Let's Dance (2019) Movie Script

Hi, dad.
I won't be at work today.
Or in the next few days, actually.
I made my decision, I'm gone.
Without a goodbye, so you won't stop me.
We have a big audition lined up in Paris.
It will open doors to us.
It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance.
I'm leaving to fulfill my dream.
Wake up.
No, we're moving up here.
We only decided yesterday.
Sure, three of us will fit on your couch.
What's wrong?
Her brother says
his whole place is 15 sq. meters.
Whoa, that sucks!
Paris is so expensive,
one sq. meter counts for seven.
It's like dog years.
Until the competition, we need a job.
I promise.
Stop talking to me like a dog. See you.
I think he got it.
Ready to dance, guys?
So, where's Youri?
I told you he'd blow us off.
The guy's a star.
He told us to come. He wants young talent.
Young talent crushing it. Like us.
Yeah, right.
Take a seat, I'll go find him.
Hold on, forgot something.
There he is.
No, dammit.
It's shit. I've shown you 100 times.
Ok, forget it.
Don't overthink it, Joseph.
We're gonna do this audition.
It's me.
-Sure, I remember.
You didn't come alone?
I told you, the three of us
wanna audition for your crew.
That's Joseph...
Karim. And me.
I won't have time for it.
I don't get it.
-You told me to come...
-But not for that.
You won't regret it.
Quickly then.
You first.
Show us some moves.
Without music?
You slow or stupid?
Hit it. I got shit to do.
No, just kidding.
Assan, give him a beat.
Let's see what you got.
Short and sweet, ok.
He killed you.
-Crushed ya.
-Zip it!
Welcome, dude.
Thanks. My buddies?
1st round's in three weeks.
They dance like you?
Holy shit!
Now we just need a job.
Hurry up!
Let's do some grands battements now.
Front and side and back. En cloche.
Back and fifth. And beat and beat.
Let's run through now.
Unaccented beat.
Let's go.
Chlo, the music! Keep with the rhythm!
What's going on?
Do some stretching.
What brings you here?
No hello even?
What do you want?
Great welcome.
I'm moving to Paris, need a job.
Why come to me?
You're the only person I know in Paris.
Maybe you have a contact...
This is a bad time.
I get it.
You breeze in here
during my class after 13 years.
-Put yourself in my shoes.
Chlo, two minutes. I'm talking!
-Ok, I'm a problem.
-Not at all, come on!
Sir, everybody's cooling off.
Ok, girls!
Pointe shoes on.
-Can I get a job here?
-No idea.
You play piano?
Ok, bye.
So we're agreed. Bye, sir.
Can we get back to work?
See you, guys.
-You're here for long?
When do you leave?
Call me!
Five, six, seven, eight.
And one...
Nearly, nearly.
You got it.
Can't you sleep?
-Not bad.
Assan, late!
The audition's Saturday. Get real.
Two weeks' work for what?
Shitty sofa bed!
Not so fast, Juliette.
Keep it simple.
You wanna make it?
It's not just meh, it's shit!
The newbies,
Emma and Karim, take the lead anytime.
Switch it up, grab the audience.
That's important. Ok, guys?
It's looking good.
-You on a spying mission?
-No way.
Go on, out!
Youri said nothing about me.
So what?
He comments on you and everyone except me.
Cause you're killin it
That's so sweet,
but how did you get my number?
You nailed the rehearsal, Juliette.
Hold on...
She blew her vocal data cap.
You dummy. She's non-verbal, poor kid.
Seriously, you never noticed?
No, I mean sure but...
You're hopeless. Hopeless.
Auditions 1st Round
We have lots of crews in that style.
It won't cut it.
Seriously, they're out?
-Those guys are out?
-We have no chance.
-We're way better.
-Too right.
Why else did I pick you?
Now do your job and we'll be just fine.
No pointless risks till the final.
Kill-Off, on stage in three minutes!
Three minutes, please!
Don't be a fool.
Same mistakes as your mother!
Why turn your back on me?
We're up next.
Did I startle you?
It's no big deal, being fragile.
I still love you.
You're an idiot!
Same here, Karim. I love you!
