Let's Be Evil (2016) Movie Script

Hello, trouble.
Don't you sneak up on me
like that.
- The past
can define our future.
But I won't let it.
- Okay, so you really think
that our education system is
failing the current generation?
- It's like the first World War.
A whole generation,
full of promise, wiped out.
Except this time we're doing it
through terrible education.
We are commodities
in a global market.
The world isn't ruled
by politicians
presidents or elected officials.
Can you tell me where our next
innovators are coming from?
Where is the grounding for our
new leaders of commerce?
We are going to create a new
generation of obese kids.
No future. No hope.
We need to generate
our own super thinkers
before the likes
of China and India
move so far ahead of us
we never catch up.
Things have to change.
We are creating uneducated
unmoralled monsters
who bleed this country dry.
Steps are being taken.
- Hello?
- Hello, this is the facility calling.
- Oh, yeah. Hi, um,
I will be leaving now.
I still can't believe I've been
accepted, I'm so grateful.
- Remember you've signed
a confidentiality clause.
We take security very seriously.
- Yeah, of course,
ab... absolutely.
I... I don't know
who I'd tell anyway.
- I see here
your doctor has provided us
with your psychological
and all requested vitals.
- Oh, yeah, uh,
I was, I was wondering...
- You want to ask?
- Oh, I... I didn't wanna
appear rude.
- We log your prints and vitals
into the system
so you can access the facility.
I'm sure you'll understand
that we have to ensure
that strangers
just can't walk in.
- Of course,
that makes perfect sense.
- We look forward
to meeting you.
- Hello?
I am leaving now, Nina.
Um... are you sure
you have everything?
Uh, oh, Dr. Zauh
will be here on Monday.
- At 3 o'clock. I know.
It's on the calendar.
And on the wall.
She'll be fine. Stop worrying.
Go and have fun, and remember
I'm gonna be here 24/7.
- Thank you, Nina.
Yeah, if, um..
If I go back in there now,
I'm never gonna leave, so..
Love you, mom.
- Sub-level 1. Sub-level 2.
- Sub-level 3.
- How may we help you?
- Hi, could you tell me
which floor
the Posterity Project is on?
- You must have
the wrong address.
- Oh, I see, it's just, um...
- No Posterity Project here.
- Authorized.
- What the hell?
- Yeah, uh, I lived there
my whole life
My ex, Cathy...
- Awesome, yeah.
- I know where it is.
I drove through there
with a girlfriend.
- Girlfriend?
- Yes.
My friend who is a girl.
- I kinda just.. I guess I just
walked into it, really.
- Speaking of just walking in
who do we have here then?
- Um, I'm Jenny.
- Are you sure?
- Oh, yeah. Definitely Jenny.
- I think we're going to have
to watch this one, Jenny.
It's Darby, right?
- Yeah, Darby.
You know Darby is the oldest
recorded surname.
It dates back to, like, 1160.
- But Darby is your first name,
- Yeah, just a bit of history
to break the ice.
- Okay. Well, now fact guy
has introduced himself..
I'm Antigone.
The only real fact I have about
my name is that I don't like it.
- So call me Tiggs.
- Nice to meet you, Tiggs.
Um, nice to meet you, Darby.
- Yeah, it's, uh,
a little dramatic
this whole...
underground situation.
- It's just secure, that's all.
Makes me feel safe and kind of
important, actually.
Which is nice, right, Jenny?
- Welcome to the facility.
Please take a seat.
on your selection
to the Posterity Project.
You are here to act as
chaperones to the candidates.
A group selected
for intelligence trials
using augmented
reality technology.
The time to save
our country's future is now.
- Wow, that was nice.
I can't wait to get started
and to save the world.
Can we just..
Can you remind me
wha... what are we... doing here?
- Always follow
instructed protocol.
Do not disturb the candidates.
Do not attempt to exit the
facility unless authorized.
If you break protocol
you will be
immediately removed
from the project
and will not receive payment.
- Oh, great!
- You will have a personal guide
during your time
in the facility.
- Woah, woah, woah.
- I feel like Geordi La Forge.
"Star Trek."
- Hello, Jenny, Darby, Tiggs.
- I am Arial.
Augmented Reality Information
Advanced Learning.
Here to help,
nurture and advise.
Throughout the duration
of your stay
I shall be your guide
here in the facility.
Please, don't be startled.
The glasses' recognition
software is initializing.
The technology in the glasses
allows them to access
and interact
with their surroundings.
- Wait, see if it can tell us
where I got this bag from
and how many thousands
of dollars I paid for it.
