Legend of The Wolf (1997) Movie Script

Are you still looking for him?
Do you insist no matter what I say?
Don't you think I can't satisfy you as he does?
Ben, if want you to choose one
Will you give me up or him?
I'll call you later, goodbye
Are you pulling off a stunt?
I don't think I am no match for you
I've got you!
Straight to northwest?
Fair and justice!
Legislative Council
Sudden, attraction!
Mr. Chan, don't be serious
I'll wait for you anyways
Don't you want to know why I want to see you?
I'm in good mood
Why don't you ask him
why he disappeared suddenly?
Maybe, it's just what the legend said
He was seriously hurt so he wanted to hide up
People said he was fired of
that business so he wanted to retire
So many stories!
I just don't know which is correct
No one would believe in rumours
So, why don't you guess again?
What's the reason?
Old people want holiday too
Hey, Please wait
I think she is looking for you
I know
Told you I would call you after my work
It's useless to keep on calling me
Anyways, I'll call you after my work, Ok?
That's it
Fight with your girl?
From her voice, the girl must be a nice one
It's hard to find such
innocent girls in Hong Kong now
Just because the phone has clear transmission
I hate tiny phone
I lost many of this kind
So I just carry pager now
I can retune call anytime I like
I don't care...
Granny, is he as talkative as you?
You will know it later
Hey, I haven't introduced myself yet
People call me uncle Wai
I've been working with him for ages
We are invincible!
I just want to look for him,
for others, none of my business!
How long shall we still have to walk?
We are almost there
Well, you know the rule?
You have to face the outcome yourself
I know, I am well prepared
What do you want him to do?
I want to tell him directly
My wish is a bit difficult to achieve
If not,
or ordinary people can handle it
I think he may not be happy
If he isn't happy, that would be shit
Why don't you worry that
he wouldn't be able to handle it?
Can't he?
Unless you want him to fly
He can't fly indeed
Young man, here we are
Is that him?
He is accustomed to sleeping a while
To make dreams
Back to his memory
you know, for an old man
The past is everything
But want him to do
a very important thing for me
Young man, just sit down and chat with me
Call me Ben
Call me uncle Wai
He is the man in the legend!
What's wrong?
He is much more older than I expected
No matter how great are you
You can't Avoid getting sick and old
It depends
What do you mean?
I can accept
What's wrong?
Not everybody can afford it
Those who have strong will won't fail easily
Win or lose isn't a simple matter
It's mot like gambling in casino
The winner will gain everything
Either win or lose
Once you don't die,
it doesn't matter to be the winner or loser
If you have money,
why not save it in your pocket
I won't blame you
for you are old
You are not old enough to share my point
Young man, listen to me
Even you are rich,
you need not bet all one time
What's the matter with you?
Did you lose something?
It must be the tiny mobile phone
I said,
such tiny phone is easily to be lost
Do you want to look for it?
No, no one will call me now
Let's get it when we go back
Where were I up to?
Young man, you are still young
When you are as old as me
You will know that,
it's not necessary to be the winner
Many times, although you win
You have to pay much more than you expected
He is old
Don't get angry
If he kicked you
You would have swallowed the whole cigarette
Your face would have been hurt
Your mom couldn't have recognised you
Even you couldn't have recognised yourself
When I saw him for the first time,
I was as proud as you
Goddess, you are so merciful that,
please give us a hand
Please let us escape from war,
let the bandits go to another village
Let us live in peace
We will hold a sacrificial
ceremony to thank you
Where were I up to?
Goddess please give us peace
Hope everyone would live happily and in peace
Most important of all,
the boys would have good health
Bad luck to the family
No, I mean best luck to the family!
Good living for all of us
Chun should remember an eye for an eye
If he is beaten,
he would stab others twice by knife
I hope to have a baby at old age
And, please let Wai have a bald head soon
Don't let his fleas fly all over the village
And no more foul language
Hippo would never steal food
Even though he steals,
he won't be caught red-handed
Big Mouth will not think of women any more
And he won't offend the bitches in the village
If he wants to fool around,
he would go to another village
Hope little Bun would grow up soon
And don't just fool around with boys
Right, kick his dick
You four are useless!
