LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High (2018) Movie Script

Get your cape on
And let's take flight
We can be who we like
Get your cape on
Now's the time
Step into the light
Save the world from crime
Get your cape on
Sometimes we're stuck
Told to be ordinary
So we hide inside
And we lock it up
We lose ourselves
Think we're not enough
There's some kryptonite
And sometimes we fall
But we get back up
And put up a fight
Get your cape on
And let's take flight
We can be who we like
Get your cape on
Now's the time
Save the world from crime
Get your cape on
We're DC Super Hero Girls
You'll have to do
better than that, Amazon.
This is why
I'm a dog person.
Give up now, Batgirl.
You're whipped.
That was embarrassing.
Especially because you could
have just flown above the ice.
In the eyes.
Super allergy attack.
Oh, sorry.
When did these guys
get so good?
I don't know,
but we're better.
Come on, team. Let's
show 'em what we have.
Formation partner swap.
We're about to ruin
your purr-fect score.
Maybe, if you can hold on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Me... Ow.
Don't worry about losing, Jess.
We still have
a lot in common.
Like our love
of Opposite Direction.
That's not all
we have in common, Ivy.
I do have a green thumb.
Well, green everything.
Would you look
at that?
Plants really do like
being talked to.
Don't talk! Attack! Attack!
How about you just cool your
heels for a while, Supergirl?
Heels? I prefer
But seriously,
your powers are so cool,
they almost blow me away.
Well, it looks like you
four are still undefeated.
Only by cheating.
They wouldn't have won if they
would have stuck to sparring
with their
original partners.
It's called
strategy, Cheetah.
I'd be happy to loan you some
of my books on the subject.
It might help during the
group sparring matches.
Yeah, thanks,
but no thanks.
There is no fair
in fighting, Cheetah.
You'd best learn
that lesson now
before some super-villain
decides to teach it to you.
Now, shake hands.
Ivy, are we still down for the
Opposite Direction concert?
Of course.
Should we go
after them? Or...
I think they need
a moment.
It was a hard loss.
You all did
an amazing job.
Coach Wildcat
is right.
Wow, they've
really gotten better.
Maybe after
they calm down,
we could take them out
for smoothies or something.
Great idea, Supergirl.
In the meantime,
we're going to
have to start practicing
if we hope to keep
our undefeated title.
Coach Wildcat, can you
reset the sparring room?
Does Principal Waller
look like a drill instructor?
Eclipso, again? Ugh!
Take a hint! Ignored.
The only time anyone ever calls
me is to be their sidekick.
I am not a sidekick!
I'm Lena Luthor,
the greatest criminal mind
of my time!
I'm through being
a B-list villain.
It's time to upgrade
my alphabetical standing.
It's time to really show
the world what I've got!
But how?
I know. I pinned some
really great ideas on Villaintrest.
Ooh! Plans to take over
the world!
I'd forgotten about these.
Freeze ray? Boring.
Robot army? Meh.
Already tried that.
Harnessing the power
of the Amethyst from Gemworld?
Done to death.
Ooh! Here's
something that could work.
Yes, yes! This could be big.
Huge even!
If I do this, Eclipso,
Brainiac, my brother,
even those do-gooders at Super Hero
High will cower at my villainous might!
But I can't do it alone.
I need some help.
But where?
Finding good help is
so hard these days.
I need cohorts in crime,
a legion.
What are you smiling at?
Don't you have something to wash or clean?
If I had only gone to Super
Hero High like I wanted to,
I could have made some like-minded
friends that could help me.
Say, that's it! Yes.
That will do nicely.
Big Building Builders? Yeah.
I need something built. How big?
About the size of a school.
Can you believe it?
Sea horse rides,
plankton farming.
This is
once in a lifetime,
bucket list type stuff!
I just entered
on a whim!
And I never
win anything!
Aside from that lifetime supply
of toe cream.
But really, is that winning?
I don't know if I can do this.
I'm not sure I'm ready.
Why do you think I picked you
to be my vice-principal?
Uh, hyper-intelligence
plus super strength?
Not even close.
It's because you
understand these kids
and you know
how the school works.
You're gonna
be great.
How will I contact you?
You can't. The cell reception
underwater is terrible!
But you'll be fine.
Remember, kids can smell fear
so try to stay strong.
"Principal Grodd."
Maybe a little power
wouldn't be so bad.
Five days of no kids,
no schools and no plots
to take over the world!
Oh, happy day!
Oh, happy day!
Hi, Principal Waller.
Hello, student
I don't recognize
and goodbye!
Enjoy your vacation.
No. Make sure
the ship gets lost
somewhere between Bermuda
and the Mariana Trench.
Principal Waller, I thought...
I was just
testing the chair.
Don't grovel, Grodd.
It's unbecoming.
I've decided the trip
to Atlantis
wouldn't be in the
student'' best interest.
There is still so much
to do around campus.
Is there anything
I can help with?
Yes, there is.
Today, please.
Step one.
All right, you know
what to do.
Oh, you guys missed it!
Supergirl, Wonder Woman,
and the new Green Lantern put
the hurt on Cheetah and her gang
during group sparring!