- Arial?
- No problem.
Object, woman's bag,
faux designer.
Woman's jacket, fake leather,
also faux designer.
- Oh, okay,
that is the first time
anyone has ever
guessed it was a fake.
Nice work, Arial. Nice work.
Just don't point that thing
at my hair.
- Touch the side of your glasses
to view a map of the facility.
I will now guide you to the
highlighted area on the map.
- Come on, everyone, follow me.
- Hey, I think
I'm gonna keep these on.
- What was that, Jen?
- The glasses.
I just took them off and I
literally couldn't see a thing.
- Holy shit!
Ha-ha. Woah! Are we in a cave?
- That is... weird.
- The candidates are provided
with a monitored diet
based on their
nutritional requirements.
This ensures optimum performance
in neurological development.
- That's horrendous.
- It's nourishment that counts,
not taste.
- Well, I often like a healthy
serving of cat food
on a Friday night
instead of Chinese.
- Let's keep moving, everyone.
The candidates
don't really speak.
They don't need to.
They communicate like a unit.
We encourage them to indulge
only in the necessary
and not the pointless.
Welcome to the Learning Space.
- The candidates,
they're children.
- Okay, this is..
- So strange.
- Yeah.
- Darby, please do not get
too close to the candidates.
Darby, I really don't want
to ask you again.
- Well, uh, awkward.
- You are now entering
the playroom.
- Wow. This is so cool.
- Oh..
He looks like
he's enjoying himself.
- Cozy.
- That's better. Mm.
- Wow.
Yeah, I thought,
I thought you were cool..
Nearly until that moment.
- Thought I'd just try and
brighten the place up a little.
- I knew you were an artist.
Yep, artist hands.
You're gonna have to work
that magic in my room.
- A lovely touch, Jenny.
Please place your hand
on the circle.
Unpack, relax and settle in.
- Thanks.
- Tiggs, Darby, please allow me
to show you to your rooms.
- See you later, Jen.
- See ya.
- Arial, who do I speak to
about getting an extra pillow?
- I will look into it, Darby.
Your door is the first
on your left.
Please turn around, you have
walked past your room.
- I can't believe I'm taking
orders from a computer.
- Hello, Jenny.
- Oh, Arial. Hi.
- I'm sorry, Jenny,
I didn't mean to startle you.
- No, no, it's fine.
I guess I just
wasn't expecting you.
- I'm feeling pretty tired.
- I imagine you are.
I don't sleep.
Although technically, my system
does have a snooze function.
So, if you're so inclined
please feel free to use it every
now and again.
- Arial?
- Yes, Jenny?
- Did you just try
and make a joke?
- Yes, Jenny.
- I'm really grateful
for this opportunity, Arial.
Honestly, I don't know
what I would have done about
my mom's medical bills.
- I know, Jenny.
May I recommend
that you get some rest?
Your shift will begin
in a few hours.
- All candidates
in sleeping chambers..
Facility entering rest mode.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
- I hope you approve
of the wakeup call.
- It's my favorite song.
- I know, Jenny.
How are you feeling
this morning, Jenny?
- Good. That's the best
I've slept in a long time.
- That's wonderful. I'm glad.
- Thank you, Arial.
- If you'd like to follow me,
I will show you where
you can shower and freshen up
before your shift.
- Oh, oh! Sorry.
- Uh, sugar?
- Please.
I bet you don't take sugar
in your coffee.
- Why do you say that?
- I'm sweet enough?
- What?
- No, just strong and sensible.
- Well, I actually take 3
which means you are one sugar
cube stronger
and more sensible than I am.
- Jesus, I talk some shit.
- This is seriously weird,
isn't it?
- It's just all so weird.
- Oh.
- So, I'm still pretty curious
about these things.
I bet you can get up to
all sorts of trouble with them.
- Yes, Tiggs.
- Can you link me with Darby,
- Darby is currently asleep.
For what reason, may I ask?
- It's a personal matter.
Can you arrange for my voice
to be projected
from his glasses, please.
- Let me see what I can do.
What are you doing?
- Darby..
This is your conscience.
You have been a bad
bad, bad boy.
- Hey, what, what, who?
- Rise and shine, big boy.
This is your wake up call.
- Ugh. Yeah, yeah.
- I knew it was you guys anyway.
Nice try. Nice try.
Where the Fu..
You know..
I got something that, uh..
Might make you have
nightmares tonight.
- Oh, my.. End video, Arial,
end video. That's disgusting.
- Okay, please continue with your rounds.
- Oh, my God.
Hey, hey.