You waste so much time to beat one down!
If you fought with others!
You would have been in shit
May Goddess bless you!
Give me back the hen!
What are you looking at?
We are neighbours,
you need not do that to me!
Forget it! You have gone too far!
You shouldn't have got weapon!
How can you get weapon!
Don't you think I am fool?
Hippo, who stole my rice last time?
Chun and I ate it
Don't frame me, you and Hoi ate it!
We agreed not to say a word of it
How can you betray me?
You stole the pig head of last sacrifice!
It's you who stole the pig head!
How could you eat that stinky pig head?
Where did you get the rice?
None of your business!
Who do you think is commanding now?
That's great!
One chicken, five catties of rice
and three bottles of wine
Everyone should pay these
Who do you think you are?
Don't you too far!
By the way, we are a family
He seems to be a stranger!
Isn't he from another village?
He wears trendy clothes
He looks fat, I think he must be rich
Is he an escaped soldier?
How can an escaped soldier walk so slowly?
His sword is shiny!
Shiny? Isn't his sword for chopping wood?
He is carrying a pig bag on his back
I think he comes to send letters
I guess he is a bandit
Have you seen bandits?
Brother Wai, did you see any bandit before?
I have seen everything!
Ignorant chicken!
Well, why don't you go and ask him?
Brother Wai, go, don't give it a dawn!
Pal, what's the matter?
Is there a Seven Saint Temple around?
Yes, there are seven temples around!
You can visit any of it if only you have money
Leave the village and walk towards the beach
Thank you
Kid, come back
Give away
Brother Wai, why did he give you money?
Why did he give you money?
He wants me to lead his way, so he paid me
Are you kidding?
I wanna go too
Do you know where is dragon's cave?
I will follow him anyways
I'll give you a share if I find it
Little Bun, wipe the sweat for Wai now!
Brother Wai, eat it when you are hungry
Be careful...
What a fine day! But the road is ramping
This place is not peaceful
It's dangerous for you to go alone
Just take it as security fee or escort fee
I tell you,
no one knows the route we are walking except me
I didn't cheat you
Pal, are you alright?
Do you want me to carry you?
Short cut!
There won't be bandits around. Come on
Be careful...
There was a short cut,
but I worry that you can't handle it
I'll show you
We will soon get there, this way
Pal, luckily...
You met me
lam a guide with quick response,
and I show you good scenery
Well...it's nice anyways
Thank you
We will get there soon
Do you want a rest? I don't need rest
But, if possible...
Don't panic, just small potato
That's the bastard!
Return my rice!
What's up? I have nothing!
Are you paying back or not?
I'll only give you green horn to wear!
Beat him!
Go to hell...
Right at this moment, I beaten left and right
On the left, I swinged my fists.
On the right, I punched straight
They were half dead
Don't you believe it?
Yes, absolutely
I almost mistake you as the hero of the legend
You just bluff for half day!
What did he do?
Did you see stream of blood?
Right here!
Kill him!
I didn't know you were somebody! I am sorry
Are they your foes?
They came from neighbouring village
Where I am not around,
they come to bully the old and the kids
Whenever I see them,
I would teach them good lessons
That is the Seven Saint Temple
It's great, huh?
It was built when
my grand father was still the General
Isn't it the Seven Saint Temple?
Yes, it's because of war
A statue was put here
People came to get
the gold on its body, so it's broken
Many people came here to worship
The Great General Li Lin-Ying...
No, Li was an eunuch!
Anyways, whatever Li
You know in time of war, it's all a mess
Not even a utensil for burning incense
Hero, why do you come here?
Don't go!
Run! It's shit if you are caught
Kid, how dare you steal? Don't go!
I can't make it
Hurry up, don't panic
Stop! Or you will regret for it
How are you?
My foot is aching
Don't cry
What the hell? Why the sun is still so hot!
Kid, Wait
Go, don't come over
Stay calm...
