Leto (2018) Movie Script

Leningrad, the early '80s
- Have they started?
- Just now.
Quick, back!
Come on, come on. In here.
Hurry up.
Look at this.
I board it up, nail it up,
and they still get in.
Maybe I should electrify it.
- Yeah, with AC...
- Don't get smart with me.
They're like cockroaches,
I swear.
My saviour.
That was lucky.
...just take some plywood,
and close it off. Like that.
- And this one?
- This one, too.
Well, well! Hi, girls.
- Have you come to hear us?
- Of course.
Okay, see you out there.
You promised!
You sold my guitar
You bought yourself a coat
All day long,
They're calling you
Sorry, but I don't know who
It's a long time
Since I've cared
Carry on, babe!
Brisk and brave!
You're trash!
You beg money for pins
But spend it on
All your friends
Thank God, people like you
won't have kids...
- Natasha, help me out.
- What?
Well sorry, baby
But you're a record breaker
You're trash!
Ira, hurry up.
Oh, screw them.
You're trash!
What's going on over there?
We'll sort it out.
It's not allowed.
- Why?
- Not allowed.
But it's for the band.
We love them.
Natasha, leave it.
Okay, fine, all right.
We'll put it away.
When you lie to my face
I feel like I could kill you
I think we're peas
From two different pods
But another piece of trash
Is gonna take your place
You're trash!
You're trash!
Listen to me
You're trash!
Mike, it was... amazing.
It's so artless and ugly
with such horrible,
disgusting rhymes.
That song, Trash, is a hit!
I'd bet half the room
was singing along.
- Drink?
- Go on.
Others have babes backstage,
we have blokes and booze.
Ilya, are you crazy?
The corridor
stinks of your weed.
It's a lovely smell.
May I?
We're all naked.
So can I come in?
Mike Vassilievitch, can I talk
to you for a minute?
A gift from your fans
and an admirer.
That was great.
I thought so, too.
Oh, you liked it, too?
No cameras.
Without scandalous
love affairs,
rock star biographies
are pointless!
how's the scandal going?
Keep dreaming.
Well done.
What can I say? Well done.
on behalf of the rock club.
Thanks for the thanks.
So this is Zoopark.
Who's up next?
Strange Games are on now,
then it's Ashes.
That's right, Ashes...
He's a really cool guy.
We have good songs, Viktor.
That's what counts.
And what about Boris?
Well, he's a tricky one.
You need to agree on a time in
advance, or he won't be home.
Mike's easier.
And he'll actually listen
to our songs.
I bet loads of people approach
Mike with their songs.
Lads, come join us!
Come on over.
Don't worry, we don't bite.
No thanks.
Will you join me
in a bottle, lads?
No thanks, we don't drink.
Sun is out and I'm fried
No money, but I've got time
And I don't need money anyway
I bought a newspaper in town
Got nothing to wash it down
So I'll go and find some beer
A big concert today
A bit of this and that,
We'll play
So should I go, or just stay?
Thugs carry knuckle dusters
As they pursue their vendettas
But I just don't care
Trousers worn down to a thread
I smoke another cigarette
And wander to the riverbed
I recently heard someone say
There's a comet on the way
Gonna blow us all to bits
Take off your glasses.
We never see your eyes.
What do you need them for?
For posterity.
We should rehearse more,
for posterity.
Those who can't play
should rehearse!
Can we be
your backing singers?
See Natasha over there?
She thinks female backing
singers dilute garage rock.
Yep, I don't think
she likes it.
Oh, come on!
God, you're so boring, Mike!
A married man!
Artists can't be tied down by
family. Don't tie Mike down!
Nobody's tying him down.
Mick Jagger wouldn't get you.
But he doesn't have Natasha.
Because Natasha
doesn't have Mick Jagger!
Who needs Mick
when I have Mike?
- Hi guys.
- Hi, Punk invited us.
Your friends!
What, who's there?
Viktor, Lyosha...
- Hi.
- Hi.
We're here to see Mike.
Hey, these guys are impostors.
I've never seen them before!
We have some
impostors for you!
Mind if we join you?
We bought some wine.
Good or bad,
it was all they had.
Guys, look,
there are two types of wine:
good and very good.
- What are you drinking?
- A '72 Burgundy.
Is Moldovan okay?
Sure it is.
Thank you.
I'm Lyosha.
Mike. Nice to meet you.
And this is Vitka...
I mean, Viktor.
We're big fans of yours.
Your songs are great.
The dude speaks the truth.
Have a drink.
Doesn't look like him.
Sorry, but what's that for?
For making music.
What kind of music?
By Soviet composers?
Yeah, Soviet!
No, mine and Lyosha's.
Want some watermelon?
Yes, please.
So what's your band called?
Ladies and gentlemen,
get ready for Nothing!
Nothing will be playing
with Barely Anything.
The Do-Nothings.
They're called
The Do-Nothings.
Guys, enough!
You don't have to be mean.
Maybe, The Parasites?
We're not parasites,
I work in the theatre.
True, by the way.
Our man Lyosha is
in the theatre. A stagehand.
Viktor's an artist. Woodwork.
Let me translate.
Viktor's doing woodwork at
vocational school.
A blue collar boy.
Viktor, play something for us,
maybe some of your early work.
Before that...
What's that you're drinking?
Before it makes you
forget how.
- What, right now?
- ...no, tomorrow!
Stop it.
Some white wine?
You were going to sing.
