Let Us Prey (2014) Movie Script

Oh fuck, shit!
Get out of the car!
No. No, no, no,
for fuck's sake.
Please not another.
Where did he go?
Huh! Who?
The man you just hit.
Yeah. But I didn't. Did I?
So you've got nothin' to arrest me for.
- It must be my lucky night.
- Think so?
I've got fucking rights, you know?
Ahhh! Ease up!
If you're into domination, just say.
We'll book a room!
You know, most of the 5-0 round here
don't use bracelets.
Really? Well, I'm a girl.
I'm quite partial to bracelets.
Sergeant MacReady'?
Come bearing gifts?
Yeah, I am. My mother told me
never to arrive empty-handed.
Well your off to a flying start.
Young Caesar here is one
of our regulars, arn't you son.
Yeah, but this one's bullshit, Jim.
I didn't do anything, I swear.
Sergeant MacReady, to you.
And I'm Constable Rachel Heggie,
by the way.
Course you are. Quite the
enthusiast too apparently.
How come you wash up here,
that's the question?
- Well, we all have to start somewhere.
-Yeah, and trust me,
from this place the only way is up.
I've told you before.
- Watch your mouth.
- Jesus Christ!
As for the language as well, thank you.
- Couple of croutons in there for you.
- Right.
Were gonna get you registered
in the guestbook.
- I'm gonna come!
- Yeah, wait, I'm nearly done!
I swear, my Joanne was never that tight.
- Even before she got the kids.
- It's the pelvic floor execises, babe.
You ready to go again?
Oh fuck, give me a minute.
- What'd you just call me?
- You heard me.
Say it again!
So, let's see. Francis Sargison,
also known as Caesar.
- Caught joyriding, was it?
- Minus the joy.
And your driver's license?
- He nearly killed someone.
- Ah, no! I didn't.
- I mean, where is this casualty?
- I'm glad you asked, Caesar.
'Cause that's exactly what I'm going
to find out while you get naked.
Chip, chop!
Mundie... calm down!
I think we'd better be getting back.
Let's go.
Ah, straight to business.
Shall we just skip the foreplay?
That's profiling now, Sarge.
I'm being negitively stereotyped here.
If you were a minority,
somebody might actually care.
This is dispatch. Are you there, guys?
Warnock? Mundie?
Yeah, here Sarge. Loud and clear.
Someone wants to say "hello".
Hi guys. This is
Constable Rachel Heggie here.
Um, if you'd keep your
eyes out for an IC1 male,
six foot, bearded, and
probably injured. Thank You!
We should keep an eye
on the local hospitals as well.
Sergeant MacReady?
In all seriousness, Constable,
you sure you're not imagining all this?
There was blood on
the headlights, sir. So no.
See, I'd be happy to get the car
checked if we had a victim. Do we?
I run a tight ship. Mostly, a quiet one.
- Meaning what?
- What is it they say...
No victim, no crime.
Told ya!
I told you!
- Shit!
- Sorry, what was that?
Sierra One, what's an IC1 male?
We looking for a fucking snowman now?
Shut it!
Do your job. Look for him.
Yes, sir, Sarge. We'll keep em peeled.
It's just well...
I mean she sounds about as
much fun as her report card said.
That's enough!
And bring us back some more coffee
would you. We're dry here.
Do you want anything?
Only a few private records kept that way.
Yeah, good luck with that.
You get less gossip in the local nail
salon than you do in here though.
Can I get a smoke before lock-down?
- There's no smoking.
- You're joking?
Your room, sir.
Enjoy the complimentary
skid mark on the pillow.
Had half a pack of lights
on my way in here.
- All present and correct.
- I hope your not inferring
that we might nick your fags.
I'm implying it.
He's implying you might nick his fags.
A speaker implies.
A listener inferrs.
The one place you think you'd
be safe, and there he is.
Suck it up, Caesar.
You wanna spend more time here
than you do in school, that's fine.
We just thought we'd do you
a favor and bring school to you.
What's he in for, anyway?
Likes his women like his whiskey,
is that it? Aged 12 years yeah?
Constable Heggie, Mr. Beswick.
You lot are forever
complaining about class sizes.
Consider this a helping hand.
A bit of private tuition!
That's it, isn't it? He is a fiend.
I knew it. Filthy pervert.
- Stand back, away from the door.
- Try saying "please", bitch!
What the fuck? That's assault.
Man, fucking brutality!
