Lemon (2017) Movie Script

They come in the night.
Always at night.
You don't hear them coming.
They break up families.
You hear stories.
They kill fathers
in front of mothers.
They kill children, old people,
sick people, large people.
They dig graves.
People who are alive,
they throw in them.
You can't hide.
They put a gun to my head.
They took my family.
They burned my village.
They didn't take me.
I don't know why.
My family, they are gone.
I don't know if they are alive.
I don't know
if I will see them again.
I don't want to be alive.
- Isaac: You want tea?
- No.
What are you doing?
Isaac: I just need a minute.
Two minutes.
Ramona: I have to go
to the bathroom.
- Isaac: Please.
- Stop!
- I can't!
- Isaac!
Isaac: What are you reading?
Ramona: It's about a couple.
A man and a woman.
The man in the couple
is passive.
He's dead,
but he doesn't know it.
- The woman...
- You've been out of town a lot.
I've been going through a lot,
I've been feeling really bad.
I've been holding back,
but I'm not good right now...
You know,
this actually is about me.
It's about how I feel,
so don't make it
about what you're going
through and where you're at!
Tomorrow, I'm going to New York
for ten days.
- Isaac: What's in New York?
- Ugh!
Nina, I hated you, cursed you,
tore up your letters
and photographs,
and yet I have known
every minute of my life
that my heart and soul
belong to you.
To stop loving you
is beyond my power!
I have suffered
from the time I lost you.
My life has been
almost unendurable.
My youth gone!
I have called out your name,
I have kissed the
ground you walked on.
Wherever I looked
I've seen your face,
and that smile that
shined down on me
in the best years of my life.
Why does he talk
to me like this?
I'm so lonely.
I don't feel close to anyone.
I'm so cold.
Everything I write is dry
and gloomy and harsh!
Stay Nina, I beg you,
or at least let me go with you!
My carriage is at the gate.
Don't come to see me off.
I shall find the way alone.
Let me have some water.
Isaac: Hmm, mmm.
Alex, Alex, Alex.
Alex, what can we say to...
To give her a bit of insight
into where she has gone...
Off course?
I think you're approaching
this one dimensionally.
It's lacking depth.
It's thin, it's...
Hollow, it's false.
It's not ringing.
Our job is a whole.
It's three dimensions.
For example, to be crying
doesn't make you connected.
It's not a choice,
it's a result of a choice.
One would've to earn the tears.
Plus you weren't really
even looking at me.
Tracy: I wasn't looking at you
because Nina isn't.
She has to get away from you.
I have to get away from you.
- I have to...
- I... don't believe you. Tracy.
And I have a feeling you
don't believe yourself.
You have the fortune
of being able to work
with a partner
that's giving you gift,
after gift,
after gift.
Stop fucking taking
that for granted.
Can you share with us a little
bit about how you got here?
I've been using
colors in my exploring.
I'll start with a palette and...
Score each scene accordingly.
It's given me great insight
into his whole...
Metaphysical spectrum.
When I was in New York,
I played him in college.
It was the same for me.
Alex: Anyway, they welcomed us
with open arms.
They showed us their rituals,
gave us good things to eat.
Before long, we completely
forgot about Tibet,
and we just wanted
to stay there.
But we didn't because
it was very run down,
there's nothing to do,
it was quite boring. So we left.
Isaac: I'm thinking
of going next year.
- Alex: With your lady?
- Isaac: No, she hates travel.
- She travels a lot for work.
- Alex: What's her work?
Isaac: Medical supply.
She works for a company
- that makes a machine.
- Oh.
It's a blood vacuum.
It helps with sutures,
gets the blood out of the way
for doctors, it's gross.
I don't think it's gross.
I think it's kinda sexy.
- Can I?
- Of course.
You're very welcome to.
- Huh, thank you.
- Here you go.
- You smoke, Isaac?
- All the time.
- Want to grab a bite?
- Alex: Wish I could,
but I've got
a lot of homework to do.
- Isaac: What for?
- Alex: I don't know,
it's kind of a big movie.
I'd rather not say
too much right now.
Isaac: Yeah, yeah,
what's the part like?
- Alex: I just got the script.
- I get it. Is it a big part?
Well, I haven't
read the script yet.
What can I say to you?
Anyway, Isaac, maybe grab
a drink after next class.
I feel like we'll have a lot
to offer each other socially.
- What?
- I feel like we'll have a lot
- to offer each other socially.
- Okay, my friend.
I remember this
tree and this sign.
They want you.
What I meant to say,
I think they want you.
I don't want to jump ahead,
but let me tell you something,
- they love your look! Love it!
- - Isaac: Good.
Yeah, it's the direction
they want to go.
