Les Miserables (1995) Movie Script

Forgive me, Lord. Forgive me.
I didn't want to be such a bastard.
Little Chimney Sweeper!
Little Chimney Sweeper
Little Chimney Sweeper!
Little Chimney Sweeper
Come back little Chimney Sweeper.
Please Forgive me!
Please Forgive me!
Little Chimney Sweeper!
Ladies and Gentlemen. Our century is about to end.
Let us bid it farewell during it's last few moments.
I wish you all a happy new year...
...and above all a happy new century.
A very happy century. - Happy century
Widowhood...For how long?
Until I find the next one.
You still wish to marry me?
For men marriage is a game. For women it is their lives.
People marry less and less.
More misery in the this century.
First i saw the day.
Then days go by.
Rainy days. Ordinary days.
I was ten. Then I was twenty.
Who remembers? T'was a while ago.
I grew up, I don't know how.
Winter came, then spring.
Came the war, came the Germans.
I saw people dance... So many people.
I saw old friends. I saw the military and the militants
I saw a penny become a buck.
'Twas yesterday, along time ago.
I saw buildings soar.
I saw intrigues and love stories.
I never talked about my life.
I knew it was forever.
Gone are the street carols, the street girls the street life.
I saw it all on the screens.
I even saw children killing children.
And I found the world to be unbelievable...
...and then just plain miserable.
The police are after you. - You said I was here?
No but I took your bags and your travel wallet just in case.
Excuse me, but I must leave.
You leave it, you loose it.
There just aren't very many count like you...
Am I for real? - More than real. It'd be a pity to stop.
I mean counts like you are a dream.
A legionary count. - That s it!
Everybody believed I was. Even me!
May be it's in your lineage?
Who knows? Family trees are intricate.
A real count wouldn't be as swift as you. It really helps you sparkling.
It helps. - Some real ones look real fake. I've seen them.
You meat your wife in my house? - That is right sir.
That is why you can ask me to do anything you want.
How old is your daughter.
It's a boy.
5 years old. Just like the cinematograph.
May he be as successful.
Thanks Henri. I'm glad you remembered the wallet.
If anything happens to me, it's yours.
Why are you saying that sir?
We're lucky we only had one flat tyre.
They made such progress with tyres...
Hands up! I said: Hands up!
Drop your gun.
It wasn't me. - I saw the whole thing.
I was suicide.
And the gun?
I didn't do it. I swear I didn't.
Henri Fortin, on the say of the ball. you said...
...one of the servants heard you...
say "It's the last time he humiliates me with his shoes."
That person your honour, has always being jealous for the counts friendship.
And Bouvier, since we are talking about him, never got over the fact that I became the counts driver.
Next time, sir!
Your shoe should be fine now.
I fixed it at both ends.
You'll waltz along just fine sir.
Yes this should be fine.
Your impression sir? - One more round.
He planed to kill himself. He said...
"If I die keep this wallet"
Your judging me on appearances.
What about the truth? The truth?
Don't say a thing. Just look nice and don't do anything foolish.
Say "Yes Sir" and "Yes Ma'am"
You see? It'll be fine.
Look at it. Pretty, eh?
Hello sir. They said there was work here.
Can you read? - No
It says "Handyman wanted"
I'm good at everything.
And him? - My son.
No, I want a man.
We left Paris along time ago and we need work. He's old enough to work and we only ask for board.
Why did you leave Paris? No work in the capital?
Help us, my husbands in prison for murdering a count. But it was suicide!
I beg you. - You learned you math?
You went under the leader. That is bad luck.
If you have problems with the police, we don't need that.
No more credit. - Please madam we are so poor.
Only for tonight. New years eve.
Naturally Mr. Bouton made eyes at Mrs. Boudin.
Naturally Mr. Bouton made eyes at Mrs. Boudin.
Therefore Mrs. Boudin made with Mr. Bouton...
... just what Mrs. Boudin made with Mr. Bouton.
Make them pay, before they get drunk. - Yes sir.
Your a cute one.
Drink up and go to bed.
Now, before the new year begins! I suggest you all do a little dancing! Lets hope than 1901 won't be so miserable.
Happy new year, honey.
Hey, cuty pie.
I'm proud of you.
Henri, I'm by the Arromanches, by the ocean.
Where life is cheaper than in Paris...
...where I found a room and board for our son...
... at the hotel "William the conqueror" named after the owner.
It's on the beach and all the people from around the area all come here to have fun.
I'll write to you often because of the priest...
who is now writing this letter...
will write them for free...
I'm ashamed to tell him I love you...
... but I know you didn't kill the count and he believes me.
About our son: I must say he is very brave...
... and helps out at the hotel
So I no longer call him Leopold, but Henri like you...
Finnish the letter.
I'm in a hurry - Yes sir.
So I no longer can him Leopold, but Henri like you.
and then? - That is all, sir.
Period then. - Thank you, sir.
no name? - Your wife, Catherine.
About our son: I must say he is very brave...
... and helps out at the hotel.
So I no longer call him Leopold, but Henri like you.
What does that mean? - He's got the same name as you.
Good idea.
I work on Sundays for an old lady farmer.
I am earning some money...
... and I'm saving it to get a lawyer to reopen your case.
... and writes just like I speak.
As an accountant, what did you count?
I worked with Mr. Eiffel up until the Eiffel tower was built.
With Mr. Eiffel? - Yes, Mr. Eiffel, Gustave Eiffel.
What happened?
The blueprints called for a building with four stories.
I screwed up the accounts.
So you pocketed the fourth floor. - Only built three.
I don't care. On the third floor I already feel sick.
What shall we write?
In you wife letter?
Say I love her. - You already did.
Yes, we'll say it today and again tomorrow.
Well that's nice and she'll says it too. So we'll say "I love you" and what else?
I love you. I love you allot... passionately, madly.
That's all? - It's important to say that.
He'll read three pages of I love you and think your a fool.
I'm not writing to him. I'm writing you my wife.
He reads it! - Tough luck.
He's vital. Like me.
I'm not asking you to think or comment.
It's monotonous - What?
May be I'm too intelligent but the art of writing is about rereading
Your wife will want to reread the letter. She'll hide it in her cloths or under her pillow. If it only says "I love you" She won't want to reread it. She'll find it boring.
She can't read. - So don't write
- I ask you to write "I love you" and you make all this fuss. - I'm not.
- Then who is? Me? - Yes
Let her put the letters where ever she wants. - "I love you" wont show the scenery.
"i love you" Shows it all
- Why do people write books then?
You don't write books. You rip off whole floors.
I don't rip off. - Yes -No
I show my love in my own way - Go tell Mr. Eiffel
Mr. Eiffel, I still respect him.
But you stole his whole floor. Is that nice? - What?
Better say I love you then steal a whole floor.
He's have forgiven me dared I have told him.
Go say "I love you to Mr. Eiffel"
I do love Gustave.
Are you one?
I love you... I love you... I love you...
It goes on like this for three pages. - Could you read it all?
Yes.... I love you, I love you...
Near the dog! Over near the dog.
Go on, dig.
Dig here and there.
Wait, there is another one.
Get out of here, arsehole! Get out of here.
Congratulations! Get him to the cage.
I, the prison friend your husband calls "Eiffel Tower" am writing today..
...will help him though this ordeal
...and he'll soon be out.
I'm sending a song inspired by our life here...a song dedicated to you.