Try doing as you're told, bitch.
Yeah, all right.
You saw that, didn't you?
You'll be my witness.
- She tryied to break my arm.
- I saw nothing of the sort.
Oh come on, liven up!
Play this right,
and we'll be out of here
before last orders.
All you have to do is say what you saw.
We'll threaten to sue.
Get these brusises photographed.
Sometimes, Francis, people
need to be disciplined,
and pain's the natural order.
Is that what you were doing?
I've read the manifest.
You've got a dirty way of
maintaining order, haven't you?
- Well, there's two sides to every tale.
- Yeah.
But your's is a real sob story.
And that, my boy, is what
we call a mythic sweeper.
No answer from the recovery guys.
Have to get a tow truck later.
You always wind up your prisoners?
Truth is, I don't even smoke.
Guys like Caesar though,
don't respond well to authority.
So I engage a range of methods.
And cell four?
- He seems to think quite highly of himself.
- Who Ralph?
That man needs to get a punch-bag.
His wife's certainly not up to the task.
- Is he another regular?
- He's clockwork.
And I guarantee, in the morning,
she will drop the charges.
Unfortunately, a common problem.
In abusive relationships.
That right, Constable?
The little girl that came back,
came here.
The world is full of evil.
Police stations doubly so.
Hey, hey, easy fella. This way.
Hey, Sarge? We found him.
Ah, you must be the new girl.
We met earlier.
I... was only playing, you know?
Mmm. Nice work, Mundie.
Heggie? Warnock.
Is this your boy? Six feet,
bearded, well out of it.
Yeah, he's the one.
Stepped right out in
front of a car, didn't you?
Yeah, well he's certainly had a knock.
We found him wandering.
He was right there,
just vanished.
- It's adrenaline I guess.
- Yeah, but adrenaline wears off.
Better call to Dr. Hume.
His number's on the wall.
What's your name, sir?
Yeah, he's eh... He's no' one for
shooting the breeze, Sarge.
Hi, I'm calling from the police station,
we have an injured man
here who needs attention.
Your name, friend?
To be honest, I think he may be
a bit pretty nut, boss.
It looks like a concussion.
- Thank You.
- What - Is - Your - Name?
On your very first day, too!
I keep telling you. It's the uniform!
So... he likes a girl in uniform, eh?
Looks like it.
But I prefer it if she's got nothing
on but handcuffs and the hat,
but you know...
Don't make me restrain you, man!
Down, boy!
So we're all playing Doctors
and Nurses now, are we?
Where is he?
Patient's that way, doc.
His injuries seem superficial.
No sign of intoxication.
So is that it then?
Well he certainly has an air about him.
In my opinion, I'd say "yes".
His silence could be voluntary.
Night in the cells it is then.
What for? The inability to talk?
So we'll call it vagrancy.
Besides, he's already stepped in
front of one car tonight, hasn't he?
Until you've established who he is,
I think it's probably best he stays here.
Any luck with a name, Constable?
No. No wallet, no ID, no phone, no keys.
Just this book, which is full of names.
But which one's his?
If any. Could be he's just
copied down the phonebook, no?
That's obsessive.
There are little symbols, little signs.
It must mean something to him.
Told you. The boy's "Radio Rental"!
That's something nice for you to
check out then, isn't it Heggie?
Figure it out! Try the loony bins.
See if it isn't a secure
wing missing it's diarist.
Well, I've certainly never seen him around.
It is unusual, even if it
is such a... one horse town.
And it was a pale fucking horse.
What was that?
What did he just say?
Doctor Hume?
- He knows.
- Knows what?
What does he know, Duncan?
What does he know?
Well, well. Doktor Hume.
Come to mend our ills.
What's up Doc? You here to
examine my wrist, are you?
- Back up, Doctor Hume.
- You'r a long way
from the moral high
ground down here, Doctor.
Still, we all make mistakes, eh?
- Mind your own, Beswick.
- Oh, I will if he will.
But there's one thing I can
not abide, it's a hypocrite.
How do you explain your presence
here this evening, then?
- Mr. Beswick just got owned!
- And what did you get?
I got to watch!
And I've got a wicked little
story to tell all my friends.
- You threatening me, Francis?
- It's Caesar.
And no, I'm mearly opening
the floor to discussion,
about what my silence might be
worth to yourself and the good doctor.
See, I might not be book smart,
- Mr. Beswick, but I ...
- You're not any kind of smart, Caesar.
