Leha (2024) Movie Script

Leha, give the pen drive to me or else.
This isn't a game.
I'm sorry.
Miss Leha, forgive me, it was an accident.
That's is the third time
you've had this accident.
Hey, Leha!
You're out pretty late,
doing some overtime?
What is up with her,
just storming off like that?
She might be on her period...
Hey. Allah is the greatest!
-What's the matter?
-I bumped into her like usual.
But she seems a little moody.
If she's in a bad mood
then keep bumping into her.
-Are you sure?
-Hey, what's going on?
-Oh, she must be late for something.
That's why she was thrown into the car.
They're in a hurry.
-That's ridiculous. She's being kidnapped.
If she's being kidnapped, she will
roll down the window and cry for help.
"Help! I'm being kidnapped!"
Help! I'm being kidnapped!
Now, she's really being kidnapped.
Let's go!
Hey! Get out of the car!
Get out now!
Damn you!
Take that!
Are you okay?
-Is she okay?
Pick up her bag!
-Let me carry her instead.
-No, pick up the bag!
Oh, no!
Let's get out of here.
Every life is depending on you people.
You're all like a family to me.
We have to have each other's backs.
It's okay if people look down on you.
But, you all must keep in mind...
with the uniform you're all wearing,
bearing the PIKM badge,
you are all unsung heroes!
Remember that!
Who's been keeping the schools safe?
The banks and offices.
Who's been doing all that?
It was you all, right?
The security guards.
As an employer,
I consider you all,
my trustworthy agents!
That's all from me.
I hope you got something from this speech.
Peace be upon you.
Thank you.
All agents can now gather in groups.
Agents, huh?
The new guard? Okay!
-Adam, right?
Thank you.
Follow me.
-Ready to report, sir!
This is Adam. He's new here.
He's going to be in your team.
This is the new guard?
Look at your beret. Fix it!
You're way off your head
thinking you can be a guard.
Stand up straight!
You do realize
my team's already professional.
Why do you want to include a rookie?
I don't want him to screw everything up.
Look, Sani.
Because your team is the best.
Good, agile and responsible.
That's why I decided
to put him on your team.
So that he could learn from the best.
Why don't you show him around?
Bring it on!
Get lost!
I best be going now.
Where are you going?
I'm going to the hospital
to visit my mother.
Your mom's sick?
Hey! Your mother died last year.
How is she still in the hospital?
What are you saying...?
Why are you like this?
I'm sorry.
You have to look after your mother.
What if her life support got
all screwed up?
It's better if you take her some gifts.
Figs are good for you.
Are you sure?
-I better get going.
-Yes, you go.
Hey, it doesn't work on you
because you have no rank. Watch me.
You see? Move.
-What was the fruit again?
Why are you in a rush?
Pardon me, Mr. Zaman.
Next time, let them out first.
We have a lot of work to do.
A lot of floors to patrol.
You're the new guy, right?
This line of work is dangerous.
You can't expect to be safe all the time.
That's why I was hired.
-Understood, Mr. Zaman.
Where are you off to?
I'm going to the hospital,
to visit my mother.
Yeah, right. Visit your mom or Leha?
What did you do before this?
I was in PASKAL.
Keep your mind off Leha,
she's already taken.
But, even the rabbit lost to the tortoise.
-Shut up.
-Go now!
Only one?
They only sent one, Boss.
Get lost!
Hey, partner. All good?
In this business,
we treat it like a family business.
We must be honest between us.
One of my guys picked up a bad supply.
Could you send one
for me personally, tonight?
From the Philippines, of course.
My guys will hand you some gratitude.
Thank you, brother.
I've brought some fruit for you.
Thank you.
This canned fruit is good for you.
How are you feeling?
I'm fine.
My arm still hurts.
But the doctor cleared me
to leave tomorrow.
I'm glad to hear that.
Since you've been absent from work,
I've felt lonely.
I wanted to thank you anyways.
If it wasn't for you
I wouldn't be here now.
Here... This is my card.
You can call me if you need help.
Take good care of it, okay.
I've been meaning to ask you something.
Why would those guys want to kidnap you?
Are you in debt to the loan sharks?
Leha, how are you feeling today?
Are you okay?