Come on, then.
I want to smoke.
Me too.
Can I have one?
I only have dark tobacco.
I only smoke that.
I bought this amp
with my father's inheritance,
so we were all drinking
at my place.
Viktor was there, too,
playing bass.
He said he'd started
to write songs.
Didn't you make a promise?
You promised to manage
the cultural heritage
of a great band...
- From which band?
- You know which one.
Viktor, they're waiting!
We've all got drinks.
she'll cause a scandal,
and we'll have to hide
from society!
To you.
Natasha, it's served!
I'm coming.
Spider! There's a spider!
"See my face,
not a trace of reality.
"Look into my face,
no reality."
the guys are about to sing.
"I don't work. I just speed.
That's all I need."
"I don't work,
just get high..."
That word means "work", right?
"That's all I need."
"I'm a lazy sod,
"I'm a lazy sod."
It's about me.
- Here.
- Thanks.
...But the phone will ring
Someone at the door will knock
Or on the street
will scream
"Stop sleeping!"
And a drunken voice will say
"Give me something
To gobble up"
My friends go through life
They only ever stop for a beer
My home was empty
Now it's bursting with life
And time and again
My friends gather there,
Drink wine
The toilet's been busy,
For a time
Broken window, that's fine
But frankly, I don't care
My friends go through life
They only ever stop for a beer
Great song.
Isn't it?
Just a draft,
it's not done yet.
- Really?
- If it's good, it's good.
Play Slacker.
I walk
I walk alone
I walk
I walk alone
What's next
I don't know
I have no home
And no one's home
I'm a spare part
A car that won't start
I'm a slacker
I'm a slacker
Viktor, sorry but,
the end should say
I'm a slacker, Mama, Mama.
May Mama always be here!
I'm a slacker, Mama, Mama...
Follow me!
Come on, let's go.
Go on.
Let's go. Take it all off!
Wait! I'm coming!
My knickers are burning!
I've thought of a name
for them.
Garin and the Hyperboloids.
Cool. Which one's Garin?
Doesn't matter.
It sounds good.
Well, yeah.
...worshipping of the West.
The state
has given you an education.
The state has taught you...
What for?
So that you
build a house, start a family,
and plant a tree.
But you scream like a beast!
The Sex Pistols scream.
I howl.
I have my own unique style.
And you sing
our enemies' songs!
The Sex Pistols
are simple working men.
Like the Beatles. Not enemies.
Never mind.
Not enemies?
America is our enemy.
And who else?
You sing the songs
of our ideological enemy.
Pop stars sing. I howl.
I'll call the police.
"I'll call the police!"
Call them.
What is this behaviour?
He's a lowlife!
Comrade, deal with him.
I'm a punk!
Punk? He's a degenerate.
Fun's over, guys.
Teach him to love
his motherland, comrades.
Come on!
They'll show you now!
Bye, guys. I'm off.
Get your papers out.
What the hell!
Yeah, and again!
There's more
where that came from!
You insulted him first.
We're all witnesses.
Upon request
of many listeners,
we'll now play a song
by the band "Talking Heads"
entitled Psycho Killer.
"No, I can't seem to face up
to the facts.
"I'm tense and nervous
"and I can't relax.
"I can't sleep
because my bed is on fire.
"Don't touch me.
"I'm a real live wire."
You bastard Komsomol Comrades!
Kill me right away!
I'm lowlife scum!
...no I'm not!
I'm a punk!
They'll make a patriot of you!
Here's my stop!
All right, easy there.
Okay, see you later, guys.
Until next time.
Get off me!
You insulted him first.
This guy here,
we're all witnesses.
You can't just attack people.
Go to hell!
They filmed that
in Vyborg last summer.
The girls told me,
they were in the crowd scenes,
pretending to be English.
It's probably
nothing like England.
Nothing at all.
A cardboard England
in a Baltic swamp.
Not quite Soviet,
not quite Western...
It's like some third place.
Somewhere quite cosy.
- Shall I change the channel?
- Leave it.
Well then, is it bedtime?
Shall we go to bed?
I have to finish
the cover art.
They want to hear
the record tomorrow.
Who's "Blondie"?
I don't know her.
Blondie is a band.
Debbie Harry is the singer.
It's New Wave.
Viktor, the slacker, said that
New Wave is the future.
The slacker decides
what music you listen to now?
He doesn't decide anything,
we just exchanged a few words.
The album isn't working out.
It will.
Why wouldn't it?
You just need to stop being
so lazy.
But that's my best quality.
Laziness has kept me
out of trouble many times.
That's true.
What does Blondie sing about?
"Call me Any day or night.
"Call me anytime."
Something like that.
Buttons, bits and bobs
Dimes, dice and doorknobs
This is where my tractors roam
This is where
I count my numbers
Where I plant
Aluminium cucumbers
On a tarpaulin field
Where I plant
Aluminium cucumbers
On a tarpaulin field
I woke up, it's daytime
I'm dressed, in my armchair
Recognise the wallpaper
Of my tiny room
Waited for you all night
I wonder who you spent it with
My sweet N
Like that? Or the blues?
And when I came home
I found you asleep,
And left you so
Didn't wanna make a scene
Hey Lou Reed, hi Dylan!
But shit,
Dylan sings about Vietnam,
and a falsely accused
black boxer.
What do you sing about, Mike?
What's your
rock 'n' roll about?
