Let's Get Married (2023) Movie Script

Hi Meera!
Will you marry me?
This won't work!
I won't forget the
two years we were together.
pchh.. this too won't work!
What if,
I ask directly?
No, I must avoid talking.
Let me--
--directly propose with a ring.
Sorry, I got a little late.
It's okay.
Why at a beach side coffee shop
all of a sudden?
Just like that.
Yes, ma'am.
One cappuccino.
For you?
I'll take the same.
Don't you have anything to talk about?
Just spill it out, man!
In these two years,
I have come to know more about myself
through you, than I have about you.
I want the memories -
- happiness
- that you gave me to last my entire life.
Will you...
Will you marry me?
Is it okay?
What is okay?
Did you say anything?
Are you alright?
I am going to the washroom,
will be right back.
Hey, did you tell her?
Can we come?
Please! We've been waiting for
too long, the smell is unbearable.
Impressive dialogue, bro.
But I didn't tell her.
What if she rejects me?
You both are in love for
two years,
Why will she reject you then?
I hid something from you all.
Two years ago...
Two years ago?
Oh no!
We were in here for two hours,
when did he get inside?
Just get out!
Two years ago.
Two years ago?
Meera and I had an agreement.
- Agreement?
- What agreement?
I didn't understand.
I like you too.
I have an idea.
let's get to know each other better.
Let's understand each other well.
I didn't understand.
What do you not understand
in this?
Let's date for two years.
Let's spend more time together.
We will decide later.
Till then let's not conclude anything.
No, I still don't understand.
This is what happened.
Is this even a love story!
Superb bro!
- Those two years end today.
- Hey!
So, were you only talking
for two years?
Basically you haven't
loved at all.
Then what are you afraid of?
Just go.
Yes! There are many fish in the sea.
Be brave.
- You are right!
- Just go!
- Don't keep talking.
- Just watch me how I do it.
- Wait right here! I'll be back soon.
- Sure, it's quite comfortable here.
- You carry on.
- Oh man!
Hey, you think he will tell her?
No chance!
Let's eat the cake.
Shall we go for a walk?
"Flutter! Flutter!"
"You fluttered in my heart"
"Some days! Some days!"
"You revived me"
"No one has seen into me as you have"
"I wish to say, but words fail me"
"I'm not the longing crane
seeking for fish"
"You are not heartless"
"Flutter! Flutter!"
"You fluttered in my heart"
"Some days! Some days!"
"You revived me"
"Flutter! Flutter!"
"You fluttered in my heart"
"Little by little"
"You seized my heart"
"You struck me with a blow"
"Tears gushed forth from me"
"You hurled words at me
and I felt drained."
"You gave me the agility"
"To navigate the waters of life"
"I am yearning for you,
my heart is pleading"
"I did everything I can"
"I turned my world upside down
and asked"
"If you accept my love"
"I will take care of you like you do"
"No one has seen me as you have"
"I wish to say,
but words fail me"
"I'm not the longing crane
seeking for fish"
"You are not heartless"
"Flutter! Flutter!"
"You fluttered in my heart"
"Some days! Some days!"
"You revived me"
"Flutter! Flutter!"
"You fluttered in my heart"
"Little by little"
"You seized my heart"
Why are you still here?
Gowtham, it's written
all over your face.
She said yes to you.
Now what?
There is no problem.
I am wondering how to tell my mom
Hey, she is the one who is
insisting that you to get married.
When I came to meet you she
tied the holy thread even on my wrist.
Why are you worried to tell her?
It's not that, whenever
my mother brought up marriage.
I make excuses and avoided her.
I have fought
with her many times.
Now, suddenly if I tell her that
I am in love with a girl for two years.
Won't she think I am silly?
Of course, she will,
but that's not new to us.
Bro, can I tell you something?
In many parts of the world, there
is no rain, no money for expenses,
Sometimes, there is not even
a girl to send a sweet message.
- Now, what do you want me to do?
- Hey, you guys are here?
Look at him for instance,
he sends 'I love you' to himself,
- from sim one to sim two
- Oh no!
I forgot to send a reply.
So desperate!
Please understand, bro.
You have a girl, you propose,
you have an agreement,
you are in love,
but you are scared to tell your mom.
Get a life dude!
Hey bro!
Please give me an idea.
Do one thing, sit with your mom
quietly for five minutes.
She will start talking about marriage
Then talk smoothly and convince her.
You think so?
Yes, ma'am?
Let's meet the astrologer
before leaving.
I have been coming here often.
When will my son get married?
If I talk about it,
he gets angry and fights.
Please check once again.
How many times should I see this?
I know it by heart.
Gowtham, Pisces,
Revathi Nakshatra,
Jupiter is heading from
the ninth position towards Saturn.
No planet will change
position within a week.
As per this horoscope,
A girl should already
be there in his life.
Get this blessed and bring it back.
Ma'am, this is the 25th holy thread.
- Do you still believe him?
- Keep quiet.
[Chanting God's name]
Take this.
Tie this one too on your son.
- You will get a good result shortly.
- Alright.
Until then, do not disturb him.
Ma'am, at least ask him
where to tie this thread.
Maybe you are tying it
in the wrong place.
You can leave now.
Okay Swami, we'll come again next week.
Let's go.
Hi, Son.
How come you are early?
No reason.
Selvi, get me the inhaler.
I will finish my prayers and come.
(texting) Hey... mom is not talking
about marriage! What should I do?
Mom, what's this?
How many more threads?
I am hungry.
Okay, you go, I will come.
(talking to himself) this won't work out,
I'll display it.
Ask her to make an egg dosa
for me with extra pepper.
Ma'am, did you notice a girl's
picture on his phone?
I did.
Ask him about it, Ma'am.
I won't.
Let him come and tell me if he wants.
If I ask, he will get angry and fight.
The astrologer is right.
He is asking for an egg dosa.
Why are you mumbling?
You want me to get married?
I will.
When did I say that?
Didn't you?
Okay, put some chutney.
Gowtham, look here.
Do you like this girl?
What about this?
Mom, what's all this?
Why, what's wrong?
Instagram ID and number
of followers are mentioned.
Show me.
She has got 8000 followers.
What do you think of me?
Fine, have a look at these and
choose one for yourself.
Whoever it is, consider it done.
This one.
- Huh?
- Mom!
How to make you...
I am going to bed.
Hey, wait!!!
Stop there.
Give me one day,
I will find a girl of your interest!
Wait, I am coming.
What is it?
Were you sleeping?
Didn't you see the
girl's photo on my phone?
Didn't you not notice it?
I did.
It was an actress right?
Her name is Meera.
We are in love from past two years.
From past two years?
- Mom.
- Wait a minute.
Hey, I was still talking.
Selvi, wake up.
- Mom.
- Wake up!
- What are you doing, mom?
- Get up.
Huh, Ma'am?
The first holy thread itself worked.
You didn't believe him.
Sleep now!
I was sleeping only.
You were in love for past two years.
If you had told me earlier,
- you would be married by now.
- Brother!
For two years?!
Don't start over,
just go back to sleep.
Okay, fine.
Tell me.
Mom, both of you should
get along well, right?
So, I was getting
to know her better.
I wanted to tell you, when I confirmed
she is the right one.
That's alright,
what's her date of birth?
For what?
Just.. for general knowledge.
I will share the next
update on Instagram.
Now go watch reels and
sleep happily. Good night!
Go to sleep.
Oh god!
Your phone is ringing,
pick it up.
Hi Meera, how are you?
Hi dad, wait a minute.
Hey sorry, were you sleeping?
Yes, I just woke up.
Okay dear, I am being transferred again.
Before that I have got a ten-day break,
We are planning to visit grandpa
in Chennai.
You too join us, we can spend
some time with you as well.
Sure dad.
I want to talk to you
about something as well
What is it, Meera?
Tell us now.
I like someone.
I think I can get married to him.
Your mom and I were discussing
about your wedding last night only.
Anyways, that's good.
Do one thing, ask him to come
with his family to grandpa's house.
Let's meet them
and decide everything.
I am very happy, Meera.
You made our job easier.
Don't you want to know about him?
We know about you, Meera.
You will never select a wrong person.
Dad, I am late for college.
Okay Meera, I have to drop Neha
to college, we'll see you soon.
- Bye!
- Bye!
- Greetings!
- Greetings, please sit down.
My wife and I are bank employees.
We have been transferred frequently.
We didn't want this
to affect Meera's studies,
thats why she was in hostels and PGs.