I'm sending a song inspired by our life here...a song dedicated to you.
So, without that dog... he would have escaped?
May be.
Do you want me to sing the song? - Yes
If you ain't lucky enough... To have a dad in jail
And a mum who had the supreme decency.
To kill herself by gracefully inhaling a gas pipe.
If you've never stolen
Or picked the pockets of an innocent bystander.
There ain't nothing to forgive.
You just ain't our kind of guy.
We steal jewellery and garbage cans.
From weirdos and jokers alike.
So sorry people. This poor mans ballad.
If you ain't lucky enough
So be supremely illiterate
If you don't know plated handcuffs
From golden cufflinks.
If you've never broken the law
Or the virtue of a poor maiden
They can never convict you, lad
Everybody should be so lucky.
Behold the jails the stockades. Behold the guillotines sharp blade
So sorry good people. This is a poor mans ballad!
Next time it's the guillotine.
What's going on? - I want to love you too!
Don't say that!
You'll be better off with me than at the hotel.
I'll protect you.
I must find someone else to read my letters.
When will you visit your husband?
when I get permission. - I'm sorry
The writer, is he teaching you how to write?
You silly. - Your not answering.
I am answering.
But why all these questions? Who cares?
You'll have to learn to live without me.
It was a miscarriage of justice. They'll find out one day.
He needs a farther. I can't do that.
That's a horrible thing to ask! I can't do it.
You can.
Your strong. - No, no I'm not.
Not now...
You are.. You're beautiful.
I don't care...
I'll cherish this image.
I don't want to forget you.
Let fate deicide. Who knows?
When are you leaving?
On the next boat.
Shouldn't I come to cayenne?
Isn't one jailbird enough.
What do I tell the kid?
Not to trust anyone.
Jean Valjean's Escape.
Where's the kid? He's not working.
Maybe he's working outside.
Get him to work. Yes, sir.
Weird how he vanishes every time we play a movie.
Find the kid? - Yes sir, he is in the bathroom.
He's a bit sick
No sick people here. I'm not a doctor and I ain't paying no doctor.
In the mine, there is an underground river and a well.
Between the two there is about 50 yards of underground water.
It'll take about two minutes to cross swimming. Without breathing.
Then climb up the well. - Climb up a 300 foot well?
We'll see about that later.
The hardest thing is to manage the 2 minutes without breathing.
85, 86, 07, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93
I can't.
come on, 90 seconds ain't the end of the world.
I managed to do it. Lets try again
Okey, okey! Anyone here wants to take my champion?
Nobody? 100 bits to whoever beats my champ!
100 bits! the champ is tired.
He's getting tired. 100 bits. Cash!
Me, sir.
Come over. It's his decision. He's a courageous little boy!
Wait. Wait. 20 bits, if you can hit him. Anywhere!
Eiffel Towers coming back.
100 big ones to but a rope in the well.
Say what? - 100 big ones to put a rope in the well.
Where's the money?
In Paris.
You pay up fount.
How will you reach the well?
In the mine, after work. Just leave us.
How many of you?
That's 200
He wants 200.
You got it?
Unless my wife spent it.
You said you'd give me more.
More! Your a greedy one.
No, sir, But lawyers cost allot.
Then listen. I know people who'd pay allot for hair like yours.
Yes, and if you want more, much more...
and I can introduce you to some fine people.
People? - Yes and we can share.
Listen, the man I told you about is here.
A notary. Almost like a lawyer.
Yes, sir. - Go ahead
Four glasses at once. That's good.
Keep an eye on her. Any problem just call me.
Come on, help me.
Go ahead.
There's no rope.
There is no rope...
You okey?
I can't Henri. I can't.
I can't any more.
It's slippery.
Henri, help me! - I've got you. - I'm slipping.
I can't any more. - Don't let go.
Henri I can't!
Henri, I'm slipping. Help me.
Come on you can do it.
I can't hold on. - Use both hands Mr. Eiffel.
Hold on damn it. - I'm can't
Mr. Eiffel!
To the cage!
Let's go.
Go and get your mother. Someone's waiting for her.
Mum, someone's here to see you.
Ma'am, we regretfully inform you that...
...that while attempting to escape from jail...
...your husband passed away today, at Fort Jouz
What is your mother up to now?
Come on gentlemen, let's go!
Fortin! Fortin! Fortin!...
Go on!
Anyone that was in the Verdun hospital remembers that day clearly.
It was snowing when the kid Marcel and his opponent...
...privet second class, Henri Fortin entered the makeshift ring.
The fight was for the benefit of the wounded and the war widows.
There, Henri Fortin, aged 23... experienced his first three minutes of happiness.
That moment changed his life.
It gave him the courage to leave his childhood manager.
Who, had used his strength and abused his innocence...
...to the point of not letting the boy go to school.
Stop! Stop!
Ladies and gentlemen! I have just now being informed... that the was is over!
For the record, they stopped fighting on that day of peace.
Three weeks later, Henri Fortin became a middleweight champ.
He kept his title for 13 years. Until 1931.
But that's another story.
May I disturb you?
Please do.
The manager said he's never seen a critic applauded. I just wanted to thank you.
I just do this to pay my way though collage.
It will be published in the morning?
Yes, ma'am. I could read you some.
Yes, please.
"Tonight at the Oprah, we saw the umpteenth performance of Cosette...
...but alas a Cosette without Cosette."
We cannot understand why they made a star out of Elise Renoir...
... whose clumsiness and blunt point work makes us all nostalgic for the great Anna Pavlova.
Why did you applaud then?
Because maybe, I'm not reading the review.
Will you really print this?
As well as the rest you didn't let me finish.
I'm sure that if victor Hugo had known you, he would have wanted...
...to be a choreographer or something like that.
That's funny.
Here, this is yours.
I'd keep it... - Keep it, keep the pen too...
You keep the flowers.
I don't dare ask who their from?
Isn't it a bit early to be jealous?
The same night Henri Fortin gave up boxing,,,
After a dreadful fight that almost left him blind.
It's was 1931 and we are a few years away from Frances most miserable times...
...and Henri Fortin's painful rebirth.
Henri Fortin - Boxing champion movers.
Anyone can beat a black man in the snow.
They beat the hell out of you.
Be careful! Great pianists have played this piano.
Yes, sir.
What's the solution, your eminence?
There's only one solution. Release the hostages.
Terrorists - Hostages
Hostages which you picked at random.
Terrorists, who killed three of my officers in the subway.
Push this way.
Lift it!
Are you right my son? - Yes farther.
Let me explain what's going on in my time.
It is a wicked plot by a tyrant or traitor.
...against people who are somewhat normal, indifferent and very kind.
and then.. but it's... calm down you seem awfully flustered.
It's about the maidens.
Like the maidens lover who wishes to ruin the traitors plot and...you know
That's his story? - Yes, I just said that
That's Jean Valjeans story. But a bit shorter than victor Hugos novel.
I made it short and snappy unlike victor Hugos' novel which is full of hole and inconsistency's, where as my story.
People have being calling me Jean Valjean.
That's because your strong.
Strong? - Yes, strong. It happened at a time...
It was quite a period some time ago...
A horse and carriage got stuck in the mud.
He lifted it up to save a guy who had being trapped under underneath.
That's why. I lifted a piano recently
A guy was caught underneath.
Yes, I mean. In the day horse drawn carriages where fashionable.
Now it's pianos.
Do you know someone who could read your book?
