Legionnaire (1998) Movie Script

At the height of it's glory, the French Foreign Legion
consisted of men considered, common ... the dregs of society.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
It was an army of mercenaries in the northern colonies
of Africa and Southeast Asia.
However, it's soldiers did not swear allegiance to France,
but only to the Legion and their peers.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
The Legion was not interested in the past of it's men.
Neither did it offer many hopes for the future.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
The Legionnaires fought to the last man standing.
Whatever the conflict. Whatever the cause.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
It was a hard way of getting a second chance in life.
- Maxim?
-Rene, oh would you like a drink?
No, no, no let's have a talk. Heh?
You said midnight.
Not to worry, he'll be here.
My brother does not like
to be kept waiting.
It's disrespectful!
I promise you! Ten minutes.
That's all you get, huh?
Alan, what the hell do you think
you're doing?
-Meeting you.
-Aren't you supposed to be an hour ago.
Jeez, Alan, can't you just for once
help me out?
- Why do you have to make everything so difficult?
- Oh, Maxim you love it.
You don't get off the hook that easy.
Especially after what I've been
thru setting this up.
Galgani has sunk a lot of cash
into this deal.
We have an opportunity to make
some real money ...
... and maybe even hold onto it
for a change.
Hey Julot, how's the glass jaw?
Monsieur Galgani, this is
Alan Lefevre.
- You are late.
- Better late than never.
Who's this comedian? I thought
you managed a fighter.
Excuse me, Mr. Lefevre, ...
I never do business ...
in the presence of ...
... the female gender.
Let's go to the bar.
Julot tells me you are someone
who can be trusted.
Please... bear with my bluntness
if I get straight to the point.
It's ok by me.
The gates have been good.
You are a big draw.
I'll give you a shot at Julot for ...
twice ... your normal purse.
Not bad!
There is just one minor stipulation.
Which is?
You take a dive in the second round.
I don't crash the canvas for anyone.
You're over your head.
Don't push your luck.
My brother, I love him dearly,
but he tends to jump the gun.
Let me help you comprehend
the situation.
You fight for me ...
... or you never fight again.
Hey Katrina.
You know I hate keeping people waiting.
Not now, Katrina. This is business.
Either you come now, or I leave by myself.
I think it would be a very wise decision
to accept my offer ...
... Mr. Comedian.
You, come with me.
So, what's your answer, Big Shot?
I'll do it.
What was that all about?
How could you embarass me like that?
So that was the Romeo who
left you standing at the altar.
That shallow two-bit clown.
Why did you do this to me?
Especially after everything
I've done for you.
If it wasn't for me, ...
you'd still be just an immigrant ...
threading needles in that filthy shop.
You make me do these things
that hurt you.
Don't do this to us.
You know I love.
Half before the fight. The rest after.
Arrange it.
Hey, Lucien.
We have a deal.
What made him change his mind?
What can I tell you?
You're not the only Galgani
who's got the goods, heh?
It's a pitty everyone doesn't learn
as quickly as you do.
May I help you?
Is it me? Or are you just stubborn?
It's just that I always take care of myself.
That's it.
You came. I knew you would.
Is that the way to welcome an old friend?
Is that what we were?
I've changed.
I'm different now.
Alan, what do you want?
Did you forget about our dream?
- Going to America?
- Don't!
That dream is dead.
I've been sitting in my room all day
with your note.
Considering whether to see you or not.
When you didn't show up that day, ...
... everything around me ...
- ... began to fall apart.
- Katrina, please.
Let me explain.
This is not easy for me, Alan.
But, I'm in trouble.
I've gotta get away from Lucien.
If I don't, I know he'll
hurt me.
The ships to America sail from Toulon.
We can catch the midnight train.
Ladies and gentlemen, ...
... the main contest
this evening ...
... is between, in the blue corner ...
... weighing in at 88 and a half kilos,
Alan Lefevre.
And his opponent this evening,
in the red corner ...
... weighing in at 88 kilos,
Julot Gaultier.
Thank you.
Julot, Julot, Julot!
Where is Katrina?
You know how she hates the fights.
She always comes late.
Alan, Alan. Let me through.
- You okay?
- Yeh.
- You've got it?
- In here.
Great. In the pocket.
- What is this?
- I'll explain later.
I want a clean fight,
gentlemen. No dirty tricks.
Let's go.
Come out fighting on the bell.
Round one.
Don't make it so easy.
Julot, Julot, Julot!
