Les Trois Mousquetaires: Milady (2023) Movie Script

How long have you
arrived in Paris, d'Artagnan?
This morning.
Three duels in three hours
with three musketeers!
If I didn't have to kill you, I'd
like to have a drink with you.
Let's drink to your peace.
I see that I am dear to you.
Beware of love, d'Artagnan.
Have you loved yourself?
She was so beautiful, so pure...
The woman was on the run.
At the age of 15 she married the
marquis, who treated her extremely cruelly.
She was tried, sentenced, branded,
and hanged.
Who do you work for, madam?
The devil himself, probably.
I see the sparkle in
your eyes, d'Artagnan.
And from this spark.
. I will start a fire that will destroy you. Your brother, Benjamin de
la Fere, known as an ardent supporter of La Rochelle. Benjamin! Benjamin!
We will create a republic of Protestants.
We will strike the kingdom to the heart.
It's time to choose a side.
Gaston of France, do you agree to
take Maria de Bourbon as your wife?
I pronounce you husband and wife.
Shooter! Protect the king!
You got a war. Soon
you will get a country.
By the will of the Lord.
Our prisoners, Brandicourt and Bremont,
Participants in the assassination
attempt on Your Majesty have been found
killed in their cell.
When did it happen?
This morning, monsieur.
Did they... manage to say something?
Do we know how to decipher their letter?
And that's not all: Abb Rougon, whom
we wanted to interrogate has disappeared...
There are traces of blood
everywhere in his house.
The leader of the conspiracy
removes his accomplices.
Your Majesty...
I beg you: Do not leave
Paris, until he is exposed.
Captain, isn't it the most
dangerous place in Paris these days?
Do you want the king to bravely
headed into the hands of the enemies?
In these troubled times, the king
and France must show fearlessness.
It is sometimes difficult for
everyone to fulfill their duty.
But not fulfilling it.
. Is even more painful. I'm going to La Rochelle...
Gaston will be commander. Faster, faster! Keep! One, two!
Alive - in shackles. I will interrogate him.
Feed Abbe Rougon to the dogs!
Thanks to you, the king
declared war on the Protestants.
Yes. Wonderful. Go to
the kitchen. You will be fed.
Gain strength. You will need them.
to talk to this devil.
She didn't say anything?
Not a word.
Did Mayol interrogate her?
. She bit him like that, that I
almost left without a finger.
And for me
He will speak. And the musketeer too... is not going anywhere. Good night, Your Excellency. Be silent.
Lead me to the prisoner. If I were you, I would choose the most deserted path. Do you know who I am?
And I don't want to know.
If only they knew, maybe
we wouldn't be in such a hurry.
And who is at the tip of my dagger?
Henri de Talleyrand Perigord, Count
de Chalet, head of the Catholic League.
Big titles for a small person.
I'll make you rich.
And I can only make a dead
man out of you. So no tricks. Lead!
Live up, brothers! Live up!
Do not make noise.
Take us to the prisoner.
Do it!
Anxiety! Anxiety!
What's happened?
General collection! Anxiety! Everyone here,
quickly! Quickly, quickly! With weapon!
What are you doing?
They are coming.
Give me the dagger.
Detain them.
The door won't hold. Faster!
No no! Not dogs!
Hold them! They're on the wall!
Catch up with them! And
bring their heads to La Rochelle.
So what's so important?
The name of the one
who wanted to kill the king.
I'll try to guess... Tall,
in red and with a goatee?
You are so beautiful! It's
a shame they're so stupid.
You're not very kind
to who saved your life.
It wasn't me you wanted to
save, and Constance Bonacieux.
Wait... What?
She was kidnapped
because she saw the traitors.
Where is she?
Ask Chalet.
He has your Constance.
I can not see anything
How did you end up with Chalet?
Had to find evidence as soon as
possible. She turned out to be careless.
Can you read what is written here?
Not yet.
If you don't undress,
you'll freeze to death.
Don't worry about me.
I still need you alive.
Why is the head of the Catholic
League... is in cahoots with Protestants?
Both camps want war...
And only the king wants peace.
And your Richelieu?
Richelieu is the king's nominee...
If the king falls, he too will
fall. Why would he want this?