A real idiot.
Remember what I told you at practice.
Eye contact. Make eye contact.
Big it up.
-In tempo.
-Seven, eight, turn.
-We're way better.
-Four, five, throw.
-In the groove.
-We can do this.
-We've got it.
-We're better.
Breathe in tempo.
-Way better.
-Energy in your fingers.
-We've got this.
We're good, we're good.
-A team.
Let's go.
It's now.
Just do it.
Let's go.
Ok, Youri...
It's not exactly original.
It needs more work and better execution.
But with your energy,
we know you guys can surprise us.
So see you next month
for the final of Masters of Hip-Hop.
It's sick, totally sick.
Thanks for the vibes.
-Stop it.
What you doing with my girl?
Bro, I didn't force her.
What's he talking about?
Three days,
she's been sick over telling you.
Don't you get it? She's had it with you.
Is that true?
I don't know.
Beat it.
Fuck, no!
Guys, we're a crew.
Knock it off!
-Don't ruin it.
-Shut it. I made you guys.
-We're not your dogs.
-You hear me?
Without me, this crew's shit.
Don't talk like that.
I do what I want.
I don't need your lameass crew.
Like I give a fuck!
Get off me!
What now?
Joe, talk to me.
We had to give up on the couch tonight?
Won't you tell me where we are?
You know this place?
Why not come earlier?
By the way, I'm Karim.
Rmi. I'm...
A friend.
You just moved in?
No, 15 years ago.
I'll put you in the laundry room.
Since when are your friends 50 years old?
Joe, get up now.
Seriously, two days now,
living at a stranger's house.
I have nothing to say to him.
Knock it off with the depression.
That shit's getting contagious.
Look, it's beautiful out.
The view's not bad either.
That should get you out of bed.
It's not depression, just the blues.
Whatever it is, he's a sorry sight.
He's breathing.
See you tonight.
Seven and eight.
Rmi, I like you a lot.
For ten years, your name
has kept this school alive.
As you can see, it's not enough anymore.
We're headed for disaster.
We need to make changes.
I'm on it.
For my part,
I came up with two solutions.
Solution number 1.
I fire you.
Rename the school,
bring in some young blood.
It will cost me less and...
nobody can do worse than you.
What's solution number 2?
You're so predictable.
Guess who will be named
head of the American Ballet next week.
I don't know.
This is off the record.
At last, we have someone
in a prestigious company.
-Let's not blow it.
I'll work on the authenticity.
Keep your empty words and methods
for the Open Day.
I want you to reset.
That's solution number 2.
Reinvent yourself. Take risks.
Teach them whatever,
I don't care!
Just get me results.
I will.
You'd better. Or else you're fired.
All away across Paris for a run?
What? It's good to shake things up.
And keep in shape. Let's go!
C'mon, Joe. I swear!
Come on, honestly!
C'mon, check it out!
C'mon, it looks dope over there.
You're a pain in the ass.
Come on!
Knock it off.
Sport's great for getting over a breakup.
Karim, give me a break.
Me, for example, when Stevie dumped me...
-Shut it!
-I started doing pushups.
-Pretty girls in Paris, right?
-You check out girls?
No, but you can.
Shut up and run.
I had no idea they were here.
-But like the whole city is.
-Cool, see you.
Come back here.
Joe, no. Come on.
We don't need them for the final.
We can switch people.
Without Youri...
-We'll work it out. Screw Youri.
-You bet.
With him, I wanted to blow off rehearsals.
-He was the choreographer.
-We lost our star.
Our only chance to win.
So what? It makes no difference.
You're here, aren't you?
The smile means you're in or headed out?
First up?
I dunno.
Copy me.
You're not counting?
Ok, pressure from the get-go?
Alright, I'll count time. Sorry!
Five, six,
seven, eight!
Much better.
What are you doing? Get some sleep.
I'm no choreographer.
-I'm doing research.
-On what?
On choreographing dance, how it works.
You thought 3 am's a good time for that?
Fuck, vids of Youri?
Forget the guy!
He knows what he's doing.
Come on...
Go to bed!
It wasn't so bad earlier.
It was alive!
So we're not on point...