The last time we fought Champ
I was paid to take a dive.
Two, three...
Go back to your corner.
One, two, three ...
Six, ...
Come on, get up, get up.
There's another round. Get up!
Okay! This is it.
This is the round.
All you gotta do is make it look good.
Alan, Alan, look at me!
Stay focused!
Just hit the canvas. You got it?
- You got it?
- I've got it!
Round two.
Think about the money.
Galgani owns your woman.
Now he owns you!
Any last words, champ?
I changed my mind.
No! No! No!
You killed us!
Get them!
- I knew it.
- The knife.
- I knew it.
- The knife.
- Okay! Okay!
Too proud to lose a fight,
so we lose everything!
We're dead!
Everything is arranged.
Excuse me. Come on!
You and me and Katrina, we're
leaving for America. Tonight!
Tonight! America? We'll be lucky to get
out of here alive!
- You got the tickets.
- In the envelope, hey?
- Rene, get in the car.
- Go! Go!
Come on, let's go! Go!
How 'bout first class tickets ...
... on an oceanliner?
Great! A month vomiting over
a railing.
What are you complaining about?
- We're finally going to America.
- What else do you want?
What else do I want?
Slow down, we lost them!
- I'm not taking any chances.
- Hey.
- Give me the cross.
- What? The cross?
They're gone. Trust me!
- Go back, Alan! Go back!
- Maxim!
I'm sorry.
Hold on!
What's your hurry, champ?
Rober, tell Galgani we have him!
Hold him!
There! There he is.
Oh No!
Get him!
Kill him!
This way! I'm sure he went this way.
Lefevre, you're a dead man!
You'll never see him again.
If you try running away once more, ...
... you're dead.
So? You come with a mission? ...
... or you come by mistake?
Please ... be seated!
Soissons, 1918.
Morocco, 1922.
So! How can we help you, Monsieur?
- I want to join the Legion.
- Aah!
But of course, you have come to
the right place.
Name, please!
But understand one thing,
Monsieur ...
... Duchamp.
Once you sign, there is no backing out.
There are only three ways to return
to la Belle France.
One, fulfill your contract.
Two, disability.
And three, ...
... in a box.
Make room!
Out of the way!
Come on! Move you pigs!
"From little towns in a far
land we came ...
to save our honor ...
from a world aflame.
"In little towns in far lands
we seek ...
- Whooh! Oh boy.
- Go!
"And trust that world
we won, to you ...
One, two. One, two. One, two. One, two.
One, two. Moove thoose legs!
Oh! Can I have a cigarette? Heh?
It's a very good cigarette.
Look at these men. All these men who left
their homes so they can be heroes.
That is why I left.
Know why I want to be hero?
So I can marry my Anna.
She is my aah... fiance.
But don't tell no one, huh?
It's a secret. For you and me.
Between you and me.
We're friends.
Anna's mother and father, they don't like me.
They say I'm a bum.
But I will show them. One day Guido will
go home to town ...
I will have medals on my chest, maybe
even a band playing ...
Then they will say, "Guido Rosetti
is good for Anna".
Hey. Want to see picture?
Look at that. Que bella, heh?
I am the luckiest man in
the world.
Come on! Move!
Move! Move!
Get into line! Come on! Come on! Move!
Get into line!
Straighten your back!
You are men, not dogs.
You, get into line! Tighten it up!
I thought I left this crap back in the States.
Where do you think you are, negro?
You only speak when you're
spoken to. Understand?
Yes, sir.
- Come on!
- I understands all too well.
Keep quiet!
What the hell you lookin at?
I said keep quiet!
Eyes front! Arms at your side!
A Rif tribesman can gallop
like the wind.
Decapitate a man's head ...
... and, without stopping impale it
on the tip of his sword ...
... like an olive on a toothpick.
They exist solely for the honor of
dying in battle.
Abd-El Krim, their leader,
very cunning, very clever ...
... has unified the Berber tribes
into one fighting force ...
... the like of which you have never seeen!
With such dreams they have wiped out ...
... over 15,000 troops.
Are you going to kill some camel humpers, boy?
Yes, Sergeant Schiff! I'd like to kill thousands.
If you kill one it will be a miracle.
They say God made man in his own image.
- He must have been drunk when He made you.
- Yes, Sergeant Schiff!
Hmmf! And what brings your lordship to
this cesspool of humanity?
Sergeant Schiff! I believe it's the
Legionnaire's prerogative ...
... to withold those particulars.
