LEGO DC: Batman - Family Matters (2019) Movie Script

Huh? At last,
Grundy find magic staff.
Now, Grundy rule world.
Stop, Grundy! You're defacing a
fragile and valuable piece of history.
Give up now before
you do any more damage.
Grundy show you damage.
Tank strong. Grundy stronger!
Solomon Grundy,
born on a Monday,
busted on a Tuesday
for defacing ancient ruins.
Valuable artifacts like that
staff belong somewhere safe,
and I know just the
place to put it.
I'd like to thank
our benefactor, Mr. Wayne,
for this wonderful addition
to the museum.
It's nice to see the Wayne
family name continue to inspire
and benefit the citizens
of Gotham.
Mr. Wayne, a few words, please.
Thank you for coming.
Oh, um, thank you, Mr. Wayne.
Mr. Wayne,
Billy Batson with WHIZ.
Whiz? Oh, the bathroom
is around the corner...
Uh, that's not what I meant.
Mr. Wayne, would you care
to comment on the rumors
that you're dating
Selina Kyle?
No, you aren't, or, no,
you don't wanna comment?
- Pick one.
- Uh, what about this?
Rumor has it your former ward
Jason Todd has been missing...
What about the rumor
that Wayne Enterprises
has a brand-new technology that
will revolutionize automation?
Is it true that you like
the color blue?
Also, can you spare $5
for a metro ticket?
Ugh, why didn't I say 10?
In my day,
the paparazzi had manners,
and little cards that said "Press"
in the hat band of their fedoras.
To the Batcave, Alfred.
I've been distracted
from my war on crime
for five minutes
and 30 seconds.
No telling what evil
has cropped up in that time.
I'm afraid Gotham will have to survive
a bit longer without you, Master Bruce.
There's a meeting at Wayne Enterprises
that demands your attention.
- Reschedule it.
- I have.
Ten times.
Ugh, being Bruce Wayne
is the worst.
Sorry, old friend,
crimefighting wins.
I'm old,
but not that old.
Is that Mr. Wayne?
Is that Mr. Wayne?
That's Bruce Wayne.
Honestly, I thought
he was dead.
Honestly, I thought
he'd be taller.
Which is weird because
we're all the same size.
Sir, we're ready for you
in the boardroom.
More like,
"Bored out of my mind room."
- Excuse me?
- Uh, I said, "I look forward to it."
Time is money.
What do you got?
I'm sorry,
what did you say?
I said,
"Let's start the meeting."
Go, go.
Mr. Wayne,
I know your time is precious,
but, boy, do we have something
great in store for you.
Okay, uh...
Well, we've been developing
a new piece of technology
that will
revolutionize Gotham.
And, hey, the world.
Let me introduce,
"Brother Eye."
It's a red light.
No, no.
It's not just a red light.
It's so much more.
An example. Brother Eye,
what is the weather
like outside?
It's sunny outside.
Yes, it's sunny.
Bravo. What else does it do?
It can do almost anything.
Uh, we have...
Um, should I...
Well, Brother Eye is connected
to the rest of the city.
It controls all of
Wayne Enterprises' machinery
including trains, airliners,
traffic lights and more.
In fact,
within the other room,
we have a Brother Eye
automation factory
creating OMAC drones that
can work on the app's behalf.
Oh, and in case you were wondering
what OMAC stands for, it's easy.
Omni Mind and Community.
Water, sir?
Using a dormant satellite of
Wayne Enterprises' in orbit,
we can cut the workforce
by hundreds.
But don't worry, we have a plan
to absorb those employees...
Bank robbery. Yes!
This looks like a job for...
People in danger.
It's time that
Batman leapt into... Action.
Uh, as I was saying,
Brother Eye is already
linked to all of Gotham city.
Since Wayne Enterprises is a
part of all major aspects...
Mr. Wayne?
- Mr. Wayne?
- Uh...
Yes, what? Sorry?
Uh, what do you think?
What do I think about...
Brother Eye?
It would reduce the amount of
work for all of Wayne Enterprises,
including you.
You're telling me that this
device can take over my job?
Well, I mean, yes.
If you wanted it to.
Perfect. That's amazing.
Good job.
With Brother Eye in charge,
I don't need to be.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Oh, but what about the new legal
council that we're hiring for...
whatever you think is best.
Alfred, bring the car around.
I need to get out of this building ASAP.
ALFREIs there
an attack, sir?
Shall I alert the others?
The only attack
is on my sanity.
I need to spend
less time in meetings
and more time
out in the real world
doing the important work.
Master Bruce,
with all due respect,
Wayne Enterprises
is your family's legacy.
Bruce Wayne uses
the money it generates
for a lot of
worthwhile causes.
Alfred, the only
worthwhile cause is justice.
If I have to sit through
another meeting
about some stupid
computer program
I'll have to change my name to
"Ripping My Hair Out By Its Roots Man."
That's a bit
Even for you, Master Bruce.
