Legenda No. 17 (2013) Movie Script

Danila Kozlovsky
Oleg Menshikov
Vladimir Menshov
Roman Madjanov
Svetlana Ivanova
Alexandra Grepi
Boris Sherbakov
Alexander Jakovlev
Spain, 1956
- This bird is a good omen.
- This bird is a good omen.
Valera, easy.
- Stand still.
- Why Tanja can play and I can't?
Because she's obedient, and
you are not. I don't want you to fall off.
Begonia, why are you leaving?
Stay here.
Look, they evacuated you to the USSR cos'
of the war. It was the only way to protect you.
Kids were taken away to safer places.
But it's been 20 years already.
The war is over, everybody's got back.
You see, the kids like it in here.
Please stay.
Jose, please don't even ask.
You know, I have a husband in Moscow.
I just cannot stay.
- Jose, will you join us?
- I can't! My sister came to visit!
The bravest men will now run
in front of the bulls.
- Where are you going?
- I'll be back soon.
You'll miss everything!
They are already here! Look!
My dear! Valera!
Son! Sonny!
Valera! Thanks God you're alive!
Give me this goddamn dog!
I'll punish you.
Oh, Jose! Thank you!
Thank you so much!
And you, why were you just
standing there?
You should have taken the bull
by the horns and throw it away.
- I can't.
- Why?
I'm too little.
Big or little...
You can or you can't...
It is only you to decide.
When you find what you
really like doing...
...you'll be surprised by
how much you actually can.
How do I find what I like?
Don't fret, it is going to find you.
Hey fryer, did you mum tie this for you?
- What are you doing?
- And you?
- Hey you!
- All right! Everybody calm down!
Moscow, 1967.
CSKA Youth vs. Spartak Youth.
Don't you see what's going on there?
Stop it! Stop it!
2-minute penalty.
Why? He started it first.
Mum, he knows that himself.
- He almost lost his eye.
- No big deal, he's got two of them.
- Sit down.
- Why did you mess with him at all?
Two minutes.
I was open.
All right, Gus', don't teach me how to play
hockey. Better go and get yourself a new tooth.
Why does the coach turn a blind eye
to that? The other coach is better.
Who, Bobrov from Spartak?
He is a good coach.
But Valera was lucky with
Kulagin also.
He works with the great Tarasov.
Look, here, look.
Here he is.
Who is that?
- Tarasov, the coach of CSKA.
- And of the National.
Yeah, and of the National. The greatest
Soviet man after Marshal Zhukov.
- Hey bro, how about...
- I do not count Lenin.
Valera, look. Tarasov is here.
Look, the two I was talking you about,
there, in the sin bin.
You kidding me?
Ever seen the Canadians?
They wouldn't take these ones
even to play chess.
Take a measure of them.
Guskov is a promising defenseman.
The other, 17, is of natural gifts.
Speed, dribbling, shot...
What's wrong, Valera?
You know, I am just sitting here
and thinking: am I a fool or what?
It's not the time for chilling out here.
The teams are at full strength.
Valera, I am open!
Valera, here!
I am open, Valera!
- Missed!
- He didn't make it.
Line change!
Number 17?
What you think?
- How was it, Gus'?
- Oh, fuck off!
Looks like it is hard to score
on your own, huh?
Nobody wants to play.
Gotta do everything myself.
So right... There is an exhibition game
in Japan and I got no one to send over there.
What do you mean no one?
You know, nobody wants to play.
Looks like I am to play myself.
I want to play. I can do that.
- What's your last name?
- Kharlamov.
- And you can go to Japan?
- Wherever.
- How about your friend?
- Of course, he will.
- Wanna go, Gus'?
- Yeah. Where?
Anatoli Vladimirovich!
There came the confirmation.
The flight to Tokyo is scheduled for 3 p.m.
The day after tomorrow.
- So you said wherever?
- Yep.
If you lie, I'll never forgive you.
- Gus'?
- Good bye. Bye.
I didn't get it.
Are we really flying to Japan?
(Announcer) Attention please!
Flight number 245...
flying from Moscow to Madrid...
Please buy an ice-cream.
- How much?
- 11 kopecks.
- Two, please.
Are you crazy? I am freezing.
As you want. More for me.
Valera, let's go home.
- He was just kidding.
- What you mean kidding?
He said: 3 p.m.
They will come soon.
- Happy New Year, comrades!
- Move, move!
- Happy holiday, comrades!
- Go, I am telling you.
- Guys! Happy New Year!
Guys, does anybody speak
- Good afternoon, Anatoli Vladimirovich!
- Good afternoon!
And you say he was kidding.
Guys, please help me with the bags.
- Just to the bus stop.
- All right, but quick, OK?
There. Ow!
Valera, what are you doing?
- Flying somewhere?
- Yeah.
- Where?
- Yep.
- Where are you flying to?
- Japan.
Cool! I am just back from Murmansk.
Flying is so scary.
During the entire flight
I was grasping some man.
Thank you so much. Ouch!
- Careful.
- Thank you!
It was nice to talk to you.
Have a nice flight!
Please pay your tickets.
Valera, come on! Quick!
Hello there!
Where are you heading to,
figure skaters?
- Oh really?
- Yeah, why?
Anatoli Vladimirovich,
these two wanna go to Japan.
No guys, you're going to
They are waiting for you,
It's all arranged.
Anatoli Vladimirovich, wait...
- Chebarkul?
- It's a town in the Urals.
They got a nice team, Zvezda.
And the coach is good.
Play there, get some experience.
How about Japan?
Well, it was hard, but I finally
managed to find some people.
Anatoli Vladimirovich, they're
about to close the check-in desks.
Alright, you go to Chebarkul.
Best wishes staying, figure skaters!
I am not going.
Welcome music. Wow!
Chebarkul, 1968
All right, let's go.
Excuse me, where the hockey team
Zvezda is located?
What? What's Zvezda?
Zvezda? Never heard of them.
Heard the news?
Zinchenko, that idiot, tries to hook Natalia up.
Screw them... Who cares?
Hello everybody!
You can easily tell these guys
are sent by Tarasov himself. New blood.
Two young aces. You were
so much needed here...
Now our Zvezda is going to shine
like a star.
- Am I right?
- Yes.
And off we go into the battle!
Now, guys, listen to me:
Press all the time...
destroy their defense, rapture it.
- Am I right?
- Yes.
- Good.
You know yourself what to do
next, I shouldn't be here telling you.
Into the battle!
Into the battle, guys!
Now, everybody listen to me.
So we kick one goal and then
shut out.
- Everybody understood?
- What for?
Thus we can stay in the middle
of the standings.
How about winning? Huh?
And then what?
If we get into the First League...
we work like beavers...