But our Meera is pretty bold.
- Yes, yes.
- We trust her decisions
it will definitely be right.
- That's why she has chosen a good guy.
- Yes, yes.
Good guy?
Is this your first love?
Either nod yes
- or nod no. Why wobble?
I had two love stories
before my wedding.
Two love stories for this Pinnochio!?!
Take your hand, sir.
You don't worry, dear.
I will take care of you as my daughter.
The girl is so beautiful.
Drink without fear,
Meera didn't prepare it.
Is it a joke?
So, when should we fix the wedding for?
We are ready anytime.
Then let's look for an auspicious date.
I want to talk to you in private.
She wants to talk to him like
this is the first time.
What happened, Meera?
What did you want to talk privately?
Tell me, what happened.
Your mom's words
are bothering me.
What did mom say?
She said she will take care
of you like her daughter.
We should have spoken
about this earlier.
After the wedding,
are we all going to stay together?
What's wrong with it?
In these two years,
I have not thought about anyone
apart from you, us.
Now, your mom.
I don't know how to make
you understand.
I do understand.
I don't have a father.
I can't even think about
leaving my mom alone.
Let's just stop this here.
I am confused.
Come, let's leave.
Huh, what happened?
Please don't ask me anything,
just come.
Let's leave.
What is it, what happened?
You went,
spoke and now you want to leave.
I went to the parlor for nothing.
What happened? Wait.
What happened?
He won't speak up.
Tell me.
Please don't ask me anything now.
I'll forget about her and
I want you to do the same.
Dated you for two years,
invited us home,
and now without any reason
she is rejecting the wedding proposal.
Just forget about her!
The astrologer was right.
What did he say?
That there is no way
you both will get along.
How did he get Meera's horoscope?
Is that important now?
Is she the only option
you have for a girl?
Give me some time.
I will find a girl who will
be to your liking.
- Mom!
- Sister,
starting over again?
Can you both please be quiet?
You guys are annoying me.
Here you go.
- What's this?
- you guys broke up right?
- "He strolls like a wounded crow"
- Mom!
- Can you please leave me alone?
- "He dangles like a bat, upside down in the air"
"He is squirming like
a snake in a box"
"He jumps and flutters
like a bewitched rooster"
Isn't it common for everyone
to live with their in-laws?
Why are you trying
something new!
Would anyone call
off a wedding for this?
Even if I explain it to you,
you won't understand.
"You got trapped"
"by taking wrong route"
"You are wandering aimlessly
like a top torn off auto"
"You keep rambling and mumbling"
"Your words are just
gibberish and annoying"
- These days, it is a huge deal
- "Miracle matters,"
- if married couple live together.
- "she speaks on the face"
- And you want to live with your mother, sister?
- "Closes the shutter and runs the reels!"
"By fusing, they bonded,"
- "by tearing, they separated"
- Oh my! It's unthinkable!
"By just fooling around
got angry and stormed off"
"You're sizzling and popping
like mustard in a pan"
"Why are you sizzling like a
grilled chicken?"
"You are rigid like a fried fish"
"Why are you fuming like a
fiery broth?"
You are confused, Meera.
Would anyone call
off a wedding for this?
My mother-in-law and I
were pretty close.
I have spent more time with her
than your grandfather.
I think it depends on destiny.
"Alas, my brother,
inquire about the matter"
"The soul is wounded,
feelings have turned into fun"
You are not focused.
It's evident in your game.
Just play.
You haven't moved on, have you?
Who says so?
I forgot about her a long time ago.
Your eyes says it all.
you've been crying all night.
Am I right?
Don't blabber.
Am I blabbering?
What is it?
We'll get drunk.
Yes, we'll get sloshed.
And we'll discuss in detail.
Yes. We will discuss in detail.
Hey Vikram.
- What?
- Do you want to come?
- Will you come only if you know the place?
- You go ahead, I have work to do.
- For drinking?
- Yes, I am coming then.
(over the phone) Sir, table for five.
- Superb bro!
- Move aside.
Have you got the one plus one offer?
Hey, where are you going?
- She wants to meet me, I'll be right back.
- Hey, I didn't understand.
I'll call you later, bye!
Could you repeat it?
We're still going to drink, right?
The sponsor just left,
will you pay?
Then let's not drink, it's okay.
Let's drink tomorrow.
Our boy is going to cry
all through the night.
I can read his eyes.
I thought about it.
My intention is not to
separate you from your mother.
Please, try to understand me.
It took me two years to say yes to you.
I am quite friendly and broad minded,
but that's all different.
If I have to live with someone,
I need to understand them well.
What's wrong in it?
I should be comfortable.
At the same time,
the happiness and memories,
that you gave me
are unforgettable.
I can't let go of you.
What do you want me to do now?
I have an idea.
Shall we do something?
What should we do?
Let's all go on a trip.
Yes, let's all go.
What do you mean by all?
My parents, your mother,
and everyone.
I will try to get to know
your mother.
If I get along with her,
then let's get married.
Are you kidding!
And if you are not okay?
If I am not okay then
let's part as friends.
She strikes again with a twist!
What should I tell my mom?
I have done my part, you do yours.
Okay, fine.
Okay, where shall we go?
Wherever you say.
Shall we go to Goa?
There are beaches, restaurants
and shopping.
I have never been there.
But... Are we going on honeymoon?
Suggest some place nearby.
What about Coorg?
I saw an exotic resort
on Instagram.
Let's go.
Have the coffee while it's still warm.
[humming song]
Can we go on a trip?
Where to?
Why all of a sudden?
Oh, this TV!
My office has arranged for
a family trip, you come along.
Why have me along with
your colleagues?
You go, have fun.
Ma, I haven't taken you anywhere,
neither have you asked for anything.
Come along, take a break and relax.
- Really?
- Hmm.
Okay, let's go.
You continue watching.
Trip? Sure, let's go.
By the way, who will be joining us?
Our family and Gowtham's family.
Gowtham's family?
What are you saying?
But why?
Last week you called off the wedding.
But now you want to go
on a trip with them.
No dad, I thought about it again.
I will try to get to know
his mother better.
If everything goes well,
We can decide the rest later.
Oh, what if it doesn't go well?
Look Meera, you brought them home.
Then you called it off, and
now you want to go on a trip with them?
What is your problem actually?
Why are you so confused?
Yes, your mom is right.
When you said,
you are in love with him,
we both agreed without
even inquiring about him.
I will not agree with this,
please don't drag us into this.
Look here, Meera.
Before the wedding,
getting to know your mother-in-law and
then saying yes, is unacceptable.
We have never heard of such a thing.
So, after the wedding if I fight
with Gowtham's mom.
And come back home,
will you be okay with it?
We are going to live together
so, what's wrong in knowing
her better?
Wouldn't she wish the same,
Fine, it's nice to hear.
Even if we agree to this,
do you think Gowtham's mom will agree?
She has agreed.
What are you saying?
- But how?
- She has agreed.
So, let's just go.
What is she saying?
Are you nuts?
Are you nuts? Will anyone
go for a trip before the wedding?
That too with their mother-in-law?
Even if she suggested it,
don't you have any sense?
Bro, I don't have any option.
You should also join us.
I'm telling you not to go,
and you're asking me to get join.
I don't understand.
How will you convince your mom?
"Try and get to know her,
if you like her, then I'll marry?"
That's exactly why
I want you to come along.
I told mom that it's an office trip.
Oh, so you've already told her.
- Yes.
- I would rather die than come.
All the best!
Have fun!
- Bro!
- What?
Meera's friend Divya is also coming.
Alright, I'll manage.
Hey! Hey!
Sit down.
Sit down,
come on sit down.
You are pitiful.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Are you sure Divya will come?
- Thanks bro.
- Tell me.
You, mom, Selvi sister, and I.
That will be four of us.
Seven people are joining
from Meera's end.
Shouldn't it be even?
Seven for seven, are we going
for a Kabaddi match?
And you're talking about making it even.
Please don't complicate things.
Even if you search, there are no more
extra members in our family.
What if we...
- What if we...
- Right.
It's better if you can be quiet.
Shall we invite Deepa sister
and her family?
I don't know who Deepa is,
how will I know her family?
Deepa was my neighbour.
We both grew up together.
She relocated after her wedding and
I haven't spoken to her in a while.
Mom will be comfortable
if Deepa is around.
So, you've already planned it all.
Just telling me for the sake of it.
Bro, an important matter.
