LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Aquaman - Rage of Atlantis (2018) Movie Script

Okay, Jessica, keep it together.
You got this!
Hal needed an off-road vacay,
and you're a Green Lantern.
He asked you to cover his shift
at the Hall of Justice, no biggie.
You are calm, collected, and in control.
collected, and in control, hmm?
Shush, you! I don't remember
Hal's Ring talking back to him.
That's because Green Lantern Jordan
had accumulated enough Lantern points
to unlock the mute button.
Ring, enable mute.
You, however,
Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, have not!
- Looks like trouble.
- Oh, hi, Justice League.
Uh, I didn't touch it.
I mean, I was going to touch it,
but I didn't touch it,
so it isn't my fault, I swear!
And everyone is looking at me,
and I should shut up now!
- Minus five Lantern points.
- What for?
- Don 't make excuses.
- Not to worry, Green Lantern.
You didn't do anything wrong.
This is the trouble alert.
- It alerts us when--
- When there's trouble?
Yes, see? You're a natural at this.
Breaking News with Lois Lane live.
It seems trouble
is exactly what we've got.
And it starts with a capital
Well, Lois is many things, Batman,
but I wouldn't call her trouble.
Not Lois, Superman. Look!
This is Lois Lane
reporting from Area 52 at Dread Lake,
where the intergalactic bounty hunter
known as Lobo is on a rampage.
This is like looking
for a Denebian needle
in an Alterian haystack creature.
The now-defunct Area 52 facility
was an attempt to streamline
the military's overly complex
secret alien technology department.
Defunct? I thought
they just built that thing.
The simplification program
made things much more complicated.
They moved everything
to a warehouse in Rebirth, New Jersey.
Where are you, you little
Denebian slime bender? Yeah!
Lobo, a Czarnian who is
super strong, super tough,
and has a super potty mouth,
appears to be in search of something.
There's no telling what
dangerous artifact Lobo will discover.
We need to get to Dread Lake fast.
Did someone say "Lake"?
Why, that sounds like a job for Aquaman!
Aquaman, you should know that
Dread Lake isn't really your--
Whoa. Sorry. Reception
down here is a little spotty.
I'll see you there. Aquaman out!
Evidently, he did not get my memo
about building an undersea cell tower.
We really should build
an undersea cell tower down here.
The reception is horrible, Orm.
I told you, brother,
I prefer to be called "Ocean Master".
Oh, sorry, Ocean Master.
Don't worry,
I'll call you whatever you want.
Oh. There she is. The Aquajet!
We just detailed it for you, sire.
And a wonderful job you did, too.
You guys are great.
I love being the king of you.
I almost feel bad about taking it
up to the dusty old surface world.
No, no, no. Go! You're needed up there.
I'll take care of everything
down here while you're gone. Again.
Thanks, Ormi!
- It's "Ocean Master".
- Right. Right, right.
Although, kind of a weird nickname,
seeing as I am
the King of the Seven Seas and all.
But, uh, whatever.
I'm just glad
we can move beyond our petty squabbles,
and work to help Atlantis,
nay, the world!
Yes, I love being a team player.
Tell Mera I'll be home for dinner.
It's great to be King.
Is it? We'll soon see.
What? Get back to work!
All right, Aquajet,
we're freshwater bound.
It's so gratifying
when my friends in the Justice League
have a water-based problem
and they need my help.
Where are you?
You can't hide from
the Main Man forever!
- Okay, Jimmy. On me.
- Lois? ls this a good idea?
Pulitzers were never won
with good ideas, Jimmy.
Now, come on.
Uh, isn't that the only reason
they're awarded?
Lobo! Lois Lane
reporting for the Daily Planet.
Argh! Paparazzi!
No, I'm a serious journalist.
If I were paparazzi,
I'd have to criticize
your atrocious fashion choices.
- So 1983.
- What?
Lady, the Main Man always says,
"Black is the new black!"
Well, I say, the Main Man
is about to be feeling the pain, man!
- Says who?
- Says the Justice League!
Jimmy, duck!
Measure to meet you, Lobe.
I am Aquaman, Master of the Seven Seas,
defender of dolphins, King of Atlantis.
- Wrecker of jets!
- Wrecker of...
Uh, lam unfamiliar with that moniker.
Let me fix that!
So long, you Fluvian seaweed farmer!
No, don't do that! Those are critical.
Hey! This is a custom-built vehicle,
and it was just waxed!
It seems that Aquaman inexplicably
is the first of the Justice League
to arrive.
Despite the fact
that we are in the desert.
Uh, farewell, mighty Aquajet,
you've served your King well!
Aquaman! Lois Lane of the Daily Planet.
It looks like you really,
as we professional journalists say,
"Got your tail fin handed to you"
by the Main Man, Lobo!
No need to worry, Miss Lane.
I'll just call for backup,
using my aqua-telepathic powers
to summon my fellow water creatures,
here at Dread Lake.
But Dread Lake is a dry lake bed!
Well, that would be
challenging then, wouldn't it?
So much for plan A, B, and C.
No matter, I am still really strong.
And-- Huh?
Ow! Jeez!
That's gotta hurt!
