Let Me Make You a Martyr (2016) Movie Script

("Slippin' into
darkness" by war)
Slippin' into darkness
take my mind
beyond the dreams
I was slippin' into darkness
take my mind
beyond the dreams
where I talk to my brothers
(doorbell rings)
June, wake the fuck up.
What the fuck is goin' on?
What don't you two gentlefucks
tell me what it
is I can do for ya
at 7 A.M. on a fuckin' Tuesday.
Listen, cut the shit.
You know why we're here.
See originally,
the plan was just
to take your friend.
The dead one over there with us.
Looks like you're gonna
have to take his place.
It's time to pay up.
Alright, here's
how it's gonna go.
Either one of you
raise those my way,
and you're both gonna
be a couple of fuckin'
Jackson pollocks on
the wall behind you!
Look, you would'a shot
me if you were man enough
when I walked through
the fuckin' door.
You killed your best friend.
Your boss is done.
Your income is gone.
And so is your white pony ride.
Let's face it,
you're a fiend, kid.
I know your family.
They're gonna drop you quicker
than you dropped
that little slut
you've been whorin'
around town with.
I'll have you know
that about two hours
ago I had my dick buried
so deep inside that slut's ass.
The one you're
referring to, I assume.
My girlfriend.
And as for this fuck,
he did it to himself.
God knows why.
Let's just just get
this shit over with.
You know you're dead already.
But if this is
how it's gonna go,
then roll the curtains.
(Gun clicks)
You can't fight fate.
I'll tell ya, if
god's in this room,
he's one sick fuck.
(Busting door open)
(Tense music)
Name, date of birth.
Nothin' to say for yourself?
That's alright.
No one leaves here
without full disclosure.
Take him to six.
(Door slams)
(Door opens)
(Door closes)
Let's see.
Glass, glass.
Drew, is it?
Of course it is.
What is this, am
I being charged?
We'll get to that
when we get there.
Now, you are, in fact,
Mr. glass, I presume?
See, how hard was that?
And you are Mr. glass
of September, 1984.
Born to Veronica black.
Deceased, December
of 1985. Correct?
Father unknown.
Assumed and adopted by one
Lawrence Fitzgerald glass.
What is this about?
We'll get to that, I promise.
Just answer
as I ask.
However trivial or
menial it may sound.
[Charon] So.
Am I being charged?
Oh, well, let me explain to you
what it is exactly that I do.
I'm a glorified buffer of sorts.
A bag man in my previous life.
The reason I do what I do,
and the man in charge chose me,
is because I have the
impeccable ability to remain
non-partisan and unwavering,
while retaining
the relevant amount of empathy
it takes to sit
across this table.
Now, we're gonna
cover a lot of ground
in a short period of time.
So, we will start
small and simple
and follow all the
splinters as they surface.
So, I need you to tell
me how you got here.
What happened?
I'm not exactly sure.
(Gun cocks)
Too much too soon, huh?
Okay, what about
the previous day?
Where did that begin?
A blow job?
A cup of coffee?
It doesn't have to be
significant or profound,
we're just tryin'
to find a beginning.
Nine times out of 10, these
things start with a car ride.
Or a woman.
[Drew] It started with both.
Tell me about the girl.
(Somber music)
(Airplane propeller roaring)
(Crickets chirp)
(Car door opens)
(Door slams)
What the hell is goin' on, man?
Why you takin' a fuckin'
attitude with me?
Don't forget I took my night off
to drive the fuck out
here to bum fuck nowhere.
Would you give
it a fuckin' break?
You know I don't wanna be
doin' this shit either?
Thought you was gonna
talk to him first.
I thought about
it, what's the point?
What did Larry say?
I'd say we're doin' him a favor.
And now that we're out here,
I just think it's
better this way.
You thought things
were fucked up before,
shit's only gotten worse.
You ain't gotta church
it up for me, man.
You waste drew, and your
debt with lg is done.
How the fuck you
plan on doin' this?
We pull off in that
fuckin' reservoir.
Do you even have a piece?
Under the seat.
And you just decided
to tell me this?
Well, don't waste time
bein' all sentimental.
Just watch your fuckin' mouth.
Mother earth
on whom the moon
and stars do shine
mother earth
you are so divine
(plane approaches)
(Engine shuts off)
You said that love is blind
I'm gonna make you
I'm gonna make you mine
mother earth
yes, you include
the sea and land
come here you son of a bitch.
It's been too long.
Six years.
Way too long.
How do I look?
[Lamon] So, how was your flight?
Not too bad.
A little tight.
Only motherfucker I knew
who charters a
fuckin' prop plane.