I just want to drink some water
Hero, have some water
Hero, is there anything
you can't solve? Just tell me
I will help, since you saved my life
I'll give you 50% discount
What's your name?
I've forgotten
What are you?
Forgotten too
You forgot everything!
Did you lose your memory?
I haven't know a friend who lost memory,
it's great!
Do you remember how you lost your memory?
I remember I was a soldier, I was shot
Damn Japanese!
I almost lost my memory
by Japanese's bullet too!
I don't mind telling you
I am a orphan
But I am lucky to be loved by the villagers
Of course, I did many things
that win their hearts
Now, I have finally grown up...
Damn Japanese!
You lost your memory, but I don't
I remember I haven't eaten enough
I remember that I want to wait for a woman
Woman? What is she?
You don't remember her name, do you?
It's difficult to help!
What characteristics does she have?
She is so nice!
These mosquitoes must be
reincarnated by Japanese!
My blood is almost dried out
So dark and wet!
What kind of temple is it?
It's hot in day time,
and there are so many mosquitoes at night!
But I can't go back to the village!
And I was attacked by different gangs in a day!
Even small kids wanted to kill me
What an ill-fated day!
If you come in without noise again,
I Will kill you
I thought you belong to the gang in the forest
I am sorry to scare you!
In fact, this is not your fault
I sneaked in, people would afraid of course
Especially after the great war this afternoon
They are not bandits, better be careful
I think so,
it's impossible for so many
bandits to come for me
Most probably, they came for you
Your sword is so great,
you won't give it a damn, right?
If you think you wronged me
Why don't you teach me sword stance?
Not only for me
I can help in time of emergency
Won't you say no?
What do you want to learn?
It'll be quicker to learn playing sword
People said, the training
takes a hundred days only
It'll be quick
And, you just need to sharpen one side
But, do you have any...
Any shorter course?
Do you know the use of sword?
For chopping, for cutting...
For killing too
I know all these
A sword is used to separate things
I just want to learn simple
but powerful sword stance
Don't just stare at me, speak up now
Simple? How can sword stance
be powerful but simple?
you can teach me
some simple but powerful stance
Have you heard of
3 open, 3 secret & 3 cunning stances of sword?
Among three cunning stances,
they are divided into true and fake
And there are three covered stances,
among it...
That's too complicated for me,
any less complicated stance?
Well, better be quick stance
Hold the sword
Your sword is so sharp, you can't fool me
It cut the wood instead,
you didn't use it at all
It's just warm up
Now, you did chop it
But you didn't chop with your heart
I used my heart
I used my lungs too
If you don't want to teach me, just forget it
You'd better save that crap
Why don't you say
"I am the sword, the sword is me"?
That's the point
I want to learn sword stance from you
It is just for chopping wood
What kind of sword you
were using in the forest?
That's the sword for killing
I just want that
A killing sword is not
just using it for killing
It depends on the will to kill
When you have a mind to kill
It's not necessary for you
to have a sword in hand or not
Killing doesn't depend on the sword
It's the man!
Take the sword
You can say in this way,
it depends on your heart
It doesn't mind if you have a sword or not
If you have a heart to chop wood...
Whatever you are, whatever sword you are using
Be frank, do you have any inner stance?
If yes, pass some to me,
then I won't bother you
Numerous illusions, learning truth from fakes
Learning truth from fake?
I don't buy such theory
It's out-dated
When you use sword,
make sure it's sharp, quick and tough
Fastest speed
Toughest heart
Aim the target, and hit once
This is same as life
According to this idea,
plus an aggressive heart
Whether you can be on top
of others or not, you'll decide it
Not from God
Fake or true, win or lose
It's very simple
Many people can't see it,
but they don't want to face it
So they just explain it with lousy explanations
Just believe those
most complicated and difficult theories
In fact, fake or true, win or lose
There is no difference either you gain or not
The airport is going to be moved
I remember I had nothing when I came here
People lived very happily
Now, there are new airport and new bridge
They gain everything they want
People do not live happily instead
Things get old, then they will be replaced
If there is nothing new,
how can they have progress?
New things will get old soon
What can I help you, Ben?