Been there, seen that.
The more you work your ass off
the more they want from you.
No, bro. Nobody wants it in here.
No guys, I'm not in.
So good!
Look, how beautiful!
Your number is18.
Or 16.
So what you think, you are a fucking king
or what? Came here and impressed everybody?
- I want to play.
- So do I.
And I wanna win.
Not just in hockey but at life.
Everything's OK here. Steady.
- Right, guys?
- Yeah.
This is what victory is about.
Alright, let's go.
- To the victory!
- Yup.
What's wrong, guys?
We expected more from you.
Go Zvezda! Go!
All right...
Mum, everything's fine.
- What?
- I said everything's fine.
- Why are you lying to me?
- Why do you think so?
- Something happened to you.
- No, it's all fine.
- Why don't you play?
- Why? I do play. I score...
Who do you think knows you better?
You? Or your mother?
- Everything's OK.
- Hello? I can come over.
- Mother? Mum!
- Hello?
- Mum, I don't hear you. I'll call you later.
- Valera?
And the training? Is it canceled?
- What?
- I asked if the training is canceled.
I don't know.
Well, actually nobody comes here
the day after the match.
- Been long?
- It's always been this way.
They are probably at the restaurant.
Valera! What's up, Valera!
Hey, fellas, Valera's here!
Valera, why did you bring
the stick? What's wrong with you?
Hey, why didn't you come
to the training session?
Which training?
Everybody's here.
Hi! Is that yours?
- Yeah.
- Ow, it's so big...
You know, when I was little
I could do the leg splits.
How did the chicks get here?
What do you want from me?
I'm blank myself.
Valera, where are you heading to?
Come on, Gus, move!
Please, stop. I can't do no more.
Follow me.
- Valera!
- Come on, Gus.
Wait, Valera!
Stay abreast!
- Valera!
- Go ahead, Gus!
Wow, how beautiful!
- So, do we go further?
- Yeah.
Hey, where are you going?
That way. To the other block.
How about some tightrope, huh?
Instead of the daily physicals?
Oh, fuck off!
Pooped out, huh? Figure skater...
Are you calling me a figure skater?
Hold tight.
What happened, Valera?
You know, I was just thinking...
am I a fool or what?
What am I doing here?
- Damn. I got scared.
- Gus, what are your plans?
Do you think about CSKA,
about the National Team?
Do you dream about plying against
the Canadians?
To see the world, to show what
you can?
Do you really want to talk about it
right now?
Here we've got no future.
We're just dregs.
We've been thrown into a
shit-can, do you understand that?
What the hell are you doing, Valera?
God damn it!
No training after the match.
- All the dreams are blown into pieces!
- We'll die here!
It's better to die, Gus,
than to shut out matches.
And to grovel before those assholes.
You wanna live? Do you wanna live?
- Yes!
- So move on, Gus.
Move, move! Come on!
They'll kill us.
Good boys!
Good boys.
Look what' he's doing.
Does he really mean it?
Valera! Well done!
To celebrate the victory...
that's my treat here.
- Got a parcel from home.
- Woo-hoo!
Yum, it's good! Delicious!
- Guys, fall to!
- Help yourself, go ahead.
- Mum, everything's just great.
- Really?
Yeah, I swear, it is all great.
And the town is great, really.
I score 7 goals per match.
We've joined the First League, will play
against CSKA at the Armed Forces Championship.
Great! I'll come over.
How's Japan, buddy?
All right, Chebarkul,
are we gonna trash Moscow?
Has he risen, that undersized?
Number 17?
Yeah. He's doing great.
34 goals during the season.
Oh yeah. I heard something.
Mikhailov, why are you here?
You are all open.
Kharlamov, what are thinking about?
Go there.
That's the game! Good!
These are my boys!
Everybody hear me?
Thank you for the match.
Well done, guys!
Ending up in a draw against CSKA
Moscow means more than any victory.
This is how we should play.
And yes.
Kharlamov is going back to Moscow.
Tarasov is taking him.
Now, everybody get some rest!
Well done.
Don't worry, Gus, I'll talk to Tarasov.
He is a great man.
Yeah... You talked to him already...
And what happened...
Look, Gus, he saw you playing.
Now he values me, so he won't say no.
Hey, finally you are on leave.
Just try your luck, who knows.
- Wow!
- Gus, get my bag as well.
Come on, Gus!
Hey, Vikulov, why the hell
are you lying there?
Move, move, semi-products!
Move! Stay tight!
Anatoli Vladimirovich,
it is not really right, you know.
As soon as someone from another
club shows his worth...
he's immediately taken to CSKA.
- Look, what you want from me?
- I personally do not want anything from you.
While the Hockey Federation is worried
about your strange approach to team building.
I am not going to discuss my approaches
with anyone at all.
You know what? Please do not distract me from the
training session with your talks about your chicken Federation.
- Excuse me? You said chicken Federation?
- Yes.
- You want me to report that?
- Yeah, please do.
OK. Good bye.
Anatoli Vladimirovich, good afternoon!
Oh, Chebarkul.
Anatoli Vladimirovich, I'm not alone.
I'm with Gus, I mean with Guskov.
We... we always play together.
He assists me, I score.
- Well, you saw everything yourself.
- What exactly?
- How he plays.
Well, maybe you can take him? Cos' you know
it will be strange me in CSKA, he's in Chebarkul.
You? In CSKA? Yeah...
That's indeed total nonsense.
Nonsense? Why?
Nothing is decided about you yet.
Come tomorrow, let's try to figure it out.
Wait, I came from Chebarkul,
you yourself called me up.
I left the team, you know.
Young man, if you left something
important there in Chebarkul...
you obviously should go back there.
At what time do the training sessions
start over there?
Well, at about 11 a.m.
Good. You can make it by a plane.
If you stay though, come tomorrow at 7 a.m.
- Need help, Dad?
- No, son, don't you worry.
So, my nephew now plays in the
Central Sports Club of the Army?
Yeah, Tarasov himself called him up.
Well, even with Tarasov...
they'll never win against Canada.
Valera? Why is your bag unpacked?
- Nothing is certain yet.
- Let me talk to your Tarasov.
No, Mum, no.
Once we will watch on this very TV set...
how Valera plays in the National team.
Right, son?
Hands up, put your hands up, assholes!
You should treat the stick
as if it's your girlfriend.
Move! Quicker!
Come on!
It is not hard!
Quicker! Quicker!
Anatoli Vladimirovich,
how about us?
You watch.
- We did already.
- Watch more.
People pay 3 rubles to see CSKA.
Well, at least he is not sending us
back to Chebarkul.
Ow, careful, don't kill your coach.
He's just putting us in the pillory.
We'll stay on the sidelines for good.