Hey, let me get a
hit off that bottle.
[Lamon] Hey, hold your shit.
Where's your manners at.
You want a Christmas, drewby?
Nah, I'm good, man.
I gave it up.
Gave it all up.
[Lamon] You serious?
Had too, man.
The shit was killin' me.
You tellin' me with
the genes you got
that don't add up, man.
You're tellin' me you
quit shootin' dope
and you can't even have a
drink with your friends?
I'm proud of you, man.
I'm serious.
I know how hard it
is to quit that shit.
It's fuckin' brutal.
Especially with that shit
LG's puttin' out on the streets.
It's got the whole
damn town hooked.
Hope you weren't
expectin' to come back
and find things cleaned up, man.
They oughta blow this
motherfucker off the map.
I'm not expecting much.
Been gone too long to
have any expectations.
I seen Junebug around town.
She been around.
How is she?
She sure as hell ain't
clean and sober like you are,
I can tell you that.
But she don't go far.
Larry's got her hooked
so she don't wander.
I didn't want you to
hear like this, but,
it's not so good.
If I knew what would
happen when I left.
(Gravel crunching under tires)
(Somber music)
(Kills the engine)
(Door slams)
(Pounds on door)
Hondo, wake the fuck up, man!
(Country music)
I go back to the yesterday
you got a lotta
nerve, little birdie,
comin' out here
orderin' me around.
You're more liable to
catch buckshot out here
than any kind of help.
I can tell you fiendin'.
You must be, comin'
all the way out here
raisin' hell among
us common folk.
What the fuck you thinkin'?
I know that Jew daddy of yours
taught you some kind of manners.
I know that Dreidel Spinner
taught you that much.
Can't we just
fuckin' talk inside?
We can talk right here.
These my people's, and
you're fuckin' up their shit.
They're all tryin'
to get their fix too.
And they here day
in and day out.
Why I drop my shit
and cater to you?
Hondo, fuckin' please, man.
Just please let me fucking
see little birdie,
this is why I don't
like you and yours.
got this air.
(Laughs) Entitlement.
It makes me fuckin' sick.
Think you better
than the rest of us?
I'm a reasonable man, though.
I'm a listen to
what you got to say.
But if it don't benefit me,
I'll cut that cunny
out your crotch
and snail mail it
back to your daddy.
Get the fuck in the trailer.
(Tense music)
I didn't wanna do it.
It was Larry.
He wants you dead.
(Breathes heavily)
Look at me.
I loved you, man.
[ Man talking on radio ]
[Drew] Morning, father.
Mr. glass.
It's nice to hear
your voice again.
How have you been keeping up?
You know.
Just tryin' to
make you look good.
Seems like I caught you all
in the middle of somethin'.
Just preparing for
this evening's mass.
Come in, sit down.
I'll stand, thanks.
You can see time has been
generous to you, father Francis.
You've aged well.
Preparing for mass, huh?
Yeah, I remember how
that whole shindig goes.
[Priest] Yes, it's
quite a delicate task.
Well, you think
after, what's it been?
40 years of doing this.
It would become like second
nature to you bead mumblers.
Is there something
we can do for you, boy?
Drew, I'm sorry, he's
in quite a mood today.
Now is there something
you came here to say
or can I get back to work?
Okay, I'll tell you
what you can do for me.
You can grab that bank roll
and that dope you got
under the tabernacle,
so I can get up out your hair.
Let you get back to your gospel.
Larry hasn't given us
donations for a long time.
All these accusations and
innuendos you're making.
I can assure you are
inaccurate and unappreciated.
You tell me one
more lie, father.
And I will mount
you on that crucifix
and let you bleed out your ass.
Now we both know you're
no fucking martyr,
so, do yourself a favor
and I can remind you of how
gentle you were with me.
[Father Lawrence] Show
the boy to it, Jack.
[Hondo] Go ahead now.
What you got to say?
Somethin' got fucked up, okay?
And nobody's holdin', so,
I know better than
to come down here
if it isn't worth your while.
So, I got over a thousand and
I just need enough to
get me through, like,
just the next few days
til we get back up.
I was right.
I knew you was itchin'.
Well, you know I got it.
Got plenty of it.
But your money
ain't no good here.
Take a look out that window.
You seen my people's.
Every one of those
sad fucks outside,
more loyal to me then
they are to their spouse
or their preacher.
Because this shit right here
(tense music)
Got a grip on 'em tighter
than a cunt or crucifix.
What can I do?
Just fucking tell me.
What can you do?
don't you try that again
all sexy like for me?
can I do?
