Leprechaun: Origins (2014) Movie Script

Cat, wait.
Come on!
CATHERINE: Move, move, come on!
FRANCOIS: Cat, look.
Cat, wait, there it is!
Catherine, look!
Francois, stop!
Is this it?
DAVID: I guess.
Well, I can see why this
isn't a tourist destination.
DAVID: You wanna go back?
JENI: And get inside the truck?
No, you?
The village is down
that road a stretch.
The village is down this road?
Do you mind driving us another
15 minutes to the village?
No, no, no.
No, no. I can't do that.
Let's just pay him and keep going,
babe, okay?
It can't be that far.
We can just walk.
BEN: Thank you.
Man, this is ridiculous.
What is that thing?
This village is only
like 300 years old.
But it's said to
have housed some of
the oldest Celtic
artifacts known to man.
Now that's creepy.
Oh, boy.
You got a pretty mouth, girl!
There must be some mistake.
Only mistake was trusting you
with our last weekend in Ireland.
Nothing like that
old Irish charm, huh?
Maybe this place won't
be a bust after all.
Get you kids somethin'?
Oh, um...
Four pints would be great.
Sounds good. Follow me.
Sit yourself down.
Thank you.
DAVID: Look at this place.
You could do your masters of history
thesis just on this place, Soph.
(LAUGHING) What do you know
about history?
DAVID: I know
everything about history.
I know it's exactly what I'm
gonna make of these pints
our lovely barmaid
has brought us!
DAVID: Thank you.
BEN: Cheers.
ALL: Cheers.
To Ireland.
Actually, I'm not sure I'm gonna
enroll in Berkeley for my master's.
Yeah. I mean,
with Ben going to Harvard and everything,
I thought I might just check
out the east coast for a while.
But you've wanted to
get your master's in
history since you
were like two, Soph.
It's not like Berkeley's going anywhere,
and neither is history.
So, uh, is this quaint
little village
everything our potential
historian hoped it would be?
I'm not sure yet, okay?
We haven't even seen anything.
Excuse me, but I couldn't help
but overhear your conversation,
and I hope you
don't think me too nosy,
but you seem to be
a bit of a history buff.
Come to see the village's ancient
historical sites, have you?
Hamish McConville.
(LAUGHING) I'm Sophie.
Now, if it's real
history you want to see
you need to see
the Clocha de na Deithe.
Clock de le what?
The Clocha de na Deithe?
Stones of the... Fathers?
That's good, very close.
The Stones of the Gods.
Sounds terrifying. I'm in!
Man, me, too!
What exactly are
The Stones of the Gods?
Well, let me tell you.
The Clocha de na Deithe is a collection
of enormous stone sculptures
found in the middle
of a cave in the woods.
Now, these
sculptures are thought to be
the oldest existing
historical artifacts
in all of Ireland.
Quite possibly the cradle
of Celtic civilization itself.
You're kidding.
Why have we never heard of
them before?
Oh, no,
you won't find mention of the
Clocha de na Deithe
in any guidebooks.
No, there's lots of things about our
village that people don't know about.
A lot of things that we like to keep
private from the tourist trade.
But you being
a history buff yourself,
you're not your
usual tourist, are you?
Well, thank you.
How do we get there?
Now there...
It's about a seven hour hike from here.
(LAUGHING) Seven hours?
Well, you could always stay in
one of the cabins down the road.
Leave first
thing in the morning,
you'd be back by tomorrow night.
That is,
if you'd like, of course.
A cabin in the woods?
What's not to like?
I like your attitude.
Well, what's not to
like is that this was
supposed to be a day trip, guys.
So it's an overnight. Who cares?
Well, let's put it to a vote, then!
All in favor?
All opposed?
What's it gonna be, Soph?
Let's do it!
Let's do it.
Yes. It's gonna be fun.
It's gonna be fun.
Too bad, buddy.
Are you kidding me?
I know, okay?
But I just...
I think this could be a really cool thing.
