Lemonade (2018) Movie Script

Relax the tongue.
- Sign here.
- What's this ?
It's for the vaccine.
I'll give you the form in a sealed
envelope, you have to turn it in sealed
Normally we don't take people
at the last minute.
Thank you.
You made me two vaccines ?
You mentioned only one.
I gave you the flu one as well.
It's free.
- Everything OK ?
- Yes.
Why did it take so long ?
I don't know.
I thought it was standard.
You OK ?
OK ?
Excuse me ?
Do you have any normal yogurt ?
- What do you mean, normal ?
- Like, with nothing...
- We have low fat over there.
- It's flavored.
That's OK, I'll have the low fat.
Can you switch off
the air conditioning, please ?
You should've eaten something
this morning.
We'll go back to the doctor and
file a complaint after the interview.
- It's OK.
- No.
They can't just put something
in your body without your consent.
Maybe she asked but I didn't
understand, she had an accent.
Maybe she wasn't American.
- She looked American to me.
- What do you mean ?
Never mind, it's not from the vaccine,
I'm just...
Hey. Everything's gonna be fine.
Ma'am you're not allowed
to use the telephone here.
- I was just checking the time.
- You have the time there.
Sorry, I didn't see it.
- Everything OK ?
- Yeah, of course.
Can you come in with me ?
No, everything's gonna be fine.
I'll be right there.
Sorry, I'm just curious.
What were you doing with the cotton ?
- Excuse me ?
- What were you doing with the cotton ?
There's draft on the hallway.
- There's what ?
- A draft.
Like when the wind blows inside...
From the air conditioning or fans.
It makes you sick, you know.
It's bad for your teeth...
Air is bad for your teeth ?
I mean, not the air, but being
in the middle of an air-stream...
Like between two windows...
Especially if the air is cold.
It's a very European thing.
Maybe Romanian, I don't know.
- And the cotton ?
- For protection.
So you put the cotton into your ears to
fight the air that damages your teeth.
It sounds a bit strange but...
Actually there is a connection between
your teeth, your ear and your nose.
They communicate through
the Eustachio's channel...
- What's that name ?
- Eustachio.
- You seem to know a lot about this.
- They teach you in nursing school.
I see. This is what I like about this
job. You get to learn new things.
- Did you do nursing school in Romania?
- Yes.
And how did you end up working
in the US ?
There were some temporary
caretaking jobs...
And I have this friend who was already
working here through the same agency...
And she told me about this opportunity.
- Is she also Romanian ?
- Yes.
But she didn't get married here.
How did you meet your husband ?
At my work. He was doing physiotherapy
there after his surgery...
I have to remind you that this
conversation is being recorded.
- It's standard procedure.
- I understand.
And I also have to remind
you that you are under oath.
- You swore to tell the truth.
- Yes, yes, yes, of course.
So you met him at the facility
for physio.
Yes. He had this accident,
probably he told you already.
He mentioned it.
And I was helping him with the bandages
and so on,
so we started talking...
He is a very good man.
I'm sure he is.
- Would you like some water ?
- No, thank you.
So one day he proposes to you.
Yes. After he got released...
He still needed some assistance.
And he asked me if I could help him
and I said yes.
- Was this a job offer ?
- No, I wasn't paid.
- You were just helping him.
- Yes.
And then, little by little,
we started dating.
- He knew you had a child.
- Of course he knew.
- These are just standard questions.
- Sure, sorry.
Were you already divorced from
your first husband when you met ?
- I didn't have another husband.
- The father of your child ?
- We weren't married.
- You weren't ?
It was a little complicated with him.
- So you didn't want to marry him.
- No.
- Ma'am, I assume you're his mother ?
- Yes.
- Do you have any identification ?
- Yes.
I'd like you to meet Daniel.
- Hi, I'm Daniel.
- What do you say ?
- Did you call Grandma ?
- Yes.
Did you like flying ?
No. I want you to go with me
when I go back.
What matters is you got here safe
we'll talk about everything later.
- Who is this gentleman ?
- Who, Daniel ?
- Yes.
- He's a good friend of Mommy's.
He's the one who arranged
for you to come here.
Remi opened his restaurant
where he cooked ratatouille every day
for a very special friend.
Because, as Gusteau had said,
anybody can cook if they have courage.
Time to sleep now, it's late.
You're not coming to bed ?
Mommy has something to do.
You go to sleep, I'll come later.
What is that ?
It's for Daniel's treatment.
Go back to sleep.
No, Mom. We don't sell if they
don't have all the money.