Let's keep this a secret
from everyone in the office.
Hmm hmm.
- Why would I disclose it to anyone?
- Very good boy!
- Hi bro!
- Hi bro!
[humming song]
- What is it?
- I will come too.
I will come along on the trip too.
How do you know?
You were sitting just behind me
and talking.
But that...
It's a different kind of trip.
They're going on a trial
for their honeymoon.
Honeymoon-trial? Move a little.
- I am also coming.
- When did you come?
Leave that!
when are we going?
Hey please understand,
you guys cannot go on that trip.
Why are you going then?
If there is an emergency,
I would be of help.
If it was help, he should have asked me.
He didn't invite y'all?
You guys are angry, aren't you?
Stay angry!
I will be back in a moment.
Let him go, bro.
I'll take you for my honeymoon.
Come on.
Hey Gowtham, did you accidentally
dial my number?
Meet in person?
Why all of a sudden?
Okay fine, come over.
I will be at home, come by.
Hold on for a second,
someone has come home.
It's him, you can disconnect.
She is only Deepa
- Greetings, sister.
- Come in.
Hey, Tell me the truth.
Why are you calling me for a trip?
It's been a long time since we met.
I felt like spending some time with you.
That's why.
That's exactly why I doubt you.
It has been over nine years
since I got married
and left that apartment.
Overall, you haven't called me
even nine times.
Now you are inviting me for a trip.
Why is this sudden affection?
Believe me.
I am your brother from another mother.
Hey hold up.
Here, wear this or you will tear up.
What trip are they talking about?
It's an office trip.
Gowtham wants to take you all with him.
Nothing much.
How much will it cost?
There will be no cost, sir.
It's completely free, we'll handle it.
- Where are we going?
- To Coorg.
To Coorg?
Oh, it's an international trip.
- International?
- Dad.
Coorg is in Karnataka, dad.
Oh, it is in Karnataka?
I know.
Hey, you wanted to go on a trip, right?
Why don't we go here?
Dad, don't simply talk,
just take me somewhere.
Have you been planning for long time?
We were actually planning
an international family trip.
Gowtham is also insisting.
I will think over it and tell you.
He will keep jabbering, don't mind.
We will come.
What's the matter?
If there's any help you need,
we are here for you.
I mean we are there too
Guys, move aside.
Careful, it's hot.
Everyone is ready from my end.
Ready from my end too.
I booked the resort.
Have you booked the bus?
Yes, I booked.
All okay?
Yeah, yeah.
I was looking for you everywhere.
The Manager is calling, come let's go.
What's the matter?
Definitely not regarding work.
It's about the leaves we applied.
Okay, you carry on, I will join you.
- Hey bro!
- What?
Don't tell him about the trip please.
Hey don't you know me?
What's this, bro?
Excuse me, sir.
Did you call me?
I saw your leave letter.
Very bad!
Why sir?
You are still spinning age-old stories.
Grandpa is sick, grandma is sick.
This is a huge metaverse company.
And you are joking around?
Sir, what is the relation
between metaverse and my grandpa?
He is really not feeling well.
Oh! How did Gowtham's grandfather
also fall sick at the same time?
- Oh really?
- Excuse me, sir.
Come in.
Gowtham, I heard your
grandfather is also sick.
Mr. Vijay,
is your grandfather also sick?
Who is the doctor?
Ah, Doctor Premji.
Are you guys fooling around?
Stop your performance.
Meera has also given leave letter now.
Is Meera's grandfather also sick?
Hey, stop your act.
I suppose everything I heard
in the office is true.
- What is it?
- What did you hear, sir?
You and Meera are going
on a trial for honeymoon.
- Oops, sir.
- Sir! Before marriage?
Leave that!
But why are you taking Vijay along?
Not only Vijay, sir.
Actually, Meera's parents, grandparents,
My mom, Selvi,
- All are coming for the trip.
- Oh, very nice, very nice.
Book a ticket for me too,
I will also join.
What's happening, guys?
Sir, let me tell you the truth.
Yes, go on tell him.
- Two years back.
- Two years?
Call me once you are done.
Mr. Vijay.
Two years ago...
I have an idea!
I will take care of you
as my daughter.
I have an idea!
- Trip?
- Trip?
Oh God!
Superb man!
That's a nice story.
Think it through, I am advising you
based on my own experience.
Taking mom and lover along
before the wedding
is not ideal.
Do one thing,
extend your leave by two days.
But cancel this trip.
They will definitely end your story.
I advised the same,
but he just isn't listening.
I have got no other option, sir.
I am also lost for words.
Oh, what a pity!
All the best!
Update me if there's anything.
God, please take care of this boy.
- I will leave now, sir.
- Pray for me as well, sir.
[calling out God's name]
Help us to go and return safely
without any hassle.
Good morning, friend.
We have been waiting for a while now.
- Why hasn't the bus arrived yet?
- It will be here soon, mom.
Sorry, I got a little late.
Hi Ma!
Hey, why did these guys come here?
Hey, where are you guys going?
- Coorg? With whom?
- With you all.
- Did you invite them?
- I did not.
You guys chose not
to listen to me, right?
I am not sure who is going
to save him.
Come, let me see who is going to
save you both.
Come dear.
- Sit there.
- Will you sit, Ma'am?
It's okay fine, I'll sit here.
What's that noise?
It's the sound of Whiskey bottle.
- Oh!
- I shall also join them.
Shut up and sit here.
It's a trip, so...
Hey, they said it's a honeymoon trip.
But they've come with family.
Have all these people come for help?
It's not going to work out,
let's escape from here.
You are right.
Bro, bye okay.
- Let's meet some other time, bye-bye.
- Bye bro.
Hey stop there guys,
come and sit down.
Come here.
Why have they come along with us?
Didn't I tell you it's an office trip?
She is also from the same office.
Aren't there any other people
in your office?
Hello, how are you?
Mom, please behave normally
or it would be inappropriate.
I am asking you.
How are you?
I am good.
You look beautiful when you smile.
Vijay, stop calling me,
I am coming.
Hey get in.
Why isn't anyone wearing a mask?
Are you all vaccinated?
Double dose?
Put away your phone.
- Seems like a nutcase.
- Oh, you both took off the mask?
Didn't I tell you earlier?
Hi Auntie.
I'll talk to the driver and
be right back.
You guys are very daring.
Why have you buried your face
in the steering?
Why did you come here?
That's because...
Fine, have you got license and permit?
Have you put your seat belt on?
Did you have the tyres checked?
Have you got life insurance?
Yes, why do you ask?
Go and check the tyre yourself.
So that you can run me over
and end my life?
It already looks run over!
You already look dead, buffalo!
Hey Dhoni!
When did you click a picture with him?
I didn't take a picture with him,
he took a picture with me.
I didn't get you.
Come to my place,
I'll get you a photo with Messi too.
Get up and leave from here.
Sorry! Sorry!
He wants to question me.
Does he take drivers so lightly?
Mahi! Dhoni!
No one can part us.
Why all this show?
Start the vehicle.
I will start but you will not return.
- Hey Gowtham, come here.
- I will answer to any question you ask.
- Come here.
- That's my specialty.
- Go, carry on.
- You can check with my wife.
Come quickly.
Who is that girl?
Meera, she works in my office.
She is very beautiful,
just woo and marry her.
(murmurs to himself)
She is babbling without understanding.
Look, don't worry.
Before the trip ends, I will talk
and woo her for you. Don't worry!
- After this trip--
- Don't worry.
- I am there for you.
- I am going to write a thesis.
You go and sit down.
You believe everything I say,
I like you a lot.
- So, that's why.
- Yes, correct.
I will go and talk to
Gowtham's mom.
Bro, go careful.
Oh no, where is she going?
It's over.
- Hi!
- Hello!
No, mom won't eat junk food.
She won't eat junk food?
How are you?
This is homemade sweet.
- Oh no, uncle.
- Please take.
Mom is on diet,
she won't consume sweets.
- Okay.
- Isn't it beautiful?
What's beautiful?
We haven't gone past Poonamallee yet.
Mr. Gowtham.
What is it, Uncle?
I am so proud of your mom.
Generally, to go on this kind of a trip,
no one would agree.
Why so many rings?
This ring is the most beautiful of all.
Isn't it?
This is my engagement ring.
We picked it thoughtfully.
Hey Gowtham!
You won't hear me, right.
Are you really engaged?
Yes, I will be wed in two months.