It was a mess.
Without a mirror,
it's complicated to dance together.
Put me in a room with mirrors,
and I'm on point, in sync!
Without, it's shit!
Basically, what you're saying is...
-With a mirror, you're a trooper.
-Don't believe me?
Seeing is believing. Come on.
Move it!
Joe, it's 3 am!
-Lighten up!
-This is off-limits.
Check it out!
You see!
I'm so not supple. How do they do that?
Yeah, totally not supple.
Hold on...
Cut it out!
No, dipshit, I'm not a lampshade.
Don't push it.
-Shit, the piano!
-Play something. I'll do ballet.
You wanted mirrors. You got mirrors?
Dirty Dancing. Do it!
My keys!
-What keys?
-Your USB key?
-Your keyboard?
-Your key moment?
Don't you ever ask permission?
-Howler monkey.
-Steal my keys, raid my fridge...
In only three days, you guys...
Out of 100 students, not one...
Hear me? Not one would make even a tenth
of the mess you guys made here!
How is this possible?
Know where my students beat you?
They respect the rules.
They know their place.
But that's not how you roll, right?
Excuse me? Didn't hear you!
No, it's not how we roll.
Exactly. So, starting tomorrow...
You will teach them that.
Teach them what?
To let go!
To cross the line
and dance like crazy! Alright?
To act like idiots!
Like you.
The two of you
have something.
Something that cannot be taught.
That we gotta teach them?
Why'd we accept?
If not, we talk food bills and rent.
-Isn't it free?
-For friends.
-I don't...
-We're not friends!
Your free gift...
If you keep your noses clean,
I'll leave you the rehearsal room key.
Noses clean!
Come on, guys.
Come on in.
Don't be afraid. Come on!
They won't bite.
It's my pleasure
to introduce to you
your new teachers!
Quiet! Silence!
Quiet! Silence!
Who's head of teaching?
Exactly. We owe you no explanations.
We select your teachers,
be they Pierre, Paul or Jack.
Or Joseph.
And Kader.
-If you're not happy, tough.
This is bullshit.
Hip-hop comes from your gut.
It's not a ballroom dance.
It comes from the streets.
From clubs.
It has no rules.
Only style.
Bust out some freestyle? You can.
Be provocative? You can.
-Put on a show?
-You can!
-I will.
-Go for it.
Gimme a beat.
What counts isn't the steps.
It's the feeling.
The dance and your style go together.
Got it?
That's you I'm talking to.
I listen, I'm feeling it...
Here I go!
Like it, kitten?
Please, not kitten. I'm Max.
We're gonna have fun.
You're a real fun guy.
What's up?
Little waves.
Little waves all over.
Waving, dude! Why?
Because I want to. And now...
It goes together. That's what counts.
Flow, groove, feeling.
You know it, bro.
Cool, you'll pick it up.
I listen.
Some house now.
To bring it back down. Five, six, seven...
For you, Maxou!
How about that? Yeah!
Give it up for him.
You slayed it.
Over to you.
Ok, everybody up.
-Check it out!
-Welcome home!
Not bad, but stop, please.
Let's try something else.
Room, music, dancers!
-Can we start?
-Catch the vibe!
Karim, can you help here?
Karim, please.
Now, wrist roll and throw.
-Now, you.
-Ok, Rocky, unclench your fists.
A comedian!
Show us what you can do, grumpy.
Why Rocky?
You never saw Rocky?
-Can't do it.
-Sure, you can't.
Five, six, seven...
We're going nowhere.
Luckily, Max shows some enthusiasm.
-Go, Maxou!
-Let it go.
That's cool.
No, it was better before.
I'll be back in five.
Joe, stop changing your mind.
We're waiting. What's going on?
Don't worry, it's cool.
Sorry, I tried.
But I can't do it. Stop!
-You resign?
-That's the word.
-I resign.
How come, no?
Get back to work. I refuse.
You don't understand. It's not working.
Get it? It's not working.
I tried everything.
Guiding, showing, no dice.
We're wasting our time.
I suck as a teacher.
What about with your...
With your crew?
Not bad. They're...
Sick of me.
-They dumped you?
So it's all in your head.
