Let Her Out (2016) Movie Script

Is closed.
I said I have closed for the night.
- Roman?
- Helen!
- always so punctual. - Roman.
You know? You do not always have to order a package just to see me.
I know.
You have to sign this.
It's your birthday.
I painted something something for you.
You might like it, considering your artistic eye.
- Who? - It's you.
It is not like me.
As you see yourself it is not necessarily as others see you.
- Sure you say that to all the girls. - Only you.
I can not.
Have I done something wrong?
Roman, sorry, it's not you. I just can not.
It's okay.
When you find out what you want, you know where to find me.
- Is rare. - What's weird?
It's you?
That is not you.
It's not me.
This place is very scary.
What? It's morbid.
Sit outside the room where your mother committed suicide 23 years ago?
I'm sorry, but it is.
What is this? It's your birthday.
- I thought I should give you a gift. - Open it.
I thought I had lost.
I stole it ... when I was host.
- Why? - I do not know.
Maybe he was jealous. Your stuff. Of your family.
I forgot, okay? I was 11 years old.
Does not matter. It was just a box of old things. I want to make up ..
I never had a home. I say ... This place is ...
I do not know. It's ... a place where I feel safe, or something. I do not know.
I love you.
And I'm sorry that your mother committed suicide in a motel shit.
- What if I'm like her? - Helen! It does not work like that.
Any dark shit I have inside ...
... not inside you.
He would know.
Ability observation or something?
I am an actress. Empathy is my greatest talent.
And breastfeeds.
Speaking of. Is Ed. I need.
I go to be tested.
Is it good? Does your work?
Ed is a genius. And I'm his muse.
In addition I paid for it; so better it is.
- You know what? I think I'll take this. - Molly ...
You may be as famous as me one day.
Helen, wake up, wake up.
Helen suffered a serious head injury.
We do not know how extensive the damage is, how much will take back itself,
how it will impact their daily lives.
There is no way to know how the resulting damage will manifest.
It's okay. You're young. Bones heal quickly.
The doctor says it will only be a few weeks and return to normal.
Welcome home HELEN
Viennese? I mean this is your party, and it is for you.
- Just give me a minute, okay? - It's okay.
You know? I not really bother me that painting.
- You must be Ed. - You must be Helen.
Helen of Molly's always talking.
If that's me.
You're prettier than I thought it would be.
You're exactly what I thought you'd be.
- Do you want some? - I'm fine. Thank you.
And so it goes, on and on ...
and where it ends is destiny.
Not burning flesh ... nor inclined glasses of wine ...
... or spilling hot tears can cast spells and ward off stiff ...
- Molly? Hello?
- friend when you fall, you fall hard ...
- How did I get here?
- Get where?
My bike ... I'm in a parking lot.
I do not know how to workout, after last night.
- How did I get here?
- What...? Helen, dear!
He not is taking coffee in the morning when you left. We heard you leave.
It is impossible...
I have to go, I have rehearsal. Drink plenty of water. I love you.
Hey, baby! We will make a test photograph at seven.
The whole cast comes, okay?
- If it is okay.
- Very good. I love you.
What the hell, Helen!
What happened to your foot?
- Helen, let me in! - Leave me alone!
- What are you doing? - I do not know i do not know.
- Where have you been? - I do not remember.
- You do not remember walking around town with only a towel? - I do not remember anything!
I was in the gym...
I was in the dressing room and there was a woman in the shower ...
Was there a woman in the women's dressing room? Surprising!
I'm sorry I ruined your essay.
You're the most real thing I saw tonight.
It's okay. Let's go see your doctor tomorrow.
- Agree. - Agree?
In a minute I'm in a place, and the next in another.
As if sleepwalking.
Do you hear voices?
- Do you see things? - Like what?
I Were Anything from the ordinary?
- I do not know. - You see them?
- Maybe. - I'd never say that.
- All right. Let's talk about your family history. - I do not want.
- You do not want...? - Helen.
- I have no family. - Helen, tell about your mother.
- What's wrong with her? - I am not crazy.
Nobody said you are.
You will say I'm like my mom, and I'm telling you I'm not.
Would you mind leaving us alone?
- See you at home? - It's okay.
Call me when you're done, okay? Everything will be fine.
Well, what if we do this?
You take a CT scan and an MRI.
And so we can see what's going on in your head, okay?
Just a few routine tests. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.
Helen? I'm Dr.. Headley. You must come to the hospital right now.
We have pictures of your resonance, and I think you'll want to see this.
This dark shadow over the symptoms you are experiencing,
- indicates ... - A tumor?
