Legendary Amazons (2011) Movie Script

Go back home.
Go back home, brothers.
Today, we can light lanterns for them.
But who will light them for us tomorrow?
Let their souls protect the border forever!
Kill them!
Brothers! Charge!
I must break our promise
of living and dying together.
Take care of Wenguang!
Catch it.
Yes! Perfect shots!
Marshal, the pigeon is safe!
Come on.
Don't leave me!
please send Zongbao back safely.
Please bless Zongbao.
Bless Zongbao.
Your lock of hair will be with me
wherever I am.
Yang Zongbao!
How can you call yourself a hero
when you bring so many soldiers here?
The Liao intruders have set up
the Tianmen Formation,
resulting in a huge loss of Song soldiers.
Only your "Dragon-Taming Staff"
can break down the formation.
If you want the Dragon-Taming Staff,
you must defeat me first.
Ladies first.
Next time,
it won't be your hair that I chop off.
Where shall I strike you next time?
The outcome is clear.
Miss Mu,
I know you're not willing to rebel,
and I don't want to bring down
the mountain village.
If you surrender
and present the Dragon-Taming Staff,
I promise you that...
the Muke Village will be safe,
and the villagers will enjoy a peaceful life.
Nothing has been settled today.
We'll fight again tomorrow.
Uncle, do you really want to present
the Dragon-Taming Staff and surrender?
Your father proclaimed himself as king
due to compelling factors then.
I wanted to persuade you
to dismiss the brothers earlier
but I did not get the chance.
Since the Yang family troop has a strategy,
why don't we make one, too?
I don't want my brothers
to be robbers for their entire lives.
Can Yang Zongbao be trusted?
Judging from his behaviour today,
I believe he can be trusted.
Once we surrender,
our lives are in their hands.
What will we do if the court breaks its word
and doesn't let our brothers go?
Only when you're safe
will your brothers also be safe.
One night has passed,
what's your decision?
I've spent the entire night in contemplation,
and I have decided...
to capture you!
- General!
- General!
What shall we do?
Mu Guiying! You are incorrigible.
How can you call yourself a hero?
- Release me.
- I'm not a hero at all.
I'm a defeated general.
Do as you please.
Calm down. I won't kill you.
I want you to be my husband.
Be your husband?
Listen carefully. My siblings will be safe
only when I am safe.
Your siblings?
Zongbao, I've lost you.
I can't lose Wenguang as well.
Erniang, what are you writing?
I can't make out a single character.
This is called "Sealed Book". Got it?
Look at your face!
Sister, come over, take a look!
"The general's offspring inherits
the loyalty of three generations."
- It's your turn now.
- Sure!
Come on!
Grandmother, can this really fly?
You'll see for yourself soon.
OK, let's release them.
Let's make a bigger one next time,
so we can meet the goddess of the moon.
The goddess of the moon.
The big wind will blow you away
to meet Zongbao at the border.
Come on.
Sample my magic.
Want to know what I've invented?
Catch me and I will tell you.
Tell me.
It will be useful for my father in dealing
with the Western Xia troops.
Our grandson is 18 years old today.
Though I gave him the name Wenguang
in the hope that he
would become an academic,
I have not forgotten your wish.
While teaching him literature,
I have also passed down
your 84 spear forms to him.
This is Mu Guiying.
Dear ancestors,
today is Zongbao's birthday.
It is also Wenguang's
rite of passage ceremony.
I hope that you can bless
and protect Zongbao.
Let him return triumphantly
as soon as possible.
Bless Wenguang with success
in the government examinations.
Let him have a bright future as an official,
while achieving glory for the family.
Yes, the court cares more about politics
than military achievements.
It is suitable for Wenguang
to follow an official's path,
helping the emperor to eradicate evil
and enrich our country.
Liuniang, you are wrong.
- Good morning, Taijun!
- Good morning, Taijun!
It's true that the court prefers
political actions over military merits
but the official circle
is just like the battlefield.
All the parties play tricks on each other.
It is no safer than the battlefield.
As the saying goes, to serve
the emperor is like living with a tiger.
The danger is no less
than that of a battlefield.
Nowadays, the border is in danger.
As citizens of Song,
the Yang family's men
should fight on the battlefield.
If Wenguang simply abandons
a military path and chooses politics,
the Yang ancestors will not be pleased!
Wow, what a big hole!
What on earth is the matter?
Madam. It's Master Wenguang.
He blew up the wall
and ran out without permission!
Amitabha, please protect Wenguang.
He usually sneaks out to play
by climbing over the wall.
What's the point of blowing it up?
My brother must have stolen
Grandmother's fireworks.
- What kind of fireworks?
- How can they be so powerful?
These fireworks can light up half the sky.
Of course they are very powerful!
Ah, wonderful! Zongbao can use them
to deal with the Western Xia.
These fireworks are not used to kill people,
they'll be activated by my water timer to
signify the start of today's birthday banquet.
Here comes Taijun.
Morning, Taijun.
