Legiony (2019) Movie Script

August of 1914. For over a hundred years
Poles have been living
under the partitions
of Russia, Austria and Germany.
The Great War breaks out.
The partitioning powers
turn against each other.
There's a forced conscription going on.
Poles, however, are creating
their own armed forces.
Stay down!
You want to see foreign places?
Damn deserter!
Now you'll run after us.
I did my thing. Pay me!
I went around the entire village.
Nobody wants to go.
- Nobody?
- They're afraid.
We don't have any carts.
It's 15 km to the train station.
Different teams, different routes.
Two people carry,
third one is resting.
Take turns every 15 minutes.
Don't get into any fights.
The train leaves at 6 pm.
Be there. That's an order.
I'll feel safer if you take this.
Gentlemen, let's go.
Step aside!
Away, you scumbag!
Let go!
Who are you?
A deserter.
They wanted to hang me.
Have you got a handkerchief?
Ola... you're beautiful.
Give me a second.
Where are your horses,
Imagination is all you need.
- You Socialists share your wives?
- Only with National Democrats.
- You want to get hit?
- Try it.
Your sister meets
the Rifle Squad man.
- And your sister looks like you?
- Yes, she does.
Unlucky girl.
- Can you clean my shoes right now?
- No way. Too many of them.
Do you ladies need any help?
Maybe you need some help?
We invite all the injured
to the Women's League.
Don't look back!
What a piece of gun!
Leave it!
Put it away to the box.
- Just checking.
- We had an order!
- Officer my ass!
- Put it back!
Where are you from?
From where?
From d.
That's where we're heading.
We are starting an uprising.
Give it back, you moron!
Give it back!
Don't give me orders.
- Come, Riflemen!
- Let's go, boys!
Put down the rifle!
Get down!
Get up!
- Where are you from?
- From Lww.
- And you?
- From Pozna.
- You?
- Cieszyn.
Get down!
They came
from all over Poland.
They bought fancy uniforms
with their own money.
Get up!
They even put eagle badges on.
Get down!
Get up!
My question is:
why are you here?
To fight each other?
- Citizen Krl...
- Get down!
Exactly: 'citizen'.
Why do we address
each other this way?
Why are you standing up?
I wasn't fighting.
Get up!
We were slaves
to three emperors.
But we don't give a shit
about them.
We are free men.
We are citizens.
You came here willingly.
You can leave if you want to.
Get down!
There's the gate.
Get up.
This time we'll make it.
Otherwise it's over for us.
- Citizen Krl! This deserter. . .
- I know.
What's your name?
That's it?
Poles salute with two fingers.
You know why?
One means honor,
the other means fatherland.
Nice shoes.
I found them.
That's good.
I lost mine.
Did you bring him, Zbarski?
See what he's good at.
Let's see,
what he's made of!
Get him, Franek.
Get up!
He's no use.
Give him a break!
Franek is in a good shape, huh?
Show's over.
Take it if you're hungry.
Can I be of any help?
Do you know
where we're going?
I'm on my way to d.
Come with me.
Sit down
and peel some potatoes.
Go ahead.
And this is your sword.
You can do it... knight!
Move your ass, Franek!
No more Riflemen
or Rifle Squads.
Your only insignia
will be the white eagle.
However, until you receive
your new insignia,
I order you
to exchange your old ones
as a symbol of brotherhood
of Polish soldiers.
Riflemen, give your badges
to Rifle Squads and vice versa.
Do you want a soul?
Give a soul of yours.
We'll be leaving soon.
We will check the border for you.
Go back to Lww.
- How's your medical studies?
- There's no rush.
I insist.
As a soldier I refuse.
I love you.
See you tomorrow.
Whether we die fighting
Or in Syberian snowy forests rot
From our hardship
toil and suffering
Poland will rise again
From our hardship
toil and suffering
Poland will rise again
Ahead of us lies the enslaved land.
Our goal is to set it free.
In the name of the National Government
I declare a state of war with Russia!
Why do you, officer,
pretend to be a corporal?
- You're going back to headquarters.
- No way. I'm staying with these boys.
The Russians left the town,
but people are hiding in their homes.