What are we gonna do if the bank
doesn't approve their loan ?
Yes. Let me know.
He's playing.
We're at the park.
He was very tired last night.
I'll call him.
Careful though !
I haven't told him anything yet.
Drago ! Come talk to grandma.
Hello ?
We're not going back to Romania.
Why didn't you tell me earlier ?
I didn't want to tell you
over the phone.
Why ?
It's not something
you talk about over the phone.
- But I don't know anybody here.
- You will, soon.
- What about grandma ?
- She'll come visit us.
I want us to stay with her, not visit.
Maybe she'll come live here with us.
But I don't wanna live here !
And with this stranger.
It's very hard for Mommy too,
you know...
After you'll get used to being here,
you'll like it.
I won't like it.
Yes, you will, you'll see.
I found you a school
with a basketball team.
- But I don't even speak English.
- You'll learn.
- Yeah, right.
- Drago, you're a big boy now.
You need to understand.
Back home we couldn't live
with the money that Mommy made.
Here we have Daniel to help and you
can finally go to a good school.
- But why do we have to live with him ?
- He's a good man, you'll see.
- More coffee ?
- No, thank you. The bill, please.
- You don't like peanut butter ?
- Not yet.
- Hello, Mara, how are you ?
- I'm good, and you ?
-You're picking up your last paycheck ?
- I already did, thank you.
- Very well. Is he... your gentleman ?
- Yes.
Drago, come here.
What do you say ?
He's shy.
Hello ?
We say "good morning" to adults.
Hello young man, nice to meet you.
My name is Muriel.
Drago, what a lovely name !
What does it mean ?
Is everything alright ?
Did you get married ?
I'm waiting for the greencard now.
Good. I have to say Mr. Brickmore was
our luckiest patient, to have met you.
- Well let's say we were both lucky.
- Absolutely, absolutely.
Drago, please don't be upset.
There's nothing to worry about.
Even if Mommy got married, it doesn't
mean she doesn't love you anymore.
Trust Mommy.
Everything will be fine, you'll see.
Let's wipe the tears.
So Aniko doesn't see you like this.
What I owe you.
- You sold the house ?
- Not yet.
It's not smart to sell it all
and give the money to a bank over here.
I'm not gonna stay in a trailer park,
with the child.
Rent a bigger place.
Rent is a waste of money.
I'd rather pay a mortgage.
At least make it in your name.
I can't get a loan before
I get my green card.
The bank knows I'm not allowed to work.
I found work for you,
but you're so picky.
I don't want to get in trouble.
You clean, water the plants and that's
it. What could possibly go wrong ?
I'd rather not.
Your choice.
The green card can take forever,
while you're dependent on him.
That's why I want to sell back home,
so I can have some money of my own.
But you'll spend it
for a mortgage in his name ?
I have to. Banks only lend
to people who are already in debt.
That's so stupid !
- Want one ?
- No, no more.
- Since when ?
- Since Thursday.
- Good luck with that...
- Thanks.
How are things with Daniel ?
We got a home dialysis, at least
we don't have to go to the hospital.
You lucked out with this Daniel guy.
I wiped geezers' asses for a year
and no one offered to take me home.
Did you talk to Muriel ?
They won't keep me after
the contract's over.
They don't wanna take chances
if my paperwork isn't in order.
Yeah. What a mess !
I don't even know what to do.
But I'm not going back home.
Maybe you'll get rich
and need a babysitter.
Yeah, sure thing.
I need to split,
that hag is counting my cigarettes.
Drago !
Is that a real gun ?
You open it here to put
the bullets inside.
In English, please.
It's OK, I've got the bullets.
- What do you want on your crepes ?
- Nutella.
Me too.
What's this ?
- That's bad for your teeth.
- But it's with apples.
No baby,
it's with sugar and chemicals.
Better look for some bananas, OK ?
Hello ? Yes, it's me.
Why, is it something wrong ?
What problem ?
Mom ?
So what should I do ?
I don't know if I can right now,
I'm at the store.
OK, I understand. Yes, I'll come now.
Thank you very much.
Are these good ?
They're good, but don't get too many
'cause Mommy needs to
take care of something.
- Can we take the bananas ?
- Yes, we'll keep the bananas.
You'll stay with Aniko for a bit, OK ?
Can I have this ?
Yes, but I'll have to ask you
to be a good boy, OK ?
Where are you ?
Hurry, I'm already late.
Where, I can't see you ?
Hurry up, the bus is here.
No, I'll wait.
Wait here for Aniko, OK ?
Mommy has to catch this bus.
Take him to the park or something.