Well, he actually told me I am starting
to get trained with the team tomorrow.
Who said?
- When?
- Just a while ago.
Did he say anything about me?
No, nothing.
Look, Petrovich.
Young man, what are you doing there?
What did your coach tell you to do?
- To watch.
- So obey!
- Hello, Vladimir Pavlovich.
- Hello, Valera.
So, looks like we're together again.
Together, my foot...
I am just a regular viewer here.
You know, I am sitting here
and thinking: am I a fool or what?
I don't understand what he
wants from me.
I've been working with him
for almost 20 years now.
And still, I sometimes don't
understand what he wants.
But I'll tell what: he knows exactly
what he wants to achieve.
I don't know if I should
go back to Chebarkul.
I constantly watch your clashes with this
Zeus the Thunderer.
You are persistent. Good.
Looks like you can bite the bullet.
I am Eduard Balashov from the Central
Committee of the Communist Party.
Need a lift?
No, thank you, I'll walk.
Are you upset?
Take it easy.
Tarasov is not the only pebble
on the beach.
I'll try to help you out.
Thank you.
5-minutes rest.
So, OK, I dribble...
turn, move to the right...
- Kharlamov?
- Yes.
And get the bucket.
Would you collect the pucks, please.
Better than sitting on the bench, huh?
You do not really move much yourself,
as I can see.
- Wanna switch places?
- By the way. Great idea!
Slava, leave the cage.
Kharlamov, gimme the bucket.
Go to the cage.
Slava, give him the stick.
Get up!
Remember: every player has
to be able to defend his cage.
Whether you are a goaltender,
a defenseman...
or even a winger from
the honored Chebarkul!
Ragulin goes first, the others in turns.
- What was it, Alexandr Pavlovich?
- Anatoli Vladimirovich, we'll kill him...
Get started!
Sorry, buddy.
Why are you squirming, huh?
Defend the cage!
With all your body!
Defend it like you would
defend your children!
Like you would defend your
Alright, enough!
Excuse me, young man? Did I get you
right? You said enough?
No. It just slipped out..
You see, my dear friends.
We have almost lost this absolutely
outstanding hockey player Kharlamov.
But to our relief he's back with us...
...and we go on with the exercises.
It does not hurt, Kharlamov!
More joy, please!
Cheer up! It's hockey!
Everybody in turns into the cage!
What's wrong?
Look, I understand.
You gotta be patient.
You know, I think that Tarasov...
He's an asshole, your Tarasov!
I hate him!
He can't play himself anymore
so he enjoys jeering!
Anatoli Vladimirovich actually came...
to ask you, Kharlamov, to train
with the team tomorrow.
I do not care of what you think about
the training sessions.
I absolutely do not care...
of what you think about me.
- Right, Kharlamov?
- Yes, Sir.
But remember: you gotta be athletes!
Smirnov and Podberevsky came first.
Well done! As a reward they get
one more kilometer to go.
Same goes for the others. Go ahead!
I need you to become iron men.
Stronger than the Canadians.
Muscles of steel, nerves of steel,
mind of steel.
I don't need your talks, I need
your actions.
Any man always thinks that
he is less strong...
than he really is.
Do you hate Tarasov?
Students often hate their tutors.
And sometimes even betray them.
When will we finally hear that
Kharlamov scored a goal?
Be patient, Dad.
Why waiting? You should play!
And you're just watching.
It's different with the Canadians.
You know what, Uncle Piotr?
People pay 3 rubles to see CSKA.
Valera, son...
All right, dear listeners...
the match between the old rivals
CSKA and Spartak is nearly over.
It is really going to end in a draw?
So what you say, are we gonna give
a chance to the semi-product?
- Otherwise he goes off.
- Well, it's long overdue.
Kharlamov, get ready!
Firsov, Vikulov.
Prove yourself.
There is just one minute left.
It is all of 60 seconds.
A good puck can be sent to
Vladivostok in the meantime.
Line change!
What's your name, shorty?
Hey, it's not your position.
Go, sonny!
(Announcer) The puck is delivered by
Valeri Kharlamov, 17, CSKA.
My name is Kharlamov. Got it?
CSKA Moscow took the game 3:2.
- Valera?
- Yes.
- Come over.
Well. It was a brilliant goal.
And you carried the puck really well.
But you know... You saw yourself
what was happening on the field.
What's the matter? I scored.
Alright, you scored, so what?
The threesome thing doesn't work.
There's no team work, you understand?
So, basically, you can't play with
Vikulov and Firsov.
I'll make Polupanov play with them.
What do you think? Will he do?
I think so.
All right.
And you stay on the bench for now.
Anatoli Vladimirovich!
Carmen Orive Abad.
You can call me Begonia.
You know I am an ardent admirer
of ice hockey.
I saw one match recently and I was
impressed with one player of yours.
I think his name is Kharlamov.
I wanted to ask you:
why does he play so little?
It's a difficult question.
Everybody on the bus!
Wait. It is really wrong not to let
the boy play.
It is a crime against hockey
and it is a crime against his family.
The best player cannot
just remain on the sidelines.
I will think it over.
Please do. I knew you
would understand me.
Now I see that you are a great coach.
Take it. The best pie throughout Spain.
I am so glad that we've
agreed on everything.
Look, we weren't agreeing on
anything here.
Please take it. First, I did my best
cooking. And second, you gave me your word.
Wait! Why are you going away?
How much longer does the boy
have to suffer?
Everybody's playing while the best
player is always on the bench.
How many of them do you have
on the ice?
5? 6? Make it 7!
What difference does it make?
I will never let him play after this!
Open the door!
During the last season he scored 36 times.
And his photo appeared in Sovetsky Sport!
Valera. Son.
Good bye!
Go and get your Spaniard back!
Valera! Valera!
You forgot your stick.
Valera! I am here for you.
What a fantastic goal you scored
with Firsov and Vikulov.
I now tell everybody:
this is the real forward!
Valera, what's the matter?
Why doesn't he let you play again?
You are an outstanding player.
You know, you have to change the team.
Any coach will seize you eagerly.
Like, Bobrov from Spartak Moscow.
I'll talk to him.
How's that possible at all that
you are not given a chance to play?
You know, we gotta drop by
the Sport Committee.
And tell them what's going on.
You know, people sap health, lose
self-confidence 'cos if this whip cracker.
And he doesn't give a hoot.
He'll get some new player,
and you will stay on the bench.
And what can a player do?
Become a taxi driver?
No, the days of all those Stalinists are gone.
Long gone.
Don't say anything about Stalin
in the Committee...
But at the bottom I am right, huh?
And think about Spartak or Dynamo.
- Is it vacant here?
- It is vacant everywhere.
Alright. Have a sit.
I remember you.