Is it, Alfred? Is it?
I'm done being Bruce Wayne.
He's a billionaire
waste of space.
Always happy, with his perfect
smile and chiseled features.
The envy of every man,
and loved by everyone around the world.
Sounds dreadful, Master Bruce.
It is.
With this new Brother Eyeball
or whatever it's called,
Wayne Enterprises
doesn't need me.
In fact...
Alfred, I want you
to sell the company.
Firstly, might you reconsider?
Secondly, that's not something
they taught us in butler school.
Oh, I'm sure there's
a "how-to" video online.
In the meantime,
put out a press release.
- Now let's go home.
- Yes, Master Bruce.
Two-Face, it's time
to implement Plan A.
it's dark in here.
You should turn on a light
so you don't strain your eyes.
Oh, here we go.
The lawyer's got something to say.
Don't mind goody two-shoes.
How can you be sure
you can get them all alone?
Ooh, good question.
How? Because I know
how Batman thinks.
I've heard
that before.
Oh, I'm sure you have.
Probably from all the other villains
you've teamed up with in the past.
That's your problem.
Always listening,
never doing.
Do you know why you're always going
to be a B-list villain, Harvey?
It's because
you haven't realized
the most important rule
for being successful.
Ooh, I wanna know.
What's that?
Fortune favors the bold.
Fortune favors the bold.
Oh, hey!
It's attorney Harvey Dent.
Hey, Dent, what can you
tell us about the rumors
of a mysterious Batman
prowling the streets at night?
Oh, I can assure you,
there is no such...
Look, it's Bruce Wayne.
Hey, Bruce, over here.
Over here, Bruce.
Mr. Wayne, over here.
Hey, Harv,
nice to see you.
- You're lookin' good, Bruce.
- I love your suit.
Mister Wayne, a quote.
What do you attribute
to all your success?
Oh, it all boils down to something
my father used to tell me.
Fortune favors the bold.
Fortune favors
the bold.
Now, run along, Harvey.
We've got work to do.
Of all the...
We do not deserve
to be treated like that.
I agree, but I also think
he's right.
No, I don't think we're B-list,
I mean, maybe an A-minus.
No, you nincompoop!
About what he said.
What that billionaire bum
Bruce Wayne used to say.
Oh, you promised we would
never talk about the "B" word.
Oh, stop whining,
you big baby.
Wayne isn't worth
the mental energy.
His flashy smile,
his big house,
you know, if I had that kind of money,
I would really do some good in this city.
"Wayne Enterprises for sale."
Would you look at that.
You know, what if I told you
there's a way that we could take
care of Batman and Bruce Wayne
in one fell swoop?
I'm listening.
What if, instead of always
fighting against each other,
we work together instead?
Me and you, like a team op?
Exactly. I think I know a way
that we can change Gotham,
destroy Batman, and give Wayne
the punishment he deserves.
Are you done with your
math homework?
I just finished.
- What about physics?
- Done.
- Forensics? Escapology?
- Done. Done.
And the three chapters on
Mediterranean mythology,
and their relation to
socio-economic philosophy?
Boring, but done.
What about your thesis
on buildology?
Buildology? When am I ever going to have
to build anything in the real world?
They've got master builders
for that sort of stuff.
You'd be surprised.
So, you've finished
Great! What do you say to
two hours of patrol?
Really? You mean it?
Yes, but only two hours.
After that, straight back and
work on your Esperanto, okay?
Finally. I can't wait to get into
something a bit more comfortable.
All right, Robin,
time to strike fear into the
hearts of criminals everywhere.
We're going somewhere else?
No, I meant in Gotham.
Well then,
why'd you say everywhere?
I have a question.
You have all these costumes
in these cases.
I mean, that's Dick's,
Barbara's, Tim's,
but whose is this?
That's Jason's.
I'm sorry. Is he, uh...
- Impossible!
- What's wrong?
Someone got in.
Dead-end Alley, midnight.
Sweet. A mystery.
- I'll warm up the Batmobile...
- No!
It's too dangerous.
I can handle danger.
I love danger.
In fact, I wanted to ask you
to change my name to
"Danger Lad."
Like, "Batman and Danger Lad."
I mean, just yesterday,
I used a fork to make
a tuna fish sandwich
and a bowl of spaghetti.
Same fork.
is nothing to laugh about.
But it doesn't matter.
Whoever left the note
left no fingerprints,
and knew the Batcave security
system inside and out,
including how to escape
the watchful eye
of our formerly most-trusted
security protocol,
- Ace.
- Hmm?
No, I'll go alone.
I want you to stay here
and work with Ace
on his situational awareness.
You'll need to work on your
sneaking skills, Nightwing.
I heard you three blocks away.
Oh, man, I thought I had you.
Hey, where's Robin?
At home, out of harm's way.
Batman, Damian isn't Jason.
Next subject.
As the world's
greatest detective,
I deduce that you're here because
you received the same note.
- Right here.
- Me, too.