With the wedding in two months,
why did you come for this trip?
I came because Meera invited me,
what's bothering you?
Hey Gowtham!
Hey, Divya is engaged.
Yes, so what now?
You already knew?
Then why didn't you tell me?
If I had told you earlier,
you wouldn't have come, that's why.
Superb bro!
Get lost, don't irritate.
- Son!
- Yes, Uncle.
- Can you please stop?
- Why?
- What is it?
- I am a diabetic patient.
Can you please...
Come along?
Why should I tag along?
An elderly man urgently wants to go,
but no one is bothered.
Isn't he your grandfather?
Won't you accompany him?
Look at her outfit,
like its made of a pillow cover.
You come, Uncle, I will take you.
There is a similarity between
Coorg and Brazil.
- You believe anything that I say.
- Hey, take it out.
- Take out what?
- I really like you a lot.
- Don't I know?
- In 1937--
- Just take it out.
- --in Brazil's
there's Kilimanjaro forest
and Kulimanjaro forest,
upon crossing them...
I am sure!
Excuse me!
- Yes sir.
- I will join too.
- Sure, come.
- Yes, it's going to be fun.
Pass it along.
Can I sit next to you?
What are you guys up to?
Gowtham, we were very thirsty
that's why.
- Just get up guys.
- Go!
What now?
Can you please stop?
Why now?
For the same reason.
You have all taken a good decision.
Please get up and come.
- If you can, lift me and go.
- Yes, I am going to lift you.
Get down now.
- The sunrise in Tala Kaveri is--
- Seems like you've gone around a lot.
-- very beautiful,
one must not miss it.
- What is it?
- Deepa, come here.
A hot coffee along with it.
- What is it?
- Why are you talking to them?
What's wrong in that?
I am planning to woo that girl Meera
for our Gowtham.
So, I am starting if off
with her parents first.
You won't understand,
leave it to me.
Are you nuts?
Hasn't Gowtham told you anything?
- What?
- They both were in love for two years.
Almost made it to the wedding
but got cancelled.
Suddenly, without even bothering
to ask why or for what,
they rejected the proposal.
I am already very angry with them.
You don't make any conversations
with them.
So, it's decided, we'll go to
Tala Kaveri tomorrow morning.
- And we'll get an oil massage too.
- Listen!
Can you go back to your seat?
We are making plans.
- Go now. Sit in your seat.
- What happened?
- She was speaking properly all this while.
- Hari, don't sleep.
I am back.
Hey Gowtham!
I had doubts on you, when you
affectionately invited us for the trip.
Even she didn't spare you?
I can't take it!
Son! Son! Son!
"He got trapped on his own"
"In the midst of the serene forest"
- We are going to Tala Kaveri tomorrow, aren't we?
- "He has now sealed his lips"
"In the midst of heavy storm"
- Another 100 kilometers?!
- "He is completely trapped!"
"He got trapped on his own"
- Son! Will you stop?"
- He got trapped on his own"
"In the midst of the serene forest"
"He got trapped like a deer"
Go and disappear somewhere else.
"Will he suffer in others' quarrels?"
- Uncle!
- "Will he be assaulted in others conflicts?"
- When will we reach Coorg?
- "Will he be harmed in others' fights?"
If you could pull the bus over,
we'll catch a shared auto and go.
- Why?
- Because... My grandfather fell sick.
Oh really?
I will come along with you.
- Go.
- Come.
- Okay bro.
- Do you really want to go ?
Brother, if you stop the bus,
we'll take off.
Yes, brother. No need to stop also, if you
steer to the service lane, we'll hop out.
- Yes, brother.
- You will hop off?
If you hop off,
you will injure yourself.
It's better to be injured than
staying with them.
You are right.
Hop off!
- Empty bottles?
- Yes, they finished it completely.
- Watch out for the lorry!
- It's absolutely fine.
They hopped into the dumpster!
"Will he suffer in others' quarrels?"
"Will he be assaulted
in others conflicts?"
"Will he be harmed in others' fights?"
- Brother!
- "Will he make it through all these?"
Have you ever been in love?
- Yes, I have.
- Did the wedding happen?
Yes, it did.
- Where is your wife, brother?
- She is with her husband.
- What do you mean, brother?
- Love failure!
- Brother, what about our life then?
- Our life is...
(Bus Honks)
- You mean it's our end.
- Yes!
- Uncle!
- What is it?
I want to use the toilet.
Are you people here for a tour
or to pee all the way?
You people are so annoying.
My Uncle's house is on the way.
So, what do you want to do?
If you can ask the bus to pull over,
I will quickly meet him and return.
You go and ask him yourself,
he will definitely stop.
Are you in good mood?
Why do you ask?
Everyone is hungry.
Could you please stop at a
nearby hotel?
Why can't they ask me directly?
They are afraid to ask.
If they are afraid,
does that mean you are so brave
to come and talk to me?
It was I who got afraid at first.
I will stop.
I'll wait only for ten minutes,
everyone return quickly.
Come here.
Come here.
Why are you so cruel?
If it is your honeymoon,
Why have you brought them all along?
- I am not yet married, brother.
- You are not married?
Isn't it a trend these days to marry
after going on a honeymoon?
- What a generation!
- Brother!
Nothing like that, brother.
- This is a different issue.
- What's the issue?
About two years ago...
- Oh no!
- Two years ago?
Mr. Vijay!
- Hey, come here.
- Mr. Vijay, come.
- I have heard it multiple times, brother.
- Hear it again.
Brother, two years ago...
Should I look up?
I have an idea!
I will take care of you
as my daughter.
- Trip?
- Trip?
I have never smoked
a cigarette in my entire life.
You made me smoke a cigarette
by telling me that this is a story.
For socializing you could've
booked a room
in a lodge nearby
and played serials for them.
You're calling this
a life and living it? Yikes!
Hey, come on!
- Tell me the truth.
- What is it, Meera?
How did you and
your mother-in-law become close?
How did we become close?
She will chop vegetables,
and I cook.
Then, she will wash the clothes.
And I will put them to dry.
She will put the dots.
And I will draw the Rangoli.
It would be super fun!
Hey go!
- I used the restroom too.
- Just go or I might use curse words at you.
Hold on a minute.
The two of you have
given him a good task.
- Nutcase!
- Same to you!
Isn't it good, bro?
Isn't it?
God, please save me!
Are you already tired of this?
There is a lot more
for you to experience, Gowtham.
- Come on, let's go.
- We have to get the luggage, come.
A driver needs peace
of mind while driving.
Listen, neither my bus nor I
will go any further.
Okay? Please let me go.
But why, brother?
Take my bus if needed,
but I value self-respect more.
They stop the bus whenever they want.
Do you understand?
Bye now!
- Brother! Brother!
- Bye! Buzz off!
- Brother!
- No one is treating me like a driver.
- You treat me like a public toilet attendant in a bus stand.
- You're going to bear my curse.
Come, let's go.
Mom, I'll go get the room key.
Hey, hold your tongue.
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
I already told her.
105, 106, 107, 108.
You are a lucky fellow, Gowtham!
You've got neighbouring rooms.
You will have fun, I guess!
Ma'am, excuse me.
Can you allocate rooms that are
a bit away from each other?
It's not possible, sir.
Meera has booked these rooms.
- She had asked for best view rooms.
- No, madam.
The rooms must have best view, madam.
But these two rooms should not be
in the same view.
My friend has a problem,
can you please help?
First of all, where is Meera?
Will you do it if she says so?
Hey, where is she?
Hey, Meera!
- Hey, why are you calling Meera?
- You hold on.
See, she said okay.
- Okay fine, let me check.
- Thank you.
She will get it done,
she seems like a good person.
You're definitely going
to get beaten up.
Let me go and
check the sights to see
in this place.
Also, check if there are any
shopping spots.
You want to shop in the
middle of the forest?
He is coming.
Can you please give me the brochure
for 'Places to visit'?
They have given you the room key,
why don't you go Check-In?
They gave you the brochure,
why don't you go?
Your wife is calling you.
I just came from there.
Your room is even further, madam.
No, I booked it all together.
How far should we go?
A little farther, madam.
For this, I could've
stayed back in Chennai.
This isn't going to work.
Please return to the reception.
I specifically booked the
neighboring rooms.
How can you allocate rooms
so far apart?
Ma'am, as per request
Gowtham asked for reallocation.
You signalled 'Okay' from there.
I believe it was a mistake
to come on this trip.
You invited us with the intention
of knowing one another.