Don't spit your prerogatives at
me English!
Your prerogative is to listen, ...
... learn! ... and obey.
I will break you!
Then remake you!
You will all become Legionnaires ...
... or you will surely die.
Do you comprehend my words?
I see that you don't!
There is a fog over your eyes ...
... in which you can see only
your own arrogance.
But they will clear.
You will all love the Legion ...
... with one body ...
... with one heart ...
... and with one soul.
Aah! You will be Legionnaires.
Cut away!
You, take that hat off now!
Aah! You! Chop this negro's hair!
Come on. Hurry! Cut it off!
We don't have all day.
- Keep straight!
- Great.
Line up ladies, it's time
for your bidet (delouse)!
You smell like camel shit!
They feed better slop to the pigs
back home!
Better get used to it.
Danke schn! (Thank you very much).
Bruner does not have enough to eat.
Heeey! Enough!
That's enough! Sit down!
- Sit down!
- Hey!
You don't want to push that jackass
too far.
You're not exactly his favorite.
I know what it's like to be
an underdog.
Who doesn't?
What the hell do you know? White boy!
Ooh friend, have you got cigarette?
Have I shown you photo of my Anna?
Sorry about what happened earlier.
I just ain't used to being treated as human.
That's okay.
You don't know what it's like for
us back in the States.
Them white folks is crazy.
Always some white gal blaming rape
on an innocent Black man.
Not that time.
I was fingered for committing murder.
You ever been accused of
something you never did?
The old folks used to talk about Africa.
Sounded like a place I could get
a shot at being a man.
Hitch? This hitch was my quickest route.
Figured after five years ...
I'd have me some money ... keep
heading down south ...
... chasing my dream.
The only thing that keeps a man living.
Got to have a dream.
- I think this wins, gentlemen.
- Shit!
Oh, don't get upset. It's only a game.
Come, join us for a couple of hands!
No! No, thank you.
Are you insulting me boy?
No, I do not know how to play.
No, I'm the one who's going to play.
You lend me some money and
we split it 50-50.
- I have no money.
- Don't make me look for it boy!
Maybe tomorrow.
- I don't want to fight you.
- Yah? Well, I do.
What's wrong with you?
I don't want to fight.
Let him go!
Who asked you?
I said ... let him go!
Leave him!
Gentlemen, I bet one pound
the Frenchman will win.
Any denomination.
German marks, liras ...
Thank you, gentlemen.
Anyone! Any more (bets)?
Let's keep it sporting, shall we?
Well done!
Gentlemen, I'm sooo sorry.
That was the best roughhouse
I've seen this side of the war ferry.
Name's Mackintosh.
- Alan.
- Alan?
Alan Duchamp.
This business with the elbow ...
Get out of your beds, you filthy bastards!
You can shit, you can shave, but ...
... you must move!
Get out! Pee in your pants if you need to, but move!
Get out you scum!
Move! Alez! (Come on!)
Quick! Quick! Quick!
Come on, you'll never overcome the
Rif at that pace.
Sit down and rest.
Some of you are making a
reasonable impersonation of ...
... being men.
And... since I'm in a particularly
good mood, ...
I'm going to offer you a treat.
Yes, ... rocks.
Come on! Move!
Lift your legs up!
In line you dog!
Get your legs up!
Leave him, he came for himself.
This is the Legion.
You march or you die.
What is it? What is this "march
or die"?
Precisely that.
Loyalty is a virtue.
But in the desert nothing
interferes with survival.
You cut your losses ...
... and you move on.
Stay with me. Come on,
keep your elbows going.
It'll be over before you know it!
Guido move! Come on!
Come on Guido! Move!
Come with me!
At least you look the part.
These men are from the International News Association.
Your ugly mugs will be seen all
over the world.
Do us proud!
- Sir, I would like to be excused!
You will uphold the honor of the Legion.
Mom is not here to do it for you.
Hey Mac is that the soap?
The first thing the Colonel taught me.
Always carry a bar of soap.
Never rely on the military for
personal needs.
And you certainly can't expect
this kind of luxury in the Legion.
- Use it sparingly will yah!
- Got any soap?
See now.
Hey, how you doing. This is soap.
Throw it down. Lather it up real good.
No, no, no, no, your wasting it!
All you need to do is just a few
short firm strokes.
No! No! It's in the dunking.
Anna always say you dunk.
My dear fellow ... what good is it soaking it?
Soak it! Soak it!
Stop! Stop!