Technically, yes. But this is different, and rare.
This here looks like immature portions of a spine.
- How? - You were rather "have" a twin.
Have you heard of something called "vanishing twin syndrome"?
Well, I'm not 100% sure, but if I had to bet,
I'll bet your mom was pregnant with twins
and a sister died in the womb.
And instead of being absorbed by your mother, he or she was absorbed into you.
Inside your body. Inside your skull.
And it has been there all your life.
And it was not until your accident that this mass of genetic material was activated
by substances that rushed into your head.
These losses of the notion of time, lack of inhibition, aggression ..
All this is controlled by the prefrontal cortex.
This is the part of your brain that makes you ... be you.
I have a person in my head ?!
No, not a person. It's just a mass of genetic material.
But, based on your symptoms seem that since your accident is growing.
And it is growing at a rate ...
which is causing a serious increased pressure in your brain, and that's not good.
And what should I do?
I will program yourself for surgery right now.
- I need to think about this. - It's okay.
But this is not something that comes and then just leaves.
Inform us. I'll make an appointment.
- Hello?
- Helen. Let me...
I want it out!
Vanishing Twin
And how does it feel?
Is rare. Since I was a child I felt it was the middle of something.
Not the kind of things that you can explain to people. It's something like ...
The whole world is a party, to which all others are also invited.
I'm at the party, but did not invite me, I'm standing in a corner alone,
invisible; because I never knew how it felt to be complete.
Not until I found you had a brother, you've never known,
in your brain.
Yes. The thing is ...
there are so many out there, and people think it's about the twin who died
in the womb, but I think it is those who are the survivors.
We are the only ones missing.
Twins missing. The science...
It feels like there's something happening to me.
Not something you can simply extract.
You've just discovered you had a twin. Heavens, just digest it.
The doctor said the pressure in the brain was causing blackouts. I do not know.
If something feels wrong you must return to the doctor.
- I have to return soon anyway. - When is the surgery?
- In three days. - Three days and all this is over.
You can do that.
You're also tough. As if Ripley had a baby with Juana de Arco.
All this is scaring me.
She started in the body of my mother and ... then got into me.
I feel so guilty.
Helen, you can not feel guilty; It's not your fault.
Thank you.
All right. Now let's take a picture of the three.
Now I have to go to trial. Rest well. Do not go out.
What the fuck ...?
Molly, did you put the paint again there?
What the hell?
Roman, brought you back your stupid painting!
... Helen, I want to see.
Calmly. Come. Sit down.
- Come on. - Yes.
Helen, listen! Untie! Untie!
I knew you'd come back when I find out. Come here.
Want to see you. You want to fuck me, right? Say it.
Helen, listen! Untie! Untie!
Roman? Where are you?!
I've had enough of this shit!
Try it now, fucking bitch!
Three days.
Just hold for three fucking days.
- Where we go? - At Motel Gemini.
I've been thinking about you since the party ...
- Helen? - Yes?
- I can enter? We need to talk. - Yeah. Just give me one second.
- What? - It's 7:00 pm, Helen.
My show starts at aTime, I gotta go.
I know, I'm preparing.
- Has seen Ed? - No.
It's okay. I wait for you?
I just have to...
- What did you do here all day? - Nothing. Agree? I'll see you there.
All right. As you like.
Hears! You can not go down there!
What happened to your arm?
- We need to talk about what happened. - Do not!
Solo relaxation, s? Solo relaxation!
All right! What?
You have three seconds, okay? Three two,
- ... one. - I think I am in love with you.
OMG! Are you crazy!
All right. That night, when I met you at the party, there was something about you.
It was dark and dangerous. Leaving you ... Stop!
All right? Listen out.
It was like you were crazy, but in a good way.
May I smell it. I can smell it, it's in your whole being.
I can not stop thinking about you all the time.
I can not. And last night ... Gosh, last night!
- What are you talking about? - Oh ... Do not do that.
You came to me. You remember?
We got into my car, went to the motel that obsesses you, to the room both.
You said it was your first time. It must mean something.
You have to understand. Nothing in me is real!
Nothing. You're just you.
I can not explain it. I need it again, please. Please.
What do you want, Ed?
I love you.
What would you do to me? Tell me.
Come on, Ed. Use your words.
I want to fuck. Hard. Harder than you ever fucked in your life.
You know what you are?
You think you're a man.
With your hair ...
and your beard,
and your tattoos and your poetry and your fucking pornographic fantasies.
You're not a man! You're a fucking kid!
- To say that? - Say "I'm a child!"
- "I'm a little kid." - Do not.
Say it, and I will give; I'll give you everything you want.