I'm sorry Mrs. Ziman
Dancers of Jewish origins are no longer allowed to perform.
You know I'm catholic.
Yes, but you converted to Judaism...
... to marry.
Your right.
I'm a double Jew. And I'm very prod of that.
She will replace me?
In order to remain objective, radio Paris has invited the vice-president...
...Of the anti-Jewish Press association, to share his views.
Then what, dad? - Coming.
"One day John Quixote, saw 20 or 30 windmills, 20 or 30 windmills" period.
"looking at his squire he said: colon open quotes...
We happened? - The shows cancelled.
Just for you? - What do you think?
What about the house in Normandy?
Hi, Honey, how are you. Studying?
I looks like I have a contact in Switzerland...
To help us at the border.
You want to run away?
I'm no hero Elise. I'm too soft for the resistance.
I only want to save you.
What did you do to be hated so much?
Our concierge who knows her stuff keeps saying:
"You Jews are either all good or all bad, no middle ground"
If your not a bad Jew, you did what Jesus did you switch religions.
Funny then expect to be crucified.
I already am. I'm married to you.
So am I - Happy birthday - It's not my birthday.
The marshal wants us to celebrate mothers day every year.
Every year?
To forget the husbands at war.
It's pretty, I'll always keep it.
If the concierge asks, you don't know where your going.
Last trip. - Your driving the truck? - Yes
We wanted to take the train. But with all the checkpoints...
Shall I give her the keys? - Yes.
The truck isn't comfortable.
We're after safety.
Okey then use the truck then. - Thank you, sir.
Without the new address I can't forward the mail.
I write to you when I get it.
You know you can't trust some people?
I know Mrs. Martin. Thanks.
Your leaving for good? - Yes.
I'm driving them. Take the train. - What?
Take the train. Here are the tickets.
1st class, thanks!
Thank you. Good luck good luck.
What do we do?
I was a lawyer and my wife a dancer, until two weeks ago.
Up till last week?
That's why if we hit a checkpoint. You must let us off and we'll cut through a field.
No problem? Can you do me a favour?
Of course. Could you read this to me?
It's big. - Just have a go.
Tell me about Jean Valjean. People say I'm like him.
In this book everyone looks like everyone.
It's full of people you've always known.
Can you tell me about Cosette?
I danced her 49 times.
How can I put it?
The story begins with a mistake.
Jean Valjean is sent to prison for stealing a loaf of bread.
It may seem odd but stealing bread was a major crime back then.
Those where miserable days. Almost as miserable as these days.
So he was jailed at Cayenne.
Wasn't it Toulon, dad?
Your right, honey. Thanks.
Poor Jean Valjean, he wasn't lucky enough...
...or rich enough to get a good lawyer.
He got 19 years of hard labour.
And after 19 years he got his freedom back.
If you call it freedom.
Back in those days when they set a prisoner free...
... They gave them a prisoners passport.
He had to have it stamped where ever he went.
A bit like the yellow star our people have to ware today.
On night on the road, Jean Valjean...
Tired and unable to find board...
...knocked on a bishops door.
A move that made his new destiny and made in a new man.
Come in!
I was told to knock here.
Could I please have some soup and a place to stay? I can pay.
Come in sir.
My name is Jean Valjean. In an ex-convict.
Yes ma'am, hard labour.
My passport says "Dangerous"
That's the lords business.
Hand me your things.
Mrs. Maglorie. Please set a new plate.
We'll be eating shortly.
And while your eating sir. We'll make your bed.
You will let me eat? and call me sir?
Mrs. Maglorie. In honour of our guest. Go the the cupboard and get the silver candle sticks.
You must be surprised to see so much wealth...
...When I should be the poorest man around.
But the cutlery and the candle sticks come from my grandmother.
And they are dear to me.
Lord, please give us your blessings.
... for the food you have supplied us.
In the name of the farther and of the son and the holy ghost. Amen.
Hand me your plate sir.
Ma'am Maglorie. Don't forget to put the white linen on the bed in the alcove.
You majesty
The man is gone and he stole the silverware.
Why on earth would you take such a man in?
Lucky he didn't cut our throats too.
Lucky I placed the candle sticks in my room.
Sir look at what this man was carrying.
We checked his passport and searched him.
We knew you had a supper at your place and we found and arrested him.
But... why didn't you tell them sir? That I had given them to you?
And more over you forgot the candle sticks.
I'd given them you you too.
Why didn't you take them too?
Ma'am, go get the gentleman candlesticks.
Go get them.
You gave him these? - Of course.
I had nothing else to offer.
So, can we let him go?
But of course!
Return his goods.
Take them...
please sir.. and no longer be part of evil but good.
"It's your soul that I'm buying"
Good priest. - He's a bishop.
To boot!
Looks like a checkpoint.
Are you sure? - Sure looks like one.
Cut through the field, we'll meet further down.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir. - Goodbye, sir.
We'll continue later.
What's the house like? - Ready to move in to.
Many people people can't read?
More people than you think. But that doesn't stop them being nice.
Can the gentleman still go to school?
After the war we'll teach him. You'll study together.
After the war. I'll take us sports. I'm winded.
Thank you.
Thank you, I owe you more than Jean Valjean owed the bishop.
What happened next? - Where are we up to?
He just got the candle sticks.
Then comes the chimney sweep. - Come on get it.
It was a real checkpoint. - We fooled them.
Who's the chimney sweep? -I'll tell you later.
I like this truck.
Excuse me - My coin sir.
What coin? - Under your foot.
Buzz off. - My coin.
Buzz off!
Buzz off!
Hey, little chimney sweep!
Chimney Sweep!
Your coin!
Your coin!
Please forgive me!
Little chimney sweep.
See that furniture?
Doesn't go with the house.
Goes too well you mean?
I'm almost certain they are Jews.
Easy to find out.
There, that's the last piece.
We're done Mr. Ziman.
Here sir. I made you a sandwich.
Very kind of you. So what happened after the chimney sweep?
I told you. After that he became obsessed with good deeds.
He sold the silverware.
Not the candlesticks - Your right.
What that?
A hairpin.
Read it!
"The Germans are here to arrest the Jews. Signed... A caring friend.
Come on! We have to leave.
- The furniture!
Drop us off at the station.
What's going on? - Just drop us off at the station.
You can't just leave the furniture. - Please, to the closest station.
Hello, is this the police?
I want to report a moving truck.
It has "Henri Fortin, boxing champion" written on it.
It's transporting Jews.
If I pay you 10,000 francs , would you drive us to the border?
I've got a contract, I'll pay your men to return via train.
We're moving all week long. - 20,000?
I'd move a circus for that price. But I have my commitments.
On the road, I'd have time to read "The Miserables"
It's just beginning to get good with Gavroche...
Cosette, Javert, Marius, Fantine and Th?nardiers...
Who? Th?nardiers.
Who's that? - It's you, me and everyone, when they get angry we become Th?nardiers.
Over here Ma'am.
Do you know anyone who could keep my girl for awhile? I've got a job in town.
That's a cute little girl. What's here name?
Cosette ma'am. - What a lovely little name.
Do you have any? - My two little angels.
They are yours? - Me and my husbands.
They are lovely. Could you take care of her?
How old was Cosette?
When Mrs. Fantine left her: 3.
When Madeleine feed her: 7 or 8
Same as when I arrived at the Guillaumes.
This is really my story.
