Lerd (2017) Movie Script

- What is this about?
- You got watermelon, it seems?
- So, it's a crime?
- It depends.
Tell your father that I'm legit.
It's the mosque that sent me.
Nothing to do with my father.
The license?
- Expired.
- I'll renew it.
You come get it in the mosque.
Sorry, we could not
talk to the bank.
You can pay how much there?
The nothing.
I need a small advance.
There is no hesitation!
That's all benef.
It will return half as much
as the accumulated penalties.
And I can see the
two-month deadline.
There, it will be the New Year,
business will resume, you
will sell your fish,
you rembourseras the bank
and we do talk more.
It's not for my
apple, that money.
There is the branch
manager, his right arm,
Regional Director...
Each takes his share.
Okay. I bring it tomorrow.
Today would have been better.
One day Agios less.
Not change your mind,
or you'll sink.
Come back tomorrow.
It really sucks in all subjects.
Once, he asked to go pee.
He had money on him.
He had an idea and he
did what he wanted.
The little fish said,
"Mom, I have to go."
His mother asked:
"But where are you
going so early?"
Do not worry.
You're healthy, thank you God.
The money, all
right, it's coming.
You can always adjust.
You're young, you're going to work.
You'll regain what you lost.
Do what you think is right.
Sahand! Le pick-up.
Le pick-up?
Yes why not?
Here, Reza.
You need anything?
That's my last offer.
I want the money immediately.
It takes a week to sell...
I gave you the market price.
But if you lower to 300,000,
I'll buy, there, in cash.
300 000?
I need money.
Like everyone. I have
to win there too, me.
It is an hour to come?
We are closing.
- We're in the car.
- I have no more.
What do you mean?
We can not talk here.
We will in mine.
Thank you so much.
It's too much.
I changed my mind.
I pay penalties.
Are you kidding me?
I've already talked
to management.
I can not.
I thought you were in need.
I'm. But I do not want
to get out like that.
You do not want to get you
out at all, it seems.
You're in trouble and
you chipotes for a tip.
You may be afraid?
Do not worry, no one
will know anything.
I am not afraid.
I do not pay bribes wine.
If it's like that
Here, keep this.
Come on! Go pay your
penalties before it closes.
I'm going to.
How do you go to school with a
disruptive element that fight?
You punish.
He was given a warning.
We did it. It is not
the first time.
My husband is a quiet man.
They had to push to the end.
There are laws in this country.
You can not beat people
to death with impunity.
Should that laws apply to all.
It's the case.
But it's not that bad.
It is duty that night. He
will see a judge tomorrow.
Take Mrs. see her husband.
5 minutes.
Here, a change of clothes.
Why do you think
you are to Abbas?
This is a jerk.
Leave him alone.
We fought. It happens.
Low Mass will begin at school.
I'll pay the fine,
we do talk more.
In the morning, before
leaving, check the pool water.
To be sure they
have not cut off.
And they cut off, what do I do?
It's over!
I will come to court tomorrow.
I'd rather not. I
will do it by myself.
Okay. Goodbye.
- Yes?
- I need a letter.
What kind of letter?
A letter from the Commission saying
that the company took our water.
The Council does not interfere
with private business.
The water sector is private?
The Company distributes
as he pleases.
Of course, water is
not a private matter.
But the Council has not mandated
to set your husband alone!
You are not going to support it?
I just tell you,
it does not interfere
in private disputes.
This is not private!
They make their own law.
Do you have a solution?
You can write that
their vandalism
harm the water supply.
we do not want problems
with these people.
Good advice: go back
to your school.
- Have you finished, dear?
- Almost.
Your dinner is ready.
What do you have?
- Why you release and not me?
- It's looking at you?
You better shut up.
Otherwise, it puts you out naked,
that thou thee the frozen overnight.
Go away.
Your hands.
What did I do?
Asghari! Do not
forget the minutes.
At your service!
Both are on bail.
A caution? I want
to see the judge.
You have already spoken
and the judge read the PV
- Why you want to see?
