Lekh (2022) Movie Script

You all have come and I am late.
No problem. Let's go home and talk.
-Greetings, sister.
Come here.
Greetings, aunt.
-Greetings, dear. Welcome.
-Many, many congratulations.
Mother, welcome her nicely.
Hey, so much of style and attitude.
Styles of rich and classy people.
You had said that Meena would
come earlier to attend wedding.
The card that you had
sent had a different name.
Where has the earlier one gone?
Why are you talking about the past?
Put something in her mouth.
Is it love marriage or arranged?
I found him. But then Nav's
mother was a mediator in between.
I have given five suits to aunt.
You easily make deals from day one.
Is he the one who
used to send chits?
Keep quiet.
Are you trying to break my marriage?
Not even that one?
Saabi is her name. He must not be
remembering the one who gave chits.
You are already supporting
her and making my life difficult.
Have you brought duty free?
I forgot.
You just ditched and thrashed me.
This is not done.
I would die without you.
You will not die.
By now you would
have found a new girl.
No, I love you truly.
If you do not believe
me then Look at the outside.
You have not completed your studies.
Now you know English.
You do not know spelling
of Saabi so just wrote S.
If you call again henceforth then...
I shall complaint against
you in the police.
One minute, listen to me.
Take this, sister.
Gagan, take care of your sister's
dignity. Do something about him.
Leave that. Give me some as well.
Stupid. Go quickly.
He seems to be stubborn
Not at all. He is talking nonsense.
Who has so much time to waste?
In two days he will be
enjoying with someone else.
Tell me Raunak,
it has been five years since you got
married but still you have one child
Haven't you enjoyed?
She is such a big cheater.
She has come alone.
And did not get
brother-in-law with her.
We will not tease you, dear.
We can't handle our own.
Really, he did not get a leave.
Good, he will take care of the child
otherwise I would not have been able
to come to attend the wedding.
I came across Rajveer.
Which Rajveer?
The one who was with us in 11th std.
He was in love with you.
What is the matter?
Have you forgotten him?
She remembers everything.
She is just acting.
What was he saying?
Nothing. We just greeted each other.
I enquired about his wellbeing
and he said everything is fine.
I invited him for the wedding
but he was making excuses.
He said that he had to
attend some other wedding.
I asked him to come home on the way.
He said that he would come.
Rest is your destiny.
Have all of them come?
No, Rajveer hasn't come yet.
-Where is he?
-She took my notebook as well.
Come on. Board the bus.
I will not come.
You had promised that you would buy
a cycle for me once I pass 10th std
and now I am in 11th.
I shall buy you one.
Let's go home first.
Where do you get cycles here?
You said that you will buy
me one at the time school gets over.
I do not believe you.
You are a liar.
Buy me a cycle now otherwise
I am not going home.
Wait, I will not spare you.
I shall buy a bike for you.
Come on and get in.
I will tear all the books.
I will not study a word in 11th std.
You forcefully made
me study all night.
Because of you I studied so much.
And now you aren't
buying a cycle for me.
Stupid, today is the first day.
You have just completed 10th std and
have not done something extraordinary.
Come here.
-Good afternoon ma'am.
-Good afternoon.
Come, dear.
I shall buy a cycle for you.
You give me money.
You go in the van.
I will buy a cycle and come home.
I shall give you a Cheque.
If my mother was there she would
have given me without any hesitation.
I don't have a mother.
Hey, don't try to be smart
and emotionally blackmail me.
I shall not buy a cycle but
rickshaw for you. 10/-each fare.
Then ride it and come. Understood.
What do you think of yourself?
Come on sit down everyone.
Wait till I buy a cycle for you.
Cycle is like God to him.
Other children board the bus and go.
This Prince wants a cycle.
Let me see how I buy cycle for you?
Go and unload the material.
I had ordered groceries and ration.
I will not go.
Then dare not try to
touch the biscuits and snacks.
I had ordered them for you.
Love you.
Give me a ride too.
No, I won't.
Look at my foolish son.
Even in sports period
he is riding cycle.
His muscles are going to ache.
And then he is going to trouble me
at night to massage
his legs with oil.
"He was always grounded.
But now he has started to fly high."
"He was always grounded.
But now he has started to fly high."
"When your face turned towards me."
What were you doing here?
Nothing. The sports period
got over so I thought...
"He was always grounded.
But now he has started to fly high."
"When your face turned towards me."
"I am on the threshold
of becoming crazy."
"Your hands touched my shirt."
"Though full there was
shortage of water in sea."
"When your face turned towards me."
"Turned towards me."
Welcome my dear son.
You really did not know how to
ride the cycle and was demanding it.
And now you have hurt yourself.
Aren't you feeling ashamed?
Your son has got hurt.
Rather than putting bandage
you are making fun of him.
If my mother was alive she
would have come running to me.
Rascal... every time you blackmail
me by taking your mother's name.