The history of the world is only 2 or 3 stories repeating themselves.
Yes, but I'm both Cosette and Jean Valjean... It's powerful.
Wait. You lost me.
When you talk about Fantine, I think of my mother.
The Th?nardiers are just like the Guillaumes.
So, Cosette, has to be me.
But as long as your not Javert.
Your only sure there is 2 or 3 stories?
How may times have the Jew had to hit the road?
And then? - Things got much worse for Fantine.
She had to sell her hair, teeth and even her own body.
She died of sorrow. - Incredible.
So how old where you?
8 or 8 years old.
Like Cosette.
The boys want to go home. They've being away for two years.
In Belgium, in Waterloo..It wasn't called that yet.
So the emperor...
I don't like this. What are you doing behind me?
I don't like having people stand behind me.
Since Waterloo I've hated it.
We had English in front and from behind.
English in front and from behind.
They were everywhere. And English people are not nice people.
They're cruel.
Get water. Take the bucket and get some water.
"suddenly the bucket seemed very light....
...an enormous hand was grabbing it and lifting it up.
She looked up. A tall figure was walking beside her in the darkness.
With her keen instincts...
...The child felt no fear...
let me carry this little girl...
Come on.
How old are you? - Eight sir.
Where are your folks? - I don't know, sir.
You name? - Cosette, sir.
Where do you live? - At the Th?nardiers.
Anyone home?
What's up? - I need gas.
We open at 6.
Tell him well pay him. - Well pay you well.
What's well?
What's well? - Anything he wants.
What's well? -10,000 francs
You asked for it. - Say it's okey.
Okey then. He's a Th?nardier.
You seem to be a generous man. To do good one must be generous.
10 gold coins - You hear that ma'am.
He's offering 20 gold coins for all our suffering.
Selling our daughter for 30 coins would be a sin.
50 gold coins and she leaves now.
If you offer 50 gold coin so easily you can manage 100.
Ma'am kindly pack her belongings.
Here's an order which authorises me to take her now.
Who will vouch for it? - Me
Who are you?
Mr. Madeline. Mayor of Montreal.
Fetch her stuff or I'll have you arrested.
Don't take it like that. We agree, don't we?
Of course we do.
"Cosette didn't know where she was heading, or with who...
All that she understood is that she was leaving the Th?nardiers
Nobody though of saying goodbye...
nor had she though of saying goodbye to anyone.
She was leaving...
... leaving the house in which she hated for years.
In her heart, she felt something.
something as if she where getting closer to god.
sign: "Boarding school for girls"
and then?
And then he took her to a convent.
What is your name? - Salome Fortin
What grade?
I'm in 5th grade at Mozart high.
Your old enough for communion.
Yes, ma'am.
About you sir? Are you religious?
am I? Religious?
Yes, ma'am. I go to church every week. I take the girl too.
Yes, I am a believer. I real am.
If I weren't a believer I wouldn't have come here.
Has she studied catechism? - Yes!
Well.. she started, right?
She's shy. She's normally more talkative.
Tell the mother you studied catechism.
I studied catechism. - See.
Your not worried that she's starting midterm?
No... So long as she starts I think it will be good for her.
Will you be able to see your daughter often?
Oh yes, when ever I can.
You brought her up on her own?
Yes, Like a boy.
So I wasn't you to make a girl out of her.
Right Salome? You'd like that?
We'll make her into a girl.
Why are you doing this?
What's the use in crying now?
Why all the screaming?
We are helping our child...
...by destroying each other...
He's a good man. It's a good school.
Salome will be saved.
Your a pain in the neck. Your always afraid..
Now I'm the one who's afraid. Cute!
Your a coward...
You see me in the resistance?
No way! No way!
If I join the resistance it'll all be over.
They'll be arrested within 5 minutes.
You coward. Your scared shitless.
I'm not a coward, I'm a Jew. It's obvious.
If I go to see our daughter in a catholic school...
...They'll know immediately that she is Jewish.
Your so scared. You like to think like that.
Now what. What do we do?
Since your so smart and strong what do we do?
Divorce, that's what we do.
Divorce, That's a grate way to save Salome.
That is a great idea. I can change my name back and rejoin the opera...
And get my daughter back. I want my daughter back.
You have many borders?
Before the war up to 500 of them.
Now there is only 21, thanks to Salome.
Well I leave you in your capable hands. Goodbye Salome.
No kiss for daddy.
Goodbye baby.
I'll get going.
Take care on the road. - I will. - You'll come back oftern?
Very often.
Salome, say the our farther for me very quickly.
Are you sure about he school?
No problem it's under control.
Lets get back to "Les Miserables"
We where Javert.
How can I put it Madeleine
Madeleine, he has redeemed himself.
Say, Mr. Madeline, otherwise he might think he's a she.
I'm not brain damaged.
Between the two of you I'm getting confused.
Mr. Madeline
Let me put it this way. Javert, really likes Jean Valjean.
That's his problem.
His also pulled...
...By the friendship he feels with the guy.
It's like a boxer you fought, but still respect.
But Javert is still a cop.
He's a cop - I don't like that.
Do you feel good about the sister superior?
I do. Just like the bishop in the book.
Which god is real? Your or dads?
Why are the prayers different?
Because he loves to hear prayers.
It must be here. Your sawmill
You want me to drive you?
It's safer to spilt up here.
Well as they say... - May I kiss you?
My pleasure.
Well let me kiss you as well.
If you pick up our furniture, keep the antique draws.
Which one is it? - The most beautiful.
You've paid me more than enough.
Call it my candle stick.
Bye Valjean.
Dress warm. There's snow up top.
The doll. Your kid forgot the doll in my van!
It doesn't matter.
Be careful of the Javerts, they're worse than the Germans.
I'll wait, in case your contact isn't any good.
Do you remember the password?
Good morning sir. "Our best days are yet to come"
That ain't enough -"Buffalo bill son doesn't shoot as well as his farther"
You know the deal? - Yes.
My wife.
Ma'am, I'll introduce you to your travelling companions.
Your in luck. They're leaving tonight.
Mrs. Ziman, my wife.
You said a moving truck holding Jews? - Yes, sir.
There he is! Move the checkpoint down the road!
I'll make him talk.
Are you going by Pontarlier? Can you give me a ride.
Can you read? - Read? yes.
Welcome aboard.
Why ask people if they can read?
I like people to read to me.
Here. The page is marked.
How often do you get people who can read.
It happens. There.
Where are you coming from?
Where ever.
Your a retired prize boxer?
Still healthy.
I'm trying to go to Switzerland.
You get around. Do you have a contacts to help me?
You see I'm Jewish.
Congratulations. You don't look it.
Well it's Javert. Grate character.
A great bastard?
If being a professional makes you a bastard...
...then he's the worst basted of the lot.
I'm at your disposal, Javert.
I'd rather talk in my office.
Mr. Madeleine.
Mr. Madeleine.
A man is trapped under a carriage.
Don't move. We'll get you out.
Don't stand there! The carriage is over balanced. Move back.
Pull him out!
Only one man could pull that off. Jean Valjean, a convict.
What's your job?
If I tell you, you'll think that I'm a bastard.
Meaning what?
Meaning your not only hauling furniture.
Tell me where you dropped off your load of Jews.
Load of what?
Listen mister, you better get out.
Not without you. Where are the Jews?
What's on your mind?
What's on my mind?
Nothing ages as quick as happiness.
That's on my mind.
