disappoint my father again
You want to destroy everything?
As weak as your dad
deserves to die!
Man deserves to die!
Who are you?
Why not be afraid of pearls?
I am the ancestor of the pearl!
I'm coming!
You are the losers
enough to fight me!
Shut it down!
Ni Kong Kong!
Get up
Get up
Sie Lien!
Sie Lien...!
This time should be a kiss
Ni Kong Kong
- I've been waiting a long time
- Imposters
Prince succeeds in liberating
the sky city from great danger.
Please forward to
receive the highest honors
The fate of this little amulet is great
It can survive by releasing the
pearl power and its surroundings
Pearls are holy tears. When letting
go of its power can live again
The hero is also alive
again thanks to the pearl.
So Ni Kong Kong is his descendant
Apparently you are not a
robber, this is very magical.
Can you be more stupid?
You do not have to call yourself a robber again.
You are a hero
I do not want to be a hero. I
want to be a robber with him
The three of us are together...
I join in, I guarantee
you will be fine
At that time... did you
panic because of me?
- When?
- You know when it is
As you hug me, I know your heart...