- PV What?
They bought the cops. I was
handcuffed like a murderer!
It is better for you that
a judge can not hear you.
There are not yet had a trial.
Call your family
for the deposit.
Once released, you can talk
to the judge promised.
There is no judgment.
I want to see the judge,
but I was told to expect.
But here you have
to pay a deposit.
I do not know. Hold on.
The wife of my paycheck, okay?
It is official.
An act of property worth
more than 50 million
before closing the office.
They want an act of 50 million.
Ours, it will not work.
There mortgage.
I'll manage. But we
only have 2 hours.
Okay see you later.
Ms. Darai is requested
at the office.
I have an emergency, I must go.
But you had to see the
mother of a student.
- Which?
- One that is returned.
Call her and arranges it for me.
I will see tomorrow.
Heard. See you later.
- Sir!
- It's closed!
- But it is not 14 h 30!
- It's closed.
But why?
This is 13: 30 pm.
- My husband is in there, I act.
- Tomorrow!
My husband is there, I tell you!
It had to be
transferred to prison.
The prison? He did not do anything!
Open to me!
I can do nothing and no one.
Come back tomorrow.
I can not wait for 3 days!
He had only not to commit crime.
Who says he has committed?
I'm doing my job. 3 days of investigation
and 3 days for the report!
Why is it so long?
You can not speed up a little?
One week
One week? To do what? I
want to see your supervisor.
His office is on the first.
Reza is stuck. You
believe help like that?
Give me that. Go
wait in the car.
It is all good. It addresses
the priority issue.
It comes tomorrow at 9 am and after
30, we talk about it no more.
How did you do?
In your opinion?
Here you are again.
It is all good?
There is still that night.
But why?
I do not know, the paperwork.
What's new here?
The mother of the
student is coming.
The one you had to see. The
little that was returned.
You have spoken to him?
No, I prefer it to be you.
You could do it...
To say what?
Poor woman, she was
in a state...
She knew?
To cry like that, she
had to know everything.
In addition, it is so
serious, his daughter...
I hurt for that mother.
I really wish to help.
It seems that only
a newspaper ad.
An announcement of what?
To deny their religion.
I guess she does not want.
It's not much to do,
for his daughter...
Pass me the casebook.
No pot of wine, one
could always run.
And it must be that
they make their living.
They have not an
official salary.
Reza would never have paid.
Even if I had been in prison.
He will learn.
Life is supported.
Some learn quickly, others less.
Some learn too much,
others too little.
"He was angry
in two words.
"And began to scream."
"This encouraged other
"To avoid ..."
Continue, I'm coming.
Hello Madam.
Sorry to bother you. I am the
mother of Ziba, your student.
Of course, please.
You asked to see me, but
you were absent yesterday.
Your assistant told me
that I had to talk to you.
I'm very worried.
I want to know what happens.
The Rector wrote to us about it.
It has to change school.
To go where?
There's no other here.
I know. But I have no power
over the orders I receive.
Who has the power?
Who do I speak to?
Who to tell?
I told you. This is an
order of the rector.
As director, I am
required to run it.
Listen, lady, we're
your neighbors.
Have you ever had to
complain about us?
What did they reproach us?
I do not know you.
But you know the situation.
Your daughter should not talk
about these things at school.
She had to talk about.
What did she say?
And my husband?
He was fired after 20 years
without any compensation.
My oldest daughter could
not go to college.
My son could not
finish his studies.
What should I do?
It's like that here.
You should go elsewhere,
where nobody knows
your religion.
Go where?
You know where we come from?
We go, kid.
It's finish.
He leaves in a few hours.
I'll see him tomorrow.
I drop you.
Ca Ira. Take a rest.
Thank you so much.
He thinks you're in Tehran since 4 days.
Give him that.
He is my brother. He
brings it back tonight.
Go take a shower.
What's the complaint?
You do not get anywhere.
These people have long arms.
Sell your
farm and go away.
Go elsewhere.
Otherwise they will
cut you water.
And you will not be
able to do anything.