That's pretty.
Use it on your next trial.
What next trial?
If only god would let me plead one more time.
Next time you stay underwater.
So say a prayer.
Do you believe in god?
I believe that chance and happen-stance will get me out of here.
Ah yes, keep going.
You must travel light.
Only keep you valuables.
Any questions?
Ma'am, I know it's not the best time. But could I please have your autograph?
Come on, hurry up.
Don't move.
Switzerland is over there, behind those trees.
I'll go first and check for any boarder patrols.
You stay here and watch for the signal. Three blinks means it's okey to come.
One blink mean to stay.
One, three. Got it?
Is that really Switzerland? - Yes, stay here.
Good thing we left Salome. - Yes.
They're there. About 20 of them.
Shall I signal them?
Pay attention, there are two more!
Hey, Andre, get up!
Get up! - Go on!
Let me go! Let me go!
Behind here there are two more.
Get them all into the trucks.
Get them in to the trucks!
Where are you?
Damn cows.
Where are you?
Look at what these arseholes did.
Hurry up instead of fooling around.
What's this?
I don't know, I found him when I came back.
You called?
I just got back.
Miss? Just me number 23 in Pontarlier.
Robert? Could you come right away?
It's Fran?oise. He's done something stupid while cleaning his gun.
There is blood everywhere.
I didn't. Why did you say?
He's got enough problems.
May I speak to you? - Now what?
First I would like to apologise.
Then I will hand in my resignation. - Denied.
I thought you were Jean Valjean and I ratted on you.
You don't any more? - He is in jail.
What's the truth? - That's it.
That's why I apologise and resign.
Hey, Champion. Do you hear me?
When they come for you, pretend your in coma.
I think he's in coma.
So? - It's looking good.
I spoke with a guy who works with the military.
They'll release some prisoners by faking an escape.
But that means we must work with the Germans.
50/50 - I don't get it.
50/50? - We rob whatever we want...
and share it on a 50/50 basis.
Why don't they do it themselves?
They don't know where the cash is.
These guys are mother-fuckers.
Who says they wont shoot us during the escape?
I told you, they don't know where the money lies.
This is the doc, Robert Blame. He took care of you.
We call him "fine", because he's always fine.
They call me "bill", I'll tell you why.
I saw you fight. You look the same.
Where was he? - I found him this morning.
...on the smugglers path.
I can remove the bullet. But he'll loose his leg if we don't get him to a hospital.
With his kind of ID. No hospital.
His name is Ziman. - Andre.
Don't worry Mr. Ziman. We won't take you to a hospital.
My wife...
That's good. Keep him talking.
Your wife was with you? What happened?
They shot them all.
Mr. Ziman.
My wife.
Don't worry ma'am.
Come on.
Fran?oise will take care of you.
You there take the bed over there on your left.
You there, take the bed over there and there.
The girl over there said they do experiments. - Where - There.
Honey, we had a problem crossing over into switzaland.
I'm not very athletic and when I jumped, I broke my leg.
I can't walk but some nice farmer took me in.
I can't safely give you their address but...
mummy and I are so happy that we left you in the school.
Good news? - Yes, mother.
What's wrong?
When dad writes, mum usually adds a little note too.
Next time mum will write and dad will forget the note.
Can I see the envelope?
They're still in France. Jura is in France.
Ziman, it's the doctor.
Feeling better?
I'll feel better when I hear from my family.
What's the news?
You know.
Feeling better?
How's our cripple.
Must I stay here long?
Ask the doctor.
For your safety. We made a barn where there is less traffic.
Thank you, ma'am.
Eggs and bread fingers...
Let me give you a shot.
Your being pampered. I would love breakfasts like this now and then.
I'd brake a leg for that.
I'd brake a leg for that.
I brought your things.
Thank you. - What's going on?
I'm sort of a fugitive. The police could show up.
What's that? - It's complicated.
Tell my friends that my truck has being confiscated...
... that they must find work elsewhere and I'll keep in touch.
You can stay with me. - Thanks ma'am.
... but these people saved my life...
So now I must help them.
Nobody leaves the shelter, before the alert is over.
Certainly not until it's over. Passively defend.
Go out.
It's on the right. - Where?
It's here.
Take everything that is worth anything.
What are you doing? Help us.
A regular Ali Baba's den!
Look at the books.
Do they have "The Miserables"
Hey, candlesticks. - Jewish candlesticks.
Candlesticks are candlesticks.
No. But there is a bible if your interested?
Is it good? - It's not bad.
Keep looking.
A close call.
It's the first time they've bombed Paris.
Do we always have to share with Gestapo?
Hey, great suite. We'll dress to the nines until we die.
Where we are going can I listen to the radio?
Where we are going there isn't any electricity yet. Mr. Ziman.
But I'll give you the news every morning.
Look out.
I've always being afraid of the dark.
I'll light the way.
I'm to stay here? - Yes.
I would have bought flowers but this is the best we can do.
What's this? - A Swiss invention
What for?
It makes money invisible.
Invisible money? - Yes money that doesn't exist.
I'm going the Switzerland to get money that doesn't exist.
It only exists in Geneva.
They won't give it to me. - Yes they will.
I don't want anything. Your among friends.
Ladies could you please come over to the rotunda.
It's very simple.
These gentlemen will do your hair and your make-up.
Then I'll dress you in beautiful gowns.
Be beautiful for a beautiful party.
Honey, since I can see mummy every day...
I've sent you this photo...
...But you must promise to return it to me when we meet again.
You know I love you.
I've started walking again.
...and without your mother persistence I do not know how I would cope.
Was the chicken good? - How can I thank you enough?
Ah, It's nothing. I brought you some flowers
For my daughter.
Nice weather? - Very.
I miss my daughter, wife and also the sunlight.
I understand but...
There is to much going around here to let you out.
Time to walk. - But it hurts, even more than yesterday.
By the doctor said you must walk in order to walk. Come on.
What about my stick? - I'll be your stick.
Your husbands a great guy.
Did you meet along time ago?
In Paris. For a farmers fair.
We meet in the market area.
20 years ago! Can you imagine?
It wasn't yesterday. - I can't stand.
Good thing your here. He's getting better.
Oh yeah, can you walk now?
Show me.
He's made progress.
I can't, It hurts too much.
I'll help you to your bed. - How was Switzerland?
I never thought anyone would ever hand me so much money.
I told you.
To prove your point here is your money. - No keep it.
But I went and got...
You'll get the same amount every month.
Your mad! - Every month.
Every month? - Yes, lets say that I'm investing in your farm.
There is no doubt that the gangsters who robbed the Vichy governments payroll had inside information.
Therefore both Marshall Petain and President Laval request no pity to be shown to the criminals who prey on the misery of France.
She's beautiful.
Well she's a ballerina.
That's not why.
How olds the paper? Maybe she's not so pretty now?
1930. The year they got married.
To keep track of everything your quite sharp.
Did you know he has had 25 acquittals?
Grate! I now know where to go if I kill someone.
I like him. don't fret because I'm not jealous.
At least he looks at me! -You in love?
He's nice - Your not in love?
He's charming. - I don't want a Jew in your bed.
I don't know why.
It's time to sleep.
Your starting to talk nonsense now.
Next week it's going to be busy. Don't make any appointment in Paris. Where going to lyon.
Must we share with the Krauts? - I told you so.
"The public treasury department Vichy!"
I'll be laughing till the war is over.
