Legion of Fire: Killer Ants! (1998) Movie Script

As technology
expands, the world shrinks.
As the population explosion continues,
contact among humans increases.
Disease carrying viruses
rapidly expand their boundaries.
Killer insects are not far behind.
In South America and Africa,
there live ants so deadly
in a matter of hours they can devour
an entire elephant to the bone.
This is not science fiction.
This is science fact.
The story you are about to see
could happen tomorrow.
- Oh, I'm cold Glenny.
Come on, it's our honeymoon.
We're supposed to spend it in bed.
- I know.
Just let me finish up this one roll.
- No.
- I just want to capture
you in this fabulous light.
You will be rewarded for this.
- Ah, I like the sound of that.
I love you.
Honey, how much further?
- Just up this way.
Honey, look at that!
That's fantastic.
- What is it?
- I don't know, but look at
the way the afternoon sun
hits the top of that.
- Oh, no.
No, no, no.
You don't want us to climb up there.
I'm not going up there.
- That light will look
so good in your hair.
- No, sweetie, no.
- Come on, come on!
- Please, I don't want to go up there.
- Come on, honey.
It'll just take a minute.
Be careful.
- It's disgusting.
- Damn!
End of the roll.
- Oh, great.
Let's go back.
- No, honey just one more roll, okay?
- No!
No, I want to go back.
- It'll be a magazine cover.
Just hold on.
Oh, boy.
Oh, God!
Help me!
Help me, oh God!
Oh my God!
Help me Glenn!
Help me!
- Hold on!
- That's it, lady.
Take what you want and then
just throw us guys away.
You know, I'm gonna put an
ad in the personals for you.
Young widow.
Eager to mate.
You won't be my first love
but I'll be your last.
Oh, hey.
How are we doing for time?
- You're never gonna
make it, Doctor Conrad.
- We will if you let me drive your car.
- No.
No, absolutely not.
I've only had the car for a week.
- Okay, look.
Take good care of Hillary,
I think she's pregnant.
- Congratulations.
Okay, here is the key to your apartment.
- Oh, great.
- I watered your plants.
Here is your plane ticket
and your bag's in my trunk.
- Okay, look.
If Doctor Pickerall calls,
what are you gonna tell him?
- He'll have your report on
the rover beetle by the tenth.
- Great, Bob Wright calls?
- You decided not to sell
the beach house after all.
- And if Danielle calls?
- You died in a freak lawn chair accident.
- Did I suffer?
- You are absolutely not gonna make
the plane, Doctor Conrad.
- Come on, car keys.
- No!
- I'm gonna miss my plane.
- Thank you.
- Be careful.
Hey, Bob!
How's it going?
- Great!
So how come you're three years late
for our big fishing trip?
- Hey, I'm in bugs, man.
Our busy season is 12 months a year.
Now tell me about this
secret new spot of yours
where the salmon will jump
right on to our lines.
- Lake Winaka, just outside Burly Pines.
Nobody's there this time of year.
- Sounds perfect.
You're one lucky guy, Bob,
getting to do this every day.
- Yeah, pretty lucky.
Except for a bill from
the IRS for back taxes
and an ex-wife who hates my guts.
- Hey, that volcano looks active.
- Mount Umpachi?
Nah, she just burps once in a while.
- So why does anyone live up here?
- There's a lot of jobs
building the new dam.
And it doesn't get dark until midnight.
You can fish 18 hours a day.
Come take a look at this.
My secret fishing area is
too dense to land any closer
but the hike's worth it.
Oh man, this is awesome!
- Bug spray?
- No thanks.
Never met a bug I didn't like.
- Suit yourself.
- Fish will jump right on to our lines.
Where are they?
- I'm telling ya, two weeks
ago there were so many salmon
in here you could
practically walk on them.
- Yeah, well I think
they swam for the border.
- Here.
Make it last.
- Maybe we just need
to try different flies.