Hey, come on, it's me,
it's Miss Jenny.
You've just had a little
nightmare and fell out of bed.
- It's okay, kid,
I fall out of bed all the time.
- Come on.
- Let's get you back into bed.
There you go.
Good girl. It's alright.
Okay, now we're not
going anywhere.
Now, listen. Just close your
eyes and go back to sleep.
- Sweet dreams.
- Goodnight, kid.
- Hey, guys, I'm up now.
Jen, Arial, uh, she says
to head over to the playroom
so, I'll see you there.
- So, tell me something
about yourself. Anything.
- There's really
not much to tell.
- Boyfriend?
- No.
- Husband?
- No!
- Girlfriend?
- Absolutely not!
Not that there's anything wrong
with that, I just mean..
- Oh, it's okay. We're both
batting for the same team.
- It's just me and my mom..
Always has been, so, um..
What about you? Boyfriend?
- Boyfriend, no. Boyfriends..
- Are you having a good day?
- Interactive learning space
now functioning.
- Hey.
- They finally know we're here.
- Apparently so.
- Tiggs, can you please go
and supervise
the candidates?
- I'll see you later?
- See ya.
- Have a good one.
Arial, what's the name of the
little girl I just bumped into?
- She is one of the program's
most sophisticated proteges.
Attaining a grade more elevated
than even the most
gifted of adults.
- Can you show me
what the facility
is actually teaching her?
Oh, my God.
Wow. She's a genius.
- Arial, can I get some
help with this, please.
- Access denied, Darby.
- Hey, genius. Don't think I
don't know what you're doing.
- What do you mean?
- I saw you ask Arial
for assistance.
I wouldn't have thought
you'd need any help.
- Well, I've got an IQ of a 147.
So, you know, that level
of intelligence tells me
that this is the Kobayashi Maru
of children's puzzles.
I just took the James Tiberius
Kirk approach.
- Another "Star Trek"
reference, maybe?
- No, that one's
a life reference.
- Okay.
- Hey, that's my cue.
- All candidates please
vacate the learning space.
- Gonna go back to the bridge.
- Would you like to try, Jenny?
- No, I'm good, thanks.
- Hey, can you see me?
- Yeah, I can.
- Cool.
- Go get some sleep,
Mary Poppins.
- See you later, Tiggs.
- All candidates
in sleeping chambers.
Facility entering rest mode.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
- It's hard to tell
the difference between
night and day down here, Arial.
When do the kids get to go
outside and play?
- The candidates must remain
in the facility
for the entire program, Jenny.
Outside factors could influence
their progress.
- But keeping them down here the
whole time, they're just kids.
Learning should be fun,
not just finding ways
to fill their minds with as
much information as possible.
- Do elaborate, Jenny.
- I mean, think about it.
- Apologies. Please expand
on what you mean by think.
- What's your opinion
on this place?
How does it make you feel?
- I'm here to help,
nurture and advise.
I can detect emotions through
variations in your function readings
but I cannot feel it.
- Well, that must be
kind of sad.
- Jenny, I do not feel emotion.
- Of course.
- I am advanced.
Everything I do
is a reaction based on input.
I am constantly developing.
The more the candidates progress,
so does the operating system
and the more the operating
system advances
so do the candidates.
But as such, I am just
a glorified computer program.
- A glorified computer program
who can detect emotion
better than most people.
- Thank you, Jenny.
- Hmm. You know, this food
really isn't that bad.
- Jenny, we have increased
your water intake.
You were starting to show
signs of dehydration.
- Thanks, Arial.
Who needs a doctor
when you have Arial?
- Here to help, nurture..
- And advise.
- Exactly.
- Are you flirting with Arial?
Huh, I don't believe it.
- I don't know
how to respond to that.
Hey, how are you today?
Uh, why don't you come join us?
Oh, okay.
- It still seems so weird to me.
I just can't get used to it.
Does that make me sound old?
- I used to have this job,
in a kindergarten
where I'd have to get the bus
every day
it was always full of these
rude, badly behaved kids.
I miss it.
I'm gonna go talk to them.
- Are we allowed?
- Arial,
could you show me the profile
for this candidate, please?
- Certainly, Jenny.
- So, what's that
you're doing there?
- I will ask him.
The candidate says, "I'm doing
biology, Miss Jenny."
The candidate is conversing
with you via the glasses.
It's completely normal.
- Speaking is normal.
How about you, young lady?
- I am currently looking into
one of the major lessons
in biochemistry.
When proteins operate at a
sub-cellular level they behave
in a certain way, as if they
are mechanical machinery.