OK, thanks !
Stay right here, Aniko
will pick you up in a moment.
You're very late.
Sorry I waited for somebody
and then I got the wrong bus and...
- Never mind.
- Could I come tomorrow ?
No, I mean I have to forward
your documents today.
I see... is there a problem ?
I can't talk here,
I'm blocking traffic.
Alright, get in. Get in the car.
You know I can get in trouble for
speaking to you outside the perimeter ?
I'm very sorry.
You're sorry.
- Do you have time now ?
- Now ?
You mind if we speak in the car ?
It will go faster.
No, sure.
This is Moji Winaldum speaking.
I'm very sorry but something completely
unexpected popped up.
I can't make it today.
If we could reschedule soon
I would appreciate it.
Once again, my apologies.
Thank you.
I used to come here with my mother
when I was a kid to swim.
Were you close ?
I mean, to your mother ?
Yeah, kind of.
I wasn't seeing her much she was
working double shifts to raise us.
She died when she was 29.
Heart-attack, they said,
but I'm sure it was from exhaustion,
I never saw her sleeping.
I'm sorry.
- Well, life's not fair.
- That's true.
My grandfather died at 31.
He was hit by a mule.
- By a mule ?
- Yeah.
He worked for the railways for years,
Could you imagine this, to dig everyday
of your life for 13 goddamn years ?
And at the end, nothing.
Not even a thank you.
But you seem to have more luck.
Are you a lucky person ?
Lucky ? Maybe, yes...
I don't know.
Could we go through some parts
of your statement once again ?
- Go through ?
- Yes. Tell me a few things again.
OK, so, you heard about
this temporary job in the US...
I heard about this Hjob from a friend
who was already here in this program,
so I applied and I was admitted.
- For six months.
- Yes.
And during this time you
met your husband.
Yes, my future husband.
Who was a patient of yours then,
if I got this right.
Yes, as I already said,
I was working as a caretaker.
Do you mind saying this again ?
No, no, no, I just wasn't sure
if I mentioned this already or no.
Yes, go on, please.
Yes, so, he was recovering,
he had a work accident.
He fell from a tree.
Yes, more or less.
I mean, he is a landscapist,
and while he was working...
- He's a what ?
- Landscapist.
He's making the trees square, right ?
It's more complicated than that but...
OK excuse me for interrupting.
So he was working...
- He was working for this school and...
- He fell from a ladder.
I think he said he was a lumberjack.
It's possible. Some time ago. When I
met him he was already a landscapist.
I'd say he was a patient
when you met him.
Do you know him well ?
I guess so, I mean, like,
as well as you can know somebody.
- That's quite well.
- Yeah.
Do you know he has a record ?
- A record ?
- A criminal record.
He has a conviction for an offence
involving a minor.
Manon Withcomber is the name ?
Did you know this ?
Do you think he intended
to hide this from you ?
I hope not.
It's just that we didn't have time
to speak about all the details of...
Would you say this is a detail ?
No. Not really.
What did you have time
to speak about, then ?
- What do you mean ?
- What do you mean what do I mean ?
I asked you what did you have time
to speak about, what's not clear ?
Is this important for the application ?
I was just thinking what's the problem
with my application,
you mentioned a problem with the
application and I was wondering...
When was your husband's accident ?
In February. Late February,
early March, something like this.
And how long was this before
your work contract would end ?
Some, two months before,
actually less than two months.
- Your contract was until March 27 ?
- Yes, end of March.
And Mr. Brickmore was hospitalized
on February 19th. Is this correct ?
So, less than weeks before you had
to go home.
And you got married on... April 13.
The visa was until April 15.
It was for a longer period
than the work contract,
so I was still legally here in US,
but I'm sure you know this.
Yes, this much I know.
It's yours.
Do you mind turning it off
while we're talking ?
Do you understand why
I'm asking you all these questions ?
To make sure everything is correct ?
A lot of people get involved
in what we call marriage fraud,
like a fake marriage, you know,
when they pretend to have a normal
marriage to get a green card.
I see.
- But this is not your case.
- No, it's not. I love my husband.
I'm sure you do. You stated so.
Sorry for asking,
but how do you love him ?
What do you mean ?
I mean, how do you love him ?
There are many ways to love a man.
Is this relevant for the application ?
You know that I decide what's relevant,
don't you ?
I do.
And you know the first condition
for your petition to be considered
is for you to be completely honest.
I know.
So you're telling me that in a period
of five weeks,
you met this gentleman, fell in love,
got to know him well enough
and decided to marry him.