My dick didn't even
hiccup at that.
But, don't trip, birdie.
I wouldn't let you
smoke this pole anyhow.
You ain't my type.
And, like I said,
I don't fall for
any breed of beef.
I tell you what, though.
You got balls comin' out here.
And for that, I'll
deal with you.
But I don't want your money.
Come with me.
(Door creaks open)
(Tense music)
(Engine roaring)
(Screetching tires)
Come on.
(Door opens)
(Door slams)
Just come sit here
for a minute, alright?
I need to talk to grace.
[Grace] What's goin' on?
Who's the little one?
Just come in here.
(Door creaks shut)
Is that the girl?
Where the hell did you find her?
Hondo had her.
Hondo, Darla's ex?
What the hell were
you doing with him?
Someone knocked off all our shit
that came in this mornin'.
I've been so fuckin'
sick, so I went,
I went down there.
He was gonna bury me if I
didn't take her with me.
Can you watch her
for a couple of hours
while I figure out what
I'm gonna do with her?
[Grace] Are you
gonna be alright?
Yeah, it just shook me up.
He had her,
he had her tied up
in a fucking shed.
It must've been, like,
100 degrees in there.
Lord knows what he's
been doin' to her.
I'm sorry.
Take care of your business.
I'll get her fed, okay.
She's safe here,
mama, so, don't worry.
Just go out take care
of what you gotta do.
Got some fish sticks
I can heat up for you,
how's that sound?
What's your name, sweetheart?
I've never met anyone
with that name before.
You're adorable, you know that.
Hey, you got the money for lam?
[Grace] Yeah, it's
in the bedside table.
Hey, listen, I gotta go
do some big girl things.
But I'll be back in
a few hours, okay?
Listen, nothing's
gonna happen to you.
You're safe here.
And grace can take really
good care of you, okay?
When I come back, maybe
we'll go get some ice cream.
That sound good?
I'll see you soon.
I don't care who
comes to the door,
don't let anyone inside.
[Grace] I got you,
are you gonna be okay?
Yeah, I just gotta figure out
what in the hell I'm
gonna do with her.
Be careful.
[June] Alright,
I'll see you soon.
("Bangs" by brick + mortar)
(Opens door)
("Conga" by Gloria Estefan)
You got yourself a little boat.
You do?
I like that catfish.
Yeah, well, who don't
like fresh catfish?
Oh, you're a bottom feeder, huh?
That's my world, your's too.
[Charon] Yes, sir.
Gotta like 'em.
I like beans, man.
I like beans,
catfish, Cole slaw.
Jesus, I love cookin' beans.
Put a little a that
soul sauce on there too?
Oh, here she is.
Come on, sugar.
How you feel today?
This is daddy's little dove.
Never a day or a dollar short.
Look at you, a
well oiled machine.
There's efficiency, ain't
that right baby, huh?
How old are you, sweetheart?
Goddamn you look good.
Hey, I see those gears grindin'.
She ain't like the others.
It's my Clydesdale.
My Seabiscuit.
I raised her myself.
What was that, the usual?
(Knocks on door)
Good girl, huh,
what do you want?
Mister, sir, uh,
(shuts door)
The phone is for you.
[Larry] Take a message
Perro, she's crying man.
The woman.
The woman she's crazy.
I can't understand her.
Go on, what the
hell I pay you for?
I'll be right back.
Goddamn you got
a nice lookin' ass.
What are you gonna do with that?
I don't know.
What do you want me to do?
Are you a freak?
I can tell a freak any time.
A mile long.
(Door opens)
(Door closes)
Where'd you come from?
Just made the pick up
and then I came over.
Anything unusual?
No, what do you mean?
I gotta go, Ronny.
I'll back to you
on them licenses.
And, uh,
and you.
If anything, like an emergency
happens while I'm gone.
You'll call me, right?
I'll see ya.
(Door opens and closes)
Well, now daddy's gone.
Why don't you bring
that on around here
and let me toss it up and
play with it a little bit.
(Engine roars)
Forgive me, son, but
I asked about the girl.
Now all of this is fascinating.
We need to get to where
you come into play.
What is it that
you're after, exactly?
(Intense music)
(Door slams)
(Knocks on door)
(Door opens)
(Bluesy music)
[Man] This here's a wildflower.
It ain't nothin'
special but I mean,
I think it's gonna be big.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
What 'chu want mister?
How are you today?
Don't worry about how I
is, what 'chu doin' out here?
I'm lookin' for
a man named pope.
You say you lookin' for a pope?
No, a man named pope,
used to live around here.
Mr. you know who pope is?