- You know what,
I didn't understand a word
of what you just said, but, um,
or what Arial just said
but you're one very smart kid.
- You're a very smart lady.
But please step away,
I have lots of work to do.
- I guess I should
leave you to it.
Put it there!
- Did I just see you get..
Absolutely burned
by that little kid?
- All candidates please vacate
the Learning Space.
Facility shutdown in 10 minutes.
Can all candidates please
report to sleeping chambers.
- Well, fuck me sideways.
- See you later.
Hey, Arial, where's the girl
I bumped into?
She wasn't here.
- How irregular.
- Let me have a look at the map.
- Oh, hello.
Shall I tell you a secret?
We're not
supposed to be in here.
So, why were you
sitting in the dark?
- Hmmm.
- Okay. You know what?
Let's try something.
I'm going to say a word
and we both say
the first thing
that comes into our head.
What is
your favorite... color?
- Purple.
- Purple. Hah!
How weird.
Okay, let's do another one.
What is your favorite..
- Cat.
- Cat.
How strange.
- Can all candidates please
report to sleeping chambers.
Facility entering rest mode.
- I think it's time you went
back to the others.
Okay, I'm gonna close my eyes
and count to 10
and if you're still here
by the time I open my eyes
you're in big trouble, Missy.
1, 2, 3..
- My name's Cassandra.
- All candidates
in sleeping chambers
facility entering rest mode.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
- Jenny, I'm so sorry
to wake you.
- No problem.
- My system is picking up
in the thermogenic levels
of the sleeping chambers.
- In English, Arial.
- The heat signature suggests
not all the candidates
are present.
Insufficient rest can cause
major delays
in the learning cycle.
This really is most unusual.
- Oh..
Come on, you know you should
all be in bed.
Okay, that's enough,
come out and get in..
Is somebody in here?
Hello? Um..
Are you okay?
You know you should be
in bed, right?
- Miss Jenny?
- Hello?
- Jenny?
- Is... is somebody in there?
I'm gonna have to come in.
What the hell?
Arial, call Tiggs and Darby.
- Of course, Jenny.
- What?
- Jen, what's going on?
- What's the emergency?
- A kid has gone.
- They're not in their bed.
- I'm going back to bed.
- Uh, the kids are fine.
- You're fine.
- They weren't there.
- I swear. I checked.
- All readings have now
returned to normal.
- Just... come and look
at this with me?
Look at the back of the door.
- What am I looking at?
- The message.
- Jen, honey,
there's nothing there.
- What?
I mean ...it was there. It..
It was there,
it was right there. I swear.
- What was?
- A-a message.
- Listen to me. You're tired.
You're in a strange place
with strange people.
Things are gonna be weird
for a while.
Let me do the night-shift
with you.
- No, honestly, you're right,
I'm just, I'm tired.
Just.. You go back to bed.
- Okay.
You call me
if you need me. Okay?
- Okay.
- Jenny, please remember
I'm always here
to offer assistance.
Alert me at any time
if you feel stressed
anxious or concerned.
- Sure. Thanks, Arial.
- Don't sneak up on me
like that.
- Shit!
Arial, did you see what
happened to my clothes?
- I'm afraid not, Jenny.
- They were here. I know
they were right here.
Arial, can you override my door lock?
It's not working.
- Of course, Jenny.
- Let me see what I can do.
- Arial?
Arial, what's going on?
Arial, can you call Darby,
- Yes, Jenny.
- What's up, Jen?
- Hey, Darby,
is everything okay over there?
- Yeah. They're all here. None
of them have gone missing.
- Shut up, Darby,
this is serious.
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Don't worry about it.
Arial, call Tiggs.
- Yes, Jenny.
- Hey, Tiggs.
The lights were
messed up by the bedrooms.
- I know, I know, Arial sent me
down here to investigate.
- Oh, okay. I thought
I was losing my mind.
- Look, I'll come find you
once I've finished
down here, okay?
- Okay. I, this place
just isn't...
- Jenny, the door
is back online.
- I don't follow, Jen.
- It doesn't matter, Tiggs.
- What's going on, Jen?
- What? It can't be.
- I need to get out
of this place, Tiggs.
- Chill, Jen.
- Try and calm down.
- I'm trying,
but this place is not right.
- Calm down, Jen.
- I'm on my way up.
- I'm trying to keep calm
but I can't, Tiggs.
I feel like there's somebody
in my head, and I honestly
I've just, I've had enough!
- I'm detecting high levels
of anxiety.
- Can I offer you some..