You're an idiot.
So why don't you sit down,
shut up,
and stop scaring the wildlife.
I heard she used to be anybody's
for a can of cider and a thumb up her ass.
That evolutionary ladder just
will not climb itself, will it son?
Sticky, sticky little fingers.
So, according to our records
and your fingerprints
you are one Alexander Monroe
from Port Glasgow.
and you died in 1983, in a fire,
aged seventy nine.
Must say you're lookin well, Al.
The benefits of a clear conscience.
And that, right there,
is modern policing in action.
Technology! Totally unreliable.
Except, tonight, we're going to
do things the old fashoned way.
Keep it up!
We might just!
Let's forget about who you
are for a minute, and ask why.
Why, for instnce, did Dr. Hume attack you?
Because the clock is ticking.
Midnight is approaching.
He said, "you know".
Know what, exactly?
That the price for our sins
is paid for in blood.
And that I ... shall be...
"I shall be a vagabond in the air".
"And everyone that
findeth me, shall slay me".
That's the one.
Something in common.
- We're both Christians, mate.
- Except, you're more of um...
Old Testament kind of guy,
aren't you?
The blood and the vengeance.
The sweat,
and the spunk.
I can smell it.
Must say, I don't remember
that one from Sunday school.
Neither do I, but then... I jumped ship.
- So you don't believe in God?
- Didn't say that.
But I would like a fucking word.
Ours is not to question why.
No! Because, down here, we
get to do what we please. Right?
Take him.
Take him down!
- Sarge, I don't...
- No!
Oh excellent! I was just about
to call up for a round of tea.
Did I see a packet of
Burbon Creams up there?
Look, you should be out
in the morning, okay?
You fucking dirt...
Jesus Christ! Are you okay?
So who's first?
- Hey. Hey, are you alright?
- Just leave it!
It was nothing.
Fuck off!
You can drop it with the whole
"two girls, we're in this together" thing.
Me and you.
We're not friends.
We're not anything.
Still can't get Mrs. Hume, Sarge.
She's been engaged for over an hour now.
There are donkeys the
world over who could
testify to that woman's
capacity for gossip.
Go down there. Take Jen.
"Your husband's in jail" always
seems better in person, you know.
I think it would sound better
if it came from you, Sarge.
I've got a few more enquiries to sort out.
See if I can't find out who our
smart assed freind really is.
Sit tight, and walk the batlements for us.
Drink some tea, answer the phone,
bake a cake.
- Just stay out of trouble, okay?
- Sir, do you really think that's wise,
leaving a lone officer
in charge of four prisoners?
As long as you don't plan on letting
them all out for a finger buffet
and a few hands of Bridge, I'd say,
yeah. Should be just fine.
I am aware you think we all
live in a fucking biscuit tin here.
The fact is you were assigned
to me for a very good reason.
So, just this once for the cheap seats,
if you want to make it past probation,
you will learn to sit tight,
cool you heels,
and hold your fucking tongue.
25 years. Never seen such
blatant insubordination.
We tend to find this one the
most comfortable - heel wise!
The Sarge has got a point.
You do have to work on your people skills.
I'll be sure to be taking lessons from you.
Call your boyfriend if you want.
Thanks. I'll pass on that one.
Okay. Well, eh... enjoy the crossword.
It's a bitch, too.
You'd better be getting some
extra eggs in, is all I'm saying.
I'm not missing my French
toast, not for you lot.
Oh, you never know. Might
not be here in the morning.
Yeah, right. You got an
escape plan or something?
I thought you were
the one diging the tunnel.
Just... redecorating my cage, man.
You may try t' learn how
to spell it first, Francis.
Except, that'd involve spending
time in school - with you.
And yet here we are,
stuck together,
down amongst the delinquents.
Which is... exactly where you belong,
Mr. Beswick.
How do you know my name?
What do you think?
Wait until morning.
Wait until she forgives you again.
But no, your not getting away with it.
Not this time.
All those things you do,
those punches you throw,
the womb you pounded,
the loss you caused.
- You think it's about control?
- Don't speak to me.
It's not.
It's a lack of control.
It's a pent up toll... Angry.
- Why shouldn't I be angry?
- Why indeed?
Well, who isn't? Who is it
your really angry with?
Because I never met a wife beater
who wasn't really trying to beat himself.
Or was it your unborn child?
That's right,
think about it.
Think about what you've done.
Because ... who is she?
- Who's your wife?
- My Better half.