I get it. I get it.
Alright! Alright, you got it.
Do mine too?
Who's Anna?
- I don't tell you about Anna?
- Nah.
Let me tell you about the most
beautiful Angel in the world.
Oh she's lovely. Is she a relation of you?
- No, she's my fiance.
- No! ...
It's amazing, this is crazier than
Bourbon street in New Orleans.
Legionnaire, come with me?
I'll come anywhere you want to take me, girl.
We're on leave.
- Alright, show me the door.
- Hey, what is this place? Heh?
We really should go to a
European establishment.
This is the place.
If you all don't like the merchandise don't
buy it. But, this store is alright by me.
Two seconds, my friends they need me very much.
Come on girl.
Desertion of one's comrades in the face of the enemy ...
... is punishable by firing squad if
I'm not mistaken.
Not tonight my dear.
What's wrong? You don't like girls?
Of course not. I'm British.
Later, yes? Later.
How much?
- Twenty.
- For both of us?
- For both of us?
Wooh! Wooh! Wooh!
This is not such a good idea.
You no understand.
My Anna she may not like this. Okay?
Just think of it as training ...
... for the army.
Ah, like hitting the bullseye.
Practice makes perfect.
- Okay! Okay, I'll do it.
- Yes, come on now.
Scotts' Guards.
We marched into Damascus
with General Allenby.
We freed Arabia from the Turks.
So I picked up a few
phrases down the years.
Most of them are pretty
useless outside of brothels, frankly.
Every Saturday night ...
We sneak out to be together.
We spend hours just walking,
and talking ...
... and sometimes, only sometimes, ...
... after a glass of wine ...
... we even kiss.
What about a drink?
Honor was my lot.
My father, the Colonel, drummed
it into me from the time I was a boy.
He was ...
He was my hero.
But I never quite managed to live up
to the standard that he set.
You know, It always struck me as
rather odd that a man ...
... can be glorified for
pillage and murder.
But, ostracized for dishonor.
That is something I wouldn't wish
on anyone.
Is that why you left the military?
Dishonorably discharged, to be
What was the problem?
I like to gamble ...
... Alan.
I can't help myself.
Is the devil and it's the love of my life.
And there's nothing else I ...
Well ...
Nothing else will do.
And the higher the stakes ...
... the more I like it.
Of course, it doesn't really become
a problem ...
... until I lose.
Then I have to do sordid things like ...
... write bad checks.
They stripped me of my command
in front of my men.
Some of them had been with me
for nearly 15 years.
But that was the easy part.
Seeing the disappointment in the old
man's eyes ...
... it's the wound that doesn't heal.
I know the feeling.
And the first time I saw it ...
... in Katrina's eyes.
What went wrong?
When I first met her I thought I changed.
We had a dream. Get married.
Go to America.
But I couldn't do it.
You ran.
Well we've all run old man.
That's why we're here. Isn't it?
I have to find her.
When we're thru with this stint,
I'll help you to find her.
Your Katrina.
You have my word.
But, why me?
My brother was murdered.
You were the one who suggested Lefevre
in the first place.
I hold you just as responsible.
That's crazy! Who knows when that
photograph was taken?
The guy could be anywhere.
I don't give a damn what it takes.
I want that bastard dead.
Viktor will be along to watch your back.
Set your guard to boot!
I'm Captain Charlier, your
new commanding officer.
We are being sent to Fort Bernelle, ...
... the last French stronghold
between us and Abd-El Krim.
This self-proclaimed Arab leader has
taken his forces deep ...
... into French territory destroying
9 other outposts.
The Legionnaires defending these positions
were all brutally slaughtered ...
... and those who did not die immediately,
were tortured in a despicable manner.
We leave at dawn.
Sgt. Schiff.
A word of advice.
I suggest that you keep one
last bullet in your pocket ...
... not for your enemy, but
for yourselves.
Hey Alan, how far you think this Fort is?
I don't know, Guido.
What do you think, Mac?
About a mile closer than the
last time you asked.
I have a bad feeling in the stomach.
It's hunger.
Don't joke with me.
I don't think I'm gonna make it.
What are you saying?
You're gonna make it.
I not so sure.
Look, the fort is not so far.
- Just keep your mind on getting there, okay?
- Yeh.
Will you promise me if I don't make it
you will tell my Anna.
Promise me, heh?
I promise. I'll will tell your Anna.
But you gonna make it.
- Yeh.
- Okay?
- You're gonna make it.
