LehmberGinni (2023) Movie Script

No person is born with lies.
But they start lying just
after giving birth.
The village head was blessed
with a baby boy.
Baby boy had just opened his eyes...
but the guesses already started.
The baby is exactly like his father.
No! His nose looks like Surjit Kaur.
He will definitely look
like his mother.
Tell me, did they give birth to
a kid or get him photocopied...
that they already knew...
who would he follow?
After one month, the kid's memory
card started working...
and family members started
their work.
What is my sweety doing?
What is my sweety doing?
You are my sweet.
Dudd! Oh my Dudd!
Mom! - Yes.
When Laddu will grow...
me and Laddu will together
go to school.
Rimpi, you can go to school.
But try to stop his cries first.
- Go and calm your brother down.
Hey, Laddu! Hey,
my Laddu, will you go to school?
It was not over here...
Not just the family members,
villagers were also not far behind.
Greetings, village head!
Greetings! Where are you taking
the young head?
Young head!
Okay, fine!
Before his memory card
got crashed...
his father took him to school.
Good morning, everyone!
Good morning, ma'am!
Sit down!
- Thank you ma'am! I am going to mark attendance now.
Jasmit Kaur!
Present ma'am!
Present, ma'am!
Jasdeep Singh!
Present, ma'am!
Navjot Kaur!
Present, ma'am!
Present, ma'am!
Present, ma'am!
Okay. That's enough.
What is your name, son?
My mother call me a Baal and...
my father calls me Dudd.
Grandmother calls me sweet.
- These all names are given to you out of love.
But your real name is Lehmber Singh.
That day, the kid got
to know that...
his name is Lehmber Singh.
Then the kid was equipped with
the information of other planets.
Son, look at that.
Your grandmother is spinning
wheel on the moon.
Tell me,
did we have pests at home...
..that granny had to go
to the moon to spin the wheels.
We would have got pest control.
Okay, son! There is only
a bit of milk remaining. Drink it.
Drink it, or else
the lion will come.
Drink it! Drink it!
My lion!
- Have you even seen the lion coming?
Elders say that
a lie doesn't have any feet.
You can lie as much as you want.
One day, the kid will definitely
find out...
that all of this was a lie.
But till then,
the lie dances on his head.
"O beautiful girl!"
"Who will take care of you?"
"Dulla Bhatti will!"
"Dulla's daughter got married."
"He gave her one kilo of sugar!"
"O beautiful girl!"
"Who will take care of you?"
"Dulla Bhatti will!
Dulla's daughter got married."
"He gave her one kilo of sugar!"
"The girl is wearing
a red wedding suit!"
"But her shawl is torn!"
Son, come outside.
Come here!
"Aunt, listen to us."
They are here to ask for sweets
on 'Lohri' (Indian festival).
There are grounds and sweets inside.
Go and get them.
Mom, I won't give them.
They are mine.
You can also have them.
Go and share them.
Mom, then what am I supposed to eat?
Okay. I will be right back.
"But her shawl is torn!"
"Who will stitch her shawl?
Uncle will."
"The landlords plundered it."
"The landlords are beaten up!"
Take it and give it to them.
Go away from here.
We do not celebrate 'Lohri'.
Why don't you celebrate 'Lohri'?
My grandmother died.
So we won't celebrate 'Lohri'.
It's not like your grandmother took
the wallet with her.
Hey, we won't take
'lohri' from them.
We will eat sweets on his
grandmother's death celebrations.
Let's go!
"O beautiful girl!"
"Who will take care of you?
Dulla Bhatti will!"
"Dulla's daughter got married."
I will also come with you.
What happened now?
I will also come.
Why? You are not celebrating
'Lohri', right?
Your grandmother died.
So what? At least
I can ask for 'Lohri.'
Who is even going to give you
'Lohri'? They will give me.
I am the village head's son.
Okay then! Come to the front.
"O beautiful girl!
Who will take care of you?"
"Dulla Bhatti will!"
"Dulla's daughter got married."
"He gave her one kilo of sugar!"
Who is she? Hey!
Who is that with a pot in her hand?
You said that your grandmother died.
Hey, this is my grandmother's ghost.
Run away!
Run away!
The old grandma's ghost
is here. Run! Run!
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Can't you see?
There is a ghost.
What ghost? Whose ghost?
Your mother's ghost.
My mother's?
Who killed my mother?
"He create new troubles daily."
"Which ghost gets into him?"
"He create new troubles daily."
"They try to catch him daily, but
he doesn't get caught."
"When the God was giving brains,
where were you lost?"
"It must be a bad day for earth,
the day when you were born."
"It must be a bad day for the earth,
the day when you were born."
"The day you were born,
walls must have shaken."
"The sun must have shone
from the west...
and the war must have started."
"Someone must have arranged
an arena for your fight."
"Two, three, five, you must have
turned into the right counting."
"Turned into the right counting"
"After watching the horoscope, even
the priest says, what the hell!"
"What the hell! What the hell!"
"What the hell! What the hell!"
"People are fed up and
his brain has moved to his knees"
"After watching the horoscope, even
the priest says, what the hell!"
"What strange thing
this is? Everyone is confused."
"There is no rest for even
a minute. Whose food did he eat?"
"Whose food? Whose food?
Whose food did he eat?"
"Why doesn't he return back from
the bad omen he crossed?"
"It must be a bad day for the earth,
the day when you were born."
"It must be a bad day for the earth,
the day when you were born."
"The day when you were born."
Man! Till when will we wait?
We will definitely talk today.
It's his daily routine.
Yes. Moron!
We hold meeting every third day
in the village.
We see police every fourth day
in the village.
Look! All of us villagers will boycott them today.
- Yes.
Golu, pick that stone
and write on the wall that...
the villagers are boycotting this house from today.
- Okay.
Oh man!
- He will learn his lesson now.
Let's see!
Have some shame! It's
the house of the village head.
Why should we be ashamed?
When the village head's son is
a spoiled brat.
People will think that all of the
guys from the village are spoiled.
No one will marry
their daughter in this village.
Where are you hiding, uncle?
Step out! Or else you will
never be able to step out.
Look what they have done.
Oh man! What is this?
Look! Please don't do this.
Listen to me.
What's there to listen?
You can't live here anymore.
The whole village has boycotted you.
Now you should go to Up or Bihar
and look for land.
Please forgive us once.
I will beat him to a pulp,
I promise.
I will make him docile like a cow.
Forgive him for once.
Once! Just once!
Please forgive me! Forgive me!
Forgive me!
Forgive me!
Forgive me!
Thank God!
It was just a dream.
Before he makes us
leave the village...
I will make him leave the village.
I will send him somewhere.
Look. Lehmber Singh
has boarded the plane.
The land of England was
touched by the plane's tyres
and Lehmber Singh's feet.
Where are my sister
and brother in law?
So strange!
Oh! There is no network.
How strange these people are.
Let's go with him.
Let's go!
Oh! Give me my bouquet. Who are you?
You are also a Punjabi.
Yes. I am a Pakistani.
Who are you?
I am Smith.
No! You don't look like
a Smith from your face.
Do I need to get flowers on my face
for that? Where is the car?
This is the car.
- Bring the car and put this luggage in the car.
Every country is different.
People don't run to foreign without any reason.
- How, brother?
Look at us. One is from Pakistan...
and one is from Hindustan.
Everyone is irked with everyone.
Look here. There is no dust
on the roads.
There are no electric wires and...
there are only beautiful
girls around us.
When we can here first,
we had to work hard.
But now, the God has brought us
to a higher place.
I make round to the village sometimes.
- Great, brother!
Everyone says that...
Sikh and Muslims are brother.
Who goes up and who goes down?
Hey! Hey! Hey,
'Galib' (A famous poet).
Drive the car like a good person.