Are you embarrassed, d'Artagnan?
Not really. I... I...
Not at all embarrassed.
What are you so afraid of?
Or me?
You are very arrogant...
Who said that I have even a little...
Your eyes
Your voice
Your body
Says everything!
I'm sorry, but my heart...
belongs to Constance.
Stop it. Stop it.
For her own good, forget about her...
This is the only way you can save her life.
We are murderers, d'Artagnan,
whether you like it or not.
Death follows us.
I'm not like you.
This one, you know...
So surrender yourself to the darkness!
Stop it... Let me go!
Where is she?
I don't know
Get up!
Hey! Can you hear
me, Milady de Winter?
I know what you hear!
You took with you what
that doesn't belong to you!
I give you ten seconds!
So that you return
what was stolen to me!
Otherwise your friend
will say goodbye to life!
Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven!
You took a little too long with the ending.
We could have helped.
I didn't hear him bark.
No offense?
No Offense
Is it true that you are going to war?
That's why I came...
To say goodbye to you.
If it weren't for the war,
you wouldn't have come?
I would come...
But you know: Your dad is a soldier...
God made this choice for me.
We have a burden on us...
The burden that I shift...
on your shoulders.
Although you didn't ask for it.
You know, son...
I may not return from La Rochelle.
If I die,
know that it was not in vain.
And wear your name... with pride.
Because one day...
you will become Count de la Fre.
Joseph! Jose... Joseph!
Promise you'll come back! Promise!
I promise. I promise.
Two more will fit!
Where is your fourth?
Busy with business, which is all
except for Porthos, they do it together.
D'Artagnan doesn't understand
anything! Quantity does not harm quality!
All clear.
What's happened?
What are you doing,
Aramis? Aramis! Aramis!
It won't fit.
Try it from that side.
Your mother writes that you
are pregnant! What is this story?
You can't be in a monastery!
Why didn't you say?
Matilda! How you have
grown and become prettier!
Sorry, but we are having a
very personal conversation.
Let's go.
Hello sisters. Will you
show me hospitality?
Okay, I'll look for
kinder Christian women.
Free? OK then.
My sister will not become a single mother! Who is the child's
father? I do not remember. Don't want to talk? Wonderful
Month... third. Right?
That is June! You were
at the estate, mother said.
And there was... a feast?
Who was on it? Eternal hangers-on?
No, yellow teeth...
Kodaven is too old...
Mortemar! Married to a freak...
Was he the one who fascinated you?
Oh no!
Someone from Balestan?
Is it possible that my nephew has
the blood of these degenerates in him?
Pfft... Haven't you heard
the news? They say it's war.
This is a warrior... You
have always loved warriors.
I know... Villeneuve de Rady!
Aramis! Aramis!
Please, Porthos! Don't let
him kill the father of my child!
- Where is he?
- Went to La Rochelle...
Hey! Don't fall behind! Let's go!
Come on, come on! Cheer up, guys!
You are not in your wife's bed!
Get out of the way, hillbilly!
I'm flying...
What happened to you, d'Artagnan?
Oh! Something that cannot be retold.
Ah... I already wanted to drink. Sit down!
I don't want to listen to anything...
on a sober head. Let's!
Once one precious friend told me:
You are close, but... your
thoughts are somewhere far away.
Still no news from...
Mademoiselle Bonacieux?
No... I'm worried about her.
But I'm even more worried about you.
They wanted to kill you.
The one to whom you entrusted
your destiny, is far from so simple.
I dare not believe that
you suspect Cardinal
de Richelieu of treason
against France, madam.
Beware of everyone around you.
Even you?
If it's safer for you.
Your Majesty's brother!
Look at this miracle!
So you became like your father.
Thank you for entrusting
me with the army...
I couldn't wait... Madam...
We leave in the evening.
Promise me... more than
anything... take care of your life.
I Promise
And I promise to also
restore your power...
With a kind word or blood.
Go, go. Go to the troops.
Until I changed my mind.
Use your feet, work your feet!
Your life depends on your feet!
I'm telling you, it was Chalet who kidnapped
Constance! He'll tell you where she is, or he'll die.
D'Artagnan... calmer.