This is the music of a happy,
well-fucking-adjusted guy
who doesn't give a... about
how screwed his country is,
nor who his girlfriend
sleeps with.
you heard of a lyrical hero?
Does he give a...
about anything?
First, kill
your inner skeptic.
Second, when the artist...
So kill me.
Do it.
By the way there's a totally
ridiculous song by Sweet,
Lies in Your Eyes.
Yeah, totally ridiculous.
I wonder
what it would be in Russian.
"Fear in your eyes".
"Muck in your eyes".
It's complete shit.
But in saying "complete",
do you mean
"perfect"? Think about that.
And when I came home
I found you asleep,
And left you so
Didn't wanna make a scene
This did not happen.
Nor will it.
...I figured,
does it really matter
With whom, where, you slept?
My sweet N
Should we do it like
The Sex Pistols?
- Okay, from the chorus.
- The chorus?
My mood depends on the number
of beers I've drunk
Why don't we make it
more lyrical?
More relaxed, listen.
My mood depends
On the number of beers
I've drunk
Nobody needs me...
You're always trying to do
something to change my songs.
Why don't we just sing them?
But Viktor, they're...
They're like kids' songs.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Is that bad?
If we're punks then it's fine.
We're not punks.
Not punk, not rock 'n' roll.
Like, neither fish nor fowl.
Who are we then?
Who are you?
Let's go!
On the misted-up
Window of a tram
I trace bad words
With my finger...
Come here, to Mummy.
Making a racket again tonight?
We'll be quiet,
Evgenia, promise.
He hasn't eaten,
you must feed him.
I will right now. Thank you.
Mummy missed you. Let's
eat some porridge, Zhenia.
You said you got a C
in Geography
For all I care it could be a D
You said someone got beat
Over something you did
My silence speaks volumes
We keep walking
Eighth grade girl
Give me Zhenia.
I need to spend
some time with him.
Look at the time.
It's bedtime.
Go take a break. It's fine.
My pet...
Can you not smoke
near the baby?
It's so easy with you
And you're proud of me
You love your dolls
And your balloons
But at ten on the dot
Mama's waiting for you
Eighth grade girl...
Getting better.
Just a draft,
it's not done yet.
I wrote it this morning.
I don't like Mike's songs.
But this one's good.
True to life.
What do you know about life
except vodka?
Look, it's a hit already.
Like the early Velvet.
Have you heard of them?
I'll put them on.
Do a song about my old man.
He was in a penal battalion.
Let's have a drink!
Leave them alone.
Come on, come on.
Keep it down!
Go argue some place else.
What do you think?
I like the fact that it's
quite badly recorded.
Exactly. As if it was
recorded here. Underground.
But velvety.
I only know Sally Can't Dance.
Sally Can't Dance
isn't by the Velvet.
It's Lou Reed on his own.
It's a good record.
But Berlin is even better.
Lou's lyrics are always great.
How's your English?
Not bad,
but speaking is difficult.
I can't promise it's exactly
right. I wrote it down by ear.
You got many
of these notebooks?
A lot.
Listen, I've just had
an indomitable
idea of
mind-blowing proportions.
What if...
When you sing
Eighth grade girl,
the last verse,
we move up a key?
And then...
I don't know.
It's not an original idea,
but I think it fits this song.
I like it the way it is now.
Well, you're the boss.
- Thanks.
- Sure, take it.
I'm off.
Haven't been home for days.
Mother is worried.
Here... This is for you.
What is it?
Look at that.
I carved it myself.
It fits. Thank you,
Zhenia and I like it.
Natasha, come on,
your husband's still alive...
Oh, I have a gift
for you, too! Just a sec.
- What's that?
- Did you carve this, too?
- An ashtray?
- It's an ashtray.
All this carving is great,
but you'd be better off
writing songs.
Do you write fast?
It depends.
Write some hits,
sort out the band,
and you can apply to the club.
We'll support you.
Get the lyrics approved,
and off you go!
I don't know.
We need equipment.
An electric guitar.
How can we play the rock club?
We're poets with drums.
Please welcome
"The Poets with Drums".
Poets with Pomade.
Get the... out of here!
Damn, we don't even
have a name.
The baby can't sleep!
Get out of here, now!
Without electric guitars,
we're screwed.
Mate, that's not the problem.
A real rocker can drum on
a wooden trunk
and it will sound amazing.
We need a new name.
Short and simple.
Two syllables max.
- "Kino".
- We already said Kino.
We need dough for an amp.
- And for beer.
- Oh yes. Beer comes first.
Right now in fact.
Can we do a swap?
How much, then?
A fiver.
I only have three.
All right. But be quick.
You like Bolan?
I love T-Rex.
- Did I scare you?
- A little.
Your work?
Yeah. Take one if you want.
What about you?
What are you doing here?
Why am I here?
I came for him!
I heard someone was selling
Aladdin Sane this morning.
I couldn't find it,
I guess it was sold.
Great album.
Yeah, Mike loves it.
I was going to give it to him.
I'm off, good luck.
Wait, let's go together.
You know,
I first went to Mike's place,
to his
sister's, actually,
because of Bowie.
We would walk around a lot,
and I'm always in heels.
I always dreamed of just...
Look, they still have records.
My dream:
just collapsing onto a bench!
That time we met,
Mike was always shy:
he never invited me home.
But that day, Mike mentioned
Bowie's new record.
I was so tired of walking
I thought I'd drop dead.