Where does it hurt?
Right here.
You should leave.
I've got something to talk to Leha about.
Private things.
Yeah, sure.
Leha, I will be going now.
What are you doing reading that thing?
This here is a problem.
Not only weapons are smuggled.
Drug smuggling.
Human trafficking syndicate.
That's what worries me.
You don't need to worry,
you're a man. Nobody wants to kidnap you.
We should be worried for
the ladies out there, understand.
What is it?
Mr. Murad, I knew
he was here all this time.
You got anything more to say?
We can't just sit here and do nothing.
Others may not have a problem with this
but not me.
What do you mean?
You're a rookie,
how could you possibly understand?
Earlier this year...
three Indonesian girls went missing
without a trace.
Just like that!
Maybe they went back to Indonesia.
If they went back home,
why would they leave all their belongings?
I went to where they live. I saw
all their belongings still there.
Why were you there?
Checking on them.
I didn't have any other intentions.
There must be an inside man
involved in this.
Hey! Think before you say anything!
If somebody hears us,
what will they think?
What do you think?
According to my theory,
someone we know is involved.
What is subadak?
Not subadak.
Relax, you're a rookie.
This is not your fight.
If that's what you wish,
come on!
Missed me!
Remember this! This is a lesson for you.
-Are you okay?
-Just relax.
That was nothing. Bunch of wimps.
Hey! What happened to you?
I haven't eaten all day.
Let's get out of here.
What a day. Everything happens to me.
Where is that smell coming from?
O' Allah.
Khai! O' Allah.
Thank you for making a surprise
for my birthday.
Go ahead and eat. I've lost my appetite.
What's the matter?
How's Leha?
All that I did was for nothing.
It's over.
She chose Zaman over me.
As long as they're not married,
you still have a chance.
How about this?
Take a day off and go pick her up
at the hospital tomorrow.
I'm going to work something out
for your appearance.
It's a good idea, right?
Stop beating yourself up over it.
I hope it rains
and you get wet in the car.
I'm worried about your safety.
You don't know who you're dealing with.
I rather die than be a scumbag like you.
Open your mind.
Think straight.
You think I'm the one
who's not thinking straight?
You're the one who does dirty jobs
for money.
You'd rather be someone's lapdog
for money.
You tell me who's not thinking straight.
Do not touch me.
Don't you know how much I love you?
Hold on. Please listen to me.
This is only temporary.
When I get what I want,
I will stop.
I did all this for you, for us.
When all this is over, only then
can we escape and find our happiness.
With all the dirty money?
Listen to me, Mr. Zaman.
I guess it is time to end
our relationship.
Why won't you answer the call?
Your partner is calling.
Don't ever touch me again
or I will scream.
I don't want them to find you.
I just want you to be safe.
Why did your guards beat up my guys?
I apologize. It won't happen again.
I only sent my guys to deliver,
not to harm.
Have you seen me angry?
Don't start messing with me.
You give me the goods that I like,
then you'll get the money.
One more thing.
Where's that Filipino girl?
Pick up the phone, Khai.
I've something important to tell you.
I don't care how big your problem is,
I realize who I am.
Maybe, you have someone
that's better than me.
I really need you right now, Khai.
You're the only one that can help me.
Please pick up the phone.
No, Leha.
I'm not the one you need.
You need Zaman more than me.
Leha! Weren't you in the hospital?
Why are you here in so soon?
I was packing up my stuff,
I'm quitting my job and going
back to my hometown, Mr. Faizul.
Quitting your job?
Have you informed Mr. Murad?
What's wrong with you, Leha? Tell me.
Actually Mr. Faizul,
there is something wrong with this place.
I have the evidence myself,
so I need to hand it over
to Mr. Murad or the police.
Something wrong?
What kind of evidence?
The evidence is on my pen drive,
but it's not here.
Leha, you can't keep
something like this on your own.
Why don't you hand me the pen drive
and let me pass it over to Mr. Murad?
What's with the long face?
Is something wrong?
Was it you?
I'm not mute, Bang Khai.
Bang Khai?
How could you possibly know me?
Of course I know you.
You know me?
How do you...?
Hey, what are doing right here?
I thought this cat could talk.
What are you doing here?