Chalet is no ordinary soldier.
He's a traitor! And I thought the
musketeers weren't afraid of anyone.
He has four thousand people.
It turns out that everything you say
did you learn from this Milady de Winter?
From the same woman
who shot you and
tried to steal Buckingham's pendants?
She, too, was a prisoner of the Chalet!
She was looking for this... Athos!
Can you read this code?
No, but
Maybe it's not about Chalet?
Beware, d'Artagnan...
She bewitched you. I've heard enough...
I will take this letter
to Captain de Treville.
We play the holy game, and at night
we rummage through girls' pockets?
Where is the letter?
Not for me...
From now on I don't believe your words.
Stop it.
Stop it... Stop it!
Where is the letter?
I'm telling you, not for me!
I can't.
You are Athos' wife...
Are you sure she died?
That... woman you were talking about.
What does it mean?
What does it mean?!
At Milady de Winter's... there is a stamp
on the shoulder in the form of a lily...
I saw...
This can't be true.
We have strengthened the ports
of Saint-Martin-de-R and Oleron...
They also occupied Fort Royal.
Our troops are in five camps...
In the north - a regiment from
L'Aigle, in the south - from Alencourt.
In the West - Champagne and Lorraine
regiments, in the east - a
regiment from Villequier.
The fortress is surrounded on all sides.
And the British?
Buckingham's fleet left Portsmouth...
They will be here near La
Rochelle in two or three days.
If you fight them off, new
ones will come after them...
Let's focus all our efforts on the city! And
we will wipe it off the face of the earth!
So what is next?
By? Castres? Montauban?
We need to show it to everyone.
Let every heretic know what is
the challenge to the king worth?
I want to end the war in La Rochelle,
rather than starting a new one.
I don't want to shed French blood in vain.
We have already
surrounded the fortress...
Cut off from the world
sooner or later she will fall.
Like a ripe fruit.
Where should we send them?
Gervais! Where the hell are you going?
Quiet, quiet! You'll cut off your head!
Here you go... Thank you.
Don't be afraid. My father is a barber.
Well, did you find a brave warrior?
Can I be alone... just for a little while?
Wait, Aramis!
What will you do, when will
you see Villeneuve de Rady?
I'll talk to him about Matilda.
What if he doesn't want to talk?
I'll force him.
What bastard woke me up?!
This is not good.
We'll talk calmly like noble people.
I bet you a thousand crowns
you challenge him to a duel.
- Let's go, let's go!
- You don't have them.
Yes, the main thing is that you have...
Do you have?
And two barrels of gunpowder.
The Lord is with you.
Where can I get two for you?
It's none of my business anymore.
Your task is to carry out the order...
Ask the artillery they may have supplies.
I obey!
And you are not afraid, sir,
stand under the cannonballs?
Everyone quickly take cover!
Chevalier d'Herblay, Royal Musketeer.
Surely the famous
Aramis himself! Continue.
What wind carried you?
A gentle breeze... and
smelling like Matilda.
She wrote to me...
I wanted to tell you about
my desire to join a monastery.
And in her letter there were
many correct words, but not a
single one could either convince
my mind or touch my soul.
I have only one sister, the captain.
Can I speak frankly with you?
I thought you were already doing this.
I won't marry your sister.
Only money can motivate
me to get married, and you...
Don't be offended, I'm your brother
in misfortune... You are not rich.
Let her be consoled by the fact that
suffering like joy, all this is perishable.
What about the sense of duty?
I'm saving it for the battlefield.
You leave me no choice...
Either to the altar or to a duel!
That's a thousand ecus.
How is this no?
You are one of the
best fencers in France.
If by some miracle I manage to kill you,
one of your friends will take revenge on me.
I give you my word that
none of my comrades...
Words, words... Since you are here, This
means that there is no more faith in words.
Defend yourself, sir, or else...
Wait, wait, wait! Come
on! You are noble people!
It's one thing to become related to
me, I wouldn't wish this on my enemy.
But d'Herblay is still a
noble family. Lands, title...
And you, sir, although you
are deprived of money, but, I
must admit, are not deprived
of the gifts of Mother Nature.
Look! Blonde hair, clear skin...
And what daring!