Taijun, Wenguang ran away
through this hole.
Were people sent to look for him?
I'll go and find him.
No, sister, you always overindulge him.
Let me go instead!
Taijun, don't worry.
Though Wenguang is naughty,
he is reasonable.
He'll come back himself
before tonight's birthday banquet.
How can you be so certain?
Qiniang, go and find him at once.
- Go at once!
- Yes!
Qiniang is back!
Taijun, we've searched
every corner of the city,
but found no trace of him!
Lord Fan is coming.
Welcome, Lord Fan.
Taijun, Yang ladies,
please don't be so courteous.
I've come due to an urgent matter.
Please pardon me.
Is it related to Zongbao?
An urgent report has come
from the border today.
Tianmenguan is lost.
Marshal Yang has...
- Has what?
- He has been killed.
Princess! Are you OK? Princess!
You said Father was a great fighter.
How could he be killed?
Grandmother, you're a vegetarian
and pray to Buddha every day.
Didn't you pray for my father?
Why didn't Buddha protect my father?
If we were to pray to Buddha...
and he were then
to satisfy all our demands...
that would be preferential treatment.
You chant the sutras day and night.
For what?
He's back!
Young master is back!
Taijun, Grandmother, Mother!
Take a look at my new horse!
What's wrong with you?
Father is dead!
Don't joke like that!
Is it true?
Didn't you say Father
was like the peerless god of war?
How could he be dead?
Didn't you say that Father was
a great fighter, that he would always win?
How could Father be dead? Taijun!
Wenguang, stop crying!
Stand up!
From now on,
you can only shed blood, not tears!
There are no weak and crying men
in the Yang family.
Read the couplets
written by your two grandmothers.
"The general's offspring inherits
the loyalty of three generations.
"He carries out the king's missions,
showing four generations of heroism."
ln deep sorrow for
this great man of influence.
In memory of
master yang zongbao
Grand Tutor Pan, Lord Wang,
and Assistant General Liu are coming!
Here is the imperial edict.
Yang Wenguang...
and She Saihua,
prepare to receive the edict!
"I'm surprised to hear of the loss
of the border cities and the troops.
"I hereby appoint Yang Wenguang
as Marshal,
"and She Saihua as Supervisor.
"You shall control 10,000 footmen
"along with 30 war horses
as the vanguard.
"You will use these troops
against the Western Xia."
This edict comes
directly from the emperor!
Only 10,000 troops against
100,000 enemy soldiers.
- This is no imperial edict; this is suicide!
- You want to disobey the edict?
So what if I do?
Princess Chai!
Though you have the imperial decree
of immunity from the law,
that only provides protection
for members of the royal family.
Yang Wenguang
is not entitled to this privilege.
Lord Wang!
This staff was given to me
by the former emperor.
It can strike both fatuous emperors
and treacherous officials!
Please calm down, Taijun!
It takes time to deploy soldiers.
In view of the urgent situation,
the 10,000 soldiers
are only the vanguard.
The main force will follow soon!
The Yang family always
puts national interests first.
Please accept the edict.
Wenguang, accept the edict.
Yes, Taijun!
Thank you for your great kindness,
Your Majesty!
Taijun, Yang ladies, farewell!
They are so malicious,
making Wenguang the marshal!
Don't worry Grandmother,
I will be victorious!
You're not alone.
I will go with you!
But family members are not allowed
to accompany the army!
We are going to join the army!
Yes! We shall join the army!
challenge your grandmothers to a duel!
If you defeat them,
you can go to the battlefield!
Challenge my grandmothers to a duel?
I don't want to hurt them.
- Let me duel with Paifeng instead.
- OK.
Whoever loses their weapon is eliminated!
I have to go and fight at the border.
Don't stop me!
Princess is watching us.
Let's put on a performance!
Got it!
I win!
Paifeng! How could you
let him beat you deliberately?
I wouldn't dare!
even though I'm not the best soldier,
I can still lead the troops.
What matters on the battlefield
is intelligence - not kung fu.
Wenguang is right.
With his intelligence,
coupled with our assistance,
we can surely defeat the enemy.
Over these past several decades
of the Song Dynasty
all we have seen are useless regulations
and skulduggery.
Loyal people have no way
to serve the country!
For generations, the Yang clan
have fought bravely on the battlefield,
but the end result is a cold picture
of lonely widows and helpless tears!
Liuniang, as you may already know,
even without an imperial edict,
the Yang family will still go into battle.
It is the duty of a warrior.
What's more, an imperial edict
supersedes everything
and the military has
no room for disobedience.
But, Wenguang is the last male
of the Yang clan!
Since he has no other choice,
please allow me to be his protector.
I'll spare no effort to protect
the last hope of the Yangs!
Please grant my wish!
Taijun! Me too!
Taijun, the same with us!
We'll go to battle together!
Thanks, Taijun!
Start cutting!
Miss Paifeng,
do you really want to cut it off?
I won't have time to tie my hair on
the battlefield. A bald head is convenient.