It was intense!
Both groups
lacked discipline.
If I were to participate,
I doubt
anyone would last
more than
a few minutes.
That's a lot of talk
from someone
whose only superpower
is a sword.
A sword?
This is much more
than a sword. It's a...
And you, Fly Girl?
You think you'd fare
better against me?
Think? I know.
No one can stop
the bodacious Bumblebee!
Gee! Maybe you two should see
who would win in a competition.
Maybe during a game
of, I don't know...
- Deal!
- Deal!
It's almost too easy.
Come see
the blistering Bumblebee
take on
the karate-kicking Katana
in the match to match
all matches!
Only five dollars to watch.
Wow, this is awesome.
How long do these
matches usually last?
Oh, about half an hour.
I admit, you are better
than I thought.
Does that mean you concede?
I only thought to give you
the chance to surrender
before I beat you mercilessly.
Bring it on, Can't-ana!
Will you make sure you
lock up when you leave?
Often times,
you'll be in a position
where you'll need to escape
an evil doer's insane
yet inventive death trap.
It takes a sharp mind, patience.
And that's why today,
we're having a lock quiz.
The first person
to pick the lock
with nothing more
than a paper clip passes.
What about the others?
They fail.
That doesn't seem fair.
Fair? Try marching
through the jungles
with 50 pounds of blood,
sweat and tears on your back
while animals and enemies
lie in wait for you
to make one fatal mistake!
Then you can come back to me
and talk about fair!
Professor Oberon,
are you okay?
I'll never be okay.
A word of advice, kids.
Never join a circus.
A circus.
Now where was I?
Ready, set, go.
Well, it looks like
we have a winner.
A skeleton key?
What? No!
That's not mine!
I don't tolerate cheating
in my class, Catwoman.
You think they let
you cheat out there
in the jungle?
But this is
just a quiz.
Same difference.
Report to the principal's office
this instant.
But it wasn't mine!
I guess that means
you win, Batgirl.
Let that be a lesson, students.
Cheaters never prosper.
Nothing like a warm shower
to start the day.
So cold. So cold!
Who did this?
Why, yes. You are right, Frost.
Ice cream is the most
important meal of the day.
To the principal's office, now!
So, Wondy.
I heard you were
made out of mud.
So I'm sure you'll be
fine eating my dust.
Dandruff? Ew!
I guess I need
to switch up my conditioner.
Come around to the starting line!
You better
not have fleas.
Oh, good. Something I'm used
to chasing.
On your mark,
get set, go!
Come get me!
Come get me!
My hair! Ow!
Took me long enough.
Yes! Who's the best?
I am. I am.
All right.
Get your gear and head
to the locker room.
Say, um,
what do you think is going
on with Wonder Woman?
I swear, I do not
have fleas.
Wonder Woman,
are you okay?
Maybe she decided
to take up swimming
since she's no good at track.
I don't know
what happened.
My head would
not stop itching.
Itching powder?
Oh, come on!
That doesn't seem
like you, Cheetah.
- Because it wasn't.
- Sure.
Tell it to the principal.
You know
what they say,
Cheetahs never prosper.
I don't get it.
There has to be
more to this.
Everyone would
totally recognize me.
Delivery for Supergirl.
I'm Supergirl.
Ah, sure you are.
No, seriously.
Can you get her, please?
But I am Supergirl!
Ma'am, I'm a professional.
Everyone knows Supergirl
doesn't wear glasses.
Huh. Go figure. One second.
I'll get her.
Oh, hi! You have
a delivery for me?
Yeah, Supergirl.
Just sign right here.
"No hard feelings about earlier.
"Your friend, Poison Ivy."
Aw, that is so sweet!
I'm totally going to make her
some of Ma Kent's
famous organic corn ice cream.
She's just the sweetest.
Monster plant!
Monster plant!
It's time for your driver's test, Ms.
I trust you're ready.
I was
born ready.
Isn't it true
humans are born not ready?
That is what my creator...
Figure of speech,
Professor Tornado.
Oh, yes. Of course.
Ha, ha, ha.
So, Ms. Lantern,
it is required
that in order for you
to get your license
you must
have a vehicle.
I do not
see yours here.
Oh, yeah.
Sorry about that.
All right. Seatbelts.
- Safety first.
- Very good.
Now, pull out slowly
and check for traffic.
Too fast. Too fast!
Sorry, Prof.
My friends need me!
Well, at least
she left the seat.
Jessica? Aren't you supposed
to be at your driver's test?
Yeah. I think I failed.
Oh, I'm sorry!
It's okay.
On the plus side,
I still have
my pilot's license.
Lucky that thing ain't
the hyperfly ball.
It was only a matter of
time before you lost to me.
Unlikely! I was actually
using my bad arm to play.
If I had used
my good arm...
A little help here!
One, two, ha!
I'm already in the lead.
You were in the lead.
Huh? Whoa!
Nice catch!
Thanks. Now,
what about this plant?
Thirty two, thirty three!
Wait, I know! Plants need
water to survive, right?
Right. Oh! I get it.
I think it's working.
Where there's a wilt,
there's a way.
Who did this?