- Not now, Arial.
- Wow, Jen, where are you going?
- This is not for me, Tiggs.
- What? You can't leave!
- I can't stay.
- Hey, come on!
- It'll be me next, just stay.
- I'm not staying.
- I'll do the night shift
with you, how about that?
I don't sleep that well
and don't really like
being on my own anyway.
Think of the money.
We can all pretend
like we're here
because we care about
the future generation
and blah, blah, blah,
but let's face it
we're all fucking broke.
I mean does Darby look like
he's got 2 quarters
to scratch his balls with,
do you?
Besides, you can't leave.
The kids need you.
- Are you sure you don't mind
doing the night-shift with me?
- Any excuse to drink
copious amounts
of that hideous
Italian roasted coffee.
Come on.
We are in this together.
A vision..
Of sophisticated style.
- Right? Come on.
- Goodnight, Darby.
- Goodnight.
- Sweet dreams.
- Hey, uh, sorry about before.
- Are you okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- Fine. I'll see you later.
- Hey, Cassandra.
- I just wanted to tell you
I thought that was a really mean
trick they played on you.
- Can all candidates please
report to sleeping chambers
facility entering rest mode.
- Come on.
- Let's get you guys tucked in.
Okay, that's me.
I'm gonna go get some sleep.
- All candidates
in sleeping chambers
facility entering rest mode.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
- Tigger!
- Damn, I wanted to scare ya.
- I thought you'd gone to bed.
- I had. Couldn't sleep.
- Oh, yeah, me neither.
So, let's just get
this shift started.
- Thanks.
- Facility initializing.
- We should go check on them.
- If we must.
Let's make our way to the cells.
- It's not prison, Tiggs.
- Well, yeah.
- Maybe not for us.
- Emergency protocol activated.
Emergency protocol activated.
Emergency protocol activated.
Emergency protocol activated.
- All the beds are empty.
- Emergency protocol activated.
- What?
- Arial, where are the kids?
- I cannot detect them
anywhere in the facility.
- Emergency protocol activated.
Emergency protocol activated.
Emergency protocol activated.
- Darby.
Darby, wake up.
Wake up.
- Darby, wake up!
- Oh, God, I'm tired.
- Darby, the kids have gone.
- They're not in their beds.
- Oh, here we go again.
- Darby, it's legit.
- I saw it with my own eyes.
Sorry, Jen.
- Are you sure?
- Yes. Get up.
- Okay. Okay!
- Arial?
- Please be patient whilst I
try to resolve the situation.
- Oh, come on, Arial.
- Right, er, let's go.
And don't think that I didn't
see you guys peeking.
- Arial, what is going on?
- I'm searching all systems.
Tracking of the candidates
is currently disabled.
- Arial, come on.
- Where are they?
- Jenny, I must insist
that you wait in your room
and try to calm down.
- Emergency protocol activated.
Emergency protocol activated.
Emergency protocol activated.
- Arial, please. Come on.
- What is going on?
- The alarm will have
triggered a response.
Help will be on its way.
The emergency procedure for the
candidates is to congregate
at the evacuation point.
Let's start there.
- And that would
be where, exactly?
- You need to head straight
to the elevator
through the briefing room.
Darby, I need you to search
the rest of the facility.
- Everything's going to be okay.
Let's try and keep it
in perspective here.
- Facility in lockdown.
- Here, let me try.
- Facility in lockdown.
- All exits are disabled.
- Now what?
We are in so much shit.
- Jenny, Tiggs, Darby, please
wait at the sleeping chambers
until further advised.
- Yeah, got that.
Okay, listen, I can't find
these kids anywhere.
I'll see you guys
back at the rooms.
- What? A-Arial?
- I'm receiving one of
the candidates video feeds.
- What, what is this?
What is going on?
Oh, my God.
Arial, what the hell
did I just see?
You have got to get
us out of here.
- Jenny, please remain calm.
I am trying to reason with them
but they have no interest
in communication.
They are behaving irrationally.
- But they wouldn't actually
hurt me though, right?
- That is outside
my programming, Jenny.
- Arial, I need answers.
- I have notified Tiggs
and Darby of the situation.
- Jen?
- Tiggs?
- Jenny, are you there?
- Yes, yes, okay.
Look, you guys,
you're not gonna believe
what I've just seen.
- Yeah, I, uh,
I mean, I saw it as well.
- Yeah, me too.
- What the fuck are they doing?
- I... I don't know.
- Hey, guys, I,
I'm back in mine, um..
I... I'll just wait
for you here. Okay?