Good golly, Miss Lane. Aquaman
is really getting filleted out there!
Not in the face,
not in the face!
Get out of here!
AQUAl\/lANI Help!
This is no way to treat royalty!
Yeah! A royal pain in the bleezors!
This is why you never send a fish
to do a man's job.
- Jimmy, tell me you're getting this.
- Every frame.
But what happens when Lobe gets us'?
Don't panic, Jimmy.
Here comes the Justice League!
It's hero time!
You want me
to hero now, really?
In front of the whole Justice League?
With everyone watching?
Come on, Green Lantern. Or you'll miss
our stylish superhero landing.
Oh! Who would wanna miss that?
- Jimmy! Slow-mo hero entrance.
- Ooh, right!
Still plenty of time
to get the best part!
Give yourself up now, Lobo.
You may be strong where you come from,
but the yellow sun of Earth
makes me the strongest--
Give up?
The Main Man don't give up ever!
I actually felt that!
We might need some help.
I'll be out of here in a trice!
Lobo is as strong as Superman?
- Great!
- You got that right, Tin Man!
You're gonna have to try harder
to put down the Main Man.
Maybe Batman can stop him with something
from his cute little tool belt thingy.
Oh, no, she didn't.
What? You know, his little belt of bags.
It's adorable.
You mean my Utility Belt!
It's a convenient storage space
for an assortment of tools
without them getting in the way!
Would a cute little belt thingy do that?
Uh, kinda.
- Maybe.
- You be you, Batman.
- L'm sorry. I just thought--
- Focus!
If we want to succeed,
we'll have to work together.
Everyone, on the count of three. One...
Um, well, don't wait for me!
- Two...
- Don't screw this up.
Gotta make something big, strong.
A safe? Argh!
Oh, how brave. Minus one point.
Ha! Child's play!
Hey! Keep kicking those
flippers, Mr. Jellyfish!
Uh, Jellyfish don't actually
have flippers.
Mind if I take you for a spin?
Superman, Cyborg, now!
Hey. Ah! So, this is where
you've been hiding?
Come to Papa!
- The show is over, right?
- It better be.
We hit him with everything we've got!
If that's all you've got,
you better get more.
Impossible. There's not
a scratch on him!
Lantern, hit him with
everything you've got.
Uh, okay.
I did it!
I didn't do it.
I'd love to stay and play,
but I've got what I came for.
So long, Justice Losers!
Quick! Before he gets away!
- Good riddance.
- What do you think he was here for?
I don't know.
But whatever it is, it can't be good.
Um. Anyone seen Aquaman?
- A little help, please!
- Don't worry. I'll save you!
Thanks, team. I'm glad you showed up.
We really saved the day.
Am I right?
- Lois Lane, Daily Planet.
- Yes, I am aware.
How does it feel to have
been humiliated by Lobo,
and saved, once again,
by the Justice League?
Well, I'm part of a team.
A win for us all is a win for me.
So, you don't mind
that the world watched
the King of Atlantis
run away from Lobo like a scared fish?
No, that's
an unfair characterization of fish.
- And, uh, I didn't run.
- Lois, if I may?
Aquaman is an essential member
of the Justice League.
- In what way?
- Now, well, he... Uh...
- He, uh...
- Don't look at me. I just got here.
Aquaman's ability to talk to sea life
is a critical skill.
One that I'm sure
he'll use with great effectiveness,
sometime in the future,
when it becomes necessary.
There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
Aquaman's teammates
are 100% supportive of him,
despite his overly specialized powers.
For the Daily Planet,
Lois Lane is signing off.
Cut! Great stuff. Let's get back home
and run this on tonight's seven o'clock.
I wouldn't worry about it, Aquaman.
Not many people watch
network news anymore.
Oh, I'm not worried.
Besides, we don't get cable in Atlantis.
I'm just excited
we're finally all together.
How about we go somewhere
to feast and celebrate?
Or, or... Or we figure out
why Lobo was here in the first place.
Nothing says celebration like apple pie.
I can make you an ambrosia to make
the gods weep!
Let's hit Big Belly Burger!
Allow me to cordially
invite you all to Atlantis!
Where we shall celebrate my anniversary
as King of the Seven Seas!
We're going to Atlantis.
That is so awesome!
Road trip under the sea! I love the sea!
Friendly fishies, peaceful porpoises.
No one watching you!
Plus five for
appropriate construct building. Bravo!
Ah, the ocean.
Home to the most interesting
forms of life known to man.
Outside of you guys, I mean.
Oh! Fishies!
Yes, fish, plants.
We have everything down here.
Even froyo?
Well, no, that melts in the seawater,
but we have colorful rocks.
And, uh, uh... Coral! We have coral.
Aren't coral and rocks the same thing?
Is it me,
or is the water changing color?
Good observation, Cyborg.
Red and yellow wavelengths of light
can only travel so far underwater,
which is why everything
looks blue and green at these depths.
Oh, that lack of solar energy
is making me feel a little green.
I've got the cure for
your super seasickness here in Atlantis!
What's that noise?
Oh, sorry, it sounds like singing.
Oh, that must be my song of arrival.
My people always like to sing
a little ditty when I'm returning home.