At the airport.
You were flying to Japan.
Are you going somewhere again?
Looks like that, yes.
- Where?
- No idea.
Maybe back to Japan.
- You look upset.
- Why do you think so?
I don't know. Looks like
you need to be rescued.
Or better dried up well.
We're closing in 15 minutes.
I failed an exam.
I don't wanna go home...
- And what do you do?
- Me?
I am a taxi driver.
- Taxi driver?
- Yep.
- Good profession.
- Well, yeah.
But I don't wanna be just a taxi driver.
- I wanna be the best taxi driver in the world.
- In the world?
So what's stopping you?
You know, the boss... of the taxi
company... he doesn't let me speed up.
I got an offer from another taxi company.
Should I just send everything to hell
and take the offer?
- And what's next?
- What?
I am about your exam. Oh, sorry.
I'll retake it. I am persistent.
I got a C but I wanted an A.
It was only later that I got to know
that all the others have flunked.
Everything's relative, you know?
Maybe you already are the best in
the world. You just do not know it, yet.
No, I am not the best in the world.
It is as clear as a daylight.
So you've got everything
before you.
The main thing is to play fair.
Don't bootleg vodka at work.
And learn to be happy.
It's not that simple.
- I can't do that.
- You can or you can't... it is only you to decide.
- Alright! CSKA ready?
- Yes, Sir.
Let's have a seat.
Channel One keeps a running
from the Moscow Ice Sport Palace.
Get ready: Mikhailov, Petrov, Kharlamov.
Valera. Go.
Hey, wake up! Go!
And there they come
the three new CSKA forwards.
The choice of Anatoli Tarasov
is rather odd.
Left camera you're on air.
Everybody get ready!
Camera 3, give me a closeup of that 17.
(Announcer) Oh, sorry, Kharlamov.
Too bad! No luck so far for
the young player under 17.
But wait...
Camera 3, get 17 and keep him in view.
What a nice collaboration with the experienced
Mikhailov and Petrov.
What a perfect combination!
An excellent assist!
Look at that: how well
the three understand each other!
CSKA is attacking. G-o-a-l!
Goal! Goal!
It's been long that we do not see
such a teamwork.
Milhailov, Petrov, Kharlamov
the young trainees of Tarasov.
(Announcer) The puck was delivered
by Valeri Kharlamov, 17.
Look what your son is doing!
What do I care?
I couldn't care less!
Moscow, Ice Sport Palace.
The trainee of the famous Anatoli Tarasov...
Valeri Kharlamov scores once again.
The goal secures a victory to CSKA.
On the attacking end there are
the Great Three Mikhailov, Petrov, Kharlamov.
Let's see what dribbling
technique is going to choose Kharlamov.
He always thinks out of the box.
And here is the result of the wonderful
performance of our dear players:
CSKA Moscow is the new
Champion of the USSR!
The heroes are receiving their
well-deserved awards.
It is a pity that the so called
Canadian professionals...
do not play at the World Championship.
The best ice hockey players.
All Soviet hockey fans would
love to see their National Team...
who are the multiple world champions,
playing against NHL.
It would be the most thrilling match
in ice hockey history.
Valeri Kharlamov, this excellent winger,
is now deservedly part of the National Team.
And straight away he's named the best
forward of the World Championship.
How can you do that to your mother?
Why on Earth I should apologize?
It's her fault, not mine.
- Valera, you know she's too proud to apologize.
- Me too.
- Need a lift?
- No.
Woo-hoo! Wow!
To your new home!
Come on!
Valera, meet Uncle Giraffe.
We became friends when I was
an 8th-grader.
Looks like he doesn't like me.
And what did you expect from him?
He is a fan of Canada.
- Like all the giraffes.
- Ah, OK.
Mister Kharlamov,
may I take a picture with you?
Look! Kharlamov!
Could you please sign it for me?
And for me!
And for me, please.
Could you sign please?
You could also be on that team.
Janusz Petericki, NHL, Canada.
Valeri Kharlamov.
Can I talk to you? It will only be a minute.
NHL, Canada?
- Please follow me.
- You speak Russian?
Believe it or not, but yes.
I am glad to meet you.
You are already a star.
It should be hard to be the ace of aces.
Although... it is not a great deal
to be the best in the USSR.
But anyway...
You shouldn't say so,
we are the world champions.
You only won the Championship
because our guys didn't participate.
You are a good player.
This is not a place for you.
They are just exploiting you.
And should should be playing
with the best ones.
Esposito, Orr, Hull.
Do you imagine how much
you would make playing in NHL?
How about that?
I have always wanted to play
against Canada.
To kick your asses.
Good joke.
But you know, you have no chances
against Canada.
It is not proven yet. Our team
is respected all over the world.
Let me reveal you a secret.
Nobody respects you.
They are afraid of you, that's it.
- They do respect us.
- They're afraid of you.
- Hell with the politics!
- You speak a good Russian for a Canadian.
- I am from Poland.
- Oh, so you are Polish.
I am a Canadian. Of Polish descent.
Good evening!
I must excuse myself, Mr. Petericki.
I am late.
But I got some good news. The meeting
in the Sport Committee is arranged for tomorrow.
And now the dinner is waiting
for us in the parlor.
- Good evening, Eduard Mikhailovich.
- Hello, Valera.
I see you have already found
common grounds with our guest, huh?
- Will you join us?
- No, thank you.
- I am pleased to get to know you.
- So am I.
And think about my offer.
What have you chosen?
You know, I like better the place
where we first met.
I really hope that we succeed at everything.
We'll call it Super Series.
NHL stars against the Soviet world champions.
And this is a Russian hockey souvenir for you.
This is our famous team.
- Thank you.
- Good bye.
Well, well, well. It was all so quiet,
and here it is...
- Exactly.
- If we agree we'll disgrace ourselves.
It is NHL.
I created a National Team that can stand
against anybody.
Please be reasonable,
comrade Tarasov.
This National mainly consists
of your favorite CSKA players.
By the way, comrade Tarasov.
Why do you call up players
from the other clubs so seldom?
Like the ones from Spartak
for instance?
You know, it's the favorite team
of Brezhnev.
And the coach is excellent.
- Vsevolod Mikhailovich Bobrov.
- Yes, he is a good coach.
And you only promulgate
voluntarism and willfulness in CSKA.
Comrade Balashov, that's a bit
too thick.
Do you know that Soviet hockey
players are already being recruited to NHL?
Under your very nose.
Can you be specific about the names please?
I just want to say that there is
harsh emotional environment.
Young players complain that
they exhaust health.
Lose their self-confidence.
- Can you prove it?
- Sure, I can.
- Please present the evidence then.
- Of course. I will.
Please do not overreact.