- Yeh. Good!
Guido, we've only been marching three days.
Who knows how long we got.
Out here your whole life is
in your canteen.
Every drop is precious.
So when you do drink, do so wisely.
Come on! Move!
Let's go!
- You should have told us.
- I'm a Legionnaire.
Legionnaires march or die, okay?
Don't buy in to that Legionnaire crap.
It don't mean nothing out here.
It's about surviving. All we got
is each other.
- I'm not a baby!
- Luther is right.
- Give him your foot lad!
We won't think any less of you.
This has nothing to do
with your manhood.
If we stick together we'll make it back home.
Listen, you'll make it.
Trust me.
One big empty country.
Big it is. But I promise you empty
it is not.
They're out there waiting,
watching, ...
... planning when and how they're
going to kill us.
We're the intruders, Luther.
It's their country.
And every man, woman and child ...
will give up their lives ... before
they give it up to us.
Guido, don't let it get to you.
Come on.
Stay in line! Move it!
- Guido!
- Leave him alone!
- Get up!
- I no can go on!
- Come on Guido, get up!
- I no can go on!
- Get back!
- March!
Back in line!
Get up! On your feet!
He needs some time to rest.
He's weak.
The man is mentally weak.
Physical weakness is nothing a
night's sleep can't cure.
This man is incurable.
You always tell us ...
... the Legion ... is a family!
Don't tell me about the Legion!
Now. Leave him!
I left a friend to die once before.
Then carry your friend.
Give him your water.
Give him your blood for all I care.
But I will not sap the strength ...
... of sixty men to save two!
Pick up those rifles!
On the march! Move!
- Let's go! March!
- He's finished.
- March!
We'll never make it. Leave me!
We've got this far.
We'll make it. We will.
Move it!
Water! Water!
It's a bloody circus!
Someone's gotta talk some sense into these idiots.
Sir, with the greatest possible respect, ...
... might I suggest sentries on
the high ground?
At the moment we're nothing more
than a flock of sitting ducks.
- Ah, a military expert.
- He is right, Sergeant Schiff.
See to it!
Very well, English.
Unpack the heavy machine gun.
Take it to your high ground.
By the way, you and your comrad
will be the last to drink water.
Thanks, Mac.
I don't mind drinking mud
for the next couple days.
Better mud than blood my friend.
We can cover most of the ground from here.
- Take cover!
- Take cover!
Get down! Take cover!
Down! Down! Down!
Return fire!
Follow me!
Get down! Return fire!
You're safe here.
- Keep down!
- I want to fight!
Just stay here!
Sergeant! Get your men behind those rocks!
Luther, behind you!
Fall back!
Form two lines!
Protect the ammo!
What the hell's going on!
The ammo.
They're after the ammo.
It's over.
Just beginning.
At least he died ...
... a Legionnaire.
He proved himself a Legionnaire.
And so did 19 other brave Legionnaires
who died for us today.
So,when I give an order it's not because
I like the sound of my own voice, ...
... I do it for the benefit of the whole
company, not just the individual.
I hope at last you understand that.
Corporal Metz!
Move out!
You heard. Move it!
Move! Come on!
I was expecting a full company.
- Where's your commanding officer?
- Lost in an ambush.
Along with the ammo and supplies
so it seems.
- Come on! This way!
- Deserters?
Put them on work detail, immediately!
We have much work. Pick up
your tools and move out!
You did all you could for Guido.
You gave him a second chance.
And what did Guido do with it?
He saved Steinkampf.
Insubordination my ass!
What kind of crazy army is this anyway?
A French one.
Yeh, we saved their asses
and they punish us for it.
I should have shot that fool when
I had the chance.
- With your aim?
- What are you complaining about?
- At least we've got water.
- Yes, and without mud.
Steinkampf must be getting a soft
spot for us.
Get back to work, now!
- Come on, gang of vagrants,
keep working.
- Okay, Seargent.
How fortunate for us.
At least this Platoon got through
the Rifs.
Have them unload the supplies.
You three, unpack the ammo.
What there is of it.
So, you don't always win, English.
Mind if I join you?
It's good to see an old face ...
... even as ugly as your's.
Still the comedian.
We've been close, but never introduced.
Screw you!
My friends I would like to introduce
you to Julot and ...
... aah "Screw you!".
Laugh while you still can.
You know, until today I thought I
was the biggest idiot on earth.
But you guys ...
You want to know what happened to
your little bitch?
I want to thank you ...