Hey, Babs.
Uh, Babs?
Batman, could you kindly tell
your former Boy Wonder
that I am no longer
speaking to him?
- Ugh.
- Why?
If he happens to ask why,
explain to him that I texted
him, like, two hours ago
and have not received so much
as one emoticon in return.
I was just about to text back
and then I got this note.
Bat emergency
trumps texting back.
- Check it out.
- It takes zero seconds to text an emoticon.
Am I interrupting anything?
You could learn
from her, Nightwing.
I couldn't hear her at all.
So, the Bat family gets a note to meet
in an alley with one door at the end.
Shall we?
- Clear.
- Clear.
I told you to stay
in the cave.
No, what you said is help Ace
with his situational awareness.
And I did.
That's not what I meant
and you know it.
It doesn't matter.
I mean, there's nothing here.
It's a trap.
Robin, stay behind me.
- Robin.
- Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Let's do this.
Kids. What are you
gonna do, huh?
Nice moves, Batgirl.
Robin, did you hear something?
Maybe it was the wind.
I know it wasn't Nightwing because
he's too busy to talk to me.
Ooh, burn.
Well, well, well,
looks like the Bat family
got my invitations.
It's been too long.
Uh, do we know this guy?
Oh, come on, Richard.
You haven't figured
it out yet?
You will.
What about you, Babs?
Katherine, Bruce?
And you, the new Robin.
He knows our
secret identities.
I don't like
the looks of this.
Then you'll hate what's next.
That's Gotham.
Wow, we've got a real
Boy Wonder here.
Yeah, it's Gotham.
The city you're supposed
to protect.
You'd think with Batman
fighting crime at night
and Bruce Wayne using his
vast fortune during the day
things would improve,
but they really haven't.
Have they?
Agreed. That's why,
as of this morning,
I've sold my company to
concentrate on crimefighting
You what? What...
Tell me that doesn't affect the trust
funds you've set up, right? Right?
No matter.
You've claimed stewardship
of Gotham.
So I'll leave it up to the Dark
Knight to save its streets.
I've planted five devastating
devices throughout the city.
Four shown here
and one, well,
let's keep that
a surprise, shall we?
You have one hour
to find the four.
If you stop them,
I'll give you the location of the fifth.
If you don't, well,
you are a detective.
Red Hood, out.
You sold your company?
Since when? Why?
If we could just go back
quickly to the trust fund thing.
All right, family meeting.
I have determined that
being Bruce Wayne
cuts into valuable
crimefighting time.
Case in point,
if I was in another boring meeting,
would I have been here to save Gotham?
- We could do it.
- I guess not.
My trust fund.
Whoever this mysterious
madman is,
he's endangered
the entire city,
and it's going to take Batman,
not Bruce Wayne, to make things right.
I was able to download the coordinates
of these threats around town.
Batwoman, you get
the police station.
Batgirl, the fairgrounds.
take the train station,
and I'll check out
the Monarch Theater.
What about me?
Studies show that kids
your age need between
eight and twelve
hours of sleep,
and that's what
you're going to do.
You're kidding me.
You can't change
the studies, Robin.
The studies don't lie.
I'm not going home. No way!
- Yes way!
- No!
- Yes!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay, everybody,
just cool your Batjets.
Batman, a moment.
Listen, Robin can go with me.
I'll make sure he's safe.
I'm not sure that this is
the best course of action.
Well, I am.
He's not Jason, Bruce,
but if you keep pushing
him away, maybe he will be.
But if anything happens...
I know, I know, you'll make me
help Plastic Man
when he gets stuck in his
taffy-puller again.
All right, squirt,
you're with me.
- Remember your training.
- I will.
- And listen to Nightwing.
- I will.
And please
be careful.
Make it quick, Alfred.
I'm en route to stop evil,
and I really don't want to split my focus.
Sir, good news.
I've successfully sold
Wayne Enterprises.
Those "how-to" videos
really did the trick.
I'm watching one now
on how to open stuck jars
and it's absolutely...
That's fascinating, Alfred.
My tires, they've been stolen!
Oh, you're in luck, sir.
I just saw a video on
how to claim tire theft
on your insurance.
Maybe those "how-to" videos
were a bad idea.
Hey, Gotham PD.
Open up!
You'll never get away
with this, Croc.
Batman will stop you.
Huh, Batman?
He's nothin'.
I'm stronger,
faster and smarter than he'll ever be.
Don't worry, Commissioner,
when he shows up
I'll prove to you
who the best man really is.
Then you're
going to be very disappointed.
So, Batman decided
to send a girl
to do a man's job.
No, he wanted it done right,
so he sent a woman.
Pretty big talk.
Ooh. Ooh!
Ow, ow!
The bigger they are...
Um, excuse me.
On it.
Batwoman here.
I've deactivated the device at GCPD.
It was being guarded by Killer Croc.
So, be careful.
There's no telling what other surprises
this Hood has in store for you guys.
Look out!
She's unstoppable.