Wake up. The potatoes
will not peel themselves.
Platoon Four
line up in formation!
Have we crossed the border yet?
You didn't cross.
You slept through it.
Left turn!
Where are they going?
To the town.
Is there a railroad?
A real railway man you are!
Get to work!
- Where you're going?
- To d.
Thanks for the ride.
Give the knife back!
I was in the Russian army.
They have more cannons
than you have people here.
Hot off the press.
What's up?
Did you get a promotion?
Get the rifle.
This is our country.
It'll make you look
more serious.
Which way
to the train station?
Behind the town hall.
Go straight.
Any trains to d?
It's a war, mister. War!
- My God!
- Stop it.
Are you crazy?
There are Russians everywhere.
On the tower...
On the tower.
Follow me!
- Jzek!
- Ola!
Run fast!
On my command. Fire!
Cease fire.
- Give me a cigarette.
- You don't smoke.
From now on
you are Wiea.
Jzef Wiea.
Give him a uniform.
He looks like a bum.
Sign it.
In the midst
of the widespread passivity
it was necessary for the boldest
and the most energetic
to shoulder their responsibility
the initiative of casting
a spark on the gunpowder.
You cast this spark
by setting an example to others,
as the leaders of the Polish nation's
struggle for the independence.
In Krakow, the Supreme National
Committee has been established
of all Polish parties,
which, with the consent
of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy
is to issue Polish Legions
to fight against Russia.
I thank all the soldiers
for their efforts.
I want to believe that
the discipline you have shown
will inspire future Legions. "
Good morning.
Reporting, Sir.
We'll pick you up right here.
Down the river. Ola knows the area.
- Here's what you asked for.
- Thank you.
You better split up.
Zbarski, Kamil -
we're off in half an hour!
Yes, sir!
Come here, Wiea.
Have you finished your meal?
You'll come with us.
- Where to?
- We'll cover them.
Our fate depends
on these two girls.
If they fail,
we'll be surrounded.
And that's it.
Where are we?
Right here.
- How far is d?
- What do you mean?
The city of d.
Hurrying home?
I have a business.
Take it.
- What is it?
- A schoolbook. Study it.
- For me?
- Yeah.
Don't forget your rifle.
Should I come up to him?
Go ahead!
Sink or swim.
I thought
you'd never come.
I was supposed to come to you?
That's the new custom
among you.
Was it the wrong thing to do?
Will you go out
with me one day?
I thought you'd never ask.
I have to go.
It's coming.
Let's go.
Are you afraid?
Women are coming!
Where to?
We must get to the town.
The bridge is closed.
We must see the doctor.
Let us go, I beg you.
He's so young.
- And so sick.
- Show me.
- It's typhus.
- What?
- Typhoid.
- Shit!
- Look.
- Go to hell!
Thank you.
Go away!
Where are those women?
Stop you two!
Follow me!
You two - put out the fuse.
Follow me!
Kill them!
- They should be back by now.
- I know. Go and get them.
Split up.
Where's the second bitch?!
You want to live,
but you'll die anyway.
Only first
we have some fun.
It's over!
I surrender.
Take me captive.
Are you all right?
We have to save her!
Son, she's dead.
They're coming!
Take her out of here! By boat.
I won't leave you...
Zbarski! Take the girl!
It's an order!
Let's go. Run!
Don't you dare die on me.
Give up!
Drop your weapons!
Don't shoot!
- I beg you! Don't shoot!
- Shut up!
- They're going to kill us!
- Silence, I say!
- Commander! They'll kill us!
- Shut your mouth!
Shame on you!
We need to write a letter.
To her parents.
You were brave.
someone's waiting for you.
Take care of her.
What a blast!
- Way to go, girls!
- Krysia is dead.
Zbarski reporting.
I'm Topr.
Here's a transfer order
to the Second Cavalry Squadron.
Your cousin is the commander,
I request a postponement.
It's not an invitation to a party.
I can't leave my fiance.
We're at war.
I must take care of her.
I understand.
Take care of her.
You've got 15 minutes.
Yes, sir.
may I be dismissed?
- We're leaving soon.
- Yes, sir.
They're transferring me.
- When?
- Right now.