Drop me on this address.
Look at this.
This is not my route.
I was supposed to drop you at hotel.
It's not like you are driving
a bus to have a fixed route.
Drive it from street to street.
I have to go to someone's
house first.
Then I will go to hotel myself.
Sir, take your bag.
Are you alright?
Will you make
your boss pick up the bag?
Bring my bag and come behind me.
Hey, you didn't come to pick me up.
I am Mr Smith.
I am so sorry!
Come fast! Yes, sir.
I will file a complaint.
No, sir.
No! What is sorry?
Come! Come fast.
I am coming.
What happened, brother?
Why are you getting angry?
People like you come to England...
after taking loan on
your parents lands.
You look like a pigeon by face!
British! As if!
So what? It's my fist time
coming to England.
And don't take me lightly.
I have seen England on Google.
Take your rupees twenty.
Run along!
You are talking nonsense.
What kind of horror house this is?
The gate is opening automatically.
It must be cheap.
My brother in law is
a real master mind.
Is this Balvinder Kaur's house?
I can't see her anywhere.
Move! I am Balvinder Kaur.
It's not like I am paying rent here.
Really, aunt? I thought you would
still look like a tractor.
But you are more smart than
a Mustang now.
I also thought that you would
look like Peter Scotch.
But even a trailer is
better than you.
Aunt, you are still fun. Greetings!
That's alright.
Where is your sister
and brother in law...
They went to airport to pick you.
I observed on thing, aunt.
Like how Punjabi hurry
to climb a plane...
you foreigners hurry to
pick from the airport.
Anyone who comes here for
the first time...
get lost on the way. Come.
How was your journey?
Did you face any trouble?
Aunt, it's not like I am a kid.
When I reached at
the corner of your colony's road...
I asked which is
the house of Balvinder Kaur.
Aunt, people started following me.
Someone told me to go right...
and someone asked me to go left.
It was too much...
when a white old man told me
that he would drop me.
I told him to hold his horses...
because you are my aunt.
He can't flirt.
You don't need to get frank with me.
Don't you dare call me aunt.
We call our sister's
grandmother as aunt.
Everyone around here call me
Beli aunt.
Beli aunt, at least get me a tea.
I am so tired.
It's been so long since
I made a tea.
I drink black tea without milk.
The kitchen is there.
You can go and make tea.
How strange!
What a great welcome!
I have to make tea myself.
Who was that guy?
Wow! Beli aunt,
I won't tell you that.
You didn't make me tea.
Mom, 'gulabjamun'(Indian
sweet) is very hard.
Son, this is not 'gulabjamun.'
These are sweets made
of dried milk solids.
Your grandmother has sent them...
for you.
Sweet is fine.
But did she send this jacket for me?
Am I that old to wear this jacket?
Mom, she has made
this with her own hands.
Then you can wear
this jacket made NY your mom.
I have many jackets that
I bought in London.
Okay. I will wear it.
Do one thing. Come
and eat your avocado sandwich.
Your skin will glow more with this.
Gary, have dinner.
Did you offer him
something to eat...
or just asked him to sleep directly?
It's not like he asked for a pizza.
He asked tea made of sugarcane.
Jaggery tea.
What is this?
Father doesn't know
about sugar cane...
and the son doesn't
know about jaggery.
We don't have any jaggery here.
Mom, they have send a box of jaggery
along with the sweets.
You could have made tea for him.
Daughter, I know that
he is our family.
But a person should realize soon
that this is a foreign land.
You have to do everything on your own here.
- You are right, mom.
I think he was doing nothing there.
He will do the same here.
He has been sleeping
since he arrived.
I haven't been free in Punjab.
It's not like you were
an officer there.
Aunt, I used to work
24 hours in fields.
And, there was no need for me to
leave my business and come here.
I came here for you.
Right, brother in law?
Yes. When you will go to work
after some 20 days.
Then you will know the reality.
20 days! It's hard for me
to even spend 20 minutes.
My body starts itching if
I don't work.
Quickly find a job for me.
your dramas won't work here.
Here, you have to sweat even
to save four pounds.
Roam around London for four days.
You won't be able to even pay...
the installments of house
and a car here for your whole life.
Okay. I have no problem.
Show me around London then.
We are busy for now.
We will take you around on weekend.
What? Weekend is not near.
Okay. You can go ahead
with your jobs.
Aunt is free.
She will show me around London.
I haven't got a carriage
for you to show you around London.
I have a kitty party tomorrow.
I have to go there.
Wow! Kitty!
Then we will dance in
the party tomorrow, aunt.
"Twinkle twinkle little star"
"Looks like we are in clouds"
"Everyone is looking at me
and asking about me."
"I got so tired."
"We are dancing in London. The
heart is going to fly."
"But Punjab is moving."
"We are dancing in London. The
heart is going to fly.""
"But Punjab is moving."
"Happiness all around. My fate
is changed, I am laughing."
"The whole city is watching me.
I have done so great."
"I am roaming around. My feet
are not staying still."
"Long long cars, having fun."
"We have become so red."
"We are dancing in London. The
heart is going to fly."
"But Punjab is moving."
"We are dancing in London. The
heart is going to fly."
"But Punjab is moving."
"We are dancing in London. The
heart is going to fly."
"But Punjab is moving."
"We are dancing in London. The
heart is going to fly."
"But Punjab is moving."
"On the parapet, there is
a white rooster waiting for you."
"Buy me a necklace
or else you are so useless"
Oh man! My name is not there even
in this list.
Hello! My name is Dav. My name is
not there even in this list.
My name is in the waiting list
since last eight months.
At least your name is in the list.
Some of their name is
not even in the list.
But I really need a house.
I have nothing to even eat.
Sorry, sir. I can't do anything.
Ma'am, please do something.
You should wait. When
your name comes in the list...
we ourselves will tell you.
Please go outside.
Mr Dave!
Yes, ma'am!
- I am so sorry. Please don't be sad.
I will personally try my best.
You will definitely get a house.
Thank you, ma'am!
Did you eat something?
Okay. Just give me
two minutes. Okay.
Thank you, ma'am!
What did you do?
You are promising everyone.
How will you help everyone?
Money doesn't come free of cost.
Jass, as much as you can help...
you should do it.
And you should not have behaved
like that with him.
Can't you see how sad he is?
We need to help them. It's our job.
Yes. Ginni, I know what my job is.
But you should also know that it's
the government's job...
to select the names of
people in a list.
Leave it. Let's go shopping.
That... shopping...
Let's go tomorrow.
Actually, I have many things to
do today. let's go tomorrow.
Leave it. I know that you have spent
all of your money on them.
You can't even go shopping.
Jordan, greetings!
Please come, doctor. How are you?
It's all good by the God's grace.
You should tell me how is your health?
- Have a seat.
You have kept me safe.
No! Only the God can do that.
I can only give medicines.
Anyway, he is Lehmber,
my brother in law.
I talked to you about him, right?
- Yes.
Good afternoon!
Very good afternoon.
Okay, doctor. Your brother
in law is like my brother in law.
I mean that...
since doctor Raftar has said,
your job is done.
You can start working from tomorrow.
How can it be like this?
No, sir! No.
How can you hire me
without any interview?
You should check someone's
his knowledge...
his merits.
How can you do it like this?
You have to pay me a salary...
So you should know me first.
Yes. very good!
I appreciate your spirit.
Thank you.
Tell me something about you.
What do you know?
I am a economy and Hindi graduate.
To know when to lie
or tell the truth...
is my specialty.
Car, scooter,
tractor, or generator...
I can operate anything.
I can repair tape, lock or motor.
I can even climb transformer.
Every small and big officer...
knows me. If you want
to grab a land...
free a land or trap someone in
a fake case...
I can do it within minutes.
I have full experience of jail
and police station.
