Let the Corpses Tan (2017) Movie Script

LE I never miss.
Is that what you want?
Do it. Fire at will.
What the hell are you doing?
Too symmetrical.
Don't you appreciate
a little gunfire before breakfast?
How many eggs?
Just one. Cooked on both sides.
Make another one.
- There's none left.
We're going shopping today.
Did you sleep well?
- And you, Rhino?
- Yeah.
There's something wholesome
about being out in nature.
Something otherworldly.
I wouldn't be surprised
to awake to supernatural music.
And then attend Sabbath in the valley.
It's a pleasant ambience, at least?
I hope you'll make the very most of it.
All summer long.
Only if you agree
to let us stay that long, my love.
Let's go.
Six minutes!
Five minutes!
Please, we're not going far.
But with this bag and the child...
Get in.
You came all this way like that?
- We come and we go.
Where are you going?
- Are you from here?
- We're on holiday.
Do you know
where Madame Luce lives?
Do you need to drive so fast?
The kid will be sick.
Is he your son?
- No.
He's mine.
We happen to be staying with Madame Luce.
Are you expected?
Not exactly.
Is Monsieur Bernier here?
- The writer.
Oh yeah, he's here.
Just over there.
I'm here to see Monsieur Bernier.
What the hell are you doing here?
Who's this?
My wife, Mlanie.
With that boy and all!
I couldn't leave him!
- You'll be put away for this!
Since when were you ever married, Max?
I'm getting a divorce!
That's enough! We're exhausted.
We married last month.
She's crazy!
Her ex got custody of the kid.
Oh, so she kidnapped him then?
We need to leave
They'll bring the police here!
The girl with the suitcase...
Who is she?
Who is she?
Pia. The maid.
Do they have any family?
Does anyone know they're here?
- No idea.
Let's just get the hell out!
- We need to know.
Listen here...
You listen, lawyer. We agreed
that you'd handle the money and the hideout
that's all.
I handle the rest until we part ways.
And we part ways
when I say so, understood?
- Understood?
Don't lose your cool.
We have to look like regular people.
We need to stop all the arguing.
We can't let those girls leave.
Otherwise, we need to kill them all.
But it won't come to that...
You should keep live sheep.
Then you wouldn't need a fridge.
I wouldn't know how to kill them.
I'd know how to.
Go make friends with the maid.
The girls mustn't just get up and leave.
Find out more about them.
Don't you mind harboring a fugitive?
- A fugitive...
You mean
what happened with the kid?
I don't mind.
A mother should have the right
to keep her child.
Did you bring a radio with you?
No. Why?
They might announce a missing person.
Stuff like that.
I'm certain they won't find me here.
People know that Bernier is here.
Nobody's interested
in Max Bernier nowadays.
I listened to the car radio.
All they're talking about is us.
Not now.
Damn, seems like
everyone's after those gold bars.
Those two girls with the kid...
Did you pick them up?
Those Parisians of yours?
I didn't see anyone on the road.
They were going to see that madwoman
It's odd you didn't see them.
I didn't see a soul.
Hey, tell me what those women look like.
I don't know anything.
Well, she's black, pretty...
Stylish clothes.
A younger girl is with her.
I couldn't say...
Let's swing by the artists's place.
I want to check out these Parisians.
Tell the others.
No! We're after three robbers.
Not some Parisian tourists.
They're hiding out here...
Take cover!
He's in the cave!
- Did you hit him?
I don't think so!
He's heading for the other end!
Take cover!
He's in the cave!
Did you hit him??
- I don't think so!
He's heading for the other end!
What's going on?
We need a doctor.
No telephone.
And I don't think we can go outside.
Take cover!
He's in the cave!
- Did you hit him?
I don't think so!
He's heading for the other end!
I missed him twice.
- He's not dead yet.
One, we destroy the motorbikes.
Two, we destroy Bernier's 504.
We should switch cars...
- Three!
Go to Bernier's place. Kill them all.
- Ok.
The kid too?
- No.
We'll take him with us.
Four, the lawyer, Gros and me
will take care of the cop.
Deal with the painter and the maid.
After that, we'll see.
Let's go.
I'm giving you a chance to surrender!
Out with your hands up!
Lay down in the courtyard!
You have to the count of five!
This piece of shit is jammed...
Don't panic.
Now, the 504.
I said we should go!
We're cornered now!
Do that one more time...
It's the cop who's cornered here.
From where he is,
he's cutting off our exit.
I should go join him.
I'm just a lawyer on holiday, after all.
I'll offer to help him...
Then kill him when his back is turned?
- Obviously!
You destroy the 504.
Then make sure
he doesn't see you coming from here.
We'll keep him holed up there.
To make sure he stays in one place.
You've got 15 minutes.
You've got three magazines
to get into position.
Come one!
Step on it!
Hey, cop! You hear me?
Are you sure Brisorgueil
isn't part of the gang?
He's my lawyer.
An upstanding man.
Hey, cop! You hear me?
That's Rhino...
Hand yourself in!
- If you come out, we won't kill you!
Did all that really happen
while we were asleep?
So don't leave this place, at all costs.
I'll come with you.
As for you, don't go anywhere!
Don't shoot! We're friends!
Are you the lawyer?
On the floor.
On the floor!
The ambulance is coming
You won't make it on your own.
We can help you.
I know the layout of this place.
You're the one
who invited these men here.
We invite lots of people to stay here.
People we meet and take a liking to.
- That's the truth.
It kills the monotony.
Can't you understand that?
There's a rifle.
That's all we need.