Today if your mother was alive she
would not have spared you either.
She would have thrashed you hard.
Hey, I will not be able
to remove these stains.
Shall I call your aunt?
She would help you and put
bandage on your wounds as well.
Sorry, sorry... we won't call her.
Why should we call aunt?
Is she close to us?
We will not call her, dear.
You got scared.
Your aunt is good otherwise.
Here eat this.
-The almonds were delicious.
-Almonds are never delicious.
Hey, why are you sitting here?
Get up. Go and sit on your place.
The places are not fixed.
You go and sit in the front.
What are you talking?
I sit here every day.
You go and sit on your place.
Please let me sit here.
I haven't done my homework.
The teacher would come
and catch hold of me.
It is intelligent people
who sit in the front.
Get up, buddy.
Good morning, ma'am.
Good morning.
Those students who have not done their
homework, get up and stand aside.
Now we will have
to go and stand behind.
Will you make this diagram for me?
Yes, I will make it.
Very good.
Rajveer, even you have
become a part of them.
"Flowers have their own fragrance."
"But you are very unique."
"But you are very unique."
"I am mad, crazy,
lover, Majnu, Ranjha of yours."
"You will show me heaven and make me
meet God. My heart tells me this."
"I had no intention of
prostrating in front of you."
"I did not have much faith on God."
"Not much faith."
"After connecting with
you I connected with God."
"When your face turned towards me."
"Turned towards me."
"My remaining breaths
are for you, dear."
"You have to intoxicate
me with your eyes, dear."
"I walk along with
you as your shadow."
"I will take care
of you as a child."
"Your style and attitude
is such that I got trapped"
"On seeing you dear
even water drowned."
"On seeing you even water drowned."
"When your face turned towards me."
"I am on the threshold
of becoming crazy."
"Your hands touched my shirt."
Oh my God.
My cycle got punctured.
Sit down.
Where is your cycle?
My cycle got punctured.
What have you brought in lunch box?
Potato and cauliflower.
Even I have brought
cauliflower pickle.
Is there a cauliflower
pickle as well?
Yes, it is there.
It must be something else.
You do not know anything.
It is of cauliflower. I shall
make you taste in the recess.
My aunt makes such pickles.
That of carrot,
radish, gourd and ginger.
She knows how to put
various kinds of pickles.
Okay, then at lunchtime.
Okay, then at lunchtime.
You go and sit there.
We just have gooseberry, chili,
lemon and ginger plants in our house.
Only four type of pickles are made.
My aunt makes six
types of lemon pickle.
One is sweet,
one is of black pepper and salt.
One is simple.
The sweet one is very delicious.
Hey, who teaches
you to talk so sweetly?
Rajveer, not a brad but
a nail seems to be pierced.
Then you will have to put a new tube.
We are not going to spend so much money.
I will go by van.
No, no there is only one puncture.
Why have you come, sister-in-law?
-Hey, Charan.
Shouldn't you get married
so that your house is settled?
Show me the girl's photo first.
Will she get motorcycle for me?
Did you listen?
Do buffaloes get satisfied
by drinking water?
How dare you demand a motorcycle?
I was saying that I am going
to get my son Manga married.
You are unmarried and
your son is young too.
And I would not let you
stare at my daughter-in-law.
I was suggesting that
you give this house to me
and you go and stay somewhere else.
You go and stay somewhere else.
We will not sell it.
What is the problem?
Take money and leave.
We will stay here.
why do you worry unnecessarily?
Why shouldn't I worry?
Do you think I will let
you stare at my daughter-in-law?
I will not let that happen.
I would make a wall as
tall as 20 feet in the middle.
I shall not even let you
hear the sound of her anklets.
I was saying for your benefit.
Father and son both are loafers.
At least respect what
the other person is suggesting.
Shouldn't we make
Rajveer as sarwala?
Say something better.
Then make Charan.
To hell with you.
Oh my God.
Are you serious of
getting married again?
No, dear. Who knows whether the new
bride would have a sister or not?
Your aunt loves me a lot.
"I will keep dancing as
she loves her brother-in-law."
Catch you.
Don't behave like a fool.
Don't cry, my dear son.
God bless us.
The cycle got punctured again.
You just got it
repaired the other day.
See for yourself.
It makes my mood bad.
I think the cycle is not
of good quality. We will sell it.
I am feeling very bad that you're
hard earned money is going waste.
Really? You seemed to be
very worried about my hard work.
You were adamant and
stubborn on getting a cycle.
You should have bought a good one.
You seemed to have
bought a cheaper quality.
First day it broke down.
How will it last?
Why are you staring at me?
Is the puncture going to be fixed
with your eyes?
Come on let's go.
We are getting late.
-Do you want to talk?
Chutney is made from mango,
mint, lemon
my aunt knows how to
make many kinds of chutney.
Sweet mango chutney is my favorite.