Lots of us trust you to do this.
You rock up, clenching your fists,
saying you suck,
you're not good enough...
So, to sum up,
you're telling me we're all wrong,
except you. Right?
-I didn't say that.
-You're where you belong.
As dancer and teacher, you belong here.
Sure, you're not very...
Not very academic.
But you have an instinct,
something to pass on.
There are different ways to get there.
Do yourself a favor.
Trust yourself.
Like I trust you.
Start there. The rest will follow.
Easier said than done, though.
Yes, fair enough. You...
You need practice.
Great timing.
I have just the thing for you. Come on.
Allow me to introduce your new students.
Survive that and you'll survive anything.
Go on!
Rmi, what is this?
Knock it off.
How about what you usually do?
I'm falling asleep here.
I'm asleep already.
-Come on.
-No, for sure.
You listen to the music?
Too nice. You feel something?
Sadness? Joy? Show it.
No, you don't understand.
I feel nothing.
See? Look at your feet!
No energy. It's slack.
I don't wanna see the little rich girl.
I want to see a dancer.
There you go!
You can do it.
-Thank you.
That's it, class over.
What's the problem?
You're nuts, asking her that.
Especially on concrete.
Tomorrow's the American Ballet
It's here.
-Toi, toi, toi!
Good luck.
How are you?
We can begin.
197 looks pretty good.
121. Those arms.
There's a sense of...
The following dancers were not selected.
Can we see the grands sauts?
What do you think?
I think they're superb.
All three of you have been selected
for the final round.
You will be asked to perform
a free variation in costume. Thank you.
I did it!
-Great. They took you too?
I am so happy.
And you too. It's fantastic.
That's it, done.
Same as every time.
I'm gonna quit.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sad but...
Kinda relieved, too.
I can move on now.
Recently, I stopped thinking
about the audition.
I danced for fun.
It's been so long...
All because of you-know-who. Angel face!
Let's go. And...
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two...
And lift.
It doesn't work.
Can't he put his phone down?
Joe, it's super tricky.
We're a person short.
Since Youri left, all we do is shit!
They don't get it.
It's a competition, a contest.
Obviously, I watch other people's vids.
You hope to be original
by trying to copy them?
Not copying them.
No, I come up with moves that are similar.
Then I mix them up, make them better.
No, look, Joseph...
Better is not good enough.
You can't...
Come with me, I have an idea.
Let's find your style.
So if I've got this right,
I should be happy doing shit.
Not, at all. Taking something
to make it better is
ridiculous, horrible.
It's like trying to please.
A total waste of time.
Find what touches you inside.
-I dunno...
-Forget YouTube.
Look around, what do you see?
-A stationery.
Outside it, what's going on?
A lady in red is out with Granny.
Better than that. There?
-In a hurry.
-Mercy me!
Try to see the big picture,
try to see life!
The rhythm.
The rhythm of life.
Look, right there.
See? There...
See that, there...
That's good, right?
And look at her!
Look around you
and you'll see dance everywhere.
There's your inspiration.
Not rehearsing?
No, I...
If you're free, come to the Opra.
-Go with you?
-Don't get ideas.
I have an extra ticket.
That's lucky, it's my birthday.
I didn't know.
It's not why I bought it.
Of course.
You invite me to the Opra,
just to be nice.
It's a thank-you for your classes.
-Maybe it helped.
-They picked you.
See you at six. I'll text my address.
It's the Opra. Dress sharp, won't you?
Dress sharp?
When don't I?
So, for a gala performance
at the Opra, we have this...
-Should suit you.
-Great. Impeccable.
There's everything you could want in here.
Gray pinstripe. Gruesome.
What's in there?
Don't touch.
Here you go.
This is for you.
You kept all mom's stuff?
I don't do decluttering.
Why weren't you at her funeral?
I was touring. You know what it's like.
No, I don't know.
I wasn't at her funeral
but I said goodbye later at the cemetery.
My life was a whirl.
I had no time for anything.
Not even a phone call?
Your father
didn't want me to see you ever.
Sure. You stole his wife.
He was scared you'd steal his son.
You weren't ten years old.
I had no rights over you.