Like once in a lifetime.
And you know how many medical
conferences I've sat through for you.
All right.
Good. Tell you what, I'll call my son,
and he'll come and pick us up.
Now drink up, all of you.
All right?
(LAUGHING) Hey, thanks, man.
Thank you. Cheers.
There it is, guys.
Hey, there you are, Sean.
Look at that.
This is Ben, Sophie,
David, and Jennifer.
Now look at that, it's not pretty,
but it does the job, so...
Let's go.
Oh, boy.
SEAN: I thought you said there were
only gonna be a couple of 'em.
Four is fine, son.
Turn that radio up.
Don't, Da!
Oh, come on.
Lighten up, would you?
I'm driving here.
The poor boy gets
cranky in the summer.
Who doesn't like the summer?
SEAN: What's to love
about it, nancy boy?
Did he just call me a nancy boy?
Ah, throw us
another one, would you?
That's the spirit.
So we saw these stones on
the outside of the village,
and I don't know too much
about Celtic symbols...
All right, bullshit.
But do you know by chance what
the symbols on the stones mean?
I've got no idea, darlin'.
Them stones have been there
for centuries,
long before our
village was built.
But I tell you,
about 15 years ago we discovered gold
in an old Celtic cave.
Turned it into a mine.
Stones were there, too.
But eventually
the cave collapsed.
Well, things ain't been the
same round here ever since.
Times, they can't be that tough.
Ah, this?
A guest gave that to me.
Oh. It's a Rolex.
It's a pretty nice gift.
Well, I guess he
appreciated my hospitality.
Da, you're making my ears bleed.
It's not that bad.
It's pretty nice.
It's kind of run down
though, but whatever!
That's not where you're staying.
That's where we lived
before the mine closed.
HAMISH: Well, there it is.
The trail is right down there.
You sure it's safe?
It's falling down a little.
Ah, no. She's solid.
On the inside.
Just needs a lick of paint, that's all.
Good as new.
We have to guard against break-ins
when the place isn't being used.
You let a lot of
people stay here?
You said The Stones of the Gods
was the village's
best kept secret.
Yeah. Well,
that's why the cabin don't get much use.
Do you hear that?
Look! There. What is that?
Get behind me.
I said get behind me!
Think you got it?
Nah, it was too fast.
Sorry about all that.
What was that?
What was that all about?
Well, there's a lot of wild
boars round these parts.
They can get pretty nasty.
Sorry to give you such a scare.
Let's get you settled.
Come on.
You okay?
HAMISH: Right, here we are then.
Now there's no power,
but no problem.
The miracle of
modern technology, eh?
Can I give you some money
for those beers?
Oh, no, thanks. I'm good.
Oh, good. Because I didn't
bring my Rolex.
You're a funny boy.
But there's lots of other
things I could steal from you.
Let's go, son.
Well, I'm sure
the rooms are fine.
Let's check out the rooms. Okay.
Oh, we got a queen size!
Thanks, again,
for agreeing to do this.
It means a lot to me.
And have you thought at all
about me coming out your way?
Uh, I think it
sounds interesting.
Well, I mean...
Do you really think you
could give all this up?
I know I'd miss you.
I'd miss you, too.
Good night.
Good night, babe.
David? David!
What? What's up, baby?
You good?
Did you hear that?
(GASPING) David,
David, wake up!
David, wake up! You guys.
Holy fuck.
Whoa, whoa, what's going on?
There's something out there.
What do you mean?
The window?
That's why they call
it the woods, babe.
Lions and tigers
and chickens and shit.
Hey. Jesus, what's up?
(WHIMPERING) She said she
saw something in the woods.
You okay?
I don't see anything.
It's probably
just a wild boar...
No, no. It was not
a boar, you guys.
Maybe just your
overactive imagination?
It was not my
fucking imagination, David!
We cannot stay here.
Okay, okay. Hey.
Listen, I'll check. I'll check.
You're gonna go
outside right now?
It's locked.
What? What?
