LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Black Panther - Trouble in Wakanda (2018) Movie Script

King T'Challa,
do you intend to
go everywhere
dressed as the
Black Panther now?
The leader of Wakanda has
always been a warrior king,
so I take pride in being
the Black Panther.
Were you happy with
your speech to the U.N.?
It is always good to
talk about peace,
but we must all work together
to protect our world
from those who would
seek to destroy it.
(explosion rumbling,
crowd screaming)
I have come to wreak
havoc on your world,
and I shall start
with this foul city.
(lasers zapping)
Ah! Help!
We're under attack!
(static crackling)
(lasers zapping)
I will not allow you
to destroy this planet!
A human in a cat suit cannot
stop the Mad Titan, Thanos.
(lasers zapping, grunting)
(citizens screaming)
(electricity pulsing)
(sinister laughter)
Quill's right...
the BLT here is
definitely better than
the one down on 7th.
Oh, hey,
Black Panther.
Sorry we missed
your speech.
You should try the BLT.
It's delicious.
Table for one.
(metal reverberating)
Sorry, Thanos,
but now you're tangling with
Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
Not only that,
but now I'm hangry.
(grunting, groaning)
Hey, where's Tony?
(device beeping, explosion)
Time to wrap this up.
Hey, can I get this to go?
Hulk smash!
I don't think so.
He is too
powerful for us
to take him down
Did you just figure that out,
little kitty cat?
(sinister chuckle)
My vibranium suit is
absorbing his attack.
(sinister laugh)
Guys, it's Iron Man.
I'm heading in with a special
surprise for Thanos.
Okay, Tony,
we'll buy you some time.
Avengers, we must
all work together,
as a team,
to defeat Thanos.
Black Panther's correct.
Avengers, assemble!
(all grunting)
(grunting, groaning)
I'll get his other arm.
Legs, I call legs.
Up top.
What could this
possibly do?
Oh, they're just
setting you up
for my new
Hulk Buster armor.
Turning the jet boosts
up to 11.
(slow motion scream)
I think we learned
a valuable lesson today.
Don't mess with
the Hulk Buster.
Puny space titan.
Did I miss anything?
Oh, nothing much.
Just Black Panther and the
Avengers avenging the world...
Oh, (indistinct) is
gonna be so mad at me.
Where am I?
Who are you?
I am Erik Killmonger.
You may know me by my
villain name, Killmonger.
And I am Ulysses Klaue.
A weapons merchant, and
wearer of this great beard.
I feel so weak.
We can bring you back to
full strength with vibranium,
but we need more,
lots more.
I see.
What do you want from me?
Just to be made ruler of
a small country, Wakanda.
It has all the
vibranium we need.
With your sheer power,
and my sheer sneakiness,
we will be unstoppable.
And I want lots
of vibranium,
so I can enact
my nefarious plan.
or no deal?
I like nefariousness.
Take him to Wakanda
and hide him there.
I'll keep
Black Panther busy.
But how will we get access
to the vibranium mines?
Leave that to me.
(sinister chuckle)
Yes, it is the
black flying car,
shaped like
a panther face.
Why did you park all the
way down here in the Village,
Your Highness?
Your garage has five stars
on my parking app.
Okay, I'll bring
it right out.
(lasers zapping, grunts)
Ha, Black Panther, you are
not worthy of that suit.
I am the true leader
Wakanda deserves.
(zapping continues)
What Wakanda needs
is protection
from greedy tyrants
like you,
Wakandans will
never follow you
when they see
how weak you are.
A Black Panther is not
a symbol of weakness,
but strength!
(grunting, groaning)
You're lucky that your
suit is made of vibranium.
Yes, it is.
I have a good tailor!
(grunting, groaning)
(power growing)
(glass shattering)
Look what the Panther
dragged in.
(grunting, groaning)
The Book of the Vishanti.
(grunting, groaning)
I'm gonna drop you.
A little help here,
good doctor?
Hey, turn the
lights back on!
As you wish.
(grunting, groaning)
Cease your attack,
You are no match
for our powers.
Indeed, very nice.
No, I mean duck.
Heh, he doesn't seem
so powerful to me.
It seems he can't do--
I can do this.
The great grip of Gorm.
Okay, easy.
I had a really big lunch.
Doctor Strange,
thanks for your assistance.
I will take Killmonger
back to Wakanda
to show that he cannot attack
the king without consequence.
Aw, please.
You sure you don't just
want me to drop him
into another dimension?
A real nasty one?
No, truly.
You are coming with me.
I don't think so.
(rapid beeping)
(grunting, coughing)
Now I will never
know what he is after.
I believe he is after...
How do you know that?
Some deep
psychic connection?
A sorcerer's intuition?
Voices giving you information
from the great beyond?
He dropped his Vibranium
Mining for Villain's book.
Before I pursue
allow me to
help you clean up.
Uh, that's okay.
You've done enough.
Besides, that's why I keep
the sweeper of shiitake around.
(telephone ringing)
Hello, little sister.
What is up?
T'challa, I've tracked an
unwanted guest in the vicinity.
Do you know a man
named Ulysses Klaue?
Yes, he is an associate
of Killmonger.
They must be up
to something.
I will get there
as soon as I--
No! No!
Shuri! Shuri!
Okoye, my trusted bodyguard,
what has happened?
Klaue has Shuri.
I'm sensing he's using her to
get to the vibranium mines.
We have to hurry.
(tires screeching)
(rapid gunfire)
(sinister chuckling)
This is going to
be so much fun.
(beach music playing)
("Flight of Valkyries" playing)
(shouting kiais)
Hmn? Oh.
The maze of (indistinct).
The only way to the
vibranium mine.