The one thing that raises me up,
that sustains me,
that loves me... in spite what I am.
Good boy!
But who is it?
Who is it?
Who do I hate?
What the fuck did I do?
All you little fuckers!
Admittedly, it's not
often you're right, but...
you're wrong again.
Mr. Beswick must try harder!
I stand there every day
humiliating myself for you,
and you did not even have
the courtesy to show up.
Have it your way.
Sierra One to dispatch, over.
Sierra One to dispatch, over.
Go ahead.
It's Warnock.
We're at the Hume residence.
Lights are off, nobody's home,
but the front door's open.
Okay, so break in?
We're entering.
Going to check it once.
Okay, well, thanks for
keeping me informed.
Well we all know what a stickler
you are for protocol, you know.
- What's that?
- You okay? What's what?
Shit, man! Help!
Holy Shit! Go ... go back!
Come on! Please, please,
please help! Come on, please!
- What the hell is going on?
- Hell damn's sake man, look at him!
Jesus Christ!
No, no, no, don't open it, he's faking...
Caesar, shut up!
No, no! Fuck!
I swear, he's trying to kill me!
Let me out!
Hello? Mrs. Hume?
- It's the police.
- Dispatch, over.
- There's no answer.
- Leave the fucking channel open.
I don't like this.
This is fucking weird.
Hello? Anyone home?
I can help him.
Oh, what... ?
Can you smell that?
Oh my God!
Do you really want to be
responsible for a man's death?
If he's still alive, I can save him,
but you need to let me out.
You behave, or I will break you.
Fuck! Jesus fucking Christ!
What the fucking... ?
I know!
I saw who you are.
There's one every last ...
I assume he means troublemaker.
You can't leave him there. You can't.
You can not leave him there!
This is Sergeant Jim MacReady,
please leave a message after...
We're not.
Get his legs!
Who is he? Can you tell me, eh?
How does he know?
Who did you tell?
Some boyfriend, eh? Come
looking for you, is that it?
You little slut!
Who is he?
Who is he?
It's going to be a long, dark night.
And you have a soul, Caesar.
Sierra One to dispatch.
Sierra One to dispatch, over.
Oh for fuck sake, where is she?
- Alright, I'm here.
- Rachel, thank Christ!
Look, you need to call this in.
It's Hume. He's gone fucking toronto.
- How do you mean, toronto?
- As in everybody's dead!
Butchered his whole family.
Mrs. Hume, she was cut wide open!
Look what he's done to the kids!
Are you sure you want to do this?
Because I'm a very bad man.
Oh no.
I've seen bad, and
you don't scare me one bit.
Well then, the doctor will see you now.
I told you,
to behave!
Hey! One guy is up there dead,
another comes back limping and bleeding.
- What the fuck?
- Doktor Hume here tried to escape.
Amongst other things.
I don't expect you to understand.
You won't be disappointed.
Enjoying your work, officer?
You know, you're not half as
charming as you think you are.
And you're not half as convincing.
Go to hell!
Why bother?
All the devils are here.
He says we're all here for a reason.
Things we've done.
The bills we have to pay.
What have you done, Rachel?
I survived.
You've evolved.
- He did what?
- All of them, aparently.
I just managed to get
him back into his cell.
- Oh, booie for you.
- Yes, but, the way he's acting...
and.. Beswick, sir. I...
that guy in cell six, I don't know...
Don't you worry, Constable.
I'll be with you very soon.
The dark of the last night
does not fall. It rises up.
It is only you who falls.
Do... no harm.
Each physician takes the oath.
Patients die every single day by accident.
Oh please, shut the fuck up!
You people all loop the
loop, do you know that?
Shouldn't even be here.
So why are you here?
The midnight hour approaches,
Caesar, but there is still time.
Your cracked, man. You're crazy.
I'm giving you a chance here, Caesar.
Not many people get one.
- Yeah, for what?
- To remember.
Fuck, shit!
Oh man, you fucking coward!
She's still alive. You might even save her,
if you have the balls.
But then I'd be in worse trouble.
You couldn't be in worse trouble.
- Where is he?
- What are you guys doing here?
Why aren't you at the scene?
I had to get him away from there. He
has kids of his own, for Christ's sake!
What the fuck happened?
It's Beswick.
He did that to himself, believe it or not.
Well let's hope so.
The doctor helped me carry
him up and, all this has been
just trying to get him back down.
Well why didn't you leave him
in his fucking cage then?
