Les parapluies de Cherbourg (1964) Movie Script

Is it finished?
The engine still knocks
when it's cold, but that's normal:
Can you stay an extra hour?
Tonight, it's a problem:
But I think Pierre is free:
Pierre, can you stay tonight?
Check the ignition
on the gentleman's Mercedes:
Are you coming to the game?
No, I can't:
Are you going?
Aubin asked me
to stay overtime... No way!
Tonight is special!
I'm going to the theater:
What are they playing?
I don't like operas:
Movies are better:
I'm going dancing tonight:
Give me a smoke:
All that singing
gives me a pain:
I like movies better:
You've said so already:
See you tomorrow:
My love...
Oh my love:
my little Genevive:
Guy, I love you:
You smell of gasoline:
It's just another perfume:
Guy, I love you
Oh Guy, I love you:
A customer, I must run:
See you at 8
in front of the theater:
I've thought of you all day!
Would you like
to go dancing later?
If you wish:
Can I help you?
An umbrella:
Where were you?
Just across the street:
Have you decided
which kind you would like?
An umbrella:
A black umbrella:
Genevive, show the gentleman
the umbrellas:
Is that you, Guy?
Good evening, Aunt Elise:
Good evening, my boy:
How are your legs?
Fine, my boy:
What are you up to?
I'm hungry:
You'll spoil your appetite:
I do what I please:
Calm down and talk to me:
I haven't much time:
You seem very nervous:
I'm going out:
None of your business:
I think it is:
With a girl:
Do you love her?
It could be:
Tell me the truth:
Yes, I love her:
What's the matter?
You're crying!
No, I'm not:
I can see that you are:
Is it because you are lonely?
I am not lonely:
I have my books:
Madeleine will give me my shot:
She will keep me company:
What then?
Maybe happiness
makes me sad:
That's silly:
You big brute,
you're messing up my hair:
Good evening, Guy:
Good evening, Madeleine:
You are sad:
You seem happy:
Does it show?
I had a terrible time...
Persuading Mother:
It was getting late,
and the seamstress was late:
it is still full of pins:
You know,
I think
she suspects something:
When I said I was going
to the theater with Ccile,
she gave me
a funny look:
What kind of a look?
Like that:
She knows quite well
that Ccile hates shows,
and as I am a very bad liar...
That's what you say!
I assure you, I'm very awkward:
I stammered, I blushed...
I immediately
changed the subject:
Something squeezed:
The same:
Do you love me?
A mambo, let's go!
I should have changed shoes:
We will have children:
I will call my daughter
And if it's a boy?
It will be a girl:
We've always had girls
in the family:
One o'clock:
If Mother is not asleep,
what a scene there will be:
I should wear make-up,
don't you think?
You're lovely as you are:
A little bit here:
We will sell umbrellas:
No, not umbrellas:
We will sell the shop:
We will buy a gas station:
Why? What an idea!
All white, with an office,
you will see:
You'll smell of gas all day:
What happiness...
We will be very happy...
And we will stay in love...
You haven't told your mother?
Not yet:
Why? You're a coward:
You must not get mad:
I know what she will say:
"My little girl, you're crazy:
Thinking of marriage at your age!"
My little girl, you're crazy:
Thinking of marriage at 16!
In love!
Am I too ugly or too stupid?
No, you're not ugly:
You're not the fairest of them all,
but you're neither ugly nor dumb:
The thing is,
you have plenty of time:
You think you are in love:
But love is something different:
You do not just fall
in love with a face
that you've seen in the street:
He is a young man
whom I've met several times
and he loves me:
We want to get married:
You do not answer?
I am flabbergasted:
I went with him
to the theater last night:
So you lied to me and...
you admit it
without any shame:
There is no shame
in wanting to get married:
At your age, there is...
well, no...
You are a little girl,
very little:
You know nothing:
It's not with what you taught me
that I can manage:
When I married your Dad,
I knew nothing:
That's not something
to brag about:
The paint shop, please?
Next door:
How old is he?
he hasn't been in the army:
He lives with his godmother,
the lady who raised him:
He only has me,
and you will see,
he is very handsome:
I will see nothing at all:
But Mother...
Go upstairs to the apartment:
It is time to fix lunch:
We are ruined!
You always exaggerate:
80,000 francs I have to pay
before the 15th: Is that funny?
And if you don't pay?