Comrade Balashov, please present
us a report. We'll investigate.
- Am I right?
- And provide us with a copy, also.
Absolutely. So, OK, let us strengthen
the National with players from other clubs.
And win against Canada.
And yes... should we lose
- everybody gets punished.
And you in the first place.
Did you call for me?
So, Yakushev is from Spartak, OK.
Kharlamov? I heard you were awarded
with the Honored Master of Sports?
Boris, look.
Political Bureau of the Central
Committee of the Communist Party...
recommended to award Valeri Kharlamov
the Honored Master of Sports.
What's going on?
I have never been to the Political Bureau.
I do not know anyone there.
These are no jokes, Kharlamov.
This is for real.
I swear, Anatoli Vladimirovich.
Boris, look at him.
Got a new flat, got a new car.
Now he got the Honored Master
of Sports. At such a young age.
What's there left to be heading to?
Nothing left.
If not directly to the Chairmen
of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet.
- Anatoli Vladimirovich!
- Valera!
I would give all that to you
myself. But later.
You see, he doesn't understand a thing.
Who is a friend and who is an enemy.
Who one can talk to,
and who's better to avoid.
What are you trying to get?
Do you want to be banned
and delisted from the National Team?
Or you want the entire team
not to go to Canada at all?
Do you understand that it's a dream
for me? That's my lifelong dream.
Are we really going to Canada?
The Honored Master of Sport...
Valeri Borisovich Kharlamov...
get the fuck off.
Can you imagine?
The whole country has been
dreaming of this match for many years.
And what is your dream?
The match.
Of course! Us playing against
the Canadian professionals...
- And besides the Canadians?
- And who's there left?
The Swedes?
How about building a house,
planting a tree, raising a child?
Well, also that.
After the match.
Oh, don't tell me you believe in love...
and such things.
- And that you want me to tell you about my feelings...
- Yeah.
- Recite poetry for you?
- That would be nice.
- Climb up to your balcony with a bunch of flowers?
- Yes.
Well... you know, it's not for me.
You know, I think you are to get
rescued again.
You know, sometimes I think that the only
thing I care about in life is hockey.
- Come here.
- Wait.
I dream about it every night.
Where are you going? Ira?
This player is nicknamed
the Canadian Torpedo.
This one is a real killer. I am warning you
they both play very aggressively.
Hello, Ira? Oh, I am sorry,
may I talk to Ira?
Oh, OK. Thank you. Bye.
Pay special attention to this one.
He's completely wild.
His favorite gimmick is to violently
check players over the boards.
- As a result:
- Looks like we are in deep shit...
...the opponent is demoralized...
and there follows an attack!
Sank your teeth in it
if you can't hold it!
Look what he's doing!
He eluded four players!
That's bad. There will be five
of the Canadians.
You have to read their mind.
You have to know what they are going to do
before they actually understand it themselves.
And now your mind is clearly
set on other things!
Hello, Ira? Hello? Ira?
Ira! You know, I was just thinking:
am I a fool or what?
I am calling you all the time and you..
Maybe I've done something wrong?
No, everything's fine.
I got problems at the university.
You know, everything just happened
at the same time... Canada... you...
Look, I...
I have one hour between the trainings.
How about a walk?
Valera, I will be very busy
just exactly during that hour.
- How about tomorrow?
- Even worse. I have an exam.
This a fight. No comments.
Just be ready, guys.
- Valera?
- Hello.
Look, there is a wreck coming.
What wreck?
You remember you were telling me
how he didn't let you play...
I mean Tarasov.
You have to report it. It is urgent.
- No, why?
- You should.
We have to address the issue
before it's too late.
Or... are you afraid?
No, I am not afraid.
But everything's already settled.
It's all settled for you.
And how about the others?
The ones who lost their health, got fired.
To whom he ruined their lives.
You can't be that selfish.
OK, so, please do that.
Write about everything.
It's very important.
Hello, comrades!
Have a sit.
All right...
The Sport Committee has decided
to appoint...
Eduard Mikhailovich Balashov...
to the position of a case manager
for the Super Series.
With the full powers and authority.
The upcoming Olympics in Sapporo will be
a serious test before the Series.
So, consider the Super Series
already started...
Sapporo, Japan, 1972. The Olympic Games.
Valera, I cannot believe we're in Japan.
Yeah, the main thing now is not
to get back to Chebarkul afterward.
Don't fret, CSKA.
We'll do the Swedes in a tick.
They got used to that.
What started as 3:0 for the USSR...
...ended up in a tie.
Who is to blame? We are to blame.
Hey Dynamo!
It's all your fault!
You scattered around the rink
not leaving anybody at the cage.
You, Spartak, it's you to blame!
Stop that! That's not appropriate!
Stop yelling! Shut you up!
Hey Spartak, did you score
at least one goal tonight?
Everybody to the rink!
Anatoli Vladimirovich, Mikhailov
got a dislocated shoulder.
So locate it back where it belongs!
To the ice!
It was an interesting game.
Everybody relaxed a bit,
took it easy.
So now it is the perfect time
to have a little training.
Counterclockwise round me! Go!
Faster! Faster!
Narrow the circle!
Now, those who play for CSKA...
Get up, get up, move on.
Go, go!
Closer to each other!
Spartak after CSKA, CSKA after Dynamo.
And now, Dynamo freeze!
Get up, get up!
Denis, why did you stop?
Are you what, from Dynamo?
Spartak, freeze!
Get up, get up, move!
Anatoli Vladimirovich, what is going on?
Anatoli Vladimirovich, please...
Anatoli Vladimirovich!
Krylya, freeze!
Stop pillorying the team right away!
Faster, faster!
What on Earth are you doing?
They got relaxed! They think that
the Swedes are not important!
Comrade Tarasov!
Krylya, freeze!
Spartak, freeze!
- CSKA...
- Do not stop!
- I said...
- Do not stop!
Kharlamov, over here!
What do you mean
do not stop?
Because we are not SCKA now.
- Who are you then?
- We are the National Team.
The National Team of the Soviet Union.
The session is over.
And now the leading news of the day:
The Soviet Ice Hockey National won the Olympic gold in Sapporo.
The gold medals are given to our players.
Moscow. 1972.
Valera, Tarasov is looking for you.
There's something wrong with him.
Look, what relationship do you
have with that...
What's his name?
- Well, he...
- He is always grouchy...
Always complains about you...
Says to Kulagin that you are not
doing something...
...that you were asked to do...
Do what he wants
if it will make him happier.
And then just...
...hide you head for a while.
Yet we have to play this stupid match.
Who was that smart to come up
with this brilliant idea at all?
We need to get ready to play
against Canada...
...not against Spartak.
And how the poor Spartak is going
to play, I wonder?
