Lellebelle (2010) Movie Script

I got you a present.
classical music
You like that, don't you?
Now you have to give me a present
in return.
I still need to practice.
Belle speaking.
Thank you.
I get to audition.
Sander, hold off on the penetration
for now, please.
What is it?
-I'm in the next round.
Darling, that's fantastic.
That's good of you.
I'II see you in a little while.
Good, Sander. You can start
touching her a bit more now.
Where did we leave off?
Mr Wolf.
You applied for the entrance exam?
That's fiendishly difficult.
You're competing against top talent.
Like you said: Talent is only half of it.
The rest is just practice.
With emotion, Belle.
Try to feel the piece.
Let yourself go.
Try to play it slowly first.
Then the notes will follow automatically.
Then you can create something.
Belle, I hate telling you this, but
I don't think the exam is a good idea.
Play for your own pleasure.
You'll fall flat on your face.
Do you know that piece?
-Yes, it's nice.
I'd really like to be able to play that.
-Yes, it's pretty hard.
What did you have to play
for the audition?
We had to play a slow piece
by Schubert and I messed up.
I have to play the first movement
of a piece by Bruch.
Wolf says I shouldn't audition.
-You should just go for it.
Keep practicing.
I really want to get in, Yukshi.
-You can do it, if you really want it.
I'm going to practice again.
See you soon.
I'm looking forward to seeing you again.
-Ciao, bella.
Can I come
to the graduation party tonight?
And then what?
We can ride our bikes together.
Then we can stay longer.
I don't know how long I'II stay.
-Belle, don't be such a spoilsport.
So, how's Hendrik?
Does he really have a crooked dick?
-What gave you that idea?
That's what I heard.
-I don't know.
He can come over and spend
the night here. That's not a problem.
We have no secrets here.
I'd know what to do with him.
You're nuts.
Can I have the chocolate flakes?
Playing the violin isn't all that matters.
Go to the party tonight
and enjoy yourself.
You enjoy Hendrik and he can enjoy you.
Just experiment around a bit.
I did that too.
I'm not you.
-No, I know that, but...
You're such an open person
and you know it starts here.
It starts here.
It all starts in your abdomen.
Open your chakra's,
and once you can open those...
the world will look very different.
Open them up.
Look at how beautiful you are. I know it,
Hendrik knows it, but you don't.
You're so gorgeous.
You know, you can always...
There's Karin and her new boyfriend.
Darling, my sexual openness is unique.
Use it.
Hello, come in.
I feel like getting my present.
We could go now.
Later on, okay?
I don't want any more.
Can we go now?
Come on, let's go. Now.
You're simply scared.
And you're simply drunk.
Not at all. I'm just a little bit tipsy.
I'm going to the bathroom.
Belle Daatselaar.
They're coming to pick this up.
-Thank you.
Good luck later on.
-Thank you.
Can I borrow your rosin? Thanks.
How are you?
-I'm really nervous.
You'll be fine. I made it too.
I practiced very hard,
despite Wolf's comments.
Loose shoulders and knees and relax.
Next Belle Daatselaar.
Good luck.
Will I see you afterwards?
That's enough, thank you.
Can I please start again?
-Yes, go ahead.
That's enough. Thank you.
No, I think we should...
Sorry. It's my nerves.
It's fine. Thank you.
-We'll take that into account.
We're taking a break. Everybody be
quiet for a sound check. I need coffee.
Everybody please be quiet.
Are you okay?
That was beautiful.
I was really very nervous earlier.
I've never taken an entrance exam.
-You played well just now.
But very different
than during the audition.
One of my colleagues
called your performance 'frigid'.
-It's her personal hang-up.
Hey, I heard you play just now.
You were very good.
I hope they'll accept you.
Sugar or milk?
It's going to be close, but I will give you
the benefit of the doubt.
You're through to the second round.
Maybe I can give you an extra lesson.
Just give me a call.
Mum, it's me. I made it.
-That's fabulous.
I'm in the second round.
-That's great.
Mum, what does frigid mean?
Frigid is a nasty word
for chronically blocked chakra's.
Am I that?
-Why do you say that?
Am I? Yes or no?
-You're just a bit sexless.
Do you know what you need to do?
Experiment around. That's all.
I'II call you later.
-Bye, darling.
Hey, all the way up, on the right.
What a huge room.
-It's still a bit of a mess.
I need to tidy up a bit.
Hello, little parrot. Are you still alive?
Have you heard from them yet?
-I'm through.
You see? I knew it.
I've never heard you play
that well before.
You must have practiced a lot.
That's not what I heard this afternoon.
I don't know why.
I need to practice a lot.
You're constantly busy
memorizing the notes.
You need to let yourself go.
So you think I'm a control freak?
Have you ever taken a pill?
Before a performance?
-No, just for fun.
Have you?
And what happened?
I felt like having sex.
Something happened
during the entrance exam.
What happened?
I don't know exactly what happened.
It was very dark.
Someone came up behind me.
I'm so ashamed.
It could have been anybody.
I completely lost control,
I just grabbed him.
Did you have sex?
I started playing very well
all of a sudden.
Maybe I need to have sex
with complete strangers.
John: everything women want
Are you going to call him?
Why would John know
what women want?
Have fun.
-Have fun at work.
Are you alone?
Don't you have a boyfriend?
No, I don't.
-A beautiful girl like you?
I'm John.
What a beautiful name.