They will seize our property:
I will get a job:
What sort of a job?
Post Office or City Hall?
Why not?
You understand,
if I get married,
Guy and I will work,
and we will help you:
But, my little girl,
it is out of the question
for you to marry:
Take that away:
You're in my way:
what can he do?
Can he support you?
Raise children?
He's not rich:
We will live modestly,
and we won't have
children right away:
No, but one at least:
He is not the one
who will pay my taxes:
There isn't a penny left
in the till:
Sell your jewels:
My jewels, never!
What good are they?
You don't even look at them:
What if there's
an emergency?
What is happening,
isn't it an emergency?
Impossible! If I'd sell
my jewels, I'd feel...
stripped and naked:
Find something else:
Something else?
We have nothing:
Then, sell the shop:
What will we live on?
After all, a jewel is just a jewel:
Should I change
my hair style?
My engagement ring...
It's atrocious:
This bracelet...
I could never wear it:
Nobody will want that:
And your necklace?
My necklace, you think?
That'd be a crime:
No, I'll never part with it:
Anyway, it's probably fake:
Come on! After all,
it's not that pretty:
This afternoon,
we will go to Mr: Dubourg:
Then I'll have my hair done:
How beautiful!
Truly marvelous:
Isn't it?
This is a mighty stone...
if I may say so...
Here are
rubies, sapphires, emeralds:
Ali Baba's cave:
The jewels...
of Sleeping Beauty:
Hello, Mrs: Emery:
Hello, Miss Genevive:
Hello, Mr: Dubourg:
Allow me...
The young miss...
has become very pretty:
It's been such a long time...
since I had the pleasure...
But what can I do for you?
You may speak frankly:
We are in
an embarrassing situation:
Genevive helps me
as much as she can:
It has nothing to do with her:
But I have heavy expenses
and I thought...
I have a payment to meet
and if I don't,
consequences will be dire:
So I come to you
as to my savior...
I hesitated a long time,
and Genevive,
who is the voice
of wisdom and reason,
persuaded me...
It breaks my heart
to be forced to give up
this jewel, which to me
I understand, dear Madame,
but my business is risky
and I take many risks...
At best, I can put
your necklace up for sale,
but for much less
than its real worth:
I cannot buy it myself:
Couldn't you at least
give me an advance?
Nothing, I told you:
We can do nothing:
Don't insist, Mother:
This is a disaster:
Excuse me, I am interested:
I will buy this jewel:
I can save you
from your predicament:
Allow me to introduce myself:
Roland Cassard,
diamond dealer:
But, Sir...
Do not worry, Madame,
I am not a philanthropist:
I'll easily sell this necklace
in Paris or London,
where I often go on business:
I don't know if I should...
Take me seriously:
I am ashamed,
as well as delighted:
I do not have enough cash with me:
I can give you a check:
There's no hurry:
Could you come tomorrow
to my shop,
"The Umbrellas of Cherbourg"...
I'm always there:
See you tomorrow:
What time is it?
How come he isn't here yet?
He might be a crook:
He could have been leading you on:
Don't imagine things:
What's the matter with you?
Nothing, Mother:
Then, be quiet:
I'm going to see Guy:
I forbid you to see that boy:
Stay here:
I wouldn't want
to show you disrespect:
Well, that's good!
But I'll go:
You'll stay here:
Anyway, Mr: Cassard
will be here soon,
and I want you to be present:
If he's a crook, as you said,
we'd better face him together:
You think we'll be smart enough?
I don't know, but stay here:
I cannot:
Don't leave: I don't want you
to leave: Genevive!
I had given up waiting for you:
Are you crying?
It's nothing: Sometimes
I don't have the courage
to deal with my troubles,
with my debts:
Am I not here to help you?
It's most kind of you:
I've just seen Miss Genevive...
I would have liked...
She's gone out:
The life we lead
is so sad for a young girl...
This dreary shop...
I no longer amuse her...
and I fear
she'll become depressed:
You see, she is bored:
Would you like some tea?
With pleasure:
We've just had a terrible fight
about you:
About me?
She wanted to go out,
I didn't want her to:
We had a row: We are so lonely
since my husband died:
Maybe you should...
I don't know...
take her to a show:
Will you come to dinner tomorrow?