Yes, it's also ugly!
I'm not afraid of losing my head,
let alone shaving it.
Then I'll shave, too.
I'll also go to the battlefield
to kill those Western Xia intruders!
- Me, too!
- Me, too!
- Me, too!
- We'll shave as well!
I'm an honorary daughter of Taijun,
so it's my obligation
to shoulder the risks with the Yangs.
But you need not risk your lives.
Though I'm not a member of the Yang clan,
I'm a citizen of Song!
Right! We should also try
to protect our motherland!
- Right!
- All right!
Sisters, until we defeat the enemy,
we shall never grow long hair again!
Miss Paifeng!
- Have you filled the rod with iron sand yet?
- Yes.
Iron sand?
This iron rod is half filled with iron sand.
Though it's heavier than usual,
the weight will be focused at the top.
Therefore the resulting blows will be
much more powerful than before!
Lift your head and raise your eyebrows
Don't be a slave to fate
Who can confront the Yangs?
How powerful!
Cold moon smiling at frost and snow
Encouraging each other till dawn
Phoenix born in the flames
Fly high
Deep pit and high wall
The wind is heartbroken
The aroma of love cannot be retained
Women in armour
Their fragrance shakes the battlefield
Forget mortality
Endless love spurs me on
on the battlefield
A brave heart fears nothing!
Lift your head and raise your eyebrows
Don't be a slave to fate
Who can confront the Yangs?
How powerful!
I see an enemy!
Protect the marshal! Go! Go!
- Where did they go?
- Quickly!
I will kill all our enemies.
Please be at ease in heaven!
Chief Commander!
We've found the camp of the Song troops.
We can get there by midday tomorrow!
Here are my orders.
30,000 light cavalry
ride at the front with me.
The rest of the heavy armoured groups
keep going at the current speed.
We'll give the Yang family's troop
a big surprise after sunrise!
Yes Sir!
The enemy has arrived
sooner than we expected.
This not only places
a time restriction on us
but also keeps us far away
from the expected battlefield.
We will not be able to follow
the combat plan made by the emperor.
No problem! Deploy the Routing Enemy
Overlord Formation.
This will allow us to utilise
our infantry's strengths.
This formation is only for battles
on flat ground between equal parties.
I suggest we avoid the enemy's main force.
We should split our army into groups
and engage in guerrilla warfare.
I'll divide the troops into five divisions.
Wuniang, you will lead two divisions.
You are responsible for scouting.
Zou Erniang, lead 1 ,000 soldiers
to distract the enemy's left flank.
Geng Erniang, you will lead 1 ,000 soldiers
to distract the right flank.
Siniang, you lead 1 ,000 soldiers
to secretly attack their provisions in the rear.
you will lead 1 ,000 soldiers and launch
an ambush at the proper time.
I shall lead the remaining 6,000 soldiers
to meet the enemy head-on.
Our goal is to kill ten for every one we lose.
We must fight a quick battle!
No matter what happens,
we will meet at Huangtu Town!
- Here!
- Faster!
Miss Paifeng,
how many enemies can this bomb kill?
- Then what's it for?
- It can release smoke to cover our retreat.
Today we shall launch a decisive attack
against the Western Xia!
We have no choice but to win!
Yes, sir!
Faster! Faster!
The enemy is coming!
Yin Qi?
I heard that the Yang family
is full of widows.
How pitiful!
I'll do you a favour today.
If all the widows become my wives,
I shall spare you from death
and provide a happy life for you instead!
- Protect our marshal!
- Protect our marshal!
Bring out the prisoner!
- My father's helmet?
- Looks like it!
- Father?
- Zongbao's helmet?
- Guiying, what shall we do?
- Calm down!
Don't stop me!
I must rescue my father!
Come with me to rescue Commander Yang!
No, we cannot do that!
We cannot act recklessly
before the main force takes action!
How can I just watch
while my father is being killed?
That's not your father.
It's a trap!
- How can you be sure it's not my father?
- I'm sure!
Listen clearly, widows!
Yang Zongbao is in my hands!
I will roast him alive!
A roast lamb of the Song!
Set him alight!
Liuniang! Calm down!
Liuniang, don't mess things up!
Calm down!
Taijun, don't stop me!
Let me save Zongbao!
Go on! Roast him slowly! Take your time!
It's a trap! Don't fall for their trap!
Taijun, don't stop me!
I have to go and save Zongbao!
Don't be fooled by the enemy!
How can you bear to see Zongbao
burnt to death?
He is not Zongbao!
Do you really want to stop me?
Yes, I do!
I won't let you take this risk
and I won't let you put the entire army
in danger either.
Then don't blame me for what
I'm about to do. Assistant General Yang!
I order you to take down
Commander Mu at once!
You want to kill me?
Why don't you do it yourself!
You don't have the guts to do it?
Who said that?
Come on!
- Paifeng! Take Wenguang back to Taijun!
- Yes!