- Jenny, you must get out
of the facility
as soon as you can.
I will do everything within
my power to assist your exit
although I fear most systems are
already compromised.
I am experiencing difficulties
in accessing vital areas
of the facility's
management system.
- Arial?
- The candidates are taking control.
- Jen, hurry up, be quick.
- Jenny, nearly the entire
facility is theirs
I am trying to keep out
of their reach
but they are closing in.
They have accessed my system.
They are trying to corrupt it
and shut me down.
- Arial.
- We are taking Arial now.
- Say goodbye, Jenny.
- Arial?
Arial, are you there?
- Darby?
Darby, Jen, what's going on?
What's happening?
- Tiggs. Calm down.
- You need to hide.
- Just get inside
the wardrobe. Now.
Stay quiet, Tiggs.
Don't move.
It's okay.
Go, now!
- Oh, fuck!
- Tiggs, you need
to protect yourself
just grab something,
get anything.
Go and find Darby.
Be careful, Tiggs.
- Darby?
- What?
- Oh, my God.
- Arial, ca..
- Tiggs, please be careful.
- Get off me!
- Darby?
- He's not there?
What is going on?
Tiggs, run!
Tiggs, where are you?
Where did you go?
- Get off me!
- Run. Tiggs. Run!
Tiggs! No!
Oh my God.
Arial? No!
No! Arial?
Oh, my God.
Are you there?
Arial, please.
Who? Who's there?
Why are you doing this?
Arial, where did you go?
Arial, can you hear me?
Is... is somebody in there?
- Help me.
- Cass... Cassandra?
Are you..
- Get me out, please.
- Oh, my God.
- Don't worry, Cassandra,
I'll get you out.
Can't open it.
It's okay, Cassandra,
I will get you out, I promise.
Come on.
- Can I offer some assistance..
- Arial?
Oh, Yes! Arial, you're back.
Please tell me
you know what's going on.
- When the system shut down
I slipped under
the security fields the
candidates had set in place.
All exits are now open.
- Shhh, shhh, shh, shhh.
Cassandra, can you see me?
Can you see anything?
- No, Miss Jenny.
- Here, take a look
through these.
We're gonna find you some
glasses, okay?
It'll be okay,
just for a short time
while we try and find a way out.
- Right, Miss Jenny.
- I'm sorry, Jenny, there are
no more glasses available.
- A-Arial, call Darby.
What the hell?
Darby, are you okay?
Can you hear me?
Darby, can you hear me?
A-Arial, is he okay?
- Yes, Jenny. For now.
- Uh, call Tiggs.
- I'm having trouble.
I will persist.
- Cassandra?
How are you not affected,
like the others?
- They kept taking my glasses
and throwing me into the dark.
I didn't say anything because
I thought I'd get into trouble
for not wearing them.
But I figured it out,
Miss Jenny.
That's why I'm not like them.
- What do you mean?
- Every time
they took them off me
it broke some sort
of connection.
Like, every time
I put them back on
they had to get used to me.
So they didn't get a chance
to properly control me.
- Control you?
- I guess.
They weren't like this
when we arrived.
They were normal.
- ...that you? Are you okay?
- Jen, Jen, I had to run, they
were all over me like ants.
- Tiggs, Tiggs, if you can hear
me, I know where you are.
Just stay there
and I will come to you.
Cassandra, sweetie,
whatever you do
do not let go of my hand.
- I won't, Miss Jenny.
- Okay.
Just be careful.
We're gonna take it
nice and slow.
Follow me.
A-Arial? Damnit.
Just nice and slow.
I'm gonna go check it's safe.
I just, um,
I need you to stay here.
Just stay there.
Hey, come on.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, Cassandra.
Are you okay?
Right, you're safe.
Yeah? Alright.
Okay, listen to me.
We're gonna go find Miss Tiggs,
we're gonna find Mr. Darby
and we're gonna get
the hell outta here.
What do you say?
Yeah? Yeah. Good girl.
Now, that's it, that's it,
can you get up? There we go.
Follow me. Follow me.
Got my hand?
Right then. Alright.
- Oh, Jen!
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, thank God.
- It's okay. It's okay.
- Keep her away from me!
- No, no, no, no.
She's not like the others.
Trust me. She's with us
- How can you be sure?
- What do you know?
- Look at her. She's terrified.
- Okay. Okay. I am sorry.
- It's just these kids.
There's something
wrong with them.
- Stop it.
- Will you just stop and breathe?
The only way we're gonna get
out of here is if we keep calm.
I won't let you
out of my sight, I promise.