- Tell you what, in the
morning you tie the new flies,
I'm gonna go get some food.
Oh man, I forgot how much I love Alaska!
- Yeah, well don't wait
three years to come back.
Life's too short to work all the time.
- Yeah.
- Hold it.
- What is it?
- Looks like a moose.
He must be asleep.
- Woah, Woah, you're not gonna shoot him!
- Not if I don't have to.
But we might need to scare him off
if he decides to charge us.
- Wolves?
- And mountain lions and buzzards
and looks like everything
had a go at the big guy.
- That's our moose!
- Then why'd you leave him for scavengers
to feed on for a week?
- Like hell we did.
I'll be damned.
- That's my arrow.
We've been tracking him.
- We wounded him like two hours ago.
- Murdock's dog.
Hey, Blue.
It should be open by now.
- Good boy, good boy.
- Hey, Murdock!
Something's not right.
What the hell?
- Bob.
- Jeez, is that blood?
First a moose,
now a man?
What's loose up here?
- Where is he?
- Inside.
Damnedest thing you ever saw.
- Jim Conrad.
- Chief of Police Croy.
This is Officer Blount.
- How's it going?
- So what do you think, Jim?
One of those flesh eating viruses?
- What are you asking him for?
- He's a scientist from Los Angeles.
Mister Murdock?
- Laura?
- Sheriff Croy?
- I'm sorry, Laura.
It's just not a good time
for you to be here right now.
- Why?
What's going on?
- Trent Murdock's dead.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
I'm just starting to
investigate right now.
I don't want people wandering in here.
- Sure.
What did you need, Laura?
- Mister Murdock had some fish for me
for my class to dissect tomorrow
but obviously that's not important now.
- I'll have somebody to bring them over
later on tonight.
- Oh, okay.
Thank you, Chief.
- You bet.
- Bye, Bob.
- Oh, uh, Jim Conrad.
- Yeah, you look so familiar.
- He writes books that
nobody can understand.
- James Conrad.
Are you the entomologist?
- Guilty.
- Yes, I knew I'd seen your face.
Your picture's on the
back of the Unseen World.
It's not very good.
- Oh well, it got some
pretty good reviews.
- Oh no, I meant the picture.
I loved the book.
In fact, I bought a second copy
for the school library.
- Oh, well you just doubled my sales.
- Laura, I'm sorry but things
are kinda hectic right now.
- Absolutely.
Just let me know if
there's anything I can do.
- You bet.
- Bye.
- Been a strange 24 hours.
What's going on up here?
- You tell me.
Ain't you the scientist?
- Entomologist.
We know just enough to
know how little we know.
Like, what could reduce
a man to a skeleton
without removing his clothes?
Or what could strip a
moose clean in two hours?
And what drove the salmon away?
- Thanks for your interest
but I think we can handle this ourselves.
- Gray Wolf.
- I want to see my brother.
- I don't know how to
prepare you for this.
- Just let me see.
What did this to my brother?
- I don't know, some kind of animal.
- Show me the animal that
tears a man's flesh to the bone
and puts his clothes back on.
- When we found him
covered in the back room
it looked like he had been
trying to fight something off.
Conrad, don't touch anything.
The coroner won't be here 'til tomorrow.
- Sorry.
Gray Wolf, I'm gonna ask
you not to tell anybody
what you've seen here until we
can figure out what happened.
- I'd like to be alone with my brother.
- What is it?
- Ants.
- Get away from there!
They're just ants.
I'll get rid of them.
- What are you doing?
- Moving them outside.
- Stand back.
- What are you doing?
- Disinfectant.
I like 'em to suffer.
Well, you're disgusting.
- Let me know when I can come and get him.
- I will.
- Oh, dear lord.
- Okay, that wasn't so bad.
- They are definitely
happening more often.
- What?
Did I miss something?
- He's from LA.
Hey, I'm gonna go check on my helicopter.
- Sheriff, I'd like to run some tests.