Everything else is just words.
We should work hard and...
I will get a chair near you.
Wait! Wait! Wait!
Cool down!
Your brother
in law is over qualified.
How can I hire such a...
knowledgeable person.
Knowledgeable person.
Please find a better job for him.
Thanks a lot, Mr Jordan.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you very much.
You have touched the heights.
Hey, careful.
How are you? - All good.
- Since how long are you working here?
Seven years.
Based on your Boss's
small thinking...
You will at least do the same
work for next 8-10 years.
If you want to grow,
start your own work.
If I was at your place...
I would have been
the boss of this place by now.
Why did you need to talk so much?
This habit of yours won't allow...
you to get any job.
What can he even do?
I knew it since the first day.
He only knows how to talk.
He has earned so much
respect for me today.
What are you saying?
If a person has a talent,
he should share it...
and then only the other person
will know his capabilities.
Tell me what do you even know?
What do I know?
Let me tell you an incident.
Dad gave me 1 lakh rupees and
asked me to buy a buffalo.
Uncle, what is that?
A buffalo.
I went to the market in morning.
I saw many buffalo priced at 90,000
or 80,000 or 70,000.
I said them that
I could not pay that much.
Then I saw
an ox with such a big head.
I paid 20, 000 rupees
and got that ox.
I brought him to home in evening.
My dad and ox, both became happy.
I knew that you would do
something like this.
If you would have bought a buffalo,
you could milk it everyday.
It's not like that
the ox was going to give milk.
I didn't think about that...
You need a brain to think,
not a tongue.
Lehmber, make a promise to me...
that you would not talk
nonsense from now on.
You will only answer
what is asked of you.
Okay, sister, I promise on...
this Belli aunt.
- Why are you making a promise on me?
I don't want to die.
Make a promise on your sister.
Aunt, sometimes bad things
happen to people.
It's less risky with you.
Thank you.
Hey! Hands up!
Hands up in the air! In the air!
Hey you! You two, sit down.
Give me the cash! Don't act smart.
What's that?
Bro, last piece, single piece.
It's only one left.
Give me that. What's this?
You white man! Give me that.
You pizza eaters,
when did you start eating pickle?
Keep it down.
Give the money back.
Here! Here!
I have never let even
my dirt got stolen.
How will I let
the Queen go? Hold it!
How dare you...
to touch my pickle!
I would have let you go
if you wouldn't have done that.
Thank you!
Wow, gentleman! You have done great.
After so many days...
I have seen
a brave person in this country.
According to my guess...
you must have a military background.
That's so awesome.
You recognized me so quickly.
Four of my generations
have been in military.
You must be
a great person or else...
a person can't be recognized
this quickly.
Myself major Jaswant Singh!
Oh! Sir! After seeing you,
I remembered an incident.
It was dangerous.
A war was going on.
Planes were throwing
bombs from the sky.
Oh! - On the other side,
in the forest...
there was a fire lit by tanks.
Everyone was running around.
Three lions surrounded
a young soldier.
Soldier didn't have
any more bullets.
But he still killed three of them.
There was no bullet.
How did he do that?
The soldiers caught the lion's paws.
Did you caught the lion's paw?
No. That was someone else.
I was a mailman in the war.
You wasted
your time in giving letters but...
my grandfather fought directly
with enemies.
There was a war with China.
My grandfather had taken
some drinks with snacks.
He was throwing bombs after bombs.
But then, two bullets came and...
hit him his shoulders.
So our grandfather's without arm
statue was erected in my village.
Very good.
Motivational statue.
By the way,
young man, what do you do?
I am taking my grandfather's
thinking forward.
Myself Major Shamsher Singh!
- Salute!
Hey! - Something is wrong
with your arm.
It's nothing, sir. I went to do
an encounter last week.
The bullet brushed me here.
Oh! - That's why
the muscle was pulled a bit.
Major, can
I get your phone number please?
No problem. Take it.
This is how people meet.
What is the number?
Thank you!
Okay, sir!
Hello, officer!
Do you need a job?
I do. But who are you?
The store from you bought
these things, is mine.
You look like
a tea seller from your face.
You don't look like
an officer from your face.
By the way, I am Jerry from Doaba.
Lehmber, From Majha
Lehmber, did I loose some weight?
You fat fellow,
your weight is around 2 quintal.
How will it change within 2 hours?
Do some hard work so that
your body can feel something.
Do it.
He has got some other channel.
Hey, my name is Bobby.
Your name is Bobby
but your act is like a baby.
Be a man.
Run like a man.
Yes, a man.
A person's youth must me
so attractive...
that every UK girl
wants to have him.
Then, take me.
Take me.
Be a man.
I am asking you to be a man
and you are hitting on me.
Lift the dumbell.
I will lift that one.
Put that down.
Hold this.
Oh man!
You broke my knee.
What is this?
What kind of helper you are?
You need help yourself.
You can't even lift a dumbell.
Mr manager, I have never wasted
my time with these dumbell.
I have used traditional methods
to make my steel body.
And I can't work under
your authority.
I am leaving the job.
Hey, Baby
Boby, move!
Listen to me.
Play your tune.
What are you thinking?
Do something useful.
I will, Beli aunt.
I should understand the game first.
I will take the queen this time.
Queen! No one will even give
their daughter to you.
Aunt, let me get UK's PR first.
I'll make girls follow me.
We also gave our such a beautiful
sister to brother in law.
No one will give you PR on a plate.
You need work experience.
You need to work for that.
Brother in law, I am not here
to take people's orders.
I will start some large business.
do something with
this big businessman.
By listening his words
and getting worried...
I will go in depression.
Why don't you put him
on Kulwant's gas station?
There will be no restrictions.
That's what I am afraid of.
What if he insults me
among the family?
It's not about the job. I can
give him a job in the clinic.
But it's about his actions.
Brother in law...
that's a very easy job.
I have so much experience
of this job.
That's what I did in the village.
Did you have
a dispensary in the village?
Aunt, I was
a moving doctor in the village.
I used to treat...
all of the villagers' disease...
with one packet and...
the person used to run.
Lehmber, shut up!
See, if he talks nonsense like
this in there...
and sells his packet...
he will get my clinic closed down.
Lehmber, listen to me carefully.
If you keep on doing these things,
I will send you to India.
You can sell your packets there.
Sorry, sister. I was just kidding.
I won't do it anymore.
I will be ready by 8:00 am
in the morning.
Lehmber, work with dedication.
It's our own office.
No one will say you anything.
No worries, sister.
Don't worry.
I will help brother in law.
Hi! Good morning!
Good morning!
My brother, Lehmber.
My boss, Stella!
The God must be really free
when he made you.
He used all of
his energy in making you.
You are really beautiful.
Thank you! So nice of you!
Lehmber, come now.
We are getting late.
Yes, I am coming.
Don't hit on her. Your brother
in law is calling you.
Okay, Stella.
This is my first day on the job.
I will see you later.
Okay. Good luck!
Come on! Let's go!
How nice, brother in law.
I thought that you were some
insignificant doctor.
But you have such a huge hospital.
Have you seen it now?
That's your place.
That seat.
Listen to me.
You have to come early in
the morning and worship.
But the owner does that.
- You can think yourself as the owner.
I am going out for
an important work.
Take care of the place.
If any patient comes,
ask them to sit. Okay?
Okay, brother in law.
I am not your brother in law here.
I am a doctor here.
Doctor Avtaar Singh!
Wow God!
You have made me an owner.
God, please make
this place successful...
so that he says
that Lehmber's feet are lucky.
Let's go and see brother
in law's office.
It looks like an air pump.
This is a doctor's coat.
Wow Lehmber!
It looks really good on you.
Oh yes!
Our village doctor Sardul
used to have it.
I can hear something.
That's how they check.