Um, I thought Poison Ivy
was giving me a present,
but instead...
Ivy, huh?
Fifty two!
Fifty two!
Uh, question.
Why am I here?
When are you not here?
Good point.
All of you have been
caught breaching
the Super Hero High
school code of conduct.
None of you have
lived up to the potential
we hoped for
when you arrived.
I wonder
if this school isn't for you.
That's not very funny.
Are you kicking
us out?
I'm not sure.
But I suggest
you seriously think
about if this is
the best school for you.
Now, dismissed.
Just another little push
should do the trick.
Cheetah, I was just coming
to tell Principal Waller.
I didn't actually think...
Save it, W.
You've done enough.
Come on, girls!
See you later, Ivy?
Not really feeling
up to it.
Maybe another time.
They look really angry.
You know,
maybe they need a hug.
Little known fact,
I give super hugs.
I'm sure
you do, Supergirl.
But right now, we need to
talk to Waller about this.
Something strange
is going on.
Principal Waller,
are you here?
Yes. Uh...
But I'm looking
for some very important files.
What do you want?
We just saw Cheetah, Frost, Poison Ivy
and Catwoman coming from your office.
And Harley.
Yeah, not so weird.
All the stuff
that's happened today,
it's not really like them.
We think something else
is going on.
I understand
your concern.
Come on, work!
But I think we've been indulging
the fantasy that they are
Super Hero High material
for far too long.
Ah, there we go.
That's a... Um...
Unique hairstyle
you have there.
Oh! Uh, I'm just trying
something different.
Listen, I'd suggest
you girls keep being
the do-gooders
that you always are,
and let me worry about the less than
desirable members of our community.
They aren't less desirable,
they're our friends.
If you believe that, I don't think
you really knew them at all.
Now, if you'll excuse me...
Close one.
Was that weird
for anyone else?
I don't know. I kinda thought
her hair looked nice.
No, I meant
the conversation.
You don't think she was right
about the other girls, do you?
No. I believe they're just
as good as you or me.
Let's go find them
and let them know
we stand behind them
no matter what.
I can't believe they thought
I'd do something like that.
I mean, freezing
the pipes?
That's so third grade.
You gotta admit,
it was pretty hysterical!
And itching powder!
Who does that?
I know!
Usually a good pepper
spray would work.
Honestly, they don't make itching
powder they way they used to.
And to think I need
help opening a lock.
Or I'd sent a plant
to attack a classmate.
Or that I'd fill the pool
with custard!
Oh, never mind.
I totally did that.
You know what I think?
I think it was
those popular girls.
You know, Supergirl,
Batgirl, Wonder Woman.
- No, there's no way.
- She's probably right.
I don't like 'em but I don't
think they'd do that.
Think about it.
You five are
the up-and-comers.
Who has more to lose
when you start beating them
at their best drills?
We all know they're
super competitive.
I even heard they cheated
during a group sparring match
you guys had together.
We were winning.
I haven't seen you
around here.
What did you say
your name was?
Divide. I was new here.
- Was?
- Yeah.
It's obvious that this place
is for losers.
Yeah, for losers.
Ha! Wait.
If you aren't going
to Super Hero High,
where are you going?
Haven't you heard?
There's a new school
in town.
Uber High.
Uber High?
Never heard of it.
At Uber High,
they're all about
letting you be you.
Less homework,
more fun.
I like
the sound of that.
Yeah, but what
about our friends?
What about them?
As far as I'm concerned,
you four are the only
friends I'll ever need.
Well, what are
you waiting for?
I think it's time you saw
you were missing.
Perfect! Let's go!
Then I laughed so hard
I spit out a hairball.
Where are you guys going?
Like you care.
Yeah. We know what
you four are doing.
And we don't have to
stay here and take it.
You tell 'em, Frosty!
Doing? We aren't
doing anything.
In fact, we were
just coming to see
if there was anything
we could do to help.
I know something you can do.
What? We're your friends.
We'll do anything.
Good. Stay out of our way.
Uber High? Hmm.
Something smells funny.
And I intend to find out
what it is.
Ah, huh?
What? It's good for you.
Uber High actually didn't
exist until yesterday.
The same day everything
started getting weird.
It looks like
it was funded
through several
dummy corporations.
Can you find
the original source?
I'm Batgirl.
I can find anything.
Lena's behind this?
What does she have
against Super Hero High?
She still holds a grudge
after not being allowed
to attend here.
So, what? She's getting back
at them by stealing students?
Hmm, maybe.
But I doubt it.
Lena never thinks small.
The only way we're
going to find out
what's going on
inside that school
is to go
to the school ourselves.
But how? They know we'd never
leave Super Hero High.
Hmm, we need
someone new.
Someone that hasn't
been here long.
This isn't
creepy at all.
Can you guys hear me?
We hear you
loud and clear, Green Lantern.
With the com link in your ear
and the new Batgirl
uplink contacts,
you're 555.
She's 25?
I didn't realize
she was that old.
Green Lantern,
you look great.
It's an expression.
It means she's perfect.
Aw, that's so sweet
of you to say.
Thanks, Batgirl.
Don't be afraid.