I know it sounds too quick,
but these things happen.
I'm sure they do,
just it's not very likely.
Maybe, I don't know.
I think you do know.
Your boy has a father, doesn't he ?
During the interview you said you never
bothered to marry him, is this correct?
Yes, but that was different.
Was he also a patient of yours
who couldn't move ?
- No.
- Was your son's father an American ?
- Answer the question !
- No, he wasn't.
Right, he wasn't !
So you want me to believe
that you didn't rush to marry
the father of your son for years
but you rushed to marry a hospitalized
man less than five weeks
before you had to leave the US simply
because you fell in love
and not because this would help
you get a green card ?
I don't know what to tell you.
- The truth.
- But this is the truth.
It really hurts my intelligence
to listen to this and honestly,
your application would
have much more chances
if you'd simply admit
that you thought about the green card
when you decided to marry your patient.
I'm sorry but the truth
is that I really love him.
I got that.
So, how do you love him ?
I mean, you don't love your husband the
same way you love your son, do you ?
No, of course not. I love
my husband the way wives do.
- So you make love to him.
- Yes.
- And you're having intercourse.
- Yes.
Did you have intercourse
before you got married ?
- I don't remember.
- Try to remember.
- In your statement you said you did.
- Yes, I think we did.
So you did have intercourse
before you got married ?
The hospital says your husband
had an inguinal plaster
until April 17th,
and also that, I quote:
'Due to the trauma, his erectile
capacity may not be recovered',
so your assertion that you had
intercourse is simply a lie !
It's not. We made love.
I didn't ask you if you made love.
I specifically asked you if you had
intercourse and you said yes.
You know, English is not my language.
I asked you at the interview if you
needed a translator and you said no !
I didn't make the difference between
making love and having intercourse.
So now that you understand
the difference,
you're admitting you didn't have
intercourse before you got married.
- Yes.
- Did you have intercourse after ?
We made love.
So you didn't have intercourse.
- So you admit that you were lying.
- I didn't mean to lie.
For the record, I want you to say:
I admit that I was lying about
my relationship with my husband
and that we didn't have intercourse.
Say it !
Say it !
I admit I didn't tell the truth
and I didn't have intercourse
with my husband.
You know that lying
to an immigration officer
is enough for your application to be
rejected, don't you ?
- I do.
- Good.
So tell me: What are you doing ?
Are you sucking his dick ?
You know why I wanted you
to admit the truth ?
Simply because it's not fair,
it's not fair to come here
and benefit from all the advantages
this country has to offer
without having contributed
anything to it.
If you think about it, my grandfather
built something that use today,
you and me,
if you get to live here,
so we should all have to pay him back
for his efforts, if you get my point.
What do you think would happen
if we let all the people who want
to come here come ?
What do you think ?
- I don't know.
- You don't know ?
I'll tell you: They would benefit
from everything
other people built working
their ass off, that is what.
And is that fair ?
- Is it fair ?
- No...
No, it's not.
Everyone has to pay their share.
Do you know how many people who
hate America want to live here ?
- And do you know why ?
- Why ?
Because it's a great country.
I love America.
I'm sure you do. It's just,
you wanted to come here by cheating.
I didn't mean to cheat.
Right. You were willing to suck
this guy's dick,
but you were sucking the wrong dick,
weren't you ?
If you get out of this car now
I swear to God
you'll be on the next plane
back to your fucking country.
Do you understand me ?
Do you understand ?
- Hop in the back.
- What ?
- Get in the back, there's more room.
- Please, I can't.
- What can't you ?
- Please, I have to go !
I left my child with a friend for half
an hour and I'm very late already.
- Oh, come on, don't.
- Really, please, I'm not lying.
Give me your hand.
Give me your fucking hand !
In the glove box.
Do you have time tomorrow morning ?
Are you free tomorrow morning
or do you want to go to a motel
now and finish this off.
No, I can't.
You can't go to a motel now
or you're not free tomorrow ?
Both. I have to go to see a school
for my boy tomorrow...
- Which school ?
- The one on the 39th street.
That's where your husband
had his accident ?
- Yes.
- That's a good school.
OK, so we'll leave it till Friday.
The address is: 1375 California Drive.
You should write it down
so you don't forget.
- Miss ! Where are you going ?
- To room 227.
- What's your name ?
- Mara.
But it was a friend of mine
who got the room, not me.
- What's her name ?
- Aniko Bojkor.
- Room 227 ?
- Yes, can I go ?
Police, open up.
Hello. Can I help you ?
Good afternoon. I'm
Sergeant Cruz, this is Officer Dean.