Atlanteans really are the nicest people
on the planet. Shh. Listen.
Our King, the King of the Seven Seas
The mightiest hero is he!
He fights and swims
He swims and fights
No greater a hero you'll see!
A shark, a whale, a gale
No! The mightiest hero is he
He fights and swims
He swims and fights
The King of the ocean is he!
The King of the ocean is he!
- They really love you, Aquaman.
- What's not to love?
Who's that guy? Looks important.
King Poseidon.
In his hand
is the mystical Trident of Hope.
Legend states that whosoever pulls
the Trident from the statue's hand,
is the rightful ruler of Atlantis.
- Just like Excalibur!
-"Ex" what now?
Has anyone been able to do it?
No, it's just an old wives' tale,
although the younglings can be seen
trying to pull it out from time to time.
- I almost got it. Mine!
- You got it. You've got it.
And here we are!
Uh, question. How are we gonna
breathe down here?
I've developed a special Bat aqua spray
that will temporarily enable us
to oxygenate the water around us.
Oh, you keep a mist spray
in those cute little pouches?
Welcome! Please make yourselves at home.
As my dolphin friends
from the Gulf of Mexico say...
Roughly translated, mi casa es su casa.
Arthur, you've finally returned.
Meta, so great to see vow.!
- Who's that tall glass of water?
- Tall?
Aren't we all the same size, Cyborg?
This is my wife, Mera.
Wait, you're married?
I mean, of course, you're married.
Aquaman talks about you all the time.
Well, I'm sorry I haven't had a chance
to meet you all in person.
I've been busy perfecting my craft
while Arthur has been away.
- Your craft?
- Yes.
Not only is Mera the Queen of Atlantis,
she's also a master conjuror
of hard water.
- Oh! Make the fish!
- Hard water?
- Is that like hard candy?
- Oh, no, no. It's better.
Watch this. Mera, make the fish!
Isn't that amazing?
Oh, my God! How did you do that?
Magic. With my aquakinesis,
I can make anything.
- Here's a car.
- Make the fish again!
- And a chair.
- The fish!
And here's your fish again, Arthur.
Fish! That kills me every time.
lam so glad you are here.
And just in time
for the royal feast in honor of Arthur.
Please, won't you join me
at the banquet in the throne room?
Grub time! Time to put
my cast iron stomach to the test.
Throne room? You sit on a throne?
Ha! It's just a small one.
Oh, man,
I bet they have the best seafood here!
Right you are, Cyborg.
Atlantis is the culinary epicenter
of the ocean.
I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Tonight, we'll be having
your choice of seaweed burgers,
seaweed spaghetti or seaweed salad.
Seaweed? What about lobster, or crab?
Or maybe even some shrimp?
Heavens no!
Under the sea, all sea life
have full citizenship rights.
But don't worry, try the seaweed slaw.
It is num-num nummy
in your tum-tum tummy.
Oh, man! I was really
looking forward to some lobster!
My bad.
Does anyone else hear that?
Or do I have another bad
case of super swimmers' ear?
Bat burp. Pardon.
It's coming from outside.
Gather round,
gather round! Closer, closer!
This is really too much!
How long is this going to go on?
Maybe he'll blow our minds
this time with something.
Last time, he talked for three hours.
I've got ships to wax!
I've come to discuss
a matter of grave importance.
The fate of Atlantis!
- Ocean Master.
- Who is Ocean Master?
Only the saltiest scoundrel
of the Seven Seas.
He's also my half-brother.
Once you get to know him,
he's really not that bad. Come on!
Ocean Master is related to Aquaman?
I don't recall him sharing that
on his application form.
Now I'll have to update his records.
You say that our King is mighty,
but on the surface world,
he's referred to as a joke!
The only joke I see around here
is up on stage!
Really? Let me ask you.
If the king can't defeat
a surface dweller up there,
how is he going to defend you
down here, hmm?
I don't know. He's always
treated us pretty well.
Has he?
Please let me shed some light
on our beloved King.
Green Lantern, what are you doing?
The Ring just did this on its own.
Detecting increasing levels of rage.
What was that? What's going on?
As I was saying about our absent King...
Absent King...
How can you follow a king
that everyone laughs at? Behold!
Coward! Ran away!
I was stalling until the
Justice League showed up!
And lastly, how can you trust a king
that is actually only
half-Atlantean to begin with?
Well yeah, my father was an average
run-of-the-mill surface dweller.
I have
to update the files again!
- He can't be King!
- Argh! This changes everything.
Ocean Master, brother,
what is the meaning of this?
Is this payback for the time
I locked you in that bathroom?
Let's go inside and talk.
Enough talking! It's time for action!
Too long have you broken
the laws of Atlantis!
Laws? Arthur, what is he talking about?
I'll show you.
You aren't actually supposed to be King.
Behold! The Constitution of Atlantis.
- What does that prove?
- There, near the bottom, in fine print.
Here, let me use my super vision.
Wow! That... That is small.
I might need a magnifying glass.
Yet another advantage
of my Utility Belt.
Let's see. It says,
"To rule Atlantis,
you must be full-blooded Atlantean."
on, no!
I can't breathe!
But you can breathe anywhere.