So I said,
"Excuse me, but could we,
perhaps, listen to that
record right now?"
And I invited myself over.
- Did you listen to it?
- I don't remember.
And then...
Then he read me
the telephone directory.
There were such
funny surnames!
We laughed until the morning.
Okay, I'm going.
Mike's working a long shift.
He forgot his food at home.
Let me help you find a gift.
What does he like?
He likes coffee.
Double portion.
So let's bring him a coffee.
Won't it get cold?
We'll be quick.
How much for that cup?
It's not for sale.
It's family.
I really need it, come on.
It's out of your price range.
It's for a good cause.
Whatever it takes.
I have three roubles.
You know, Viktor...
What's your surname?
Viktor Olegovitch,
the gift's getting cold!
Then we'll have to take
an intergalactic rocket
to speed up.
Deal? Come on.
Stand clear of the doors.
Next stop: Ulitsa Nekrasova.
We missed our stop!
Stop, please.
Stand back.
You should be ashamed
of yourself!
"I am a passenger
"And I ride and I ride
"I ride through
the city's backside
"I see the stars
come out of the sky
"Yeah, the bright
and hollow sky
You know it looks
so good tonight."
That was the song
by American musician Iggy Pop
called "The Passenger".
But, sadly,
this did not happen.
If only it had.
- You were talking about Japan.
- Yes, it's so fascinating.
They have this amazing poetry,
a whole world in three lines.
They know that one flower is
greater than a whole bouquet.
With a flowering twig,
who needs a garden?
And Basho. Do you know Basho?
"How is it, friends?
"A man looks
at cherry blossom,
"And on his belt,
a long sword!"
Okay, Viktor.
I'll go alone from here.
Wait for me.
Good moves!
Some cheese,
an apple,
this is chicken and rice.
And sausage.
And what's this?
It's coffee!
A double, your favourite.
this cup is priceless.
Only we spilt...
I spilt some of it.
I should go.
It's time to collect Zhenya.
You carried it
all across town?
Try it.
Well, how is it?
Too bad...
You got the lyrics?
You're going to see
Ivanova now.
She's in a bad mood,
argued with everyone...
She's eating now.
And you should get lost.
Don't let her see you
looking like that.
...Sex Pistols.
At least you look like humans,
not... up.
Hey... up is the highest form
of life on Earth!
Soviet youths
don't need these kinds
of messages,
Mike Vassilievitch.
Guys, get your songs approved,
and your next concert is here.
"They'll knock on my door,
"They'll shout from the street
"That I've slept enough
"A drunken voice says,
'Got any chow?'"
Perfect lyrics
for a lunch break.
I see you're not afraid
of lazy rhymes.
Though that makes the form
consistent with the content.
It's a sort of primitivism.
A conscious sort.
May I?
Leave me,
I'm still on lunch break.
- Excuse me.
- Excused.
Well done, son.
don't get me wrong,
we created the rock club
to make a point.
To show that rock music isn't
for the gutters and dives.
And what do you do?
You drag it back down
into the gutter.
What's this all about?
"I'm a slacker.
"Mama, Mama.
"I'm a slacker".
I see whose influence
this is, Mike.
Well, "Mama, Mama"
was my idea.
At least you have
a lyrical hero,
strong, sharp, and
independent. But this?
A blue collar boy
with a ciggie.
A blue collar boy also has the
right to a voice. Hasn't he?
He's the working class.
The working class, I know.
Soviet rock musicians
must find
all that's good in humanity.
And play
an active social role.
Viktor, don't get so
worked up, sit down.
This is Oleg.
He's our drummer.
could you
bring us some drinks, please?
These are comic, satirical
songs. We're short on them.
And in a way,
it's also quite clearly
a critique on society.
Let's assume that's the case.
What does
Eighth Grade Girl critique?
Sexual promiscuity.
I'd like to hear
from the author.
Of the sexual kind.
I see.
And My Friends?
Teenage alcoholism.
And There's Time,
But No Money?
So I will write,
"Comic songs".
Not comic.
Go get us something to drink.
You too. Go.
- Would you...
- Go!
Yes, please.
Tanya, let the guys play.
Under the influence of other
ideologically stronger bands,
they'll develop
a consciousness.
It's a good thing
they're singing and composing.
They have a vocation.
So they'll never match
that band The Russians, but...
They probably won't drink.
Or steal.
And so we must renounce
our worldly possessions,
material wealth,
and the pursuit of profit.
We must go live with friends
in the country,
avoid politics,
talk idly about nothing
and about everything,
in freedom and equality.
Mike, your friends are here.
Hi, everyone.
What a nice surprise!
Here you go. As promised.
Thank you, old friend.
That's wonderful.
And this?
That's not for you.
I need it myself!
Scary Monsters!
That's about us!
Mike, the champagne.
And money,
does it work in your utopia?
It's shared equally.
It's easier that way.
And basic furniture, right?
And what furniture
would you have, ideally?
Ideally, I'll lie on a couch,
getting royalties for my songs
all my life.
Oh, I have a couch.
I'll trade it for a record.
Great, I'll think about it.
What about clothes?
Forget about clothes!
Ira, the champagne
wasn't for you.
Ksyusha, can you grab a rag?
The lifestyle itself
is a cult.
You must live how you want,
not how others say. Right?
I think it's a grand idea.
Here's to Zoopark!
And I also want to thank Mike
for getting us into
the rock club.
Thanks to you guys.