My aunt knows how to
make many kinds of chutney.
She is in Aanganwadi. She teaches
other girls of the village as well.
You tell me how to make
of mango and lemon.
I will also make.
I will arrange your meeting
with her. You can learn all of them.
-Okay fine.
-Aunt will appreciate you a lot.
Hey, get up.
This is my place.
Don't you understand?
I am sitting on your place.
It is our van.
Uncle, shall we start going
in another van from tomorrow?
Get up. Go dear,
you go and sit there.
Come and sit here.
-What? -Don't you understand
that he is trying to woo you?
Teaching you how to make chutneys?
She is a very nice cow. Look she has
given birth to such a beautiful calf.
Go and deliver milk today.
What will we name her, father?
Who gives name to them?
It's done.
Be careful while repairing it.
It is the third time.
I will name her Raunak.
Every day it gets punctured
at a different place.
I think there seems
to be nails in the compound.
I think people's evil
eye has fallen on it.
Everyone seems to be jealous.
God bless us. Bless us
He will ask me to change the tube.
Then dad will think about this.
Every day I will pierce you.
Hey, idiot. I will not spare you.
Rather than repairing
the cycle I will thrash you.
Don't hit me. My knees pain
so I am not able to ride the cycle.
My thighs hurt as well.
You take me in van
and sell this cycle.
I will never ask
for it again. Sorry.
Why did you ask me to buy it then?
Listen to what your aunt and I say.
Don't waste your time on cycling.
Study well and win great awards.
It is every day's matter now.
Why don't you do your homework?
You do not understand
when I talk to you lovingly.
He has got fit.
Now a case will be filed.
Stupid. Make him sit on the chair.
What happened to you, dear?
Remove your tie.
Look, what have you done?
Did he become unconscious
because of my slap?
Only he seems to be affected.
Rest all are laughing.
He has some special
feelings for you.
He is going to be thrashed
and will involve you as well.
You only seemed to be interested
in asking him how chutneys are made.
Give some water.
Where are you going?
To give him water.
Do you want to kill him?
All this is happening
because you touched him.
And after drinking water from
your bottle he would surely die.
You know Lalli very well.
He was very small
when his mother expired.
But he still misses her.
After being thrashed by the girl he
must be missing his mother's thrashing.
I try to make him
happy as much as I can
but no one can take
the position of a mother.
I hope there is nothing
to worry, doctor.
go and get a glass of water.
Your son is becoming young.
I think he seems to be
getting involved with a girl.
Hormones change in this age.
Oh God, what has happened to him?
That is why he pierced
the cycle again and again.
I am sure the girl is in the van.
Now I have to worry about him.
He is still a kid in his
behavior but has become a lover.
I do not know how to
talk to him about this matter.
Let me call her aunt here.
Women know how to deal such matters.
Take one more.
-No, enough.
-Have it.
You are becoming
weak so you should eat.
Don't you take care of the girl?
He does not have time
from his whims and fancies.
Don't you see that
his small finger is hurt?
"I want to tell
how much I love you."
Look at his condition in love.
-Greetings, uncle.
-Greetings, aunt.
When did you come?
You do not even miss your aunt now?
Only my brother-in-law invites me.
Eat it.
No, I don't want to.
Come on you eat one more.
-No, enough.
-Eat it.
He has fallen in love.
I can't talk to him but you
explain in your own way to him.
Are you lying?
No, I am saying the truth.
-His heart has started beating fast.
-I see.
Go and get cottage cheese.
I love when your aunt cooks it.
Uncle is useless and coward.
What is her name?
Okay, whose?
Because of whom your
heart has become restless.
Brother-in-law called me here
to explain and make you understand.
He is a liar.
I am just an excuse but the
truth is that he misses you a lot.
And you are so innocent that
you are making cottage cheese here.
And uncle who does not speak
anything. He does not feel anything.
He is your uncle.
And I could easily judge
from the song that you were singing.
"Today we will spend night together
and I wish the day does not break."
What does this song signify now?
Tonight would be fun when
we sit together and enjoy.
You are right, brother-in-law.
He would make him drink
more so that he sleeps.
And then he will chit chat with you.
Today I will not let you sleep,
He is just joking, stupid.
I did love marriage.
Your uncles are
still annoyed with me
and he is the one who has
kept cordial relations with me.
Your uncle used to
boast and now does nothing.
I am a part of Aanganwadi
and that is how our house runs.
My sister got married where
the family members asked her to do.
She was lucky to have your father.
Till she was alive
your father loved and respected
her and treated her like a queen.
Is he was like him then long back
he would have got married again.
If you want to do love marriage
then do not do haste like uncle.
First pay attention to studies.
You should not get less marks.
And when the time is right
I will take care of everything.
Okay, now tell me her name at least.
Wow! There would be fun
and frolic in my sister's house.
Why hasn't she come today?