Oh. Good point.
So, you see, my brother,
you aren't the rightful ruler.
Ocean Master! Ocean Master!
Ocean Master! Ocean Master!
Arthur, what are you going to do?
There is only one thing I can do.
In accordance with the Atlantean law
I have sworn to uphold,
I hereby relinquish
my crown to my brother.
Rule well, my King.
No takesie-backsies.
Ocean Master!
Ocean Master! Ocean Master!
Arthur! I can't believe you
just gave your throne away.
Mera, I have made my decision.
Without even talking to me about it?
We're supposed to be a team, Arthur.
- Mera, I--
- No.
This is what you want, fine.
You can do it without me!
Wow! What a really great trick!
She is really good.
Too soon? My bad.
Now that I am King of Atlantis,
let me introduce you to the person
who encouraged me to take what was mine.
Threat alert! Omega detected!
Oh, no!
My royal adviser,
and all-around good guy, Atrocitus!
Execute defense maneuver. Omega five.
This is your defense?
A couch ain't gonna do nothing!
Who is Atrocitus?
Atrocitus, leader of
the Red Lantern Corps.
They have the ability to enslave minds
with the power of rage.
I suggest leaving, quickly.
Hal spoke of the Red Lanterns.
It's their lantern light that's
infecting the Atlanteans with rage.
Looks like Green Lantern's shield
is protecting us from the red light.
Hello, water-dwellers.
As your new royal adviser,
my first piece of advice is,
destroy the Justice League!
- Destroy them!
- Get them! Get them!
I got the one with the cape!
Get out of that!
I'm not sure how much
more my bubble can take.
Very little.
It somehow doesn't feel right
to just start punching them.
We cannot. I may not be their king,
but they are still my people.
We must retreat and form a plan.
I know a way out,
but we need a distraction.
Well, lucky for you, my super useful
Utility Belt has just the thing.
An ink bomb! Ingenious.
Did you see where they went?
Where did they go?
Find them!
They couldn't have gotten far!
You've done well, Ocean Master.
You mean "King Ocean Master."
Yes, of course, Your Majesty.
My plan to infect the Atlanteans
with my Red Lantern rage
seems to have worked.
At last, all of Atlantis bows to me!
And now begins Stage Two.
These secret tunnels
are only known to the royal family.
If we act quickly, we might
be able to get out before they stop us.
How? I'm sure they have
the palace surrounded.
- The Sea Gate, of course.
- The "Sea" what now?
What is that?
That is the Sea Gate.
It can open an interdimensional portal
between Atlantis and other aquatic
planets throughout the universe!
Oh, I wasn't aware that
Atlantean technology was so advanced.
Updating files.
I think they're down here!
Aquaman, there must
be something you can do.
Well, I don't know
how to change the location,
but I can access the last place
it opened to.
- Let's move, team.
- You go! I'll stay to close the Gate.
I can't leave my people
in this dire predicament, and Mera!
If you don't come now,
you won't have a people to save.
Jessica, hurry! They're coming.
But where does it lead? What if
there are more people on the other side,
with expectations and judgments?
The odds on that
are about 1. 7 billion to one.
So, you're saying there's a chance?
Lantern, there's no time
for what ifs! Hurry!
There they are!
Wait, don't!
I said "don't," not "donut"!
Minus five Lantern points
for poor diction!
They've escaped! Inform Atrocitus!
- Down here!
- Down here!
Threat approaching!
I think I heard something.
Thanks a lot, big mouth!
Quick, run away from your problems.
It seems to help.
A dead end! Oh, no!
What am I going to do?
Yes, if only you had the universe's
most powerful weapon in your...
Oh, wait...
Come on, Ring,
how about a little help here?
You must overcome your fear.
- I can't!
- You can!
My record for selecting recruits
has been perfect. Until now, anyway.
Well, better luck
with the next candidate!
Nailed it!
On the run from my own kingdom.
- Outrageous.
- Where are we?
It looks like some sort of
factory. But what are they making?
And more importantly,
where is Green Lantern?
Unfortunately, this crisis
proved too much for her inexperience.
She's a bit too green.
We'll have to go back and get her.
Aquaman, can you turn
the Sea Gate back on?
Turn it back on?
Someone's coming. Everyone, hide.
Well, that's strange.
I should have heard them approaching.
- What's that, Aquaman?
Well, Wonder Woman,
I communicate with aquatic life fluidly,
but I also speak a little cat.
They're readying for an invasion,
or something about kitty litter.
- It could go either way.
- Of course.
That's Dex-Starr, the Red Lantern cat.
It's all so clear now.
Atrocitus and Ocean Master
are using the Sea Gate in Atlantis
to bring an armada
of rage-fueled battle machines to Earth.
Impossible! The Sea Gate isn't designed
to be able to transport an army!
That will take more power than
is available to... Well, anyone.
Speaking of power,
I'm detecting a huge energy surge
coming from somewhere in this room.
- Like that one!
- The orb from Area 52.
That's what's powering the Gate!
Now, Atrocitus can use Atlantis as
a beachhead to attack the surface world.
Ingenious! They've taken my crown,
my kingdom,
and now, the peace I've maintained
between the two realms I call home.