Stillwater Police Department.
Is this your room ?
Could you please unlock the door ?
- Drago !
- Ma'am, don't talk to the minor.
I'm his mother.
I'm just asking him to open the door.
You locked the minor in the room ?
No. I had something to solve and
I left him with a friend of mine.
- Is the friend inside with the minor ?
- No, she had to go.
So the minor was left alone, inside.
Just for a few minutes, half an hour.
- Mommy !
- Yes, baby, it's me.
Don't worry, Mommy's back.
Please, don't talk to the minor
before we tell you to.
I just told him I'm here.
- What language are you speaking ?
- Romanian.
- Iranian ?
- No, Romanian.
- Is that an Arabic language ?
- No, it's Latin. European.
- What's going on Mom ?
- It's alright, baby. Don't worry !
Ma'am please don't talk to the minor
before we allow you to.
He's my son...
- Do you have documents to prove this ?
- What documents ?
A birth certificate.
- I don't have it with me.
- Do you have any identification ?
Excuse me, but what's the problem ?
- You're a foreign citizen ?
- Yes. But I'm married to an American.
- So the boy's American ?
- No, he's from my previous marriage.
- Your visa's expired.
- I'm waiting for my green card.
Mommy, can I open ?
Can he open the door ?
You can unlock the door now, baby.
Can you translate to him ?
What's your name, son ?
- Drago.
- So he does speak English.
- He understands a few words.
- Your last name ?
What's going on, Mommy ?
What do they want ?
I don't know. Don't worry.
They are just checking on something.
Ma'am just translate what we said.
Tell them your family name.
What were you saying to him ?
- To tell you his name.
- No, before.
That everything is OK.
Please don't say anything else to him.
Just translate.
So what's that name again ?
Drago Scutelnicu.
- It's a different name than yours.
- He has his father's name.
OK. We'll go inside.
You can translate.
We'll come inside.
You can take off the chain.
Take off the chain.
We'll go in first, tell the boy
to get back, and you wait here.
Drago... Go inside.
No, go inside.
They'll enter in first.
Don't be afraid. It's OK.
- Clear.
- Okay, you can follow me.
Can we sit ?
It will calm him down.
It's okay, Drago.
You can sit on the bed.
What's the situation there, officer ?
Still investigating, sir.
- Tell the minor to lift his T-shirt.
- Why ?
It's just a routine check, ma'am.
But why do you want him
to lift his shirt ?
She's not complying
with the identification request.
I am, but I don't understand.
Turn around, son.
It's a negative.
That's a CPS check.
Hey, what's her name ?
- Tell them...
- That's OK ma'am.
I'm sure he understood what we asked.
Mara Grigore. She's my mom.
- She's your mom ?
- Yes.
Ok, you can go to her.
Do you know what an Amber alert is,
ma'am ?
It's a statewide search
for missing children.
I don't understand what this has
to do with us.
Will you come with me, please ?
I'll be right back, baby.
Drago, come on.
They'll be right there.
I don't know what the laws are
in your home country,
but here you're not allowed to leave
your child alone without supervision.
Do you understand ?
He wasn't without supervision,
my friend was with him.
The minor was alone when we got here.
I was just minutes away.
It doesn't matter.
It's against the law.
This is Officer Dean, Stillwater PD,
we have a CPS case.
We'll give you a citation
for child abandonment
and you'll take it to the police
station within 15 days.
At the station, they will schedule
you for parenting classes.
A mother left her child unattending
a room at Motel Oscar.
Mom ?
Right away, baby !
I'll be telling Daniel about what
happened today, OK ?
- Don't tell him anything until I do.
- Okay.
- Drago...
- What ?
- Go work on your English homework.
- I'm watching.
You've watched enough.
Go to your room and do your homework.
Hi !
- Where's Drago ?
- He's doing homework.
- What's this ?
- Bread.
Bread ?
Actually I wanted to make a cake
and I made too much dough.
I see.
What ?
The insurance company didn't recognize
my accident as a work accident.
I mean we'll get some money
but not what we expected.
But it is a work accident.
Well, for them apparently it's not.
Is this final ?
I'll see them again next Monday
but I spoke to Bert
and it seems unlikely that
we could change it.
The problem is the bank won't give us
the same amount of money
if the down payment is smaller.
That's bad, but we'll find a solution.
I'll get a job as soon as Drago goes
to school and we'll manage.
- Have you spoken to Drago ?
- What about ?
Me, here, school.
A bit. Right now he's excited
about tomorrow.
What have you told him ?