... because when I joined the
Foreign Legion ...
... I didn't care if I lived or died.
Now that you're here ...
... I think that I'll stick around.
Section, guard to boot!
Starting today we'll be sending out
reconnaisance patrols ...
... on a daily basis.
Sargent Schiff.
The following Legionnaires will
step forward for the day's patrol.
Legionnaires, dismissed!
You, come with me!
The rifle, Alan.
Sorry old chap, but this appears
to be my second chance.
What happened about looking
after your friends?
My father paid off all my debts.
The disgrace nearly killed him.
Now, I have a chance ...
... to make my peace with him.
Are you the one ...
... who gets to pull the trigger?
I deliver you.
I lead them out of the desert.
You took the word of Galgani?
And these two?
He gets half the money now.
Monsier Galgani will honor the rest.
On your feet! Shoot!
On your feet!
Julot, my rifle!
Keep moving!
Come on men!
Take cover!
Go! I will cover you!
- Go!
- Come on!
Don't look back!
I can't always be around to
save your asses, friends?
What's wrong with Mac?
What the hell's wrong with you?
Wear this.
So you know I'm always with you.
On the double! Move!
They're moving in.
Everyone on the wall!
Make every bullet count!
Guess we didn't do such a good job
on the barbed wire, heh?
Take cover, they're throwing grenades.
Who the hell they kidding?
They don't stand a chance against us.
Don't underestimate them.
Or anyone else, heh?
- Mac! Mac!
- Damn it!
- Mac!
- Shit!
- Alan!
Come on!
Come on, man! Come on!
Come on! Let's go!
The ammo!
We didn't do too bad.
We're finished.
We have no ammunition.
How are you doing, English?
Oh, I think I'll pull thru Sir.
What rank were you in your
British Army?
Julot! Major of Infantry.
Well, as of now you're a Sargent
of the Legion.
Be spare with compliments but ...
... the men have done well.
Would you tell them that?
Perhaps they would like to hear it from you, Sir.
I expect they would.
Major of the Infantry, heh?
It fits him like a brand new suit.
It's what's inside a man that counts.
I feel a lot better now that he's
running the show.
Hell, he probably already figured
a way out of here.
Hey, Major Mac.
We need to talk.
Without ammo we won't last another day.
Between two of the Rif encampments
there's some open ground.
Our only hope is to get a message thru
to Fort Corbiere ...
... to send reinforcements.
Let me guess.
We're the volunteers.
No, the private here, ...
... he can pass as a native.
It's suicide.
If I could go with you I would.
Then I'm going with him.
He goes alone!
Came out here to find a life.
But I realize I've been looking
in the wrong place.
It ain't out here.
In here.
It's like you said, we all brothers
out here, ...
... whether we like it or not.
Whatever Mac's done ...
... let it go.
When the time comes ...
... he'll be there for you.
One for the pocket.
Why don't you hold on to this for me?
Come on. I can't chance losing it
out there.
Play a tune.
"Voil du boudin".
"Voil du boudin".
Good luck.
I don't need it.
This is aah ...
... this is the part I never had the
stomach for.
Sending them out there when you know
damn well what their chances are.
This your life?
We're gonna die here today.
No, no!
Make it quick, brother.
Hold your fire.
Look. They're on all sides.
Come on, cover!
Seal the entrance!
Move! Move! Come on!
Hold your fire!
Wait until they're in range!
Push cart!
Protect the gate!
Ready to fire.
Julot, come on!
Let's go!
If I were a gambling man, I'd have
my money on the Rifs.
Now your finished hey man!
I was never paid to take a dive.
Just tell me ...
... Is she safe.
You'll never know.
What he forgot to say ...
... is that she ran away from Galgani.
She went to America.
Something about a dream.
Couldn't let it happen that way old man.
They'll be back again soon.
Listen ...
If by some miracle, ...
... you get out of this, ...
... would you do me a favor?
Give a kiss to your Katrina
for me, will you?
"From little towns in a far land
we came ...
to save our honor ...
and a world aflame.
By little towns in a far land we sleep.
And trust that world we won ...
... for you to keep".
For centuries, my people have
roamed across this land.
It has always been our home.
In our culture, ...
... a man who has courage is
valued above all.
For this reason I will allow you to live.
Take a message to your leader.
This is what awaits them ...
... if they continue invading our country.
Improved Subtitle by fred567 from Spanish subtitle using
Google translation and listening to correct the dialogue.
-Revision 4