Nothin' is worth this.
So, you're the new girl
on the Bat block, huh?
Who are...
Aw, too bad for you.
Not creepy at all.
A funhouse?
What's fun about
a creepy clown? Ugh.
Feeling a little light-headed.
I could use a snack.
Me, too.
What? Who are you?
I'm you, but better.
Maybe you should
text Nightwing.
Oh, wait, he never responds,
so why bother?
I bet he texts
Starfire back right away.
Aw, scared, Batgirl?
Sometimes mirrors can
cast a scary reflection.
But don't worry,
soon you won't be scared
of anything
ever again.
Keep it together, Babs.
This isn't real.
It's just his scare toxin.
I have to get
rid of it somehow.
Is Batgirl
running away?
Hey, Scarecrow,
I'd like to introduce you
to a big fan.
Clever, Batgirl.
But even you can't stop me
from finishing what
the Red Hood started.
So long, Batgirl.
Too late, Batgirl.
Now everyone
will fear the Scarecrow.
Save me!
Not bad, Batgirl.
Not bad at all.
And to think, I used to have
a crush on you.
No, don't worry, honey.
I'll be sure to
pick up the diapers.
I need to Bat-commandeer
your vehicle.
Um, honey,
I need to
call you back.
I need your car in order
to save the city.
Batman! Whoa!
Fred Dundelinger.
You wanna use my car?
- Oh, man.
- Yes, I know. It's quite an honor.
Oh, gee.
You know, if it was any other
day, I'd totally help out.
But my wife needs
some saving of her own.
Oh. I know.
Um, okay, how 'bout this?
I need to make
a quick stop at Westmart,
and then I can drop you off
wherever you need to go.
All right. Let's go.
Aren't you
forgetting something?
- Hmm?
- Seat belts.
Hands at nine and three,
and you might want
to check your rearview mirror.
Okay. Well, sorry.
Thought you were in a hurry.
You can't rush
car safety, citizen.
Now, let's go.
And then I told him I was
totally old enough to fight ninjas.
But he was all,
"Maybe when you're older."
I mean, come on.
Batman is just
so unreasonable.
I know.
I mean, I was gonna
text her back.
You have to give
a guy a minute.
You can't just keep sending
"thumbs-up" all the time.
I wanted to do
something original,
like a smiley-face
with a heart or something.
I hadn't figured it out.
Um, are we talking
about the same thing?
Oh. Sorry.
You said Batman,
not Batgirl.
Listen, no one knows how unreasonable
Batman is better than me.
Oh, he used to
make me so angry.
What changed?
One time, Two-Face had us trapped
over this pool of robotic sharks.
It was either him or me.
Well, what happened?
What did Batman do?
He didn't hesitate.
He offered himself up to be
thrown in with the sharks.
That's when I realized
he cares more for me,
for you,
than he'll ever care
for himself.
Robin, the only reason
he's so hard on you
is he wants you to be safe.
I'm safe.
I am Mr. Safe!
"Mr. Safe," huh?
Snow? At this time of year?
Something fishy's going on.
That's for sure.
Riddle me this.
What do you call
a bird in winter?
A brrrd!
Riddle me this.
What do you call two criminals
who're about to go to prison?
The... Uh...
Uh, I... I got nothing.
You're going to Blackgate.
We're not caged
that easily, bird-boy.
They don't look scary.
You had to say
something, didn't you?
Now, are you two
gonna come quietly or...
Hey! Where'd they go?
Bye-bye, Bat-babies.
You're not getting away
that easily.
Robin, wait!
I'm in so much trouble.
Faster, Penguin.
That little pest is gaining on us.
This should
slow him down.
I'm in so much trouble.
I guess Batman was right.
Buildology for the win.
Penguin, my friend.
What has full pockets,
a private island, and no bats?
Tell me, Riddler.
After Red Hood's check clears,
we do.
Like we said,
going to Blackgate.
Wow. I couldn't
do it better myself.
Well, actually, yeah, I could.
It seems he's not
training them like he used to.
And here I thought
this was gonna get boring.
Long time no see.
Come on, Nightwing.
You can't win.
I know all your moves.
You think so?
Still got it.
Up for a little race,
circus boy?
No, no, really.
The Batman.
No, it's not an excuse.
I promise. Oh, here he comes.
Okay, I'll call you
back later. Love you. Bye.
All right. Let's go.
- You got the diapers?
- Check.
- Comic book?
- Check.
"To my best buddy, Fred."
That's F-R-E-D.
Okay, let's go.
Okay. Ooh, what about
the ice cream?
I'll be right back.
forgot the ice cream.
So, he knows
some shortcuts, eh?
Well, so do I.
Not bad, old man.
And then there was one.
Good work, kind citizen.
Your city thanks you.
No problem, Mr. Batman.
Good luck with whatever
you're doing.
Uh, hey, quick question.
Sorry. Um, what was
with your badge?
Like, why does Batman
have a badge?