I took all their best players
to the National.
Eh, Valera...
What are you waiting here for?
You can go.
Brezhnev is coming to the match.
Good afternoon.
By the way, where is the report?
Ow. I never remember to bring it up.
Oh yeah? It's not funny.
Everybody's asking me
when I finally have it. So when?
- Well... tomorrow.
- Alright. Let's go.
The cigarettes are on the table.
The matches as well...
Anna Sergeevna!
- h, Valera!
- Good afternoon, Eduard Mikhailovich.
- Hello!
- This, by the way, is a great player.
- Have you ever met?
- No, we haven't.
- My pleasure, I am Valeri.
- Sergei.
Anna Sergeevna, I left a ticket for Irina.
Did she come to pick it up?
- No.
- It's for you then.
Thank you. Is it true that you are
going to Canada?
- Yes.
- Good luck.
Valera, where's the report?
Have you written it?
Valera, I have always been
on your side.
The car, the flat... You think it was
Tarasov to help you here?
- nd you?
- Eduard Mikhailovich, you got me wrong.
I am not going to write anything.
No, it's you... got me wrong.
Your coach is a psycho.
His rough training approaches...
jeopardize the image of the Soviet sport .
He thinks that hockey in the USSR
is just him and his players. Wrong.
The Soviet hockey is a system that works
and will work in the future.
With him or without him.
If you advocate the autocratic
ambitions of your coach...
you should not belong to the elite
of the Soviet sport.
And who does belong there? You do?
Well, at least not the players...
who have talks with NHL.
Alright then.
The report is not needed.
This is my phone number.
Tomorrow morning I am
waiting for a call from you.
It will not happen.
What I like about you, Valera,
is that you are self-confident.
Good boy!
The right one to share a foxhole with.
Good luck with the match.
Good afternoon!
What did he want from you?
He's dispensing autographs...
Let's have a sit?
Guys, you are the National,
you are playing against Spartak.
I don't know the purpose of this match
and who produced this clever idea...
But every person seeing the game
has to come to a total understanding...
of why it is you to fly to Canada,
not somebody else.
(Announcer) We are pleased to have here the
General Secretary of the Central Committee...
of the Communist Party
Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev.
It is a friendly match.
That's why we are looking forward
to this exhibition game...
between the National and Spartak Moscow.
Is he blind? They hooked Guskov.
(Announcer) We can see from the record that
there was an illegal hooking toward Guskov.
Something weird is going on.
The National gets a penalty
for the delay of the game.
- What a gaff!
- Line change!
The National plays shorthanded.
The Golden Three of Tarasov
are attacking.
An assist to Kharlamov... Goal!
It is 1:0 for the National of the Soviet Union.
The goal is disallowed...
because of the off-side position.
I do not understand anything at all.
He did not cross the the blue line.
Something really strange is happening here.
Everybody saw that it was a goal but
the referee says there was a whistle.
And that the puck was delivered
only after the whistle.
- Why is the goal disallowed?
- Off-side position.
Sergei, what the fuck are you doing?
Anatoli Vladimirovich, please!
Things happen.
What is that supposed to mean?
Things happen?
You think one can treat the National
Team that way?
Please, Anatoli Vladimirovich, calm down!
Sometimes it is good even for
the National to lose against Spartak.
It's not going to happen.
Anatoli Vladimirovich, you must admit
this game is not important to the National.
Every game is important.
The National! Off the ice!
What a slapstick!
- Anatoli Borisovich!
- You want to servile to your boss?
Do you want to bring down
the National Team?
You take too many liberties here!
Immediately get the team back to the ice!
The National stays here unless
you are changing the referees.
Do you understand that there is...
Leonid Brezhnev present?
Does he want us to change the hockey
rules for him or what?
Alright. Listen to me.
Everybody back to the ice!
Everybody stay here!
One has to respect hockey.
You can tell it to Brezhnev.
Got the wind up? Huh?
What kind of a coach are you now?
I believed in you! And you!
I believed in you! Poltroons!
I see you like hockey. Go sleep
it off and then think it all over!
Asshole! Shithead!
What a bastard! Shit!
- One more.
- And a bilateral...
- A splintered right ankle fracture.
- Just tell me: will I ever play again?
Excuse me, I do not understand...
what game are you talking about?
Don't men really can find any
real things to do?
Will I play?
Let us hope, Valeri Borisovich...
...that you will walk.
Slava! You are chatting again!
Go and get yourself busy!
- How is he?
- Good.
Can you hear me?
- Hello, dear patients!
- What is it?
Wow! Did everybody see that?
Careful! Is he in the ward?
Yes, he is. What's this scrap metal?
- Don't worry, doctor.
- Who gave the order?
What you think, you can set
the rules here, huh?
- It's Mikhailov!
- A dreamboat!
So we say: will you make it
for Kharlamov?
As soon as they heard it they said...
For Kharlamov we'll make the
best machine possible.
Valera, with this thing you
can exercise everything.
- Really cool!
- The guys were saying hi to you.
And what about Brezhnev? Were there
any consequences?
No. No, nothing.
Valera, what links you to that...
guy from the Committee?
- Balashov?
- Screw him.
He's a creep!
Tarasov axed his son from the team,
so he is still angry.
You remember that story
about Desyatkin?
That gymnast that had a crash
with a motor boat?
Valera, he was all into pieces, really.
So they sent him abroad.
In Switzerland.
He came back totally healed.
Still performs.
No, Kostya, it's not for me...
Valera, I understand.
But Balashov can help.
He can get you back to
the National Team.
Call him. Make apologies.
Ask for help.
If you want I can call myself.
Hello, Valera!
Your Excellency?
To what do I owe the honor?
- I just...
- What?
...decided that you need to be
rescued again.
So the only thing you can do
is rescue, right?
So you are like a nurse.
You only come when the help is needed.
And how about all the other days?
- I am sorry...
- What?
It's the way I am, I just...
...I don't like being with you for just
30 minutes between your training sessions.
And now there are no sessions, right?
And there is the green light for Irina!
- Valera, I won't stay for long...
- Go away now! Go to hell!
I don't want anyone to rescue me!
I don't want anyone to feel sorry!
Go to hell, all of you!
Do you know that I am married with 3 kids?
And their father is a champion!
What the heck are you looking at?
Oh. I got so tired today.
Maybe it's because of the weather.
Anatoli Vladimirovich! Hello.
Did the girl give this to you, huh?
She's a nice girl, I saw her.
But take your time, Valera.
- Think twice.
- It's so hard, Anatoli Vladimirovich...
...to choose the right thing.
You know I was just sitting here
and thinking: am I a fool or what?
Valera, hey, stop it.
Pass me the booze please.
I wanted it so much...