I want to kill one person
Will you get what you want
after his death?
Which way do you want to kill?
My way?
Use my WEN-
Well, I will tell you a story as reference
Although this is nothing to do with you
Pay attention please
I believe that it would solve your problem
his sword, if you take it,
you will think it useless at all
But, if he gets it,
it will be so useful...
Shut up!
I gave him half chicken to flatter him!
What's up?
By the way, once he gets is,
he can kill anything
This is an invincible sword
You won't understand
Shut up!
You are useless!
You just shut up when you face problem
When troubles are over you
become big mouth again!
Don't you know we are going to starve soon?
You are inhumane!
How can you ask the old to go?
We go together
If you don't go...
I can't go,
do you understand?
Why not? You are seeking excuse
He is invincible, do you understand?
If you don't go
Just share the money among us
Right, share the money!
He is so powerful!
Alright, we will go ourselves, you, stay behind
We are not afraid of him
Even four of you are no match for him
It'll be a piece of cake
for him to beat you down
With so many of us,
you think we can't beat him?
I won't believe such shit!
Let's go, don't give it a damn!
Are you 90mg?
Of course!
There are so many people,
we need not give it a damn!
I've said, I would beat him to death!
What a fast match?
Help! Open the door
Kiddo, help! Open the door
Kiddo, open the door! Help!
Go to hell!
He doesn't remember anything
Luckily Fung saved four of us
Or, we would have been killed
by the man's chain
Shut up! You've waken up
He's waken up
Brother Fung, don't worry,
you foes were killed by you
Shut up
Why do you round Fung up? He can't breathe
Man-hm. . how are you'?
Man-hm ...
Man-hin, I am Wai-yee
No matter what, once you are alive
I will stay with you
Have you seen Man-him?
He seems to be there
Have you seen Man-him?
He is over there
I watched him walking over there
Sis, where are you going to?
Look, the sky is so pretty
But it's going to rain
Never mind,
the sky will be more pretty after the rain
I haven't seen the sky
in such a peace for a long time
- Are you tired?
- Am I bothering you?
- No
- No
Don't you feel comfortable?
Do you feel pain?
I am just hungry
I'll cook noodle for you
Thank you for taking care of me day and night
Am I different?
You look a bit dark and thin
Was I fat and white?
Not exactly, there isn't big change
What was I?
Tell me, what do you think about me now?
Good! You are so nice to me
And what?
You are much more prettier than expected
That means, you haven't forgotten me
I remember
I remember that I have to wait for you
But I don't know what is it for!
I think you are hungry,
I'll cook you some noodles
Wai-yee, I hope to know
what I am after seeing you
Every night, I have nightmare
I do want to know what's happened
But I can't think of anything
I really forgot everything
Hope you understand me
Brother, time to eat,
you have chatted for a long time
Thank you for saving me
You're welcome, you saved me once
So, I prepared
a great meal to thank you
Sis, come with us. It's a great meal
I'll help you to cook
Brother, come on
Let's cheers for the
reunion of Mr. and Mrs. Fung
You have grown up together,
I think you fall deeply for each other
Man-hin loves me very much
His family treated me nice too
I was poor
When his grandma sewed new clothes,
he'd ask her to make me one
At that time, we always wore same clothes
We were always teased to be little couple
His grandma died
Man-hin then made clothes for us
And he came to my house
to do domestic work for me
After the death of my dad
He came to do the farming for me
My mom treated him as her son-in-law since then
I heard that Brother Fung was once a soldier
Can a soldier make big money?
Of course
A soldier's life is so hard,
he has to clean and to cook
Is that right?
Auntie San, a soldier has to kill many people
Big mouth,
they only kill bastards, is that right?
Brother Fung killed many Japanese
You are young and pretty,
the Japanese would rape you
if they saw you 10 years ago
Damn you big mouth!
It's not necessary to make big money
But, we should learn from Man-hin, he is heroic
In these years,
he always sends me money and letters
And than asked me to help the villagers
He said, after the war, good days will not far
That's why you are that single minded
to wait for his return
It's useless,
he is back now, but he remembers nothing
What's wrong with you? Just cut the crap
Eat your rice!