I preferred to keep out of the way.
It hurt less like that.
Your father never could stand me.
I took the most beautiful part
of his life.
I haven't talked to him for months.
I look like a jerk.
-No, it's cute.
-You totally played me.
Come in.
You expected something grander.
The little rich girl
lives in a tiny apartment.
Granny, ready?
I was born ready, honey.
-Good evening, Joseph.
She told me lots about you.
But she didn't tell me you were so...
-Don't call me that, it ages me.
Nice to meet you.
My name's Nicole.
She's coming with us.
I love going out.
Good evening, Nicole.
Evening, Madame Nicole.
Hold on.
Your bowtie isn't straight.
-It isn't?
-There you go.
I totally understand.
Granny, what are you doing?
I'm on my way.
So when's the final round for the Ballet?
July 9th!
So it's two days after our competition.
Sure, I know.
All in the frame?
Say Opra de Paris!
-Let's go.
I'll be there in two minutes.
Happy birthday, anyway...
Every time I come, it has the same effect.
-Aren't we a bit early?
-You can never be too early.
Hold this
while I fetch some bubbly for us.
So the cane's a prop?
You come here often?
I'll never forget the first time
my husband invited me to the Opra.
Was it beautiful?
I don't know.
We had seats
in a little box exactly like this one.
But we didn't see any of the show.
We were so busy
concentrating on something else.
-Not that old story again.
-I was talking to Joseph.
It was torrid.
Granny, we don't care.
You're such a prude.
What about you, Joseph? I bet
you'd like to make love
in a box at the Opra.
It's true.
-Happy birthday.
-Thank you.
So you liked it?
It knocked me out.
Anyway, you know,
I'm a little tired, so I'll leave you here
and go home.
-You want us to walk you home?
-No, don't bother.
I'm fine on my own. I'm used to it.
I'll hail a taxi.
Wait, Granny.
You two are full of life,
blooming with youth.
Full of zing.
So don't go to bed just yet.
Make the most of it, have fun.
Don't be good.
Your Granny crushes it.
How about a drink?
I know a cool place, kinda underground.
You were right, it's very underground.
And very shut.
Not if you have the secret code.
It's pretty dark here.
Happy birthday!
This was you?
No, I was just the alibi.
The scumbags!
Fooled you, dude!
Looks good for his age, Rmi.
-Forget it.
-You're kidding.
-I smash him anytime I want.
-Go for it.
Are you nuts?
In front of everyone? They'll talk.
Nothing to talk about.
He's gay!
For sure. And hot for me.
He's hot for you?
-I just gotta say the word.
-You're full of shit!
Don't believe me?
You'll see.
You guys aren't in the same league.
He's my mother's ex.
That's how you know him?
And you only tell me now?
Open up. Quit holding back information.
That's it, he's sulking!
Go on then, sulk. Grumpy guts!
C'mon, let's dance!
What's the DJ doing?
Dressed to kill.
Where's David Guetta?
This is David Ghetto! What's the deal?
Look, they love it.
You see what I see?
That's it.
That's our style.
There you go!
Joseph wants to give a speech.
It won't be two hours long, don't worry.
Just let me tell you,
when I saw you all dancing together there,
I started to dream.
Sorry, this only concerns some of you.
Chlo, Dorian, Lucy,
how'd you like to take part
in a hip-hop competition?
Our hip-hop competition?
The point is we mix up our styles.
I don't know.
Why not,
but with the auditions, it's tight.
For sure, we'll do it.
For sure, we'll do it!
If she does it, count us in too.
I'm in, too!
Happy birthday.
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry. I was stupid, I messed up.
Not now.
I'm so sorry.
-Stop it.
-You mean so much to me.
I really regret it.
Ok, we'll talk it over.
I am sorry, honestly!
Joe, we're super late!
Come on!
I heaped the pressure on everyone.
Don't be late, blah blah blah!
Alright, alright.
Move it.
I made you
scrambled eggs.
A wonder of nature.
-For sure.
We appreciate it but we can't...
See you tonight?
More for us two.
There you are.
I'll make space for your stuff.
You'll be staying long?
I don't know.