Is there any place I
can stay here tonight?
- I think I can come up with something.
We're going to Zach Henry's cabin.
He only comes up from Seattle
during the hunting season.
Place is stocked with food
if you know how to use a can opener.
Thanks a lot, Chief.
- I brought you a new neighbor, Laura.
Howdy, neighbor.
- Hi Doctor Conrad.
- Oh please, call me Jim.
- Jim.
- I'll pick you up first
thing in the morning.
- Bye Laura.
- Bye Chief.
- Man, I need a hot shower.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
There's no hot water.
I just did my laundry.
- That's okay, cold
showers build character.
I think I'm gonna like it here.
Just a second!
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I thought you could use a hot meal.
We dress for dinner.
- Thanks.
So how long has Croy been chief of police?
- For as long as I've lived here.
He's a real rarity.
Smart and honest cop.
Poor guy, his wife died a few months ago.
- Well, looks like you're
pretty good at something.
- Marksmanship.
My father taught me to
shoot when I was 12.
He was a hunter?
He was a New York City police captain.
- So how did a big city girl like you
come to live in a small town in Alaska?
- She got tired of big city men.
- Did I mention that Los Angeles
is really just a
collection of small towns?
- What's a famous entomologist
doing in Burly Pines?
- Oh, I've known Bob Hazzard since college
and I really needed to get
out of Los Angeles for a while
so I came up for the salmon fishing.
- Tell me what happened to Trent Murdock.
- Well, if we were in a warmer place
I'd be a lot more sure
of what killed Murdock
but right now the only
explanation I can come up with
is impossible because the
ground up here is too cold.
- Really?
There's something I'd like to show you.
Come on.
It's at the school.
The science project
we've been keeping track
of the accelerated earthquake
and geothermal activity in the area.
But the most fascinating
thing we've discovered
is the underground temperature change.
- Temperature change?
- Yeah.
Mount Umpachi has been
dormant for nearly 2000 years
but lately the local sulfur springs
have increased in size and the earthquakes
have become more frequent.
- So the volcano woke up.
- Yeah.
- Hey, have you got a clean side?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
- What is it for?
- I want to look at something
I found on Mister Murdock.
Please, go on.
- Well we've been using a
thermo coupler in the ground
and the Anchorage seismic laboratory
agrees with our findings
that the temperatures
and the geothermal activity
are steadily increasing.
So the ground beneath
the town is warming up.
It's like the tropics down there
and that's probably what
drove the salmon away.
- I'm afraid we've got a bigger
problem than missing fish.
Take a look.
Chad, breakfast is ready.
- There you go.
- Way to go, Dad!
Eggs that look eatable.
- Edible.
Yeah, I know.
You want me to make some more?
- Nah, I like it like this.
- We're doing okay, aren't we?
- Mom would be proud of us.
- Yeah.
Listen, how 'bout we do
something fun this weekend?
- Hey, let's go rock climbing again!
- Alright, Saturday morning.
Put the ropes and the
harnesses in the four by four
so we don't forget 'em, okay?
- You sure you're up for it, old man?
- I'll carry you home.
What are you laughing about?
- In early January of 1994,
scientists found that many
areas of the western coastline
were rising nearly 10
tens faster than normal.
Can anyone tell me what this means?
- What was the question?
- Chad.
- The rising indicates that
pressure's building underground.
- That's right.
A sign of an imminent earthquake.
We know that bec...
- Sorry I'm late Miss Sills.
I was helping my brother with a case.
- I don't think you're ready
to join the force just yet
Scott so why don't you help Deputy Blount
by following the rules?
Class starts at eight o'clock sharp.
- Yes Miss Sills.
So, look on page 205...
- Chad.
Look, I found the coolest thing.
- What, a camera?
- No, dork.
I'll show it to you later.
- Okay, we're used to the
normal garden type ants
like the kind found in your cupboard.
Now they've been around
for somewhere between
50 and 100 million years.