Will you wait for me?
Are you going to come back?
Are you?
I am.
Marry me.
I will marry you.
Just promise
that you won't get killed.
- Promise.
- I swear.
I swear.
I'll wait for you.
You're beautiful.
It's a piece of cake for us, Ocean.
What's the plan, Dunin?
- Move out.
- All of them?
Come up with something.
Let's start.
Gentlemen! The Austrian leadership
expects us to charge the enemy's trenches.
They know it means death.
But we will make it through!
We will carry out the order
and limit the losses.
That's why
only one squadron will go.
The Second Squadron!
Mount your horses!
We did it in Vienna,
in Samosierra...
Let's not waste our breath,
you know why we're here anyway!
Charge, Polish Cavalry!
And... forward!
Long live Poland!
Prepare yourselves!
Charge the next trenches!
Fire at will!
Jump on, Dunin!
Save yourselves!
Reload faster!
To the Tsar!
Enemy in trenches!
Defend yourselves!
Where's Tadek?
He was in the battle in Rokitna.
Say it.
There were 64 of us
in the charge.
Many died.
So he's alive?
Yes or no?
He's on the dead list.
Is there any chance?
For his family.
No need to be afraid.
You've got your hands and legs.
Don't be afraid.
- What should I do?
- Pick up the bandages.
They need to be washed.
What's wrong?
Get up!
On your feet!
Come on, faster!
- Welcome!
- Come on in!
Take off your clothes!
Hurry up.
Captain Zotnicki
kindly reporting for duty.
I missed you....
You're lucky
you ended up with me.
- Surname?
- Krl.
Write down:
Stanisaw Kaszubski.
- Place of birth?
- Poland.
There's no such
place nor country.
You were born
in the Vistula Land,
which means you're a subject and officer
of His Imperial Majesty Nicholas II.
I am a citizen
of the Republic of Poland.
Leave me alone with him, please.
You, Poles. . .
I really don't get it.
You can claim
that the sky is yellow
but it won't change the color of it.
And this is your tsar.
And you are his subjects.
Forever! Understood?!
You're so difficult.
Do you recognize?
It's sharp!
To the heroes
of Japanese War.
To us.
Aren't you afraid
I'll kill you?
There you are.
We have a uniform for you,
Mr. Kaszubski.
- Try it on.
- It won't fit.
It will. But if not,
we will take it to the tailor.
It's the enemy's uniform.
A subject of the tsar
cannot change his colors.
Put it on
and I'll get your papers ready.
En garde .
Come with me to the Legions.
And who are you?
A bunch of kids
against the three empires.
Nobody is on your side.
You stand no chance.
Everywhere and always
the invisible rules the visible.
Always and everywhere
the strongest wins.
Put on the uniform.
I'm a Polish officer.
There's no Polish Army,
and there never will be.
Come with me.
I'll show you the Polish Army.
That's an illusion.
You are a Russian officer.
- Just like me.
- You're a Pole.
I'll tell who I am.
I'm an officer
of the most powerful army.
Which will conquer the land
from the Pacific to the Atlantic.
The West is rotten.
It's falling apart.
And Russia... will last.
En garde .
You soldier is a deserter.
He injured an officer
and escaped the rope.
You can save him, too.
You're a traitor.
I'm trying to save your life.
Put on the uniform
or I'll hang you both!
You and your deserter!
Then hang us.
I'm not going to waste
an officer like you.
I won't get promoted.
- Is your father alive?
- I don't know.
- And your mother?
- The same.
She ran away
when I was five, maybe six.
Have you got any kids?
You look like you have.
I do?
Will they hang us?
I don't want to die stupid.
Come here.
Tell me...
Why are you going to d?
I'm opening a tire factory.
Do you know
anything about tires?
Not yet.
Where will you get the money from?
I know where to find it.
In a strongbox...
- Is the money yours?
- Not yet.
A tire factory?
What's so funny?
Back to work, stop talking!
My grandfather fought in Miechw.
On which side?
It doesn't matter. Killed.
The field court-martial
has sentenced you to death
for betrayal of the homeland.
However, his Imperial Majesty
is giving you a second chance.
You may express your remorse
and rejoin the Russian army.