Shall I put on some music?
Can I change somewhere?
Right then, Anka.
I'm ready, how about you?
His name is Wilco.
You can say hi to him if you want.
Aren't you going to give him a kiss?
Maybe later.
Good taste.
Lie on your stomach.
I've never done it before.
It's your first time?
You're in good hands.
I'm very experienced.
This isn't working for me.
Do you want to put on Wilco's jacket?
You can do it.
Is it okay?
It's not you.
I'm just not very good at this.
Maybe we should stop.
Here you are.
I did it. It doesn't work.
-I told you so.
Here. Cheers.
Come in.
Beautiful place.
Are you nervous?
-A little bit.
What can you tell me
about the piece you have to play?
It's Bach, the second partita.
It's a sarabande in D minor.
It's an old dance.
-Yes, but what is it about?
What is the piece about for you?
What do you hear when you play it?
What do you see?
That's the secret behind good playing.
What's your story?
And who are you playing for?
For your lover?
For your ex?
For your mother?
That's important.
Breathe in and out.
A correct posture
is more than half of what matters.
Show yourself.
Now you can play.
Close your eyes.
Tell yourself what the story is about
and who it's for.
The story is about...
-To yourself, not to me.
It's your own secret.
That's beautiful.
I think that's enough
for a first lesson.
That was beautiful.
A beer?
Do you come here often?
-Yes, this is where we rehearse.
That's Cato, Sophie.
Sander, Simon, Pim, Daniel, Chris
and Jesse who lives next door.
I don't think I have to introduce you?
-No, we already know each other.
Are you going to play too?
Why don't you play?
I prefer watching.
I'm glad you're here.
Are you and Jesse involved?
Jesse and I? Of course not.
I never had boyfriends at school either.
Who did? They're a bunch of boors.
Are you tired?
Yukshi, my ear.
Good morning.
My head.
I think I'm in love.
Jesse is really a nice guy, but I don't
know what he'll think after last night.
Where are you going?
Yukshi, where are you?
Can you call me back?
Have you seen Yukshi?
She isn't here.
Did you have fun last night?
Yes, it was fun.
-I wouldn't have expected that from you.
But you're right.
Yukshi is a very nice girl.
She's a good friend of mine.
-Sing something.
I want to sing, but I can't.
l want, l want, l want, l want
I don't like it anymore.
I want more.
Do you want coffee?
Shall I plug it in for you?
Give me.
You can press it when I nod.
We shouldn't do this.
Yukshi is my friend.
Good luck with the audition.
Get lost.
I don't want you to stay here anymore.
-I want us to stay friends.
This is Vincent Schaap's voice mail.
It's Belle. I'd really like a lesson
tomorrow, before the second round.
Could you please call me back
on this number?
I'm looking for Vincent Schaap.
Violin and cello auditions will start
in five minutes in the Franz Liszt Room.
He's not answering.
I saw that you called me.
What is it?
I want a lesson.
I want to be able to play well.
Tell me what you want.
The same thing as last time.
It's time.
-Don't stop.
Thank you.
You're through to the final round.
Good luck with your preparations.
Thank you.
And? Did you make it?
Yes? Congratulations.
-Shall we celebrate together?
You mean just the two of us?
We could invite some other people
as well if you want.
I'd like that.
And your girlfriend?
What girlfriend?
I'II be right back.
I need to tell him something.
I won't be long.
I want to thank you.
Belle, darling.
What a surprise. My darling.
How nice to see you.
Let me hold you.
You smell great.
Hello, Mr Wolf.
-Belle, what are you doing here?
I've stopped playing.
This is for the school.
Bye, Mr Wolf.
Mum, what time tonight?
-The guests will be here around seven.
Is the full moon celebration tonight?
Will you be here on time?
See you later.
Mum, I'm looking for a job.
Maybe you have something for me?
Behind the bar, perhaps?
Are you sure?
I'd love it. That's wonderful.
Can I ask you something?
-Of course.
We're new here
and we're looking for the relax area.
I'II walk with you.
I'II be right back.
Darling, what's wrong?
Tell me.
-I don't know.
You need to go inside.
-No, we need to sit down. Talk to me.
I made it to the final round,
but I'm not going.
I can't play. Not on my own.
What do you mean?
I met this boy, Jesse.
But there's also a teacher
and Jesse saw me with the teacher.
This teacher did this thing to me,
with my ear. With my ear lobe.
If somebody touches my ear lobe,
I lose control.
Everybody loses control sometimes,
but you can't let that get you down.
What about Jesse?
Do you like him?
Shall we call him?
Darling, come here.
This is Jesse's voice mail.
Leave a message after the beep.
Hey Jesse, it's Belle.
I wanted to talk to you.
You're not there.
I never meant to hurt you.
I love you, but not like that.
It's okay, Belle.
Jesse is in his studio.
I want to talk to you.
The thing with Vincent wasn't genuine.
It wasn't my intention.
If somebody touches my ear lobe,
I lose control. It's very sensitive.
I like you.
I think about you all day long.
I want you to know that.
Are you going to the auditions?
Can I borrow your violin?
Of course.
Can I borrow your boots?
She's here for the final round.
Belle Daatselaar.
Do you want me to...
I'd like to use this one.
Hold on, we haven't been informed.
-Did you get a note on that?
Nothing. I think...
-How will we judge this?
Go ahead.
-That's all very well, but...
Are you okay?