She is not going to come for 3-4 days.
She has gone to attend a wedding.
-She always has fun.
-How are you Raunak, dear?
I am fine uncle? How are you?
I am fine too.
How are your studies going on?
It is going on well.
Very good.
Did my son say something?
Tell me if he says something.
Take this chocolate.
-Thank you, uncle.
-Good girl.
Why did he give chocolate to you?
The boy is trying to woo and father
also has father-in-law type feelings.
Throw away. Do not eat it, dear.
He is trying to impress
by giving chocolate worth 5/-
Come and tell me.
Why will I tell you?
We will directly go
to the principal's office.
Oh no, I ate it.
Maybe he has done some sort
of magic. Thank God you are saved.
-Did you do your work?
-Why didn't you do it?
For you.
So at last you did it.
I very well knew your traits.
I did not mean that.
I am sorry, please do not feel bad.
Why are you apologizing now? Now
I will complain to the principal.
-Let's go Raunak.
-No, no.
It is not for love.
It is for friendship.
Look at its color.
It is yellow.
Don't change the topic.
I very well know what
colors you want to give.
Let's go from here, Raunak.
Where did you pluck it from?
-Where did you pluck it from?
Apologize. Apologize now.
Do not apologize to me but to this.
Why did you pluck the flower?
Okay, sorry.
Even they feel the
same pain as we feel.
What kind of pain?
Look now you are fluttering in pain.
Shall I break your ear?
"My dear, beloved
Your sight is appealing to me."
"My dear, beloved
Your sight is appealing to me."
"I just don't love you but
I am passionately in love with you."
"I just don't love you but
I am passionately in love with you."
"I bow to you but are
scared of you as well."
"I just don't love you but
I am passionately in love with you."
"Talking to you seems
As if I am talking to God."
"Even children of your
neighborhood have become poets."
"Secretly you have
become my weakness."
"You are even above God.
You are someone different."
"You are like me and I am like you."
"I just don't love you but
I am passionately in love with you."
"I just don't love you but
I am passionately in love with you."
"Every day I think
whom will I trouble"
"If anything happens to
you then where shall I go?"
"Every day I think
whom will I trouble"
"If anything happens to
you then where shall I go?"
"You take care of
yourself at any cost."
"I am the solution to all your
problems. Keep me close to you."
"I will be the one standing for
you where no one stands for you."
"I just don't love you but
I am passionately in love with you."
"I just don't love you but
I am passionately in love with you."
Saabi, Rajveer has come.
I asked him to sit here.
Did you tell him
that Raunak has come?
That is the reason.
Movie Mel Karade Rabba is going
to release in my uncle's theatre.
I want to watch that movie.
Family members are not
going to allow me though.
Jimmy Shergill's name
is Rajveer in the movie.
You don't feel so happy.
It is Gippi Grewal
who would take Neeru Bajwa.
That is in the movie but
here only Rajveer will take.
Jimmy Shergill is looking
so handsome in the trailer.
Before me God did not
let your affair happen anywhere
and now I will not let it happen.
If I can break others limbs then
can also break other's relations.
You are too good.
Will you cut my hair in this style?
Sin Theta, Main Theta
This photograph is lying down
your Main Theta, your aunt.
This is what you are studying.
There is no need to study, dear.
You will be then driving this van
and taking kids to school.
I bought it by mistake, father.
Couldn't you get
a photo of a patriotic?
This is what is happening?
This is the way you are studying.
Don't think yourself to be a Mirza.
She is the age of your aunt.
At least you could
have put my photograph.
Don't I look good?
It was Fine arts project, father.
Fine arts project, father?
I know you very well, dear.
I was thinking that
my son is getting patriotic
after seeing you wearing army jacket
and having army haircut.
My son is brave.
But you are copying your uncle.
Give me all these
and I will burn them.
Don't do that, father.
I will drink spray.
Till today I have
not said anything to you
but if you say such a thing
again then I shall thrash you hard.
Come on do whatever you wish to.
I shall call your Aunty
and then even I will
be able to pass time.
Study hard.
If you do not get good numbers
then will make you artist as well.
Thank God,
father did not see this photo.
Will you come with me
to watch Mel Karade Rabba?
Yes. But still there is time.
Let us first pass.
We will go after the
papers by bunking school.
What if we are caught?
We will not get caught.
Sure but do not tell
anyone about this.
Let's go.
What was he saying?
Look at him.
He feels as if he is Jimmy Shergill.
One ticket costs 35/-
so two will cost 70/-
Cold drink for 10/- each.
70/- and 20/- totals to 90/-
Study first.
Two samosas for 15/-
90 and 15/- totals to 105/-...
everything will be done in 120-125/-
Study first. There is still much time.
You can do calculations in holidays.
I shall give you my share
of money tomorrow.
'The special distance they
are not visible in...'
We have to eat popcorn as well.
So it will cost 150/-
Okay we will not eat popcorn.