Hey, let's bet a beer
on the first
thing they say on TV
before the news:
"100,000 tonnes" of something,
or "Leonid Brezhnev".
I bet on "100,000 tonnes".
I'm for "Leonid Brezhnev".
Heard of
Garin and the Hyperboloids?
Is that I'm a Slacker?
I've heard of them.
Is that you?
Something like that.
Hi again.
- Hi.
- Lyosha.
- Viktor.
- Hello.
Here, smokies with fishies.
Or Ashes to Ashes,
Russian style.
Mike, I owe you a beer.
"Leonid Brezhnev"!
You want to put on
a home concert?
Of course we do.
We've only got a short set.
Thirty minutes. If it's us
and Mike, that could work.
Mike Vassilievitch!
Do you want
to poison the baby?
I already said,
smoke in the kitchen!
Let's go,
or she'll bite my head off.
A very passionate lady,
Are you going home tonight?
I'm staying till morning.
I already called my parents.
It's not how we behave.
All this jerking about,
shaking your ass
like a faggot.
So how do "we" behave?
What is ours?
- Vysotsky's ours.
- Vysotsky, sure.
Why don't you try
picking up a guitar.
Play with it for a while,
see if you can
strum the strings?
Try screaming
into the microphone.
Then you'll know
a man from a faggot.
Oh, wow!
You like tomatoes?
Take a bite.
Maybe we can split it?
Viktor, we need to talk.
It's not locked.
I called my mother.
I'm staying with you tonight.
Is there anything to drink?
In the kitchen.
Pay attention,
this is the best part.
To the right. Cough.
Head to the left.
Cough. Turn.
Buttocks apart.
You can go.
- Pasha!
- Kolia!
Pasha, are you there?
Stop shouting!
Just tell me,
is it Afghanistan?
Stop, Mum.
He was drafted a week ago
and didn't say a word.
We give them our things?
Underpants off.
Buttocks apart.
Hey, you!
I'm talking to you!
Cut it out,
or I'll drum on your head!
Buttocks apart.
Come on.
This is crazy! A recording?
But we don't have a drummer.
We'll put a drum track on
in the background.
Look, half the club rocks
to AC/DC and Black Sabbath...
You want to give them
a drum track?
They can barely stand me.
They'll destroy you.
So let them.
I don't understand
why it bothers you.
Because it's not
rock 'n' roll. It's disco!
What's so bad about disco?
Bowie writes disco.
If your dear Bolan
hadn't crashed,
he'd play disco, too.
And he wouldn't mind a bit.
Yeah, sure.
"Don't give a fuck"
is the future.
Do what you want.
Play Duran Duran, even!
I don't care.
Well, we'll be going.
It's finished.
What shall we play next?
Whatever you want.
Pick one.
They're both good.
No, choose.
Why not Lou Reed?
he's a little monotonous.
Arrogant at times, too.
I don't always enjoy
listening to him.
Well, at last!
Why didn't you tell me
this before?
I wouldn't have played
Lou Reed around you.
I didn't want to upset you.
But I can't guess
what you want.
So it's better
if you tell me what you want.
I want to kiss Viktor.
And how can I help with that?
Give my blessing?
Pretty much.
If you didn't know I kissed
him, the guilt would kill me.
So what do you need?
A signature? A seal?
You can just say it.
Go ahead, kiss him.
T-Rex then, right?
Hi, everyone.
This one's open, too.
Rock 'n' Roll Star next.
In the day,
You have everything
Everything that makes
Life worth living
Things to do, friends
sometimes even money
Wine, and even
Buddies for drinking
You're a rock 'n' roll star
At least that's what they say
And the boys
in a dirty and stuffy cafe
Are happy
If you look their way
...let loose, Mike!
Get up, guys!
Find peace in the new day
In the evening we'll play
But in the morning
it's the same old faces
This old game,
I've seen it all before!
Natasha, get up!
You're a rock 'n' roll star
You turn up the volume
Sing the same old blues
Music puts you
In such a good mood
Hey, rock 'n' roll star!
Let's go!
What wouldn't you give
To fall asleep?
What wouldn't you give
to be deceived?
Hey, rock 'n' roll star!
I'll lock all of you up!
Stop this disgrace at once!
You must be proud!
Zoopark! Zoopark!
Let's go after Mike's set
before The Hyperboloids play.
Why would anyone play
after Mike?
Right, put this on.
Viktor, what is this?
I said put it on.
Get ready for the mysterious
Garin and the Hyperboloids.
And even though one of them
is in a frilly shirt
and the other... is too,
I think they've got something.
Give them a hand.
It's a new comedy band.
Listen to the humour
in the lyrics.
Hey, where are
your crepe-rubber shoes?
Where's your
Double-breasted jacket?
Dad, hide your slippers
Out of sight
More vocals.
- What?
- Turn the vocals up.
Back then you wouldn't
have paid a fiver for them
You used to be a beatnik
You used to be a beatnik
You used to...
You used to be a beatnik
You said you'd give your soul
for a rock 'n' roll record
Made from X-rays
of someone else's body
And now it's just TV,
newspaper, football
And your dear old mama
is proud of you
You used to be a beatnik...
Your rock 'n' roll days
Are gone
Veterans supporting the youth.
...But I still believe
and it's nice to believe
That deep, deep down
your spirit's still free
You used to be a beatnik
Well, how was it?
You're a maestro, sir!
Did you see Mike rocking?
The place was on fire!
Yes, I saw.