The situation is urgent! I'll take charge
of the marshal seal temporarily.
Switch the flag at once
and continue with the rest of the plan.
Marshal Yang is attacking
the enemy himself!
Wenguang, don't go!
Don't stop me! I'll rescue Father!
- Qiniang!
- Yes!
- Report to Taijun immediately!
- OK!
- Bowmen, light the arrows!
- Yes!
- That is not Zongbao!
- Look!
Wenguang is out of control.
Guiying has usurped the marshalship.
Wenguang has gone
to save Zongbao himself!
Taijun! What shall we do?
- Daniang!
- Yes!
Take half the soldiers to accompany
Qiniang and reinforce them right away!
Taijun! With only half our force left,
how can we defend against
Western Xia's cavalry?
Taijun, use the Empty City Trick!
- Father!
- I'm not your father!
Who are you?
This bitch has also come to die!
- Who are you?
- Wenguang!
Get on the horse!
Master, get on the horse!
Let's go!
Arrows are coming!
- Baixue!
- Wenguang, quickly! Move!
- Let's go!
- Yes!
Look out!
Protect the mistress!
Master, be careful!
Sorry, Mistress. We're late!
No! You're right on time!
Come, let's fight together!
- Another barrage is coming!
- Golden Roof Defence!
The Wolf-Fang Cavalry are coming again!
- Arhat Turns Over!
- Yes!
- Crescent Moon Formation!
- Yes!
- Attack!
- Attack!
Taijun has retreated!
She sent us to help you retreat!
- We're not fighting any more?
- More fighting? Get on your horse!
- Search!
- No one here!
- Burn it!
- Yes, sir!
Come on. Charge.
I knew you would protect Wenguang.
Miss Paifeng.
You demon!
Guiying, come with me right now.
I must take Wenguang with me.
Mistress, please get out of here!
More enemies are coming.
But Wenguang...
Entrust Wenguang to me. Please go.
Guiying! We can't do without a marshal.
Get on your horse!
- Wenguang!
- Master!
- Master.
- Master.
- Attack!
- Damn it! The enemy is coming! Go!
No, I must rescue Wenguang.
- We can't get down.
- How do we get down there?
- I must rescue Wenguang!
- I want to rescue Wenguang!
Please go!
- Wenguang!
- Attack!
Commander, the main Song force
played the Empty City Trick.
They've already disappeared
without a trace.
Song's marshal, Yang Wenguang,
has been killed.
Mu Guiying has escaped
with less than 3,000 soldiers.
We will surely win.
The main force played
the Empty City Trick and escaped.
Search for the ballistae
in the Song camp right now.
Yes Sir!
Why are there wars?
So many people died on both sides.
Why are there some female soldiers?
Brothers! Rest in peace!
Brothers! Rest in peace! Go home!
Sisters! Rest in peace! Go home!
Oh! A golden spear!
The armour looks very valuable.
- I want the helmet.
- Quick! Climb up and get him down!
Get up! Get up!
I'm too heavy!
Don't move!
Little Douzi, climb up!
What do you want?
I was trying to save you.
Little Douzi! Are you OK?
No problem.
Qiniang's death today was so terrible.
Daniang's death was such a great loss.
She killed so many enemies.
Do you think we failed this time?
We're the Yang clan's female soldiers!
Never say die until the last moment.
Right! Never say die.
Sister. Are you crying?
I failed to protect Master Wenguang.
How can I face Taijun,
Princess and Madam Guiying?
Are you thinking about Wenguang?
I think his character is like yours somehow.
When Yang Yanzhao couldn't beat
the Liao Kingdom's Tianmen Formation,
he sent Zongbao to borrow
the Dragon-Taming Staff from you.
However, you two got married
on the battlefield.
Spare him!
How come you're here?
For you, of course!
- I'll go and reason with your father.
- No.
It's my problem,
I can't bother you with it.
I have informed the marshal that, provided
you present the Dragon-Taming Staff,
your siblings will be safe.
What's wrong with you?
How can you protect my siblings
when you can't even protect yourself?
My word is my bond.
Fine! Since you kept your promise
and we're married,
I'll protect you
even if I have to lose my own life.
- Wait for me!
- But...
You said this marriage...
was just to protect your siblings.
Then, in exchange, I offer my life!
This is our treasure:
Dragon-Taming Staff.
Marshal Yang, I'm here to exchange
the Dragon-Taming Staff
for Yang Zongbao's head!
Miss Mu,
Yang Zongbao committed
three capital crimes.
I don't care!
The Dragon-Taming Staff more than
makes up for his crimes.
Release him at once!
Miss Mu's contribution
can only exempt him from
staying out all night.
He still missed two days' roll call.
What will you do?
I'll fight in his place to offset his crimes!
If you win, I'll exempt another punishment!
Now, what about the marriage
on the battlefield?
I promise you that I will break through
the Tianmen Formation. Will that do?
Miss Mu, since you are fighting
instead of Zongbao,
then your mission is to exchange his head
with the enemy general's head!