You really resemble
Jimmy Shergill somewhat.
What nonsense? Jimmy has a style.
On looking at him it feels
as if he just shaved off his hair.
Move there.
-You study.
I haven't studied. Have you?
All the best.
This is from me.
What if someone sees
us in school uniform?
We will not go in uniform.
You get suit in the bag.
I will get caught. I can't do this.
Do you know how many family
members are there in my house?
Silence class.
Do you know the answers?
I will get my mother's suit.
You can try that.
It is slightly lose but I
will get it altered from the tailor.
It is your mother's
so will not get it altered.
Let it be the way it is.
The veil covers everything.
"Your destiny brought you together"
"And with dive blessings"
"Your destiny is together."
"Always remember His name."
Dear, why did you
get down here today?
Uncle, my van's driver
stays in this house.
For last so many days instead
of him someone else is coming.
You ask him.
Nothing is certain
about these people.
Wherever they get more
money they start working there.
He must have got
work somewhere else.
Don't think so much.
Come, my dear.
Do meet me before leaving.
Yes, surely I will try.
Even you meet me.
We'll meet then.
-Okay aunty, see you soon.
-Take this as token.
-What is this for?
-No problem, dear.
-You have already give me suit, aunty.
No problem, dear.
This is an auspicious token.
-Okay uncle.
-Bye dear.
-Okay, sister. See you soon.
Let's go.
-Greetings, dear.
What is the condition of the garden?
-Greetings, uncle.
-Greetings, dear
-Can't you do this much?
-Greetings, sister.
Can't you just turn on the tap?
-Greetings, uncle.
-Greetings, dear
-Greetings, father.
-Greetings, dear
Couldn't you take care of them?
They too have life in them.
You have killed them of thirst.
No problem, dear.
Now do not hang us for this mistake.
Don't play jokes.
Forgive us, dear.
We shall get more plants
from nursery tomorrow.
And will give permanent
duty to them. Rest we are there.
Dear, have some patience.
Let me grind it well.
Aunt, let me eat like this.
Sister, new plants have come.
Tell me dear.
Where do you want plant these ones?
I shall put whichever
plants you tell me to plant.
Marigold, Rose, Mogra Sunflower,
marigold, Bougainville, Champa, daisy,
Lily, lajwanti,
jasmine, sunflower,
Lily, demnia, Mangolai, saffron...
We do not want to know their names.
Just tell which ones
should be panted where.
These are evergreen and
are to be planted only once.
And in this bed of soil
we will plant something else.
That you will have to change
after 6 months according to season.
She has started crying
seeing so many plants.
This is her condition.
Will we have to plant that again?
Yes you will have to do that.
Some are evergreen.
If they bloom once
they bloom forever.
Some change like season.
"The one for whom
I waited for ages crying"
"The one for whom
I waited for ages crying"
"When I found my beloved
she belonged to someone else."
"When I found my beloved
she belonged to someone else."
"Congratulate me, will celebrate
if you come to my house tonight."
"Ask any heartbroken
poet to recite his poems."
"Recite poems on my death."
"Heer belonged to Raanjha
but someone else snatched her away."
"When I found my beloved
she belonged to someone else."
"When I found my beloved
she belonged to someone else."
"I maybe was cheated"
"but till today I love you."
"If it is not you
then the story is over."
"I am about to die."
"With my tears I have
washed away my pain."
"The one for whom
I waited for ages crying"
"When I found my beloved
she belonged to someone else."
"When I found my beloved
she belonged to someone else."
-Okay, uncle. Come to meet me.
-Okay dear, take care.
-Give lots of love to Manindar.
Leave it.
-Take care sister.
-Okay bye.
Hello Saabi.
Dear, I would suggest
not to unwind the past.
You will be hurt.
And if nothing is figured
out then it would create chaos.
You have done nothing.
I have left so many boys
and have never looked back at them.
What have we to do with him?
And if his wife is bad
then she would insult you.
And will talk in insulting tone.
Rest is your wish.
Don't worry.
I am not thinking on those lines.
I will call you and
then you come to pick me up.
It does not happen this way.
You did not water them for 5 days and
then next day you watered it too much.
You have to timely take care of it.
Consider plants as children.
Will it be fine if we do not eat for
few days and then eat lots one day?
They do not ask for anything special.
Whatever is there in
your house is enough for them.
No problem, let's be satisfied
with the remaining ones.
Do one thing.
You take only four.
It will be easy to handle.
And once you learn to handle
them then you can take more.
Its cost was 900/-
but now give only 500/-
Take the remaining later
once you learn to handle them.
Take it.
Okay fine.
What happened?
Do you need something else?
Have the plants got spoiled?
Do only customers
come in this house?
How are you?
I am good.
Is uncle at home?
Where is he?
He is no more.
Sorry, I didn't know that.
No problem.
When did this happen?
Long back.