But look over there.
None of them are even
looking at our faces.
They are on one end,
and we are on the opposite.
I find it completely wrong.
I think Gowtham has forced his mom
into this.
We have made a mistake.
Come with me.
Everyone is here and
you are asking me to come?
I said come.
Gowtham, be frank with me.
What did you actually tell your mom?
I told her the truth and
got her here.
From what I'm seeing here,
it's not the same as you are saying.
You are also not letting me
get close to her.
She is also avoiding me.
I have all my doubts on you.
You need two years
to get to know a person.
Isn't it the same for my mom too?
With time, everything will be alright.
Then why did you change the rooms?
It's freezing!
There is no use in talking to you.
Whatever it is,
I'll speak with your mom directly.
Meera! Listen to me, stop Meera!
Mom would be asleep and
she is unwell too. Meera!
Aren't we going to Tala Kaveri
in the morning?
- Sister is calling you, please go.
- Which sister?
Your wife only.
Go man!
Everyone besides me
can hear my wife calling me.
I need to speak with you.
Tell me.
I need to talk to you in private.
Isn't this trip for us
to understand one another?
But whenever I come to talk to you,
you avoid me and my family.
You won't even make
eye contact and talk.
What is your problem?
What problem do I have?
Firstly, why should I get to know you?
You invited us home, everything
was agreed upon.
Then without any reason
you rejected him.
I am absolutely not okay with this.
So, Gowtham hasn't told you anything?
What did Gowtham say?
He asked me to go on an office trip.
If I had known you were all coming,
I wouldn't have come.
- Hello!
- Can you come?
Can we go inside and talk?
No, let's talk here.
I wouldn't have come, if this
was intended for a mutual understanding.
- Ma!
- Am I a car or a bike--
--for her to test drive and say okay?
- Ma, listen...
- Hey!
You don't even have the guts
to tell her the truth.
You both keep looking at each other.
I cannot tolerate all this.
Do as you wish and
get to know them as you please.
Keep me out of it,
I will go away from here.
There is no need for drama.
Enough of insulting me and
my family.
- We're leaving.
- Hold on a minute!
What have I done to deserve this
I clearly understand now
how my life will be after marriage.
I clearly understand!
Oh my!
No way!
What do you want me to tell her?
You want me to tell her
that you will say yes
to marriage only if you like her.
Get lost, you...
Couldn't you understand
from what I am doing?
Will anyone bring grandparents
and grandchildren for an office trip?
What is your age and what is hers?
You are fighting her head-on?
You are right.
This isn't going to work.
It's all my fault.
First, let's all leave from here.
Once again if you tell me,
"I have an idea!!"...
Actually, give this a try.
Find another guy and date him
for two years.
Then get to know his parents.
Then get to know his grandparents.
And lastly, having gained
an understanding of everyone,
get married at the age of 60,
and live happily.
Fortunately, my father
passed away peacefully.
Hey Vijay, wake up!
Uncle, it wasn't me,
she was the one who called me.
We have to leave immediately.
But we just arrived.
It's not going to work anymore.
Book a Van immediately.
No, we'll book two.
Two Vans?
- During this hour of the night?
- I don't know how.
Just do it, pick up your phone
and book.
- Do it.
- I will, I will. I will, bro.
Shall we leave?
We got ready a while ago.
Hey Vijay, how is this outfit?
Oufit is good.
Where's the luggage?
Hey Sriram, come here.
What did I ask and
what are you saying?
Where's your suitcase?
Why do you need a suitcase
to go to Tala Kaveri?
Tala Kaveri?
Didn't Gowtham inform you?
We're going back to Chennai.
You brought us here last night,
and now you want to return
to Chennai in the morning?
It means let's leave.
Listen, we don't know
what Gowtham is going through
As usual you watch it on YouTube.
- Hey Sriram, come on let's leave.
- Listen!
Here on, We'll go on
trips all by ourselves.
You go alone.
You get in this one and
you on the other.
Keep going.
No, let's stay back.
Stay back?
Alright, I'll go and bring them back.
No, let them all leave.
Okay, I will send them off
and come back.
No, no.
You also leave.
- Me too?
- Yes!
You've done enough.
Whatever it is,
we will manage it ourselves.
No, I didn't understand.
You don't need to
understand anything.
Please leave.
Dad, when will we reach Coorg?
We'll reach in sometime.
You continue to play.
What's this?
No sense of what's happening
around him!
- Gowtham.
- Sir!
Last night I had a bad dream.
I thought of you then,
is everything alright?
It's not a dream, sir,
everything is real.
You were right, sir.
I am returning to Chennai.
Why are you returning, so soon?
You don't even have the nerve
to tell the truth and bring her.
- Hold on a minute!
- Please leave.
Hey, this trip itself was a mistake.
Now leaving them there alone,
is a greater mistake.
You first go back to them.
If not,
only one of them will return to you.
Please listen to me at least now.
- What happened?
- Hey.
He is right.
We shouldn't have left them alone,
come let's go.
Brother, please stop the vehicle.
- Come with me.
- What is this?
- Hey!
- Who is it?
- Why did you ask for the van to be stopped?
- Hey Gowtham, where are you going?
Sister, I have no clue.
Hold this.
Oh my!
Hey, mom's medicines are here.
Hey, what exactly is the problem?
Tell me.
Bro, I feel returning will be
the right thing to do.
Otherwise, there will be a
big problem there.
Keep the problem aside.
Firstly, how did they both agree?
Even I don't know how.
I really didn't know this trip was
for you to understand me better.
Even if it so,
I cannot put up an act at this age.
But I am sure about one thing.
Gowtham likes you a lot.
That's why he did all these
unwanted things.
Gowtham's happiness is all I care about.
Tell me what should I do?
I am not asking you to put up an act.
I asked for this trip
to know about you.
Was it wrong of me to ask that?
If we both have to live under
the same roof,
shouldn't we both
know each other well?
Ah, I have an idea!
There's still time.
All these days, you were
only a mother.
It would have been a long time
since you were 'yourself'.
If you are okay,
shall we start over?
Just you and me.
Assume, I am not
going to marry Gowtham.
Let us both spend time alone.
Let's be our true selves.
Whatever it is,
let's see to it later.
But Gowtham shouldn't
get to know anything.
We both will go somewhere else.
Where are we going?
Please leave.
"Here we go now 1 2 3 4"
"Vroom vroom comin to you
zoom zoom"
"Thoom thoom chigga chigga
boom boom"
"In and out, up and down"
"Let's bond and share laughs,
come on, come on"
"Me and ma gurl, we on the move"
"Me and ma gurl in tha groove"
"No worry, no hurry,
honey on a journey"
"She funny, she pretty,
brotha lucky lucky"
Let it go.
We are still in Bangalore, right?
I will call my friend and check.
- Dial quickly.
- I need a vehicle.
They checked out, sir.
They checked out?
Do you know where they went?
I don't know, sir.
You can check with the security.
He might have noted it.
- Okay, thanks.
- Come, let's check with the security.
Okay, thanks.
Greetings sir!
Greetings brother!
Brother, from room number 112
two ladies checked out,
did you see them?
Why don't you casually
ask him in Tamil?
They went in a black colour Jeep.
Do you know the vehicle number?
- Yes sir, it will be in the register.
- Can you bring it? Please!
He is a genuine guy. I read his eyes.
Whom are you calling?
I am calling them.
Didn't they block you a
while back?
Okay, you try calling them.
Turn on the speaker.
What is this? It doesn't sound even
like Hindi Bro, it's something else.
Give it to me.
Do you know Hindi?
- Bro, I am sure this is not Hindi.
- Sir, this is Konkani.
This one?
What's Konkani?
The language of Goa.
Language of Goa?
There are chances she would've gone.
She told me the other day too.
- She would have surely gone.
- Oh, she has told you everything already.
- Then why did you torture him?
- Brother, thank you!
"You unveiled my vision again"
"To embrace a new world,
you came into being"
Everyone is giving us weird looks
Feels like I have come for a fancy dress
competition with my mom.
Either I should change
or you should.
No, you should only change.
What should I change?
I have an idea!
"Here we go now 1 2 3 4"
"Vroom vroom comin to you
zoom zoom"
"Thoom thoom chigga chigga
boom boom"
"In and out, up and down"
"She funny, she pretty,
brotha lucky lucky"
"Life is a puzzle"
"Here the questions outnumber
the answers."