Isaac: Well, good, good.
Your audition... rock solid,
rock solid. This will be huge.
- Wow.
- Guy: This is a game changer.
- Billboards.
- Well, good.
- Guy: Bus stops, magazines.
- Good.
Guy: T-shirts, L.A., New York...
- That's...
- Milwaukee.
- That's good.
- Guy: You know you've hit it
when you're on a billboard
in Milw...
No. My friends
aren't gonna want just bagels.
They're gonna want a variety.
Look, I just don't want
anything with chocolate.
I mean, do you have burritos?
Okay, how much are those?
How large are they in inches?
Great, I'll take 15 of those.
Do you want to just
come in and say hi?
Because I honestly,
I don't know how much longer
- I'm gonna be on.
- Isaac: I can't.
No, I don't want any apples
'cause they brown too quickly.
What about berries?
Do you have any berries?
Like strawberries,
blackberries, raspberries?
Right, okay.
So how much for all of that?
A head?
Well, is he there?
I mean you're quoting
me almost double.
Can you please get Javier?
No, he is gonna remember me.
Yes I can hold.
- How much?
- Three, four.
I dream every night
that you've seen me
and don't recognize me.
I've been wandering about
on the shores of the lake
ever since I came back.
I came close to your
house several times,
but I hadn't the courage
to come in.
Sit with me.
It's so quiet and warm in here.
Do you hear the wind whistling?
Tracy and Isaac:
Happy is he who can sit at night
under the roof of his own...
- Who...
- Isaac: Has a warm...
Tracy and Isaac:
Warm corner
in which to take refuge.
Isaac: Mm-hmm.
Tracy, Tracy, Tracy.
Alex, how do we help Tracy?
Alex: It feels like
you're not listening!
Tracy: But I was,
I swear, honest.
There was a wonderful
opportunity for connection
back there
that you just let slip away.
Right when we were about
to uncover the true meat...
Of the thing, you withdrew.
Tracy: I went where the text
led me, where you led me.
- I felt terrified to my core.
- No.
Do me a favor, and this is
really for everyone except Alex.
Before our next class,
bring in a picture of yourself.
Before you come
through that door,
tear it in pieces.
- I...
- I, I, I...
Alex, it grew even
more this week.
Invite us into your process.
Alex: Well, cheers, thank you.
I've been doing a lot
of animal work.
And not just one animal,
but I find there's...
Different animals for
nearly every scene.
I'll go from being
a gorilla to a panther
in a matter of seconds.
It's just kind
of helped me find...
How erratic...
He is, I am.
He is so erratic.
You are so erratic,
but at times...
you aren't erratic at all.
When I was playing Estragon
in New York, in Godot...
- We all know Beckett?
- Tracy: I know of the piece.
We were off Broadway...
Hey, buddy, you booked it.
You shoot on Monday.
This is good.
This is great!
This is fucking fantastic!
They're excited.
Oh, they're very excited.
They couldn't stop gushing!
Alex: Everything good?
- I booked a thing.
- Well, what is it?
- It's nothing, it's small.
- Well, we should celebrate.
You're not the only
one who booked.
You know, that thing
I went out for, I got it.
I didn't think
they were gonna hire me.
I'm going off to Denmark
in a few weeks.
- Denmark?
- It's so crazy,
they got me a work visa.
It's been so long
since I've been abroad,
- nearly a year now.
- Is it a big part?
My name's gonna
be on the poster.
How long will you be there?
Six months, eight months,
maybe longer, who knows?
He works fast apparently,
the director.
That's what everybody says,
but we'll see.
I might stay on a bit
and do some traveling
after we wrap, you know?
Maybe link up with some
buddies of mine over there.
I have friends everywhere:
Tunisia, Morocco, Chad.
- Chad?
- That's all in Africa,
but it's all so close, you know?
It's really just right there.
I mean, it feels a little
farther than it does on a globe,
- but I'm still figuring it out.
- Wow.
I couldn't have gotten it
without your help.
- You wanna grab that drink?
- I have to talk on the phone.
- I can wait.
- Please stop following me!
Excuse me, my car was towed.
- Well, you're not...
- What?
Simone: The beard
makes him look a bit transient,
- like a migrant worker.
- Client: It feels dirty.
Simone: Oh, I like that.
You don't like that?
- My issue is size.
- Mmm.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's a lot of face.
It's a bit brutal.
It's kind of heavy, isn't it?
Maybe it's the shirt.
The shirt isn't going
to change the size.
Look, I agree with you.
I mean, it's a lot.
Good, good.
Big smile.
Hold your breath.
Hold your breath.
Gloom, gloomy.
More gloom.
No, no that's not it at all.