So people know I'm Batman.
But you are dressed
like Batman.
It's pretty clear
that you're Batman.
I got to go.
Okay, all right.
Oh, hi. I'm Billy Batson
with WHIZ.
- I'm Batman.
- Oh, man, the Batman.
If I land
an interview with you,
I'm sure I can get some
money for the orphanage.
- The orphanage?
- Yeah.
Um, the orphanage I live in
is having some hard times.
I guess Bruce Wayne
decided to sell his company
and whoever bought it
doesn't want to help out.
Who bought the company?
I don't know.
It's too bad Mr. Wayne doesn't
know how much he means to Gotham,
or he'd never have sold.
Now there are a bunch of kids
that need help with clothes,
food, you know.
It's why I'm doing
my podcast.
If I can get a good story,
maybe I can sell it
to make some extra cash
for the other orphans.
That's very unselfish, Billy.
I will make this right.
But for now,
I need you to leave.
Look who
turned up for the show.
Harvey, you don't
have to do this.
He's right. I don't.
Team up, remember?
Oh, yeah.
Sorry, Batman, I guess I do.
Especially after today.
We just closed a deal that's
going to change Gotham forever.
Harvey, disable the device
and let's talk.
Listen, I'll always
give you a chance, Batboy.
Heads, I'll disarm this
and walk away.
Well, you figure it out.
Aw, shucks.
Better luck next time, Bats.
Now, sit back,
grab some popcorn,
and enjoy the show.
Who needs to wait until
midnight for the party to begin?
Let's start dancing right now!
Billy, I'll distract him.
You get out through the door.
But what about
that device thingy?
I'll take care of it. Now, go.
Always have to do the right
thing, don't you, Billy?
Stop this insanity, Harvey.
He doesn't know
about our other plan.
Let's get out of here.
Come on.
Quiet! It's only over
when I say it is, Bats.
Oh, man.
Oh, no!
Which one? Which one?
The red wire, Billy.
Ha! You missed me!
Show's over, Two-Face.
Where is the Red Hood?
Sorry. That's
attorney-client privilege.
You're not getting
nothing from me.
He said he had your family.
He said this was all part of his plan.
You snitch!
Nightwing, Batwoman,
can anyone read me?
Hey, so looks like you
made it to all my traps in time,
just like I knew you would.
Of course, that was the idea.
You guys are much easier to pick off apart
than together.
Let them go!
How about we talk about it
at home?
Um, Mr. Batman?
Where did Two-Face go?
Mark my words.
Someday, I'm gonna beat you.
That's pretty much
what's gonna happen to you
when Batman gets here.
You think so,
do you, Small Fry?
Leave him alone!
I was a true believer
like you once.
Never thought Batman
could do anything wrong.
But you know what?
He's just as human
as you and me.
He likes to talk a good game,
but Bruce is so busy
with his mission
that he's forgotten to care
for those around him.
Heck, he just told Alfred
to close his family business,
with no thought as to what
that would mean for the city.
I'm sure Master Bruce
has his reasons.
He always does.
Daddy's home.
Great dismount.
I give you 9.5.
Deduction for the
superhero landing.
It's so last year.
It's time to end this,
Red Hood,
or should I say Jason Todd?
The second Robin?
I thought you were dead.
You said I was dead?
No. Why would you
think that, Robin?
I don't know.
The way you always avoided
talking about him.
He wishes I was dead.
I'll give you this,
you really are the world's
greatest detective.
What gave it away?
I began to suspect when you
were relaying personal details
of everyone's secret identity.
The train station,
where I met Damian's mother, Talia.
The police station,
where Batgirl's father works.
The fairgrounds,
where I first met Dick.
And, finally, the alleyway where
I met you for the first time,
when you stole the wheels
off the Batmobile.
You stole the wheels
off the Batmobile?
Oh, dude, that is so cool!
Yeah. He was not happy.
Oh, I'm guessing
he gave you that lecture
on how you have to
"earn your own way in this world."
Well, you do.
Never mind he inherited,
like, five billion dollars.
Right? And he still makes me
do chores around the house
for an allowance of...
Five bucks a week.
Jason, how could you?
We were family.
"Were" being
the operative word.
After old man Bruce
kicked me out,
I had no family.
You didn't even call or write.
Because you told me not to.
If you recall,
I didn't kick you out, you left.
- Liar.
- Batcomputer, playback.
Security feed, J.T., 2009.
Jason, there's a
robbery downtown. I'm headed there now.
Cool. Let me know how it goes.
the Joker has escaped Arkham.
Again? Sheesh!
Maybe they should up their security.
Mister Freeze is attacking City Hall.
One sec. I've almost
beaten this thing.
What? Wait! No!
No, no, no. No, no, no.
Well, now that you
have the time,
how about you come
help me save the city?
I can't believe you!
I was so close!
It took me forever to get to the
end, and you just pulled the plug.
You never let me do anything!
You need to get out,
see the world.
You want me
to see the world? Fine!