- Who is this lout who has become attached to you?
- Don't call my...
Sorry what? Sorry?
Don't get involved in the conversation.
- I'll treat you to lead.
- No need, he's mine.
- No, it's mine now.
- I said it first!
- Turn your face!
- Don't force me to call the guards.
- It flew straight to the camp! Quicker!
- Help! Here! All come here! To the gun!
All over me!
Stretcher here!
Here, here... Bring it
here, there is a place here.
Lean back a little... Like this.
Would you like some more water?
You can fit two or three more here.
Thank you.
Please find a doctor... He's
somewhere here, nearby.
So... What are you doing here?
And what happened?
Call the chief doctor.
Matilda... I swear I had
nothing to do with this.
No no!
I only wanted him...
- I'll kill you!
- Wait! Calmly!
- Let me in!
- He died like a hero, in battle!
He saved your brother's life.
He heard... the whistling of
the cannonball - and covered it.
Right, Aramis?
- A? Yes.
- And about the letter.
And, uh... he told us... about the letter!
Yours, long... and beautiful!
Beautiful! Before, how to
go to the Lord, he said: Let
Matilda console that
suffering and joy are all... this...
- Brenno.
- Yes, it's perishable! Wow.
Yes, it was... a man...
Man of honor!
Is this really a stew? This is some kind of brew
for pigs, it's disgusting to even pick it up.
Tomorrow you will cook yourself.
It seems you are going
in the wrong direction, sir.
I know exactly where I'm going.
It would be better for you to turn around.
Sir, don't stand in my way.
Are you looking for trouble?
If I had been looking, I would have found
them already. But now I'm looking for you.
And who sent you?
Captain de Treville.
What are you, a musketeer?
Don't I look like a musketeer?
Don't know. Are you from Gascony?
Of course... From Equatorial.
I thought I made myself clear...
Athos didn't give you my instructions?
No, no... Athos conveyed
everything very clearly.
And what did I say?
They were forbidden to
approach Count Chalet.
Captain, but he is a traitor! He tried...
I know.
Yes, he is in the conspiracy...
But he is not at the head of it.
With all his influence... he
would not attack the king alone.
The Comte de Chalet will answer for
his actions, but before you, d'Artagnan.
Warriors of France, the
British are already close.
That night their fleet will deliver
provisions to the bay for the Protestants.
Our ships from the nearest
ports are ready to repel them...
But we must prevent
them from going ashore!
When night falls, it is necessary to
penetrate the fortress of La Rochelle,
and take control of the
cannons on the Chain Tower.
I need two teams of volunteers...
Ready to go to almost certain death.
There will be no
reinforcements no way to retreat.
Very few will return.
But the heroes will not die in vain!
They will die in the name of
God King... and Fatherland!
I am listening to you.
One officer to whom experience had
suggested in advance
that such a decision
could be made,
expressed to me an ardent
desire to volunteer first
when the moment came.
What is the name of this daredevil?
Comte de Chalet, sir.
Count, you will lead
the first detachment...
Take a step forward.
It is an honor.
Who will lead the second...
Captain de Treville?
When you can wander around the city,
The musketeers are always in the forefront.
Your own person, verified,
I always buy from him.
Separate, give way!
Don't get under the wheels!
We'll see.
Here you go, this is for you.
Thanks boy. Hmm...
Take the Bible.
They will attack this night.
Musketeers... Death is your calling...
I'll take you to her.
One for all
And all for one!
Let's go.
Lay down your weapons!
You're surrounded, captain.
You promised your people death...
One movement - and
your promise will be fulfilled.
Gentlemen, welcome.
I have used your services
many times in the past...
And today I offer you mine.
Count, I see evidence of your goodwill...
But since you are here, it means
that the owner no longer needs you.
What can you offer us
except your life?
Captain! Let's avoid
massacre: Lay down your arms.
I lie down only before God.
or next to a woman. I see your best soldiers...
and I understand how afraid you are of my people!
And you are right about this.
But tell me, gentlemen,
who guards the towers?
Yes, we will die today.
But we will win. Carefully!
Beware! Save yourself!
- Beat them! Let's! Be careful, they are everywhere!
- Shoot! Shoot them! Ruby!