Uh, looks goofy now.
A bit more serious.
Uh, a bit more joyful.
No, not mourning, sunshine.
Oh, my god.
Can I get hair and makeup?
Where the hell is that girl?
His face is greasy
and the beard looks shit.
I think you're thinking too much
about how you see your own face,
when you need to be thinking
about what other people see
when they look at your face.
Not what you see
when you see your face.
What we see, not what you see.
Looking a bit overwhelmed.
Need to take a break?
Let's take five.
What kind of fish is that?
Do you need anything?
You smell like flowers.
Thank you, that's so sweet!
- How old is your son?
- He's eight.
My sister has a black son.
He's six.
That's wonderful.
I don't usually do
this kind of work.
Oh, what kind of
work do you usually do?
I used to live in New York.
Have you been there?
A few times.
Can I have
your telephone number?
Well, I don't like the eyes,
and you don't like the mouth.
Get off me! Get off me!
Get off me!
Get off me! Get off me!
- Get off me!
- Hey!
Hey, are you cool?
Is this good?
Are you good?
Uh, I heard screaming.
- I knocked.
- Isaac: You didn't.
I did.
And you didn't answer
so I got worried,
I got so worried.
It sounded like
you were in trouble
so I wanted to come
here and help you out.
I wanted to make sure
things were good.
I brought my knife.
I thought you were
coming back tomorrow.
No, back today.
I left you a message.
I would've picked
you up at the airport.
- Since when?
- I would've done it this time.
- Toby?
- How come
- you're always in black?
- I didn't know I was.
Did you do something
with your hair?
- A friend brushed it.
- Ah.
- Isaac: I missed you.
- Ramona: Okay.
Isaac: We should get dinner.
Ramona: I have plans.
- Isaac: With who?
- Ramona: Uh, a friend.
You don't know him.
- Toby: Guys, should I go?
- You should stay.
Oh, my purse.
- Tomorrow night?
- Ramona: I'm leaving again.
- Where are you going?
- Ramona: Dallas and then Miami.
- I got a job.
- Toby: Oh, what kind of job?
They took pictures.
That's just great.
Don't wait up.
- Isaac: I can come with you.
- I have a car waiting.
- Isaac: I can be ready fast.
- It's better you stay.
Do you remember how
pleasant the old times were?
What a gay, bright, gentle,
pure life we led?
How a feeling as
sweet and tender
as a flower blossomed
in our hearts?
Do you remember?
Lions, eagles,
quails, horned deer,
geese, spiders,
silent fish
dwelling in the water,
and all those
invisible to the eye.
A thousand years have passed
since the earth last bore
a living creature to its breast.
And the unhappy moon now
lights her lamp in vain.
No longer do the cranes
awaken the meadows.
No longer do the maybugs
sing in the linden grove.
I hope nobody sees
her in the garden.
Isaac: Hmm.
Mmm, mmm.
Tracy, what am I going to say?
That I'm bad.
I didn't know you
had this in you.
To be honest,
the only thing that kept me
from kicking you
out of this class
was that you look a lot
like this woman
I wanted to spend my life with.
Milky skin, wavy hair...
New York girl.
Absolutely astounding.
This is the type of work none
of you have come close to.
As you know,
next week is our last class.
We pick back up in eight weeks.
There's a sign up
sheet on my desk.
Alex: How'd I do in there?
Not your best.
Ramona: I'm coming back
a day early,
but I'm gone again right away.
Dallas, then Miami, who knows?
Anyways, I would like
to carve out a time
for us to talk when I get back.
I think we could
both use some space.
Okay, I hope you're well.
Man: So, can I take
you somewhere nice or not?
Ramona: I have a really
early start.
Man: You're blushing.
Can I brush your hair?
Esther: Isaac, it's me,
your mother.
Are you there?
I sent you a text message.
Did you get it?
Roger Lurtzman,
he does our money?
You know Roger.
He says you didn't deposit
the last check.
You still have it?
Let me know, because I can
cancel it if you lost it.
Don't put that there!
I just cleaned that.
- You can't see that surface?
- Man: Thanks a lot,
- that's a big help.
- - Esther: Oh, god!
Esther: Call me, I love you.
Guy: Buddy,
I got you on this national spot.
I'll send over the pages.
Look it over.
I like it.
It's not exactly your thing,
but they love your look.
They said you're
in their top six. Top six!
I feel like
I'm getting stronger.
I feel like it's in me.
Is that how you feel?
Is that what you think?
I feel like I finally
know where to go
inside myself
to actually do the work.
I feel present.
I feel like I'm living.
I feel like
the material is using me.
I feel proud of myself.
I feel proud that I had
the courage to go there.