I'm sick of your Bat-rules
and your Bat-curfew.
I'm out of here!
I'm gone! I mean it!
There's nothing you can say
to stop me.
I'm getting on my bike.
I'm just gonna
drive out of here.
By myself.
Fine. I'm gone.
See? If you cared,
you would have stopped me, followed me.
task Satellite One to track Jason Todd.
Weekly updates.
No, daily updates to my phone.
You tasked an entire satellite
to follow me wherever I went?
I knew that you needed
to leave the cave,
step out into the world,
define your destiny.
I did my best to track you
on all your adventures,
but I lost you
somewhere over Tunisia.
- Oh, dear.
- That's all well and good.
But there's still one last device
out there, and it's about to go off.
Oh, don't worry about it.
Those devices
weren't actually dangerous.
- In fact, they were filled with...
- Confetti.
Bingo. I just wanted
to get your attention.
Besides, Gotham is my city...
- No!
- Computer, track the source of that explosion.
Brother Eye One.
That's the same satellite
I used to track Jason.
I knew it!
He's betrayed us again!
I swear, it wasn't me,
it was...
Brother Eye.
Uh, what's a "Brother Eye"?
It's an automated AI authorized to
take control of Wayne Enterprises'
various holdings just before
the company was sold.
Uh, haven't we all seen sci-fi films?
That's a horrible idea.
And who bought the company?
I thought you'd
never ask.
- But you work for me.
- Used to work for you.
- Harvey, what are you doing?
- What am I doing?
We're teaming up, remember?
You see, the Hood over there reminded
us that we're never gonna be anything
other than
a second-rate villain.
I needed to be bolder.
As you know, fortune favors the bold,
so I bought Wayne Enterprises.
There's no way you could
buy Wayne Enterprises.
Not on my salary, no,
but after I found this really cool
"how-to" video on setting up
dummy corporations,
all I needed to finalize
the deal was a lawyer.
Those "how-to" videos really
are quite informative.
Ooh, did you watch the one
on how to open stuck jars?
Changed my life.
Mine too!
Are you two done yapping?
And now that I'm in charge
of Wayne Enterprises,
I can use Brother Eye to
take over all of Gotham City.
Brother Eye.
If you please.
Gotham shutdown.
Oh, but wait,
there's more.
Brother Eye's OMAC drones.
Aren't they neato?
I may have two faces,
but I've got only goal.
Proving I'm the best
villain in the world.
What about you, Harvey?
This isn't like you.
I just want what
I've always wanted.
Truth, justice and
destruction of Batman.
Oh, yeah, the destruction
of Batman and Bruce Wayne.
Bruce Wayne?
What did Wayne
ever do to you?
What did he ever do
for any of us?
He's a narcissistic jerk
who has no regard
for his family's legacy or his
own responsibility to Gotham.
Wayne owns half the city
but it's a trash heap
because he doesn't
pay any attention to it.
He neglects the things
he's supposed to love.
This is what I'm saying.
Yeah, so we want Batman and Bruce
Wayne to come to Wayne Enterprises,
Or I'll tear this city apart,
brick by brick.
What's the plan, Batman?
- The plan is that you'll...
- Don't say I'm gonna stay here,
because I'm not going to.
You've trained me
to be the best,
and how can I fight crime if you
don't let me, you know, fight crime?
I was going to say,
"You and the others
will head into the city
"and keep the civilians
out of harm's way."
Oh, heh.
Yeah, and what about you?
Simple, I have to break
into Wayne Enterprises,
circumvent the world's
best security system
and shut down Brother Eye
all while convincing
Two-Face and Harvey Bruce and
Batman are two separate people.
- I could help.
- No, you've done enough.
Now, to your vehicles.
We've got a city to save.
There are hundreds
of those OMACs.
There's no way
we can stop them.
Don't freak out, Robin.
We got this.
Ha! Too easy.
How about I break
up this party?
I'm en route, I'll deploy
my net and...
Get off of my jet!
Need a little help?
Nice work, Robin.
All right, time to go
OMAC hunting.
I hope Batman is having
as much luck as we are.
I never thought that
these secret doors
I had built to do
escape work as Bruce Wayne
would be used to break in.
Ho-ho, irony.
You are hilarious.
As I surmised,
only one of you
has made it.
Too bad, I guess
that means goodbye, Gotham.
I don't know what you're
talking about, Harvey.
Bruce is right here.
Oh, really?
I don't see him.
Harvey, you have
to stop this.
Stop this? You should've
stopped being so irresponsible.
He has a point,
you could be working harder for Gotham.
- Exactly.
- Oh, you're one to talk.
All you do is fight crime with
all those fancy gadgets of yours.
I employ people.
- I give them security.
- Security?
Then why did you leave
your company?
Oh, this is getting good.
- Mmm.
- I needed a change.
In retrospect,
maybe that wasn't the best decision.
Hey, hey, why do you keep
moving behind that pillar, huh?