Genevive would be happy
to see you:
Impossible, I must leave tonight:
I'm going back to Paris,
and tomorrow I'm off to London:
Here's the money I promised you:
Give Genevive my best regards,
and I shall not fail
to visit you
on my next trip:
I was so afraid
I wouldn't find you:
I am so happy to be with you!
Now I'm laughing
because I realize
how foolish I am
when I am alone:
I talked to Mother
about our marriage:
Of course, she said I'm crazy:
And, tonight,
she forbade me to see you:
You see, I was so afraid...
I'd go anywhere,
I'd never see Mother again,
rather than lose you:
We'll marry secretly:
Now it does not matter
We have plenty of time:
This morning,
I received my draft notice,
and I will be away
for two years:
So the marriage,
we'll talk about it later...
With the war in Algeria,
it will be a long time
before I can come back:
But I'll never be able
to live without you:
I won't be able to:
Don't go:
I will die:
I will hide you...
and I will have you,
but, my love,
do not leave me:
You know it is not possible:
I will not leave you:
My love,
I have to go:
I want you to know
that I think only of you:
And I know
that you will wait for me:
Two years...
Two years of our life!
Don't cry,
I beg you:
Two years...
No, I can't face it:
Calm down,
we have so little time left:
So little time, my love,
we mustn't waste it:
We must try to be happy:
Of our last moments
we must keep a memory
more beautiful
than anything:
A memory which will help us
to live:
I am so afraid
when I am alone:
We'll be together again
and we'll be stronger:
You will meet other women...
you'll forget me:
I will love you
until the end of my life:
Guy, I love you:
Do not leave me:
My love, do not leave me:
Come, my love, my love:
Is that you, Guy?
Good evening, Aunt Elise:
Are you in bed?
I don't feel too well:
Is there anything you want?
I just need to rest:
Good night, my little one:
I am afraid...
I love you:
Where were you?
With Guy:
What did you do?
He is leaving:
He'll be away two years:
I can't live without him:
I will die:
Stop crying:
Look at me:
People only die of love
in movies:
It's too cruel...
Separation is cruel,
that's true:
But time fixes a lot of things:
You talk about love,
what do you know of love?
Are you sure of your feelings?
Mother, can't you see
how unhappy I am?
I know, darling, I know:
I have also
loved, fought...
and I have suffered:
You should listen to me:
I do listen to you:
Isn't it better to wait?
Two years from now, perhaps
you will have forgotten Guy:
Never... will I forget him:
If you still love him
when he returns, you'll see:
You must believe me:
You must calm down
and get this affair
out of your mind:
Have you had dinner?
Yes, Mother:
Eat a fruit:
You need distraction:
Go out and live a little:
It is not difficult:
You are young, pretty and witty...
You will make friends
your age, or older:
Mr: Cassard
came this evening:
He was sorry he missed you:
I am certain he could give you
good advice:
I can do without his advice:
You are wrong!
For me, he is the kind of man...
Don't bore me with his kind!
You look terrible:
Leave me alone, Mother:
Give me a kiss at least:
Have faith: You will see:
Look at me, my boy:
When you return,
I do not know
if I shall still be alive:
But, Elise!...
Do not say "but":
I've had a good life,
and I can leave it
without regrets:
Right, Madeleine?
Of course!
She's better already:
I'll meet death before you do:
It's the army,
not the war:
Before you go,
I want you to know
that everything I have
will be yours:
Don't ever forget me:
Write me from time to time:
Madeleine will keep you informed:
Farewell, my little one:
My love,
I will wait for you,
all my life:
I will think only of you:
Stay, do not go,
I beg you:
Stay, my love:
It is not time yet:
I am going away from you,
do not look at me:
I cannot:
I cannot:
So, what?
You are so pale:
What did the doctor say?
Almost nothing...
I need a rest:
You didn't need
to see a doctor for that:
I could have told you myself:
What else?
He gave me a prescription:
Sedatives, tonics, things:
Then it can't be very serious:
You see, Genevive,
if the shop was doing better,
I would be the happiest woman:
It's freezing:
Do you know
whom I met in town?
You'll never guess:
Roland Cassard!
What do you say?
What do you want me to say?
He is incredibly nice:
We talked for more than an hour
this morning:
He's back from the U:S:A:
What a man!
He told me a thousand stories:
I invited him to dinner:
What's the matter, Genevive?
Nothing, I'm just tired:
That's no reason
for sulking like that:
You may be weary,
but you're not dying:
It's not my weariness
that saddens me, it's his silence:
Guy left two months ago:
He only wrote me once:
Don't start that again!