My friends, this is Emma.
A super dancer
that I asked to join the group.
You missed us too bad?
It's great to see you again.
-How you doing?
-Good, and you?
I'm good.
Emma, nice to meet you. I'm Chlo.
They're back together???
Ok, we haven't got all day.
Can we begin? You warmed up?
Today, I'll take you on
a journey of discovery.
-Come here, Lucy.
-Hold still.
-Not now. Not today!
-Calm down.
-I'm just sick of it!
Give her some air.
It's a sprain.
I had that. I was out for two months.
The competition, auditions,
she can forget it.
-It's not your fault.
-It happens.
What on earth happened?
-An accident.
-Doubling up the schedule's an accident?
What the hell is this hip-hop competition?
You're cracked! Go see your acrobats
and kick them out. Gone for good!
-No way.
I don't give a damn about hip-hop!
We prepare students for auditions.
Badly. Three reached the final
for the American Ballet.
First time in ten years,
thanks in part to Karim and Joe.
-Tell them thank you and goodbye.
-Not a chance.
Lucy's injury is unfortunate.
Dorian and Chlo are left.
If anyone can do it, it's her.
And you know it.
Fire Joseph and she'll crumple.
We need him still.
She needs him.
I'm warning you. Any slip-ups...
They'll be fired, and me along with them.
I know.
Is this a bad time?
-Not at all.
-I have a favor to ask you.
It's about little Chlo Prigent.
Let's keep this between you and me.
Come and pour us a drink!
-You're not in bed?
-No, we're not in bed.
Without Lucy, forget it.
So there was an accident.
Use it!
We do live art.
Live, for goodness' sake!
Seriously. How many times must I say it?
There's not just one way!
So, adapt to this.
-Yes but...
-No buts!
It's in two days' time.
Your snout. Shut your...
Your mouth and... fight.
-Like Rocky.
-Like Rocky.
-He never saw Rocky.
-You never saw Rocky?
Keep it down, it's late.
Ok, bed.
You dope, we have a mission.
I'm starving.
Just us men!
He'll drink it. Just you wait.
Don't spoil it for him.
Not raw eggs, that's disgusting!
Make an omelet, at least.
No time. He's for real!
Left-right. The fury in action!
The meat's taking a real beating!
Run, run, run!
I gotta admit, not bad!
Shit, he lost!
-Not everything.
-He lost it all!
He could've been world champ.
That's not the most important.
It is. It's why he fights.
If you box only to win,
you don't get boxing!
For Rocky, boxing's his life.
He doesn't give a damn who loses,
who wins. Not one damn!
He's living it!
He shouts it out.
That's why people love him!
Even so, he lost.
No, he won!
Yeah, he won. What's wrong?
You're really loud.
Loud? Are you guys for real?
The sequel?
Chlo? How come you're not in bed?
Who cares what happens in the audition!
It's not the end of the world.
Dance this, dance that. Always dance!
It's not all there is to life!
I can see that there's something wrong.
You've stopped eating,
you've stopped sleeping.
You're in love?
If that's it...
It's anything but bad news.
After I met your grandfather,
I had so many sleepless nights.
From the start,
I was head over heels in love with him.
But he didn't want me. No.
He thought I was plain.
He took a long time to change his mind.
You have no idea
how much he tormented me.
Believe it or not,
looking back over those moments now,
I say to myself,
how lucky I was!
I was so happy to go through that.
It's when it stops that the pain kicks in.
When you have no one left to love.
Last year,
when I took you to the Comdie-Franaise,
to see No Trifling With Love,
do you remember
what Perdican says to Camille?
"We are often wronged in love.
"Often wounded, often unlucky.
"But we love!
"And from the edge of one's grave,
one turns
"to look back over the past and one says,
"I often suffered.
"On occasion I was wrong.
"But I loved!"
-Where are we going?
-You'll see.
-You often climb on the rooftops?
Roofing runs in my family.
And so?
So I missed the audition
for the Opra ballet school.
How come?
At age eight,
you needed to weigh 22-25 kilos.
-No way.
-Swear to god.
Why do people
look like each other in ballet?
-I don't know.
-It's no coincidence, it's deliberate.