Who is there at home?
No one.
I am still single.
Haven't you got married yet?
I am still single.
But why?
I did not fine a nice girl.
How is it possible that
you did not get a nice girl?
If you could not find one but I am
sure uncle would have found one for you.
Didn't you get one or you
did not get married willingly?
I am trying to find one.
When I find her then
I will invite you.
Will you have water?
Tea or coffee?
Coffee is fine.
I shall get coffee.
Have a seat.
"I had thought that when
you would come you would hug me"
"make me yours and love me."
"I thought you would look into
my eyes and not look away from them"
"You will enquire about
me and kiss my forehead."
"I had thought that
you would make me meet God"
"But had no idea that
you would make me see hell."
"I had thought you stay with me,
be loyal"
"and seeing me crying
you too will cry."
What enmity do you have
with me that you cannot talk?
Okay if you don't wish
to talk then I will leave.
-Yes, Raunak.
-Speak up...
-I will call later.
I think she has invited trouble.
She was newly married.
I think she left the house
on boyfriend's insistence
and now he must not
be receiving her calls.
Now she is just roaming
around aimlessly.
This is not possible that in all
these years you could not find a girl.
I did not find one.
Are you angry with
me for some reason?
Stop it.
I don't want to have coffee.
I waited for you Rajveer.
For one year.
Each day...
absent, absent.
Earlier I did not
feel much difference.
What is the difference
between you and classmates
I realized it after you left.
Then I found out from the college...
you are not living in this village.
Then college got over
and family found a boy for me.
He is nice, very nice.
You disappeared and
then was never found.
But God blessed me
with another Rajveer.
He is one year old now.
Everything is fine now.
He is so cute.
I am in comparison to him.
This is done. I shall add milk to it.
I'll be back.
"Without you every
night was dark for me."
"The world laughed at me on my face."
"I am happy that you
are happy but to be honest"
"I am sad that you
have settled in life."
"From the time you got separated"
"I have not sleep."
"The one for whom
I waited for ages crying"
"When I found my beloved
she belonged to someone else."
Why didn't you come back, Rajveer?
I have moved ahead in my life.
It has been 10 years.
But this question still
awaked me from sleep.
That why didn't you come back?
What had happened?
After father's death I was taken to
Rajasthan to my grandparents' house.
For 6-7 months I did not understand
that what has happened with me.
I could not believe
that I have lost my father.
He was the only love close to me.
And he too left.
After him it was
only you whom I loved.
I had thought I would fall at your
feet but will surely convince you.
I would tell you how lonely I am.
Raunak, I had come
on 14th February 2012
You did not feel necessary
to at least talk to me.
Just seeing that from a
distance you judged everything.
I had no other option.
I had still come to talk to you.
I had come on your wedding as well.
-Greetings, uncle.
You alone are not
going to leave the house.
We have bought property.
We will also be leaving
village and moving there.
We have to make garden
in the new house, dear.
Don't be sad. Okay.
Stay happy.
That boy was also present there.
I felt very bad and mean.
You were someone else's happiness
but I felt your sadness
was also someone else's.
I was nowhere.
Now she has got married
and next number is mine.
How is that beautiful
girl next to sister-in-law?
That day I got very angry
on God and my on my destiny.
And on that boy and the most on you.
You had faith on a very wrong boy.
I had no connection with that boy.
But he liked Saabi.
He was her boyfriend.
That is why in my marriage
he was asking about her.
You should have
at least talked to me.
Do you remember that last day?
How can anyone forget that moment?
I thought everything
will get over with time.
You thought I was that seasonal
plant which changed with time.
And you are that plant which if
bloomed would remain bloomed forever.
No, nothing of that sort.
Whatever had to happen has happened.
I have also moved ahead in life.
Everything is normal now.
Initially I felt but we are not
kids anymore that we cry all life.
No one gives me a girl
seeing that I am alone.
Don't think that I remained
unmarried because of you.
Now there is no love
in my heart towards you
the anger has been vent out.
Today I have realized
that I am such a big fool.
I feel like laughing
and getting angry on myself.
No problem.
Bygones are bygones now.
Good that you came.
Rajveer, give me one kg milk.
They left the milk out
and the cat spilled the milk.
I will get it, aunt.
Raunak, Raunak.
Where are you looking?
Why don't you speak?
I did not say anything to you.
I was teasing Raunak.
He has kept her name Raunak.
He is a fool.
The entire day he keeps
calling and talking to her.
Who are you?
-I am...
-She is my friend.
She has come to meet me.
We studied together in school.
Is she your friend or girlfriend?
Are you married or unmarried?
I am married.
Doesn't your husband
have any objection?
I did not tell my husband
before coming here.
This is great.
You shall go after few days.
Why would he get married?
No, no I will not go now.
Now I will be here.
I ran away from home.
You are enjoying but she is going
to spread this news in the village.