That he can continue basketball,
during summer,
but that here sports
is connected to school.
- Good.
- He'll like it. I'm sure.
How was your day ?
- Just a sec.
- Mom, the phone !
- Hi, buddy, how are you ?
- Fine.
- Mommy, can I show him my drawing ?
- Of course, baby.
He wants to show you his drawing.
But please speak English.
- Here. There's a map on the back.
- What kind of name is this ?
He's Bosnian or Serb
or something like that.
You don't know one from around here ?
He's the only one I know personally.
You can just find one on the Internet,
but he'll charge you a grand
just to pick up the phone.
Did you tell him anything ?
Just that it's very urgent
and I asked him to see you today.
- What's this, an office ?
- Yes, but it's just him.
Don't worry, he's homo.
I have to go now.
Give me one more cigarette.
Take them. I've got more.
- Sugar ?
- No, thanks.
- Have you told your husband ?
- Not yet.
Don't tell him,
if you want my advice...
If you hadn't admitted that you lied
in the application
things would be easier.
I know.
But since you did, now you are
not having too many options.
Could I go to the police ?
You could, but if what you want
is your green card, police won't help.
God, I can't believe it.
I thought America is different.
America is different,
but it's not Disneyland either.
What if I go to a newspaper ?
Without any proof, I don't know.
Really, I don't.
I doubt your husband will appreciate
seeing this in the news, you know.
So what should I do ?
Well, you could not go, but in that
case he probably will try to make you
come some other time or he will
simply just reject your application.
He can do that, you know.
Or you could go,
but you have to collect
some solid proof about his abuse.
- Solid proof ?
- Yes.
Something that can stand in a court of
law as evidence that he blackmailed you
- Like what ?
- Like a recording. A clear recording.
Meaning you need to tape the guy.
- I'm not sure I can do this.
- Come on. It's not that complicated.
What if he catches me ?
But I will give you
a very discreet device.
- I thought Aniko told you about it.
- Not really.
Maybe she was shy.
- Want some ?
- No, thank you.
It's part of lawyer stereotype.
First when I opened this office,
everything you can see
on this walls was fake.
Diplomas, certificates,
attorney of the year, even the books.
Why ?
Because here everything
is about selling. Advertising.
In order to be successful,
one must project an image of success.
I remember this from a film I have seen
in Sarajevo with my brother,
twenty, no, more than twenty years ago.
Are you Bosnian ?
I'm a Serb. But I used my Bosnian
passport to get here after the war.
It's strange for a Serb,
but even people that hate America
want to live here.
Even the Arabs.
So, this is it. The recording device.
You have to wear it on your body,
or rather in your body.
The most awful thing in this country
is that you cannot smoke.
- It's really terrible.
- Yes.
How much do you charge ?
Come back to me, after you go to this
guy, and we'll see what can we do.
And don't worry, I won't rip you off.
We're neighbors.
Thank you.
Good morning.
Hello, this is my wife, Mara.
- Hello.
- Hello, Ma'am. Good to have you here.
Thank you.
- So, how are you ?
- Better.
- I'm so sorry.
- Well, these things happen.
But I'm sorry anyway. Have you
worked it out with the insurance ?
Not yet.
We're still waiting for the evaluation.
- They can be very slow.
- I noticed.
Does the boy like what he sees ?
Yes, yes, and thank you for scheduling
us this late for the test.
- That's the least we could do.
- Thank you.
- We are really appreciate.
- Thank you.
Come say hello to the Principal !
Hello, young man !
How do you like it here ?
- Do you like the school ?
- Yes.
- Good. And how's your English going ?
- It's pretty good.
Good luck with the test. It's mostly
mathematics so it should be fine.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy your tour !
I'll take Drago with me on Saturday
to the dog race.
He told me.
It was supposed to be a surprise.
It's OK. We don't have secrets. Grandma
taught him this way, and it's better.
- How is she ?
- She's OK.
But it's also hard for her. This thing
with the apartment really upset her.
What have you decided
about the offer ?
We'll take it. They paid something
in advance and nobody's gonna give 40.
So we'll have to look
for something smaller.
Yes, smaller.
You know, it might take some time
before we find this new apartment.
I know.
Don't you think Drago is old enough
to sleep by himself ?
Once we move it will be easier. OK ?
- The door's open.
- So close it.
We never have time to really talk
about a lot of things.
- What things ?
- Things from the past.
At the immigration interview they dig
so deep down into your life
I realized there are a lot of things
we didn't talk about.
Like what ?
You wanna see something ?
What ?
- May I help you ?