That's what ballet school does.
No fat kids, no blacks.
Nobody too tall or too small.
Nobody must stand out from the group.
You must blend in.
When I realized
I'd never dance at the Opra,
I had a breakdown.
-At age eight?
-I so wanted to dance there.
It was as if someone had said,
that thing you always dreamed of,
it's not for you.
Luckily, my parents were there.
They sent me to private ballet school.
They sacrificed loads for me, and gave me
an MP3 player to cheer me up.
I play it before every rehearsal,
every audition. Always.
-That's what your toy is?
-It's not a toy!
It's like a totem.
A totem?
A totem of depression?
-Let's say.
-What about you? Why dance?
My mother, maybe.
She was a dancer?
She was a dancer.
It was her life.
She was a dancer, not my mother.
-For sure.
When I was one,
she left me alone to go take auditions.
That didn't work out.
There was always an issue.
She wasn't a great dancer.
I never saw her dance.
My dad says so,
when he agrees to discuss it.
What does she do now? She quit?
She died when I was ten.
In a car accident.
I'm sorry.
Where are you?
I gotta go.
Now we're all here...
Thanks, Karim.
I have news for you.
During my long, sleepless night,
I had an idea.
We finish with a duet.
Hip-hop meets classical. What do you say?
-Great way to end.
-Super idea.
If you all agree...
I'll dance the duet with Chlo.
-No kidding.
-That's sick.
-So cool!
Is this a joke?
An artistic proposal.
If you're against it,
say so.
No, I get it.
Chlo, you agree?
-If everybody agrees.
-You all agree?
-For sure.
-Let's hit it!
Let's go.
-Remember all I told you?
-You mean yesterday?
We'll pick it up...
Karim, where were we?
There you go.
-You bet.
-It kills it!
Great job!
You were magnificent.
Ok, Chlo?
You look poorly.
No, I'm fine.
I got a call for you earlier.
Let's talk in my office.
My date's the same.
I checked the notification.
Maybe it's only the girls.
Why change the date?
-I don't know.
-There's no solution?
I'm sorry.
It's tomorrow,
same time as the competition.
It's absurd and sad, but I can't help it.
Choose us.
I'm serious.
Are you nuts?
You don't realize.
Dancing with a major company is my dream.
It was, at age eight.
This is now. What's your dream now?
I made my decision. Respect it.
You know we can't win without you?
You don't give a shit!
That's unfair.
Look at me!
If you leave, you never come back.
Got it?
You're a real asshole.
You think I enjoy this?
You'd do the same in my shoes.
Ok, that's it?
Great, beat it! Get outta here!
Do your stupid, shitty ballet!
What's with you?
Fuck it!
So then, what do we do?
-Nothing. We're screwed.
-We can change the number.
Change what?
We have two classical, six hip-hop!
The whole concept doesn't work anymore.
It's tomorrow!
-You'll think of something.
-Who am I?
Harry Potter?
No, I'm not Harry Potter.
Just a dancer who dreams too big.
Gimme a break, you!
No, I won't beg you to come back.
I understand you.
It's your decision.
-I just wanted to say thanks.
Remember when we were nine?
You dragging my ass
to that lame dance class?
-It wasn't lame.
-It so was.
The shit you gave me to stay.
Without you, I'd never have danced.
I wanted to thank you.
I won't beg you to come back.
I'll force you.
Are you serious? Back off.
You're coming with me!
Where are you going?
Great, Anatole. The eyes!
Very pretty, your...
They're doing great today.
Marie, shoulders!
That's right.
Joe, are you ok?
You're serious?
What the fuck do you want?
Pain in the ass!
That's better!
Knock this shit off now. I won't let go!
-You jerk!
-I'm Rocky, I don't care!
I won't give up.
I won't give up, Joseph!
-Are you for real?
-There's just no way!
-You bust my balls!
-No, that's you!
-Come on!
We didn't work so hard for nothing!
Get off me, blood sucker!
Respect the effort we put in for you!
They're all waiting for us.
Why are you yelling in my ear?
There we go.
We have work to do.
Less than 24 hours,
to start over. From zero.
We need to find a new angle, a new story.