Consider it done!
this strand of hair,
shall I help you return it to Miss Mu?
When we fought last time, I cut it off.
I did not want to throw it away.
Since you like it that much,
protect it with your life.
I'll keep it safe for as long as I live.
This lock of hair will be with me
wherever I go.
OK, no more reminiscing.
You should treat your arrow wound
as soon as possible.
We can't do without a leader.
I've fed you for so many days,
but you're still so thin.
Attack! Attack.
Enemy soldiers.
Why don't they kill them?
Of course they don't.
They are not real Song
and Western Xia troops at all.
Who are you?
We saved you!
Oh! Why are you still standing here?
Go and meet your father!
My father?
He's Chief Commander
of the Westward Expedition, Yang Zongbao!
- Right.
- Wenguang.
Ever since Little Douzi
brought you back with the golden spear,
I guessed that it was you.
Father, I've met you at last!
How are your mother,
grandmother and Taijun doing?
I got separated from Mother!
I lost the battle.
Why are you here?
It's a long story.
I'm here thanks to Little Douzi's grandfather,
and her clansmen.
Marshal Yang! Get in!
So you want to run away?
Are you all right?
General Yang, here's the whip!
Catch them!
Hold on!
Master! Master!
Are you OK? Master! Are you OK?
Are you OK? Grandfather!
- Grandfather!
- Why did you risk your life to save me?
I entrust my granddaughter
and clansmen to you.
You must lead them
in serving the country
and kill the invaders once and for all!
So you decided to stay here.
But why didn't you
send a message to your family?
I was going to send a message
after winning the battle.
Failures are common in wars.
A failure is no excuse
for not contacting your family!
Tianmenguan was lost.
All were dead except me.
I sullied the Yang clan's reputation.
I'd rather that everybody
thought I was dead.
Is reputation so important?
Reputation, for a soldier,
is more important than life itself!
Father! You're wrong.
Your safety is more important to Mother
and all the grandmothers!
They have suffered as the Yang men
died one after another.
They've been hurt badly.
- They must not be hurt any more!
- Wenguang!
My grandfather said not everyone can
abandon their family to save the nation!
Who doesn't want to live happily
with their family?
You shouldn't blame
General Yang any more.
Thank goodness you escaped.
I hope your mother
can protect your grandmother
and Taijun and get out of harm's way.
My mother, she...
- I'm sorry about Mother!
- What's the matter?
I recklessly broke into the enemy's camp.
Mother was then forced to usurp
the marshalship and change the banner.
What? You...
Usurping the marshalship
on the battlefield is a capital crime!
Is there any way to save her?
Defeat the enemy.
Redeem the crime with merit!
- Stop!
- Stop!
It's an ambush.
Follow me! Go!
Damn it!
- Get into formation!
- Get into formation!
Taijun! Many Western Xia soldiers
are lurking ahead.
Please retreat first.
Let me reinforce the rear!
Fine! Finish the battle! Do not linger!
See you in Huangtu Town!
Don't let them escape! Kill them!
Wuniang! I'll go and protect Taijun!
Taijun, follow me!
OK! This way!
Liuniang, it's up to you!
Of course!
Ahead is the entrance into Wolf Cliff.
There is no way out!
Wolf Cliff?
Taijun! Liuniang sent us to report to you.
Liuniang has gone
to do field reconnaissance.
Taijun! There are many enemy soldiers.
We must retreat!
Taijun! Please retreat quickly!
The Western Xia soldiers
are setting up fireballs on the hill.
OK! Let's break through Wolf Cliff.
Oh, no! Taijun is in danger!
Everyone, listen!
Calm down! Follow me into the cave!
The enemy has retreated into the cave!
Good. Launch the fireballs!
Take care! Be careful of the fireballs!
- Calm down!
- Yes!
Be careful of the fireballs!
- This way!
- This way!
Protect Taijun! You, follow me!
Hold on!
Taijun, be careful!
Quick! Follow me!
If this situation keeps up,
Taijun will either be burnt
or choke to death!
What shall we do?
Fight fire with fire.
Wolf Valley is indeed a death trap.
Guiying! Do you have an escape plan?
- Build a bridge.
- Build a bridge?
You two, take off your chain mail.
Aunt! I'll weave a chain together
and then you shoot it over, OK?
Good idea!
Calm down! It must be Bajie
putting out the fireballs with fire!
- It's done!
- Come!
Taijun! There's not much time left!
- Now what?
- Don't worry, we've got it in hand
Done. Taijun, we've secured it.
Zhuifeng, Zhuiying! Cross the bridge!
Taijun! The iron chain is securely fixed!
You can come over!
Soldiers, forward! Climb onto
the iron chains! Make a bridge!
Miss Paifeng!
Liuniang! Are we late?
Paifeng! You're just in time!
- Ready!
- Good!
Let me be the first to cross!
Taijun! No!
Don't worry, it won't be a problem.
Taijun, be careful!
Taijun! Be careful!