Doctor is not here.
Then who are you?
You are also a doctor.
My self doctor Lehmber.
Please have the seat.
- Thank you so much. - What's the problem?
I feel really cold in evenings.
It's not a big matter.
It's an easy job for me.
This is your medication.
This is your prescription.
Take three liter hot water...
and a liquor quarter in the night.
That's what you have to take.
You can come and catch me
if you even need to take a blanket.
I am not that kind of a person.
Doctor, fee?
What, fee?
I haven't given you any medicine.
But you gave this useful medicine.
A doctor must be like you.
I'll call you after reaching home.
You have to...
say the same thing to my wife.
About the drink?
About the drink.
Go and get your medicine.
Doctor, I am really fed up.
I am so sick.
What happened, madam? Have a seat.
Tell me!
- I feel ashamed even telling about it.
I didn't go since last three days.
You must have not paid attention...
That's why it spiraled
out of control.
I paid a lot of attention.
It's in my stomach.
All of us are born from stomach.
No worries! Show me a picture.
I am telling you that it didn't
come from three days and...
you are asking for photo.
I mean that there must be
a family photo.
A group photo.
It's not like my whole family
go together to toilet.
I am saying that it didn't come
since last three days.
First, tell me, who didn't come?
Toilet, doctor.
They why don't you say
that you have constipation.
I thought that your girl ran away.
It's been three years
since our girl ran away.
She hasn't come yet.
No worries! She will come back
after facing hard times.
But, don't give hard
time to yourself.
I will write a medicine for you.
We will get rid of this constipation
and break the dam. Take it.
I have written this medicine. You
have to blow it 8-10 times a day.
Doctor, a conch shell?
Aunt, this is your medicine.
You just have to blow
it 8-10 times a day.
It will open all of...
your blockages.
Wow, doctor! A person can do
anything in hard times.
What will I do with medicine if
a shell can solve the problem.
Yeah! You just have to blow it now.
Where is doctor Avtaar?
I am also a doctor.
Do you think I am a nurse?
By the way, myself doctor Lehmber.
M. B. B. S., M. D., from
university of Las Vegas.
That's really nice.
You have studies so much
at such a young age.
Actually, I...
my family gave me books instead
of toys at a very young age.
So I studied and became a doctor.
By the way, what's your problem?
Actually, I feel really low.
I also get anxiety some times.
Oh! What's your job?
I work in the Local Council.
What is that?
It's a Govt. job. People who can
not afford their house here...
I get houses allotted for them
from the government.
How great!
I also need a house.
You need a house?
From the government?
I mean...
I want a private house
like a bungalow.
No! No! I think you're getting me
wrong. I am not a property dealer.
Actually, since you serve poor
people the whole day...
that may be the reason that you
feel low. Nothing to worry!
I will write medicine for you.
Not a problem.
You have to take
this medicine 10-15 times a day.
10-15 times?
Won't it be an overdose?
You are really funny you know.
The course might take
a bit longer time...
and you might have to come to
the clinic again.
Of course, I will come again.
Just give me your number.
Yes. Why not?
Please note it down.
00... What?
Isn't it a country code?
Actually it has become
my habit since...
I have patients all
around the world.
So I have to tell my country
code to them.
No problem! I will feed it.
Take it, ma'am!
Thank you!
I definitely have to meet you again.
- Yes.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Bye! Bye!
Oh God!
I am not a normal person.
How awesome!
"Love you my life,
since the day you hold my hand."
"Hey, fairy, just by looking at you,
this guy keeps on dreaming."
"I adore you so much love"
"I can't stay without you even
for a moment."
"I adore you so much love"
"I can't stay without you even
for a moment."
"My eyes like you
a lot."
"That's why I liked you."
"Love you my life,
since the day you hold my hand."
What happened to you?
You are laughing even while
watching the news.
Oh! The news is running.
I was not paying attention there.
Where are you paying
your attention then?
Did you start liking a girl?
- Oh! No!
Sister, it's not about a girl.
When I'll like someone,
I will first tell you.
Oh! If it's not about that,
who eats a carrot with tea?
Lehmber Singh, are you done cleaning?
The stock is full, right?
I brought two bottles yesterday.
Why do you always think about
alcohol? I am talking about medicine.
And keep your attention on the work.
Yes. That's complete.
Oh God!
It's trouble.
Hello! Yes.
Who is this?
How did this happen?
Don't worry!
Doctor will be there right away.
Yes. he will be there. Cut the call
and I'll send him right away.
Doctor, it was a lady calling.
Her husband was bitten by a dog.
Please hurry up.
If a dog has bitten, they should
show to a dog's doctor.
I am human's doctor.
I mean, the man was
bitten by the dog.
She was really worried. Hurry up!
You should directly ay that
we should check the person.
Doctor, please hurry up!
Please go, my lord!
I am not an animal doctor
who goes to people's houses.
Ask them to come to the clinic
and I'll check.
Then do one thing. Give me
the address of a good doctor.
I will ask them to get
treatment from there.
Hey, I am the best doctor
of this area.
Doctor, I am not saying based
on treatment...
I am saying based on humanity.
A doctor who doesn't
and go to a patient in
any situation.
I know very well about my
duty to check a patient.
Tell me the address. I will go...
Hurry up. It's the house
at the right side of the shrine.
You will find people standing
outside the shrine.
Thank god brother in law has left.
Dr Lehmber, get ready.
Doctor, I am really sorry!
I am a bit late.
It's good that you're late...
Else, there would have
been some problem.
Problem? What problem?
It was a lot of rush.
I am kidding. Have a seat.
Okay. - tell me,
how are you feeling these days?
I feel really good these days.
I am really happy too.
That's a nice thing.
We should stay happy.
You will have to come
for more 2-3 times.
- Then, you will be good on your own.
One minute!
Yes. Listen to me!
Where did you send me?
If I get irritated,
I will break your legs.
There is neither
a person nor a human...
Why? Where are you standing?
I am in front of the shrine.
I sent you on purpose. Why?
When did you go to
the shrine last time?
Don't laugh and go there.
Go to the God's place
and pay your respect.
Eat the food and work will keep
on going like this.
Who was that? Who were you giving
the directions?
No one. He is my friend. Actually...
he needs some counseling some time.
That's nice too.
You made me so happy.
You gave me so much happiness.
So I'll also write a medicine.
Doctor, are you here to give me
glucose or get me coffee?
I have never given and injection
to anyone and
never suggested someone to
have medicine.
I treat my patients with love.
Woo! Naturalpathy.
I have to become your friend now.
Tell me your Facebook id.
Lehmber, all of your Facebook photos
show you drinking in the farms.
Leave it! What if your pair
break even before forming?
I am asking your Facebook id.
Tell me.
Oh! I...
never made an account on
social media.
Actually, I don't believe
in the face but in the heart.
Doctor, your words are right.
But with social media...
you can form a social circle.
And you are new in this city,
you definitely need promotion.
Miss Ginni, you can do my
promotion on your id.
Why are you confusing me with
all this?
I don't believe in this kind of...
Oh! really!
Give me your phone.
I'll make your Facebook id.
Give me your phone.
Doctor, I am asking for your phone.
Give me the phone.
Leave it! I will definitely make
an id.
- Leave it!
- Okay! Okay!
I am so dead.
You really don't use Facebook.
I mean, you don't
use any social media.
Have your coffee.
I will make your id.
Do you know that
you can find all of school and
college friends on social media?
She is teaching a priest how
to read Geeta.
What else I have done other
than this?
I have drunk alcohol or have
done fighting.
I am making your id now.
See! Your id is ready.
Now, wear your coat and we will...
set your profile picture.
Wear it! Wear it! Wear it! Fast!
It's done.
Now we will upload your video.
- Okay? ready?
- Yeah!