I must get back there!
We're not getting anywhere
with all these robots between us
and the Sea Gate.
This looks like a job for Superman!
I don't understand.
My powers, they're gone!
Worry about that later, Superman.
Here they come.
Yet another handy tool from
my all-purpose Utility Belt.
They must have some
automated repair system.
Cyborg, can you disrupt them?
Hold on to your ears.
It's sonic cannon time!
Oh, man!
By the hairballs of Hades,
that is one furious feline!
Okay, Clark, you've got this!
Wonder Woman, are you all right?
But, Mother,
all the other kids' jets are visible!
Apparently, Wonder Woman
has been knocked silly.
- Are you sure?
- Bi-ba-ba-ba-ba!
Yeah, I'm sure.
Oh. Hello there.
You're a space dolphin, aren't you?
Yes, I know of your species.
Let me use my telepathic abilities
to ask you for help.
What? I would
never say something about your mother!
My telepathy must not be working
on dolphins from space.
That is one angry space dolphin.
We're completely outmatched.
- We have to get out of here.
- Leave that to me.
This should buy us some time.
- Amazing!
- In here!
Ha! Looks like you can't get in here!
- Nyeh, nyeh--
- Haha. Right. Why is he smiling?
Whoa! ls anyone else hot in here?
I thought it was just me.
I'm burning up!
Burned up...
That's why this room is decorated
exactly like the inside of a furnace...
Because it is a furnace!
A furnace! What are we gonna do?
We need to get out of here fast!
Without my powers,
I can't fly us out of here.
And my rocket boots
are still waterlogged.
My head is beginning to clear.
All I have to do is...
It appears my grapple
can't reach the top of the smokestack.
I love cheese, but it doesn't love me.
Yeah. Anyways, we just
have to be like jellyfish.
Batman, you don't happen to have a Bat
parachute in your Utility Belt, do you?
There, it's simple.
Heat rises and with it, so should we.
-It's working.
- But not enough. Look!
I don't know if we're gonna make it!
We made it! Hey!
Didn't you say the Sea Gate
went to other water-covered worlds?
It's supposed to.
It feels almost as hot out here
as in there.
Where have I led us now? Death Valley?
Nowhere near that close.
Look! A red sun!
No wonder my powers don't work.
We're on a different planet.
We aren't gonna last long out here
without finding civilization.
How did you fit that
and the parachute in your belt?
Bat secret. Now, come on!
I am so getting a Utility Belt
when I get home.
Mera, thank goodness!
How did you find me?
I heard your voice coming through
the other side of the tunnel.
And look what I found!
Someone has secretly assembled
an entire armada in my kingdom.
There's enough stuff here for Atrocitus
to take over the surface world.
- We have to tell everyone.
- Why should we?
The surface world
has caused us nothing but trouble.
- They deserve destruction.
- But Aquaman said--
My husband? He's not even
brave enough to fight for his own crown!
Perhaps try talking some sense into her?
Mera, you have to fight it!
I'd rather fight you!
A tactical retreat
would be strongly advised.
Maybe you surface-dwellers
should be destroyed.
Starting with you!
Don't! I mean, stay back!
You think the Queen of Atlantis
is going to be afraid of
the chicken of the sea?
Ha! You missed!
I wasn't aiming for you.
Argh! Argh!
Plus 10 for ingenuity.
Let's hope those flying lessons
from Hal paid off!
Hey, guys, is it just me,
or is this sand really soft?
It's like we're walking on water.
Yes, water!
Water! Look, water!
Come on in, guys! The water is perfect!
It's happening faster than I thought.
The lack of water
is causing him to hallucinate.
I don't feel so good.
Step back.
Let me use some of my Bat
smelling salts to try and revive him.
Your Utility Belt is almost
as great as you are.
Almost. Now, stand back.
He's stiff as a board.
Even if I had my super strength,
I don't think I could move him.
Let me try.
- Interesting how?
- Wonder Woman, can you lift him?
Strange, it's as if his body
is pulling towards something.
If I had to guess,
I think his Atlantean physiology
draws him naturally to water.
He is a human divining rod.
So, what should we do?
Follow his lead.
Ah, Meta.
Rah! Rah! Back off, tadpoles!
I'm the Queen of Atlantis!
The former Queen.
Oh. About that collateral
dethroning, sorry. Not sorry.
But now, that you've seen
the light of my leadership,
how do you wish to serve me, hmm?
Those surface dwellers,
they really rub my scales the wrong way.
- L'm glad to hear it.
- If I may, My Liege?
We have a perfect position in Stage Two.
As per our mutually
beneficial arrangement.
Go! Take the surface world
for your new master!
The surface world
and Aquaman will feel my rage!
- I love Star City Pier.
- More than you love me?
-lsn't this fun, Damian?
- Eh.
Oh, come on! It can't be that bad!
Barbara, all we're doing is
going around in a circle.
I'm not sure
what's so exhilarating about it.
This is why we took the day off
from being Batgirl and Robin.
You need to learn what it's like
to be a normal kid.
I'm a normal kid. I do kid things.
Like what? You don't play video games,
stay up late past your bedtime.