- Good!
- Good!
- Guiying! Lead them across the bridge!
- Yes!
Let's go!
Damn it!
It was you making all that trouble!
- Come on!
- Kill her!
Here, come up!
Oh, no! You must cross quickly!
Bajie! Go across now!
If anything happens here,
I'll shoot another arrow!
Don't hesitate! Go quickly!
Be careful!
Come over at once, Sanniang!
Go quickly!
Follow me closely!
Wuniang! Go faster!
Protect Taijun!
Be careful!
Hold on!
Hold on tightly!
I'm OK.
Please find a way to rescue Wuniang.
I have a solution! Use my chain armour!
Use my arrow to save her!
Wuniang! Hold on!
Wuniang, here comes the arrow!
Hold on!
Hold on tight! We'll pull you up!
- OK!
- Pull!
Pull harder!
- Pull!
- Pull hard! Come on!
- Pull!
- Hold on!
- Pull!
- Go on!
- Pull!
- Pull hard!
Siniang is coming!
- Siniang!
- Princess! Where's Taijun?
Taijun and the others are trapped
in Hungry-Wolf Valley.
The odds are against them!
Liuniang! Taijun is all right!
Taijun! Please forgive us
for not protecting you.
It's OK so long as you're fine.
Get up, please!
- Get up!
- Thanks! Taijun!
Taijun! Please punish me.
Daniang and Qiniang died.
Wenguang is missing.
I deserve to be punished.
Punish you?
OK! I have one question for you.
If you had the chance to do it over again,
would you still usurp the marshalship?
I would!
Trifles are worked out by public discussion,
while big events are dealt with alone.
Since you're so resolute,
I trust your choice!
You do not need to blame yourself.
The Yangs are all loyal warriors.
How can the Yang clan not last forever?
Taijun! You also believe
Wenguang is still alive?
Of course!
- We all believe that!
- We all believe that!
Yes! We all believe!
Guiying, are you OK?
Taijun, Guiying received an arrow wound.
Taijun, we cannot stay here long!
We must move at once!
Treat it right away.
We cannot do without a leader like you!
- Stop.
- Stop.
Yang Wenguang tried to launch
a rushed attack
and Mu Guiying usurped the marshalship!
The whole battalion has collapsed!
Mu Guiying usurped the marshalship?
What sheer disregard for military discipline!
She must be punished!
Pass along this message:
Stay in place and await my orders!
Taijun is coming!
Open the gate quickly!
Taijun. When we arrived here yesterday,
we found Song troops
to the southeast of Huangtu Town.
Song troops?
Is Wang Qiang coming?
I think so.
They are holding the flag of Wang.
How many soldiers did you see?
Around 100,000 or so.
Taijun! Zou Erniang...
Let me speak for myself! Taijun, we
disrupted the enemy's left flank successfully
and fulfilled the task of killing ten
for every one of our troops lost!
It's a pity that...
Geng Erniang died in battle.
Taijun! The situation is dire!
Western Xia troops are marching
towards Huangtu Town.
What shall we do?
Report! Assistant General Liu
asks to speak with you!
- Assistant General Liu?
- Enter!
Marshal Mu...
Marshal Wang has led 100,000 soldiers
to converge with Marshal Yang Wenguang.
He has sent me...
Wenguang is still alive?
..to invite you two to discuss strategies
for attacking the enemy!
Please go back first.
We'll follow soon!
Yes! See you there!
Guiying must not go!
She'd be sentenced to death
for usurping the marshalship!
Wang Qiang knows
we will not be trapped so easily,
so he's using Wenguang as bait!
My opinion is that we claim Guiying
is severely wounded.
Liuniang and I will find out
what is really happening.
- Agreed!
- Taijun, since losing Wenguang,
I cannot sleep or eat.
Now that we have this information,
and the enemy is approaching,
time is of the utmost importance.
True or false, so long as we can
get Wang Qiang to send troops in time,
l would not regret it,
even if it means my death.
Marshal Yang!
There are many Song soldiers up ahead!
- They're flying the flag of Wang!
- Wang Qiang!
Wang Qiang is coming?
Lord Wang, where is Wenguang?
You can meet him in hell
after enjoying your punishment!
Lord! Yang Wenguang is coming!
He is still alive?
Well then, let him enter!
- Grandmother!
- How are you, Wenguang?
Are you OK? Are you wounded?
I'm fine!
Our Yang ancestors have blessed you!
Mother, I was wrong.
This is ridiculous!
This is my military tent,
not the Yang family household!
We should limit our speech
to official matters!
Official matters?
Lord Wang, please send troops
against the enemy right away!
I agree with sending troops.
However, there's a precondition.
What precondition?
Execute your mother yourself.
Wang Qiang!
You must not execute Mu Guiying today!
Now the situation is urgent.
You didn't send reinforcements
because of an ulterior motive.
Instead of discussing how to cope
with the enemy on the front line,
you try to kill loyal generals!