I came from my village to work.
I'm still homeless.
For the time being, I'm staying here.
Is that so?
Poor you.
It's nothing. I'm used to this.
I'm glad today's my day off.
Wake up, Khai. Go get groceries.
Eventually you're the one
who's going to eat. Wake up.
Khai, wake up! It's already late!
Just because I'm a cook,
it is indeed my duty to cook
for you every week.
You think I'm your surrogate mother?
Khai, please wake up!
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too. Who are you,
coming in so early this morning?
Then who's sleeping on our couch?
Damn you, rascal! What are you doing here?
Sani, calm down!
I saw him on the street last night,
that's why I brought him home.
You're lucky.
-Otherwise, I would be smashing you!
-That's enough.
Don't talk about Leha ever again.
I have no feelings for her anymore.
She chose Zaman over me.
How would you know? Did she tell you?
Look at this guy.
What? Going through all my things?
You are not entitled to.
What do you think?
PASKAL doesn't have a cook?
PASKAL fasts all the time?
I think...
You better not sit here
before I kick your ass.
Have you no manners?
I think, Zaman and Leha
have nothing between them.
If he's not serious about her,
then why is he still chasing her?
It's like this. Have you seen
a dog chasing after a motorbike?
I have!
I'm not talking to you!
Dog chasing after a motorbike.
The dog never had
any intention of riding the bike.
So, Zaman is like the dog in this story.
So, Zaman is a dog?
No, idiot. He's just like the dog.
But, I overheard that Leha
wants to quit and go back home.
And Mr. Faizul intends to
propose to Leha for Zaman.
You don't know what you're talking about!
How would you know?
I was in the toilet.
Then, I heard Mr. Faizul
enter the men's room.
Is that pen drive still with her?
The pen drive is with her, Boss.
Don't let things getting out of our hand.
Affirmative, boss.
But boss, she's gone.
Where is she?
She's going back to her hometown.
But don't worry.
Zaman and I will solve this.
We'll retrieve the pen drive for you.
Please take care of it.
Alright boss, bye.
They won't be happy
even if they get married.
Something's wrong with them.
There's a hidden agenda.
How did you do your job?
I've done my part and followed our plans.
The evidence is gone!
The evidence is in the pen drive.
And the pen drive is with Leha.
I don't wanna know
what's between you and Leha.
But you should stop covering her ass
and think about yours.
We only have two days to settle this.
If not, we'll both be gone.
I'm doing my best.
When are you doing that?
Tomorrow? The day after?
Do you want me to kidnap her again?
No point in us arguing.
You go to her hometown.
Take that pen drive.
Chill... Don't be nervous,
things can be settled.
You're still new,
don't pretend to be smart.
Khai... Relax, don't be nervous,
everything can be settled.
I'm fine.
Now, call Mr. Faizul and inform him.
This is another problem,
I don't know how to make an excuse.
Just gave him the same reason
you usually do.
-Like always.
Calling Mr. Faizul.
Hello, Khai?
Peace be upon you, Mr. Faizul.
Mr. Faizul, I have something important
to tell you.
Today I had to take emergency leave.
Huh? Why?
Actually Mr. Faizul,
my mom, who was in hospital,
just passed away.
My condolences.
Alright, Khai.
When you return to the office,
list down all of your lies.
Every year your mom died.
Alright then.
Mr. Faizul, one more thing,
Sani is also with me.
Because my mom
and Sani's cousin's father are related.
Is that so?
After this, call Mr. Faizul
and tell him your excuse.
But don't use the same excuse as Khai.
Give another excuses and make it creative.
-You're patrolling a lot?
-Yeah. Thank you, Mr. Faizul.
All right. I'll text him now.
Hey! Don't text him now.
Moments after this.
This is how they behave.
So? Everything go well?
Just relax, Mr. Faizul won't know a thing.
She is so beautiful.
Yes, she is.
What is it with you guys?
She looks different.
What's different?
All this time,
she hasn't looked this pretty.
Now, she's like an angel.
Please, come in.
My dad is also here watching the news.
Oh, okay.
...cases of human trafficking.
According to him, the people should
-be very careful with...
-Oh, my.
I'm worried with the events
that are happening nowadays.