I was on a ledge looking
down and unafraid.
What are you up to tomorrow?
- Hi.
- Hello.
Want to come over for dinner?
Technically I have something,
but I guess I can move it.
Eight o'clock.
Mmm, okay. Yeah.
Can either of you give me
a lift to the bus stop?
My car was totaled.
Incontinence is not
just a lady problem,
it's an everybody problem.
Twenty-five million
Americans suffer
from urinary incontinence.
25% of that 25 million are men.
That's five million men
with bladder problems.
Nine and a half percent of men
ages 15 to 64
who live at home
have incontinence.
Incontinence is caused
by inflammation of the prostate,
neurological disorders, spinal
injury, diabetes, or stress.
Les: Can you take it
from the top of the end?
With dignity diapers,
incontinence is not just
your problem, it's ours.
Briefs feature
a moisture-proof lining,
wetness indicator, and
super absorbent micro-beads.
Isaac and Les:
Dignity diapers,
for a fit that stays
in place and helps you
or those you love stay
confident and comfortable.
How old are you?
Isaac: Thirty-five
Isaac: Forty.
- How much do you weigh?
- Isaac: One-sixty-five
Les: Mmm, let's say 220
to be safe.
Thank you so much for coming in.
- Thank you.
- Les: Stay cool out there.
I know. Right. Crazy.
They thought I was him.
And I'm like,
"no way, I'm not him."
Come on, come on, I'm like
three feet taller than him
and I'm in much
better shape, right?
No, I mean he's
in good shape too,
but it's just that
I'm much thinner.
Mom, I gotta call you back.
Sorry I'm late.
- Car trouble?
- Something like that.
It was spray painted.
What did it say?
It's really dark.
I'd rather not repeat it.
Who do you think was behind it?
Most probably some gang.
There's a lot of that
activity in my area right now.
The locals are up in arms
about how much
- the neighborhood's changed.
- Well, you're lucky
it's just your car.
It could've been your face.
Strawberry cake
from Antonio's on Pico.
- Isaac: Do you want a tour?
- Please.
- Original tile, late 30s.
- Alex: Great detail.
I like that sort of a thing
in a place.
- Bedroom.
- Nice.
Two summers ago,
when I was in Japan, I...
Ramona and I have sex
much more in here
than any other room.
My head hurts.
I'm getting my period.
You just had it.
That's how that works.
- Have you ever thrown a knife?
- No.
Do you have an ashtray?
Ash on the floor.
When I was little,
I wanted to be in the circus.
I thought it would be cool
to be a knife thrower
in an old carnival.
That life is not as
romantic as it seems.
In Barcelona, I met
this old circus couple.
They were incredible.
Their living conditions
were just horrid.
Cramped. Damp. Unsanitary.
They had no money.
Yeah, but I'd be throwing knives
and just be spot on like, uh.
- Uh.
- Do you mind not doing that?
And the only thing
you can actually eat there
is the CEVICHE which they catch
and they make fresh every day.
The older brother would
go out on the boat,
and we would watch
him from the beach.
And then the younger brother
would make the CEVICHE
and we would have that
The next scene you do in class
should be some Simon.
I don't know if I'm going
to be coming back to class.
After the movie, and traveling,
I'm thinking of taking up
some writing.
I have a couple of ideas
I want to flesh out.
One is about a sailor at sea.
Right now, I'm open
to stage or screen.
I was such a good person to you.
You've been great to me
and I've been great to you.
I had a promising career
back in New York.
People would stop me
on the street.
They recognized me.
- I didn't know that.
- You used me.
I didn't use you.
I've never used anybody.
You're my friend, we're friends.
I'm in your corner
and you're in mine.
How are you?
- No.
You're making me
a little worried.
I know.
- I think I'm gonna head out.
- I should've poisoned you.
I knew you were crazy.
I thought it was good crazy.
I liked it. I liked it a lot.
I thought it was fun.
Now, I know you're bad crazy.
You're unstable!
You should talk to someone
about where you're at.
- Ugh, you're wet.
Isaac: I went for a run.
Was somebody here?
I don't have friends.
- You gonna answer that?
Alex: I don't know
what the fuck just happened.
I mean, what was that?
What just happened?
I should call the cops.
I should tell them
- what you just did...
- Leave it.
Alex: Fucking asshole.
I have your fingerprints
all over my face and throat.
You better stay away from me!
If I see you anywhere near me,
I'm calling the cops.
You never thought about being
with another woman. Really?
If you want to break up,
you should say it.
It's not gonna hurt less
because you can't say it.
I think you would like
seeing someone else.
You're trying to get out of this
without having to face me.
- I gave you ten years.
- I gave you ten years.