Green Lantern, you came!
Well, well, isn't it
the newest Green Lantern.
What brings you
to our new school?
Maybe she's tired
of being, like, what,
the tenth Green Lantern
at Super Hero High?
Second. Sheesh.
So, what is it, GL?
Why are you here?
Stay calm.
Just tell them you thought
that they were right,
and they weren't
getting a fair shot.
Um, I just think
you guys were right.
Those other girls just think
they're so cool,
always doing better
than everyone else,
and... Have you seen
Wonder Woman's hair?
- Dandruff!
- Totally true.
I just want to be somewhere
I can figure out
who I'm supposed to be
without the pressure
of those other girls.
Well, then, welcome home.
Well, isn't this lovely.
- Who's that?
- Principal Taller.
She's the headmistress here,
and loads more fun
than that stick in the mud
at Super Hero High.
A new recruit?
Yes. I...
I'm Green Lantern.
I just couldn't stand it
at the other school.
I hope it's okay
if I came over?
Of course, my dear.
The more the merrier.
Let me introduce you to our foreign
exchange student, Backlash.
Backlash, this is
Green Lantern.
She looks
really familiar.
- Hi, it's nice to meet you.
- You too.
Quite a grip
you have there.
Oh, sorry. I learned it
in weightlifting.
Lashina! That's why
she looked familiar.
Lashina, really?
Wow! She should totally wear her
hair like that all the time.
It looks really great.
It really does.
Really frames her face.
Well, nice to meet you.
Well, Green Lantern,
you've arrived just in time
for your first assignment.
Here at Uber High, we tend to
do things a bit differently.
We're more of a hands-on school,
learning through doing.
And our first exercise involves
helping the good people
at Project Cadmus.
Cadmus has asked us
to do them a favor
and test their security.
Our task is to infiltrate the
compound and find this object.
If we're able
to obtain the object
and return to base
without being stopped,
you'll have passed.
And you'll know
that you have the skills
to beat
the world's best security.
So, who's ready
for a field trip?
Good. Your transportation is
waiting outside.
Good hunting.
Finally, a chance to show
what we can really do.
Especially without
those good two shoes
next door
getting in the way.
All right, the bus is
waiting. Let's go!
I'm assuming you three will be there
to stop this, right?
Don't worry,
Green Lantern,
you can count on us.
Fools! By the time
these girls figure out
I'm using them to steal
ancient alien technology,
it will be too late for them
and the world.
Principal Taller is
totally using our friends
to try and steal
that vase!
Yes, but why?
Maybe for an evil bouquet
of flowers?
We need to confront them.
They're our friends,
they'll listen.
And tell them what?
That their new school isn't
for super heroes,
it's for supervillains.
Magic is about give and take.
It's about seeing
that which is invisible
with the visible.
It's also about staying awake
in class.
I'll fight you!
to read chapter 33
on the benefits
of toadstools
in potions
and salads. Dismissed.
Except for you two.
You both slept
in class today and...
We slept through
our midterm?
No! That means...
We're failing!
I've never failed
at anything in my life.
Professor Fate!
Professor? Pssht.
I didn't go through
four years of magic school
to be called a professor.
Not to mention the debt
I'm carrying. Oi!
Call me Doctor.
Doctor Fate, there has to be
something we can do to make this up.
As much as I hate
to agree with Bumblebee,
she's right.
We'll do anything!
I see your problem
is not sleep
but something else.
Yes. I will help you
help yourself.
Follow me.
Did you understand
any of that?
Not a word.
Behold, your extra credit.
A globe?
Not just a globe,
but the Globe of Fate.
What does the Globe
of Fate do?
Place your hands
on the globe.
It looks like...
A necklace!
Yes, the necklace of Wotan.
It has been lost for centuries.
I sense this item will not only
help you pass your class,
but it will also help the school
in its time of greatest need.
Dramatic much?
So, how are we
supposed to find it?
The globe will show you.
No problem.
I'll be there
and back in no time.
You'll be there?
I'll be there first
and bring it back
before you even
get close.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah!
I may
have to rethink tenure.
Yes, yes, very good.
Assemble a team
and bring it back to me.
It must be powerful
if Fate wants it,
which means
I need it first.
Oh, nothing.
We're on a field trip.
Yeah. I mean,
it's going okay.
I appreciate you asking.
Salmon, maybe
with some asparagus.
Well, you don't get
where I am by eating poorly.
Too funny.
We're here!
All right, ladies!
The clock is ticking.
Show us what you've got.
I'll check the perimeter.
- Uh, hey, Jack.
- Hey, Al. How's it going?
Uh, my daughter's got
this song stuck in my head.
Oh, yeah, which one?
Ugh, you know.
Get your cape on
And let's take flight
You can do...
Oh, yeah.
I hate that song!
Perimeter clear of weeds.
Good. Come on.
So, can you do it?
Please! I'm Catwoman.
After you.
Where are you guys?
Whoa! This place is bigger
than Giganta's closet.
How are we going
to find this thing?
Split up. Harley, Frost,
you take that row.
Ivy, Catwoman,
take that one.
Green Lantern, Backlash
and I will take the last one.