You don't even talk like a kid.
- Do, too!
- Do not! What are you doing?
Accessing Bat database.
Searching "kid behavior."
Speed reading, and done!
You want me to act like a kid,
you got it!
Totes legit and killin' it.
- Huh?
- Take a chill pill, B.
This is gonna be G to the double-O D.
Oh, what have I done?
Shiver me timbers!
I've caught one already!
Now, what kind of fish is that?
Wonder what it tastes like fried.
It tastes like rage!
Looks like our day off
just got called off.
Robin? Are you listening to me?
- Kids don't listen.
- Argh! Come on!
Hang in there, gang.
We'll take a break
once we get to the top of this ridge.
Oh, no! I'm starting to hallucinate.
You're not hallucinating, Superman.
I see it, too.
That's a funny name for a place.
You think we should go in
and take a look?
Wonder Woman!
- What can I get you?
- Five waters, please.
Five waters? You guys
sure ain't from around here.
Let me see what I can pull up for you.
- Ah!
'Oh, Yeah!
Sweet singing seahorses! That is
the best water I have ever tasted!
- I'll have another.
- Big spender.
- That's expensive stuff!
- Water is expensive?
Ever since the red guy
sucked all the water up. Oh!
Atrocitus was here?
If he took all the water
from this planet, then--
He might do the same to Earth!
We have to get back home and stop him!
Say, how you people
paying for this here water?
Put it on my Batster card.
No credit. Klagthorps only!
What's a Klagthorp?
Sir, there has to be something we can
do around here to pay off our tab.
The only thing you can do
is pay up, or else!
Or else what? I've lost everything.
My wife is mad at me,
the world thinks I'm a laughingstock!
You and I could be pals! To pals!
- Is Aquaman okay?
- Aquaman is clearly dehydrated.
The lack of water in his system
is obviously affecting his temperament.
You are affecting my
temperament, Batman!
All of you are!
Deadbeats, huh?
Well, I guess that means I have
to introduce you to my debt collectors!
Aquaman, look--
No, the only cure for a pity party
is to invite a little company over.
Oh, right. Wait. Huh?
You know, there was a time when
I could have paid for all this water.
Heck! I could have bought
this entire place, but no!
I had to go and give up my crown!
L just bowed and let Ocean Master
take the crown right off my head!
I mean, being a king
is a lot of pressure, you know?
And believe me, at eight tons per
square inch at the bottom of the sea,
I know pressure. I used to be King.
What's going on?
It appears the locals
are paying our tab.
All right!
Gee, Aquaman, that was great!
I mean, is there anything you can't do?
Something to do with how my gills
interact with my uvula.
Give it up for the Main Man!
How do I stop this thing?
- Step one. Stop screaming!
- Oh, great!
Ow! Ow! Ow!
Any landing you walk away from... Right?
Correct. Plus two Lantern points
for survival.
Only two? Sheesh!
Green Lantern?
Batgirl? Robin? What are you doing here?
Five points for the kid.
Zero for the old bat!
We were hoping for a day off.
But now,
Aquaman's Atlantean army is attacking?
What? No, no!
The Atlanteans are being controlled
by Atrocitus and his rage light.
We gotta get out of here
and find some other heroes.
There's no time. Look!
Destroy the surface dwellers!
Attack! Attack!
Well, look what we have here.
Last time I saw you,
I made your friend here look
like a real billinbore.
Easiest money I ever made.
Money? Someone hired you to do that?
Yeah. Some guy named Puddle Prince,
or Lake Leader--
Ocean Master!
Yeah, that's the guy.
He asked me to grab some power orb
and humiliate Salty Britches here
in the process.
The orb that powered
the Red Lantern's Sea Gate.
Well, it doesn't matter if you were
hired or not. Theft is theft.
I'm afraid we're gonna
have to take you in.
Whoa. Don't get your blankie in a twist.
I'm not here for a scuffle.
I'm looking for my friend, Fishy.
You wouldn't by chance have
seen my friend, would you?
I recognize him.
And I know where he is.
Then you're gonna tell me right now.
On one condition.
Are you crazy right now? Tell him!
The only condition is,
if you don't tell me,
I'm gonna pound you into minced fish.
Go ahead. I've got nothing else to lose.
But you'll never find out
where your pal Fishy is.
Mr. Jellyfish has a spine after all.
What do you want?
We want you to take us
to the Red Lantern factory
and figure out how to use
the Sea Gate to get us home.
That's the deal. Take it, or leave it.
It looks like the King of Atlantis
has returned.
Bartender, I'll take one more water
for the road.
Sorry, pal.
You guys drank the last of it.
Last of it? Don't be ridiculous.
I'm a human divining rod,
and I know where water is.
Why, there's a whole reservoir
right below your bar!
All right. Let's go.
I only have room on my bike
for one more person.
How are the rest of you gonna get there?
I have an idea.
This is awesome!
- It feels like I can fly again!
- Smoother than my invisible jet.
It is mildly amusing.
Bat flip!
The invasion is going
Mouth-breathers have
finally run out of air,
as Atlantean ships give
them a taste of their own pollution!
Nothing can stop us,
as we rage against the 29% of the Earth
that hordes 100% of our resources!