Better to sell today
than tomorrow.
You should not have
attacked you to them.
You do not have to sell.
But you're not
obligated to fight.
It is Abbas who did this.
Abbas is the stooge of the Company.
It does not take initiative.
It was commissioned
to contaminate water.
They want this field
and you can not help.
Do not header.
I press charges against him.
I will be compensated.
Put your family safe, then.
If you complaint doors, you will
not be compensated one year.
In two months, you
must repay the credit.
You still want to pay 36% penalty
in addition to the loan?
I'll get my due.
You will not even be
able to defend yourself.
- That's the judgment.
- Already?
He suffered a broken arm, Abbas?
Thou beaten, you ask?
No. And yet it is a
forensic certificate.
They eat them in hand: the
judge, the cops, the coroner...
Even the mayor.
You have sold off the car
to pay off the bank.
Everything had to be
adjusted for the new year.
You go to jail, you have to
compensate, our fish died.
We lost everything.
If you had paid the banker,
we would not be there.
Reza, you have to like them.
Search pistons,
buy judges.
Otherwise, they
will massacre you!
We will sell the land
to repay the bank.
We even compensate Abbas.
With the rest, we will leave.
We will go elsewhere.
We did that this
land and this house.
We can not lose them.
It is not there yet.
We have other solutions.
Let me do.
If I fail, it will
sell to the Company.
If Abbas renounces its benefits,
while the month,
on a night flot.
I give private lessons,
you reprove your
livestock, it will rise.
Sit down there.
You're okay?
Yes Madam.
You're not in first?
If, ma'am.
Why are you so small?
But you're pretty.
I read your file.
We see that you're a good
student, very intelligent.
Your father is fine?
Yes Madam.
His arm better?
His arm was not, ma'am.
He was not broken?
No Madam.
That was wrong?
You know why you're here?
No Madam.
I want you to help me.
The pride of men sometimes
creates problems
that only women of
intelligence can solve.
You know your father and
my husband had a fight?
No Madam.
Your father complained
against my husband
for a broken arm.
The court sentenced us
to pay him 13 million.
You know what your father did?
No Madam.
He obtained a false
certificate coroner.
You recognize that
this is not good?
Yes Madam.
No one should abuse
his position.
Anyone can be tempted to do so.
I, for example...
I could create you
problems, right?
I can, I am the director.
I can send you back,
make you redouble.
Is it true or not?
Yes Madam.
Go tell your father that you
can not pay this amount.
Even if it could, it would
not bow to bullying.
Go talk to him and come
back with good news.
Very well.
So it was?
She comes from a wealthy family?
Rather yes.
Why it is so puny?
I want to talk to you
about something.
I do not know if I can.
I beg you, do not rub
yourself with those people.
The father of the little Abbas.
Jafarabadi and
family in general.
Your husband and
you're not from here.
You do not know them.
It's a dirty breed.
Woe to him who seeks them.
This girl, you know
why it is so small?
She has 3 years younger
than his papers!
It was those of
her older sister.
Dead to 3 years.
It was his father who
killed her, Abbas.
In a tribal fight,
he banged the floor.
Then he went to tell the
police that it was the others.
And he won the case.
The guy went to prison
and was compensated him.
I do not know what to tell you.
Forget them.
Pay them, if necessary,
get it over with.
If you do not dare, my
brother can come with you.
Its good.
I was away for 4 days.
I can prove it.
I'm not saying it
was you who did it.
Look at the contract.
Is that your signature?
Warranty exclusions are there.
Burglary, neighborhood dispute,
chemical contamination.
"The analysis
results established
"That death was caused by
external contamination."
That is to say, deliberate.
So it was not an accident.
The insurance does not
cover such cases.
And then we can do nothing.
For you, this is
not an accident.
But my life is ruined.
We must not get carried away.
You have suffered damage.
We must seek the one who did it.
I understand you.
He is the chief?
I have an urgent request.
I must talk to him.
I come again.
I know you are a
respectable family man.
You are in trouble.
I talked to my boss.