But there's somewhere between 12
and 15000 different species of ants.
- What's your point?
- Reminds of my ex sister-in-law.
Big and ugly.
What is it?
- That's a soldier ant.
Every 12 to 15 years they
emerge from deep within
the earth's surface and
they go on killing raids.
They're native to South America.
The queen is twice as large,
can fly and she can lay
up to 100,000 eggs every 20 days.
Okay, these are soldier
ants forming one living
creature spanning an area of 10 miles long
by three miles wide.
That picture was taken in Brazil in 1959
when they ate every living
thing in their path.
- Alright, but that's Brazil.
This is Alaska.
- Right, but that volcano
has warmed the earth
below the surface, creating
the perfect environment
for these killers.
- So you think that's what
ate the moose and Murdock?
- Look.
They can strip an 800
pound moose in two hours.
200 pound man in 30 minutes.
- What's that?
- That's their ant hill.
Roughly 15 feet high by 20
feet across at the base.
Oh, and after a battle
they carry away their dead.
Now I found an ant body part
in Mister Murdock's remains.
I know the ants are in Burly Pines.
I just can't figure out how they got here.
Chief Croy, come in Chief.
- What is it, Blount?
I called Margie to see
if she wanted a ride this morning
but the operator said her
phone is off the hook.
- I'll check it out.
- Oh my God.
- You know, with all this
extra credit research
you're gonna be on the
honor roll this month.
- Great, Dad'll like that.
- Hey snot nose, come on.
- Scott Blount, don't
use words like snot nose.
- Yes Miss Sills.
Come on Chad.
Come on.
- Go on.
You're not gonna have another
short day 'til November.
- Okay.
Bye Miss Sills.
- Bye.
- Come on, let's go.
Bye Miss Sills.
I love you.
I'd love to kiss you, Miss Sills.
- Shut up, Scott.
- Come on wimp, I'll race ya.
- This is all you wanted to show me?
- No, dork.
It's over there where I scored the camera.
Come on, I'll show ya.
Ain't that something?
What do you think it is?
- Mine, I found it.
I'm gonna name it after me.
Mount Blount.
First one up is king of the mountain.
- Cheater!
- King, king!
I win.
- Yeah, but you started first.
- Still king.
- This is too weird, Scott.
We should tell my dad.
- You're chicken.
- Such a jerk.
- Where are you going?
Come on.
Come on, stay up here.
Come on.
Gosh dang it.
Hey, I'm king!
Ha ha!
I win!
You lose!
Me, Mount Blount here!
- Shut up, Scott.
- I win, I'm king.
Help, I'm sinking!
Chad, help!
- Hang on!
- Help!
- Hang on, Scott!
Give me your hand!
Something's biting me!
- Scott!
Pull up!
- Help!
- What's with Margie?
- Is everything okay?
- Nothing's okay.
Margie's dead.
- What are we gonna do?
- I'm calling the National Guard.
- Wow.
- Is everyone okay?
- Yeah.
- It's dead.
- Whew!
Maid's day off?
- Why aren't you at the school?
- We got out early.
- I gotta find Chad.
- I'll go with you.
- Alright, good.
- He's with Scott.
- Where'd they go?
- I don't know.
- Hazzard, I want you to fly to Anchorage
and contact the National Guard.
We need help.
- I'm on it.
What's going on?
- Dad!
Dad, Scott.
- He...
- What?
- What happened, son?
- Where's my brother?
- We were in the forest, Dad,
and Scott found a hill.
And he climbed up.
And he started sinking, Dad,
and I tried to help him, Dad,
I really did.
I'm sorry.
We gotta go help Scott.
- Show me!
Show me, Chad!
- Come on.
- Come on.
Come on!
You can go faster, come on!
- Chad, just stay with Laura.
Good lord, the ant hill.
- Scott!
- Blount!
- Scott!
- Blount, be careful!
- I'm coming Scott!
I'm coming Scotty!