I dreamed about playing against
And if it all happened this way,
I don't need anything anymore.
And the vodka is over.
Let's go then. I know a place near here.
I need peace, Anatoli Vladimirovich.
Not a problem, Valera.
You have already done more
than all the others. Now you can rest.
Anatoli Vladimirovich, where are we?
- I'm freezing.
- No wonder. It's a morgue.
Why... morgue?
Isn't it what you wanted?
Rest and peace?
Get used to it, Kharlamov!
I can't play the way I did.
Who told you that?
You can or you can't
it is only you to decide.
You! And no one else!
- You have to play!
- But I'm not going to Canada.
What's that got to do with Canada?
What do you play for?
For the fame and the awards?
You have to live, do you understand me?
Not because of Canada.
Just live! And play!
And make a choice. Every day.
Your number is 17.
It's known all over the world.
Now you know what, stay here
and think it over for a while.
Take advice from the guys.
You can't do anything without me, huh?
I almost fell asleep...
There's this awful clanging noise.
Everybody go to bed!
It's not our fault, you know.
- Valeri Borisovich!
- Patient Kharlamov!
- Valeri Borisovich, open the door!
- Open the door!
- Please, open the door!
- Open the door!
Open the door!
So, Valera. Let's start from scratch?
You see, I got some new trainees.
I will train you with them.
Do the helicopters!
What are waiting for?
For a special invitation?
I said helicopters, Valera!
Move, move, don't get shy!
This is your team now!
And here and now there is
your most important game.
Cheer up, guys! It's hockey!
Valera, where is your Mummy?
Is she not a fan of yours any longer?
Mother, forgive the world champion!
Oh, my dear Spaniards!
Go, go, Valera!
Call everything to mind, don't be lazy!
And you? Are you afraid of him or what?
Ram against him in three! In four! In five!
He's back in form.
Valera! Valera!
You have your mind set on something else.
Go and solve all the problems of yours
and then get back to the ice, OK?
Dedicated to the most beautiful girl in the world.
The star, the lonely star is shining above.
I got my eyes fixed on it all the time.
- What's the matter?
- Ops, I'm sorry.
- Where do you think you are climbing, huh?
- Sorry, madam!
First the most beautiful girl,
and now madam.
- What a wag!
- What happened?
- What are you doing here?
- Reciting poetry.
- What?
- Just wanted to recite some poetry for you.
- And are you good at it?
- No.
Why then?
I want you to marry me.
- But you are already married with 3 kids.
- That was a lie.
- And what effect is it going to have on your trainings?
- Well...
- Say yes.
- Only if he learns the poem by heart.
- Kharlamov!
- Oh, Valera.
Guys, Kulagin wanted to see me, you saw him?
You can't imagine how hard it was
to get you back to the National.
It's Tarasov to thank. He even made
Bobrov go to the Political Bureau.
- What does Bobrov have to do with it?
- What do you mean?
- By the way, where is he?
- Bobrov?
- Tarasov.
You don't know anything, right?
Tarasov got dismissed the next day
after that match against Spartak.
Why didn't you tell me?
- Why the hell didn't you tell me?
- Tarasov asked no to tell you anything.
Now Bobrov is the head coach of the
National. He's going to Canada with us.
- Morning, Vsevolod Mikhailovich!
- Morning, Valera!
- You ready?
- For what, Vsevolod Mikhailovich?
The National Team needs you.
But I was excluded. Because of the injury.
Boris Pavlovich says you are in form.
I can see that myself.
Do you want to go to Canada?
I delisted Ignatov to take you in.
It's a one-time offer.
Right. A good hockey player should see
his team, the rivals and the blond in the third row.
Valera? Hollywood, huh?
Oh! Hockey players! Go, go!
Alright, guys, they are about
to close the check-in desks.
Right, let's go.
Valera! Let's go!
- Shall we?
- OK, guys, shall we?
Let's go.
Guys! Tarasov!
- Good morning, Anatoli Vladimirovich!
- Hello!
- Hello, Anatoli Vladimirovich!
- So, assholes.
Did you really think I won't come?
Shame on you!
You never understood that
you guys are all my life.
All right, let's go.
Anatoli Vladimirovich,
look, I finally got the tooth.
Of gold!
You know, Zimin is getting married.
To the goalie of the National
Women's Team.
No, seriously.
She misses less that Tretiak.
- And she also looks better than he.
- Her name is Nastia.
Good luck.
Ok. Go.
And come back with the victory.
Vsevolod, get your blockheads.
Yes. Alright. Let's go.
We'll try, Anatoli Vladimirovich.
Come to my wedding. After Canada.
Guys, quick.
Anatoli Vladimirovich!
I am so sorry.
I should have told you long time ago.
They were digging up on you.
But I never betrayed you.
I know, Valera. Of course you didn't!
I knew that from the very beginning.
Maybe it's because of you that I
didn't lose the faith in humanity.
OK, go.
Go. And remember:
The entire country will look at you.
As if on Gagarin!
Go, Chebarkul! Cheer up!
It's hockey!
- Gus!
- Yes!
- Mind the teeth.
- Yes, Sir!
- Candies, please!
- No, thank you.
Miss, could you tell me what
the weather is like in Montreal?
We will have this information
one hour before the arrival.
Candies, please.
- Candies?
- Yes, thank you.
- You're welcome.
Why are glaring like a tiger?
I am glad that you made it
to the National.
Everybody is proud of you.
We all gotta stand together now.
After the episode with Tarasov.
What an absurd situation, really.
Who could have thought that he would
act this way in the presence of Brezhnev?
The National Team got beheaded.
Bobrov is a good coach...
But he is really far from Tarasov.
What's wrong?
You know, I am now looking at you,
Eduard Mikhailovich, and thinking:
You are such a tireless person!
I envy you.
Take me for a model.
Follow suit.
The Russians have arrived.
And we appreciate their courage.
Everyone here knows how the game is gonna end.
Can you tell us if it's true...
that in case of defeat all the players
are going to be sent to Siberia?
Why speak about defeat?
Our players are in a really good form.
Even Valeri Kharlamov...
has fully recovered after a major injury...
and made it back to the National.
The Soviet National is here to win.
If you win I'll eat my own newspaper!
The only thing the Russians need...
is the return tickets.
Sounds great.
Tell me, do you have something special for them?
This is what we got for the Russians.
(Writes on the stick) Ira.
(Writes on the stick) Dad.
- My Dad is ill, I promised him to score.
(Writes on the stick) Katia.
(Writes on the stick) Mother.
(Writes on the stick) Nastia.
Look, this is the morning paper.
Somebody slipped it under
my hotel room door.
This is us, the Soviet National Team,
portrayed as a shirttail student.
And this is a Canadian teacher
teaching us how to play hockey.