I hate being filmed.
The camera loves beauty.
So film the bridges,
the Hermitage!
Tickets for the Aquarium?
Mike, a few words
for posterity.
A few words?
This is Natasha,
a great lover of tomatoes.
What's wrong?
Well, your man's here.
He might not like it
if I hug you.
He's the one
you should be filming.
Guys... Can we just...
Move into the light?
That's good.
Can you move?
I want him.
Get down!
The bridges will be up,
so I'll be out
till morning. Don't worry.
Can you walk Natasha home?
To pick up the kid.
- Sure.
- Great.
See you.
- Coming with us?
- No, I have an important task.
See you.
Wait a second.
- Shall we go?
- Let's go.
Wait for us!
Don't close the door!
don't just stand there.
I'll just get Zhenya
from Evgenia's.
Shall I make some tea?
Or beer?
I'll see what's in the fridge.
No, thanks.
Mike will be back soon,
he'll want it.
Mike's not coming.
The bridges are up,
so he's staying with Misha.
I really like
that Blondie girl.
Mike translated
a few of her songs.
I like the one
about phone calls,
"Any day or night.
Call me."
Mike isn't a big fan.
Maybe I should be going?
The baby needs a bath.
This table should go here.
And I'll boil the water.
Do you mind helping?
Wait here!
What's that you've got, port?
Give it here.
Thank you.
It ate the coin.
Do you have change?
What are you doing
in the rain?
Thrown out of home?
Did your girl kick you out?
I kicked my old man out.
I'm too proud.
I tell him,
"Call me. Even at night.
"Whenever you want, just call.
Call me in the morning,
"Just call me."
I flew in from Vladivostok.
And I'm flying!
In this red dress, flying.
And what?
What for?
Why should I wait for him?
I don't want him.
I don't need him.
Lou Reed says, "A perfect day
"is drinking in the park,
"feeding animals at the zoo,
"going to the movies
"and finally, home.
"It's such a perfect day."
You're not squeamish?
Mike can't bear childcare.
How's that?
He's so tiny.
I really want a son.
Then get married!
Come here.
Come here, my sweet.
Just heard Bowie.
Didn't understand
a thing, but it sounded great.
Not too small, is it?
No, it fits perfectly.
Good jumper, thanks.
I had an idea for a song.
About no one, nothing,
a song without meaning.
What's a song about nothing?
Just that.
I reckon a song without
meaning is an achievement.
Would you stop scratching?
Maybe it is.
I don't know
any good songs with meaning.
Some wine?
What do you listen to?
I listen
to my drinking buddies.
Then let's drink.
I wonder if jeans would
suit me or not...
They would.
You think?
I'm not sure.
Haven't got the money anyway.
Lyosha has some blue jeans,
they're too small.
I'll buy them and give them
to you. They'll suit you.
Zhenya is looking at us funny.
He loves you.
And I love him.
He isn't usually
friendly with people.
But with you he is.
Well then...
Sleep, little one.
The baby's exhausted.
He falls asleep so fast
with the light off.
Mike has allowed me
to kiss you.
You've got written permission?
He joked about that, too.
No. We just don't keep
anything from each other.
That's all.
Do I need to get written
permission from you as well?
Boris, you once said if I
needed help
recording an album,
to just say the word.
That's right.
This is "the word".
Will you produce the album?
Well, if you think
you need my help with that...
I think I do.
Of course.
So, will the line-up
be the same?
I'm not asking for my band.
Then who for?
Gotta record Viktor
while we can.
What could possibly
happen to him?
Anything: army, family,
children, alcoholism...
A lack of interest in living.
Anything can happen
in this country.
- And your album?
- It's fine, I'm working on it.
On the misted-up
Window of a tram
I trace bad words
With my finger
The drainpipes
are making musical sounds
My head wet from the rain
wet like grass
My head...
And the city is grey
And wet now, too
I walk about
not hiding under an umbrella
And like a mirror in rain
the shimmering glass
I'll walk around
See if anyone's home
My mood depends on the number
of beers I've drunk
Nobody needs me
And I don't need anyone
The roofs are dripping
After the first rain
The warm weather is here
I hope it stays
Everything's not so bad
if you just smile
Let's sit and watch the world
Through a glass of wine
Generation X, Generation Zero
We're strange
you'll know us when you see us
Strangers to pain
we're all wayward bums
Don't think any of us
Still needs anything
My mood depends on the number
of beers I've drunk
Nobody needs me
And I don't need anyone
Right, Andrei?
Well, the template's there.
Now we can record the vocals.
Guys, we've recorded the
guitars and the drum machines.
Is it okay to record them
through the same
effects pedal?
Of course it's okay.
One pedal, one sound.
That creates
the sound of the album.
We just recorded new songs
with Boris,
and it was all through
one pedal.
And I'll tell you what:
it was the same effects pedal.
Let's go.
All right, go.
No. Stop.
The sound's shit.
This is complete bullshit.
Hey, don't get angry.
We both know
how it could sound.
But this is not about sound.
You've just gotta record these
songs. Release them, let go.
It's bad, sad for the songs
if they stay stuck
in your head.
Damn it, let them out,
and be done.
You don't like the sound.
When the kids scream
your songs in
the hallways,
that'll make a sound.
Just think about it.
You don't like the way
your album sounds,
that's a beautiful
Problems like this are rare.
You're lucky. Enjoy.
I'm enjoying.
Well then. Stop whining.