- Blount, stay near the edge!
- Scott, I'm here!
Scott, I'm up here boy!
- You won't find anything here.
- Where'd they go?
- The colonies are massing in the tunnels
preparing for another raid.
- Come on, Blount.
We can't do anything here.
- Okay, Murdock was killed first here
and then Margie here and then Scott here.
Okay, see the pattern?
- No.
- Alright, it's one systematic device
we have learned about Marabunta.
See, the colony starts
out on hit raids for food
and they cover ground by
alternating every 30 degrees
until eventually they've covered
every square inch of a circle.
- If what you're saying is true then...
- Then we're next.
- We've got to evacuate the town.
How long do you think we have?
- Maybe 24 hours, probably less.
Sheriff, where does your fruit come from?
- I don't know, why?
- Well, I know the answer here,
I just can't figure out how it happened.
Is there anything here that
shipped from South America?
- I never thought about it.
- Well, what about wood, logs?
What are the cabins made out of?
- I think Alaskan pine mostly.
Where did this come from?
- Scott made it.
It's acacia wood.
Where did he get it?
- I think Rocky Point beach, I think.
There's some logs there that washed up
from a freighter that
sank about 10 years ago.
- Could that freighter have
come from South America?
- Now that you mention it, I think it did.
It was headed for Japan
and headed up to the bay
during a bad storm.
- So soldier ants must have
been in the acacia wood
the freighter was carrying.
- The queen could have her
home in one of those old logs.
We gotta try and find the
queen and destroy her.
See, their communication
system is so sophisticated
I think any direct threat to the queen
would draw the other
colonies out of Burly Pines.
Then it's just a matter of
systematically wiping them out.
- Hey guys.
- Where the hell have you been?
Did you get help?
- I have a fuel leak.
I'll have it fixed so she can take off
for Anchorage in an hour.
- Change of plans, Bob.
I need you to take me
to Rocky Point beach.
- Okay.
- Alright, I'll supervise
the evacuation from this end.
I want you to keep in radio contact.
- You bet.
- You're gonna need someone
to watch your back, Jim.
Let me have your snake charmer.
- You want to fight
soldier ants with a flute?
- It's a little more powerful than that.
It's a .410 shotgun.
Give me the magnesium shot.
Explosives in effect.
- Incinerate the little suckers.
- Great, most beautiful
woman I've ever met
turns out to be a lethal weapon.
- You know, you're one of the few people
the whole town trusts.
- Well, what do you want me to do?
- I want you to lead the evacuation.
The only safe route out
is through Boulder Pass.
Do you think you can get
everybody over to the other side
by four o'clock tomorrow afternoon?
- Yeah, I can do it.
- Alright, if Conrad hasn't
signaled us that he's wiped out
the ants by four o'clock
we're gonna blow the pass.
- If you blow the pass that's
not gonna kill the ants.
- I know.
I know, but at least we'll
contain 'em long enough
to get the military in here with chemicals
or flamethrowers or
whatever the hell it takes
to wipe 'em out.
You must have some dynamite left over
from clearing the road at the dam.
- There's one more.
I want you to take Chad with ya.
- Sure.
- No.
Dad, I want to stay with you.
- Thanks.
Listen son, the best way that
you can help me right now
is by going with Gray Wolf.
- Okay.
- Alright?
- Yeah.
- Homemade flame thrower.
You're not just another
pretty face, Conrad.
Now, you've done this before, right?
- Keep your eyes peeled.
These ants can smell a new food source.
- Yeah, well I'll wait right here, thanks.
- Okay, keep this thing revved up.
We may need to get off quick.
- Okay.
- Let's go!
Ant eggs and larvae.
- It looks like you were right.
- It's okay, it's okay.
My heart will come down out of my throat
any minute now.
I guess there's no queen.
- Maybe she floated out with the tide.
She could be miles away by now.
- Well, she could've left
a forwarding address.
- What do we do now?