I wanna beat you to death! Stop eating!
Shut up! Just come back
Don't push me
Thank you
Tell me, what was I like?
When the war started,
you were recruited to the army
We agreed that
After the war, no matter what,
provided that we were not dead
We have to wait for each other in the temple
Until we meet again!
Are we couple?
Do you remember that night?
You are the only man in my life
Don't go!
Wai-yee, listen to me
How are you?
Leave me alone
Sorry, I can't remember anything
You know, I have nightmare every night
I thought I could remember who I am
after seeing you
But I can't
I keep on pushing myself,
I even bump myself against the wall
You know how painful is that?
Now...l have nothing now
You are so selfish! You just think of yourself
Tell me,
where have you been in these four years?
I have waited for 4 years, not even a letter
When it's time of war, mom died
I have nothing now
You are the only one I have
If I can't come back to see you
What'll you do?
I will tell myself that, you have never left me
We always came here
to watch the sunrise when we were kids
You were always fascinated
Once you said, "I will go there one day"
How did you answer?
I said,
"I would follow you no matter where you go!"
Wai-yee, why not stay
and live in peace with the villagers?
I will follow you wherever you go
Man-hm, you know'?
In these years, I know sewing
The sword is in my heart
Did you do any trick in the wood?
I am going to ask Brother Fung to teach me
Little Bun...you need not be so anxious
I tell you, you are bitchy now!
She falls for Fung, I guess!
The bandits are coming! Run for your life!
Who knows where Fung Man-hin is!
I won't kill the one
who tells me his whereabouts
I don't think you all want to die
Brother Wai, what'll we do?
Please don't kill me, I don't know
Please don't kill me
I beg you to let us go
lam innocent! Don't kill me!
Kill all of them
Not anyone can be let go!
Brother wai, run! Forget about me
Man-hm ...
Man-hin, save me! Man-hin!
Man-hm, save me...
Let me down!
Save me...
- Stop his way
- You run that fast!
Brother Fung, forget about us, go and save her
Fung Man-hin, you escaped last time
This time, I wanna kill you
to revenge our elder brother!
You are dead meat this time!
- Fung Man-hin...
- Man-hin
Brother, how are you?
What's up?
They are no match for you!
Wait, do you remember what day is today?
Forgot? It's elder brother's date of death
Remember we are the Seven Wolves?
We swore to live and die
You killed elder brother
because of your principle
You liar! You maniac!
You know?
Your man is like us
He is a bandit who killed so many people!
He is bandit! Can't you listen?
I won't trust you
Man-hin, you are not what he said
If not were your damn principles and theories
We would have been rich!
Elder brother was so nice to you,
but you killed him
I should have known you are a betrayer!
You bastard!
You just pretended to be righteous!
And you pretended to be
decent in front of alder brother
Don't you think it's secure to hide up here?
Now I am the boss
If you have guts, just forget me!
How is it?
Don't you remember anything?
Today, I want to disclose your real face
Man-hm, no matter what
I would stay with you
We won't separate
Why don't you kill me?
You have killed many, haven't you?
Are you scared?
I killed your woman, so come to kill me
You kill me, that means, you win the world
Move now
Have you get the answer yet?
I think, I am different from you
It's really different
Are you scared?
Yes, I am afraid you would
pay more than you earned
I just want success,
I don't mind paying anything
Do you really want to kill this guy?
Ben, it's me who called you
Take this gun back
If you think you can
be the number one after killing me
Just go ahead and try
You are a man of ego
In fact, I don't mind being
the number one or number two
I killed so many people
And I dragged many innocent people to death
My loved woman died because of me too
I don't want you to follow my path
Don't you think
I won't kill you for her sake?
I don't care anything just as to win you
For something, I may be better than you
But for something, I am no match for you
You have a lover
who can sacrifice for you
You'd treasure it
No matter what, it only I can stay with you...
Shut up
Give it up
Shut up, I won't give up that easily
Shoot now
I said I am old
You always want me to do such thing!