And ladies, they never said
we have to be gentle.
Ooh! I was hoping
you'd say that.
Nope. Not here.
Here neither!
This is going
to take forever.
Ooh, look who decided
to crash the party.
This isn't
a party, Harley.
You are being used by your
new school to commit crimes!
Sounds like Supergirl's
a little bit jealous
that Cadmus asked us
to help them
and not her.
I think
you're right, Harley.
And what do we do
to the jealous types?
Smash 'em!
Harley, I'm bulletproof.
What's a mallet
going to do?
Distract you.
Oh, would you
look at that?
Beating on Supergirl's totally
gonna save us a ton of time!
This is kitty-tastic.
When was the last time Super Hero
High let us out of our cage?
You're going to spend
a lot of time in a cage
if you don't stop
what you're doing.
Well, isn't it
the Doll Knight
come to ruin our fun.
Don't you have classes
you're supposed to be in?
Principal Waller frowns
on truancy.
And the police frown
on breaking and entering
which you're doing right now.
I know
breaking and entering.
And for that
to happen
we'd have to
not be invited.
But we are,
and you're in our way.
No! You're being used!
It's actually Lena
who's behind this!
Out of the way, Batgirl.
Anything yet?
The only thing
you're going to find
in those boxes is
trouble, Cheetah.
Wonder woman!
Come to try
and bring us back
so you have someone
to play second fiddle?
Second fiddle is actually an
important part of an orchestra.
But, no! That's not
what I'm doing.
Lena Luthor is using you,
all of you,
to steal for her!
Do you have any proof?
Some bank receipts and...
Enough talk! This is
obviously part of the test.
I've got her!
Green Lantern,
do something.
Ooh! Sorry.
Here, let me help.
Green Lantern, no!
This isn't helping.
Now, give up quietly or...
I loves me some capes!
Catwoman, heads up!
And that's a wrap, team.
Back to the bus!
Cheetah, don't!
Sorry, Blunder Woman.
That's called strategy.
Maybe I can loan you
a book on it sometime.
You girls are
all getting an A.
- Yeah!
- Haha, yeah!
We work as a team!
That didn't go at all
like we planned.
You have
to admit though,
this school must be
doing something right
because they've gotten
way better!
What? Is this one of those saying-something
non-appropriate times? Sorry.
Looks like Katana comes
in second place.
Last one to the entrance
is a drone, Bumblebee!
Looks like it's hot.
Yes. Our last one,
I wager.
You better
believe it.
Step back. Let a real
woman take a shot.
So, when will
this real woman appear?
Har har.
Maybe we need
a special word.
Some sort of key
to unlock the door.
Wait, there!
What does it say?
I only got a C
in Ancient Hieroglyphics.
A C?
I got a C+.
It appears to say
"Watch out below."
Watch out below?
That's weird.
That was close.
Thank you for saving me.
Of course!
One to zero,
my lead.
Look out!
- Thanks.
- One-one, tied.
things didn't go so well.
But we have a plan.
If you can get
the girls alone
and one by one tell them
about Lena owning the school,
maybe they'll listen to reason.
Uh... Sure.
But maybe now isn't
the best time for that.
We just beat Supergirl!
We just beat Wonder Woman.
We just beat Batgirl! Whoa!
Very impressive.
It seems that your short
time here has improved
your skills dramatically.
But here at Uber High,
we don't rest on our laurels.
No. There is
still more to do.
Is that...
...the Rock
of Eternity?
The Rock of Eternity?
The Rock of Eternity.
And placed deep
in the bowels...
Come on. Bowels?
Seriously? It's funny!
As I was saying,
deep in the bowels...
In the lair
of the ancient wizards
sit seven statues.
Each statue guards
a magical stone
which could be dangerous
in the wrong hands.
Yes, Green Lantern?
Um, are you telling me
we're going to break into
an old, powerful wizard's
living room
for what?
Does he want us
to test his security too?
Good question.
The reality is that we have
good intel that suggests
the wizard has in fact
turned evil.
Oh, come on!
That can't be true.
With these jewels,
he will be able to leave
the Rock of Eternity
and take over the world.
But only if you girls let him.
But, you know, if you think
you need a few more classes
on being a hero,
rather than just going out
and being one,
I know a school across town
that can help.
You can count on us,
Principal taller.
Can't she, ladies?
Good. I knew I could.
All right, Uber High.
Get going!
Cheetah, can I talk
to you for a minute?
How about in here?
Wanted... Wanted... To talk.
There's too much interference
in the computer room.
I can't maintain
our connection.
We've lost her.
Listen, Cheetah,
I've been in contact
with Wonder Woman,
Supergirl and Batgirl
this whole time.
They were right!
This school is
bought and paid for
by Lena Luthor.
We think she's
using everyone
to get this artifact
in order to...
Well, we don't
know why yet.
But generally,
you collect ancient artifacts
to rule the world.
So, my money is on that.
So, she was right.
- Who was right?
- Jessica Cruz.
A Green Lantern
through and through.
You knew? No!
You're being
You must be.
There's no way
you'd do this.
Cheetah has
come to realize
that heroism is just
another word for sucker.