If you don't want to be in this,
then don't be in this.
I don't want to be in this.
Isaac: I could hit you.
I could suffocate you,
I could strangle you,
I could...
Cut you up and bag you up
and throw you away in the woods
in a hole where
no one could find you.
Do you know how
many men have killed
their girlfriends and wives?
I could've done better than you.
I settled because I didn't think
that anyone else would want me.
I thought I chose you
because I felt sorry for you,
but really, I felt
sorry for myself.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
I don't want you to leave me.
Please don't.
I deserve to be with a man
who wants me.
I can't sleep in a bed every
night with my best friend.
Am I your best friend?
You're not even attracted to me!
I'm having a heart attack.
- You're not!
- Oh, I am.
Howard: I need you to
help me with the table.
Esther: Your father wants
you to help him with the table.
Isaac: What's
wrong with your table?
I don't want to get food
on my table. It's a new table.
- Remember our old table?
- Esther: Filthy.
Listen, before you move the
small table inside the garage,
first you gotta help me move
the big one in the house.
I don't want to hurt my back.
Move the little table
inside the garage,
but first help your father move
the big table inside the house.
I don't want him
to hurt his back.
I'm not letting no
goddamned delivery guy
in this house
to scratch up my walls.
Wait, watch it, watch it, wait!
Stop, stop!
Jesus Christ, what's
wrong with you?
Don't you see that?
What the hell are you doing?
It's a goddamn wall scratch.
Are you stupid?
- Oh, my god...
- So where's Ramona?
Did you drive separately?
She doesn't drive.
I know she doesn't drive.
Don't attack me.
I can't do this today.
Esther: Are you taking
those vitamins I gave you?
Dr. Chan says you gotta
take 'em every day.
You don't want to end
up like my uncle Gomer.
Dropped dead
right at his car dealership.
He was your age when he died.
That's not that old.
His heart stopped working.
Just didn't want
to work anymore.
Ramona: You never
thought about being
with another woman. Really?
I think you would like
seeing someone else.
I gave you ten years.
Are you listening?
- Hola, Howard.
- Hi, Rosa.
- Say thank you.
- Henry, come here, buddy.
- Yes, I understand.
- All right, how are ya?
I've already been on hold
- for like 20 minutes.
- Still single, right?
- I just have...
- Keep your options open.
Yeah, I can hold, one second.
- Hi, dad. Hi.
- Hi, sweetheart.
- How are you?
- Great.
- I understand, I just...
- Ah, sweetie, do me a favor.
Please explain to Rosa
I just had these walls redone...
Team, let's go in the kitchen.
Let's help out a little bit.
I don't do it how
your mother likes it.
My mouth is so dry.
I'm so sweaty.
I'm so hungry.
They put out snacks,
and I really want a snack.
Will you go get me one?
Please will you
go get me a snack?
No, no, no, don't go.
I shouldn't... you know what?
I should've just brought snacks.
It's fine, it's fine.
My head is seriously killing me.
It's like there's a knife
going through my face
and then there's
heartburn in my chest
that turns into this...
Cramp like inside of my stomach.
That's like a stake just
stabbing me through my insides.
Why aren't you saying anything?
What, are you depressed?
Esther: What is all this food?
We have so much food.
Why bring food?
Adam: The girls
can be picky, ma.
- Esther: I'm insulted.
- Don't be insulted, okay?
They're just picky.
Ma, don't look
for meaning in this.
Girls, why don't you play
in the front yard please?
This isn't a good time.
Pull yourself together.
Can you please help?
Is that something you can do?
I'll do it.
When my brother turned 50,
he lived in a place
like your place.
Bigger, but like your place.
No wife, no kids, no family,
no money, no nothing.
He went to a home for old people
because his brain was very sad.
He didn't remember anything,
but also, he didn't have
anything to remember.
He had nothing.
- Come on.
- No, no, you can stay.
- You don't have to go.
- I want to leave.
Ma showed us your advertisement.
The aids one.
It was hepatitis.
Adam: Was it fun?
Loads of laughs.
You know, it seemed
real sad to me.
And I know that was the point,
but still, very depressing.
Probably because I know you.
And with stuff like that, you
don't usually know the people.
I thought...
With that kind of advertisement,
they would get people that
actually have the thing
that they're advertising.
You know, like they
do with no smoking.
You know, they have
people who have actually
had problems with that.
Like, there was that one
that was going around.
Have you guys seen that one?
It was the one with the woman
with the hole.
She has a hole in her neck
that's being plugged
with a tube...
So sometimes when
she talks, it leaks.
She has to wipe it
with a tissue.
It's very difficult to watch.
You'd remember if you saw it.
Gravelly voice, low.