Your still not happy?
I'll get used to it.
How are you going to spend your cut?
I'll do what Mr. Madeleine did. Redistribute it.
Only your share if you don't mind.
That's enough.
General Von Scholtitz will arrive tonight.
My love? What is happening in Stalingrad...
...I feel as if God has switch sides...
... and that we will soon be together.
Am I disturbing you?
Francois is off in Geneva to get your money...
... and I came to keep you company.
Aren't you cold? - No, I'm fine.
Here, See what I found.
1930. She was beautiful.
I hope she still is.
Robinhood marries Cosette.
Not an easy place to find.
You live in there?
I sure happy I didn't take up boxing.
Seriously, who are these guys?
Normal guys like you and me.
So they rob trains?
There are miserable times.
Is Doc a real doctor?
He kept you alive. - Unfortunately.
Excuse me ma'am and sir. Your papers aren't in order.
This was please.
officer, sir.
Excuse me. I forgot to tell you they where travelling with me.
Why do people hate Jew so much?
Anti-Semitism is like an impotent man that blames his wife.
When the world is impotent, it blames the Jews.
Do you think Hitler was impotent? - I know he is.
He's impotent.
It even happens to me. And I'm not even an anti-Semite.
I even herd Hitler's grandpa was Jewish. That cuts you a bit short, doesn't it?
I'm already cut short.
I didn't know what Hitler's grandpa did but Hitler's very vindictive.
If I told you about Hitler's childhood...
...Cosette's would seem like a life of a holiday.
Why do you compare everything to "the Miserables" It's quite weird.
Because of a guy who couldn't read.
And because these times are the most miserable of all.
In 1937 I preform here at a concert.
I was flattered that the famous Elise Ziman came.
Why are we here?
These men are from the eastern fount. I promised them a great party.
You French?
Why the uniform? - Well because...
..the Germans honour the good French.
Must I sleep with you.
That would be a good idea if you want to survive.
I'd prefer it if you where a German. - Me too.
You know what I mean.
The women here have being chosen for a good reason.
Are you okey? - Fine, no one wants me.
I must phone my daughter.
Mr. Ziman. The General invites you to a privet dinner.
This way please.
Mr. Ziman. Don't do that again. Or I'll send you away.
Arrest her.
Have I hurt your feelings?
Do you realize what your asking me to do?
Don't move. I won't touch you Don't move. I won't even help you walk. Nopt that you need me anyway.
So what if we did. You married but she's not here.
Maybe you won't see her again. Maybe you will, but maybe you won't.
Today's today. Not yesterday. The Jews and Moses and all. I don't care.
Everyone is going to die. I might even die tomorrow.
All I want is time without borders.
Maybe we could... It's all here in the air.
We don't need any...
I mean, if we all had to live like this all the time we'd...
I didn't have any of it... May be you did.
Fine but I'm just a regular jerk.
Fine... but I gave what I had.
So don't bullshit me. Well never meet again.
I don't want to cheat on your wife. I can't cheat on anyone.
You could be dead. But your alive.
Your here, you jerk. And my husband the other jerk likes you and is jealous.
And your here and I'm still a woman. Over here.
That's all. All I wasn't is for this to go away, fast.
Well spend the nigh here to avoid any suspicion.
... then I'll try to get you out of here.
I don't get it. - That's okey.
Who are you? - Not one of them.
Children must stay with their mothers.
Men must disband behind the building to the right.
...on earth as is in heaven.
Give us our daily bread.
And forgive our trespasses..
... and forgive those who trespass against us.
You! Say the prayer alone! - What do you mean?
We where told you where hiding a Jewish girl.
On my holy world, I swear that there isn't a Jewish girl here.
Say the prayer alone.
Thou farther who art in heaven. Hallow be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us our daily bread and forgive our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.
Deliver us from evil. Amen.
What this? an inn?
I'm tired.
I'm hungry.
Well? - I think I saw this when I was a kid.
No way. It's a 30's film. I'm leaving because I've seen it before. Don't exit during the intermission.
Didn't you hear me?
I'm a convict. Out of hard labour.
19 years of hard labour. "Considered dangerous"
Intermission is over. - Don't ask too much.
Tonight during the alert, people are going to rob your building.
Friends of the Gestapo.
So hide your valuables and warn your neighbours.
Answer me Marius.
Answer me. It's not a bad wound.
He'll heal. But only if you can make him happy.
Your leaving? What have I done?
No baby! You mustn't. You mustn't.
Marius, I scared. What's going on?
Why won't you kiss me?
Yes farther. Why won't you kiss her?
Oh, Farther.
Hold me tight.
Lyon is off. - What's up?
The Krauts where licked in the east...
... and the allies where landing.
We have a few days to switch sides.
What's that mean?
We have a few hours left to be heroes.
How is it? - The second half is a bit much.. Gavroche dies, Marius saves him. Valjean saves Marius. Valjean saves Javert who kills himself.
Like us in the resistance.
Wait! My contacts in Normandy.
Where you grew up?
What's one more coincidence?
Good weather. - Good for us.
Good for the Krauts. Hi kids.
Your late. I like to eat on time.
Hi, precious.
Come in.
Miss perfume.
You want to drink Milou?
I can't stand your perfume.
So stop wearing it or I'll start opening my mouth.
I've got things to say. Things people would like to hear.
He's just in a bad mood.
Yes, I'm in a bad mood. Sit down and stay for lunch.
A Chandelier. - See that.
And a radio. We won the lottery.
What's this? - In case they land we want to treat them well.
Sorry we're late. We had a family lunch.
So it dragged on. - Did you see the paper?
They'll land near Calais. I know they will.
What's wrong?
More bad news?
Goodnight. Go on home.
Something bound to happen soon.
Something will defiantly happen soon.
You'll see. Something will definably happen soon. I'm sure of it.
They'll land near Calais
As you can here. Everything is fine and I'm singing.
I'll keep you posted every half hour.
The pigeon loft is where I lived.
With pigeons? - Yeah, Who crap on you.
This is Krauts heaven. - You lived here long?
Us till 1920. Until I realised my manager was ripping me off.
As soon as the wars over you'll meet my son. His your age.
Now this is one hell of a surprise gentlemen!
Have a drink. I'll be along.
Nothings changed. Except for the customers.
You want a drink?
Do you still have the bosses cider?
Marius, two ciders. Say that again?
Marius two ciders.
Are you the real Marius? - Yes, sir.
Here's to you. - Yes, sir.
This is my son, My pride. - My Gavroche.
Nothing. How about your brother.
He left... with my wife.
He fought at Dunkirk. He fought a good war.
Don't you wonder why I'm back after 25 years?
You wanted to see me?
Come on.
They are in the resistance.
We want a view over the sea.
Things are happening tonight.
What do you see? Over there?
They come here for the booze.
I can't stop all that drinking.
Coffee ready, sir.
Do you live in the pigeon loft?
I like you more and more.
Hurry up everyone. Into the shelter. No laughing.
If Th?nardier doesn't open the sewer door. Marius dies.
If Th?nardier doesn't save Cosette from starvation.
Then there is no Cosette, no Marius and no love story.
No Th?nardier, no love story.
They say that Th?nardier is an angel. Sent by the lord.
He's horrible with his kids. Are you kidding?
Not with his kids. With kids.
No wonder your wife left.
I'm not saying that he is not a scumbag.
I'm saying that he was sent by God.