Hi guys! This is Ginni from London.
He is doctor Lehmber.
I used to feel really low and feel
really sad before.
But since I started getting treated
from him,
you know what, I am feeling
very positive,
very good. If you also have any
you should message him right now.
When did he become a doctor?
This guy is really smart.
Why would he call us?
He has got a girl.
- Who got a girl?
- Our Lehmber.
Show the picture.
You are not supposed to see your
daughter in law's photo, dad.
I will go and tell other
Wait! Wait! I will also come.
has become a doctor, people!
He has become a doctor.
Uncle, Lehmber has become a doctor.
Uncle, our Lmaber
has started a new thing.
He has become a doctor now.
A person can't become a conductor...
as quickly as Lehmber
has become a doctor.
You should call him. He will
tell you the truth.
No, brother. I am also scared.
He has raised a new trouble.
You should do it yourself.
Surjit Kaur,
you should talk to Rimpi.
They will keep on discussing.
Yes. You should do it.
Mom's call! That too so early
in the morning.
Greetings, mom!
Greeting, daughter!
What's the matter? You called so
early in the morning.
I called you without any reason.
Is everyone good?
Everyone is good. What will
happen to us?
Oh! Is our Lehmber alright?
- Mom, Lehmber is also good.
- Okay.
Why are you dragging it? Ask her
directly about that doctor stuff?
What stuff, mom?
Rimpi, Sukha showed us a picture.
He was saying that our Lehmber
became a doctor.
Mom, he didn't become a doctor.
He has started going to the clinic
with his brother in law.
He is really working hard.
- Oh! He puts his heart into the job.
- Thank God!
- Thank God!
Mom, you should not worry about him.
Okay. I will call you later.
You must have something to do.
Okay then!
- Thank God!
- Thank God!
did you see that? Our video got
Yeah! I saw that.
My friends back in the village also
saw it.
- They were asking me who was the girl?
Then, what did you say?
Oh! I told them she was patient.
Oh! I am still a patient.
You will keep on meeting as long
as you stay my patient.
You will remember me.
Or else you will forget...
about this Lehmber.
You are not something who can be
And I don't make friends so quickly.
If I have made you my friend,
there must be something.
Hey! Hey!
I know it!
- What do you know? Who are you?
Who am I?
The heart wants to say it
but it's shy.
What do you need?
Don't get a curse from me.
That's what I do.
Make a pair and make a print.
Give me a pound. Give me a pound.
Don't do it. take it and go.
Take it.
"You exactly look like a moon."
"My eyes ask you to sit
in front of me."
"You exactly look like a moon."
"I want to love
you the whole night."
"I want to spill all of my heart
to you."
"Now, what can I do?
I don't live without you."
"I lost my sleep after connecting
my heart."
"My eyes stay awake these days
after taking your feelings."
"My eyes stay awake these days
after taking your feelings."
"My eyes stay awake these days.."
"after taking your feelings."
"My breath works on your
"My nights and my days pass here."
"My breath works on your
"My nights and my days pass here."
"I have formed friendship
for lives with you."
"I have my stake over you, darling"
"You have become my life."
"Never turn your back on me
and leave."
"My eyes stay awake these days.."
"after taking your feelings."
You have studied enough.
It's time to perform practical now.
Daddy, I am not studying
Punjabi language.
I am studying human psychology.
Then, you must have
found out that...
how strong a military man's
psychology is.
That's why I have chosen a military
officer for you.
His name is Major Shamsher Singh.
But dad, I have...
That... oh Dad!
I like a guy.
His name is Dr. Lehmber.
you know that safety is...
really important in the life.
And only a military
man can keep you safe.
But health and security is also
important these days.
And only a doctor can do that.
No! No! No, daughter.
I am a military man.
I want that my daughter marries
a military man.
I will not marry you somewhere,
where the post doesn't
contain the 'man' word.
Okay, daddy. Do one thing.
We have a watchman, right?
Get me married to him.
He is also a watchman. His name also
has man.
My daughter, I am going to
arrange your meeting...
with a military man tomorrow.
His name is major Shamsher Singh.
No, daddy. We won't meet major
Singh tomorrow.
We will meet the doctor tomorrow.
- Dr. Lehmber.
- Okay.
I don't mind. Let's do one thing.
In the morning, you can call Dr.
Lehmber at home.
I will take you to meet Major
Shamsher Singh in the evening.
- Well?
- Done.
- Sure.
- Okay.
Thank you, dad! I will call Lmaber.
Jerry, if Ginni's daddy agrees,
I will get sweets for you.
Bro, this is London. Sweets won't
work here.
If you want to do some charity,
then you can give a pound to some
monkey or bear.
I have done so many times.
A bear comes everywhere I go.
He has already taken 30 - 40 pounds
from me.
Okay then. Your relation will
be approved.
Take care this from next time.
When you see him anywhere, give him
20 pounds.
Not just twenty,
I will give him thirty.
It's just that Ginni should not
get angry...
when I tell her that
I am not Dr. Lehmber
but just Lehmber.
Do you want to tell the truth
to sister in law?
Bro, when you start a new relation,
you should start it with the truth.
Oh! That's good!
But yes,
when you will go to meet that
major's daughter tomorrow,
take me with you. What if I get
a chance?
Even if I don't, no problem.
We will get rum from major.
"Your weight is equal
to five flowers."
How is he here? Is he a major
or a messenger?
- He reaches everywhere.
- Wow! You?
I heard that officers are always
on time.
But I am seeing it
for the first time...
that they are so advance.
Come on gentleman! Come inside.
Come in! Come in!
Finally you found the house.
You can find it on Google.
Doctor, you are here.
Doctor, you...
Daddy, he is Dr. Lehmber.
No, daughter. He is...
major Shamsher Singh.
No, daddy. He is doctor Lehmber.
He is major Shamsher Singh.
Daddy, I told you right,
he is doctor Lehmber.
Daughter, you never listen
to anyone. Let's do one thing.
- Let's ask him.
- Okay. Ask him.
The pulse is working fine.
Is he acting?
What happened to my brother?
What happened to him?
Nothing. He is absolutely fine.
Lehmber. Why won't he get up?
Lehmber. Isn't
he officer Shamsher Singh?
Dad, didn't I say...
he is Dr Lehmber?
Look, he is neither a doctor...
nor an officer.
He is my brother-in-law.
He is my brother.
He came from Punjab 2 months ago.
He is neither a doctor...
nor an officer.
He came from India 2 months ago.
He lied to me.
If he can lie to Ginni...
he can lie to me also.
Doctor, when he regains
consciousness, tell him...
not to try to meet me
and my daughter.
Hereafter, Ginni
and I have nothing to do with him.
I can't even see his face.
"Don't ever fall in love."
"You have to go through
a test of fire."
"Love overwhelms the lovers."
"Love makes the heart pine."
"Love makes the heart pine."
"Love overwhelms the lovers."
"Love makes the heart pine."
"Love makes the heart pine."
"Don't ever lock eyes with love."
"Don't make it yours."
"Don't ever lock eyes with love."
"Don't make it yours."
"It won't let you sleep.
It won't let the eyes cry."
"The night is spent counting stars.
"Day is spent in yearning."
"It makes us out of breath."
"Love makes the heart pine."
"Love makes the heart pine."
Thank you. Thank you.
Cheers. Take it, Lehmber.
Lehmber, where are you lost?
Jerry, tell me something.
In this world,
for every mistake there is...
a punishment or forgiveness.
You tell me, should I get punished
or should I apologize?
Look, bro. You both are
facing punishment.
But you have to apologize because...
you have made a mistake, not her.
I am ready to apologize. Let's go.
Listen. Sit down.
Look, she is very upset.
If you go to her now...
she can complain against you.
You could be deported.
Let them deport me.
I want to apologize to Ginni.