I found a solution.
There is an exception clause.
For it applies, you
have two letters.
First, you must obtain
a letter from prison,
certifying your
incarceration at the time.
We know you were no longer
there, but we will manage.
Then you must go to
the power company.
Against a tip, the
employee will attest
there was a 10-hour power
cut in the area that day.
With all that, I
will go to committee
and I will get partial
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
God has a solution
for everything.
Excuse me
What do I owe you for your help?
Get out, please.
It's not worth it.
Dad, you know that
the Xbox can see us?
For example, if I
hit you for false,
Xbox shown. It's cool, right?
- It's expensive, darling.
- It's expensive?
Yes, I inquired.
Where have you seen this?
One day, mom had to do, she
left me with my boyfriend.
- When you were in Tehran.
- In Tehran?
Ah yes, in Tehran.
You must buy me, Dad?
We'll talk, my angel.
I'll buy it soon.
No empty promises, please.
I'll buy him one.
No, ma'am, nothing serious.
Just an informal talk.
This is the director of the school.
She can talk to your daughter.
- It's not good.
- What?
He does not let go.
- Today?
- No, definitely.
Pass it to me.
She hung up.
And if she was
wearing complaint?
But no.
They will marry, that's all.
You coward!
You hide in the
skirts of your wife?
If it reminds you'll
regret it all your life.
What is this about?
I want to sell my farm.
- This act is mortgaged.
- Yes.
I took a credit, two years ago.
I will lift the mortgage
from the first installment.
There is no problem.
We made a commitment to sell
with the first payment,
who can help you.
But we need a letter
of guarantee.
The balance will be paid
once the mortgage lifted.
Abbas must withdraw
the complaint.
This is a private matter.
Nothing to do with the company.
You have used all means
to have my farm.
That's it, I sell it. Your Cerberus
must withdraw its complaint.
Hello how are you?
Thank you.
It's about the property
adjoining the site...
I had the CEO.
your economic and
professional situation,
the company prefers
not to commit to you.
You do not buy?
As I have said, this
is not the time.
My client is very sensitive
to the image of the Company.
He does not want to be
told that you were in need
and he took the opportunity,
by devaluing your property.
What is your intention?
Not at all. But people
are chatting, you know.
I hurt you, I think.
I am sorry. I understand
your situation.
To help, I can buy it myself.
Of course, I do not have
the means of the Company.
I suggest 50% of their
offer last year.
Here's my card.
Think and let me know.
In the Council, we
need a strong guy,
who do not bribe.
The mayor is one of them.
They bought it.
I can not. I am exhausted.
Accept and take
care of everything.
For compensation Abbas
declared insolvent yourself.
Your credit is public money.
Fat paw to officials and
they arrange you this.
Removing your complaint to fish
and make yourself compensate.
It takes the piss.
Do not get drafted.
Otherwise, they take our land.
You turn off your cell phone?
No more battery.
Could not you warn me that Abbas
had come here this morning?
For you to come protect me?
All you do falls on us.
Sahand fought at school.
What happened?
He injured the son of the chief of police.
He's at the hospital.
He will not tell me.
We need you to go
to school tomorrow.
It becomes your copy.
Your wife is the director
of high school for girls.
We are colleagues.
And you, I know you.
You may remember, when
you arrived in Tehran
we were in college together.
I was the promo before yours.
And then I heard about
your recent problems.
It's small, here,
everything is known.
All this to tell you
I speak knowingly.
Do not take it wrong.
But your son seems to
lack of education.
He is rebellious.
What makes you say that?
I told you.
I still have ten
years of experience.
I was a teacher, supervisor
and headmaster recently.
By dint, I became a
child psychologist.
This is the first time
he has these problems.
Hopefully this is the last.
But he badly messed up
one of his comrades.
Nine stitches, anyway.
Your son.
I talked to him.
He said he complained
to the supervisor
things said by this boy.
Nothing was done.
He did not seek a fight.
He went when the boy
blocked his path.
Sahand wanted to spend.
The other fell.
It was an accident.