Poseidonspeed, friends!
Bring us back a Whopper
to hang above the throne!
I love this show!
Now, to begin Stage Three.
Wait, we only talked about two stages.
- Is Stage Three--
- Oh. Didn't I tell you?
I'm using the Atlanteans
to help me assemble a new weapon,
one that will quell
any resistance on the surface world.
Ooh! That sounds really neat.
What does it do?
You'll see soon enough.
Besides, the king needn't bother
with the affairs on the surface.
Ah. That is the deal we made.
I rule everything underwater,
while you handle everything on dry land.
- All right. Carry on.
- As you wish.
Just as we promised, Mr. Lobo.
There's your friend.
So much for the element of surprise.
- Attack for justice!
- Wait for me!
Is there a ladder, or... Ooh! Good.
Get back here, you tin boxes!
Factory robot? Try unsatisfactory robot!
You make me wish I was a dog person.
Fishy! I was so worried about you!
You disappeared,
and I didn't know where you went.
The orb must be powering
the entire facility.
Hurry! The Gate is closing.
All right, I'm here! Forjustice...
Uh, and the Gate is closed.
I can't believe Fishy did that.
He poked me in the eye.
- And hit you with his tail.
- And hit me with his tail!
Not helping, Cyb0F9-
Listen. Listen...
Friendship, like anything worth having,
is worth fighting for.
Come with us. Help us free Fishy
and the rest of those
under the Red Lantern's control.
No! No!
The Main Man ain't gonna crawl back
and beg to be anyone's friend.
- But--
- No! This is your fight.
I'm done! I don't need any friends!
I don't need anything!
I did not see that coming.
We have to get home
to fight Atrocitus' army.
But how?
Hmm. I've got an idea!
Hey, my hot dogs! Oh!
Us against the establishment!
Fight the power!
I love the enthusiasm!
Fly swatter!
I know. I know. It's not a fly swatter.
Quitjudging me!
This is Lois Lane, reporting live.
With the rest of
the Justice League still missing,
the only defense against this invasion
are Robin, Batgirl,
and the new Green Lantern!
The whole world is now watching
to see if they can pull it off!
The whole world, watching...
This is crazy.
- Green Lantern, are you okay?
- This is a mistake.
We need to leave. We have to go!
Green Lantern, come back!
Now, surface dwellers,
feel the rage of Atlantis!
Well, I got the Gate working again.
- How'd you guys do?
- Not bad. Not bad at all.
Mount up! It is time to show them
what the Justice League can do!
So many eyes judging me,
everyone in the world watching me!
I can't handle this. I need help.
Oh, look, I can't do this alone!
Ring, show me
all superheroes closest to me!
Whatever she's doing to them,
they can't last much longer.
Oh, this is the best!
No wonder Aquaman wanted to be King.
You get to do whatever you want!
You and I, Atrocitus,
are the unmatched rulers of this world!
I wouldn't be so sure of that, brother!
Impressive. But your pathetic machines
are no match for my Red Lantern rage!
You're all bark, and no bite!
Time for a cat nap!
Stop it!
You're supposed to be
peaceful creatures.
There's nothing peaceful about you.
Your machines can't shield you
from my Lantern light forever.
Lighten up, Atrocitus.
Enough! You can't stop Atrocitus!
My central battery is full
from the rage of this planet,
and has rendered me all-powerful!
We have to destroy that battery.
Come on, team!
Brother, stop this madness now!
Never! I'm King!
My friends!
Where is your hope now?
Yeah, where's your hope?
I assume now, you'll try and take us
over with your Red Lantern rage.
All in good time, but right now,
you have a front row seat
to the destruction of your planet.
Yes! The destruction of...
- Say what now?
- Stage Three is ready.
Witness the power
of the Submerged, Limitless,
Underwater Rapid Pump!
The S-L-U-R-P? Slurp?
You must have tried really hard
to make that one work.
The SLURP takes in water,
vaporizing it into outer space,
until the world is left
as dry as a desert.
A world without water,
and it's all my fault!
But you said I would rule the oceans
and you would rule the dry land!
You didn't really think
I would share my kingdom
with a sniveling brat such as yourself?
Poor little Orm!
Always caught in your brother's shadow.
Never happy unless you had
a piece of everything he had.
Well, now, you can share in his failure.
You have the perfect seat from
which to watch the end of your world.
What? What do you think you're doing?
This isn't you, Mera!
- You have to fight it!
- Never!
In brightest day, in blackest night,
no evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might
beware my power, Green Lantern's light!
Where... Where am I?
- Mera, are you okay?
- Green Lantern?
What am I doing here? Where is Aquaman?
- That was amazing!
- But all those people watching...
How did you overcome your stage fright?
When I saw you two in trouble,
I stopped thinking
about myself and just reacted.
I'm very proud of you,
Green Lantern Jessica Cruz.
You have now unlocked
the mute option. Engage.
Funny. Now that I can, I don't want to.
I fear I am blushing.
- So is it over?
- Not quite. Look!
I really messed up.
Ormi, how can I help?
You still care,
after all I've done to you?
Because like it or not, we are family.
And family has to stick together.