Human trafficking has become more severe.
That's right.
They are all useless villains!
It's their fault.
It's none of our faults here.
Allah is the Greatest!
It's prayer time already.
Let's pray together.
It's okay, we're not in proper condition.
Our pants and shirts are dirty.
-We're not proper enough.
It's okay, we have a lot of sarongs
in this house.
Later I'll ask Leha to bring some
for all of you,
and you may change in the room.
Besides, it's bad to delay a prayer.
That's right, sir! We can't delay it.
On the other hand,
if we pray together,
the rewards are 27 times greater.
Later, I want one of you
to lead the prayer.
Well, he's blind.
Did I misspeak earlier?
Hey! What did you say earlier?
"We wanted to pray together"?
"Praying together earns you 27 rewards."
How noble of you.
But I'm not wrong, am I?
Not wrong? Now her dad wants
one of us to lead the prayer.
Alif, ba, ta, sa...
In the name of Allah SWT,
Most Gracious, Most Merciful
All praise to God, here it is.
Thank you.
Allah has spoken the truth
Palm up, palm down!
It's you.
I can't, I'm afraid that
I will do it wrong.
I think you're a better imam.
Please, besides you study
at Islamic school right?
Are you guys ready or not?
Yes, we are!
Allah is the Greatest!
In the Name of Allah
The Most Compassionate, Most Merciful
All praise is for Allah,
Lord of all worlds
The Most Compassionate, Most Merciful
Master of the Day of Judgment
Praise be to Allah,
The Lord of the Universe
May Allah accept from you and us
Thank God. You have a good voice.
The melody was good.
The recitations were also good.
Would be a good son-in-law.
Sir, you don't need to
praise me like that.
I didn't do much, just a simple thing.
I'm afraid of arrogance.
But if you want me with Leha,
there's nothing I can do.
If you don't mind,
you can all stay for a night.
We can pray together again.
After all, I can't get enough of
the good recitation earlier.
It's okay, just let us carry on.
Is it okay for you?
It's not a big deal.
-Besides it's just me and Leha.
At least I have a friend to talk to.
Ah, yes.
Besides, it's a long way back.
It's dangerous for you
to drive during the night.
That's right.
If you insist,
then there's nothing we can do.
So, let's just stay here for a night.
If there is nothing else,
you can go to sleep,
same goes to you all as well.
I want to perform a Tahajjud prayer soon,
and continue with a funeral prayer.
Prayer until dawn,
that's my routine every night.
Just a simple thing.
No words are as beautiful as poem
You have a good voice.
I wrote the song for you, Leha.
Whoever gets you will be lucky.
You're so talented.
You're capable of doing anything.
Before this, I almost joined
the band, Raihan.
Now that you mention it,
I'm getting excited.
I seek forgiveness in God.
Sorry for my words.
Apologies, she suddenly showed up,
give and take, right?
Give and take, huh?
Leha, can we discuss things now?
Actually we came here for a reason.
Actually Khai...
Pardon me.
Actually, I do have something
important to say too.
This must be about Zaman, right?
I know.
I'm nowhere near as good as him.
Zaman has everything.
That's not what it's about.
This is way more important than love.
This is about that time I was kidnapped.
What do you mean?
Back when I was being kidnapped,
it was only because
of a pen drive.
Pen drive?
That's ridiculous.
What was on the pen drive?
It's already late, go to sleep.
Alright, Dad. I need to go.
We'll discuss it later.
She looked at us.
as beautiful as poem
No words are
For me to praise you, darling
I told you already,
I almost joined the band, Raihan.
Let's get straight to the point.
From the beginning until the end,
he promised he'd never change.
It's come to my attention that my friend,
wants to ask for her hand in marriage.
Isn't that so?
Music is played, moving the dancer,
Before dancing, you need to rehearse.
I can't give the answer.
You'll need to ask her first.
Where is your daughter?
It's a quiz, you're whiz.
Here she is!
She's right here.
Even though you are not good-looking,
it's better than nothing.
I'm just kidding.
It's okay, we know.
Leha. Will you be my wife?
I mean, asking for a friend.
You're so sweet.
I don't agree to it.
Zaman! Why did you come here?
This is none of your business.