Lena! I knew it!
Well, actually Batgirl knew it.
But she's super smart,
so I totally believed her.
Yes. Too clever
for your own good.
That's right.
In fact, my friends
are seeing
everything that's happening
as we speak.
They'll go
to the authorities
and soon, you'll be
behind bars.
Oh, my dear.
I deduced
you were working
for those super happy
fun girls this whole time.
In fact, I imagine
that you're wearing
some sort of com device
on your purse
in this very minute.
An earpiece?
Maybe a state of the art
contact camera?
Why do you think Cheetah
led you into this room?
There is
an electromagnetic field
that won't allow
any signals in or out.
I'm afraid
you're on your own.
Me? Against you two?
You need better odds.
We do. Boys.
My yellow Kryptomites tend
to bring out
a lot of fear in people.
I imagine
a little fear isn't
a problem for someone
such as yourself.
Is it, Green Lantern?
I can't see anything.
I think... Yes!
There's a light
at the end of the tunnel!
There it is!
The necklace of Wotan!
Oh, no, you don't.
I'm getting it!
Not a chance, Katana.
Let me guess,
you followed us here.
To get the necklace?
We're gonna have to
fight, aren't we?
- I bet I can beat more than you.
- You're on!
Everyone is staring.
Are you sure we're
in the right place?
Yep. According to my intel
this is the stop.
We just have to wait
here for the S train.
Speaking of which...
All aboard!
How long do you think
it takes to get to this rock?
In this thing,
probably an eternity.
I didn't realize
it was a bullet train.
And they say
mass transit is slow.
Batgirl, can you hear me?
Green Lantern,
is that you?
We lost you for a while.
Are you okay?
Sorry, I think something...
The connection.
It should be
better now.
Uh, I'm still not
getting a camera feed.
- Where are you?
- At the Rock of Eternity.
I've convinced
several of the girls
Lena is behind it all.
If you hurry, we can
take her down together.
All right!
Super beat-down time!
Come on, girls.
Let's go.
We're here.
Where are you?
Above you.
So good of you
to join us.
Lena! What have you done
with Green Lantern?
You'll find out
soon enough. Backlash!
Huh? Cheetah?
The door!
We really have to start
being more careful.
You can
say that again.
We really have to start
being more careful.
It's just a figure
of speech, Supergirl.
Wait, if Lena was
impersonating Green Lantern,
then where is
Green Lantern?
Right here.
Green Lantern!
Are you all right?
I think so.
Cheetah was helping Lena.
She used
these Kryptomites.
They were coming after me
when I must have passed out.
Uh, I don't know.
She seemed like Cheetah.
Well, except for the whole
I'm sure she doesn't know
what she's doing.
She's not always nice
but she'd never turn evil.
We'll never know unless
we can get out of here.
You're right, Jess.
It'll take more than
a couple of bricks
to keep us
contained. Supergirl.
One hole in the wall
coming up!
What just happened?
The only thing that could
stop a punch from Supergirl.
Which would make sense.
This whole place is
kind of magic central.
Couldn't figure
that one out
before I punched
the wall?
So, what do we do now?
Where are they?
- We're here.
- Where did you guys go?
Just taking care
of a little unfinished business.
Unfinished business? Here?
It doesn't matter.
What does matter is
that the jewels that we are
looking for are right there.
We just need
to retrieve the gems
without that old geezer
seeing us
and we'll have succeeded.
...the dragon.
I don't think
that'll be a problem.
That can't have
good lumbar support.
If this guy is supposed
to be so smart,
why is there a giant brick
hanging over his head?
I think it's symbolic.
Really? Looks
like granite to me.
Shh. We don't
want him to hear us.
Oh, nature calls.
Shouldn't have had that
second glass before bed.
Hurry, before he returns.
Pardon me.
Ooh, unless that was
the sound of thunder
I think he's gonna
be there a while.
Ooh, he's actually
kind of cute!
Come on, Harley.
There. That wasn't
so hard.
Run! Faster!
We got
what we came for.
Now, let's leave.
Come on, Backlash!
Let's blow
this pop stand.
Fourteen, 15 and 16.
Wait! Katana, look!
I'm not so foolish...
You just lay down.
I'll get 'em!
Your blasts
are ineffective.
I got him.
No. I have him.
This is your fault!
You know, I'm sorry.
If I hadn't
been so competitive,
I would've noticed
they stole the necklace.
No, it's my fault.
Honestly, I'm just trying
to keep up with you.
You make me
a better hero.
I think the same of you!
What do we do now?
I have an idea. Trust me?
We're too late.
We must return
to Doctor Fate
and tell him we failed
our magic class
and the school.
- Anything?
- Maybe.
Magical construction is
really quite fascinating.
Every brick seems to fit exactly
in line with everything else.
There's almost no space
in between.
So what do we do?
We make some space.
Wait, I thought
you just said...
You know the rule.
Don't interrupt Batgirl
when she's genius-ing.
When Cheetah closed the door,
she must have activated
some sort of magical lock.
If we can get the door open
even a little bit,
I bet I can jar the lock
and set us free.