- Has he said anything?
- Nothing helpful, no.
- We'll see about that.
- Mundie, wait!
There's more going on than this.
The guy in cell six...
He's going to fucking get it.
- There's something I need to tell you!
- Shut up, Caesar!
And you!
On your feet!
You and I are gonna have words.
Picking up from where she left off?
She hasn't even warmed you up.
How is this going to help, Mundie?
We're not in the salvation game here,
Rachel, just the retribution ...
Please spare me the fucking pearls!
Rough night, huh?
It's like a slaughterhouse.
General practice began to seem futile.
I'm gonna need more than that.
I found a higher calling.
I deal with drunks, you know?
Traffic accidents.
But that?
I've never seen anything like that before.
You have sawed the top
of your son's head off.
I've got a boy the same age.
A son.
The same class in school.
But what can you do?
It's absurd.
Civilization as advanced as mankind,
preoccupied with...
the insignificant matter
of inevitable death.
With a monster like that
I know exactly what I would do.
That's very Christian of you.
As a man of science, I...
I thought I could find the solution.
The key to immortality.
If I can locate the human soul,
catch it,
preserve it,
like a butterfly.
You fucking ...
Hey, you fucking sorry now, Mulvey, eh?
I can't hear you.
Mulvey, you fucking sorry?
Take your fucking hands off of me!
I'm so fucking sorry!
I know just where you're coming from.
Stay down, Heggie!
Do it.
Do it!
Jesus Christ!
I'm not sorry.
You shoulden't be.
We just have to work out your story.
Our story?
The truth isn't going to do
anyone any good, is it?
Your boyfriend just killed a man.
Where I come from, that's a crime.
He killed a murderer!
- Where I come from, that's justice.
- And let's not forget,
he already had quite a few injuries.
Injuries sustained in a
fight he had with you.
I restrained him.
Maybe. Maybe not.
I think that guy
downstairs was right.
I think she got into this job
for more than just a sense of civic pride.
When after what you went through as a
kid and didn't even tell your parents about
how fucked up are you?
And then confronted by a piece
of fucking shit like Hume.
It's no wonder she snapped.
The little girl that came
back, and then lost it.
To all out honor him.
You've already got one
cold corpse out there,
Who says that your not
working on a whole stack?
Yes, we don't know you. You've been
on the job what? Five hours?
But one thing we do know is,
we take care of our own.
Either you learn the fast or...
You're fucked.
- So he had an accident.
- Yes.
Good Girl.
That's Caesar.
Thinks we're running
room service or something.
You tell him to calm his act
or I'll come down there
and calm it for him, okay?
Okay! What is it?
What do you want?
To confess.
I hit her. I hit a girl.
- What?
- I Don't know.
I don't know who she is.
I've seen her at school, okay.
But I hit her, alright?
I hit her. I confess.
Okay, when?
The blood you found on the
headlight, yeah, remember?
That wasn't his. It was hers.
She still might be okay.
I didn't mean to, I didn't even see her.
I swear, I went off the road.
Christ! What was she even doing strolling
up a country road in the dead of night?
Okay, Caesar, you
need to listen to me.
Tell me all the details, okay?
Then I can put a call in.
I wouldn't bother.
She died two minutes ago.
- How would you know that?
- He knows. He knows everything!
You've just crossed a line, Caesar.
Alright, enough with the act.
- Just tell me who you are.
- You know who I am.
You just neglected to stay in touch.
Ding dong.
They're up there now, planning.
Planning your murder.
I'm the only one in your corner.
All I'm saying is, who'd have believed
a word Caesar ever said, and...
that guy in six,
doesn't even have a fucking name.
I know. Something about him...
Okay, first things first.
The new girl.
You up for that?
- I was up for Mulvey, but...
- Yeah, and you were definately up for Hume just now.
He fucking deserved it!
Look, we have to get our story straight.
It's gotta be just you and me.
No witnesses.
No crime.
This was just... bad situation.
It got out of hand.
Everybody died.
Except you and me.
- Hello?
- Everybody home, Constable?
Yeah, sure. Will do, Sarge.
- What did Caesar want?
- Oh God, you know,
just wondering if we've got
soy milk for his morning latte.
- Kid's such a little prick.
- Yeah.
Harmless really, though. I mean it's
not like he's trying to kill someone,
to save his own skin.
What the fuck's going on, Heggie?
I wish you hadn't brought him into this.
An old man like that.