DAVID: It's locked
from the outside.
What do you mean?
Do you have a key?
JENI: What is going on?
That doesn't make any sense.
They locked us in here?
They locked us in here?
No, they didn't lock us in here.
That's the only door, right?
What? No.
What is going on, you guys?
You sure he didn't give you a key?
BEN: No.
DAVID: That doesn't make
any sense.
All the windows
are barred, yeah?
Ow, fuck! Whoa, what was that?
What happened?
What? What the...
What the fuck was that?
Jesus Christ!
(SCREAMING) Please stop,
please stop!
(SOBBING) Please stop.
It'll be okay. It'll be okay.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God,
it got your ear.
What? Oh, God.
It's okay, we're safe.
We're safe now.
You think it's gone?
What was that?
I don't know.
Jesus Christ...
I saw...
Okay, wait. Shh! Quiet.
Let me out,
let me out, let me out!
Let me out, fuck!
Please let me out.
DAVID: Shit, let's go!
How the hell are we
getting out of here?
Same way it got in!
Climb out!
Come on, let's go!
My leg!
Close the fucking door!
Okay, okay, I got it.
Fucking close the door!
Okay, go, go, go, go, go!
BEN: Fuck!
Come on, man. Fuck!
SOPHIE: They locked us in there
so that thing would kill us.
They're assuming we're dead.
What about the house?
Maybe there's a phone or something.
Come on!
Guess what.
Hey, over here!
Come on, over here!
What is that...
What is that thing, man?
It can't get in.
What is that?
Were you gonna just fucking leave
me out there? Take it easy.
Where were you?
You okay?
Okay, guys.
Come on we gotta find a phone.
Sit down.
Come on, sit down.
It's gotta be done, son.
This doesn't feel right, Da.
It's never easy.
Ah, thanks, Ian.
No problem.
Not sure my son has the stomach for this,
after all.
Wouldn't it be easier
just to leave this village?
You don't abandon your home just
because the times get tough.
Round these parts you
fight for what's yours.
By letting innocent people die?
No, Sean, not innocent.
Now they came here
of their own free will.
We're just giving 'em a little push
in the right direction, that's all.
Hey, Dave,
this is gonna hurt, man.
Should've been enough time, huh?
Seem to have misplaced my watch.
There didn't have to be
four of them.
You knew there would come a time when
you'd have to give us a helpin' hand
rather than stayin' back
where it's safe
and letting other people
do the dirty work.
Yeah, well...
Maybe if you all
hadn't have been so greedy,
and taken all that gold
from its cave...
Well, maybe if we
increase our offerin',
we can buy us some lenience
the next time!
Next time...
This is it.
Oh, my God, this is the symbol that
was on the stone outside of town.
That's it.
It can't be right.
It means...
Tuatha De Danann.
What the fuck does that mean?
Come on! Leprechaun?
I'm just telling you
what it says.
Whatever it is, you think that's
what they dug up in that mine?
It wasn't a mine originally,
it was a cave.
But the people in the village took the
gold, that's what Hamish said to us.
Okay, now we're talking
pots of gold?
I know.
I know it sounds crazy, but...
SOPHIE: This is what happens
when you take its gold.
You have to make amends.
Until the debt has been repaid.
So they put us in this cabin
they locked us in there
to sacrifice us to a leprechaun?
You guys, my earring was gold.
Okay, guys, leprechaun,
Tuatha de, whatever the hell,
killing machine, whatever the fuck it is.
How do we get out of here?
Look, these stones are
like a boundary,
like an ancient warning sign
or something.
SOPHIE: Maybe the leprechaun won't go
past a certain distance from its cave...
So, if we make it
to the stones...
Then what, the leprechaun won't
go past the stones, Sophie?
No, that makes sense. That's why the guy
who dropped us off didn't go past them.
We have to get back there.
Jesus Christ.
Where the hell are they?
They got out?
If they're still alive,
that means it hasn't fed!
Let's go!
HAMISH: In the trucks, now!