Supergirl, if you use
your freeze breath
to contract the brick
while Green Lantern creates
a crowbar
that Wonder Woman will pull
with her super strength,
it might give us
the space we need.
So, what do you think?
Okay then. Let's do it.
Uh... What are
we doing, exactly?
Green Lantern.
Your turn, Wonder Woman.
It's working. Keep going.
I can't
hold it much longer.
One more second.
It's slipping!
- Did it work?
- Listen.
You did it!
Genius-ing wins again.
Can we go home now?
Once we find Cheetah
and the others. Come on!
They're gone!
Hey, Batgirl. Didn't your research
about the rock of eternity
say something about
seven statue thingies?
They're supposed
to be right here.
But I don't see them.
Wait, there's one.
But where are the rest?
I've got Pride!
Aw, I wanted Pride.
All I have is
stupid old Envy.
I'll take Envy. I can
add it to my collection.
The sins are influencing us.
The longer we stay here
the worse it's going to get.
Formation mud drop.
Go, go!
They're coming!
- What's wrong?
- I'm out of change!
Who uses
cash anymore?
Didn't they give you
a transfer?
I didn't ask for one.
You always ask
for a transfer!
We'll have to
stand and fight.
Wait! I can get us
out of here.
I think.
This is gonna be
the best thing
to come out of this
garage in a long time.
I stand corrected.
If you've got something
up your sleeve, Supergirl,
now's the time.
There. All right.
We should be...
One genetically controlled,
dimensional traveling rocketship
from Krypton at your service.
What about the sins?
Here we go.
Should have made
these steps smaller.
Oh, come on, guys. Work it!
I don't know.
I mean,
I guess
I'm having fun.
Yeah. Honestly, I kinda miss our
friends at Super Hero High.
I agree. Where's
the challenge?
Are you all crazy?
We finally get to go out
and so something.
What? You'd rather
be stuck in a classroom
while Beast Boy asks
stupid questions?
- Well...
- Maybe.
I mean, he is funny.
Ugh, you guys disgust me.
All right, ladies. It's time
for today's final lesson.
This ancient device was
stolen eons ago,
and can now be located
in the classroom
of one Doctor Fate.
Wait. You want us to break
into Super Hero High
and steal something?
I don't know how comfortable
I am with that.
This doesn't seem like a
lesson, Principal Taller.
I'm sorry, Frost.
When did you get
your teaching credential?
- No, I...
- This will teach you
how to finish an objective,
and prove once and for all
that you are better
than your former classmates.
Well, can't we do that without
having to break into the school?
- Yes, we can.
- Cheetah.
Coach Wildcat is always up
for some friendly competition.
And I know you guys want
to see our friends again.
Well, what if we challenge
Super Hero High
to a sparring match?
With everything we've learned,
I bet we take down our former
classmates in no time.
Good thinking, sugar!
Yes, I like that idea.
What are you doing?
While everyone's attention is
on the match,
no one will be watching
Doctor Fate's classroom.
Giving someone
the opportunity
to nab the globe.
You really are valedictorian
material, Cheetah.
Thank you,
Principal Taller.
Hey! Coach Wildcat is
looking for you four.
Coach Wildcat?
We don't have time
for his shenanigans.
No. That's perfect.
It's time to rope in
the teachers.
We'll tell him what's going on
and he'll get Waller and Grodd.
Then we can go to Uber High
and get our friends.
Great idea.
Come on!
Oh, thank you, Cyborg!
That was nice of you
to relay the message.
You're welcome, girls.
All in a day's work.
- Coach Wildcat!
- Lena Luthor brainwashed...
I'm starving!
Girls, where have you been?
- Locked in a trap!
- Brainwashed!
- Fighting monsters!
- I'm still hungry!
There'll be plenty of time to say
whatever it is you want to say later.
Right now, Principal Waller has
agreed to group sparring match
with the girls from Uber High.
You don't understand. We...
Three, two, one, go!
Catwoman, listen!
We don't have to fight.
Uber High is actually a front
for Lena Luthor's
nefarious plans.
That's just a pile
of kitty litter.
You're just jealous we're finally
getting the respect we deserve!
Come on, Wondy,
Stand still!
Listen, Harley, Lena
Luthor is using you guys
to steal a bunch
of things for...
Well, we don't know
that part yet.
But we don't want to see
you guys get into trouble.
You have to believe us!
Oh, I believe you.
You do?
Oh, I've known pretty
much from the start
something was
going on.
But it sounded
like a fun time!
Catwoman, you and the other girls
are so good at what you do
that we have to work really
hard just to keep up.
You girls make us
better heroes.
We don't just respect you,
we need you.
- Really?
- Really.
You know, you aren't
so bad... For a bat.
And you're not
so terrible for a cat.
Leave me alone!
- Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Tree, really.
- No!
Are you okay?
This is what happens
when friends fight.
Other people get hurt.
You're right.
I never wanted to.
But there was
this girl,
and she said
you guys hated us.
Hated you? I can
never hate you!
We love you guys,
which is why we've been chasing
you down all over the globe.
We miss you,
and we wanna
make sure you're okay.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- I know, I'm sorry!