- Get over here!
- Fuck, I can't see!
My fucking eyes!
Screw you! I'll cremate you.
Which one of you fucks called me "old"?
- Sarge!
- What the fuck?
I have to say, I haven't been
entirely honest with you, Jack.
On the other hand, you haven't been
entirely straight with me either.
So why am I confessing to you?
What is happening up there?
What is it with this fucking town?
I'm afraid I can only
speak for myself, Constable.
But I must say my religious leanings
have been somwhat of a mask
for what you might call my real interests.
Not that I'm not a Christian man.
In fact, that's why I've come.
To renew my faith.
"Marvel not at this"
"For the hour is coming,"
"In which all that are in their
graves shall hear his voice,"
"And shall come forth."
"They that have done good,
unto the resurrection of life."
"And they that have done evil,"
"Into the resurrection of damnation."
Watch it!
- We need to get out of here!
- You think?
Come on!
What the fuck did you do that for?
- There's no rear exit.
- There's no access to the roof?
- Come on!
- You've reached emergency services.
All operators are busy at present.
- Please hold, We will connect you...
- Shit!
You have a battering ram here?
Of course you do!
That thing's a two handed tool. He's
going to have to drop his gun to swing it.
- Right?
- So what?
So he's going to break through,
but he's going to be unarmed.
- Then we can get him.
- No, He can fuck that noise!
Come on!
Oh shit, what now?
There's no lock on this side.
- He shot me.
- Call it "Karma".
A few dents in the armor there, huh?
- I like it. Looks good on you.
- Will somebody please just...
Let me think!
Oh God. no no no ...
There's no help there.
You never thought of living around here,
somewhere a little closer to home?
Alright. So go ahead, please!
- Do something!
- I am.
- What gives you the right?
- An eternity.
Faith. Is that what you want,
and some dogma?
To forgive is divine?
To forgive is to ignore.
A friend of mine used to say to me,
human sin is as old as the world.
And I was supposed to
just sit there and watch?
We couldn't agree on that one.
Fucking semantics!
Except I lost, and the loser
doesn't get to go home.
That's why we're the same, you and me.
We're cast out.
At least down here we get to do some good.
This is good?
In the face of that,
what would you call it?
What the fuck?
- Shit, he came back!
- Help me up.
"And he carried me away in the Spirit"
"In to the wilderness."
- It's not good news.
- "And I saw a woman"
"Sit upon a scarlet colored beast,"
"Full of the names of blasphemy"
"Seven heads, and ten horns."
Fuck! Get me out of here!
For Christ's sake, open up!
Oh Jesus!
- We can't stay here.
- What're we do?
Call yourself a survivor?
You're a predator.
Forget them, their fates are sealed.
Now do you want to burn with them, or
are you gonna help me feed the flames.
I don't need your help.
Just say the word and
I'll handle it right now.
I can't. I won't leave them here.
Come on, come on.
Thanks, but I think I'll hang.
I kinda like the weather.
This would be easier if we had a hose pipe.
We get up there, we're on our own.
One of us is bound to make it.
So who's going first?
Oh, for fuck sake!
"For a fire is kindled in mine anger"
"And shall burn unto the lowest hell,"
"And shall consume the earth
with it's increase,"
"And set on fire the
foundations of the mountains."
"And the wrath of the Lord Almighty"
"The land of hope is scorched"
"And the people will be feeble,
with the fire."
A tough night, huh?
And you do like to do things the hard way.
But then, you've been to
hell and back already.
For them, it's the first time.
every last one.
At midnight, when the wicked
must pay for their sins,
It's me who comes to collect.
From the adulterers and betrayers,
who dare to weigh justice
in their own hands.
From the hypocrites,
and perverts,
the cowardly, and the visious,
even those who still had a chance,
but were too weak to take it.
All I wanted from them, was their souls.
You though,
I want so much more from you.
- I never asked you for anything.
- Oh, I think you did.
I think you beged.
I didn't see a victim.
I saw so much more.
So I watched.
And I waited.
People like to blame me,
but I'm just a witness.
The things that I see
would make angels weep.
And they have wept.
This is about you.
Now you can deny me all you want,
but I am the fire in your eyes.
I can give you every
corrupt and wicked soul,
who will ever walk this earth.
You can have your vengence,
and I will burn their souls.
Because, the truth is,
it's a cold place without you.
Heaven in Hell
for ever and ever.
Just say the word.
That's my girl.