I am asking you:
are you really students?
You, who easily defeat the best
national teams of the world?
I know that you can defeat anybody.
So go to the rink.
And prove it.
So, guys, let's have a sit?
I don't see anything!
OK, now!
What's the matter? Go back to your
wards, everybody! Bed time!
Hey, fellows, please move
a little bit, we don't see anything.
Sit down, mother, sit!
No, I am not going to watch,
I'm all nerves.
And there's stuff to iron.
(Announcer) ...This is a feeling that only
pioneers can understand.
(Announcer) We all feel that we are
pioneer explorers now...
(Announcer) getting to the ice
to cross swords with a tough opponent.
(Announcer) We hope that Soviet hockey fans
are not going to be frustrated.
( Announcer) This is a live broadcast from Montreal.
(Announcer) The official opening
of the Super Series is starting.
(Announcer) USSR vs. Canada.
(Announcer) One can feel the special
atmosphere of this match.
(Announcer) For the first time in history the Soviet
National plays against the best NHL players.
(Announcer) Look how different
the approaches of the two teams are.
(Announcer) The style of our rivals is...
We play against Canada.
Kharlamov is playing.
- Who, patient Kharlamov?
- Yes.
(Announcer) The Canadian professionals
intentionally play without helmets.
- Who's that?
- Milhailov!
(Announcer) The Canadian captain
wins the option.
(Announcer) He has taken this
symbolical moment rather furiously.
(Announcer) In Canada ice hockey
is more than just a sport.
(Announcer) It is a show.
Can you see now?
Juanita! Come to see our nephew!
Jose, don't start without me.
I'm coming.
Few seconds left before the start
of the first period.
- We scored?
- No, they did!
(Announcer) 30 seconds into the match...
(Announcer) and the Canadian captain
delivers the puck...
(Announcer) into the Soviet cage.
Where are you going? Ice skater...
(Announcer) After just 30 seconds
we are already losing.
(Announcer) But we must stay strong.
(Announcer) Stay strong no matter
what it takes.
(Announcer) It is 1:0 for Canada.
Mikhailov, Petrov, Kharlamov!
God damn it! It was so new!
What the fuck are you laughing at?
Oh shit! They scored again!
(Announcer) 6 minutes into the match.
What are you looking at?
15 days arrest, each!
(Announcer) Yes, these are the Canadians.
(Announcer) The audience is exulting.
(Announcer) What is here to add?
(Announcer) The Canadian professionals deserve it.
Good luck, guys. We've got nothing to lose now.
The main thing is to keep or dignity.
If we are to lose, we are losing with dignity.
How did you say?
It wasn't me, it was an order from Moscow.
Whose side are you on? You got rid
of Tarasov, now you want to get rid of us?
What are these insults?
Please, keep calm!
There's no morale in this team...
Do you have cigarettes?
Please go and have a smoke.
I do not smoke!
- We scored?
- Yes! Zimin.
Who scored?
At least it won't be a loss
without scoring a goal!
Mikhailov, Petrov, Kharlamov!
Cheer up! It's hockey!
Hold on, hold on!
Yeah! Goal!
Guys, they're just like everybody else.
We can beat them.
There is a new order from Moscow.
They want a draw!
- Valera, Valera, don't!
- That's OK, I just need some water.
Ok, guys!
Please sit down!
(Announcer) Kharlamov crosses
the red line, goes forward...
(Announcer) enters the zone,
the Canadian player follows him...
The speed is insane!
Kharlamov! Well done!
It's not for nothing
that he's got this surname!
You see, brother, what a
nephew you got? You should be proud!
It's my nephew! It's my nephew!
(Announcer) The teams took
the face-off positions.
This is crazy!
What the fuck is going on!
And that goddamn 17
does whatever he wants!
You'd better wake up, guys!
You are not playing hockey anymore,
this is war!
It's our ice, it's our home!
This is Canada.
Do something about that 17.
You understand me?
Now, let's get out there and do it!
Come on! Come on, guys!
Have a sit, Sasha, sit down!
- Come on, come on!
- To the room. No, don't make him sit.
Don't make him sit, follow me!
(Announcer) Just recently Valeri
Kharlamov recovered from a bad injury.
(Announcer) And what the Canadian
player now used...
(Announcer) cannot be even
called checking.
It is beyond all limits.
Was it for nothing that I stuck
your leg together piece by piece...
(Announcer) No, we do not like such hockey.
Stick it! It will hurt.
Bad bruise. No fracture.
But the knee can go to pieces
at any moment.
So do something about it.
Do you understand it can
be your last game?
So let it be the last one then.
And then I will just live.
I see.
(Announcer) The Canadian fans
are giving a hand...
to our courageous player.
- So what you say?
- I don't know for how long he is going to last.
It doesn't hurt, Kharlamov!
Defend the cage! With all your body!
Defend it like you would
defend your children!
Like you would defend your
Goal! Goal!
Well done!
Keep it up, guys!
Liosha, hold the antenna!
- Gus, you OK!
- I'm fine.
I almost lost yet one more tooth.
That's not the bench, bro. Get out of here.
Give him a stick! Now!
How much time we have left?
(Announcer) Again on the ice
there is the famous 17 -
Valeri Kharlamov.
(Announcer) He crashes against a rival.
(Announcer) the Canadian checks him...
but Kharlamov does the same.
(Announcer) How good he is at possessing!
((Announcer) The Canadian
cannot do anything about it...
even thought he's much stronger.
Go, Valera, go!
Come on, come on!
Come on!
We win! We win, Chebarkul!
Where's the key?
Hoorah! We win!
Go home, come on.
Go home!
My dear!
We got to celebrate this!
(Announcer) It is a great achievement
of our hockey.
(Announcer) 7:3! It is an epic win, comrades!
(Announcer) I see the surprised Canadian
(Announcer) Everybody tries
to understand if it is a miracle or magic.
(Announcer) It is not a miracle,
my friends.
(Announcer) It is an iron-strong
will to victory...
and a perfect grounding.
Victory! It's a victory!
We win!
We win! We win!
Guys, we did it!
We did it!
- Do you speak English?
- A little.
You know, I do not understand
how you do this.
These two goals...
They were awesome!
If I had your speed and talent...
An me your height and strength...
There any many more matches
ahead in the Super Series.
We'll even up.
- What did he tell you?
- He said we would never have won without Gus.
Hello? Anatoli Vladimirovich, we did it!
We won!
Better tell me where the hell the three
pucks delivered to our cage came from?
Guys... I am proud of you.
You are the best team in the world.
Dedicated to the outstanding hockey player
Valeri Kharlamov, to the greatest coach
Anatoli Tarasov and to the legendary
National Team of the USSR.