- We're just looking.
- Have you seen the pool ?
- No.
Follow me.
Here you are.
Look, Mom ! That side is for kids.
Where are you from ?
Far away. Europe.
But I'm waiting for my green card.
I see. And what's your budget
for the purchase ?
- How much would this house be ?
- It's on the flyer. 248,000.
It's probably a bit too much for us.
But thank you for letting us
to have a look.
- We'll get back to you if anything.
- Sure.
Have an orange. Fresh from Florida.
Normally it goes the other way.
The money, I mean.
Yes. Where are you from ?
- Poland.
- So you know.
The day I sold my apartment there,
I remember it.
It was kind of a special day.
Here, count it.
- Thank you.
- Good luck.
- Hi, Mom !
- Hi.
Everything alright ?
Yes. But there's something I need
to talk to you about.
- Now ?
- Yes, please.
Drago, please go to your room
and do your homework.
How the hell could you do
something like that ?
I am very sorry.
I was completely taken by surprise.
Why didn't you call me ?
I couldn't from the car,
he made me switch off my phone.
Why didn't you get out
of the fucking car ?
He told me that he could reject
the application.
Fuck the application !
That he had this document
from the hospital about you,
proving it's a fake marriage.
What document ?
A document saying that after surgery
you have erection problems.
That I have erection problems ?
And he accused me of lying under oath
that we're having intercourse.
Why did you tell him that ?
So that it looks like we have
a normal marriage.
So you lied to him !
I thought I was doing it for us !
No. You did it for you !
And for your fucking green card !
That's not true ! And stop shouting !
You're afraid your boy will find out
his mother's a liar ? And a whore ?
I'm not a whore !
No ? So why don't we go tell
your boy what his mother did, then ?
- Don't you dare do this !
- Let go of me !
- No.
- Let go of me !
You fucking bitch !
I married you and you fucked
the first guy that shows you his dick !
I didn't fuck him ! I didn't fuck him !
You're a fucking liar ! How many other
things have you lied to me about ?
I didn't ! I love you !
And I tried to be a good wife to you !
You think that makes you a good wife ?
You think because you cooked and ironed
that makes you a good wife ?
Any Mexican woman would do
the same for a fucking green card !
You think I don't know why
you fucking married me ?
I married you because I love you !
And I thought you love me !
You're a fucking liar,
that's what you are !
And you're a fucking idiot,
and a convict, and an impotent.
He blackmailed me.
My life is so easy. I'm taking you on,
I'm taking your son on,
and now you're giving a guy a fucking
hand job in his car,
while I'm sleeping on a fucking couch,
wife is giving people hand jobs,
and I've got somebody else's child
in my house.
Drago !
Put that down, Drago.
Give it to me !
Put it down, Drago !
Give him the gun, Drago.
Give me the gun !
- Drago.
- Mara, come back !
Mara !
Are you hungry ?
I don't have pants for you.
Get into bed.
Will you tell Mom to come ?
I'll let you change.
- I don't need it.
- Put it on.
That son of a bitch.
Can you imagine what they'll say back
home when they see me like this.
After I even sold my house.
Don't be sorry.
To hell with them and their America !
I got the money you sent.
Please don't send any more for now.
Nothing happened. It just takes longer
with the bank. It's complicated.
Drago is taking the test right now.
It's in English, yes.
It's mostly math.
We'll wait and see...
I need to run now, Mom.
Yes. Bye.
The average for children at this test
is around 15, and Drago had 17,5.
So we're very happy to have him.
Thank you.
There's nothing to thank me for.
He's good.
- When is the school starting ?
- September 15th.
But we have some summer courses
if you're interested.
- It would be good for his English.
- We'll think about it.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Is the address a condition ? I mean,
should we live near the school ?
You can live wherever you like,
this is a charter school.
- We take children from all over town.
- Thank you.
Room 27 ?
Room 27.
The gentleman is not in the room.
He said the door's open,
wait for him there.
Sorry to make you wait.
They don't have champagne glasses here.
And if there's something I hate is
drinking champagne from whisky glasses.
Come on !
You have to be careful,
they sound like gun shots
and after 9/11, people here got crazy,
it really hurt them.
It's still an open scar,
if you see what I mean.
- Champagne ?
- No, thank you.
Cheers !
- It's not bad. You don't wanna try ?
- No.
Come on, it will make you loosen up.
Don't do this.
Actually, do you know why I came ?
- To get your green card ?
- I came to talk to you.
- What about ?
- Sit down, please.
I'm all ears.
I managed to find some money.