Yeah I do, I've known pope
longer n' you been alive.
Is that right?
That's right.
I can't help ya I'm sorry.
I got a hundred dollars.
Anybody might lead me to him.
Hey squirt you stay
right here alright.
Now you say what now?
I say I got a hundred dollars
to anybody who take me to pope.
Tell ya what
you keep that Benjamin,
you come out here lookin'
all slick like,
look like the kinda
guy might know
where to find a bag a ice.
Yeah, I might be able
to help you with that.
Here we gonna do.
Ol' squirt back
there he gotta boat.
He gonna take ya a
quarter mile up the river.
I ain't gettin' in that boat
'cause I'm scared a skins.
But here's the deal
I'm gonna hold me
end you hold yours.
You don't I'm gonna string ya
up like a Southern wind chime.
Ya understand?
Oh you gonna be happy
with what I got for you boy.
I'll be the judge a
that, alright, hey squirt.
You gonna hop in with this
man here, he gonna take ya
up the river alright?
(Engine starts)
You're gonna be
alright, alright.
Little man get on
in the door's open.
(Door slams)
Is this somethin' I
should have an attorney for?
What are you guilty of?
Again, I apologize for
the implication format
but usually when one requests
representation it's an
admission of guilt.
Now we can go down
that Avenue but
there's a mess here.
(Gunshot rings out)
And although there are other
subjects who are most certainly
involved you in fact are the
only one they brought to me.
Not anyone else.
I can assure you forfeiting
this opportunity would be
something to regret because
there won't be another
opportunity for
reprieve, understood?
I think I do.
So what will it be?
Are we done?
Very well.
Fuck it.
(Shoes clicking on concrete)
(Door opens)
(Door squeaks and closes)
(Cranks engine)
(Ominous music)
(Water sloshes)
This it?
Don't go nowhere.
I mean,
don't you go nowhere,
I'll be back.
Up there, huh?
Hey, how long has it been?
February '92.
I don't know how the
fuck you remember that.
How are ya?
The fuck does it look like I am?
I don't deserve any chit
chat I mean I just drove in a
car for about an hour got
stuck in a boat with a mute
and nearly killed
myself walkin' up here.
Then well,
why don't you get to the
point why you're here.
It's, is my son.
Remember him?
Yeah, the one you adopted.
That's it, well he's
gone off the rails.
Gotta Jihadist agenda
and he's just hurt me in,
just hurt me in ways
that I can't forgive him.
I don't really know
how to say this but.
So you want me to put him down?
I like the way you say that.
Well it's gonna be
double for family.
Did I stutter I said double.
Thing about it is I
need it done yesterday.
Well that's why you
came to me isn't it then?
Alright, no that's
alright, I'll just, okay.
Just let me know.
Let me know.
(Strikes lighter)
(Slides ashtray on table)
So what else?
Yes, well, says here
that you have an uncle.
Was he related to your mother?
Marvin Crenshaw glass.
Marvin, yeah.
(Bell ringing)
(Blowing on fingers)
(Taps button)
(Blows on fingers)
(Taps buttons)
I had a felling
you'd still be here.
I never move boy, you
know better than that.
(Tapping buttons)
What happened?
Never mind I'll tell
you about it later.
(Tapping buttons)
What's in the cup?
Green tea.
Green tea?
What man you go queer on me?
Alright, gimme a swig.
Man just when I thought
I couldn't draw one.
Thought you'd appreciate
that pay off the house
and maybe the car payment.
Oh, boy you been gone a minute,
fuck the car n' the house.
(Car splashing through water)
(Door opens)
(Horn honks)
(Door closes)
(Door opens)
(Wrestles wheelchair out)
(Wheelchair clanks on ground)
It's all bullshit man.
Just leave the chair out here.
I'm not even gonna ask.
(Hearty laugh) C'mon.
(Door squeaks open)
(Closes door)
Here's for your troubles Marv.
You are a Saint boy.
So what happened man, you okay?
Don't overdue it now you're
the only blood I got left.
You know I hate to spoil
you but it feels right.
Oh, boy I been in
the game a while.
Big man would'a punched
out my ticket long time ago
if he's goin' to.
Don't take bein' a dope
fiend to fell like that.
What brings you around?
Filin' this under vacation
time or somethin'?
You could call it that.
I got some evils of
my own to clear out.
Some business to
insure pleasure.
Just the trash man this time.
You know where a
trash man finds himself
at the end of his day?
Where's that?
Standin' alone right in front of
the pile of crap he's collected,
covered in shit.
I suspect I'll be covered
from head to toe when I'm done.