Big bird on the tree,
has not come to its senses.
Don't you take Leha away from me!
Or you'll face the consequences!
Don't act like a knight!
You're being arrogant.
You're nothing compared to me.
Say whatever you want,
I'll still fight for my right!
You better get ready.
Because I'll fight for it too.
Leha, let's go!
What is this?
Follow me!
I'm ready!
To fight for it all.
I'm just waiting for you.
If you're so brave,
let's fight one by one.
Mr. Sani, I've been hit by a rock.
Why didn't you avoid it?
How I could avoid it?
You haven't taught me how yet.
Let's go!
Please wait here, sir.
What are you talking about?
You just peed on the bed.
This is not our house.
Go clean it up.
It's okay, just a little bit.
That's quite a puddle
and you just let it be?
Go clean it up.
Look at him!
Why is he like that?
It's disgusting!
Having fun?
Aren't you going to invite me?
Hey, what are you doing here?
I'm afraid of staying in the room alone
so I just tagged along.
Leha truly can cook.
Hey, it's only a drink.
The food is yet to be served.
It's too obvious.
Leha truly can cook, won't you believe me?
Why do you praise my daughter?
Are you hiding something?
You like my daughter, is that it?
Did you guys sleep well last night?
Were there any mosquitoes?
I'm okay with them.
I'm a former PASKAL.
It's true, Mr. Sani is a former PASKAL.
A cook for PASKAL.
Even PASKAL has a cook.
PASKAL would not fast for 24 hours,
would he, Mr. Sani?
It's fun to live in the village, right?
It is fun, however you need
to be extra-cautious.
There are many wild hogs in the village.
Just this morning,
when I was in the bathroom,
I heard three wild hogs outside.
Just outside the bathroom.
I chased them away.
How did you know?
Even though I'm blind,
my sense of smell is strong.
Until now, the smell of
the hogs was still around.
Feels like they're just right here.
Please, have some more!
Sani, please turn on the air conditioning.
It's hot.
Let me turn it on.
My car doesn't have air conditioning.
It's broken.
For real?
Leha, is it true that Zaman is involved?
That's why he's always blackmailing me.
Blackmailing isn't the only thing
he does to me.
He want me to be accomplice also.
Leha, you're not into Zaman, right?
Before this I was, but not now.
why did you let Zaman kiss you
at the hospital?
He wasn't kissing me.
Maybe you saw him whisper in my ear.
I won't just let anybody kiss me.
Khai, you just slandered her.
I really thought that Leha
could be kissed.
If that was so,
I would've wanted the same.
That's right.
It's different if the man
is my lawful husband.
If I was your husband, could I kiss you?
Khai, if you were my husband,
you wouldn't only get a kiss.
You would get more than just a kiss.
More than just a kiss.
What wrong with you, Khai?
Hey, I will stop the car now!
I'll stop here now.
I feel like we're being followed.
Don't turn around!
Just stay alert.
How dare they challenge me!
They are asking for it!
Let me go!
Don't you dare hit me from behind!
If you're brave enough
then hit me from the front!
Get in!
-Why are you touching me?
Take that!
Shut up!
Why didn't you listen to me?
Now you see? What happens now!
Watch closely.
What happens to all of your friends?
They're getting beat up!
It hurts!
They were lucky I passed out.
If not, I would have beaten them to death.
Stop making excuses!
You can't beat them all.
Let's go!
Then after one punch, you're gone.
So are you.
I already told you to look for Leha.
What did you do?
I came to you to tell you,
that Leha was being kidnapped.
Why did you punch me?
Of course I did, why did you bother me?
I was trying to focus, you know?
Now look what you did? What about Leha?
we should lodge a police report.
We can't do that.
If we lodge a police report,
Leha could be in danger.
You're still a rookie.
Think wisely before you speak.
I'm here to advise you.
I have an idea, we lodge a report.
You're just the same.
Let's call Leha.
Why on earth would you want to call her?
She's got no time to check her phone.
We're not going to talk to her anyway.
Right now, we call her.
So we can detect her phone,
and we can trace her location.
Okay, you better call her now.
you better tell me where the pen drive
that you're hiding from me is?
You still don't get it, do you?
I already told you, I don't know!