If I knew where he was
I could write him:
They've sent him, I'm sure,
to a dangerous place
where he's risking his life:
It's more simple:
More simple than what?
He's forgotten you:
You don't know
what you're saying!
He doesn't think about you:
If he did, he would write:
One can write,
however far one is:
It's nothing:
I was so scared:
I suddenly saw Guy
Laughing with another woman:
Sit down:
I'll close the shop:
You're hiding something:
I'm not:
It is serious, isn't it?
I'm pregnant, Mother:
This is horrible,
pregnant by Guy?
How is it possible?
Well, just like everybody:
Don't joke about it,
it is serious:
What are we going to do?
What do you mean?
With the child?
Bring it up:
What shall we say?
To whom?
I don't know...
our neighbors, our friends!
We have no friends:
And the neighbors,
you never speak to them:
Roland Cassard
is coming to dinner:
We'll have to treat him well:
We'll have to put up a good front:
The way you look...
You don't need to tell him:
Shut up:
It makes me...
just to think of it:
Go upstairs and lie down:
I feel very well:
Don't argue: Obey me:
I will cook dinner myself:
Do not worry...
Maybe you need some rest...
Genevive has been
overdoing it somewhat
She's a bit pale:
Why wouldn't you go
live in the country?
The situation in which
we find ourselves
is such that we cannot,
for the time being,
take any rest:
Genevive wouldn't go alone,
and I cannot leave the shop:
There's no way out of it:
So you can't be separated?
We've practically never
been parted...
I haven't found the bean:
I have it:
You must pick a king
and make a wish:
I have no choice:
You are my king:
Thank you, Genevive:
Put this crown on:
Put it on, Genevive,
since you're asked to:
You look like
a "Virgin with child"
I saw in Antwerp:
My cheeks are burning:
How amusing!
I think I drank too much:
I'll leave you now:
I'm not feeling too well:
Then I'll go:
Let's stay a little more:
Goodnight, my darling:
I'm really worried:
Genevive is sad,
secretive, independent:
And I admit I may not be adroit
and understanding enough:
I'm always afraid
to hurt her:
I wouldn't want
to sound ridiculous,
and my feelings
could seem insincere,
although I am taking this step,
I wouldn't want
to give the wrong impression:
My only desire
is to give happiness...
Am I making myself clear?
In fact, not really:
Since the beginning of dinner,
I have tried to broach a subject
which preoccupies me
but I am as moved as I am shy:
I came to ask you to give me
Genevive's hand:
I am quite awkward, I know:
You are not,
but this is quite unexpected:
Genevive for me
is still a child...
and your abrupt request
is somewhat unsettling:
You see, I don't know
Genevive's feelings for you...
She only talked about you
as a friend:
I wouldn't want, in any way,
to put pressure on her:
We know nothing about you...
Long ago,
I loved a woman:
She didn't love me:
Her name was Lola:
Long ago:
I tried to forget her:
So, I left France...
I went to the end of the world...
I had no more taste for life:
Then, by chance,
our paths crossed:
As soon as I saw Genevive,
I knew that I had been
waiting for her:
Since I met her,
life has a new meaning:
All the time,
she's in front of my eyes:
I live only for her...
I think only of her...
I had to
speak to you frankly:
Don't be offended:
Of course, I wouldn't think
of influencing Genevive:
Genevive is free:
Tomorrow, I go back
to Amsterdam for three months:
When I return,
Genevive will give me her answer:
I don't know what to say:
Do not say anything...
Genevive will decide herself:
You're not sleeping?
You can see that:
Roland Cassard
asked me for your hand:
I was listening:
You didn't tell him
that I'm pregnant?
I did not dare tell him...
I am very proud of you.
Franois is a pretty name
for a boy...
Time passes slowly here.
Furloughs have been suspended.
And I don't know
whether I'll come back
to France before long.
My love,
I know you are waiting for me.
Last night, one of our patrols
fell into an ambush.
Three soldiers were killed.
All the same,
I don't think
that there's great danger here.
But it is strange how
sun and death
travel together.
come to dinner, darling!
Dear Mr. Cassard,
we greatly appreciated
your postcard,
Mother and I.
I find these people ridiculous:
I hate the carnival:
Don't be bitter, my darling:
Incredible, how big you are!