I have nothing to tell.
I have an idea.
It's the story of a guy
who has loved dance since he was a kid.
His thing is hip-hop.
His mother's was ballet.
It did nothing for him.
He hated classical dance.
And in his mind...
his mother was a failed artist.
He's terrified of being like her.
Of failure.
Sure, it didn't work out for her.
Except that he's wrong.
About who his mother was.
She had a gift.
A huge gift.
Like him.
she was eaten up by stage fright.
The fear of not making it.
There's one thing his mother would love,
if she were still here today...
To see her son smile.
Take a look at himself.
Take an interest in classical.
Without rejecting who he is.
It would have touched her.
It would have made her proud.
About the ending...
Yeah, it's a bit off, but don't worry.
We'll improvise, bring it back
to how we began with you and me.
I want you to know...
No, don't tell me
you have an audition tomorrow.
But I won't do the duet with you.
You're kidding?
You know the story doesn't end with me.
Don't stay up too late.
Berisha & Son Roofing Carpentry
You don't like me.
You think I'm your worst enemy.
You're wrong.
We're the same.
We loved the same woman.
Without understanding her.
We didn't see she needed us.
We weren't there for her. Not enough,
not at the right time.
We can't change the past,
we live with our regrets.
But let's not create even more.
Joseph is so much like her.
He's dancing later, he needs you.
However clumsy he was,
and hurtful...
he's still your son.
Just be smarter than him.
We missed out on one artist.
Let's not miss out on another.
Are you ready?
Make some noise!
We're at the Masters of Hip-Hop. Wake up!
And make some noise!
Keep that fine energy
for the last member of the jury...
Mr. Youri Abbas!
We're gonna get trashed!
Are you ok?
I don't know what's wrong with me.
I can't sit still.
You're nervous.
-It's only natural.
-I'm not nervous!
I feel like leaving. Or nailing it!
You feel like leaving?
You're here, you stay
and you do the audition.
If it doesn't work out, it's their loss.
Very briefly, I just wanted to say, Merde!
-Thank you.
-It's bad luck to reply.
Go for it!
-Thanks for coming.
-I'm with you!
Do it. Merde!
Look in the audience. 4th row.
-You managed to persuade him?
Today I did two things
I long dreamed of doing.
I spoke with Joseph's father
and on the train home,
I wrote out my resignation.
-I did!
What will you do now?
I have no idea.
But this is a wonderful day!
What are you guys doing?
What's going on?
Your dad's here.
Well, we're ready for you.
First in is...
Clmence Williams.
Is that you?
Well then, follow me.
When are we on?
We're gonna do this. We're gonna win!
We're unique.
They won't believe their eyes!
You bet! We shred it!
We'll shut Youri's stupid mouth!
I believe in you guys!
Let's go kill it!
Yeah, let's kick ass!
I thought you couldn't speak.
No, I'm shy, that's all.
On stage, two minutes.
For the ending, what do we do?
I had an idea. I've got it.
Now it's time for Graldine Dumont.
And Chlo Prigent...
Your turn in five minutes.
They're next up!
Make the most noise you can!
Go Joseph!
Now for
Hey, Chlo.
It's me.
I don't know if you'll think
I'm cowardly or brave when you hear me.
Cowardly for not saying this to your face
And brave when you find out
all I had to do to record this.
Where should I begin?
I'm sorry.
Miss Prigent.
Sorry for how I spoke to you.
Your turn.
Not dancing with you made me stupid.
I suddenly felt like I was so alone.
So empty.
Doubt has always been my worst enemy.
Fear of not being good enough,
not succeeding.
After you left,
I realized how much you mean to me.
Beyond dance.
Your trust gave me wings.
When I see you,
when I dance with you, I'm alive.
At last, I feel I belong.
I never was sure of anything.
But I know something tonight.
When I go on stage,
I'll have no fear.
I'll have no fear because now,
in my heart and in my every move,
even without you,
I'm dancing with you.
I'm dancing with you.
Great job, Joseph!
You're the best!
You're all fabulous!
I don't understand. That's not ballet.
On the contrary, that's what we need.
Subtitle translation by Simon John