My pockets are empty,
my watch reads six
No cigarette and no lighter
There's no light
in my friend's window
There's time, but no money
And no one to go visit
There's time, but no money
And no one to go visit
All of a sudden,
no one's around
Seems my friends
aren't really my friends...
Good. Great.
I want to drink, I want to eat
I just want to find somewhere
where I can sit down...
Great. Just super!
Boris, are you sure?
Well, shall we listen
to the dub?
What if we all sing
at the end?
Like a drunken chorus.
Like The Doors,
in Alabama Song.
Into the studio, then.
- You join in, too!
- Sure!
Night, day
Too tired to sleep
There's smoke
To hell with it
There's no sleep
Just a dream of years
The film
ended long ago
My home
I'm there
Sitting around
Like a fool
It's light
Sleep won't come
Now it's night
Soon it will be gone
A bowl of water
Gas flame burning...
- Has it started?
- It's nearly over.
- Marianna!
- Hi.
Drunk already, my dear?
Get your feet off the chair.
Late as usual.
- Thanks everyone!
- Wasn't that wonderful?
Enjoy the album!
Aluminium Cucumbers again!
Let them rest
and have a drink.
Get the musicians a drink!
Can I get your number, please?
Eighth Grade Girl,
Cucumbers, etc.
Just, wow!
Here. Count it.
"Sometimes you do have money,
but no time".
Thank you.
Thank you.
Want some rum?
I want some!
Don't give him any more!
Too late already.
Rum's best with Pepsi Cola.
It's time to get Zhenya.
So go and get him.
I'm staying.
Everyone, let's start.
While we're still standing.
- Hey, quiet in the kitchen!
- We're starting.
Press that button.
First, I want to ask Mike
a question.
Let's say you have
a lot of money,
or someone says to you,
"Play what you want,
any instruments,
any venue..." Basically,
describe your dream concert.
My dream concert,
a stadium of thousands,
sound, light, multicoloured
smoke, three drummers,
two pianists
(one white grand, one synth),
a ten-man wind section
that comes on,
blows, and then leaves.
Blows in what sense?
In the literal sense,
as in "play".
Then the elephants come out.
And why elephants?
What kind of zoo
doesn't have elephants?
The elephants have
a string orchestra and a harp.
- Just one?
- One harp.
Just one, played by
People's Artist, Vera Dulova.
My love!
My one great love!
That's it.
And you, Viktor?
I'm going to disagree
with Mike a bit.
I see everything
a bit differently,
which is natural of course.
I don't see the joy
of a stadium,
you can't see who
you're playing for.
So you'd want a small venue,
like a bar?
I dream of playing in a bar!
But who'd let us?
I'm not a camera operator,
I work as a studio
camera technician.
Well, I did.
I'd take a camera to film
friends from time to time.
Bribe the guard with a bottle
and just take it with you.
But someone ratted,
the KGB came,
seized the material.
Scandal ensued...
I hid this in a jar
at my parents'.
There's not much,
but this is what's left.
Are they fashionable too
or just poor?
I want to own you completely
Embrace your big body
Kiss your tight lips
I wish for, I want you
Diamonds scattered
across the sky
Somewhere, people
are getting high
I want to have the right to it
You will!
I wish for, I want you...
Do forgive me.
I came with my friend
and it's time to go,
but I have an idea.
- Oh, yeah?
- Give me your hand.
- You're a fortune teller?
- Almost. Give me your hand.
- Marianna.
- Viktor.
I know. See you.
Your song, full of love...
I'm a little confused.
As Mike says, better to be
confused than working.
I try to find you a wife,
but there's one right here.
She's a bit odd.
Marianna's kind and clever,
and Mike thinks
she's modern and progressive.
But I don't want to get
married. Not to anyone!
She and her mum
smoke on the balcony,
and an old Commie
chases them off!
Her mother is fantastic.
Singing about steam engines.
Viktor, seriously now.
Stop coming round. Mike's on
edge, and it's hard for me.
- What's hard?
- Everything.
Seeing you and not seeing you.
I can't. Mike's opinions
about my songs
are important to me.
I trust him.
Then let's pretend
we barely know each other.
We'll stop paying attention
to each other.
Shall we try?
Let's try.
The ring!
It won't come off.
We need to escape
this swamp somehow.
We can show your songs
to someone in the West.
Sure, they're sitting waiting.
Dude, relax.
We must record
your songs in English.
Your English
is perfect, right?
Maybe they'll buy.
Oh, shit!
Careful! That's okay...
Here, give me that,
you don't need it.
Okay, stop it.
There's been an accident...
Come on, son.
Come on, hold on!
I nearly fell!
Mike is right, really.
They love our dusty old icons.
Chekhov in Canada,
- The film!
- In a minute!
They already know Tchaikovsky.
They want to know
what's happening here now.
That there's another life,
other music.
Is there?
There's you.
There's Boris, Viktor...
What would they see
that's new in my music?
After The Beatles,
The Stones, The Doors,
Led Zeppelin, The Clash,
Joy Division,
Bowie, Bolan, Dylan!
T-Rex, even Blondie!
Not to mention... Amanda Lear!
It's okay in the swamp,
especially if you're
Number One toad.
What have you done? Mike!
Can't you keep
your mouth shut?
A composition by the British
group, Mott the Hoople,
from their '72 album.
Music and lyrics
by David Bowie.
All the Young Dudes.
I'm going.