I love you, idiot!
But I love myself more!
Go ahead.
You don't have the guts to do it.
Listen! I will never conspire
with a man like you, you scum!
Why is your phone ringing?
Hello. Who's this?
Where is she?
I asked who this is.
Who are you? Where is she?
I asked who this is. Answer me!
I'm Khai.
Who are you?
You're still alive, huh?
Where's the pen drive?
Answer me or I will shoot her.
Let her go and you'll have it.
If not, I'll report this to the police.
Set the time and I'll be there.
We'll do an exchange.
Why did you say that
we have the pen drive?
I had to say something. Move aside.
How are we going to find the pen drive?
We will find it or just buy a new one.
They won't let her go that easily.
Because they already know
what's on the pen drive.
As of now, the pen drive is not important.
We must be prepared
to face them right now.
It's a good thing I trained this Idiot.
It's fun.
Where's the pen drive?
I'm trying to get it.
Could you be patient?
You're asking me to be patient?
We need to retrieve it by tonight.
If we don't retrieve it,
we'll be dead when
the Boss arrives with Cakcai.
I understand.
They will bring us the pen drive.
It's with them?
It's not with Leha?
You're doing great!
It's okay, Zaman.
Just send our guys
to retrieve it by tonight.
Stop being so dramatic over her.
Mr. Faizul.
Damn you!
I'm worried about Leha.
Don't think about it too much.
We need to take care of ourselves too.
Let's go to sleep.
Take that!
Let's go!
It hurts.
We need to make a move now.
Follow my lead.
I want you to get serious.
This is not a game.
Stick to this plan.
This is "Ops Leha."
Lives are at stake.
Don't screw up, rookie.
Very well, Mr. Sani.
From now on you'll address me as "Sir."
-Yes, Sir.
-Yes, Sir!
What's that, Sir?
This is what we call, energy pills.
These pills will give you
the strength that you need.
And sheer will.
Usually we only take one.
In this case, we take four.
Tuck them under your tongue.
-Under the tongue?
-Eat it.
Okay. It's delicious.
Yes, it is.
What's the plan?
Our plan is...
It's okay if people look down on you.
But, you all must keep in mind...
With the uniform you're all wearing,
bearing the PIKM badge,
actually you are all
unsung heroes!
Remember our plan.
Stick to it and follow my lead.
Whatever happens, we'll stay together.
Yes, Mr. Sani.
Address me as Sir!
Yes, Sir!
Boss, our guys have tried their best but...
But failed?
Idiot. Useless.
Boss, give me a...
Take that!
Mr. Murad?
Take that!
Be aware!
What are you trying to prove, Leha?
It's not that hard, right?
To keep this secret.
It's been years.
You have worked for me.
Not one time did I do you wrong.
Don't start with me!
Boss, please keep it cool.
Calm down, Boss.
You think this is a honeymoon?
Let me handle it, Boss.
Don't move.
This is your fault.
I already told you to be cautious.
Look what happened just now!
You're lucky I was there!
I told you to follow the signal.
Shut up! We're in danger!
That's right. We're in danger!
Don't repeat what he said!
Hurry, take him away!
Come out!
Hey, Zaman. You're off duty today?
You really got me in trouble.
Luckily, I didn't get
my head blown off just now!
This time, I will never let you go.
He's really furious.
He's not yet seen my rage,
this whole building could go down.
The rookie! He ran away just like that.
We go together, we die together, right?
Hey! You'll die alone.
Put it down!
-I never hold it.
-Put it down!
What about this...?
-Don't touch it.
-Move it!
Why are you here?
Answer me.
Put that down!
Do you want to challenge me?
Mr. Murad?
Mr. Murad.
You've been kidnapped too?
That's good.
It's better if you fire these two.
They're the ones behind all this.
They are the ones who kidnapped Leha.
Don't trust this old guy.
He's the Boss.
None of you could possibly understand.
I did all this for our company.
When I achieve greatness,
I get rich.
One more thing,
the factory is just a front.
For me to escape from the police.
I considered you my idol all this time.
A good, fair leader but...
Khai, not all leaders
are goodhearted and honest.
Hey, Mr. Murad. You're a fraud!
It's for the money!