"Craving for countless desires"
"She is a heavenly masterpiece"
- Oh, so we lost?
- "She is a heavenly masterpiece"
"June yields to July's charm"
"Unveiling new love chapters"
"A mesmerizing, enchanting beauty but"
- "son who does not overstep his mother's line"
- What would mom and Meera be doing here in Goa?
We searched for them in every street.
She would have taken mom
either shopping or dining.
What else does she know?
- I pity my mom.
- "Laughter and joy under the sun, we'll fly like Peter Pan"
"Entertaining with friends, no worries"
"Two people are extremely cool,
just like jiggirthandu"
"From now on, fun and joyful"
"Laughter and joy under the sun,
we'll fly like Peter Pan"
"Entertaining with friends, no worries"
"Two people are extremely cool,
just like jiggirthandu"
- Please eat.
- "From now on, fun and joyful"
You wanted us to get to know each other,
but all you do is eat.
Is this okay?
What have you clicked?
Keep the frame in centre.
- Let's take one more.
- Fine, go.
I closed my eyes, didn't you notice?
Once again.
You are dead, Gowtham!
No, no, no. Can we take a boomerang?
What is a boomerang?
Don't you know boomerang is?
Can you see this red button?
What is this, Aunty?
It is what it is.
Come, let's go.
I don't want to take pictures please.
Hold on. Smile please.
What's this Aunty?
Tilt a little, towards that side.
No. Smile. Not that much, a little less.
Close a little.
Ah, okay.
How is it?
Thank God that mom went missing
in Goa, Gowtham. Right?
- I don't feel good, bro.
- Remove your glasses.
It doesn't look like you are
not feeling good.
We came to Goa, in search of mom,
isn't it?
Oh my gosh!
Hey ladies!
Wanna join me for a party tonight
in my club?
Sure, why not!
- Where is it?
- It's by the road.
What sure?
We don't know him, neither the place.
Don't act foolish.
What's there in it?
It's been a while since
I went to a party.
Are you restricting me
now itself?
Let's go.
We'll come for sure.
Okay, see you in my club!
How did Gowtham fall for her?
- Hey ladies, thanks for coming.
- Hi!
Make yourself comfortable.
Yes ma'am.
One Long Island Iced tea.
For you, ma'am?
Let me just ask.
How did you and Gowtham meet?
In a pub like this.
In a pub?
Does Gowtham drink?
- Then?
- Then...
It was on an office get together party.
We were all enjoying.
Gowtham was looking at me
He was staring at me strangely.
He drank.
He stared, he drank.
All of a sudden, he stood up.
He came closer to me.
Shall we dance?
Did you go right away when he called?
Okay, and then?
Can I have your number?
How about dinner tomorrow?
- Listen.
- Listen.
I have been trying to reach
you from morning.
But you're not responding at all.
What is your problem?
Listen, I am not that kind of a boy.
I was blabbering because...
It was the first time I got drunk.
Please forgive me.
I came here to tell you this.
What's there in it?
Fine, will you take me out
for dinner or not?
Please let it go.
Go inside.
Gowtham, one minute.
Hey come inside,
look how smoothly he cut me off.
What happened?
Can we go out for dinner?
Let's not go for dinner.
Can we go to a pub?
Okay, continue.
And then Gowtham and I
made an agreement to date
for two years
and later decide based on it.
You idiot!
Is this those two years?
Yes, ma'am.
What drink was that?
Oo la la.
Aunty, that's...
- Okay ma'am.
- Aunty!
- One Oo la la.
- Aunty...
"Tiki tiki taa taa"
"One more shot?"
"Embrace it"
"With a little warmth"
"Tiki tiki taa taa"
"If asked about your baby"
"Unleash it in a song"
"But in short"
"A fusion of purity and sweetness"
"Is my baby's heart!"
"Unspoken dreams and love"
"Lies within my baby"
"Kisses on my cheeks"
"Without the prick"
"Even if I'm at fault"
"Implores me gently"
"Fiddle-ah middle-ah
meddle-ah puddle-ah oo laa la la laa!"
"Giddle-ah fiddle-ahh
suddle-ah cuddle-ah oo laa la laa!"
"Fiddle-ah middle-ah
meddle-ah puddle-ah oo laa la la laa!"
"Giddle-ah fiddle-ahh
suddle-ah cuddle-ah oo laa la laa!"
"Tiki tiki taa taa"
"One more shot?"
"Embrace it"
"With a little warmth"
"Tiki tiki taa taa"
"If asked about your baby"
"Unleash it in a song"
"But in short"
Will you marry me?
Oh man!
Get my bag.
You will get married soon.
God bless you!
"Tiki tiki taa taa"
"One more shot?"
"Embrace it"
"With a little warmth"
- I can't.
- Oh no!
- Hey!
- Oh my God!
- What is it?
- I lost my focus.
- Hey come on.
- Take your hand off.
You've only got me juice
and you are making me search for them.
How can I search?
Everywhere I look, there's a bar.
I can't, bro.
Bro, let's get drunk.
And search freely.
- Hey come on, please.
- I won't come.
At least buy me one drink.
Fine, come.
What's this?
There's no one here.
Even in Goa, nobody drinks
during this hour. Sit down.
After getting drunk, they would've
probably hit the bed now.
We'll definitely find mom.
Bro, excuse me!
Yes sir.
- Tell him.
- Sir, 30ml Vodka.
45 ml Cranberry juice.
Not normal ice, but crushed ice.
Squeeze lemon on top.
On the glass rim put salt.
What do you want, bro?
- I don't want anything.
- He doesn't want anything.
- And I want this drink.
- Only beer is available.
Beer is available?
Why did he ask me for my order then?
Fine, get me one.
We should find mom.
Oh man, it's pretty strong.
Wow! Now I'm refreshed!
Wait a minute,
I'll go to restroom and be back.
[humming song]
Oh wow!
Oh my!
How many girls!
No girls come,
when we go to the pub.
Hey Gowtham!
It's mom.
- What are you blabbering?
- Look over here.
You are right.
Didn't I tell you?
We'll definitely find mom.
Hello, excuse me!
Did you see where these two went?
- We are searching...
- They are our boss's guest.
- Where is your boss?
- He is upstairs.
Okay, thank you.
- Hey, come on.
- Hold on a minute.
Bro, I will pick one photo and come.
- Please bro.
- Hey, come on!
Yes, you are selected.
"Tiki tiki taa taa"
"Tiki tiki taa taa"
"Tiki tiki taa taa"
Come in!
Excuse me.
Who are you?
What you want?
- Sir.
- Did you see my mother?
- Sit down my son.
- My son?
My son!
What do you want?
Yeah, see my mother.
Do you know where she has gone?
They said they are going to temple.
Near Coorg.
- Coorg?
- Coorg?
Activities and ambiance
both don't look right, let's go.
Come, let's scoot from here.
Okay, thank you!
- Please take care of your mother.
- Okay.
You want to go to Coorg, isn't it?
Come on, let's go.
Not that, bro.
Let's stay here tonight and
leave for Chennai in the morning.
What about Meera and mom?
They are having a good time.
Why should we spoil it?
That's why.
This is exactly what I told you
the other day.
When I told you, you asked me to go
from Coorg to Goa
Like it was next street.
Now what changed your mind?
Hey, fine let's go now.
What did you give me to drink in the bar
last night? I have a pounding headache.
Oh, it's only Long Island Iced Tea.
Oh boy!
What happened?
I don't know, I think some problem.
We are stranded in
the middle of nowhere!
Why did you choose this route?
This is the route to
the temple you want to visit.
Who are you?
What are you doing here at this hour?
Our vehicle broke down here.
Do you know if there
is a mechanic close by?
You are standing in
the middle of the forest.
As far as I know there is no mechanic
within 100 km from here.
It is already past 10 o'clock, there will
likely be fewer vehicles at this hour.
Take a seat, and I'll prepare tea for
you. We'll see if any vehicles come by.
Please take a seat.
There's a bus coming.
Come on, let's go.
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
Aam Kokochi.
Our vehicle broke down.
Can you please drop us
somewhere safe?
Please do not worry.
Kokochi's Aashram is nearby.
Today Kolahala bhajan
is going to take place.
You are lucky to get
kockochi's dharshan!
Tomorrow morning,
we will take you safely
to your destination.
Join us.
No, thank you.
Please listen to me,
they seem suspicious
Where shall we go at this hour?
It would be safer for us to go there.
It's just a bhajan,
everything will be fine.