Rascal, you enjoy
but don't let us enjoy.
And what were you doing in
the bus in which you were sitting.
Aunt, there is nothing of this sort.
Don't tell anyone about
this in the village.
Are you crazy?
She is very clever. She is going
to tell everyone in the village.
You were saying everything is fine.
What is her name?
When she was born we were
in school and that time I named her.
Really, find a girl for
me and I shall get married today.
Find a mediator and get me married.
Everything is fine.
There is a time...
Saabi also got married otherwise
I would have married her.
We got along well.
Sorry, sorry...
-Come and pick me up.
I know you are totally crazy.
How will I leave
home in this late night?
I have just got married
and you know my record very well.
Call Kamal.
Except for you no
one else knows anything.
Then ask him to
drop you at the hotel.
Will you drop me at the hotel?
Why do you want to go to hotel?
Stay here.
Mange, Mange.
Come here.
Look they are having
candle light dinner.
Go quietly and get milk.
You take drinks so go and get it.
We will put bites
into each other's mouth.
First get and then
I will put into nostrils.
You just don't do anything
but just make plans and schemes.
Today after so many years
I have had food whole heartedly.
What does R2 mean?
Rajveer and Raunak.
The name of your cow is also Raunak.
I like plants and
you made them your life.
After I left no girl
came in your life.
It is your misunderstanding
that I don't know anything.
I have understood everything.
That you are such a plant that once
blooms will always remain blooming.
No season has an effect on it.
You boys once commit
then do not listen to anyone.
You are a true lover.
But we girls cannot remain committed.
Parents cannot keep us at home.
It is our destiny
to leave our parents' house
and go to our husband's house.
We girls are those
plants that are forced
to change with season and weather.
Is this the same suit that
I was supposed to wear for the film?
In that movie with whom
does Neeru Bajwa go in the end?
With Jimmy Shergill.
Did you watch the movie?
Tell me the story.
I haven't seen the movie.
How are you Kamal?
I am fine.
Does your uncle's
theatre still there?
We have come here to watch a movie.
Movies that are released
here are not worth watching.
We will still watch a movie.
You are doing wrong.
Don't park the motorcycle here.
Park it there.
We had to see 'Mel Kara De Rabba.' That
does not mean we will see this movie.
This is a dirty movie.
Didn't you see the poster outside?
"Give me my light
Even God requests for that."
"The moon walks on your terrace
and does not shine in the sky."
"I shall get all
the stars at your feet."
"The moon walks on your terrace
and does not shine in the sky."
"It is not scare of wind
And not bothered about water."
"It does not even listen to clouds
And is totally careless."
"Because of you moon
became disloyal to God."
"Became disloyal."
"Because of you moon
became disloyal to God."
"Became disloyal."
"The heaven did not change
its mind amidst flowers"
"God tried to bribe the
moon but moon did not change."
"He gave bribe of heaven
but mind did not change"
"God tried to bribe the
moon but moon did not change."
"You are always in my
mind and I sit at your feet."
"Now will not turn and
bid farewell like a bride."
"Because of you moon
became disloyal to God."
"Became disloyal."
"You talk very sweetly and even
the extinguished lamp starts burning."
"Even the sound of
cuckoo bird feels flat."
"You talk very sweetly and even
the extinguished lamp starts burning."
"Even the sound of
cuckoo bird feels flat."
"I felt it was impossible.
What else do I want?"
"The poet recited
his poems at your feet."
"Because of you moon
became disloyal to God."
"Became disloyal."
"Because of you moon
became disloyal to God."
"Became disloyal."
"Because of you moon
became disloyal to God."
"Became disloyal."
I bought this jacket as
well just like Jimmy Shergill.
Wow! You just had total
feel about the movie, Rajveer.
Look at this.
What is this?
I pasted all the posters here.
-What was that?
Tell me.
You will laugh a lot.
No, I will not laugh. Show it to me.
Don't tell me that this my hair strand?
Are you crazy?
School boys do such type of deeds.
The school boy had kept this.
Just look at the jacket.
When did you feel that
I am different from others?
Sports period.
We boys were always busy in playing.
Once I came to drink water
and saw that girls were
sitting in group and enjoying.
I saw you dancing
from corner of the door.
And then I used to watch every day.
Did you like my dance so much?
I mean the dance was also good
but that time you were different.
Free, danced like
a peacock in full swing,
happy from heart as if you
were not bothered about the world.
That moment was so beautiful
that I never blinked my eyes.
1, 2, 3...
"My beloved...
Keep me as a guard of your heart."
"Keep me as a guard of your heart."
I feel like she is an orchestra member.
Mother, I wouldn't get someone like her.
Why? What is wrong?
It is good. She will earn.
Your father and son are useless.
No, mother no.
Then will you get Dhan Kaur?
I think you have gone crazy.
It is difficult to understand you.
Should I thrash you in open or inside?