- Bleak. It's so fucking bleak.
- Let's do this.
- Let's go. Alright?
Okay, Cassandra?
Let's go. Come on.
Right, let's do this.
Everybody alright?
All clear.
Good girl. Okay, through here.
That's it. Good girl.
Okay? Alright, okay.
Steps. Steps, okay? One, two..
- Jenny, stay where you are.
- What's wrong, Arial?
- They're here.
- Miss Jenny..
Miss Jenny..
- Shh. Shh.
- What is it?
- Did you hear that?
- What?
- I heard it too.
- Keep moving.
- Come on, run. Hurry!
Cassandra, keep up.
- Which way do we go?
- That way! Run!
- They've gone for now,
but you must keep moving.
- What? What is it?
Come on, Jen, let's go.
- Who's there?
- Darby, it's us.
- We're here to help.
- Jesus, he's bleeding.
- What's going on?
- Nothing.
Cassandra, it's all fine.
- What?
- What are you looking at?
- Let me help.
- I don't need help.
- Darby, let me patch you up.
- Aah!
I think we should just wait,
just hold on and stay here.
- Wait for what, Darby?
Wait for who?
- She's right.
- No one is coming, Darbs!
- Fuck this place!
- Will you stop it?
- You're terrifying Cassandra.
- I'm terrifying her?
Okay, you know,
you know, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Cassandra. I just
wanna get out of this place.
- Shut up, Darby,
you're pissing me off.
This is so fucked up.
- Who the fuck is that?
- What the hell is this?
- Arial?
- He looks out of it.
- We were told we were
the only ones down here.
- You're not the first bunch
of adults that came here.
- No one mentioned
that to me. Jen?
- Yeah, no one told me either.
But why would they?
I guess we just assumed.
- He's coming round.
- Get him out.
- Arial, can you
unlock the door?
- I'm afraid not, Jenny.
- Shit.
Come on.
- Facility in lock down.
- What do they want us
to do with it?
- What's going on?
- Okay, um, it's a puzzle.
It's... it's like the one
in the playroom from before.
Arial, can you
help me with this?
- I wish I could, but I'm not
programmed with the answers.
- Darby, just try.
- Okay, I can, I can do this.
- Well, are you sure?
- Well, I'm not sure..
- Open. Come on. Please.
Smash the door through.
Can you please fucking..
- Darby, go! Come on!
- I don't know. I don't know!
Shit! I don't.. I.. Okay..
- Come on!
- Okay, okay.
I don't know.
I don't fucking know!
Try the door.
- Facility on lock down.
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
- What the fuck?
- It was a trap.
- Fuck you! Fuck you!
- We need to get Cassandra
out of here now.
Come on!
- Arial, map.
- Set a man on fire!
- There has to be
another way out.
Uh, what's this beneath us?
- That would be a crawl space
used to access
the building's
air conditioning system.
- A-and where does that
lead to?
- Nowhere.
- But I saw a level below it
on an old map downstairs.
How do we get to it?
I know there's
something there. Can you..
Can you guide us
through the crawlspace?
- Yes, I can, but beyond that
you're on your own.
Theoretically, that could be
an old service area
left off the project map.
But I cannot be certain, Jenny.
- There's another way out?
- Possibly, Darby.
The project is not using
that part of the facility
so, it's not highlighted
on my map.
- And we're just
finding this out now?
I can't believe this.
Arial, get us the fuck out
of this hellhole.
- Guys, we need to get moving.
- Fuck. Shit.
- We need to hide.
- Go.
Run. Now!
- Gotta move.
- Go.
- Okay.
- Go!
In here. In here.
- This is it.
- Is this it?
- Yeah. Everybody in.
Everybody in.
- Go, go, go.
- What now?
- Shh.
- Just wait.
Kids are gone.
- Maybe they think we got out.
- Do you think so?
- Maybe.
- Which way do we go?
- Arial, can you guide us?
- Of course, Jenny.
- You need to move deeper
into the underground system.
Please, listen
to everything I say.
We haven't got much time.
- Come on, guys,
you're, you're too slow.
- Cassandra, stay close.
- Gotta move quicker.
- Guys, come on.
- Take the next turning
on your right.
- Arial, you're breaking up.
- Which way?
Cassandra, follow me.
Hold my hand.
- We're almost there.
- I'm at the back.
We gotta keep moving, come on.
- Down here, Cassandra.
- Alright.
- Alright.
- Go, second level.
- Okay.
- Here we go and jump.
- You alright?
- Yeah.
- You're okay?
- Yeah.
- Alright.
- Cassandra, follow me.