- Have you seen it?
- Mm, yeah, it was a good one.
Must pay well, to have...
To have your face be the face
of something like that.
Did it pay a lot?
Can I get you anything?
So, are you doing any
more advertisements?
- Very good.
- You don't like it?
- It's fine.
- What does it need?
How the hell do I know
what it needs? I don't know.
I added coriander.
Ah. Well, it's like dog food.
I had an aunt.
She had a bad husband.
She had three bad husbands.
This one was very bad.
He talked rough.
One night he was sleeping,
and she took a frying pan,
she hit him in the face.
He wake up screaming.
She hit him in the back,
she hit him in the legs,
she hit him in the chest.
After, he don't talk bad to her.
You know the iron flight
of stairs behind the market?
She slipped and lost control.
Her neck hit the railing,
and the back of her head
hit the stairs.
- I told you.
- It was hours
- before anyone found her.
- Ruthie: I told him.
- Was there bleeding?
- A little.
But doctor Schlachter thinks
it's nothing to worry about.
She should see Chan.
She's not comfortable
with Chan, ma.
Ruthie, please pay attention,
you're gonna peel the skin
right off your fingers.
Adam: A call
would've been nice.
- Do you like chocolate?
- Henry: Yes.
- Is it your favorite food?
- No.
Shana: Do you think
aunt Ruthie and uncle Josh
- are your mom and dad?
- Yes.
But they're not
your real mom and dad.
Henry: I know.
Where are your real mom and dad?
- Dead.
- How did they die?
They were killed.
Esther, you look beautiful.
Oh, and whatever it is you're
cooking smells gorgeous.
What, what is it?
You seem unhappy.
- Me? No.
- Yeah.
No, I'm wonderful, really.
I'm just a little tired.
You know, all the cooking.
I've been up since very early.
- Mm-hmm.
- I ran into Nessa last week.
Oh, she stopped
returning my calls.
But I hear she's thriving.
- Adam: Dr. gold.
- Adam, you look beautiful.
Did you see? I had
the whole den entirely redone.
- I noticed.
- Beautiful, right?
The light fixtures are Italian,
and the rug is Persian.
But get this, I had the entire
bookcase hand-constructed
by an extremely well-known
Israeli designer.
Nobody brings anything
inside that room.
Zelda poured a glass of water
into a waste paper basket.
- What waste paper basket?
- The one in the living room.
Ruthie: So they don't feel
closure, and they're just trying
- to connect with her.
- Who?
The daughters with the mother.
She was murdered.
- Stabbed 30 times.
- That's terrible.
Yeah, and while she's trying
to connect with the mother,
the medium finds
herself in communication
with the stepfather.
- Well, that's nice.
- No, mom, that's not nice.
The stepfather was the killer.
Look, she can't even see him.
She can only hear him.
A little smaller.
I'm trying my best.
Howard: Did you get
the flowers that I sent?
Yes, yes, they were divine.
Thank you.
Sharon was a good woman.
Well, she was one
of my best friends.
She was a miracle worker.
Did you know that we shared
an office for over 30 years?
Yeah, I know. Isaac went to her
for his mobility.
All of us are really still
in shock about the whole thing.
- Yeah.
- Did they get any money
- on that house?
- Well, some,
but it'll never replace
all that was lost.
Zelda loved that house.
Remember that fountain they had?
Oh, yeah.
Well, it's all gone now,
burned to the ground.
Sharon, the dog,
the parrot, the two cats.
I didn't know they had a parrot.
Isaac, with just
a few simple adjustments,
I can see your life changing
dramatically for the better.
I can actually see it.
As clearly as I see you.
As clearly as I see
that sculpture over there.
Have you ever thought...
About switching things around?
Cleaning the slate?
Making it new?
I know, I know, it doesn't
seem possible right now,
but you could turn things
around and you could reset.
Look at me.
I'm in the middle
of a divorce right now.
I know, I probably shouldn't
be talking with you about this,
but, uh, you're
essentially family.
I mean, I haven't formally
treated you for 15 years.
And the last five
years of that 15 was really
only a few times a month.
So it's fine.
I mean, technically
I.. I-I probably
shouldn't be telling you this,
but actually, it's okay
because we're so close.
Nessa cleaned slate.
- Isaac: Your wife?
- Yeah.
She had to.
For her own good,
for her own happiness.
She reset.
Reset her life.
And from what I understand,
she is thriving.
That's what I hear
from family friends.
I'm not in her life right now,
but that's only temporary.
But she is unstoppable.
And I just wish that
I could be there
to-to see that
transformation for myself.
But you see,
that's what you should try.
It's time for a new you.
The old you
doesn't work anymore.
Look, Isaac...