Get up.
- Brother, please sit down for a minute.
Let's sit down and talk.
You won't get Ginni
if you get deported.
Have patience. Pray to God...
so that whenever you go to her
and apologize to her...
she should forgive you.
Have patience. Don't worry.
Now take a drink. Relax.
We have come to apologize to you.
Lehmber has made a mistake.
But please forgive him.
How can I forgive him?
He trapped my daughter in his lies.
He played with her emotions.
I don't want to have
any relationship with the man...
who has ruined my daughter's life.
Major, Lehmber has realised
his mistake.
Lehmber and Ginni love each other.
Doctor, this isn't called love.
He wants to get PR by trapping
my daughter in love.
And you are also helping him.
That's not true, sir.
Lehmber is not a bad guy,
but he just like to boast.
He lies without thinking twice.
No, it was all planned.
Thank God I didn't complain
against him.
Or he would have been deported,
and you would have been charged.
I am sorry.
I don't want to have
any relationship with a liar.
And you are not welcome here again.
You may leave.
That's was the only thing left,
and he has done that too.
You are wise.
Mom, we came there
for Lehmber's well being.
What was the need to go to
the girl's house?
Did you think they will welcome
you with garlands?
You got insulted.
Lehmber. Lehmber.
Lehmber, stop.
You? How dare you...
step in my house without
my permission?
If you hadn't been Ginni's father...
I would have show you my guts.
Why did you insult my sister
and brother-in-law?
Do you think I will welcome them
and show hospitality...
and accepted your marriage proposal?
Do you think you are so deserving?
I may or may not be deserving...
but it was my mistake,
so you should have talked to me.
We shouldn't talk to those
who stoop low.
I respected you a lot earlier.
But now for me you are just
a cheat, liar and a fraud.
You neither have any status
nor existence.
You are a big zero.
The one who can't be
true to himself...
the one who can't have confidence
in himself...
how will he belong to someone?
You are a liar and a cheat.
You can never reform.
Go away. I don't even want
to see your face.
Just get out!
"It is better to break the ties..."
"with ungrateful friends."
"Thank God, I realised my folly..."
"before I had wasted my whole life."
"You will forget
yourself in these paths."
"The world will mock you.
You won't find solace in love."
"It has drowned Sohni in the water."
"Love makes the heart pine."
"Love makes the heart pine."
He won't do anything in his life.
He will just wander around.
Let's hold a meeting.
He will come back.
He is a lazy bum.
He doesn't want to do any work.
He lies all day. He can't do
anything without lying.
He is not a liar, but worthless.
You are a liar and a cheat.
You can never reform.
Hello, mother.
What is the matter? You called
so early in the morning.
Is everything fine?
Mother, I was missing you.
So I called up?
Talk to me, son.
If you talk,
you will feel unburdened.
From your voice, I understood...
that my son is sad
because of something.
Look, son. Trust God.
If we take His name
and tread the path of truth...
then the paths get cleared.
Son, you should pray to God.
All your sorrows will be alleviated.
- Okay.
Mother, I will call you later.
I am going to sleep.
Who is it?
Talk softly.
Come quickly.
Other people also stay here.
You will get me evicted.
Who told you to drink so much?
Brother, I didn't drink too much.
I drank only one bottle.
Other people also stay here.
You will get me evicted.
They must be wondering
who has come...
and from where, so drunk.
Do you stay here, fatso?
I somehow manage this place
by working hard.
- I have to work here day and night.
Are you awake, jilted lover?
Do you remember anything
about last night?
The way you created a ruckus...
you would surely get me jailed.
I have a hangover.
Should I bring coffee
or liquor again?
Let's go to the Gurudwara.
Come on. Get ready.
We will go there.
What is it?
Oh my! I see.
"My beloved."
What work do you do?
I have to do something to survive.
You stupid fool!
Do you come in costume in the park?
Return my 30 pounds.
I will punch you, chimpanzee.
That's why
I felt you seemed familiar.
Fatso, my work was spoilt because of you.
- Brother.
It was because of me,
but because of your own misdeeds.
If you were honest,
she would have been with you.
Get lost. Go and get ready quickly.
We have to go.
O God!
Today I have come to apologize
for my mistakes.
I lied all my life...
without thinking
that my lies could hurt someone.
I realised my mistake...
when I lost my love
because of my lies.
O God.
Today I promise in your Gurudwara...
that hereafter I won't lie.
Forgive my mistakes.
And give me strength to tread
the path of truth.
Today you disturbed God early
in the morning.
I had an important work with God.
What was it which could have
been done during the day?
Jerry, today I made
a pledge in the Gurudwara.
Hereafter, I won't lie.
You make wishes seeing
shooting stars.
Why did you make false
promise to God?
You can never give up lying.
You know when you get hurt here...
this stops working.
And today it has called out to me...
to quit.
Enough is enough. Now move on.
I see. So...
what do you think about me...
What is there to think about you?
You are lowly
and you will stay lowly.
Even a dried stick is
used by kids to play.
But you are totally worthless.
What did you achieve in your life?
You wear bear's costume to scare
the foreigners.
Your acts like beasts.
But you are pure hearted.
Come on.
If I have so many flaws...
why are we friends?
Our friendship depends on needs.
I needed a guy to kill time.
I made you my friend.
I need someone for outing,
and you did that.
And what about all the help
I gave to you?
We need to someone share food,
liquor and fun...
Bro, you need a girl for that.
But you made friendship.
You are so odd.
Even others never humiliated me
so much...
as much as my friend did.
Come on. I will take my leave.
See you.
Hello. Where are you
going leaving me?
You are not the only ones
I know in this world.
The way I have tied
your hair today...
Look. You have become Singh.
You are so decked up.
Are you going to a fashion show?
I am not old for wearing make up.
I am only 17.
You are not 17 but 70.
Hey, Candy. I am coming.
How are you aunt Candy?
Hello, Candy. How are you?
Hi, Kelly.
You guys enjoy.
Where is Dr Avtaar?
He is not at home.
He is on vacation.
Aunt is also lying.
On vacation? Seriously.
Where is he gone?
Now what?
Let's go.
some people have come in suits.
Lehmber, they would be bankers.
Tell them I am not home.
First aunt lied to them.
Now you are asking me to lie.
I can't lie.
Now do you have trouble lying?
You lie all the time.
It is nothing new for you.
It was different earlier.
I can't lie now.
Even Gavy is sitting in the front.
Gavy, go inside.
Now tell them I am not home.
I couldn't pay
the instalment because of you.
Because of your mess.
That's why they have come.
Tell them I am not home. Go.
Yes. - We have come from
the bank to meet Dr Avtaar.
Dr Avtaar Singh. My brother-in-law.
You mean my sister's husband.
Yes. - Your sister's husband.
Where is he?
I don't know. Come after a few days.
You can call him up.
His phone is switched off.
Tell us, where is Dr Avtaar?
Brother-in-law is getting
ready inside.
He told me to tell you that
he isn't home.
Lehmber, did they leave?
No, brother-in-law.
They didn't go. They have come in.
I am really sorry, sir.
I was just joking.
- Doctor, we didn't expect this from you.
You are a professional person.
Since the last ten months...
you have no paid EMI of the house,
and now you are lying.
You will have to pay double fine.
Again I am really sorry, sir.
I was busy.
But I will pay it tomorrow
definitely. It is my promise.
Sir, please don't fine him.
Please. Forgive him
for my sake. Look.
I could have lied to you that
he isn't home.
But I told you the truth. Please.
Bro, you are honest.
We will spare him this time.
Doctor, don't make a mistake again.
Especially such a one.
Thank you so much. I really
appreciate that. Thank you.
Okay, let's go.
I asked you something a while ago.
Have you thought about it?
Your silence isn't
the answer to my question.