I came to the pub for you.
Now you come for me.
Aam kokochi!
- I'm running out of fuel.
- Aam kokochi!
Aam kokochi!
Hey Mahendra!
Oh no!
Sister, is that you?
If I had known,
I wouldn't have stopped the vehicle.
They are annoying me with their chants.
Welcome ma'am!
Leave your belongings here.
Excuse me,
phones are not allowed.
It's twenty rupees.
- Is this Yesudas?
- No!
It's Kokochi!
Who is Yesudas?
Yesudas is a great singer.
I'll show, come.
[humming song]
Is Kis Kifa!
Is Kis Kifa!
Is Kis Kifa!
Is Kis Kifa!
Is Kis Kifa!
What happened?
I want to ride on that.
On that meaning?
- On that!
- On that horse carriage?
Don't play around, let's quickly
get out of here. Come on.
I have never gone for
a horse carriage ride.
I will not leave this place
unless I get to ride on that.
Okay, come.
Be careful!
Hold tight.
It isn't moving.
People trust conmen in this country.
Why do I feel dizzy after eating jalebi.
Mahendra! Mahendra!
What is it?
There is a horse carriage outside,
can you please take us both on a ride?
No, no! You shouldn't
trouble the horse at night.
Why are you asking him?
He doesn't even know to drive a bus.
He drives well, you remain silent.
I will drive the bus for anyone
but not for you two.
Hey, if you don't know to ride,
just shut up and go inside.
She is a tough nut!
I know! The horses might fall asleep,
please come.
Please come.
Don't stand in front of the horse,
you'll be mistaken for a carrot.
Hop in.
- We both are alike.
- Mahendra, come quickly!
The horses are still tied,
how will I come?
Like royalty, these two
will only travel in a chariot!
Okay fine, go now.
What do you think?
Is this a share auto?
It's a horse, sister!
We must heed to it's choice.
Hold there.
Why isn't it moving?
Didn't I tell you,
he doesn't know to ride.
No, he will ride.
Hey, puppy face,
you better watch your tongue.
I think something is wrong.
I will ask them what the problem is
and return.
Please two horse.
You can insult me in front of
anyone you want to.
But please don't insult me
in front of these two.
What can I give you?
I beg you, please!
Don't go down.
One second.
Hold on, I will give you something.
Eat it!
Hey Mahendra, what happened?
You both finished your meal,
shouldn't the horses be fed too?
Take yours.
You also take yours.
Bye now!
You folks are kicking me for feeding you.
Now you're going to see my actual nature.
See how good he is riding!
And how you mocked him!
I am not riding.
It's moving on its own.
Hey Mahendra!
Where is the road?
Am I the area counsellor?
Why are you asking me?
Hey listen...
Here, checking out.
Okay, thanks.
See you soon.
Is this Gowtham sir?
I am trying to reach your mother
from yesterday.
Your mother was looking
for a house.
I think you've dialed wrong number.
Sir, isn't your mother's name Leela?
- Yes.
- She said you are getting married.
And asked for a separate house.
I will send the photos,
can you finalize them?
Hey, that's not necessary.
- I think it's a miscommunication, bye now.
- Hello, Sir..
Come on, let's go.
What are you doing?
Come on, let's go!
What is it?
Why did you halt?
What's happening?
Someone called me about renting a house.
I'm sure you know what's going on,
please tell me, sister.
Oh, it's nothing.
Mom suddenly called and
asked for the broker's number.
After the wedding, she wants you both
to live in a separate house.
She doesn't want to bother
the newly-wed couple.
She said that the two of us can spend our
time going to temples.
That's why I gave the broker's number.
By the way,
she used to call me often,
But since yesterday
her phone is switched off.
So, I tried calling Meera,
even her phone is switched off.
I am getting scared, brother.
Last time when you spoke to her,
where did she say she was?
A temple near Coorg called
Manjaguni Venkataramana.
Okay, fine.
Call them again.
It's switched off.
Why are you trying to call them,
when you know they have blocked you.
Hey, call that fellow.
Call whom?
Meera's father.
Don't be worried,
Meera is a very bold girl.
Chill Gowtham, she will be fine.
They will be safe.
- What did he say?
- He doesn't get tensed for anything.
Bro, he is nutcase.
I've always doubted whether
Meera is really his daughter.
We are so scared
but how is he so relaxed?
Let's go to Coorg and check.
The same number which security gave us,
black jeep. Stop! Stop!
Hey, who are these people?
What are they doing?
Hey, checkout Undertaker
doing meditation.
Hey, he has got seven lives.
- Oh no!
- Careful!
Are you alright?
Where is the Saint?
Yeah, he is inside.
- Okay, thank you.
- Why are you sad?
- Hello!
- Kokochi's horse is gone.
Oh, really?
- Hey come on, come!
- Oh my God, I'll pray for it. Hey, let me go!
- The horse is missing!
- Don't mess things wherever we go.
Hey, I think that's him.
- Kokochi.
- No, no, call even lowly.
How can he hear through all that hair?
Okay fine, you call him.
Psst! Psst!
You see my mother and girlfriend?
They come...
[foreign language]
Why is he screeching like a horse?
[foreign language]
Okay, okay.
No tension! No tension!
[foreign language]
- Kokochi!
- Tell something.
Why did you wake him up?
- Are you Tamilian?
- What's the matter?
These two came here yesterday,
have you seen them?
These two?
We too are in search of them.
They came, danced and went
inside the forest with the horse.
Do you know how dangerous that forest is?
Please go and meet the police.
- You will surely not find them.
- They went inside the forest?
They are capable of it.
Hey come on, let's just go to the
police station.
Oh my God!
Bro, you go ahead.
I think there is a bigger problem here,
I will check and come.
- Something fishy!
- No need! Just come.
You should be blindfolded
before going anywhere.
Wake up, Meera.
Wake up.
Let's get out of here first.
Is someone here?
- Hello!
- Help!
Please help us!
You wanted to get to know one another,
right? Come, let's get to know.
You brought me here to get know
to one another.
You ate well, you shopped.
And now we are here.
Yeah, this is how we get to know
each other.
Gowtham, I'm suffering
now because of your love.
- Who is he?
- It's not a tiger but two girls!
- Come here.
- What?
- Please sir!
- Get in.
- Sit down.
- Sir, let me go sir, my hand is aching.
- Take that rope.
- Let me go, sir.
- Listen, just let me go.
- Please leave me, sir.
Leave me!
I said let me go!
Will you keep quiet or
shall I shoot you?
Please sir, it's paining.
Hey sit down there.
Should I tell you individually?
Sit down!
Give me the rope.
Sir, please sir.
It's very tight, sir.
What did you say?
Is this tight enough?
Okay sir.
Come, let's go.
- What's that?
- What's that sound?
Brother, stop.
let's have a cup of boost on the way,
try to find a shop.
Hey, don't hit me.
There is not a drop of water to
drink in this wretched place
and you're asking for boost?
I am used to having a cup of
boost every morning brother.
Oh my! Danger!
You look like a fully grown buffalo,
And you are getting
scared of a caged tiger.
Hey buffoon,
the tiger did not frighten me.
These two frightened me!
Very dangerous girls!
Where did you go last night?
I was playing volley
ball with the animals.
Your questions are worse than your jokes.
This is it.
- Sir!
- What do you want?
- We want to meet the Ranger.
- Go inside.
No, you call him.
His phone is ringing.
- Can you be quiet.
- He is sleeping.
- Place it even slowly or he will wake up.
- Sir!
Who are these two?
My mom and wife are
lost in the forest, sir.
Mom and wife?
- Are you Tamilians?
- Yes.
Be seated.
You can leave.
Thank you, sir.
How did you manage to lose them?
Sir, I had nothing to do with it.
They did this to themselves.
Lucky fellow!
What do you want me to do?
Sir, you must rescue them.
This guy must be idiotic!
Mom is calling.
I can see that.
Just mind your own business.
- Sorry sir.
- Sir, you must somehow...
Please sir!
Have a good look at this map, man.
This is a 1500 sq kilometer forest area.
It takes ten days to
come out once you get in.
Do you even know what all in there?
Tiger, leopard, elephant.
There are all kinds of wild animals.
- What?
- There's a call for you from the Commissioner's office.
A tiger is missing,
We need to find it quickly.
Tiger and the poachers.
Despite everything,
if you are lucky enough
you will never find them.
Okay fine, let's try our luck.
- Come, let's go.