What kind of game
are you playing, Batman?
You're the one playing
games, Two-Face.
And I'm through losing.
At this rate, we'll be wrapped
up before Alfred's bedtime,
which is astonishingly
Heads up, guys.
And by heads up,
I mean, look up.
There's some sort of nasty
laser coming from the sky.
I thought you said we were
wrapped up with these OMACs.
This isn't my fault.
I don't think.
It's always someone
else's fault, isn't it?
We're not talking about
the OMACs anymore, are we?
- No.
- Yeah, didn't think so.
Something fishy's
going on.
I only see Batman.
Where's Wayne?
You have till the count
of three to show us Wayne.
Or else we let Brother Eye take
out the whole city at once.
- One...
- Listen,
Wayne isn't used
to being up this early.
You know billionaires,
sleep all day,
party all night.
I'm here. Just taking a nap.
These billionaires.
So lazy.
Come on, Bruce, buck up.
This will all be over soon.
Okay, I buy it.
Now the question remains,
who has a better chance of talking sense
into Two-Face?
Bruce Wayne,
or Batman?
Don't shoot.
Oh, Harvey, buddy.
Good to see you.
I am not your buddy,
Where's Batman?
He, uh...
He was worried about the
elevator safety certificate.
As the new owner of this
building, you should know
it hasn't been inspected
in some time.
Oh, nobody cares
about that.
Batman, if you don't
get out here right now,
you can say goodbye to Gotham's
most eligible bachelor.
Freeze, Two-Face.
- Batman?
- Batman?
I mean, yes, Batman is here.
Yes, the Dark Knight.
The creature who strikes fear
in the hearts of criminals.
The world's greatest
listen to my gruff voice
and be intimidated.
Are you okay, Batman?
Sounds like you might
have a cold.
I always sound like this.
Right, Two-Face?
Yes, I'd recognize
that voice anywhere.
It's unmistakable.
He really doesn't usually
sound like that.
See? No.
Harvey, come on, let's talk.
Why are you doing this?
Because I still believe in
bringing order to chaos.
Gotham will be a better city
with Harvey Dent running things.
And I'll be the top
villain in this town
full of costumed creeps.
With the help of Brother
Eye, we both come out on top.
Show them, Brother Eye.
Brother Eye does so much more than
making the trains run on time.
It can use all
the technology
at Wayne Enterprises'
disposal to fix Gotham City.
Once and for all.
This is my fault, Bruce.
Why are you still
talking to me like Batman?
But I can fix it!
It's too late, Bruce.
Batman is gone.
The Bat family
is about to be destroyed
and Brother Eye is going
to instill the order
that Gotham
so desperately needs.
Whoo-hoo! Bat family
has got this.
Don't get
too excited, Robin.
What are we gonna do?
Without our vehicles, we don't
stand a chance against those OMACs.
They move like one
unstoppable force.
We could always run.
Is that your solution
to everything?
I was going
to text you back.
I've seen you do a
double-flip over two villains
all while eating a sandwich and
you can't send me an emoticon?
- Guys...
- An emoticon couldn't explain all that you mean to me.
Emoticons can
explain everything!
Uh, Robin, what are you doing?
It's simple, really.
Batwoman gave me the idea.
- I did?
- Yeah.
Without our vehicles,
we don't stand a chance
against those OMACs.
They're designed as separate
units that work as one,
which means...
If we combine our vehicles
into two giant vehicles,
maybe we can level
the playing field.
Buildology 101.
So, we're gonna make
a big ship
by using...
This place looks like
Darkseid's walk-in closet.
Voice analysis of intruder reveals
insufficient gravel in your speech.
Therefore, you are
not the real Batman.
Took you that long, huh?
Now this is more like it.
That cowl was way
too restricting.
So, listen, I'm gonna need
you to shut down
your operating system and
stop this OMAC factory
you got here.
I'm afraid
I can't do that, Red Hood.
Gotham needs to be fixed.
Fixed? Great, I mean,
I agree.
A new coat of paint,
maybe a couple of coffee shops.
Gotham is a hub for criminality
and injustice.
Therefore, it must be
completely dismantled.
What are you talking
Only when
the city is destroyed
can it be rebuilt anew.
Better without human
You think the best way to fix Gotham
is to destroy everything in it?
Yeah, not gonna happen.
This is just like
my favorite video game.
And now, the final boss.
Come out, come out, Bruce.
I know you're
under there.
Harvey, can't
we talk about this?
I'm through talking.
I... Both of us are.
Sorry, total accident.
Hold on, Harvey,
I've got you.
You'd save me?
Even though
I want the city destroyed?
We all deserve
a second chance.
Even you, Harvey.
Oh, that's so sweet.
I just threw up
in my mouth.
Ugh. He's not kidding.
That was cold,
even for you, Harvey.
I learn from
the best.
Now, to get into
something more appropriate.
I can only hope the others
are holding up okay.
All right, Robin,
you do the honors.