You have to think about the future.
Dad, what do you think about
the future? Dad, I am doing a job.
You know very well what
I want to say.
I accept...
that you were cheated.
It happened with me too.
Life doesn't end if we stumble once.
On the contrary,
it makes a new start.
I will find such
a suitor for my daughter...
who will always keep you happy.
It is very difficult
to pass life alone.
Lehmber, couldn't you say
a small lie?
You should have said
your brother-in-law was home.
No, sister. I have decided.
I will never lie in my life again...
even if I have to incur a big loss.
God has given me a chance to reform.
Don't let this opportunity slip.
You have lost so many chances.
Nobody gets so many in UK.
God has given you another chance.
Listen to me carefully.
I have talked to Stella for you.
Go and meet her. And just agree
to whatever she says.
Okay, sir.
I will meet her.
- Hi, Lehmber. Please have a seat.
Lehmber, I am so happy that you came
to meet me on Rimpi's behest.
It is nothing like that.
I need a job and...
I will work hard, day and night.
I am even ready for over time.
If you say,
I won't take leave even on Sundays.
Didn't Rimpi tell me
why I called you here?
No. She didn't say anything.
But you would have called me
for a job.
No. There is something
more than that.
What do you mean?
- Lehmber, I am noticing you since a long time.
I really like you.
I want us to get married...
and you should become my life
partner and business partner.
You know what.
Lehmber, I am UK citizen.
I have my own house and business.
It will be ours.
And we can lead a good life.
Sorry, Stella.
I am in love with someone else.
And I can't think of
anyone else now.
Anyway, we can't be happy
if our hearts are not one.
Our hearts will unite, Lehmber.
If you are not stressed out
about looking for a job...
or about PR...
then life will be easy, and
gradually you will fall in love.
Stella, I accept that I want PR...
and I also need a job.
I won't get PR so easily.
And I will have to try
hard to get a job.
But sorry...
my heart can't forget her.
Calm down, dear.
Don't cry, dear.
What happened?
Is everything fine?
You make a mistake and you ask us.
I never raised my voice
in front of anyone.
I never hurt anyone.
Since I came in this house...
I respected you as my God.
I revered you.
I didn't know you would
stoop so low.
Stoop low?
I am standing in front of you.
Will you tell me what happened?
Today with which girl were you
strolling with hand in hand?
With which girl was
I strolling with hand in hand?
Have you lost your mind?
Where did you see me?
I saw you.
You gave a bouquet to
a girl in the restaurant.
Aren't you ashamed to ruin
your sister's married life?
You should be ashamed.
You were going out with
some other girl.
She was my patient.
She is at the last stage of cancer.
I do counseling for her.
Do you think...
I will go out with her?
I saw you. I told here what I saw.
You don't have any brains.
If you had any brains...
you should have got a job by now.
Never mind, son.
He would have been mistaken.
Mom, be quiet.
Since he came to our house...
he has made our life miserable.
He creates a new mess every time.
I built a reputation
in all these years...
but he has spoilt it.
If he stay here any longer...
God knows what more trouble
he will invite for us.
Brother-in-law, I didn't know
you thought that about me.
I can go any minute.
You should have told me.
We have to say it to
the one who has self respect.
But you have no self respect.
If you have any dignity...
then leave my house.
Get out!
Lehmber, don't be offended by
what your brother-in-law said.
Let him go.
I will make sure nobody
gives him shelter.
"O traveller."
"After the fall of dusk."
"O traveller."
"O traveller."
"O traveller."
"Continue the journey of life,
all alone."
"O traveller."
"Keep marching, O traveller."
"The caravan moves on."
"Nobody is our own or an outsider."
"The one who has created
this world...
we have no enmity with
that creator."
"You will get
what your destined for."
"O traveller."
"O traveller."
"Keep marching, O traveller."
Lehmber, at this hour?
Friend, did you do some scam?
I didn't do anything.
I have left my sister's house.
It had to happen.
The relatives don't let
you stay here for long.
I knew that...
you would come to me some day.
You have come now.
Tell me...
what do you think about me?
What is there to think?
You were lowly and you still are.
Did you get PR?
Did buy a house or marry
a foreigner?
You will do the same job as before.
If I am so lowly,
why did you come to me?
My brother-in-law drove me
out of his house.
That's why I came here.
Do you think I will let you in
after hearing all this?
Look, I have come to you.
You are pure hearted.
Come on in.
I will let you stay here.
Because you are a good hearted guy.
And honest also.
But to stay here,
you have to pay half the rent.
And you have to arrange
for your meals.
Never mind, bro. I will do it.
You will do it, but how?
You don't get a job.
If you get a job...
you fight there and quit.
Bro, I will find a job.
Now I have to do a job.
There is no other way out.
I have a suggestion for you.
Whenever you are free,
you should come with me...
disguised as monkey.
What are you doing?
I will ask JD sir.
I can't wear costumes.
I will find a job for myself.
Okay, fine. As you wish.
Come on in.
Sir. - Are you
the one who came with Dr Avtaar?
Why are you here now?
I want a job.
Didn't I tell you the other day...
we don't have a job for you?
Sir, please.
There is no vacancy. Go.
Just leave.
Yes, Jerry.
I have sent you a location.
There is a vacancy in a restaurant.
If you go, you may get the job.
Okay. I will go.
Did you work before?
Yes, sir. I did a few jobs.
How much experience have you got?
Sir, 2-3 days.
2-3 days. Were you fired?
Sir, I was fired
because of my mistakes.
Should I make
a mistake by hiring you?
Sir, please.
Get out of here.
Sir, please. Get out.
If you want to progress,
do some business.
Had I been in your place,
I would have become the owner.
What is happening?
Is this the way to talk to someone?
I am sorry.
Just go inside.
What's your name?
Are you all right?
Brother, let's sit inside and chat.
Lehmber, maybe you don't
remember, but I do.
Once you told me...
how long will you just be a manager?
Will you become an owner or not?
Your words pierced my heart.
And that day I decided...
to start my own business.
Since that day, I toiled hard
and got this success.
How did you like the place?
Very good. Very nice.
It is my restaurant.
It is because of you.
So I am thankful to you.
So tell me, what can I do for you?
I wanted a job.
I can't cook, but I can take order.
Yellow lentil,
black lentil, chickpeas, curry...
Enough. Enough. Enough.
Lehmber, enough.
This is an Italian restaurant.
Okay? Your job is confirmed.
You can join from tomorrow.
Thank you. Thank you.
It is all right.
Thank you so much.
You are welcome. Okay?
See you.
Mother asked me
to tread the right path.
God has blessed me. I will give
the good news to mother.
Mother, hello.
Hello, son. Is everything fine?
It is very good.
I got a job.
Really? That is a good news.
Son, work hard.
Don't worry about us.
Yes, mother.
I will hard with dedication.
Okay, mother. I will talk to you later.
- Take care.
"Step out and start a new journey."
"Come and observe
the nature in daylight."
"If you try,
you will find the destination."
"You will get
what is in your destiny."
"Praise the Lord."
"You have to enter the arena
and face the opponents."
"You have to fight your own battle.
Pick up your swords."
"Don't retreat. Don't lose."
"Keep fighting. It is do or die."
"Change your luck."
"Don't underestimate yourself."
"Create something new to
impress the people."
"Don't be depressed.
Reach out to the destination."
"Tell the new generation
how to rise again."
"Be victorious."
"Rock on."
Hmm. There.
Lehmber. How is it going?
Everything is fine.
Good, good.
Listen. My important
guests are coming.
You see the centre table outside.
- Yes.
Please get it ready quickly.
Okay. Okay?
Hello, uncle.
Hello, son.
Please take your seat.
Thank you.
He is Gurbash.
And she is my daughter.
You two sit and talk.