You're my family.
This family is my family.
My children, they're grown now.
They-they don't need me anymore.
They never really did.
I mean, you know, they were
always closer to Nessa.
I-I felt like a stranger
in their company, you know that?
And I miss them, I do miss them,
but I,
I don't want to be miserable.
And we don't have
to be miserable.
And I will not be miserable.
Takes all the running you can do
to keep in the same place.
"This is the bread of poverty,
which our ancestors ate
in the land of Egypt.
All who are hungry,
come and eat.
All who are needy, come and
celebrate passover with us.
This year, we are here.
Next year, we will be in Israel.
This year, we are slaves.
Next year, we will be free."
Four questions, Henry?
Okay, this is when we say...
Why did you do that?
Passover is about the Jewish
people, Jewish family,
Jewish exodus, the Jews
escaping tyranny and oppression.
Blacks don't know
anything about that!
Ruthie, could you relax please?
This isn't about race.
He should just go eat
in the basement.
All I'm saying is that
he isn't necessarily Jewish.
You don't practice.
Is there any sparkling
water for the table?
- Rosa can get it.
- I don't know where it is.
You know what,
I, I, I just wanted
to thank all of you for, uh...
For including me.
As you know,
Nessa and I are separated.
She's thriving.
And we're getting a divorce.
And I just, I feel
very welcome in your home.
And I'm, I'm very touched
by this gesture of yours.
Thank you.
- I can't stand you.
All right!
Oh, good.
A gold record for Dr. gold.
Your favorite
qualities in a man?
Feminine charms.
Your favorite
qualities in a woman?
Manly virtues.
What do you appreciate
most in your friends?
Your idea of happiness?
I'm afraid of destroying it
by speaking it.
Your idea of misery?
Not to have known
my mother or grandmother.
- How do you wish to die?
- Improved and loved.
Your favorite names?
I only have one at a time.
- Your favorite name?
- Isaac.
- Your favorite name?
- Isaac.
- Your favorite name?
- Isaac.
- Your favorite name?
- Isaac.
- Your favorite name?
- Isaac.
- Your favorite name?
- Isaac.
- Your favorite name?
- - Isaac.
Your favorite name?
Isaac. Isaac Lachmann.
You gave me your cell
phone number, remember?
It's... it's incredible.
They have over 300 dishes.
We have over 300 dishes.
We make it all.
- Soybean paste...
- It's delicious.
Shrimp paste, curry paste,
oyster sauce.
All the herbs we use are fresh.
Cabbage salad.
Watercress salad.
Cucumber, sea bass, prawn,
COD, catfish, mudfish,
long beans, green beans,
roast duck.
- I don't eat duck.
- She doesn't eat duck.
We were in the paper.
I saw a documentary on hair
in the African
American community.
A lot of hair comes from horses.
Quality hair is
sourced in India.
You wanna dance?
Is there music?
You know, um...
I had a really busy week.
And I am tired.
I'm sorry, uh...
But what do you think just
getting the check, maybe?
- What grade is your son in?
- Ruben?
Isaac: Ruben.
- The third.
- That's a tough grade.
It is.
Um, the check, please?
I haven't done this
in a long time.
I'm very nervous.
Can I see you again?
You can.
New food every other day.
New water every day.
New filtered clean
water every day.
And these guys pretty much take
care of the rest themselves.
- What kind of birds are these?
- Zebra finches.
Tony is the one
that is light gray,
and 400 is the one
that is dark gray.
Tony is light gray,
400 is dark gray.
- My best friends.
- Do they fight?
No, but sometimes
they rub cloacas.
What are cloacas?
- It's like a pussy nub.
- Hmm.
Anyway, Jerry and I are jetting
off to palm Springs,
and I wanted you to know
that when we get back,
I'm gonna get you fucked.
A ton.
You're early.
Should I circle
the block a few times?
No, no, no.
Um, I wouldn't usually let a guy
come over on a second date,
but my babysitter
canceled last minute.
- I understand.
- I think this was
a really bad idea.
I'm so sorry.
I-I don't know why
I invited you here.
Oh, my god.
Oh, no, please,
no, not the birds!
No, goddamn it, why?
Oh, my god.
Yeah, I can't right now.
- Isaac: The birds died!
- What birds?
Isaac: Toby's birds.
I killed his birds!
- Oh, my god. Where are you?
- Isaac: Home.
Why are Toby's birds
at your house?
- Isaac: He left them here.
- Why are you calling me?!
Isaac: Because Ramona's phone
is disconnected.
- What would you want me to do?
- Isaac: Is Rosa there?
Maybe she knows how
to deal with this.
Oh. My god.
Isaac: I killed two birds.