Shuri designed the maze,
including all the traps inside.
Klaue must be using her
knowledge of the maze
to take him through it.
We must follow them,
but the pathway
is very dangerous.
Good thing I remember
where all the traps are.
You remember where all
the traps are, huh?
Oh, it has been a while.
I am sure it will
come back to me.
(electricity crackling)
Huh? Oh.
Phew, that was close.
(stone sliding)
(laser zapping)
(grunting )
Over here.
(powering up)
Ah, they're
getting closer.
Are we almost
to the exit?
Yes, uh, just
a few more turns.
Hmm, Shuri's traps
are very sophisticated.
We must be careful.
Allow me.
Not all of her ideas...
are very...
cutting edge.
You were saying?
Are we almost there?
What, a dead end?
You tricked me.
You'll pay for this.
You did not think she would
actually lead you to the mine,
did you?
Took you long enough.
Stop right there.
What do you want, Klaue?
Oh, I think you know.
Give me your key to
the vibranium mines.
Give us the key!
(grunting, groaning)
(grunting, groaning continue)
(grunting, groaning)
No, stop!
I will give you the key.
That's more like it.
We got what we
came here for.
Let's go.
Are you okay, Okoye?
I think so.
You should not have given up
your key for me, brother.
I had no choice, Shuri.
Remember what
father used to say.
Sometimes a good leader
must make sacrifices.
Yeah, great.
But now what do we do?
We must stop their
villainous plan.
That's his intense face.
Isn't he intense?
Big brother, the royal Talon
Fighter has been rebuilt.
I can jump in it and
be there in no time.
No, Shuri.
Stay in the capital
where it is safe.
I must stop
Killmonger and Klaue.
Come on, I never get
to do the fun stuff.
Besides, you need the help.
That is what my suit
upgrade is for.
A king must always be
resourceful unto himself.
All that preachy
king talk again.
Fine, Shuri out.
Some days, I wish I
really was a panther.
It's still not enough
Give me more.
More, more!
Just sit back
and relax, sir.
We're getting you
fully recharged.
I have worlds to take over,
and dreams to crush.
Jeez, how much power
does this guy need?
Just be happy
he's on our side.
(device pulsing)
Okay, the charging
is in progress.
We just need to tug that last
train car of raw vibranium
to the processing center.
(footprints approaching)
Okoye, I am at
the mine entrance.
Are you preparing
your surprise?
Yes, but how will
you get in?
I have a hidden key in
a rock for emergencies.
I just have to, uh...
find it.
We've gotta fill it with
more processed vibranium
for the recharging.
The only charging going on
here is me charging you.
You again?
Your time in Wakanda
is coming to an end.
That is where
you are wrong.
(grunting, groaning)
Oh, no surprise that
you've used up all
your lives, cat man.
I think the surprises
here are for you.
Stay away from the key.
(gun pulsing)
Now what?
Get more processed
vibranium into Thanos.
I'll keep these two busy.
Ha! How's that for
a vibranium suit?
(rhino growling)
I prefer a lighter weave.
(grunting, groaning)
My bad.
(grunting, groaning)
Okoye, stop Klaue.
(back up beeps)
You're too late!
(grunting, groaning)
Leave him alone!
(grunting, groaning)
No fair.
Ganging up is
against the rules!
I am the king.
I make the rules.
Okoye, do not
let him get away.
What-what are you doing?
No. No, no!
Yes, we did it, sire.
We are not done yet.
Quick, we must
secure the mines.
(explosion rumbling)
It is I, Thanos.
I am recharged.
And ready to have my
vengeance on this planet.
(sinister laugh)
(sinister laugh)
And now, I shall
pay my debt,
and unseat the
king of Wakanda.
(Rhino growling)
As long as I am king,
I fight for Wakanda.
(grunting, groaning)
This ends now!
Leave my brother alone!
Leave the king's
sister alone.
Leave the
Black Widow alone.
Wow. Suddenly had
the strangest feeling
of deja vu.
Jet boots to the resc--
That worked
the first time.
(thunder rumbling)
Foul villain!
Wow, that's new.
Good haircut.
Nice beard.
What happened to
your hammer thingy?
It's a long story.
(sinister laugh)
(sinister chuckling)
Hulk smash!
Go home!
(grunting, groaning)
Brother, you can't stand up
to Thanos's power.
He's been supercharged.
We must get
into the mines.
I have an idea.
I hope it's a good one,
'cause it's not
going so well here.
Ha! Runnin' from
the fight, heroes?
No, we just wanted to make sure
you guys weren't left out.
(screaming, grunting)
(grunting, groaning)
Hey, no one
rides for free.
Come on, just--
get off me.
(powering up)
Uh-oh, that's not good.
(powering up continues)
(menacing laughter)
(grunting, groaning)
How do we turn
this thing off?
You do not want to.
Trust me.
We have to go, now!
All aboard.
What's going on in there?
Oh, just a runaway
vibranium reaction
that opened a time-space
portal and sent Thanos,
Killmonger and Klaue to
an unknown destination.
And then what?
Don't know, don't care.
I hate rocks
floating in space.
does this mean you won't
be king of Wakanda?
What do you think?
These traditional Wakandan
snacks are pretty good.
Mmm, mmm.
These mini-meatballs
are delicious.
I never thanked you for
saving me, brother.
And I never thanked you
for calling the Avengers.
I was wrong to refuse
your offer to assist.
I have learned that
accepting help from others
does not make you weak,
and rejecting help
from others
does not mean you
are strong, either.
Oh, brother.
Now, where'd you
hide your key?
In that rock
right over there.
Or is it over there?
Or maybe that one.
No, wait, I put it here.
This one!
No, uh,
perhaps this one.
It's around here