After all, you have to spend
your lives together.
I will go and see the restaurant.
- Dad.
Dear, try to understand.
Uncle, I guess Ginni is
feeling uncomfortable.
"Don't lock eyes with love."
Excuse me.
"My friend, don't ever..."
Oh, Lehmber.
Let it be. They have left.
Listen. That girl's name is Ginni.
And I am getting married to her.
She was going to marry someone...
but that boy was a cheat.
So Ginni is tense these days.
Anyway, you carry on.
Love is the one that makes the herat suffer
You read books,
but you should follow it too.
Dear, I took you to meet Gurbaaz...
so that you can forget your past.
Dad, I am not a kid...
that you can take me anyway,
holding my hand.
You should have told me
where we were going...
and for what? I may not like to go.
That's why I didn't tell you.
I knew you would have refused.
I think Gurbash is
the right choice for you.
He is a handsome guy.
And he has built a restaurant,
with his hard work.
He will always keep you happy.
Now it is up to you.
I can not say anything more.
He has got a good job.
Lehmber, won't you even
talk to your sister?
You are still offended.
No, sister. It is nothing like that.
So why didn't you come home?
You should have come for
a cup of tea.
I was busy with work.
So I didn't get time.
I know my brother works very hard.
He does double shifts.
Lehmber, come home.
We have come to get you.
No, brother-in-law. I am fine here.
Lehmber, please forget
the past disputes.
Will you make me apologize to you?
No, brother-in-law.
It is nothing like that.
I have learnt from you...
how to live my life.
Now I feel I am fine here.
I am used to living alone.
Lehmber, you shouldn't stay
alone for too long.
Stella is a very nice girl.
If you agree to marry her...
all the problems will be solved.
Yours and ours also.
Lehmber, we have taken
loan from Stella...
because I couldn't repay
the house loans.
So we have to pay her back.
She is upset with us, as
we didn't get you married to her.
Even my job is uncertain.
Bro, listen to them.
Your life will be made.
You know, only lucky ones
get Red passport.
Our family gives only good advice.
My brother, please say yes.
We have come with respect.
We have high hopes from you.
Hi, Lehmber.
This is for you.
Thank you.
- I am so happy and excited that you agreed to marry me.
You know what.
You don't need to do this work.
Next week, you are going to be
the owner of a very big company.
I have said yes for the marriage,
not to quit my job.
Anyway, I want to become
a self made man.
That's what I like about you.
Okay, keep up with
your work. Carry on.
Next week, Rimpi and I...
have fixed
the wedding date on Sunday.
So please take leave from the job.
Because we have to do lots of shopping and preparations.
- Okay.
I will take my leave.
Thank you so much.
Thank you. Bye.
What a good choice!
You have found an amazing girl.
She is one of the richest lady.
And citizen also.
If I had got this option,
I too would have said yes.
Don't worry. Just kidding.
You will get your PR for sure.
I wanted an advice from you.
Ginni is very sad.
I don't understand what to gift her.
Everyone has
their own individual choice.
Still, you would know better.
You seem like a lover boy.
I think happiness is more
important in life.
Give her a smiley.
Sweet and simple.
Very good idea. Thank you.
Keep up the good work.
"Two earthen lamps."
"Two earthen lamps."
"I have lit with a prayer."
"I have lit with a prayer
that you lead a long life."
"Live a long life."
"O beloved.
You embark on a new journey."
"But please don't forget me."
"O beloved."
"With kohl, your eyes shine bright."
"You are one in a million."
"The sun bows seeing
your glowing beauty."
"Everything else is pale."
"But please don't forget me."
"O beloved."
"O my sweetheart."
"O my darling. O my sweetheart."
I knew you would come.
Thank you.
You are welcome.
Ginni, your father told me
Everyone has a past...
which is very difficult to forget.
But you can't plan
the future with past baggage.
We have to leave it behind.
Look, Ginni. I am in no rush.
You can take as much
time as you want.
I have got
a small but cute gift for you.
I hope it will give you
the reason to be happy.
Because someone told me...
that happiness is very
important in life.
How did you like the gift, Ginni?
I have a request.
I hope you won't refuse.
Tomorrow I have to attend a
function, and I want you to join me.
We will spend some time together.
Sure. I will come with you.
Thank you for honouring my request.
Lehmber, I want to tell
you something.
A sheep had a calf.
That calf keep moaning.
The family didn't know what to do.
So they tied his mouth.
Grandmother, what is Kataru?
Kataru like your uncle.
Are you happy?
Very happy.
Come on.
We have come to your wedding,
and not to a funeral.
Let's dance, because you will
forget me after tomorrow.
Fatso, am I going in coma?
Should I make you dance?
Stand quietly.
I have a request.
Find a girl for me.
First you get married.
I will marry later.
Bro, you are very big hearted.
You invited
your girlfriend to your wedding.
"I want to befriend
you for a lifetime."
Ginni. Ginni, what happened?
"You are just mine."
Are you all right?
Bro, so strange!
Not just the girlfriend...
you have even invited her father.
Fatso, I didn't invite anyone.
I didn't know anything.
Did he come to eat food?
We are so happy to have you
all here with us today...
for the engagement ceremony
of my lovely brother...
Lehmber and Stella.
Thank you.
Here, dear.
Make her wear the ring. Congrats.
They make a nice couple.
Yes, Stella is very lucky.
Look. They both are
looking so happy.
It is a great moment.
This moment comes once
in a lifetime.
What did you do?
- The same thing which I should have done.
You love me
and you are marrying someone else.
Are you not tired of lying?
You are lying to her also.
Lehmber, how long can you
run away from the truth?
I am not running away
from the truth.
I am on the side of the truth.
But the truth didn't support me.
As long as I kept lying,
the whole world was with me.
The moment
I tried to say the truth...
even my shadow abandoned me.
I am your shadow.
When the sun is over the head,
we don't see the shadow.
But it never leaves you.
Thank you so much,
Ginni, for forgiving me.
And for coming back into my life.
Congratulations to both of you.
Did you think...
only you can lie.
We are also like you.
Dear, the world teaches us
to lie a little.
As for me.
I had made up my mind...
the day I saw you working hard.
Lehmber, when you refused
to marry me...
I realised you are a honest man.
And I thought of helping you.
Ginni's anger was justified.
We would have appeased,
but Lehmber...
it was important to
teach you a lesson.
We didn't take any loan from Stella.
It was all a lie.
And I am here because of your words.
I had to help you with your love.
So you all took the refuge of lies.
Truth and lie are important
part of our lives.
We should never lie.
Because you hurt someone by lying.
You can spend your life by lying.
But by telling the truth,
you can live your life.
And I am thankful to all of you.
I am grateful as all of you...
showed me the real path of life.
And as long as I am here...
I will always tread
the path of truth.
I will never lie.
I will never hurt anyone.
Bro, you were offering me your coat.
So ask me again.
Can I take your coat?
I will buy a new one for you.
I don't want you to get stuck.
I too have said one lie.
- If I tell you, we will get caught.
Lehmber, run!
"Desi groom. Desi groom!"
"You speak sweeter than honey."
"Your disco is priceless."
"The singles ask each other,
"From which village have you come?"
"From where did you
buy the golden shirt?"
"My eyes are on you."
"When she walks alone,
our hearts skip a beat."
"When she walks alone,
our hearts skip a beat."
"You have applied kohl in her eyes."
"From which village have you come?"
"From where did you
buy the golden shirt?"
"My eyes are on you."
"The moon descended
on the earth from the sky."
"Looking for it, in the clouds,
the stars have started a fight."
"The moon descended
on the earth from the sky."
"Looking for it, in the clouds,
the stars have started a fight."
"I have found my peacock."
"From which village have you come?"
"From where did you
buy the golden shirt?"
"My eyes are on you."