Oh, I didn't know you had birds.
Isaac: They're not mine,
I'm watching them.
Cleo: How do you know
you killed them?
I don't know,
but it's what it looks like.
They were alive when I got them.
Cleo: Well, maybe
they were sick.
I want to kiss you.
Can we do something
this weekend?
We have a barbecue.
Isaac: Can I come?
It's just a small family thing...
Isaac: So you don't
want me to come?
Right. We'd like the small room,
right off the main dining room.
He actually loves it.
Why, what's our option?
I never sat up there.
Is there a bathroom up there?
Oh, no, uh-uh, no,
that's not gonna work.
What about the week after,
can you check?
I'm seeing that woman.
- Ruthie: What woman?
- The one I told you about.
The black woman?
Hi. Really?
What about week... what...?
Yeah, I can do Thursday.
Yes? Great.
So put that room on hold.
And who does your flowers?
Okay, I'm just gonna do my own.
I have the best family downtown.
They're right next door
to Moskatel's.
Do you know them?
Okay. They know what I like.
Were you crying last night?
How was your day?
I just wanted
to hear your voice.
Well, well, well,
we didn't think you were coming.
- I told you we were coming.
- I'm just playing.
And look at this little man.
Ruby fruit!
- How we doing, big man?
- Hungry.
You come to the right place.
Cousin June be
fixing food all day.
This is my friend Isaac.
All my friends call me Gilly.
Any friend of Cleopatra
is a friend of mine.
I didn't know
there'd be accents.
Excuse me?
I want you to meet everyone.
- Did you put on sunscreen?
- I didn't.
Is that gonna be okay?
Do, do you need...
Do you need me
to cut that for you?
- Chewing too?
- Uh...
- Are you okay?
- Mmm.
And to tell you the truth,
I don't even know who it was
that started it first.
I's boxed him, he box me,
we were both on the ground.
Fight didn't last
for more than a minute.
I thought my mother was gonna
beat my ass when I got home.
I was mugged.
- They pull a gun?
- They pulled at least two guns.
- All: What?
- Kenmore: You saw who did it?
It was a gang.
A Latino gang, not a black gang.
A lot of people still think
black when you say gang.
What people?
Not you guys and not me,
but people.
Is that right?
More white people are
on welfare than black people.
They make you think
it's the opposite.
This is where the resentment
in the white community
comes from.
Society's in a very
scary place right now.
Look around you, there's a
swell of brutality and cruelty.
Do you know how many
black men are in jail?
- Too many.
- The numbers are staggering.
I don't have them in front
of me, but I've seen them
and they're horrendous.
Did you guys put
something in that?
She plays the numbers
every Sunday.
She have since she was small.
Last month, she hit not one,
not two, not three, not four,
not five, but six.
All the numbers.
- And the pot was big.
- Thirty million.
Thirteen million.
Before the government take half.
Well, she doesn't
have her papers.
No forms of identification,
no bills in her name,
no address, no nothing.
So, you know what she do?
She get her man
to claim the ticket.
- 'Cause he has his papers.
- It was a Monday.
- It was four Mondays ago.
- She went into work.
- Cleo: Where does she work?
- She work over...
At the old home,
where Gilly's mother was at.
- Oh, yeah...
- And while she was at work,
he pack up a bag and went home.
- Shut up.
- He pack up
the whole damn place.
Beverly and Paula:
Gone, gone, gone.
- Cell phone and all.
- He took the money?
Uh-huh. And I hear,
he take the daughter too.
- Which one?
- The big one.
- The one in college?
- Yeah.
Can I get you something?
Are you sure, nothing at all?
What am I supposed to do?
What am I supposed to do?
- You doing okay?
- Somebody say I wasn't?
I need air.
- Are you sure you're good?
- Can I have water?
Cleo: Isaac!
What are you doing?
Isaac: Running.
I can see that you're running,
but why are you running?
I forgot I drove here.
- Ramona?
Oh, no. Oh, no.
Oh, no. Oh, no.
Oh, no!
What? Why?
No, fuck!
I called.
I'm suffocating without you.
I want to build with you.
I want to get strong with you.
And make friends.
I can make friends.
What is that?
My sister's double-parked.
I'm moving.
Out of state?
What did you expect?
I came to get my cage.
Birds are in the freezer.
Water's off 'til
end of day tomorrow.
- Hi, how you doing, sir?
- Good, how are you?
- Good.
- Hi.
Isaac Lachmann. I called you.
- Just died on me.
- It happens.
- It doesn't start?
- No.
- Driver: Sign here, sir.
- Oh, of course.
Driver: Sign right down there.
- Thank you.
- Driver: Thank you so much. Have a nice day.
You too.