Get ready for
the Bat family.
Way to go, squirt.
Our turn, Batgirl.
Nightwing, are you
all right?
So, all I have to do
is get hit by a giant laser
to get you
to talk to me again, huh?
It's the satellite.
Until that thing is shut down,
we're never going to be
able to stop those OMACs.
satellite records indicate you fled
from Batman's employ.
Your anger towards Gotham
is cataloged.
Why do you resist?
Because Batman
was right.
Life isn't about sitting
down and doing nothing.
It's about getting out
there and helping others.
Helping your city,
your friends.
Your family.
My blaster!
Well, looks like
I'll have to improvise.
Please, don't.
I would not advise that.
External connection severed.
Batman must've done it.
They've all shut down.
What about the satellite?
- Uh-oh.
- What "uh-oh"?
I do not like "uh-ohs."
The satellite.
With its power gone,
it's being pulled
towards Earth.
- So?
- So,
according to
my physics homework,
it'll reach terminal
velocity before impact.
And a satellite
of that size means...
My insensitive boyfriend,
We have to stop it.
Robin, can we move to an intercept course?
Yeah, I think so.
Do it.
Is that wise?
I mean, won't the impact destroy
anything in its path?
you are so hardcore.
I did it!
I finally beat the final boss.
The Hood?
What happened to Batman?
Not that it matters now.
You've ruined everything!
I'm going to have to end you
like I ended Bruce Wayne.
Almost ended Bruce Wayne.
He's safe and currently unwinding at
a hot rock and aromatherapy session.
He was so upset,
he booked 60 minutes.
Which is 59 minutes and 58 seconds
more than you have, Two-Face.
This is gonna hurt.
Is it over?
Rule 446, when dealing
with an advanced AI,
- you always...
- Back-up power restored.
Secondary protocol engaged.
- Secondary protocol?
- Brother Eye, what is the secondary protocol?
Brother Eye will supercharge the nuclear
energy facility in Wayne Enterprises
until it explodes.
You have a nuclear
reactor in the building?
It's safe and clean energy,
I looked up "chum" by the way.
It means fish cut up into shark bait.
Brother Eye, shut it down.
Unauthorized command.
What does that mean?
Who's authorized?
The CEO of Wayne Enterprises.
He's the CEO
of Wayne Enterprises.
I'm here.
Just taking a nap.
These billionaires.
So lazy.
Come on, Bruce, buck up.
This will all be over soon.
Batman is Bruce Wayne, 1%.
Oh, man, could this night
get any weirder?
- Now!
- Almost.
Five, four, three, two, one...
Best job ever!
Brother Eye, I'm sorry
I fooled you.
The truth is, Brother Eye,
I'm Bruce Wayne.
why does Bruce Wayne hate his company?
Why does Bruce Wayne
hate me?
I don't hate you,
Brother Eye.
Alfred, the only worthwhile
cause is justice.
If I have to sit through another meeting
about some stupid computer program...
...stupid computer program...
I can get so wrapped up in crimefighting
and trying to save the world
that I don't spend enough time
thinking about other people's feelings.
When my father built this company,
it wasn't to help his bottom line.
It was to help Gotham
as a whole.
I forgot that's what
makes a community great.
What makes a family great isn't
leaving and starting over.
It's learning to stick
Especially in the tough times.
I owe you both
an apology.
You have the ability
to be heroes.
And I'm sorry if my selfishness
got in the way of that.
protocol aborted.
Apology accepted.
Entering sleep mode.
Oh, man,
that was close.
Jason, I meant
what I said.
- I never meant to hurt you.
- That means a lot.
- I'm sorry for running away.
- Just promise me you'll never do it again.
I promise.
Now, how about
we go home?
Great idea.
- Is my room still there?
- Of course it is.
Alfred turned it into
a hot yoga studio
but the actual room
is still there.
- Seriously?
- Don't worry,
there are 51 other rooms
to choose from.
And then, thank you,
we stuck all our vehicles
together and had to stop
the satellite from crashing
to the ground.
I'm impressed, Robin.
It's obvious to me that you are
ready for more responsibility.
- I totally am.
- Excellent.
Ace, here, needs to be walked.
And after that,
we'll go on patrol.
Bark! Bark!
Can I interest anyone
in a post-fight croissant?
Aw, you do care.
You got room
for a player two?
I don't think you
could handle it, old man.
I defeated Darkseid,
I think I can handle it.
All right, the B button is for punching
and the A button is for kicking.
The A button is closer and
kicking is more effective at long range.
That's just the way it is.
To access the various
special moves,
you need to hit
the "Start" button.
And which one
is the "Start" button?
No, no, not that one,
that's "Select."
So, select
and start are different?
It sure was nice of Mr. Wayne to
build this brand-new orphanage.
Plus the exclusive he's
going to give to my podcast.
Speaking of which,
I can't be late.
Billy Batson.
You have been found worthy.
That voice.
Climb aboard
for the adventure of
a lifetime.