You're right. You've always been right.
I have so many regrets.
Me, too, brother. Me, too.
L just wish I was a better hero.
I know I'm not the flashiest
League member, or the greatest king.
I thought if I just faked it,
I would make it.
Instead, I've let everyone down.
That's the most ridiculous thing
I've ever heard.
That's kind of you to say,
but if I hadn't given up my crown,
none of this would be happening.
They would have found another way.
You are a great king, Aquaman,
and a great hero.
It was you that got us out of
the palace through the secret tunnels.
You helped us escape the smokestack
and led us to The Watering Hole.
You stood up to Lobe
and got us back home.
The fact is, we've taken
you for granted, Aquaman.
If anyone can lead us
to victory, you can.
You guys are the best.
Stand back!
The King of the Sea has work to do!
- Is he meditating?
- No. He's calling for help.
What is that?
It looks like tiny,
microscopic plankton.
Correct, Superman.
They are the key to our escape.
Thank you, my friends.
Let's do this!
Wait, if we got out there like this,
we'll be infected
by the Red Lantern rage.
Let me handle that.
Excellent. My magic should safeguard us
from the effects of the Lantern.
Brilliant! Now, I'll handle Atrocitus.
You try to stop that machine.
- Are you sure?
- Don't worry. I've got his back.
- Together, brother?
- Together!
Okay. Try it now.
Argh! The shielding is too thick!
We're never gonna be able to do this.
We're gonna need a miracle.
Batman! The Justice League!
Oh! Beautiful sunshine.
I feel better already.
Oh! Am I ever glad to see you!
We're glad to see some
reinforcements up here.
Thanks to Green Lantern. Without her,
I'm afraid we'd be dead in the water.
Batman, where is Aquaman?
Where is Arthur?
It is over, Atrocitus.
Take this, you slimy oaf!
- No!
It's time to sleep with the fishes.
Poisedon's Trident!
For the one who is worthy!
Enough parlor tricks! Prepare for doom!
For Atlantis!
For the world!
Now it is finally over, Atrocitus!
For your world.
Unfortunately for you,
the SLU RP has already been activated,
and cannot be stopped.
All your precious water
is about to be sucked into oblivion.
There has to be a way to stop it.
If there is, I'm sure you could find it.
Go! I'll restrain Atrocitus.
You have a world to save, my King.
Ocean Master, let us--
I think we've heard enough from you!
This is Lois Lane reporting live from
above the waterjust outside Star City,
where a giant slurping device
is dropping the ocean's water level
at an incredible speed.
So far, the Justice League seem
to be unable to dismantle the device.
It's no good. Not even
my heat vision can penetrate it.
What are we gonna do?
I wish Arthur was here.
Arthur! You're okay!
I'm fine, Mera. It's good to see you.
I'm sorry for the things I said.
I didn't mean it.
No, Mera. I apologize.
I didn't think about how
losing the throne would affect you.
You're my wife, my queen.
We rule Atlantis together.
Now, I believe
it's time to save the planet!
I share your sentiments, Aquaman.
Unfortunately, our weapons
are ineffective against this SLURP.
By themselves, perhaps,
but we can't give up yet.
If we concentrate everything we have
on a solitary point at the same time,
then maybe we have a chance.
Who's with me?
I'm cheering for once.
Hurray, or something.
Ready, Justice League?
- We moved it!
- Keep going! We can do this!
Fishy's right.
We don't have enough power!
We need something more!
How about some more of the Main Man?
I'm back, baby!
I could never stay mad at you, Fishy!
- Yes! All right!
- We're not done yet!
It looks like the Justice League,
led by Aquaman,
have destroyed the device
and saved the day!
She's right, you know.
You did lead us to victory.
I'd say it was more of a team effort.
My good citizens of Atlantis,
I have done you a great disservice
by saying the law prevents
Aquaman from being King.
In fact, the fine print was
something I put in there
with the help of a clerk named Sal
at an all-night copy center.
- There is no such law.
- Get off the stage!
And even if there were,
we can see he is worthy,
because he pulled the Trident
of Poseidon from the great statue.
So, Aquaman, my brother,
I give you back the crown
you so richly deserve.
Thank you...
Thank you. I promise to be the
best king and the best hero I can be,
to Atlantis and the world!
Now, let us dance!
Wow. You Atlanteans really
know how to throw a party.
Thank you, Cyborg.
Well, I'm glad everything
turned out okay.
But what are we gonna do about the
Red Lanterns, Dex-Starr and Atrocitus?
Leave them to me and Fishy.
Turns out Oa placed
a bounty on their heads,
and I'm meaning to collect.
This isn't the last you've
heard of me. I'll be--
Thank you for your help, Lobo.
Yeah, but let's not get mushy.
Next time I see you yahoos,
I may not be on my best behavior.
So long, chumps!
Cyborg's mobile trouble alert!
It looks like
Gorilla Grodd is attacking
the city of Kathmandu in Nepal.
Did someone say
high-altitude snowy mountains,
nowhere near any ocean or body of water?
That sounds like a job for Aquaman.
Call if you aren't going to be home
for supper.
Sure will.
Well, what are we waiting for?
People need our help!
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