Do you agree?
What are you waiting for?
Hurry up.
Your last request?
I'm a soldier.
Execute me by firing squad.
I refuse.
God, Bless the soldier...
Follow me!
We have no more morphine.
Be strong.
- Will he survive?
- He will.
- Do you need help?
- You can't carry that.
Yes I can.
She owns the palace.
Her son was killed
in the battle of owczwek.
We eat her bread.
I've been looking for you!
We're going to Woy to fight.
- I can't take it anymore.
- You've got to go on living! Don't wait.
Have some.
To life?
To life.
Thank you.
- Enjoy.
- You too.
Excuse me.
You little thief!
Stop kicking!
Calm down!
What's your name?
- You don't know?
- Nope.
We'll call you Kamil.
You have lice.
Come back!
Come back.
Clean him yourself.
Can you tie up shoelaces?
I'll teach you.
I lose my nerve.
Can I play with you?
You know how?
So join us.
In a while you'll be gone, too.
The photographer is here!
- Come you two!
- In a minute!
For the sentry.
Thank you, brother.
I've just seen a ghost.
We're alive.
I visited your grave.
I did too.
Where's Ola?
- Dinner time!
- Why do you read this paper?
It's all bullshit.
If it's in print, it's true.
True my ass.
Howdy, you poisoner!
- Eat it or I'll add bromide to it.
- Don't even try.
You know why Pisudski
wears a moustache?
That's the fashion.
He's missing front teeth.
- No kidding!
- Seriously. I've seen it.
They knocked them out in exile.
- I've got a book for you.
- Really?
Come and get it later.
Take him over.
You need to rest.
- I can be useful.
- You can barely stand. Go.
Do you love him?
Answer me.
Do you love him?
I can't talk now.
I need to know.
- Look around you.
- I know.
- Yes or no?
- Ola!
Give me a needle!
Platoon Four.
We're leaving this trench.
Nice little place
you've got here.
- Have you heard about Tadek?
- Heard what?
I met him a while ago.
- Where?
- In front of the hospital.
He's alive.
Peasants saved him.
Incredible, huh?
Platoon Two!
Out of trenches!
Here. Take it
to Platoon Three.
- Where's Ola?
- She's not here.
Where's she?
They took the laundry.
When did you stop
loving me?
I never stopped.
I never did.
Hi, Jzek.
Thanks a lot.
You took care of her.
I bet she cried for me...
how long?
A month?
Two weeks?
A week?
How long?
I promised I'd be back.
And here I am.
Here I am.
See you later.
- Stop!
- Tadek!
- Stop!
- Let me go!
I love him.
Let me go.
I'm sorry.
On my mark!
Be ready for an assault!
They're coming!
Get ready!
Get ready!
- The detonator?
- Let them enter the trench.
Everybody hide!
- It doesn't work.
- Fire at will!
Spin it or we'll die!
The detonator is fine.
The missile broke the wire!
Call the HQ.
We've lost the wire.
It's over.
Fourth Platoon,
can you hear me?
The wire is broken.
We can't blow up the trench!
Soon they will attack.
- I can fix it.
- How?
- May I?
- Go.
Stay away
from the nearest trench.
Try again!
Try again!
- Who's that?
- Jzef Wiea. Fourth Platoon.
Are you all right?
Get your hands off me...
you thief.
Shut up, count.
can you see those two?
Give me your hand.
Hold on.
A bottle of vodka
for those who kill them!
Lower the gun!
50 degrees!
Give him.
How is he?
Tadek! He's alive.
- He's bleeding like hell.
- Medic!
I'll do it.
Follow me!
Bayonet on!
Put him on the table.
Come on.
My love!
Thank you.
Good luck.
You went without an order.
Take cover!
Get ready!
Soon they will attack again!
Near Kostiuchnwka
the Legions stopped
the Russian army
three times stronger than their forces.
On November 11,
1918, the Great War ended.
After 123 years of enslavement
we won an independent Poland.
The film is dedicated
to the Legionaries and all those
who had the courage
to fight for our independence in 1918
and defend it against
the Bolshevik invasion in 1920.
Translation: Mike and Justyna Hatem