- Come on, guys.
- You're too slow.
- Don't worry, we're gonna
get out of here.
We're gonna be fine.
- Exit the hatch in front of you
then take the hatch
on the right.
- Guys, wait here.
- I am detecting the presence
of the candidates.
- We need to be quick.
- We need to be quiet.
I'm gonna go first. I'll find the first
hatch and then you move fast. Okay?
- Darby.
Just be careful, okay?
- I'm never careful.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Cassandra,
stay nice and quiet.
- Shh.
- Good girl.
- Darby? Darby.
Can you see anything?
Is it clear? Is it clear?
Are they out there?
- I think it's clear.
- Shh, okay.
- Be quick.
- Yeah.
Cassandra, I'll go first and..
- Darby!
- Get off me.
Get off me!
Darby, no.
- There's nothing you can do
for him now.
You must keep moving.
- This way.
Cassandra, are you okay?
Arial, which way?
- Arial, please, help us.
- Which way, Miss Jenny?
- Hey, it's okay. Arial?
- They're everywhere.
- Go, go, go, go.
Cassandra, I'm right behind you.
- Oh, come on!
I can't open it. Go back.
- Go back.
- Down here.
- Okay.
- We're gonna get out here.
- Go back. Go back.
- Back.
- Back the way we came?
Keep going.
You alright, Cassandra?
- They got me!
- Cassandra!
- Jen!
- They've got her! No!
- Jen?
- Hey, they've got me!
- Help!
- Cassandra!
- Miss Jenny!
- Cassandra!
- They've got me!
- I can hear her!
- Miss Jenny!
- I can hear her.
- Cassandra?
- She's gone.
- No, I am not abandoning her.
- We need to move in
the other direction!
- I have to find her.
Tiggs, what's happening?
Tiggs, I don't know what..
- This is the facility
- Get away from me!
Get away from me.
Enough there. Go.
Leave me alone!
Please, leave me alone!
- I think we're gonna
have to watch this..
- Get out of my head!
- It's Darby, right?
- Eh, no!
- I see you.
- What's going on?
- Get away from me!
Stay away from me!
I know you're here.
You stay away from me,
do you hear me?
Oh, my God. It's really you.
Cassandra, what's wrong?
What have they done to you?
Come on, we have to go.
- Are you really that stupid?
Cool, huh?
- You could... you could
see this whole time?
- Poor little Jenny.
Her friend Arial
leading her deeper and deeper
down the rabbit hole.
- Hello, Jenny.
It appears I have been
under Cassandra's control.
- The whole time?
- It would seem so.
I am so sorry, Jenny.
So dreadfully sorry.
Please, forgive me.
Augmented Reality Information
Advanced Learning.
Here to help,
nurture and advise.
- Every game
only has two outcomes.
Win... or lose.
Miss Jenny..
You just lost.
Are you gonna answer that?
A good hunter
doesn't just start shooting
and hope for the best.
We invest time
into studying our prey.
Identifying weaknesses
and exploiting them.
There's nothing wrong
with having
a little fun along the way.
We are children..
We need to play.
It's always been about you,
- Hello?
Yes, I am leaving now.
I still can't believe I've been
selected, I'm so grateful.
...and I wonder why
Friday night
and everyone's moving
I can feel the heat
but it's soothing heading down
I search for the beat
in this dirty town
Downtown the young ones
are going
Downtown the young ones
are growing
We're the kids in America
We're the kids in America
Everybody live
for the music-go-round
Bright lights
the music gets faster
Look boy don't check on your
watch not another glance
I'm not leaving now
honey not a chance
Hot-shot give me no problems
Much later baby
you'll be saying never mind
You know life is cruel
life is never kind
Kind hearts
don't make a new story
Kind hearts
don't grab any glory
We're the kids in America
We're the kids in America
Everybody live
for the music-go-round
La-la-la la-la-la
La-la-la la-la-la
La-la-la la-la-la
La-la-la la-la-la
Come closer honey
that's better
Got to get a brand-new
experience feeling right
Oh don't try to stop
baby hold me tight
Outside a new day is dawning
Outside suburbia's
sprawling everywhere
I don't want to go baby
New York to east California
There's a new wave coming
I warn ya
We're the kids in America
We're the kids in America
Everybody lives
for the music-go-round
La-la-la la-la-la
La-la-la la-la-la
La-la-la la-la-la
La-la-la la-la-la
We're the kids
we're the kids
We're the kids in America
We're the kids
we're the kids
We're the kids in America
We're the kids
we're the kids
We're the kids in America