I am a kid. I am a little child.
Ask me what you want, boy.
Destroces want me.
Take off your pants.
- Do not move ... or you'll short. - What the hell? What do you do?
- You said you wanted it dark and dangerous. - Okay, okay.
This is what you want, right?
- Would you cut it? - Do not! Do not!
- Are you afraid? - Yes!
- Are you so scared? - Stop! For! Please!
Damn bitch!
And do not tell Molly, okay? Shit!
I know who you are.
No no no! It's not real. This is not real.
Do not! Do not!
Stay here. Everything will be fine if you stay here.
That's OK. Stay here, dammit.
Do you know what time it is?
I do not know. It is night.
- I do not know what is happening to me. - I know.
You're sick, Helen.
You are very sick.
No. It's not that, it's this thing ...
It's not about what's in your brain, okay?
This is what is on your mind.
- Need help. - What are you talking about?
Last night I returned from my show, it was great, by the way; if you give a damn,
and I went to your room, because I wanted to see my friend, and I found ...
And that.
FUCKING BITCH - There's more.
I did not do this!
- Who did it? - I do not know.
Where's Ed?
I do not know, Molly.
- Where is?! - I said I do not know!
You ... you did something?
Of course not.
- I do not believe you. - Well, I do not care! It's true.
- Why did not he call me? Where is? - I do not know where he is, right?
And believe me; You're better off without him.
I'll fuck her, right?
- What? Do not! - I've seen the way you look.
Molly, listen to me. Ed is bad. He is not good.
I hinted. I told him no.
I said no, but do not take no for an answer.
What did you do?
I just freaked out. That is all.
- He had a knife. - Did you have a knife ?!
It was not mine, okay? Just trying to scare ...
- I'm calling the police, Helen. - Why?!
You're a danger to yourself and other people, okay?
Need help.
This is not me, okay? As soon make me surgery I'll be fine.
People with brain tumors at all times,
but they do not try to scare other with knives.
- I have not killed anyone! - I did not say you did!
I am not crazy!
Why do you say that? Jesus Christ, Helen, that's bullshit!
I am sorry. Molly, you know me. You are my sister.
- You're not my sister. - You know Helen would not do anything wrong.
- What? - You know I would never do anything wrong.
That was not what you said!
You're crazy, Helen. Shove your fucking head!
Helen, detente!
Helen! You are hurting me!
I'm not ... Molly, run!
Helen, stop!
I do not want to hurt you!
Helen, let me in!
- Helen, tell me what you did to Ed! - Molly, please!
Helen! Open the door!
Get out of me!
Go to the car.
I've been watching.
I just want to talk. So you'll get on the damn car. Get in the car!
I'm not a bad person, you know?
This is your fault!
All this is part of a sick game that has been played with me.
I'm a man. Do you understand? I'm a man.
And you can not take it away from me, you can not take away nothing!
Ed, please stop! You do not get it! You do not understand what I'm capable!
- Take off your clothes! - Do not!
Do you remember that motel? You invented this and I'm just playing!
Turn around!
Look, I will not hurt you. Agree?
Turn around. Put your hands against the wall. Just do it!
No, Ed! Ed...
Get up! I've told you to get up!
Do not! Do not! Wait! Wait!
- Hello? - Molly?
Helen? Helen, listen to me. I know you. This is not you.
- I'm fucking like my mother. - No, you are not. You are not.
Go back home. I can help.
No. No one can help me. My sister is in my head.
Agree? It's all over my body.
I should have died with her.
I should have died with her at the motel and none of this had ever happened.
- I have to stop . - What are you talking about?
It is the only way to end; I'll end from the beginning.
I am sorry.
- Helen?
- I love you.
Helen? !? Helen ?! Dammit!
I came from you, Helen.
You can not stop me.
You're going to die tonight.
You know how long I've waited? It's my turn, Helen!
- You I can stop.
- You like her. You are weak!
- I'm not.
- So what are we doing here?
- This is the end!
- For you!
- For both!
- She was a whore!
She tried to kill me. But ... I hid within.
I have kept you alive.
All these years you and your fucking waste of life.
- You are dead. - No, Helen. I'll finally get out of here.
Outside of you!
It's my turn, Helen.
My turn!
Helen ?! Helen ?!
What have you done?
She's here.
- Who? Who is here? - My sister.
- She is not real! - Molly, run!
- No. - Molly please go. Go away!
- How many pills did you take? - All.
- I am so sorry. - It's okay.
No Please.
Please go home.
I will not leave you. No again.
I love you.
Helen, detente!
Helen detente!
I am sorry.