The captain is wounded!
Let's retreat! Let's retreat!
Back! Back!
Where is Constance?! Where is
Constance?! Where is Constance?!
Beware! D'Artagnan! Behind!
Hold on...
It's them! They are back!
Be careful with him!
Don't get under my arm!
Hurry up here!
If he doesn't die, he will remain crippled.
- That's for sure.
- Will he survive?
It's too early to judge
this... He lost a lot of blood.
Sister Marie, towels!
Help... For God's sake!
Go... We'll do our best.
If he wakes up, promise me that you will
find me, even in the middle of the night.
I am d'Artagnan, from the
company of musketeers.
I promise.
Look around! Do you see how
many people are just like him?
A woman's life is at stake.
I will find you, d'Artagnan.
Thank you.
Rather, take it from the other side.
For victory!
- Yes!
- For Captain de Treville!
The captain will be
out of the hospital soon.
Porthos, I see, has already left.
Go ahead and say that
he has nothing to drink.
There's nothing to drink here!
Isaac du Vallon de
Brassier de Pierrefonds...
For friends, just Porthos.
Idriss Aniba, Prince of Assinia...
But for friends - Hannibal.
- Well, be healthy... Hannibal.
- And you too.
Maybe there is still some
wine left in the village?
Let's check!
Me now.
I am unworthy and do not
ask for anything for myself.
But I beg you, have mercy on her.
She deserves to be happy.
If I'm not right for her,
let it not be mine.
Just give me a sign that she's alive.
The doctors!
He woke up!
Hurry up... He woke up.
You were a brave warrior...
I'm proud to have fought alongside you.
In the name of the Father,
and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
May the Lord forgive you your sins,
done by sight
hearing, tongue, touch.
May the power of the devil be destroyed
in you by the laying on of my hands.
They don't let anyone in
to see the wounded man.
- Let me through, I'm assigned to him.
- Don't force me to fight you.
I know you risked your life
saving the Comte de Chalet.
You, like all of us, wanted so that
he would be judged for his betrayal.
But Lord
decided to punish him himself
and called him to himself.
Without the British, we can
hold out for at most two months.
I swear that I will plunge this dagger into the
heart of the first person who suggests surrender.
And I ask you to put it in me,
if I myself talk about surrender!
Gaston will not keep his word...
He will take the throne... and will
betray us, just as Chalet betrayed us!
He will never give us independence!
I'll sail to London...
I'll be back with
Buckingham and the troops.
What if he doesn't come?
He will come
I will be very... persuasive.
- Madam...
- Sir...
Look who's arrived.
Tree! Where are you going?
What does he want here?
Maybe the same as for us?
Celebrate victory with the village ladies?
I'm sure he loves being spanked!
- Lie here, we'll be there soon.
- I'm not going anywhere...
I'll rest here until spring... Then tell me!
Only you can carry out this delicate task.
Have I not done enough for you?
Of all the orders, what I gave
you is the most important thing.
Do you think it's doable?
I rely on your audacity and ingenuity.
It's unlikely that
Buckingham will trust me.
But you will be able
to win him over again.
Hit the road today and deliver us from it.
How are you? Athos...
Find d'Artagnan. Fast! Fast!
This time in London
you will perform one of those great
deeds who change the fate of the world.
Sounds beautiful...
But I'm not sure that the fate of
the world worries me that much...
I'm more worried about my fate.
What exactly is bothering you so much?
You will accomplish a feat in the name of
France, Moreover, for a considerable fee.
I think the moment has come
when money can't solve everything.
Your Eminence... Don't you think
what is this task,
from which they do not return?
Love for the Fatherland
protects from many dangers.
You have to love madly
so as not to be afraid of the gallows.
At our first meeting,
in prison, you told me
that everything you have done in life,
you did it for love.
Where there is great
love, there must be big gifts.
What gift from France
would meet your desires?
A paper with your signature,
confirming that all... my actions
were carried out for
the benefit of France.
D'Artagnan! D'Artagnan,
hurry up! Quicker! Behind me!
Here is your indulgence.
Your Eminence, you
told me about your enemy.
Let me put in a good word about mine.
Do you really have enemies?