Money can poison any goodhearted person.
Enough! You're wasting my time.
You have the pen drive, right?
Where is it? Give it to me now!
Where is it?
Don't give it to him.
We don't even know
if he's gonna let us go for real.
Don't be so dramatic.
Just give us the pen drive!
How's everything?
Murad, I'm talking to you.
Relax, bro.
Relax? There are dead bodies everywhere.
Don't lie to me.
I'm not the guy you want to lie to.
I'll cut your guts out.
Wait for me, Leha.
Take that!
Where do you want to run to?
It's now or never!
Okay. I needed the exercise anyways.
You got a death wish or what?
Are you a coward or what?
Let's do this.
Damn you!
Who do you think you are?
Trying to take Leha from me.
You don't deserve her!
Get up!
Khai, you're hurt.
It's only a scratch.
Nobody's gonna ask how I'm doing?
What happened to your face?
This? I got in a big fight just now.
He never got to land a single punch on me,
so I hurt myself
just to make it look real.
Where have you been?
You've missed a big fight.
Everything is a mess.
I was occupied with this big guy.
-Did you win?
-Of course I did! Look at him.
-He's nothing.
-But Adam is a good fighter too.
Now's not the time for jokes.
I trained him, that's why.
Let's go! Come here
if you really want to fight!
Back off, you just keep an eye on Leha.
Just enjoy the show.
-Let's go.
-Let me.
Put down your weapon!
Enough. It's too much.
Hey! It hurts!
It doesn't matter. It worked!
You guys must be in on this.
It finally worked.
Yes, it worked!
Sorry, Leha.
After all that I've done,
this is what worked.
How many times did you bump into her?
-Seven times!
-This one worked!
Are you okay?
You're the reason I got shot.
Useless bastard!
-Move along!
-Damn you, old guy!
-You're evil!
-Move along!
Enough with that sad face!
-Walk fast.
Don't drop the soap!
-Sergeant. We did it.
Good. It's just like we expected to.
That's right, sergeant.
Hey, rookie. Let me make the report.
You'll get us into trouble.
Let me.
Miss, it is true.
They're the ones who did all this.
That'll be all.
Sergeant. Who's this?
My friends who helped me in this case.
Sergeant? Who's the sergeant?
This is Sergeant Adam,
he's the one that handled this case.
I best be going now, Sergeant.
Salina. Here's the pen drive.
It contains all the evidence
of all Murad activities.
-Affirmative. I'll bring this to HQ.
You're a cop?
Don't be so surprised.
Are you guys okay?
We're okay.
Looks like we need to find new jobs.
That's right.
If not, how am I going to marry Leha.
-Mr. Adam.
-Nice suit.
Leha. You look beautiful tonight.
Thank you, Mr. Adam.
Mr. Adam.
What are we doing here?
You told us we're about to have a dinner.
It's true we're going to have dinner.
It's a reward because you helped me.
But in the meantime,
I have another major mission.
And I need you to help me
solve this mission.
Inside this case,
are pen drives.
The pen drives contain
all the information for the mission.
I won't force you.
But I do need all of you.
I'll take it.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Mr. Adam.
We can help you but,
we are nothing more than just security.
If we don't watch over that factory,
who will? I pity the others.
What did you say?
The factory already went bankrupt.
Mr. Murad has also been caught.
So, what about our wages?
Our wages are not from
the factory but from company.
If we help, do we get any wages?
That comes later.
I want to introduced you to someone.
Who is it Adam? Who is it?
Who is it, Mr. Adam?
Let me introduce to you Mr. TB.
TB, the disease.
No. It's useless.
-Not important?
-That's not it.
-It's the wrong word.
-It's okay.
-Don't argue.
-Not arguing.
It's okay if that's so.
Mr. Adam. Who is this Mr. TB,
that you're talking about?
Oh, Mr. Nobody.
PPK 26 is the special force
that is being formed by
the government for classified tasks
that involve the nation.
I was told all of you are already agreed,
isn't that right, Mr. Adam?
-It's true, Sir!
So, right here, there are rewards.
To encourage you for the next mission.
This is for you.
-For you.
-Thank you, Sir.
For you.
Thank you.
-For you.
-Thank you, Sir.