- Think of something else.
- What's going on?
- Bob!
- He's out of control!
Oh my God.
- Open the valve!
- Okay, it's open.
- Okay.
- Light it!
- I'm trying!
Jim, over here!
- I'm losing pressure!
Pump faster!
- I'm trying!
We just can't stop them, Jim!
- Keep trying, Laura!
- Jim!
Jim, what is that over there?
- What?
- Over there!
- A canoe!
- There's just no way to get there!
- Open up my valve.
- Alright, it's open.
- Come on.
Alright, ready?
Let's run!
- Okay!
- You take the bow!
- Okay!
- Pull it out!
You got a destination in mind?
- I think we'll follow the
coastline down around that bluff
then we'll have to hike
inland about two miles.
There's a river that'll
take us down to Shady Lake.
Are there any
rapids on this river?
I've never been down it.
I'm sure there's some white water
but nothing we can't handle.
- Watch it!
Hold on!
- Hold on!
Are you okay?
- Man-eating ants in front of us.
A waterfall below us.
Define okay.
- The ability to keep your head
while everyone about you is losing theirs.
- Then you obviously don't
know the trouble you're in.
- Come on!
- Hazzard, this is Croy.
Come in.
Hazzard, come in.
This is Croy.
Son, what is it?
- Gray Wolf wants me to
tell you that Mister Perth
won't leave his farm.
- I coulda told you he wouldn't leave.
His wife's buried out there.
You want me to go get him?
- Yeah, thanks.
Hog tie him if you have to.
Chad, why did you come back here?
- Gray Wolf couldn't hold me back, Dad.
You know you're gonna need me.
- Alright.
Hazzard, come in.
This is Croy.
Hazzard, come in.
I bet you never thought
you'd miss New York.
- What are you looking for?
- This.
- A scarab?
- Yeah.
It's ancient Egyptian.
It symbolizes the enduring human soul.
My lucky charm.
- Well.
Hasn't done us much good lately, huh?
Our chances of getting out of this alive
aren't very good, are they?
- I think if we work together
our odds of survival are greatly enhanced.
- What are you doing here, Blount?
- Sheriff's orders.
You gotta come with me.
- If you think I'm gonna
leave because some stranger
from Los Angeles says so,
you're a bigger fool
than I thought you were.
- The ants killed Scott
and Margie and Murdock.
Do you want to get eaten alive?
- I got a plan.
- Don't make arrest you, Maynerd.
- Them wholes opened up last night.
Poured gasoline and turpentine in 'em.
That doesn't kill the bastards
I'll toss in some matches.
- And blow us all to Hell?
I'm calling Croy.
You can't make me go!
- Blout to Croy, Blout to Croy.
Chief, I need your help.
Sheriff, he says he's not coming.
10-4, I'll do what I can.
What's that smell?
- That's my prize milk cow.
What are you doing, Maynerd?
This'll take
care of the little buggers!
- Oh, man.
Oh no!
- What the hell Blount!
Oh my.
- There's more of 'em right there!
Get up the ladder!
Come on!
My back.
I can't move.
- Maynerd!
- How much time do we have?
- About two hours.
Hey, hey!
- It's the bait shop.
- Let's check it out.
Laura, in here!
- Come in Blount, this is Croy.
Come in.
Blount, where the hell are ya?
Where the hell is anybody?
Come in Blount, this is Croy.
Come in.
- Please God.
Get me out of this.
I'll never ask you for
anything else in my life.
I swear.
Blount, where the hell are ya?
- What is it?
- Check it out.
- Oh, wow.
- Tank's dry.
- Let me see.
Here's a canister.
It's pretty dirty.
Might be pretty old.
- Let me see the funnel.
- Okay.
That's all there is.
Oh my God.
- Ready?
- Hurry up!
- Run!
- They're coming!
Turn it on!
- It's on, get on!
- Go!
- I'm trying!
- Go!
- I'm going!