That's what he told you.
Sahand never lies.
Asghari, CM1.
Asghari principal's office.
Our problem is that
all parents believe
their children are perfect.
And they forget
their first models, it's them.
I should teach him to
turn the other cheek?
You did not change.
The same as college.
You think you're a hero.
I would say that you pay
again bullshit of the time.
You got fired.
And today, you
struggle in shit fish.
You come here tails
between their legs.
I must tell you:
does not force the kid
to become like you.
I can?
Lobby, Asghari.
Tells how Sahand
lashed to his comrade.
On returning in the evening,
I saw that struck Sahand Ali.
I wanted to go to
him to stop him.
He took a stone
and hit it with Ali.
If you can not get to
apologize, I do it for you.
But I do not want to apologize.
As his father did not call,
your issue is not settled.
Apologize, get it over with.
You want to be returned?
I have enough trouble as it is.
Do not add.
We're going to the police. You
ask forgiveness from his father.
He called the manager and
we talk about it no more.
Come on.
- I want to see the chief.
- That is why?
It's personal.
He is not there. He
went on a mission.
- Where?
- At the cemetery.
You can not pass.
- I would like to see your leader.
- He is busy.
- It will be long?
- I do not know.
I can wait here?
If you want. But I
think he has a point.
Thank you.
This is the horror
of this morning.
What happened?
A non-Muslim died.
We are here to
prevent bury here.
She committed suicide.
A high school girl.
They returned, and
she killed herself.
Why not bury it here?
A non-Muslim can not be
buried in a Muslim cemetery.
You fear that the
boosts to go to heaven?
Be careful what you say.
You are Muslim, right?
Stand back!
The body returns
to the mortuary.
- Until when?
- We warn you.
Stay here. When you get
back it will be packed.
Yes sir.
- Hello.
- What are you doing here?
I came with my son.
To apologize.
We must reframe this kid.
Bring him to the position.
Come on!
The chest.
The neck.
Under the chin, washes well.
The interior too.
Well, now face.
Stronger than that.
And your shoulders.
The other.
Behind the neck.
The hair. Rub well.
Come underwater.
Rub well.
Rinse the foam in your ears.
All right, my son?
I have not come to fight.
But to ask for forgiveness.
You're a wuss.
First Watch your wife
drags in people.
Then you come.
Go away!
It's okay?
What is happening?
Abbas tells things about you.
What is he saying?
Where did you go hang out?
What are you talking about?
We can know what are you doing?
Do not speak to me like that.
Answer me! Where he saw you?
I went to Samavat about school.
I forbid you to go
to that bastard!
It was for school, I tell you.
Samavat is highly placed,
influential, rich!
It is our last resort...
He mingles not my life, asshole!
You fucked us in the
shit and you complain?
Why refuse help?
Why are you so stubborn?
You got all screwed up.
That's enough!
Reza! I did not know that
Abbas worked for Samavat.
Not even that was
Samavat of the Company.
The school's roof was leaking.
I had no budget.
He offered to help.
I went to get the
check and advice.
Listen to me!
You know what?
You let off steam on me.
Do not you manage to cope.
It's always the same, you
create problems and thou bars.
If you do not have shoulders
to settle, let me do.
The compensation, it must pay.
There is the legal certificate.
Nothing can be done.
This is a bogus certificate.
He never had a broken arm.
I have a witness.
The show will cost more
than the compensation.
As for your complaint
about the fish,
I see no solid proof.
It's a personal grudge.
I can prove it.
What you need to prove is
that he killed your fish.
You have an eyewitness?
A surveillance camera?
He left traces?
So you can not prove anything.
In your place, I would do
peace with my neighbor.
I would save my time,
my money and my energy.
- Who is here?
- Hi, I'm Reza.
A friend of Omid.
He no longer lives there.
Excuse me. You'd
have his address?
Yet I have told Omid work
his social intelligence.
The Emotional Quotient, EQ.
Penniless, with a teacher salary
and a family, what took him?
What he wanted to change?
What could change?