These are the musketeers.
Not a word more...
Musketeers are soldiers...
They die in large numbers every day.
Who is there?
Your husband.
What do you want?
End with you.
Killing me once wasn't enough for you?
You saw me in the noose and
this did not satisfy your anger?
What am I guilty of,
besides that she loved you?
I was ready to do anything for you
and received it in full: All the best,
and all the worst.
I thought, you love me
as much as I love you...
I loved you.
I loved you.
Don't look with those eyes!
I have no other.
How is our son doing?
Does he remember me?
Don't come near me.
And the song that I sang to him?
Why, why, my love...
Why did you ruin me?
Will you really not remember again...
The one you forgot?
To your green sleeves...
I will give my life without a murmur.
I am yours while the soul is alive...
Will you forgive me?
Will you forgive me?
I forgive you.
Don't move!
Just move - I'll kill you!
If you kill, you won't
know where Constance is.
Shoot, d'Artagnan!
That night Chalet's
people were chasing her.
Shoot, d'Artagnan!
She would have died if it weren't for me.
By the will of the Lord,
your hour has come, master.
May the Lord hear you.
Let me go!
It was the cardinal who
kidnapped her... I saved her life!
I have an urgent
message for the cardinal.
There is a messenger
from the royal camp for you.
Where is she? One more
step - and a bullet to the head!
What a pity that you don't work for me...
My mind and your courage...
Where is Constance Bonacieux?
I don't know.
Why ask questions if
you don't need answers?
You kidnapped her, I know!
Yes it's true
But that's not what you asked me.
What have you done?
I took her to the house of the Lord.
- Your Eminence...
- Your Majesty...
What's the rush? It was very
difficult to escape from the king.
I had to remove you from
unnecessary eyes and ears.
I want to confess to you.
You do not love me
And I'm not offended: You're not alone.
But the reasons for
your dislike are wrong...
I'm not what you think...
I have always tried to
take care of the king.
Sometimes even from you.
How dare you!
I know who wanted to kill the king...
And I know it's not you.
You won't believe me...
But maybe trust your closest friend.
Your Majesty...
Don't think she's speaking
out of fear. I'm giving it to you.
The day will come when her words -
and yours - the king will have to hear.
No, that's a lie.
Queen in Luzon...
Six hours of travel for a
fresh horse and a skilled rider...
Just ask her.
If this is true, then I...
I ask your forgiveness.
This is true.
You will pay me for this.
Do not shoot!
They tried to sail to England.
And this was found on them.
Both - on crosses...
And divide the money, you deserve it.
Quiet, quiet... Don't worry.
Your Majesty... Pardon
me for the intrusion...
But this matter cannot be delayed...
Otherwise I'll go crazy.
Stand up, musketeer.
You must decide that the
war has taken away my mind...
But the cardinal... claims what...
did he give Constance to you?
Yes it's true.
- Is Constance alive?
- Yes.
She wanted to write to you.
But I couldn't: It was too risky.
Where is she? Can I see her?
She's safe.
I beg you. Your Majesty.
Tell me where she is.
She is in London, with
the Duke of Buckingham.
Thank you.
They won't live even two
days without food and water.
Kill every daredevil...
Let's see what they are willing to
do for the sake of their comrades.
You are going to certain death.
What kind of person am I What
if I let my brother die like this?
. I'm going with you. This is my cross, not yours. Hm! What
kind of person am I What if I let my brother die like this?
I hope you forgive me.
- Is this a musketeer?
- Yes sir! Athos de la Fere!
Get ready!
Be prepared to open fire.
Constance in London! Necessary
Aramis? Aramis!
What happened?
Leave me... Think about your son!
I am here with you.
You have a strong
head, Chevalier d'Herblay!
A ship is waiting for us at Cape Lead.
Shoot them.
If I were you, I wouldn't rush.
Idris Annibah, Prince of Assinia...
For friends, just Hannibal.
But for you - a prince.
That's what my godfather
calls me, Louis, King of France.
You are clearly taking
advantage of my position!
Don't move.
No, I see your hands
are reaching out to me.
Can you hear?
- What?
- Here! Closer
- Drum roll!
- No.
It's not the drums that are
beating, and your heart is jumping.
- I'm right?
- No.
- Do you like me.
- No.
- I can see.
- No.
- You are incorrigible.
- That's for sure!
Although sometimes I don't
mind so that they can correct me...
Yes, slightly.
Captain de Treville!
Two of your men helped a
captured Protestant escape.
By order of His Majesty's brother,
I am taking you under arrest.
Is everything okay, ma'am?
Minor damage.
I will send people...
And I'll take you to the estate...
At least you'll warm up.
Providence has sent you.
Sorry to keep you waiting: I was just told.
I... am very pleased to meet you, miss...
Lady Clarik.
Make yourself at home here, Lady Clarik.
Who is surrounding
me with such attention?
George Villiers, Duke of
Buckingham at your service.
My Lord
How can I thank you?
By accepting my invitation to dinner.
I really appreciate your
hospitality, but I don't dare impose...
- As soon as they fix my wheel, I will immediately...
- Milady...
I lost 23 ships in a week...
and many, many people.
One more disappointment
would just break my heart.
- It's a sin to break such a heart.
- Thank you.
I'm glad my knight took the initiative.
He behaved like a gentleman.
One more compliment
and I'll kick him out.
It's unlikely that we'll see each
other: I would remember you...
And yet your voice is familiar...
Can not understand.
This is the voice of a grateful woman.
It's good that you are with us.
"With us"?
I am hosting a friend from France...
Have you been there?
An awful long time ago!
Sorry for being late.
Do you know her?
We met
under the strangest circumstances...
Lady Clarik?
Will you allow me, my lord?
Ask you.
What awaits Milady de Winter now?
Tomorrow, by this time,
England will already get rid of it.
And you don't feel sorry for her at all?
Not a bit... not a pity.
Thank you.
We found on her... this paper.
It bears Richelieu's signature.
If you are compassionate,
take her the Bible...
Excuse me.
I arrived at the wrong time...
You slept.
Every sleeper dreams
of a gentle awakening.
So you're not offended?
In this story, you alone have
the right to be called innocent.
The Duke has given me
permission... to bring you the Bible.
Is he thinking about my soul or his?
Whatever the sin, the sinner has the
right to fall at the feet of the Lord.
The Lord loves martyrs so much which
sometimes allows the innocent to be condemned.
Didn't you try to kill the Duke?
The war will also bring to France,
and England has only disasters...
What is one life worth? When
can thousands be saved?
But I'm not trying to lure you away.
I wouldn't wish a life
like mine on any woman.
Is there anything I can do for you?
I ask you for one favor...
Bring me a knife.
Just for a minute! Have mercy! I'm
offended not at you, but at myself.
One minute - and now you
have already saved... my honor.
God abandons those
who abandon themselves.
God will have all eternity to punish me...
I'm not afraid of his cruelty, but of people...
Everything was taken away from me, I have nothing to lose!
And I will become an
accomplice in your fall...
My fall happened a long time ago...
I believed in freedom...
But man
whom I loved so much, my husband,
was the worst of men.
Since I have matured, I always
feel their dirty, vile hands on me.
They won't kill me.
I gave my whole life to them...
But I won't give up death!
Do this for me, I pray!
You are a woman too!
Think about it until the morning...
And tomorrow, do what your heart tells you.
Come on, pull! Pull! More!
Almost there.
Here... Take this Bible.
And... And don't lose...
It contains answers to all questions.
On the day of the Last Judgment...
Gaston must answer for his betrayal.
- Yes.
- Well, how? Opened?
I can't give you what you asked for...
But I'll give you a chance to escape.
You will be accused of treason.
This is nothing compared to your destiny.
Hurry up, Milady... Otherwise,
my sanity may return to me.
I have something... to tell the Duke...
The Duke ordered not
to listen to your words.
- No! What are you doing?! No! No!
- Meet death with dignity, madam.
Wait, this is a mistake!
I'm Constance Bonacieux!
I'm not Milady! I'm not Milady!
Let me go!
Let me go! Let me go please!
What are you doing... This is a
terrible mistake! Well, look who I am!
What are you doing...
No... No! Don't want!
The cardinal's spy is hanged.
No! No! No! No!
I beg you, stop!
- I'm telling you, I'm not Milady!
- Constance?
No! No! No!
This is Constance!
Hands are icy!
Rather, a doctor! Quicker!
Constance... Constance...
Recovered! It's me... I...
Constance? Yes!
- D'Artagnan?
- It's me! I'm here, my love. I'm near.
I didn't write...
I Know
It's okay, I'm still here. Yes?
I'm with you... I'll take
you away from here.
Where are you?
I'm here, my love...
No! I'm here, my love!
Do not leave me! No
I won't leave you... I will never
leave you. I'll always be with you.
You will have to endure
me for a long time...
My people tracked her down...
She is surrounded.
Carefully! Beware!
You will burn down the entire estate!
It was she who set the house on
fire, my lord, so we don't go in there.
She's already killed
three people which I sent!
Hell, I'll go there!
D'Artagnan! D'Artagnan!
- Attention! Someone's coming out! Aim!
- D'Artagnan!
- Do not shoot! These are horses!
- Horses! Poor things are burning!
No one will come out of there alive.
- Open it! D'Artagnan!
- Open it!
Come out!
Come out!
You killed Constance.
And I said: Forget about her...
I warned you!
You are the devil yourself!
Are you alive? Hey!
The meeting is open. I
ask everyone to sit down.
Captain de Treville...
More important heads than
yours have flown for such crimes.
For what?
You don't know what you've done?
I was never shown
the order for my arrest.
If you please know...
You are accused of conspiring
with the enemies of the kingdom.
You are accused of
stealing secret documents...
You are accused of releasing spies.
You are accused of treason.
And who blames me?
Beyond your imagination?
I! I blame you.
Not imagination and my
eyes... saw your people...
Guards! These two need
to be close to their leader!
They have a safe
conduct letter with them.
Yes you! Who signed? King?
No, monsignor...
His Eminence!
Show me this paper.
Silence please!
Let me remind the court that a
safe conduct has supreme power...
If it turns out to be genuine,
we will listen to their testimony.
Written by your hand.
Your Majesty, after the
assassination attempt on the king
it became obvious to everyone
that there is a conspiracy
in the highest circles!
You know the soldier's
saying: You recognize
a friend from afar, and
the enemy is close?
We decided to infiltrate the.
Protestant camp to
expose this conspiracy.
To find a traitor, you sometimes have
to be ready to pass for him yourself.
Of course it was risky...
But, you know
in love, as in war, the
quiet ones are unlucky.
Success... in love, as
well as on the battlefield...
Get to the point, musketeer. In
love, the main thing is to finish on time.
Captain de Treville and
Cardinal Richelieu managed
to obtain encrypted letters
from the conspirators.
And in this Bible
contains the key to the cipher.
This way you will learn
the names of the traitors.
Captain, you will have to give
way... head is more
important than yours.
The state has its own
mind, inaccessible to me...
I'm getting too old for this.
Captain, you are smarter
than our entire regiment.
From now on you are the captain.
I can't accept it...
I made a promise that I must keep.
Oh yeah! What a glorious mess it was!
- A hopeless party.
- To your health!
- Alas, he is right.
- Hey! Who has any wine left?
Glad to see you in good health! So
you will soon become fatter than my sister.
Oh, by the way... about... Matilda.
What with her?
I found a father for her child.
A! Nobleman?
- Yes.
- And the soldier?
But... gentle and beautiful?
- Beautiful.
- And we will get along with him?
- I'm sure... I think so.
- What about Matilda? She's like that for me...
She seems to care about him.
And he is ready to
take her in this position?
Yes, in any case.
What a relief!
I will forever be grateful to you!
You are my real brother!
If your father agrees.
And if you still want to become
a priest, we will be glad if you engage us!
So, I'll put on a cassock for you, sister.
Thank you!
Let's go to.
Are you leaving?
Yes... Athos has enough...
And even more so for
the Count de la Fre.
Are you leaving me alone?
You're still young.
Don't forget to cry, d'Artagnan...
Heart full of love
youth, life...
I wish I could cry like you.
A! There you are
Excuse me!
- What?
- Excuse me, Your Excellency...
I didn't save it!
Joseph! Joseph!