Alright I'm sure you will be.
(Spoon falls on table)
Oh, yeah, yeah.
That fuckin' Keich
that raised ya.
Easy Marv.
Don't fall outta that high now.
Man shouldn't be allowed
to live like that and
not taste hell for it.
(Couch squeaks)
A man's gotta have a code, yeah.
Or what else, what
kinda man is he?
What d'ya think I came back?
Make good with all the
folks I've taken from
and taken from me, start over?
I came back to say my piece.
Get some much needed sleep.
Uh, huh.
Ah, the one thing I
learned is that you
you don't have to
be six feet under
to be cycled out of existence.
Oh, the truth is that I've
been wanderin' this earth
without a soul for years.
And the only sense that I
can make out of the extent
of my existence is this.
Is this some sort of
fucked up punishment
for my failure to live?
When I go, and I pray
god, I hope it's soon.
But when it happens,
if I'm lucky,
it'll be with a needle
in my arm or at my side.
Just a comfortable compromise.
Don't be like me.
Ahh, when you cross over
boy you make sure you got some
truth to put on the table.
Or heaven's gonna
burn your eyes.
(Car drives by)
(Low rumble)
(Knocking on door)
Oh (Chuckles).
Take a seat.
Hey, you know, Jer, I'm gonna
have to call you back later.
(Hangs up phone)
Well, well, well.
The prodigal son.
How the hell are ya?
So maybe we just outta
cut the bullshit, huh?
Quit actin' so excited
to see each other.
Head penguin over at St.
Vincent's she called me.
Just to let me know
that you were in town.
And before you cum all over
yourself tryin' to explain
let me just say that I'm
very aware of that special
relationship you had with
Jackie and uncle frank.
But I,
I do indeed need to insist
that I get back what is mine.
There's more then just my mouth
that relies on what you took
so why don't you just
get to what you want?
We can let bygones be.
Just like that?
Well hell ya, just
like that (Laughs).
And if I don't.
My god son.
You know when they talk
about a Thorn in your side?
That's what you are to me.
So what'a we gonna do boys?
What are we gonna do about
'ol sporto here, huh?
Why don't I make it easy on ya?
(Exhales deeply)
Look at that.
I will guarantee
that this little
treasure will remain
intact if we can just
work out a compromise.
What's it say on
there, oh, to my daddy.
Love, little June bug.
(Laughs) God.
(Grabs for picture)
(Men grab and hold on)
[man] Settle down.
[Man] Let me know
if that brings back
any memories for you.
[Man] Shhhhh.
[Drew] Ahhhh!
[Rapist] Just take
that right there.
(Banging against desk)
(Falls on floor)
Well, get up.
Get up.
Pull your pants up.
(Jerks pants)
Come on now, get on up.
No, no, no, no, no.
[Larry] Pedro
just mopped in here.
You can walk around
and act like you
went out in the world
and made somethin' of yourself.
But if you think for
a fuckin' second!
That you could come in
here and take what is mine.
You got another thought comin'.
When that fuckin'
Junkbox mother of yours
topped herself off, who?
Who brought you in?
Who took care a you,
who fuckin' loved you?
You and June bug.
And I know you come
here with a mission.
On the warpath with
fire in your eyes
let me tell you right now,
what you come here to save
is dead and gone boy.
You have my shit here tonight!
And I'll let you both live.
How 'bout that, huh?
How 'bout that, do we
understand each other?
Do we understand each other?
(Smacks face)
Now get the fuck
outta my office.
(Door slams)
You two, both a you,
get the fuck outta here!
(Door slams)
(Kicks desk)
(Chair squeaks)
(Writing on paper)
(Ominous rumble)
Where's the boy?
This is you and me.
(Strikes lighter)
'Preciate it.
(Lighter falls on table)
(Inhales deeply)
(Echoing voice talking)
(Door opens)
(Ominous rumble)
What did she say about me?
The woman is such a bitch.
My life (Unintelligible
echoing voice).
Uh, Deidreth, yeah
I need to call back.
Yeah, of course it's my brother.
(Echo stops)
Look who the fuck it is.
I thought you were dead by now.
You know Taylor should
be home any minute.
She's in the first grade now.
Yeah they got her in one of
those immersion programs.
She's learnin' French.
You want anything
baby, like coffee, or?
You seen Raymond yet?
I actually came by to
surprise him is he around?
He's here got himself
a legitimate business.
A regular entrepreneur (Giggles)
I'll let him elaborate.
[Woman] Hey sergeant.
[Sergeant] Yeah.
- Okay sergeant.
- Call me sergeant.