Lecturing to his students,
to find himself in jail,
leaving a family in the lurch.
Nowadays, the best we can do,
is to raze the walls.
You keep an eye on the dollar.
And you synchronous remains.
- What drink?
- A black.
- Hello, where is Sara?
- In the car.
Hurry up.
What are you doing here?
They came to take him at night.
The owner did not want trouble.
He transferred us.
My translations do
not make me live.
You should have warned me.
For you to do what?
All her friends have dropped.
They all had an excuse.
I thought you knew,
you'd end up coming.
I knew nothing.
I was very busy lately.
We all have our problems.
What they accused?
According to you?
Endangering national security.
Propaganda against the regime.
It will look in 6 years.
6 years?
And it will no longer teach.
Remember to plant, Omid and you,
you are arrested for protesting
against the quality of meals.
You remember what you
told me, once released?
That in this country, it is necessarily
either oppressor or oppressed.
There were no other options.
But you've found another.
You left in the North.
You created your farm, a family.
You are not busy you another.
I have a dream,
is being able to translate a
book for fun, without anxiety.
You saw when the last time?
Last week. They left
me a few minutes.
He started a novel.
I want the strength to Omid.
Cut the engine.
You do not want to go about it?
I beg your pardon.
This is not enough.
We have to speak.
Our life collapses.
I beg your pardon. What
wrong have I done?
What do you have?
Cut the engine.
I decided to solve everything.
Screaming like that?
I need 500,000.
To do what?
I must have them.
I do not have them.
- I must have them!
- I do not have them!
- We'll talk tonight.
- He takes me now!
Where wilt thou
that I find them?
In this great school,
there is not the money?
What you a merchant?
I need that money.
I will repay.
It's my turn.
Too strong! Two - zero!
You're cheating. You
play with both hands.
Who was it?
The son of Abbas.
He wanted what?
Abbas was arrested
on a drug case.
That does not
concern us, though?
Take Sahand and going
to your brother.
But why?
These people are dangerous.
Even to their own children.
You wanted me to fight?
I fight.
Go get business.
Since the arrest of Abbas,
speaking only of you.
You must act quickly.
It will be released
in a few days.
It will be enraged.
Go tell Samavat
you know that Abbas
him book his opium.
You do not want to get
him into trouble,
but if the company
continues to support Abbas
they will all be involved
in drug trafficking.
Threatens it.
He will be forced to turn Abbas.
What comes to Samavat there?
Samavat is the Company itself.
This is the real boss.
PRISON CENTER RASH You remember me?
I was there a few days.
You said I could come see you.
There were how many?
Three grams.
So, 2 million fine, 70 lashes
and five years in prison.
But he can escape.
If this is his first time.
It's the case.
If you pay it out in a week.
One week?
You're his partner?
You're afraid that you balance?
I told you, this is my friend.
I'll introduce a guy
tomorrow in court.
He shall you this.
There is something else.
It is a mess. It's been
40 years that smoke.
Without that, it will not hold.
Tell him Samavat greet.
He takes care of everything.
You want the sauce?
Good evening.
Go with your uncle.
- You enter?
- No, thank you.
So see you soon.
Let me go. I need clothes.
It will take a few days.
Take care of yourself.
If you mouftes I
kidding screwed.
I hesitate for you.
And I will say that
you were paid.
So do not look for me.
Mind your own business.
Though you want to
tile, I owe you.
Thanks for coming.
My condolences.
My condolences.
You did well to come.
We do not suspect you.
I will make you the mayor.
Thank you for giving us rid of him.
But open your eyes wide.
Whoever killed your fish for
you mount against Abbas
is around, watch out.
You've got fire?
What a strange world.
We do not know what awaits us.
Samavat has a new offer.
Things have changed.
It seeks to replace Abbas.
Instead of buying your farm,
we suggest you represent
the Company in the region.
Think about my proposal.
Adaptation: Massoumeh Lahidji
Sous-titrage: Unit
Translated from French to English by
Wasim Sabeel Uddin Ahmed (India)