Okay, hold on!
- Blount!
Mister Perth!
- Help!
Somebody get me outta here!
Somebody get me outta here!
Help, somebody!
Somebody help!
- Blount!
- I'm up here, sir!
Ah, my leg!
I think I broke it.
- Get up, get up, get up!
They're after me!
- We couldn't find the queen.
- Where's your Dad?
- He's out at the farm.
- Can you reach him?
- The quake knocked out
all the phone lines.
But I can use the radio!
- Great.
Get in touch with him,
tell him to meet us at the school.
- Yeah, in the chemistry lab.
- Roger.
Dad, this is Chad.
Do you copy?
Dad, do you copy?
Dad, this is an emergency.
What's with gasoline?
Perth poured it down
the holes to kill the ants.
- Get in.
Get in.
Blount, don't use your gun!
The place will blow!
- Hey, how's this?
- Oh, that's great.
- Boy, what is that smell?
- Yeah, I'm trying to duplicate the odor
of the only creature in the
jungle that soldier ants avoid.
Brockamina Cariosa.
The stink bug.
- You're kidding me.
- No kidding.
Strange but true.
- Well how much of this do we have?
- This is it.
- Will it be enough?
- I don't know.
Come on.
Great, got it.
Let's go!
- Stay inside!
They're all around the school!
- I'll create a diversion!
- Chad, no!
Chad, behind ya!
Go to the school bus.
The school bus!
- Dad, it won't open!
Come on!
Dad, help!
- What are you doing?
- I'm testing my brew.
- It's working!
Wait a minute.
What's going on?
- They sacrificed themselves.
- No!
- Help!
- Croy!
We need your help!
- What?
- We need your help!
- I'm kinda busy down here!
- Open up your tailgate and
pull forward to the flag pole!
- Wait, what are you doing?
- Here, just take this.
We're gonna swing down.
- Swing?
What do you mean swing?
- Trust me.
- Trust you?
Smart women don't trust
men who say trust me.
- Hey look, when the
alternative is being eaten alive
you can make an exception.
Okay, here.
- Is the rope gonna hold us both?
In theory.
- What, the theory of relativity
or the one about the world being flat?
Come on!
- Dad!
- Come on!
- Okay, you ready?
- Ah, as I'll ever be.
- Look!
- Chad!
- Help!
- Come on!
- Hurry!
Get me outta here!
- Chad, open the door!
- It's stuck!
Hurry up!
- Get back!
Chad, be careful!
- Jim!
Pump it!
Over here!
- There, right there!
Right there!
- There's no sign of them.
They must be dead.
- How much time do we have?
- 12 minutes before the pass blows.
Are you alright?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
- He's more than okay.
You got a brave young man there.
- I know.
Where's Hazzard?
- He didn't make it.
- Damn, neither did Blount.
- That stuff Mister Conrad
sprayed on 'em, it's amazing.
- How much do we have left?
- Less than a quart.
- I say we blow the pass now.
- Not yet.
- Look at that.
- What was that?
- They blew the pass early.
- Well they must've had a good reason.
- What are we gonna do now?
- Hey, have you got a map?
- Yeah, in the back.
- Okay, we found the moose here.
Then Mister Murdock was killed here.
And then 30 degrees.
And another 30 degrees.
Okay, now.
Yeah, see after the earthquake
we found Bob Hazzard right here
and then we found Deputy Blount
and Mister Perth right here.
Okay, Shady Lake.
That's where we found that other colony
and then another one at the school.
- My God.
- So they changed direction
after the earthquake.
- Yeah, their foraging
pattern shifted 180 degrees.
- What are we gonna do?
- What's this gray area right here?
- That's the new dam.
It's not on the map yet.
- Let's go!
- Wait a minute.
You're suggesting that we go
to where the ants are converging?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Look.
- What?
There's Burly Pines, there's Boulder Pass.
- No, below that, about a
mile down the flood basin.
- They're coming right at us.