Call me sergeant pepper-cock.
Okay pepper-cock.
Yes give it to me, yes.
Where's the salsa?
[Sergeant] Libby?
(Drawer shutting)
Libby, what the fuck?
(Zipper zipping)
Well what the fuck, did
Libby not tell you we're
shootin' in here?
She mentioned you were
a small business owner.
She didn't say anything
about you being the
second coming of Johnny watt.
Well how'd I look
you peppin' faggot?
Use your hips more, it's
not just about stabbin' her.
[Woman] Come on baby,
who the fuck is it?
It's just a ghost sweetie.
This a bad time?
It's always a bad
time, come on in.
Just ignore the bitch,
she's out of her mind.
Baby hang tight for me alright,
we'll finish up in a minute.
Are you Dirk Diggler Nowaday?
If you only knew the market
in Internet porn brother
you'd be jockin' that
tube steak in front of
the camera your damn self.
Business is good?
It's boomin', you got no idea.
Best move I ever made was
employing my own cock man.
I mean fuck chasin' dope
fiends, this is like shootin'
fish in a barrel,
but with dynamite.
Well it's good to hear you
got your shit all worked out.
Wouldn't expect any less.
Actually came by to check
your interest on somethin'.
Well I wouldn't expect any
less from you neither Drewbee.
I've never known you not
to be workin' somethin'.
I'm guessing you
saw the Jew already.
Yeah I ran into him.
Wait for me outside.
I gotta get some,
pants on.
(Exercise bike rattling
and squeaking loudly)
(Breathing heavy)
Let me get one of them smokes.
Paid a visit to our
friends this mornin'.
Diaper snipers?
Got a little outta hand.
Shit man.
I don't even need details.
Those twisted fucks deserve
whatever happened to 'em.
What 'chu need from me?
Just wait by the phone.
This goes the way I
see it I won't be able
to ever come back.
We could get off what's
in the guest room
and be good for a while.
I just need to know
you're still reliable.
Till death my
friend, till death.
(Ominous low music)
Well, you've been around
the block a few times.
Watchin' the world turn to shit.
You know how do you
find the balance.
You see my grandfather used
to tell me this story about
a war within his mind
between two wolves.
Now he said one wolf
represented anger,
rage, resentment.
Now the other wolf
represented benevolence,
peace, and kindness.
And then he said to me I
see the same war within you.
And I said,
well, which wolf wins?
And he said what's
the one that you feed?
Shit that's deep.
You know my father
now he used to say
the world's a bitch son.
As soon as she spreads her legs
and you take a bite of
that pie she owns you
and if she ever catches
you fuckin' around
not playin' by her rules
she will take everything
and leave your ass
out in the cold.
Some words of wisdom right?
Well I can't say I disagree
with that perspective of yours.
Oh, a,
do you mind?
(Door opens)
(Door closes)
How's she doin'?
I got her eatin'
chocolate, look at her.
I got her some clean clothes,
some cookies in the car.
- She's fed.
- Okay.
We cleaned her up
and braided her hair.
She's been sleepin' for an hour
or two think she needed it.
(Strikes lighter)
What do you think
he was doin' to her?
I don't know.
Did anyone come by?
Drew, which one?
Drew, my drew?
He came by but,
he did, what did he say?
He wants you to meet
him at the diner at four.
Is that all he said?
How did he look?
- He looked good, healthy.
- Yeah.
He just said to make
sure you're there at four.
You want me to keep
her while you go?
I'm responsible for
this little one.
I don't know what I'd do if
anything happened to her.
What's so funny?
This little one's givin' you
a case of baby fever (Laughs)
I can't help it,
look at her, hey.
I got you some clean
clothes you wanna see?
And I got you some
cookies you still hungry?
you're right.
There's no room in the world
for a decent man anymore.
Just a bunch of medicated
droolers lookin' to be
absolved by a
congregation of suits.
Boob-tube prophets.
And in this moment of
divine insight if
you can call it that
I don't apologize to anyone
for not participating.
Wasn't my game to begin with.
I never injured
anyone but myself.
You cannot lose if
you do not play.
(Inhales deeply)
(Fire roaring in background)
So let me ask you a question.
Upon your arrival how much
of this did you anticipate?
Are you asking me if
this was premeditated?
I'd say what was thought out
was always subject to change.
I mean a situation like this
never pans out
like you'd expect.
I hear that a lot in this room.
I guess what I'm tryin' to
say is my goal was to stay
true to the agenda and
do my best to avoid any
collateral damage.
You know I,
I have a thing about
tampering with the innocent.
Why's that?