Your actions are not right.
Because of fear you do not go out.
And talks about Sonam Bajwa.
Wasn't Sargun Mehta as a Dhan Kaur?
Because of all these things
I am not able to get married.
"Keep me as a guard of your heart."
"Keep me as a guard of your heart."
"Keep me as a guard of your heart."
Come, I am standing out.
Saabi has arrived.
Okay, I shall leave now.
Good bye.
I found Rajveer
Yes, Rajveer is absolutely fine.
He is having fun.
We do not sleep till midnight.
-Look, mother is calling.
-I am saying something else.
I found Rajveer
Okay. How is he?
Can you come to India?
Hope the marriage
ceremony went off well?
They are coming to Vancouver as well.
No, Toronto.
What is the matter?
Do we need to be so formal?
Look here.
What is the matter?
Tell me clearly.
Sorry, Maninder.
I met Rajveer.
So what?
This is something good.
Tension relieved.
Was this the matter?
Is he fine?
He is still at the same point
where we got separated.
During school time he
had named his calf in my name.
She has grown up.
He keeps talking to her all day long.
Even today every morning
he punctures the tyre of the cycle
as he did in school times.
Just to go to school in van with me.
I love plants and he
has made plants his life.
He has opened a nursery in my name.
Just like a young boy
he has kept our memories.
Actually to be honest
this should not bother me.
But this is bothering me.
I am sorry.
I know this is very wrong.
I will be cursed by
family and society as well.
But if I keep these feelings within me
then this will be
wrong with both of you.
After meeting him I felt that childhood
love that was suppressed within me.
Please leave me here.
Should I leave you in water?
Fishes will eat you.
Serve it to Raunak. She will eat.
The other plant has started
blooming flowers. And you?
Be a good plant.
How are you?
I will get coffee.
If you get that spoon in
the mug then I will not spare you.
Keep that plant with his family.
Rajveer, I have told my husband
that I would want to stay here.
With you in this house.
Are you mad?
This is wrong. This cannot happen.
Won't you ask what his reply was?
Please leave me here.
No, Raunak?
When you told me for
the first time about him
I had told you that I would
always respect your decisions in life.
And even today I adhere to my words.
I respect your decision.
I have no problem.
We have one life and we should
lead it in pain and sadness.
We got married but you are not my slave.
Let's not get into awkward
situation of going to court.
We need not give
justification to people.
We will mutually decide about it.
You keep that Rajveer
and I will keep our Rajveer.
I can understand.
That it is difficult for a mother.
Keep him as well.
But just give me permission
to come and meet you both.
Please do not cut off.
I will be single again
with no responsibility.
Now you have two Rajveer.
To be honest if he did
not allow me to come here
then I would have fought
with him to come here.
I could not wait for a moment
when he asked to go so easily.
I was very sad when I got married.
Like you I too wanted to stay back.
My throat choked to take a step further.
Then my grand-mother
explained me one thing.
When things are not going your way
then think that this is God's decision.
His heart is pure than ours.
He does not do wrong with anyone.
He does what is best for all.
I won't say that he
love me more than you.
But today he has proved that
he loves me as much as you do.
We got separated because
of a very small misunderstanding.
You could have talked to me.
Have you ever thought why?
Because God had not written
togetherness in our destiny.
If God wanted us to be together
then He would have done it at that time.
If I can get someone who
loves me so much other than you
then you can also get
someone other than me.
Do you know what the reason
behind our meeting again is?
That you move ahead in life.
As far as love is concerned,
no one can take it out from us.
It was our destiny
that we did not unite.
I love you and you love me.
This will always remain.
We have not done anything wrong.
And we will always respect this.
Promise me that you
will move on in life.
I love you, Rajveer Singh.
I love you, Raunak.
She said I love you
and their pair is made.
And you are still roaming single.
Wasn't Nimrat Khaira in Jodi and Neeru Bajwa in Shadaa?
"Let's stay in each
other's prayers, dear."
"Let's stay in each
other's prayers, dear."
"There is no complaining
and blaming each other."
"It is important that hearts meet."
"It is not important
that we get our love or not."
"Everything is fine.
There is nothing to fight."
"We may be far but not separated."
"Love is also to cross the sea of fire."
"It is love to die in someone's memory."
"There is no need to
cry if you do not get love."
"Love is love and an advertisement."
"It is important that hearts meet."
"It is not important
that we get our love or not."
"It is important that hearts meet."
"It is not important
that we get our love or not."
"You do not stop living and breathing.
You do not stop having desires."
"This is life dear and
does not stop for anyone."
"This is life dear and
does not stop for anyone."
"You will fly with
it wherever it takes you."
"While leaving my soul will tell you..."
"If you are not complete without me "
"So am I not complete without you."
"It is important that hearts meet."
"It is not important
that we get our love or not."
"It is important that hearts meet."
"It is not important
that we get our love or not."