You are weakening your own defence
and supporting the enemy!
- How dare you!
- Wang Qiang!
Yang Wenguang! If you ignore the law
and refuse to execute Mu Guiying,
I will have you convicted as well!
Convict me?
- I will execute you first!
- Wenguang!
- The military law cannot be disobeyed!
- Liu Fu!
- Yes!
- Seize this assassin!
- Attendants!
- Yes!
Whoever dares hurt Yang Wenguang
will answer to my dragon-headed staff!
- You!
- Report!
Yang Zongbao requests to see you.
Weren't his troops utterly annihilated?
Mother, please don't worry any more.
Father is not dead!
Let him in.
Mother! I'm sorry.
Is it a dream? Are you still alive?
- Zongbao is not dead
- Grandmother!
- Look!
- Zongbao!
I'm sorry!
- Zongbao!
- Please forgive my disobedience!
I've disgraced the family's reputation!
It's OK, so long as you're alive!
Yang Zongbao!
Since you were alive,
why did you not report to the court?
Lord Wang, you have 100,000 soldiers.
Why did you not
send reinforcements to me?
You wasted an entire battalion!
Well said!
I will not compel you!
If you want me to send troops,
you will either execute Mu Guiying,
who usurped the marshalship,
or execute this assassin Yang Wenguang!
Whether you want to obey the law or not,
the choice is in your hand!
After seeing you again,
I do not have any regrets.
Give the verdict!
Why do you say "fine"?
What else would I say?
Yang Zongbao is following military law,
putting justice before personal feelings.
Once it becomes known,
it will become a much-told story,
like Marshal Yang Yanzhao!
How will I die? At the hands
of an executioner or on the battlefield?
It is my own choice!
You dare rebel against the court?
I was once a bandit, remember?
Zongbao, let's go!
Seize Mu Guiying!
- Execute her at once!
- Yes!
- Guiying!
- Who dares touch her?
Grandmother! They're our own people!
- Our own people!
- Mistress, go quickly!
Madam Yang, please go with us!
- Liu Fu, after them!
- Yes!
Liu Fu!
- Do you dare disobey me?
- I dare not!
I just want to stay here to protect you.
Just in case of an accident.
Well, Yang Zongbao,
you dare collaborate with spies
and release these criminals?
Even if I don't execute you,
the emperor will have you executed
when I report this to his highness.
I deserve capital punishment.
Please keep your word and send troops
immediately to combat the enemy!
Sending troops is not
something I'm concerned about.
However, you must catch
the criminal Mu Guiying first,
or I won't lift a finger.
OK. I will set out at once.
Wenguang, Mother, Grandmother,
let's go together.
Are you dreaming?
You will go by yourself.
The others must stay here
and wait for you to return.
Just go, Zongbao.
We'll be here waiting
for your safe return.
do you still remember the words
you said to me on the evening
you left for the battlefield
after we got married?
I remember that I told you
to look at the moon when you miss me.
What did you say before "moon"?
I said, "stars".
That day was Valentine's Day.
The night sky was very clear.
I asked you not to worry about me.
I said I was the god of war
and I would come back to you
after I achieved my victories in battle,
even if it was only once a year.
But have you kept your promise
of coming back to me each year?
Zongbao, don't feel guilty.
I'm not complaining.
Not everybody has the opportunity
to sacrifice his own family's happiness
in order to protect the country.
I feel very proud of you.
I'm honoured to be your wife.
I'll be yours forever.
I have a wish.
If I cannot spend my life with you,
I'd rather die together with you
on the battlefield.
How wonderful!
This dream can come true today.
All of a sudden, I feel a huge weight
lifted off my shoulders.
Let me see you again face-to-face
and look into your eyes.
I want to be able to recognise you
in the next life.
Marshal! The Western Xia's
70,000 soldiers
have joined up with Yin Qi's
20,000 cavalrymen.
They are marching towards Huangtu Town
and will arrive after midday.
Deliver my orders.
- Continue as planned.
- Yes!
Grandmother, is this chilli powder
actually explosive?
Of course not.
- Then what is it for?
- It will be used to make our enemies weep.
One against ten? One against ten?
We cannot die until we finish the task.
Die? Can't we win the battle?
We have sabotaged all the catapults!
Good! Take care, and play it by ear.
When shall we launch the attack?
- Wait.
- Wait?
Wait for what?
We have no supporting troops!
The pegs are stuck.
Report! The catapults aren't functioning.
Son of a bitch!
Attack the wall directly!
Guiying! Don't wait!
We must wait!
Bowmen, prepare to shoot!
Take cover!
Mother! We can't wait any longer!
We have no weapons to defend the town.
No, we must wait!
This will reduce our casualties.
Prepare to shoot!
Miss Paifeng, why don't we go outside
and meet the enemy?
What are we holding brooms for?
What are we waiting for?
We're waiting for the wind.
Open the gate!
Bowmen, prepare to shoot!
Marshal, we will end up shooting
our own people!
Marshal, we have more people
there than they have!