- There's only thing left to do.
- What?
What is that?
- Blow the dam.
- What?
We can't do that, Jim.
- That's crazy.
You'll flood the entire valley.
- Look, right now Burly
Pines is a ghost town.
Those ants are headed this way.
They're gonna be in Anchorage in a month
and there will be nothing
left alive in their path.
- There's gotta be another way.
- Look out there, will ya?
There's millions of 'em!
Hundreds of colonies have hooked up now
and they're heading this way.
That flood basin is the
lowest point in the valley.
I'm telling you, drowning the ants
is the only way to wipe 'em out.
- How do we blow up the
damn without explosives?
- Well, I said I had a solution.
I didn't say I had a plan.
- You know, there might
be some dynamite left
in Gray Wolf's construction trailer.
- Great, let's go.
- Yeah, the only problem
is after they built the dam
they flooded the access road.
So we have to go back up to Burly Pines
and then come back up through the valley.
It takes at least an hour.
- We don't have that kind of time.
- Man, there's gotta be a faster way.
- Chad, be careful.
- Alright, I will.
- Gray Wolf's construction
trailer's right down there.
- Okay, I'll need to borrow
one of your climbing rigs.
- No, I'll go.
- Jeff.
- Alright.
I'll give you a hand.
Listen, I want you to take
this in case you need it.
I hope you don't.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- Hey, be careful.
- Thanks.
That's it.
- Are you okay?
- Can't stand to be away from me, huh?
- Come on.
Let's go, the ants are
getting closer to the dam.
I got the cable.
I'll see you on top.
- It'll be my pleasure.
- Okay, pull me up!
- Good.
- What took you guys so long?
- Only a few dozen ants that
wanted to have us for dinner.
- Come on, throw down the cable!
- Dad, hurry up!
The ants are coming!
- Stop it, stop it!
- Alright, fire it up!
Get me outta here!
- Okay, he's clipped.
Jeff, what's going on?
- You guys, what are you doing?
Don't stop now!
- Come on.
Come on you guys!
Come on you guys, pull me up!
Come on.
What is going on?
Come on, you bitch!
Way to go, Dad!
- Sorry guys, guess I'm
the one that got away.
- What did you find?
- Six bundles of dynamite.
Some fuse material,
there wasn't much of it.
- How long are they?
- I wish they were longer.
- Alright, let's go.
- Okay you guys, for the
shockwave to have maximum effect
it needs to start at the
top and work its way down.
Laura, careful.
Set that fuse at the top.
Croy, you set the one in the middle.
I'm gonna go down and get me
one last look at these beauties
before I flush 'em back to South America.
- Dad, come on.
- Come on, hurry!
Hurry you guys, the ants are almost there!
Hurry up!
Come on, hurry!
You guys!
Hurry up Dad!
- Chad!
Get on the helicopter!
- Okay, it's show time.
Croy, count to three
before you light yours.
- Got it.
- Laura, go ahead and light yours.
- Okay.
- Let's make some noise!
I need your lighter!
- Jim, come on!
- It's an earthquake!
- He's still down there!
- Wait, what are you doing?
Just jump and hold on!
- Jim, come on!
- Come on, Jim!
So how'd you find us?
- Oh, I got a call from
a Gray Wolf Murdock
asking me to look for survivors.
- What happens now?
- Marabunta's one of
nature's great mysteries.
Hopefully most of them drowned but
the ants that got away could
go under ground for 10 years.
- So where can I take you people?
- Boy, I don't know.
I guess we'll have to wait 'til
the water in Burly Pines recedes.
- That could take weeks.
Months, even.
- So, what are you gonna do now?
- Well, we can't say for sure
that the queen was drowned.
I've got my theories though.
I'd like to stick around and test 'em out.
You know, my mom used to say
that being an entomologist
would be boring.
- She should see you now.
So is there's anyone back in Los Angeles
who's waiting for you?
- Nothing human.