You are carrying in front,
it will be a boy, or twins:
No, everything is normal:
I am feeling wonderful:
You're like me:
I was delighted, never sick...
the day before your birth,
I was up on a ladder,
changing the wallpaper
in the shop:
Has the postman come?
There were only bills
and some advertising:
Why? Are you still waiting?
In his last letter, he wrote
that he was sad because
he wouldn't see me pregnant:
And perhaps it's just as well:
I look awful:
A pregnant woman
is always beautiful,
my darling:
That's true:
Look at that:
A vest: And I saw pretty rompers
at the department store:
Admit that you are pleased:
I'd be more pleased
if that child had a father,
and if you had a husband:
Guy will return:
Guy or someone else
Absence is a funny thing...
I feel that Guy left
years ago...
I look at this photograph,
and I forget
what he really looks like...
And when I think of him,
it's this photo that I see:
It's all that I've got left of him:
Do not smoke:
Be reasonable:
What's that?
A postcard from Hamburg:
It's from Roland Cassard:
For me?
For us: You can read it:
He says he'll be back soon:
He asks
if you have thought it over:
I feel that there's no hurry:
No, but you must think it over:
I am thinking it over,
Mother, I am...
Here's a man,
rich, refined,
and enamored of you,
and I think...
What are you doing?
You're not feeling well?
I'm all right, Mother:
You are eating:
I can't help it,
I'm always hungry:
He's not a womanizer,
a smooth talker on the prowl,
but a man who has lived
and suffered:
I know, Mother,
but don't give me a sales talk:
You praise him
as you praise your umbrellas:
He'll protect you, Genevive:
Very funny!
If you can't stand humor,
you are lost!
Guy might have been
your ideal...
but what future
did he offer you?
You know, me too,
I was once wooed
by a young man
who was not your father:
You'd have done better
to marry him:
You are right:
But understand
that I want you to be happy,
and not to ruin your life
as I ruined mine:
Don't worry about my life, Mother:
I have no intention
to waste my life:
Do you think Cassard
will want to marry me
when he sees that I have been
knocked up?
Watch your language!
Deformed! Bloated!
Since neither you nor me
had the courage
to confess the truth to him...
Now, at least, it will show!
Do you believe
he'll take me like this?
If he refuses me as I am,
it means that he doesn't have
deep feelings for me:
If, by some unlikely chance,
he accepts me,
I will have no reason
to doubt him,
and I would be a fool
to reject him:
So, you see,
I'm thinking it over:
But all this is so difficult...
Why is absence
so heavy to bear?
Why is Guy
fading away from me?
I would have died
for him:
Why am I not dead?
What is it?
It's for you:
Roland sent it to you:
I cannot accept it:
Do as you like:
We'll bring up
this child together:
He will be our child:
Please agree to it,
I don't want all this
to upset you in the least:
I love you,
She agrees,
since the condition
she's in
does not frighten you:
But don't rush her:
She is so fragile
that the slightest mistake
might compromise everything:
New Owner
Madeleine told me everything:
Why didn't you say anything?
I didn't want to:
I thought you knew:
You didn't suspect anything?
Of course,
over the last few months,
her letters were not the same:
She did not answer my questions:
She was writing
without conviction:
But between that
and marrying another man!
I thought she was mad at me,
but I didn't know what about:
Then there was the hospital
and my letters
Here, nothing has changed:
I have:
I can let myself go
now that you're here:
I would have been unhappy
not to see you again:
Don't talk nonsense:
Come on, make yourself useful,
my boy:
Give me some herb tea:
Everything's ready
in the kitchen:
There's water
in the kettle:
Does your leg hurt?
You see, I limp a little:
It's like having
a barometer in the knee...
Especially when it rains:
It was in the hospital
that I suffered the most:
But how did it happen?
one night from maneuvers:
We were attacked...
Hand grenades...
It happened often:
And Madeleine?
She's coming:
She's been very good to me:
She's not married yet?
You know how well-behaved she is:
Put it over there,
on the table:
What will you do now?
Or maybe live
off of my pension:
Aubin promised to take you back:
You liked his gas station?
That one or another one...
We'll see: I have time:
There's no hurry:
The child she was expecting...
do you know anything about it?
No: Genevive left
just after the wedding:
Mrs Emery stayed
in Cherbourg
a month or two...