What a great story. - You can't read between the lines.
I can't read. - They all praise Jean Valjean.
He hasn't got a family of a wife that loves him.
So Valjean is nothing and Th?nardier is the good guy?
Exactly! - Come on.
His wife loves him.
And Gavroche? - Gavroche is his son.
They are family, family and country.
And what he did to Cosette?
He saved her. - From what?
What is it mother?
Angels children. The real ones.
Gentlemen we no longer have time to finish breakfast.
Look at that.
Damn, What did we get into?
They'll cream us. - Damn right.
General. There are thousands of ships here. Send reinforcements of we'll be butchered.
Start shooting when they get to the coast.
To general command... Quick Quick!
This is madness. Total madness.
To general command: Where being butchered. Quick Quick!
So? Long live France. - Long live France.
Marius, get some buckets. Quickly make a chain!
Get down kid.
Get down Marius!
Protect the kid. Protect the kid.
So? - The bunkers moving them down. They can't get a foot hold.
Get grenades and blow it up.
Can I help? - Can you use it?
I can learn - Smart move.
Let's hit the bunker.
What? - The bunker.
I'm going too. - Stay here.
We can't just let them wipe those kids out.
Sir, I know them. We deliver them food.
We'll blow them up!
I'm coming too. - No they don't know you.
Show me how. - Pull the pin, count to five and blow the bunker up.
To 5? - Yes, but not to slow.
Brave kids.
No! no! those are Guillaumes kids!
Open the door.
Damn! The kids hit.
I'm going.
What's with that arsehole. He'll get us killed.
Stop. Of they'll shoot back.
General. The Americans have landed in Normandy.
The supreme battle has started.
After so much war, fear and pain. This is the decisive moment. - In Normandy.
Wasn't it to be Calais?
Who cares? Normandy or Calais. It's all the same. It's over and I'm happy the Jews leaving.
But the wars not over yet.
Not today, not tomorrow. Not yet.
But he'll be leaving soon.
They didn't land to visit the seaside resorts. It'll be over soon. I'll tell him.
Wait, Wait. What's the rush?
Aren't you off to Switzerland to get some money?
So what? - You never think do you?
It bug the hell out of you to see him leaving doesn't it? It bugs the hell out of you.
He doesn't care about you.
Take a look at yourself.
It bugs the hell out of you to see him leave, doesn't it? Well, it bugs the hell out of me to see him stay!
There, where even. The Jew bugs the hell out of me.
It's obvious that your no farmer.
It's obvious that your no farmer.
Storms come and got as they wish and here they were on the Germans side.
But how could the situation change so swiftly.
I told you. The bad storm...
They control everything now. Everything.
What happens if I disguise myself?
All the Jews where exterminated. Even the ones in disguise.
They couldn't kill all the Jews.
If some Jews are still alive, It's because of people like me.
You know the Americans. They'll try another landing.
With good weather they'll win!
Hitler declared that their stronghold was in Europe.
He won't give up. He's a maniac.
A maniac. When he's mad he's being known to eat carpets.
It's not your fault Ziman. I'm not jealous.
It's just. I have these images in our mind about my wife. It's being a wile since we got oozy.. because she gets it here.
I've never slept with your wife.
Stop this. I never.
It doesn't bug me that your a Jew. I'm not an anti-Semite.
I'm not an anti-Semite. I'm a good Christian.
But my wife. My wife, what can I say?
What can I say?
A letter for Sophie.
What else?
Are we really doing this?
It was here? - Someone must have taken the furniture.
I hope it was Ziman.
Where still a team, right?
No furniture left.
Look out miss. He's a punk.
Where's Marius?
Behind you.
I think he found himself a Cosette.
A nice one too.
What's your name? - Germaine.
Too bad. Remember, we are going to the capital soon.
Aren't we sticking together?
No, I won't forget you for your help. We are friends for life.
But now's the time to make it really big!
But can't you see? Your thing is not my thing.
Excuse me, ma'am. During the war I moved things into that house.
Who took the furniture?
I don't know. I saw nothing. - Nothing.
We're not home all the time, peeping on the neighbours.
Why meet in Montmartre?
I want you to take a look at that little apartment.
Overlooking the Sacre-Coeur? - Right.
See you Mr. chief of the new crime department of the new government.
Is that a joke?
Is my war record a joke?
What is the apartment like? Tinny-wine or Biggy-big?
Dear Salome. Like mummy and me you must be disappointed that the American didn't land.
Don't loose hope honey.
Next time they'll be back. More numerous and stronger and for good.
The good news is that I beat my own record.
I walked 53 times back and forth in my cave. Soon I'll be able to jump.
Ziman, Ziman? - What now?
Hitler made his triumphant entrance into London England.
Like Ceaser.
Take this letter to the boarding school. And bring my girl back.
Don't you think we thought of that? We've tried everything.
She was caught. Because of your letters.
A Jew Salome.
No. She registered under a catholic name. Fortin.
Fortin. Salome. But the letter Ziman.
The letters, Ziman. Your daughter is dead.
You get it? The letters.
Salome, The letters.
Ziman. Never forget that. It was the letters.
If such a good business. Then why are you selling?
It's too much for a woman.
My husband didn't come back.
You say it draws a parisian crowd?
Where 20 miles outside of Paris.
The moment the sun shows up they're outside.
If you want I could show you the ropes for the first year.
Do you like it?
If you like it...I'll like it.
Are your pals involved in this? - No
It's over. No more pals, no more partners.
You think I'm a jerk?
I don't know what to do with him.
Go on, make a fool out of me if it makes you feel better.
Ziman. You don't get up any more?
What's happening in Paris?
The Germans are partying with our wine and women and whores.
And that;s nothing.
They dropped two atomic bombs. One on New York and on Los Angels.
Over a million dead.
All American Jews are being arrested and shot.
You might as well be the last remaining Jew.
The last one or one of the last.
So Hitler, Mussolini and the Emperor of Japan rule the world?
Hitler didn't give a damn about the neutrality of Belgium did he?
He just announced that he'll invade Switzerland.
So if there is any money left in your account you must get it out now before Switzerland is defeated.
Your right.
Well it's just that my friend offered me a job.
You call that a job?
Mr. Fortin, Where have you being?
Mrs. Dubois. My neighbour.
This is Marius. Who chooses easy money over hard work.
Well, may I kiss you? - You bet.
Are you coming back?
No, just getting my stuff.
There's a letter. - For me?
Shall I read it? - Of Course.
Good day sir. I hope you still remember me...
I am Salome who you kindly brought to the boarding school.
With no news from my patents I can't think who to write to.
I wonder if you know where they are?
I am very worried. And you?
How are you? I enjoyed our journey together.
I tried to find you one like your.
Where are we going?
I found a beach near Paris where you can play all your life.
When will mama and dad join us.
You know it takes month for prisoners to come back.
They aren't dead? - I'm sure they're not.
Why don't they write me?
You'll meet a great guy.
Guess what his name is? Marius.
Imagine that! Marius and Salome.
Is there a school there - Yes.
It was destroyed during the bombing. So I'm there helping to rebuild it.
Your holidays will be short.
You married? - Not long ago and not for long.
Why? - Women don't like boxers.
Why? - Because we lead a bazaar life. We don't dance.
We can't... You know what I mean.
You'll grow up first.
Marius and Salome... pretty isn't it?
It's better than Marius and Cosette, eh?
Time to stop and pig out a bit.