I'm selling a property
and I'll have some cash.
If this solves the problem, I am
willing to pay if you agree to help me.
Are you trying to bribe me ?
Are you out of your damn mind ?
Do you know that trying to bribe
an immigration officer is a crime ?
Asking for sexual favors
is not a crime ?
What sexual favors are
you talking about ?
Are you trying to record me ?
Out ! Get out ! And say goodbye
to America while you still can.
- Will you listen to me ?
- Out ! Case dismissed !
Please listen to what I have to say.
- Get undressed !
- What ?
Are you deaf ? I need to make
sure you're not wired.
- Look, I didn't come...
- Get undressed or get out !
Turn around !
The bra ! Take it off.
The panties too.
I know how these things go.
If you get one step closer,
I'll scream.
Can we talk now ?
Please don't interrupt me.
It's hard enough already.
I'm sorry but I can't do it,
but I really wanted to ask
you to reconsider.
I am begging you.
I know it all depends on you and I
don't think I did anything so wrong.
All I want, as everybody wanted
before me and as maybe you also wanted,
is to live a better life,
for my child too.
Can you be more specific about
what 'so wrong' means ?
I don't think there really are strong
motives to reject my application,
I was maybe not precise
because I didn't expect the questions
to become so personal
but actually I do love my husband,
even if I married so soon
after I met him.
- You love your husband...
- I do.
You're full of shit, you know ?
You married a crippled impotent guy
you barely know
and you're telling me that you won't
sleep around to get benefits ?
He's not impotent.
OK, so he fucked you. And you thought
it's enough to fuck one guy
you don't care about to get
your green card ?
It's not !
You'd have to fuck one more,
but I'll be damned if I see
the difference for you.
Do you think that if you
just fuck once for money
you're any less of a prostitute ?
I don't fuck for money.
Excuse me for hurting your feelings
but what's the difference
if you fuck for money or if you fuck
for a green card ?
I am helping my husband
and he helps me,
it's just a fair trade,
like in any marriage.
Oh, you're making me cry.
Well, we're all trading what we have
as you have discovered.
And all you have to trade
is your pussy.
Don't get closer !
Don't be ridiculous,
I already came all over you.
Stay back !
But if it's so important for you, I'll
spare your pussy for your dear husband.
- No !
- Come on !
Let go ! Let go of me !
Shut up !
Fuck you ! You fucking bitch !
- Bitch !
- Stay right there !
I can't wait to tell your husband how
you sucked my dick...
Don't bother. I told him
and we decided we'll sue you.
You'll rot in jail, pervert !
Say hi to grandma
when you get back home.
- Fuck you !
- Yeah, fuck you !
Bitch !
- Sorry for letting you wait.
- It's OK.
How did it go ?
Is this you ?
It got tough,
but you need a medical document.
Bravo, you learn fast.
Give me recording.
Don't bother. I couldn't.
You couldn't ?
You didn't record the guy ?
Well, in that case your bruises
won't help much.
And if I testify ?
It's your word against his.
I don't know. Really I don't.
Were there any witnesses
to the abuse ?
Actually it's a bit more complicated.
Most of the bruises are
from my husband.
Husband ? So you told him ?
Were there any witnesses
when he hit you ?
- My child.
- He doesn't count.
But anyhow, how could this help ?
Well, it could. In this country
when you are victim, you have rights.
So we could file charges
for domestic abuse,
and you would become
a witness in a criminal trial.
And we would ask for a special visa,
it's called Uvisa
and they can give it to you
for three years.
Even if the green card is rejected ?
It's not connected with the green card.
You would just stay during the trial
and in 3 years a lot of things
can happen.
Actually there was a witness.
- An adult ?
- Yes.
My husband ran after us with a gun
and there were people on the street.
Your husband ran after you with a gun
on the street and there was a witness ?
Good. Perfect.
- We just have to find the witness.
- He's a neighbor, I think.
We are in business.
How much will you charge ?
- How much do you have ?
- One thousand.
One thousand two hundred and fifty.
OK. But can you also clean
at my place ?
- Sure.
- I have to move in tomorrow evening.
Then we have a deal.
Go on, have a look.
- May I ?
- Sure !
- Are you hungry ?
- What do you have ?
- Sandwich.
- With what ?
With Schnitzel.
Mommy has something to tell you.
I was wrong to leave you at the motel,
But I wasn't afraid.
You weren't afraid,
but here it's not allowed.
And Mommy didn't know that.
But we'll learn, OK ?
- There's a balcony here !
- Yeah ?
- Come and see it !
- Mommy is coming.