Then she sold the shop:
I think they are in Paris:
You haven't changed:
I'm happy
that you have returned:
The boss wants you:
Did you service
this gentleman's car?
Complete check-up on the 26th,
right, sir?
Two thrown rods this morning:
The engine is dead:
A brand new engine:
Not one drop of oil!
I'm not blaming anyone,
but that's it: I'm real sorry:
Did you check the oil gauge?
Of course:
You forgot to screw the cap on:
I know my job:
Don't talk to me like that!
And apologize to the gentleman:
I don't have to:
It's not my fault:
You don't give a damn
about your work:
Why don't you buy new overalls,
and shave to come to work!
I've had enough:
I'll find another job:
That stupid ass,
since he left the army,
he acts like a hoodlum:
What's happening?
I'm quitting:
I had a row with Aubin:
I didn't wait to be fired:
What will you do?
Live off my pension:
A dry white wine:
Another one:
Help yourself:
You have no change?
You're all the same,
with your big banknotes:
What about you, you bum!
Do your job
and lay off of us!
Drop it:
What are you looking for?
Move your ass:
You're in the way:
Want to dance?
Leave me alone:
Something wrong, baby?
Come with me, if you want:
You're really
a sweet girl:
Evening, Madame Germaine:
Evening, Jenny:
You can call me Genevive
if you want:
You're going to say
that I remind you of someone:
Goodbye, Jenny:
Come back again:
Sorry, Madeleine,
I didn't have my key:
What's the matter?
Elise died
Iast night:
I cannot stay any longer
in this apartment:
I am too unhappy:
I want to leave soon:
But where will you go?
I don't know:
You have no family:
Don't you want to stay here?
What will I do?
You'll help me:
I will be lonely:
You don't need anyone:
I need you, Madeleine:
Why don't you just say
you don't like
being alone?
I don't see
what I could do for you...
I have no influence over you:
That's not true:
I don't like
what you've become:
You hang about
with nothing to do:
You're sad and bitter:
You have changed a lot:
It's not my fault:
Since I came back,
things don't make sense any more:
I don't believe I can help you:
You are too far away from me:
If I asked you to try,
despite everything?
I would not hesitate to stay:
I am asking you:
Then I will try:
I am a bit late:
The lawyer was taking for ever:
And I went to the garage:
Now everything is settled:
Poor Elise,
nothing will be left of her:
It's the opposite:
She will be part of all we do:
Are you happy?
Very happy:
And it is thanks to you:
Yes, Madeleine, you know it:
And you, are you happy?
I am not unhappy:
I wanted to tell you...
well, I've been thinking
that if you wanted
to share my life...
if I weren't
too much of a burden...
and that...
Are you crying?
Did I say the wrong thing?
Not at all...
but it makes me so happy,
and at the same time,
it scares me:
You're scared of me?
No... a little... well...
you understand...
Have you given up
thinking about Genevive?
Are you sure you really love me?
I am not scared
but I wonder
if you're not acting
out of despair:
You are quite wrong:
I don't want to think
about Genevive any more:
I assure you,
I have forgotten everything:
I want to be happy with you,
Madeleine, do not cry:
I don't have much ambition, but...
if I could
make this dream come true::
to be happy with a woman...
in a life
which we would have chosen
I have finished:
It's very beautiful:
You think so?
Your hands are cold:
I will go out now:
If you want:
The boy would like to see
the toys in the store windows...
He's been talking about it
for the whole week...
I'll take him there
until dinner:
Stop that, will you?
Franois, you're deafening us:
I got you a lovely
Christmas present:
What is it?
It's a surprise:
You'll see:
Cover yourself up:
I love you, Guy:
Come and put your coat on!
Say hello to Santa Claus for me:
Franoise, be quiet:
The horn is not a toy:
It is cold:
Come into the office:
It's warmer here:
This is the first time
I am back in Cherbourg
since I got married:
I went to pick up my daughter
at my mother-in-law's
in Anjou:
On the way back to Paris,
I decided to make a detour...
I never thought I'd meet you...
It is pure chance:
Madame wants me to fill up?
Yes... Fill it up:
Super or regular?
It doesn't matter:
Which one do you want?
This is a pretty tree:
Did you decorate it?
My wife did...
It's mainly for the kid:
Of course...
Are you in mourning?
Mother died last autumn:
What name did you give her?
She's very much like you...
Do you want to see her?
I think you can go:
Are you all right?
Yes, I am fine: