Let Her Cry (2015) Movie Script

There's nothing like the
physical strength of a woman scorned...
Not physical, but
the mental strength.
That mental strength can weather
the pain of childbirth.
It can lift a gargantuan mountain
and throw it to the ground.
I didn't see anything.
I can't imagine an elephant
moving that lamp post...
...let alone lifting it
with my bare hands.
If the monk hadn't interfered,
that man would be dead.
I didn't hear anything...
The places they choose to
work out their problems.
What you need to work out problems is not
a suitable place, only an opportunity.
I didn't understand
what the problem was.
You're still too young
to understand it.
How much older
do I have to be?
After you're married
and become a mother.
Why are you laughing?
No reason.
No reason?
It's not a joke.
Sometimes, everything
feels like a joke.
What is that?
It's nothing like that.
No reason...
Why laugh for no reason?
If you can cry for no reason,
why can't you laugh for no reason?
Madam, why are you crying?
Just felt sad...
Is that a reason to cry?
Let her cry.
You seem really tired.
Your shirt is all wrinkled too.
Did our son call?
He's going to San Francisco
with his friends.
That girl called again.
She said you came there.
Why did you call the house?
To make sure that
you got home safe.
You could've just called my mobile.
It wasn't working.
No, don't. I have enough money.
Then what do you want?
To talk a little.
Come. Come in.
Sit down. Please.
Yes. It is insanity.
But what am I supposed to do
if I can't control myself?
I fully understand the gravity
of the situation.
But none of that matters to me.
I want you! That's all.
Was the beach crowded?
She told me that the
two of you went to the beach.
What is the meaning of this nonsense?
What, me?
I don't know how
to handle this girl.
She's a smart kid.
All of us have
multiple identities.
There began a period...
...where people
started looking around for identities.
"Who am I? What is
my place in this society?"
Identity politics, in many ways,
comes from insecurities...
...that we have to find an anchoring
in other people who are like us.
She didn't come for
lectures today, professor...
Sir, he just has to see me.
His mind searches for me.
When I don't go to Campus,
he comes here looking for me.
He waits for me to come out
of my room impatiently...
He can never wait too long.
He has very little patience.
I am not confessing this
to mess with you.
Only to ease my own mind.
He knows every nook
and cranny of my body.
When he combs through it...
...I don't understand what
he is searching for.
I don't want to understand.
He is looking for something
he thinks I have, that you don't.
I would like to remain
the object of his desire.
For that, I am willing to
sacrifice my life.
He is taking a journey
across my life.
I am enjoying it.
Madam, you think he is
doing something wrong.
But I don't think he is.
Why do I think that?
Searching for lost desire,
in someone else's life.
What can be wrong with that?
If you won't get upset,
may I confess something to you?
I would like to carry
your husband's child.
I am having a headache.
Must be the climate
Just sleep and you'll be all right.
What's this?
You never come in here
You never lock the door.
But you never open the door
when I am inside.
I needed to spit.
May be you're
coming down with a fever.
There's a sour taste in my mouth...
Go and sleep.
Why are you trying to
put me to sleep?
Where were you headed?
What lectures did you have today?
I don't have any lectures today.
I don't care about lectures.
What kind of crazy game
are you playing?
That's something
even I don't understand.
I helped you because I thought
you were talented...
...at studies.
I didn't expect anything in return.
I know that.
Shall I make you some tea?
I don't want your tea.
Just answer my question
without driving me crazy.
I won't be making any exceptions
for you from now on.
I don't need any help.
You've helped me
more than enough.
Then what do you want?
Two spoons of sugar
enough for you?
No sugar.
This is a dangerous game.
You should stop this.
I have a family.
You should have a future.
How come?
Just like that.
Isn't our daughter home?
She won't be home till evening.
She's having practices.
Have you eaten?
Hold on, Let me
fix something quickly.
No, I'll eat whatever is there.
Let me just have a shower first.
Madam, can we talk?
Yes, we can talk.
Madam, I am afraid.
Of whom?
Of myself.
I know that sir started helping me
because I am good at studies.
He had good intentions,
but what am I to do?
I developed feelings for him.
A suicidal type of love.
That's why I am afraid.
That something might happen
to you because of me.
Don't worry about me.
Why don't you find a more
suitable relationship...
...without trying to destroy
your life for no good reason.
I know what I am doing is wrong.
But you can't think and reason
when it comes to love.
I know he doesn't love me.
But why does he come to see me here?
Tell him not to come again.
I think he likes my body.
- Go on, go on.
- Hello.
I don't go to campus
because I can't control myself.
I avoid him.
But he can't do the same.
He comes here looking for me.
He came today as well.
He came today?
Yes. He's still here.
Still there?
That's true.
This is simply because people--
There are more cars than
people, in Kalamburam.
So, how long did
marketing take you today?
You won't believe!
One and a half hours.
- You drove there or...
- Yeah.
I did.
Amazing! I just can't
believe this. Not because--
Excuse me.
Come on.
Don't be a child.
Come in.
Where are you going
in such a hurry?
I told the girl she can stay here
and go to campus with you.
Going to her place
to help her looks bad.
You attend dad's lectures?
Prepare your brother's room
for our visitor.
I don't have lectures today.
Then why the hell don't you get out
and go wherever you want to go.
I meant if you
don't have lectures either...
...then we can
go somewhere and talk.
What would I want to talk to you about?
Sir, is there a problem?
Sorry, I felt like the
engine was lagging.
In a new vehicle like this?
Drive safely...
Shall I order another drink?
What's this?
What do you mean?
You never come in here.
Just felt like it.
Stop messing around
and leave.
There were a lot of lectures.
Our son called.
What did he say?
Says he's learning to surf
in the San Francisco bay.
Honestly, the boy is crazy.
Good! It's his vacation.
Nice to have new experiences.
If something happens to him?
What's going to happen?
They are just boys.
Boy? He's old enough
to get married now!
There's no set age for marriage.
Oh sorry, the door was open.
It's all right, Madam.
I thought you must be studying.
Had no lectures today. The two
of us went to a beach restaurant.
Yes, he told me.
Even though you're skinny now,
you'll end up like a sack of potatoes.
Is your father a big man?
I wouldn't know.
Never met him.
Oh, Sorry. I didn't mean
to hurt your feelings.
Oh, no. Things like that
don't bother me.
Is he dead?
I don't know. I think
he's around somewhere.
So you're a product of your mother
sleeping around in the bushes?
Not in bushes.
On comfortable mattresses.
Can't you tell?
A body like mine could not
have been conceived in the bushes.
Stupid whore!
Come to eat.
I thought you were asleep.
What's wrong?
If you have something to say,
don't keep it inside. Just say it.
Don't take me for a fool.
Why should I take you for a fool?
If you want to sleep with
that girl, go! The door is open.
Don't make a fool of
yourself in public places.
It's not good for your reputation!
Whatever you're thinking
is not on my mind.
What are you doing here?
The professor threw me out
and took off.
Why is that?
No idea.
Looks like you know your
way around a kitchen!
I helped cook for hundreds during
the 'Alms Giving' at the village temple.
Is there a large temple
in your village?
Yes. A royal temple.
I am going for a sermon today.
Do you want to come?
When I go to sermons, I get
kicked out by the women.
Why is that?
Afraid the monk might mess up
his sermon if I sit at the front!
For sure!
What happened now?
Let's put some ice on it.
Where's your mother?
She went to the temple.
I asked to join,
but she said no.
'She' went too!
Madam, that sermon today
was some love story!
Have you been to Sanchi?
- In India?
- Yeah.
Not at all.
After our son was born, we didn't have
another child for over 10 years.
So we went to India, to Sanchi Stupa
praying for a baby girl.
The Sanchi Stupa
is located in Vidisha.
The hometown of King Ashoka's
first and most beloved wife, Asandimitra.
She gave birth to...
...the King's two
children Mahendra and Sanghamitra.
She was a Buddhist!
Another consort of the king
was Karuvaki.
She was a Hindu.
She didn't bear children.
Some claim that the King Ashoka loved
Asandimitra the most.
Others claim he loved
Karuvaki the most.
Well, the King is not alive today
to confirm anything!
So the monk's sermon
was the 506th Jataka Story.
It is a similar story to King Ashoka's
alleged love triangle.
It's the story of Lord Buddha,
who was born...
...as a King Tusker in one life,
and loved two elephant queens.
A version of this story is illustrated
in stone at the Sanchi Stupa.
My favorite incident in the story is
where the King Tusker topples the Sal tree.
The monk described it beautifully
like a scene from a movie.
Have you finished?
I've had enough.
She wants to go in the bus.
Why is that?
Who knows!
Let's go!
I won't come if you're going to
throw me out halfway!
What's with the long face?
Your mother was the one
who said you can't come.
But you could have persuaded her.
How am I supposed to do that?
You could have if you wanted to!
All right, next time
I will say something.
Don't bother.
Don't get mad at me.
We weren't friends
in the first place.
No need to sit next to people
who aren't your friends!
Stop that!
Why? Is it hurting you?
You deserve so much merit
for saving my daughter's life.
Bring her back.
No need.
Bring her back. It feels
like there's a great absence!
Why did you leave?
I won't leave that easily.
I meant why did you
leave the house?
Living there distracts me
from my goal.
What is your goal?
Let's go someplace, where
no one can see us or hear us?
Don't take me for a joke.
You're not a joke to me.
A dangerous dream.
Let's go.
Do you want to go
to the temple?
I can't.
Then why did you
almost kill yourself?
Couldn't you find her?
I didn't look for her.
Wasn't she at
the university today?
I don't know.
I didn't look for her.
The few days she was in this house,
things seemed whole for some reason.
In vain.
What's with you?
What the hell!
Then why did you invite me?
You said you're not coming.
Your father will be alone!
Is he a baby?
Jasmine! Your favorite scent.
Why did you go...
...leaving behind only your scent?
You kept pushing me away.
Me too.
But what was I supposed to do?
When they see me, even animals go insane.
That's what my village folks used to say.
When I walked back home
in the evening after bathing,
women would not only hide their husbands,
they'd lock their dogs in the house too.
So saying you
don't want me, is a lie.
But when there are so many
young boys on campus...
...why me?
I can find hundreds
of men who want me.
But I don't want to go to bed
with a man who just likes my body.
I want to win the love of
someone that I feel love for.
Men went crazy over me.
But you, sir, made me go crazy.
Is that right?
The absolute truth!
...want to look at you.
I exist only for you
to look at.
But I am worried that others
might see me looking at you.
I am afraid of that.
I will secretly
show myself to you.
Did she come back?
Did she really come?
Who? No one came here.
I can still smell her
all over the house.
That bitch came here today
didn't she? Didn't she?
That flowery scent is
still all over your body.
Tell me the truth.
She came here didn't she?
A little while ago.
What do you want?
I've left my perfume bottle here.
It's probably in the room,
may I check?
This bottle was full.
No one here would use
someone else's perfume.
Professor gave me this for excelling
in my second year.
That's not a very good perfume.
Do you want a better one?
I don't use perfume. I only used
it because the professor gave it to me.
That too only when
I went to see him.
I shouldn't have come here
when you invited me.
Everything got
messed up because of it.
What got messed up?
Your grand plan to ruin our family?
I had such a strong conviction
about my love, about winning that love.
The strength to
even kill myself for it.
But that strength melted away
after I came here.
I saw you yesterday
at the temple!
So he told you that too?
Told me what?
That we went to the temple.
Who told me?
Who else?
I am going, Madam.
...can we stop this
game at least now?
Have you had breakfast?
Eat some milk-rice
before you go.
I am going to the temple.
What's with you?
I am going to the temple.
Don't you have homework?
Exams are around
the corner, isn't it?
I'll study after I come back.
No need to go today.
Why is there no need?
I want to come!
Young girls don't need to go
to the temple everyday.
No need to come.
I will go alone!
So what's wrong if the girl
goes to the temple?
What's with young girls and
their craze over temples?
She doesn't need to go today.
You little whore!
You sleep with my husband and then come
here to reach enlightenment?
What the fuck! If your man runs behind other women,
go and deal with him without trying to murder me!
I came here to see for myself!
What the hell is there to see, bitch?
Get the fuck off!
Let go of me!
Let you go?
Yes that is exactly what I plan to do!
Let go of me!
Let you go?
That's exactly what I am going to do!
Get the fuck off!
Stop this shameless thing!
I am shameless?
Just because I am stuck in the house all
day, you think I don't know what goes on?
You bastard! It must hurt to see your
secret whore in pain!
Yes, the two of you!
Get together, kill and devour me!
Isn't that what you want?
Everyone, get out of here without polluting
these sacred grounds!
Yes, your Greatness, I will leave...
I'll leave only after I've ended
this once and for all!
I will finish you, stupid bitch!
Let's go!
Go where?
Let's just get out of here!
There's nothing like the physical
strength of a woman scorned.
Not physical, the mental strength.
That strength can weather
the pain of child birth.
It can lift a gargantuan mountain
and throw it to the ground.
I didn't see anything.
I can't imagine an elephant
moving that lamp post...
...let alone lifting it with
my bare hands.
I didn't hear anything.
The places they choose to
work out their problems.