(Door opens)
(Chains rattling)
(Door slams shut)
Innocence ain't cheap.
(Knife scraping fork)
(Door opens)
Can I touch you?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
(Laughs softly)
You look so beautiful.
So do you, you look good.
Are you ready?
(Ominous low tone)
[June] I can't
believe you're real.
There's someone I
want you to meet.
(Car races past)
[Charon] How 'bout
this little girl?
How did you assume
responsibility for her
and what was the
obligation in doing so?
[Drew] Well that was all June
but I think she saw something
in Rooney that she identified
with but hadn't seen in herself
since she was a little girl.
You know something
she'd forgotten
but had been searching for.
[Charon] Did she think that
the innocence of this child
could wipe both
your slates clean?
[Drew] Something like that.
[June] She's adorable isn't she?
[Drew] Yeah.
Where'd you find her?
Everybody's looking
for that kid.
Hondy had her
locked up in a shed.
I guess her parents owed
so he did away with them.
She's lucky you found her.
What's gonna happen?
I don't know.
I think I should keep her.
You think there's a way to
change the way we've turned out?
I don't know.
I spent the last six years
trying to figure that out.
When I realized I couldn't
I found myself right back here.
Maybe she's what we needed.
(Wind blowing in trees)
Something to save.
June we can't
even save ourselves.
[June] I just need
to get out of here.
[Drew] That's why I
came to take you with me.
[June] I know
but what about her?
I can't just leave her now,
she's got no one that loves her.
Why can't that be us?
How long are we gonna be here?
[June] I don't know
babe, why what's up?
When can I go home?
I don't know.
- Why?
- Cause I,
I don't know I'm
figurin' that out.
Listen, I need you to
be strong for me okay?
I need you to be brave.
(Child starts to cry)
I know how you feel.
When I was little I
had to be brave too.
Somethin' happened to me between
then and now and I got lost
I'm not gonna let
that happen to you.
I promise, okay.
You're gonna be okay, come here.
(Girl crying)
You're gonna be okay.
Well you have to understand
where we came from.
Where she came from, when
I first met her she was
six years old, she
was raised overseas.
Her mother was a
prostitute murdered.
At the time Larry was
gettin' women from there.
She came in with one of
the new crops of girls.
I still remember the
first time I saw her.
She was this little,
petrified bag a bones.
Couldn't speak a word of English,
scared of her own shadow.
That's why when she introduced
me to Rooney I didn't even
have to think about it, I
knew what June saw in her
even if she didn't.
(Dirt crunching under tires)
(Brakes squeaking)
Hey Rooney.
Listen I need you to do
something for me okay?
We're goin' somewhere that's
not that safe so I need you
to just trust me and come
with me for a second okay?
It's safe in here you're just
wait and I'll come get you.
You can do it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
(Somber music)
(Gunshots ring out)
(Door closes)
You want me to get
your things together?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
(Record player plays)
(Smooth blues music)
I put a spell on you
because you're mine
please stop the
things that you do
[drew] Wanna go
somewhere warm or cold?
(Small tray rattles)
You pick baby.
No, no I ain't lyin'
you know I can't stand it
you runnin' around
you know better babe
I can't stand it, can't
stand it, can't stand it
cause you let me down, ye-yeah
I put a spell on you
because, because I know,
I know that you're mine
you're mine girl
so what, what'd ya pack for?
[Drew] What?
Hot or cold?
Put a spell on you
cause you're mine
give it here.
Please stop the
things that you do
I ain't lyin',
no, no I ain't lyin'
you know I can't stand it
you went to runnin'
you know better girl
I didn't think you remembered.
It's like ridin' a bike.
Because you let me down yeah
I put a spell on you
hey, hey girl, because,
because you're mine
(kisses arm)
(Kisses lips)
I got my mojo
(couch material squeaking)
I'm gonna cast a spell on you
can you see
Yes, love?
Don't ever leave me.
I'm alone without you.
Don't make me do that again.
I'm not goin' anywhere.
Take me to bed.
(Somber music)
What are we gonna do?
What do you mean?
I just know this isn't gonna
play out the way we want.
I can't keep runnin'.
But this is just the beginnin'.
Whatever this life is
I think it's just to find
the thing that you love
and then when we cross
over to what's next
we only take those
things with us.
I believe that.
I do.
I don't wanna go anywhere warm.
I don't wanna keep runnin'.
I want what I been waitin' for.
I don't wanna wait any longer
and leave it to chance.
Do you know what
your asking me to do?
I think it's the only way.
It's okay to be scared.
(Exhales sharply)
I love you.
I'll find you.