- Go!
By the way,
when did you get married?
- I am not yet married, sir.
- What?
You are not yet married?
But you just mentioned that
your mom and wife are missing.
- Actually sir, about two years ago...
- Oh no!
Sir, please drop me here
and pick me up when you return.
Why is he getting annoyed?
Mr. Vijay, can you please
shut up and sit?
Two years ago?
- What happened two years ago is...
- Yes, tell me.
I have an idea!
I will take care of you
as my daughter.
- Trip?
- Trip?
Oh, super boring!
Even before the wedding, will anyone
Let his girlfriend and his mother
- go on a trip together?
- Sir! Sir! Sir!
I totally understand
what you're about to say.
I have made a grave mistake.
But I have no other option, sir.
Please sir.
So pathetic!
Okay, fine.
This is what happens when you
ask a donkey to ride a horse.
Look at where he's brought us.
I, surely,
have brought you to the right place.
Look at how big his teeth are.
You gave him five-star rating
and recommended him. It's all your fault.
It was you who wanted
to ride a horse and
was stubborn like a child.
And now you are blaming me for everything?
The astrologer was absolutely right!
What did he say?
Just shut up!
What did he say?
I want to know as well.
Leo and Capricorn
will never get along.
Yes, even I know that,
I would have told you too.
Is Gowtham a Capricorn?
Not Gowtham.
It's me.
Even Gowtham was right.
What did Gowtham tell?
That his dad was lucky to have escaped
from your torture.
That was so rude.
You better think twice before you get
your son married to this motor mouth.
- are you alright?
- Now she chooses to do her daily breathing exercises!!
Are you alright, Aunty?
Hey, stop the vehicle!
- Aunty!
- Sister!
Sister! Sister!
Hey, stop the vehicle!
Please sir!
Look at what you have done to her.
Aunty, are you okay?
Hey, skinhead! Stop the vehicle.
Sir, stop the vehicle.
Please sir!
- Shut up!
- Hey, skinhead! Stop the vehicle.
- Uh!
- Do something.
Hey, skinhead! Stop the vehicle.
Thank God! She survived.
Sorry Aunty!
I didn't mean to hurt you.
Please forgive me.
It's okay,
By the way, how come you have
never spoken about your husband?
It's a small story!
Small budget!
It lasted only for two years.
My husband was an army officer.
I got married when I was 18.
When I was 20, Gowtham was born.
I can never forget that day.
Your husband passed away.
"Two relationships"
- "In a single form"
- You are still young.
- "When darkness falls"
- You get married to my brother.
"Dual moons grace the sky"
"You watched over me
with two pairs of eyes"
"You held me with two pairs of hands"
" I think of this and I am lost for words"
- "what will I do without you"
- My name is Deepa. What's your name?
"Two relationships"
"In a single form"
More than the sadness
of having lost my husband,
the fact that Gowtham
lost his father
saddened me more.
Sister, please don't stop the story.
Because the tiger fell asleep listening
to it, we don't want him to wake up.
Hey, tiny feet!
I'll grab them and
Throw you out.
She is pouring her heart out
And you couldn't find any
other time to be a bully.
Just ignore him.
You carry on the story, sister!
Even though Gowtham is my son,
I must say that my life has only
been about managing his daily routine.
I am fed up!
I just want to get him
married to the one he likes
and go on around visiting temples.
After listening to your love story,
the girl seems to be pretty arrogant.
Are you sure you want
to get married to her?
Who else can be more genuine than her?
She just wants to get to
know my mom before the wedding.
What's wrong in that, sir?
Oh, yeah that's another
way of looking at it.
- That's exactly why I agreed to it.
- So cute you are!
Hold on a minute!
Look at this, sir
I have never seen my mom like this.
Look how happy she looks.
Then you must let go
of your mother for good.
You have to lose your mother, man!
No other go, this is reality.
No sir!
My mom means the world to me.
"All your tears"
"Why did you bury them
within you?"
"for my wings to be spread"
"You chose to let go of your sky"
"A heart that sheds twice the joy,
yet yearns for more"
"Though kisses from both faces were felt,
the precious pricks were missed"
"A heart that sheds twice the joy,
yet yearns for more"
"Though kisses from both faces were felt,
the precious pricks were missed"
"Two relationships"
- My mother dedicated her entire life to me.
- "In a single form"
- Sir, this is a huge forest.
- Sir, will we find mom?
I have not worried
about not having a father,
My mom has raised me so.
The only thing that hurts me
the most is that my mom lost my father.
Yeah, I understand.
- Huh?
- Sir!
A suspicious vehicle is
parked near the Koduva bend.
- Let's go there quickly, sir.
- Come on everyone get in the vehicle.
Come on, quickly.
The ranger is here, brother!
Start the vehicle,
quickly brother!
- I think that's the vehicle.
- Looks like they are stopping, let's go sir.
Let's nab them, sir.
Hey, drive slowly.
Sir, please drive slowly.
- Go fast!
- Hold on!
Sir, please drive slowly.
Our hands are hurting.
Please sir, drive a little slow.
Sister, hold tight!
Hey, skinhead!
- How did she untie herself?
- Quickly! Come.
Hey, Meera sister untie me too.
- I am going to abandon you here.
- What?
You are not even the size of a door latch,
and you are trying to abandon me?
Untie me!
What are you trying to do? Move aside.
Looking like a soap case.
Come on, push.
I think they have locked outside.
Get out through these
bars and break the lock?
- Really?
- Yes, you can.
- Okay.
- I pity your son.
I know, push now.
"A wild beast"
"Take thy stance, behold the fray"
- Oh no!
- "He is going to swiftly kiss and drink the blood"
Ladies first!
- Take the lead!
"To embrace and trick, to remove
the inner core in clear sight"
I'm safe!
"He is a wild beast"
"To depict the vision,
he drifted through the air"
"Spoilt fellow,
there's no way for escape"
"I am a tough guy,
I will conquer within the confines"
"I will leap fiercely when angered"
"I will soar in the wind's embrace"
- Sir, hold the steering. Hold the steering.
- "Not with me, beware!"
"A duck is swimming in a pond"
"Pulpy Sekar is in trouble"
"Driving uncle driving in 100"
"I'll break your bones,
if you look at me and laugh"
"Chewing the tongue,
ripping the skin"
"He eats with relish"
"Burning the fat,
to steal the bones"
"He is approaching famished"
"I am tiger,
if I gnaw, it will bring you pain"
"Don't cause trouble or
I will sacrifice you"
"If I shout, it's my strength"
"Mocking me was utterly wrong,
step aside"
"I am the man of the match!"
"If I get on the ground,
I will be seething with anger"
"I won't miss my prey"
"I'm drooling to eat my food"
Hey, look over there.
- Sir, drive a little faster.
- Hey, didn't you notice the tiger?
- Sir, mom is over there.
Now I realise, why tigers are endangered.
- Help me, sister!
"More than you in weight"
"A fierce beast in a fight"
"We will right in time to hunt, we
will glide in the forest with fiery rage"
"Wild beast"
"Ferocious tusker before your eyes"
"In this fight"
"There is no way to escape"
Come, come, come.
Such a huge teeth!
Who are these people that
even a tiger has got so terrified.
Why are you guys standing out?
Please come in.
- Now you are only tempting me to stone you.
- Hey get down man!
Get down, man.
Ahh... good to see a police man.
How did you end up here?
- We were riding in a chariot and we met with an accident.
- come
Hold me.
Let that be sir,
thank you so much for saving us.
Hey, it's alright! It's part of my duty.
Sir, I thanked you for saving the tiger.
If you wouldn't have arrived at the right
time, they would have killed it.
- Who?
- These two!
These people?
- They actually do look like they trouble.
- But, the elder one is kind-hearted.
- Hey, who is his mother among these two?
- That's your business to figure out.
Okay, come let's go.
Get in the vehicle.
Here you go.
Let's get married!
No, we'll all stay together.
Oh no!
You guys get married or you don't,
just keep me out of it.
If not for your mom,
I won't marry you.
Hey, what's this...
Mom, please don't play around.
Alright, there is an option.
- What is it?
- Let's all go on a trip.
- Again?
- We'll see how it goes.
- Mahendra, start the car.
- Mom, keep quiet.
- Where to?
- We are going on a trip.
- Trip?
- Trip?
- I have so much more to experience in this life
- Hey! Vijay.
I will die without seeing any joy in life
If I continue going on trips with them.
He should escape on his own.