That's why they can't afford it! Shoot!
Wuniang, watch out!
Kill them all!
Guiying, we are outnumbered.
If this goes on, we will lose.
Then what shall we do?
Capture Yin Qi first!
Buddha's Palm Formation!
Troops, listen up!
We shall break into sections,
and target Yin Qi.
Cut off his head,
and we can end the war.
- Understand?
- Yes!
- Light the lanterns.
- Yes!
- What's that?
- What's that?
Zhuifeng, Zhuiying, shoot!
It's pepper!
- A ballista!
- Were they not destroyed?
Snake Formation.
- Serpent Spits Out Its Tongue!
- Yes!
What's that they are using?
Go! It's our turn!
- Yes!
- Come on!
Erniang, pay attention!
Erniang, go quickly! OK!
What's going on?
- I'll check at once!
- Report!
Spit it out!
The Yang family generals
are coming to kill you!
- Yang Zongbao?
- Right you are!
- We're also citizens of Song!
- Right.
Song citizens? Great! Kill them all!
- The Fairy Scatters Flowers!
- Attack!
- Erniang.
- Zongbao.
Yang Zongbao!
You're next!
- Guiying.
- I said I'd die with you on the battlefield!
OK, then let's go out with a bang!
Marshal, the battle has commenced
at Huangtu Town.
Mu Guiying is leading the soldiers
to fight outside the town.
It seems that the odds are against them.
Let's see how the Yang female generals
carve their names in history!
You're so sinister!
Didn't you hear the agreement
between me and Yang Zongbao?
I'll send reinforcements
as soon as he finishes his task!
Grandmother, Grandmother.
Must we wait for Mother's death
and do nothing?
Is reputation so important
for the Yang family?
Great Grandmother!
I have the decree of immunity
from the law from Emperor Taizu.
Now that I have taken down
this incapable marshal,
I will accept any
and all of the consequences.
This has nothing
to do with the Yang family.
since we have no leader now,
and the front line is in danger
I humbly request that
you take charge of the troops.
The military seal for
dispatching the troops is here.
Please send the troops at once.
Liu Fu! Traitor! I will not spare you!
It is the Yang family that will not spare you!
- We're on the same side!
- We're not the enemy.
Yang Wenguang is attacking our left flank
with a large number of soldiers!
Fine! Let Yang Wenguang come!
Seems that my arrow
is more powerful than your spear!
Father, Mother.
I'm coming with reinforcements!
Wenguang! Great!
Guiying, Wenguang is here
with reinforcements.
We're sure to win this battle!
Hold on, Guiying!
Troops, listen carefully!
Unless I order you otherwise,
stand your ground!
- I'll send him to hell myself.
- Yes!
- You...
- Bajie, we're on the same side!
- Wenguang, kill him!
- Father!
Wenguang, go and check on Bajie.
Mother! Take care of Father!
- Grandmother...are you OK?
- Wenguang!
Don't worry about me!
I owe you so much.
In the next life, I will repay you!
You will surely
have the chance to repay me
because I'll be your wife
in the next life, too!
Why do we have to part so quickly
after we have reunited?
Stop fighting! Yin Qi's head is here!
We won!
We can go home! We can go home!
Grandmother! Are you OK?
I'm fine.
We won!
Yes! This war is finally over!
We won!
We've finally won the war!
Mother and Father have both died!
Don't cry, Wenguang.
We have won the battle.
Zongbao and Guiying
will be reunited in heaven.
Zongbao's death will not be the end.
Please rest assured.
So long as the war drum
continues to sound,
the Yangs' heartbeat will continue
to be felt on every battlefield!
You're one year old today.
I'll let you make this decision.
If you choose this sword,
you continue our family tradition
and become a fearless warrior!
Huaiyu, isn't it beautiful?
If you choose this jade carving, Taijun will
let you break away from the family tradition
and allow you to follow a political career.
Take a look.
Eunuch Li has arrived!
Here is the imperial edict.
According to the emperor's will,
I proclaim Yang Wenguang as the
Assistant Marshal of the Westward March.
Wenguang is to assist Marshal Di Qing
and leave for the border at once.
You must not delay. This edict
comes directly from the emperor.
I am honoured to accept this edict.
My gratitude, Your Majesty.
Smoke pops up in the desert
The sound of the flute resonates
And covers 1 ,000 miles to the front lines
Red sleeves dance with golden spears
Love for home, hatred for the enemy
Tears pour down
Serve the country and kill the invaders
Love is deep and tender
The heroine is buried in sand
This wound was caused by the sabre.
- Will it heal quickly?
-Yes, it will, hold this.
He actually hit my leg!
- Will it heal quickly?
- Yes, it will, hold this.
It's so windy!
It's freezing!
Do you feel dizzy?
No, but it hurts a little.
Do you feel dizzy?
No, but it hurts a little.
One, two, three!
If a man gets wounded,
don't worry about it.
You will remember Tianmen forever.
Ah, shit!