(Dramatic orchestral music)
Do you understand now?
Where I'm comin'
from with all this?
Why I believe it had
to happen this way?
I'm tired of livin'
in the darkness man.
It's all I've ever
know, all that's ever
known me, besides her.
You ever think about suicide?
I mean really thought about it?
Like there might not
be no other way out?
It's a dark place to exist.
And I've lived with the burden
of that for far too long.
Longer than I can remember
and it's suffocating me.
But at that moment you
can relay this verbatim to
whoever you need to answer
to who decides my future
beyond this room at the moment
she asked me to put her down
because she knew
we'd be together
I didn't doubt her for a second.
And I don't regret it
because where she came from
and the hell we went
through together no fire,
no inferno could top that.
In fact I'd invite
god to the challenge.
(Laughing loudly)
Where do you find
him in all of this?
(Dark ominous music)
Never easy puttin'
down family now is it?
Who the fuck are you?
You know who I am.
(Opens car door)
(Closes door)
(Tries doorknob)
What's important is that you
listen to what I have to say.
You know kid the
apex of our existence
is when you have the courage
to baptize your demons
to get the keys
to our salvation.
I'm gonna help
you make a choice.
(Opens trunk)
[Drew] You see I don't
find faith in life,
or death or what's
been taken from me.
Only in what's been left behind.
[Charon] Elaborate.
I don't know that I understand.
I grew up in the
Midwest, tornado country.
And when I was a kid we'd
hear the sirens and we'd all
huddle together in the
basement or the bathroom
and wait for the storm to pass.
There's this one storm
that was particularly bad.
I still remember the
sound, the roar of it.
But after it passed the
whole neighborhood came out
to see the damage that's what
we did, everyone in unison.
And I mean houses
were destroyed,
cars wrapped around trees,
bodies of livestock cows,
horses, you name it just strewn
all over the streets.
But among all the
chaos and debris
there was this one
little baby deer, a Fawn.
Just roaming among the
wreckage which was surely dead.
You see that's where I find god.
And what's been spared
from the madness
where innocence prevails
where all else is lost.
That's what I found in June,
that's what she was to me.
Does that answer your question?
I believe so.
So where are we with all this?
And can I have a drink
I'm dyin' of thirst?
We're close and yes.
Have to run these files
over to the upstairs office
before it closes tonight anyway.
What can I get ya?
Just water.
Sure thing.
I'll be just a minute.
(Knocks on door)
(Quarter drops in payphone)
(Dial tone)
[Drew] It's me.
[Brown] What's the score?
[Drew] Shit's changed.
Got company.
[Brown] Aww, shit.
[Drew] Took off with the car
and somethin' else I
couldn't afford to lose.
[Brown] Where's June?
[Drew] Gone.
[Brown] Alright,
where you need me?
[Drew] At the spot around nine.
[Brown] Alright.
(Country song plays
quietly in background)
I got this but I can't eat it.
(Door squeaks and slams)
Pope's in town.
We're talkin' about pope, right?
Nazi Windtalker?
Well, do we still have
to leave in the morning?
(Coughs loudly)
Holy shit man.
What the fuck's wrong with you.
Holy shit!
It's gonna be okay.
Look I can't take you to a
doctor here too many questions.
Just a,
just wait 'till we get outta
state tomorrow, alright.
We'll get you a
fuckin' tetanus shot.
I gotta go see my girl but,
you're gonna stay at Mi Casa.
I'll be by at eight
sharp to pick you up.
(Engine starts)
(Gears grinding)
(Dumps clutch tires squeal)
(Chains rattle against table)
(Chains rattle against table)
(Cuffs rattling and clicking)
(Chains rattle)
(Puts cuffs on table)
(Chains rattle on table)
(Chains drop on chair and floor)
(Choral music)
It's okay to be scared.
Whatever this life is.
I think it's just to
find the things you want.
And then when we
crossover to what's next
we only take those
things with us.
[Charon] My job
entails the screening,
for lack of a better term,
of the accused or condemned.
(Cocks pistol)
I am what my colleagues and
alumni set in that chair
called the gatekeeper.
(Wind blowing)
(Car races down road)
Which one?
That one.
Now you wouldn't lie
to me now would you?
Why are you doin' this?
You're gonna kill me
in there aren't you?
(Electronics music)
(Water running in sink)
(Psychedelic music)
(Gunshots in the distance)
(Something banging in trunk)
(Closes trunk)
Mother earth
on whom the moon
and stars do shine
mother earth
you are so divine
you said that love is blind
I'm gonna make you
I'm gonna make you mine
mother earth
yes you include
the sea and land