HAMISH: Lord, have mercy.
They're back.
What are we going to do, guys?
Everybody grab something!
HAMISH: Check downstairs,
down the basement!
Check the attic!
Lord, have mercy...
Just drop the gun, man.
HAMISH: Atta boy, Sean.
Well done.
Drop it, guys.
I don't think so, boy-o.
How the hell did all of you
get out of that cabin?
Maybe they've
earned their freedom, Da.
And have that thing,
come back to our village?
Start preyin' on us again?
Or you?
Just let us go...
You be quiet, missy.
It's Ian. It's Ian!
Out with me now, come on!
I'll deal with you later!
You bolt that door.
Make sure they don't come out!
How we getting out of here?
That'll work.
SOPHIE: Come on.
BEN: Fuck, ah, fuck!
No keys! No keys!
We gotta get to
the stones, come on!
Behind you.
You gotta get up, man.
I can't. My leg.
Oh, my God! My leg!
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
Yes, you can.
Oh, my God, you guys!
Hey, hey!
Hey! Help!
Stop, stop, stop!
What're you kids doing
out here this time of night?
We need your help!
Hamish and his son, they...
Did they try to hurt you?
Please, we need your help.
Hurry, get in the back.
Thank you. Let's go.
Hey, come on.
Come here, baby.
Now just stay tight here.
We gotta get out.
Try your doors. Try your doors!
Oh, my God, are we locked in?
Good work, Mary.
Thank you, Hamish.
The doors aren't opening.
Get out of the car, all of you!
Out of the car.
Now! All of you!
Step away from the car.
Please don't do this.
If we don't keep this thing satisfied,
there'll be hell to pay.
You're so pathetic.
This is your fault, not ours.
I could shoot you.
But we need all of you alive.
You can't just leave us
out here alone!
Oh, we're not leaving you...
Sophie, wake up!
BEN: You okay?
You guys. Did you hear that?
BEN: Sophie!
Get away from me!
Please! No, no, no,
no, no! (SCREAMING)
Get away!
(DISTORTED) Get away from me!
Get away from me!
Get off me!
Don't leave us, don't leave us!
Come on!
He's not going to make it.
Come on!
We've got to keep going
back to the cabin!
What? Why?
Because we're gonna kill it.
All right.
We just need to find a way to lock it
from the outside once it's inside.
It's inside? Yeah.
One of us is gonna be outside,
the other two
will be in here waiting.
You don't have to be
in here with it, okay?
You just need to be outside,
bolt the door once it's in here.
We'll do everything else, okay?
I know you can do this, okay?
You can do this.
You sure we can do this?
BEN: Okay.
He's coming!
Oh, my God!
Oh, God!
Sophie. Sophie, no!
We're not going back
to the farmhouse.
There's the truck.
BEN: Come on. Come on!
Come on!
Where did he go?
We have to get to the stones!
There's no keys.
There's no keys.
Where did it go?
Why didn't you come back?
When I fell.
Why didn't you come back for me?
I came to the truck so we could
get the fuck out of here.
The keys have to be on him.
Oh, shit.
We have to get the
keys from him.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
You stay here.
I'll go get the keys.
Take this.
We need a distraction.
I'll get the keys.
No, no, no, no.
I'll be fine on my own.
Okay. Okay.
We have to go!
Go, go, go, go!
We've gotta go!
Go, get to the attic!
Put your hands up
real slow-like.
Jeez, Sean!
Sean, you done real good, son.
You done real good.
Real good.
I'm so sorry.
Run, get out of here!
What the hell you doin', boy?
You lettin' her escape!
Put your gun down now.
I said, put it down!
You've always been a fool.
How are you gonna
shoot a girl, Da?
Is that what you've become,
a murderer?
Hey, you wanna shoot me?
Go ahead, shoot me!
The shit you make me do.
You're a goddamned fool!
The window!
Get off!
Get off!
Get off!
Get the fuck off me!
Fuck you, Lucky Charms.