So, decided to go back
over to Super Hero High?
If by "decided", you mean Cheetah
and Lena Luthor knocked me out
and left us for dead
in the Rock of Eternity,
then yeah!
What? You're lying!
If I'm lying, where's Cheetah
and Principal Taller?
You know, you might be right.
Let's do this together.
What in tarnation
are you doing?
The match isn't over!
There hasn't even been
one good knockout yet!
Coach, I think
we've made a mistake.
Yeah. We don't wanna
fight our friends anymore.
Plus, we think
that Principal Taller is
actually Lena Luthor
in disguise.
She's here to steal something
from Doctor Fate's classroom.
Well, it looks like we might
get that knockout after all.
What are you waiting for?
Go save the day!
Yeah, let's go!
The Globe of Fate!
Stop right there!
Principal Waller? I...
What? Why are you and
Cheetah in the magic class?
Not that I need
to answer to you, Batgirl,
but I was showing
these girls our facilities,
trying to persuade them
to re-enroll.
Oh, that makes sense.
Now if you'll excuse me,
I'd like
to continue my tour.
I don't buy it!
And people say
I'm the crazy one!
Lena Luthor!
They were right!
Of course, they were.
Annoyingly, they always are.
But it's too late.
And I'm Lashina!
Yeah, we kinda figured.
- But the wig!
- Meh.
Enough! Boys!
Keep them back
while I finish this.
At last. The final piece
of my master plan.
What? To start
a jewelry store?
Nothing so mundane.
I know she's evil
and all...
But that is awesome!
It is awesome.
But not awesome enough.
You girls unwittingly helped me
steal a series
of ancient power supplies
that will make me unstoppable.
So, what was the vase for?
An evil bouquet of flowers, duh!
Feel the power
of my super mecha-suit!
I'd like to thank you
for securing your own demise.
Demise? Wait!
You didn't say
anything about that!
Oh. Didn't I?
Cheetah, are you okay?
Is she still
brainwashing you?
Uh, yes!
I must have been under
some sort of mind control!
I knew it!
We'll fill you in later but for
now, we have bigger problems.
The power... I can feel it
coursing through my veins!
Come on, girls!
Thank you, Supergirl.
I was looking
for a little super-strength!
My strength!
It's... fading!
What are you doing? No!
Hold on, Ivy!
How chilling.
She's absorbing
everyone's powers!
What can we do?
We've all been fighting
against each other for so long,
we haven't gotten anywhere!
What happens
when we fight together?
Super Hero High School rules
on three!
One, two,
Super Hero High School rules!
I have an idea. Follow me!
Retreating? So soon?
You girls go ahead.
We'll distract them.
What is that? Is that...
Sounds like motors.
Who needs superpowers
when you've got these? Yahoo!
Okay, Frost! Soften her up!
Snowballs? Now that
Lena has Supergirl's strength,
you're gonna need
to do better than that.
Ivy, grab a hold!
What are you doing?
Okay, Harley.
Do your thing!
With pleasure!
Pliers, finish her off!
All right, team.
Let's pull her over!
It's over, Lena!
Over? It's just beginning.
The necklace. Yes!
This was the final piece.
What is that?
The necklace of Wotan.
Doctor Fate told us
to retrieve it.
He said that it was an
object of unlimited power,
and help the school
in its hour of need.
Yes. Yes! I can feel it!
What is it doing?
Looks like
Doctor Fate was right.
My strength is returning.
So are my powers!
Mine too!
What? The power
of laughter.
Well, I guess it's all
is well that ends well.
Bah! You think I don't
have contingencies?
Lena Luthor always has
a backup plan!
Now no longer will we be
called Uber High,
but the home base
for the Legion of Doom!
A giant flying ship?
- Been there.
- Done that.
Will do it again.
After you.
No, no. I insist.
- No, please.
- Oh, come on!
A little friendly competition
never hurt no one.
That's one for me!
One for me too!
Me three!
You can't hit
what you can't see!
Huh? What? No!
Now, everyone up!
and round she goes!
Where she stops,
nobody knows!
Shouldn't you girls be
in class?
Lena? Not this time, lady!
No, Supergirl!
That's the real
Principal Waller!
Oh. Sorry.
I don't know
what's going on
butt I want some
answers right now!
It's my fault,
Principal Waller!
I was teaching them
the virtues of competition
here in the open air!
But what I found out is
that while competition is good,
it's not as good as learning
to work together.
Very well. But from
now on, please keep
these little sparring
matches in the gymnasium.
You heard the lady.
Who's up for a little
group sparring match!
Sure. But maybe this time,
we'll mix up the teams.
That's a great idea!
I bet I can make even more
off a rematch!
I'll take that bet.
- Hey!
- And I'll take that money!
Uh, I was totally gonna
give that to you.
Well, that didn't go as planned.
What do we do now?
What you always do
with an empty base.
Fill it. Bring me my Rolodex!
What's a Rolodex?
Never mind.
I'll just log on
to Villainbook.
I'm sure someone is
looking to team up.
I can team up.
We are teamed up.
We need more people.
I know people.
- Dumb people.
- What did you say?
I'm doomed!