"Billy spent the whole night
going on about suicide.
"He's out of his mind
at only 25.
"Injects meth,
and doesn't want to live.
"'Cause on TV they're saying
guys like us ruin everything.
"Man, are you for real?
"Fuck your TV,
I've got my T-Rex.
"Yeah, I'm one of
the young dudes!"
Scrupulously applying
the country's harvest plan
that was set up
50,000 trucks took the path
along the silo fields.
"Spring has come,
winter departed,
thanks is given to the Party."
...millions of tonnes of wheat
from Kuban in the silos.
The time in Moscow: 3:00 pm.
In Ashgabat: 5:00 pm.
In Karaganda: 6:00 pm.
In Krasnoyarsk: 7:00 pm.
In Irkutsk: 8:00 pm.
In Chita: 9:00 pm.
In Khabarovsk and Vladivostok:
10:00 pm.
In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk:
11:00 pm. In Kamchatka...
Natasha Vaslievna.
Well, look who it is.
Were you "just passing by"?
I was indeed just passing by.
How did you find me,
Viktor Robertovitch?
Marianna said that
you work here now.
I wanted to give this back.
What is it?
Lou Reed's lyrics.
What did you think?
I don't know. He's arrogant.
all his lyrics are good.
Berlin is my favourite though.
Is Mike coming to our concert?
Who knows? You know how he is.
You should come.
I've written some new songs.
I want him to hear them.
How are things?
How's Zhenya?
Zhenya is fine, too.
He's started to walk and talk.
Tell me,
how much does Mike earn
in Moscow?
What does he get
for a home concert?
No idea.
When in Moscow
he travels by taxi
and drinks cognac:
he can't bear it when sober.
Whatever he brings is welcome.
And you account
for every kopeck to Marianna?
Yes, she arranges
the concerts.
Well, that's different.
I really don't know.
Come over,
you can ask Mike yourself.
Maybe I will.
Okay, bye.
See you.
Look, Bolan's watching us.
He'll tell Mike everything.
Is there anything to tell?
No need to, either.
Then I'll go.
Bye then.
Grey, fog, and rain
It's light out,
it's 6:00 am. again
It seems that very same
tomorrow has come
Which I heard of before
Yesterday was even done
The stars in the sky
start to fade
Rock stars go home
to beds unmade
And me, I'm on my way home
Last night we went
around the town
My senses are unusually sharp
It's all so interesting
all so meaningful
I look at myself,
I look around
My mind is a mess, too
But a city is a
wonderful thing
Like a circus
Or like a zoo
With its jesters
And its heroes
Its Oscar Wildes
And its Joan of Arcs
Here are the scoundrels
And the worthy
Ordinary people
The majority
I love them all
Well, almost all
But I wish that
everyone could be happy
Grey, fog, and rain
It's light out
It's 6:00 am again
It seems that very same
tomorrow has come
Which I heard of before
yesterday was even done
Good morning.
Have you woken up?
"I woke up this morning."
A great opening
to a blues song.
Zhenya woke up early, too.
I rocked him
so you wouldn't wake up.
Maybe I should move to Mum's.
So I don't feel like an idiot.
What idiot?
It's just a teenage romance.
We walk hand in hand.
And sometimes we kiss.
You do know that holding hands
is the most
dangerous thing of all.
Stop it.
I always dreamed of living
with you in an old castle.
But all we have is a communal
apartment and a
caretaker's salary.
That's quite enough for me.
Want some coffee?
Evgenia brought
our share of the coffee.
Shall we take these cups,
Shall we make Daddy
some coffee?
Done. You're free to go.
Only no swing, okay?
Play it straight. Like robots.
I'll try.
Well guys, are you ready?
- Guys, I believe in you.
- Hi, everyone.
Mikhailov believes in you.
That makes you a god!
We have only one God.
Okay, Boris?
I'll go on ahead.
Oh, look at our handsome
new romantics!
This is exactly what the
rock club has been missing.
It was Marianna's idea.
Don't turn around.
Boys, break a leg!
Fingers crossed.
The District Committee
asked for tickets.
Is Mike here?
I haven't seen him.
Did you ask him?
I did.
Why ask him?
He's on the club's board,
he doesn't need an invitation.
Viktor, don't think
about that now.
I agree with her.
Don't think about that,
Right, time to start, boys!
I'll go and announce them.
Good evening, friends.
Now we're going
to hear the band
we've all come here
to listen to.
I give you Kino!
I know my tree
Won't last a week
I know my tree
Is doomed in this city
But I spend all my time
next to it
I'm fed up
with everything else
It seems that this is my house
It seems
that this is my friend
I have planted a tree
I have planted a tree
I know my tree
May be broken
by a schoolboy tomorrow
I know my tree
Will leave me soon
But while it is there
I'm always nearby
In joy and in pain
It seems this is my world
It seems this is my son
I have planted a tree
I have planted a tree
I'm going for a smoke.
This movie is dedicated
to our loved ones
I turn off the TV
and I write a letter to you
About how I can no longer
watch this shit
About how I've got
no strength left
How I almost
drank to myself to death
But didn't forget about you
About how the telephone rang
and wanted me to get up
To get dressed and go
Actually to run
But I told him
to get lost
Said I'm sick and tired
Stayed up all night
I wait for a reply
There is no more hope
Summer will be over
Film is inspired
by real events.
Some of the characters
and dialogues are fictional.
ny coincidences
are unintentional.