Pig out? - It's like having good luck while stuffing your face.
Say, young lady. Lets see what's in the magic basket.
If I teach you reading. Would you teach me slang?
Give me five... - Five what?
To close a deal you slap fingers.
You'll speak slang before I can read.
As a kid what did you learn first? Slang or French?
Straight to slang.
Is that why your a boxer?
No... Because I was cold and hungry.
It's complicated.
Repeat...It's easier to toss a load of shit onto a shingle. Then into a hole or the gut.
It's easier to toss a shump of lingle in the hole in the gut.
It's easier to toss a lump of shit onto a shinhle...
Toss a lump of shit on a shingle in the hole in the gut.
It's all there?
It's not enough?
What did you make today?
Soup. - That's all he eats.
Do you want to kiss him goodbye?
"Don Quixote saw 30 or 40 windmills."
comma. "looking at his squire he said" colon.
Not so fast - Mr. Henri.
The mayor wants to speak to you.
Important? - Seems so.
Do your homework.
Mr. Mayor your up early this weekend - Can I have a coffee?
Quickly, make two coffees.
You've being here a year now and you've helped everyone. And everyone has asked me to make you major.
Me? - Yes, I've lost all interest in everything but fishing.
Me? -Mr. Henri. There is a lady who would like to talk to you.
A lady? - Yes, she seems all shooken up.
Excuse me for a second. - Don't rush.
I'll come by tomorrow for your answer.
Mrs Ziman.
The mother superior gave me your address.
Is Salome here? You bet. Come.
She's studying.
What now? - Your friends.
What friends? - Your friends.
What a day. - I think their in trouble. Bills wounded.
What's up? - The cops are after us.
Here? - No we lost them in the forest.
Come follow me. and hide in the cabins.
Act like nothings going on. Protect Salome and her mum.
Hurry. It gets crowed at noon.
You sure they didn't tail you?
Where have I seen him?
They've got wounded people.
I've seen him before.
That's the car they used in Paris.
Surround the beach. Call for backup.
When did he stop writing?
At the end of the war.
He may still be alive. - That's what Mr. Fortin says every day.
Marius, get me a pan of hot water.
Sorry to leave you Mrs. Ziman.
I thought you and Salome would need some time alone.
Thank you for Salome.
With Salome, I found one hell of a pal and a teacher.
Can we get an order ma'am.
Mr. Ziman still with you? - No, I was just telling Salome.
You tell me about it.
Sorry again Mrs. Ziman. Salome, please show your mum around.
You two can settle in my room, okey?
Don't move. Nobody move!
Where are they?
What do you want? - Where are they?
What? - What's the water for?
I know you.
Well, In my job I get to know allot of hoodlums.
Where are they?
What the hell are they doing? Go find out.
We must stop the bleeding.
Tell me where you hid them and I'll make you a plea bargain.
Did you plea bargain?
Tell me which cabin there in?
You know I'll never answer you.
You want to drink that?
A real obsession.
No body move. Hands up! Hands up!
Don't move.
Don't move, get his gun!
Get his gun!
You don't have a chance.
What do you mean no chance?
Our chance is your chance.
Because we are stick together. Now!
Sticking together! - Stop.
Calm down. You have to get out of here.
With him! With him!
Yes, With him.
Where in deep shit now - What's up?
Where slitting with just about every cop in France.
I told you we didn't shake them.
Why did you come here?
Why? Why?
See what you did to my pal? If he croaks, you croak.
Stick them in the cabins.
You stay alive so long as I'm alive.
Tell your guys to pull out.
Tell them!
Make we can make a deal? - The Guillotine?
Is that your deal?
For the last time! Tell them to pull out!
no. - No? What do you mean, NO?
Tell them to pull out now! quickly!
You said no. Watch.
You still won't tell them?
Watch some more.
Watch. Your boss said "No"
What are you going to do now? I guess your next.
What do you think?
Tell you guys to pull off the beach. Tell them!
I'll waist you.
Why did you save my life?
Why hunt miserable people down?
To each his own duty.
Because it's your job to hunt down the Miserables...
...Doesn't mean they can save you.
Why did you do it?
Why did you do it?
So I'd see you in court.
I always serve my country.
When you see a quite place could you pull over. I need to pee.
Keep going on. I'll catch up.
You have 30 seconds to spilt. That's all I can do for you.
That's all I can do for you. Come on lets piss.
When the car moves. Mow him down.
I have to piss too.
You don't want to have to say in court that you torched me.
I've always served my country. I served marshal Petain.
Just like I said.
Then I joined the counter spying agency.
I think you switched sides and joined the counter spying agency after having a few too many.
I switched sides when I thought the marshal was wrong.
Lets go.
Go on. I'm coming.
That's not what the police said happened.
What do they say?
That you asked to stop to pee.. then you attacked the commissioner.
When he realized that my trail would be his trail He killed himself.
I got the best lawyers in Paris.
My husband best friend.
Any news of Mr. Ziman?
I went all the way to the Swiss border.
No sign of him.
You know, so many strange things happened in the war.
He could have lost him memory. It happens.
Can Salome and I stay at your place.
Of course you can.
I just can't go home.
All during this time. Where where you?
In Poland.
How did you make it back?
I preyed.
Well I better start preying too.
13 days without contact from my farmer friends.
Tonight, I'll try to go outside.
My diary tells of my 625 days here.
It's dedicated to my family... and to my farmed friends who took such a risk keeping me here.
Germany Surrenders.
I would like to call the sacred hearts boarding school in Normandy.
When men are desperate and women sell themselves for bread.
When children suffer.
"The Miserables" come knocking at the door. Period.
Victor Hugo was 60 years old when he finished Les Miserables. Period.
He felt then that he could die fulfilling his duty. Period.
What can I get you?
Since where quoting...
... lets remember Cather's words.
In the history of the world, only 2 or 3 stories...
... keep repeating forever...
This story is one and it has every alibi.
How many Americans would have died...
... if Henri Fortin had not taken the bunker.
How many women...
... do not mourn there husbands because Henri Fortin saved them?
You Mr. Prosecutor, say that he stole the payroll of the Vinci Government.
Did the Vichy government represent France?
Answer me!
You have put on trial a man who cannot read of write.
A man who followed his common sense....
... and therefore was able to distinguish between good and evil.
Does the law punish people for common sense? Since when?
Where not the legislators... common sense?
Mr. Prosecutor. Exactly 45 years ago Henri Fortin farther was on trail just as he is now.
He was sentenced to hard labour on appearances.
Will you convict his son too on appearances?
Will you sentence the Fortin from farther to son?
Generation to generation. Upon appearances?
The husband will choose the family home.
You must provide that home. And you, you must live in it.
So do you Miss. Salome Ziman. Take Mr. Marius Abelard..
As your lawfully wedded husband?
Listen Salome. A wink won't do.
Yes! - Good!
Mr. Marius Abelard. do you take
Do you take Salome Ziman as your wife?
I do.
Do wink for me?
As they say in boxing "may the best man win"
You beautiful.
I'm proud of you.
You'll come and see me?
You promise you won't let me down? - Promise.
Without you I wouldn't be here. - Me Neither.
Mr. Ziman you don't seem happy.
Happiness is not a Jewish thing.
Even today? - Where only a few sorrows ahead.
Victor Hugo said "The best days of our lives are yet to come."
Buffalo Bills son didn't shoot as well as his dad.
Of course not.