- He's right.
My 12 caliber.
Ok, you come with me.
We'll take the by surprise.
What about me?
- You stay put.
We'll use the terrace.
There's a wall we can use for cover.
There's a guy to the left.
He's all yours.
I'll deal with the one in front.
On my signal, we shoot, ok?
After you.
On the count of three, we shoot.
The gold!
Get down!
Don't shoot! That's my wife!
We're ok!
Don't shoot her!
All right!
Stop, Madame Bernier!
I've got the kid in my sights!
I've got you in my sights too!
Come to me, nice and slow!
Hurry up!
Hurry up or I'll shoot!
Cover me!
What the hell is going on?
Haven't you worked it out yet?
When you and Alex left the garage,
Rhino told me
he'd destroy the car himself.
I trusted him. Now look!
What is it?
See how the rear is sagging?
He put the gold in there.
No way... not Rhino.
There must be another explanation.
250 kilos of gold
is a pretty good explanation!
I'll kill him!
I'm going to kill you!
Brisorgueil has double-crossed us!
Yeah, right!
Just come out, no guns!
You're making a huge mistake!
Too scared to come out?
- You fucking moron!
I'll kill you!
We should make the most
of this and attack.
I don't know..
You bastards are in cahoots!
What are you going to do to us?
Look after your husband.
He just took a bullet to the thigh.
Make a tourniquet!
He got lucky
It missed the artery.
Where's the girl?
She just left.
Are you serious?
I'm doing ok too, thanks...
Look after your husband.
He just took a bullet to the thigh.
Make a tourniquet!
He got lucky
It missed the artery.
Hand over the gun.
Go over there and tell me
if you see Gros or the lawyer.
Nobody's there.
Is there blood?
- No.
Wait, there is!
Just a few drops in one spot.
Ok! Get back here!
They'll kill me if I go outside.
I've come alone.
I'm not armed.
I've got a message for you.
I've come alone.
I'm not armed. Don't shoot!
Rhino sent me.
One, Brisorgueil betrayed you.
He put the gold in the 504
so he could drive off with it.
Two, Gros has sided with him.
He's hurt
If you see them, shoot them.
Three, we need to get back
to Rhino once night falls.
Are you going to kill us all?
It isn't worth the hassle.
Before you leave, you'll have to.
I promise
I won't say anything to the police.
Seven years' bad luck!
That's real funny.
But I don't think
you'll live for that long.
Do you think that Rhino and his palls
have left and the others are dead?
Got any rope?
I've got rope.
We could get down
the cliff face with this...
Why would you want to do that?
There are people in the
valley, with telephones...
Well, I'm not going down.
I don't like cops.
I don't like society.
Do you understand? No.
You don't get it.
It might be an amusing debate,
but you'd be at a loss for words.
I don't think you're too smart.
You are a cop, after all.
You should just die.
I hope Rhino kills you.
What the hell did you do?
First it wasn't dark enough.
Now it's too dark.
Stay calm.
The kid seems calm.
Maybe he thinks it's all a game
- No, he's just stupid.
Ok, talk.
I don't know
where Brisorgueil and Gros are.
I've no idea what they're up to.
We need to quietly take them out.
The cops will come looking.
We need to go as soon as we can.
As I see it,
it's not worth shooting everyone.
We'd lose at least 30 minutes
- So where do we go?
If we can take back roads
we could reach the border by tomorrow.
Are you crazy?
- Hold on.
I know a guy
who works at the port.
He could hide us in a hangar.
Once things calm down, we sail away.
Is this guy reliable?
- He's a friend.
That's not what I asked you.
- Yeah, he's reliable.
Here, it's yours.
I'll see if the 504 still works.
Cover me.
Let me go.
Once the motor starts,
they'll try to shoot you.
I'll throw the grenade.
I get in, then you hit the gas.
We won't kill you.
Get out of there!
Get out of there!
Rhino! We have to go!
The cops will see the fire!
We have to move!
Why's she doing this?
- Making the cops think it's a party.
Now, the cops won't come up here
- Why?
She doesn't like them.
You don't know us.
You think we care about law and order?
You could kill all the cops on earth
and I'd be rather happy.
If you run,
I won't do a thing about it.
Take my car. I don't care.
It's not about money.
It's a question of ethics.
Don't you believe me?
The fire will go out soon.
We can reach the valley in the 504.
We'll hijack another car.
Then we do as we planned.
We can do it.
We can.
No, we have to eliminate them first.
I don't want to live in fear of Rhino.
- Ok.
You deal with the cop.
I'll take Rhino and the kid.
Come on! We have to act now!
Dogs! You pack of dogs!
Mother Mary.
Give me strength.
You startled me.
I've never orgasmed so hard in my life.
This should never stop.
Tonight should last forever.
What did you do
to screw up this whole mess?
They robbed an armored car.
I found their stash here.
Then I double-crossed them.
If I were you, I'd escape
and go hide in the mountains.
Even if the police catch you,
you didn't kill anybody, right?
We can't stay here all night.
We need to know
where the cop and Brisorgueil are.
Unless you want to go back to the car
to see if someone shoots you.
Don't lose your never, kid.
I need you!
You stay here. I'll go.
I'll find out where they're hiding.
What are you doing? Let's go!
Max! Max!
I found the cop.
He's in the steeple.
Don't move!
He'll come.
I know he'll come.
He's here.
He's unarmed.
They did a runner.
I never thought Alex would do that.
Shall we drink on the terrace?
Not on the terrace.
The cop is in the steeple.
I'm going to kill him.