Let's Go Home (2016) Movie Script

Ellie, I've got great news.
Next time, sweetheart. I'm sure of it.
So um, what's the good news?
Oh, right.
The flat in Wessex Way
Court is back on the market.
If you just continue through here.
It's spacious for a two
bed, don't you think?
Yeah, we've had a lot
of interest in the place.
If you' re at all interested, I'd recommend
putting in an offer, quick as you can.
When are you looking to move?
Ah, well. We're currently staying at my
parent's place, while I try to sell it.
See, my sister wants her part of the sale,
And I of course want my share.
I want to start a new dental practice.
Are you expecting a little one?
Is that why you're looking
for such a big place?
No. We're going to start a family.
That's why we left London.
If you look closely you can see some signs
this place was an old school boarding house.
Oh? All right
This particular flat was the old library.
I bet this place has a spooky tale or two.
I wouldn't know anything about that.
It doesn't exactly help
sell a house, does it?
Lovely views,
and some good schools in the area.
So, what do you think?
I don't see myself raising our child here.
I mean, it's a stunning
flat Alex, it really is,
but not for a family.
Come on, let's go home.
Oi! That's my junk. I
need that crap to unwind.
You can go back to your crap in a minute.
So, I've been looking
into some options for us.
Options? You mean the flat?
No, no.
We'll find a place sooner or later.
No, I wanted to talk to you
about the possibility of adoption.
Agh, Alex.
Won't you just hear me out.
I'm only asking you to
think about it for now.
I've already thought about it.
I just wanted to have our child.
I wanted to feel my boy or
my little girl grow inside me.
You know?
What about your step dad?
What about him?
And I told you, stop calling him that.
He's my father.
I know.
He was the one who bought me
up before and after mum died.
Sweetheart, that's my point.
You don't have to be blood
related to be a parent.
I know.
God, why is it so hard?
The way I see it, we just have to be there,
love and support.
I want us to have our family.
So, we try IVF again?
I don't know.
Come on.
What child wouldn't be lucky to
be stuck with us two nut jobs?
Whatchya think?
I'm really not sure about this.
Look, we're just inquiring.
I'm not asking you to
commit to anything. Okay?
But just so you know,
my gut tells me I'm right about this.
Well she's coming here.
It's not like she'll be leaving a kid.
It's not a bloody
takeaway delivery service.
That kind of sarcasm is really going to
enamour her to you as a fitting parent.
Keep it up.
So, that's the home study
paperwork out of the way.
Might I ask you both why you want to adopt.
I don't mean the answer
you put on your forms.
I'd like to hear the personal reasons.
Would that be okay?
Sure, of course.
Why don't you start Ellie?
Um. Well I guess.
I guess we're like any other couple
who want to have a child of our own.
We started trying when I turned 30.
Before that I was all about the career.
I saw too many kids at work to
even think about wanting one.
But then, those kids get to you,
and all of a sudden, my
biological clock caught up with me,
and I knew I wanted to be a mum.
3 miscarriages and 2 failed
attempts at IVF later,
that want to be a mother
is stronger than ever.
I understand. I have three of my own.
I even adopted one
after all mine left home.
My husband and I couldn't bare
not to have a child in the house.
Well, for me,
I knew when I met Ellie,
I wanted to be a Dad.
I want her to fulfil that part of herself.
That's why I suggested adoption.
Maybe if we are suitable candidates,
We can have the family
we've been longing for.
Now. I'd like to establish with you what kind
of child you would be able to take care of.
Have you considered ages, for example?
Well, given you have
experience at your job,
how would you feel
about a 9 or 10 year old?
Um, I don''t know really.
Well, have a think about it.
As a couple you would be
ideal for such a child.
There are a lot of good kids
out there needing a good family.
Not to mention, the process
would be far shorter.
I''d be willing.
What, what about you sweetheart?
Don't get ahead of yourself.
You would both will still be required
to attend some meetings and training.
That is, if you are sure you want to
go ahead with the adoption process.
I don't know.
I'm sorry. This is all moving rather fast.
I really need some time
to process everything.
That's perfectly normal.
We have your details and when you
are ready, we can move forward.
That's great, thank you.
Do you have any questions for me?
No, wait.
I do want to do this. I
don't know why I'm hesitating.
Oh, well, great. I can
get things moving our end.
Um, shall we schedule the meetings?
Of course. Let me just check my calendar.
All this will become much clearer
once you have attended our meetings.
You'll be able to talk to parents like you
and others who've already been through it.
How does that sound?
Great. Thank you.
There could be a wonderful little
child running around this house.
Sorry about that.
The wind plays havoc with this old place.
I need to get that loose guttering fixed.
Not a problem.
How does
July the 3rd sound for the first session?
Yep, that's good for me.
All I'm just saying, is Helen
never gives us any notice.
I get it. I really do.
Believe me I'm tired of chasing
her for an answer every time.
Why don't you just go
over to your sister's?
You're avoiding telling her, aren't you?
She's never going to agree.
Or is it that you still want
to sell the house as well?
I've told you, if we are doing this whole
adoption thing, then we're staying in this house.
But, Helen wants her money.
Well then, you mortgage
the place and pay her off.
It's our house now, Alex.
She can bloody well deal with it.
Fine, fine, enough. I got it.
Talk of the devil.
Helen just texted me.
She finally confirmed she's coming,
so let's just make
dinner and deal with her.
The sooner we sort out
this house mess the better.
Well, I don't have to be nice to her. Okay?
I promise.
I swear I locked it.
Clearly, you didn't.
Don't start with me.
I'm not in the mood.
What? And you want to
start an argument with me?
Our house just got burgled.
We don't know that.
Stay here.
Oh god, what's happened?
Nothing's damaged, nothings missing either.
Check the safe and my jewellery box.
Ah, God. This doesn't make any sense.
Well beats the hell out of me too.
This the first time I realised
how creepy your parent's place is.
Seriously? How many times
have I said that to you?
So, what do we do?
Call the police?
And tell them what?
A person unknown broke into our
house to ventilate the rooms?
Enough with your inappropriate sarcasm.
I'm sorry.
You know I only do it when I'm nervous.
Look, are you okay?
Well if you're positive no
one is in the house but us,
then yes, I'll be fine.
It's just us, okay.
There's no one's here
who's not meant to be.
Okay, well.
I'm gonna look upstairs,
just to check for myself.
Sure thing. I'll put the
shopping away and lock up.
Well, no offense, but the estate agents
you hired have their heads in their arse.
Their evaluation is far too low.
Look, you are deluded if you think
you can get your asking price.
The market's not as buoyant
as you seem to think.
Anyway, there's been a change of plan.
No, no, no. We're selling the place
so we can be rid of it forever.
Look. We want it, Helen.
What! You cannot be serious.
I mean, how can you even live there?
The old bastard's dead.
He can't hurt us now.
The house is just a house.
Now, it's my house.
And what happens to my
share, even if I did agree?
Look, just get over here so
we can finalise this mess.
We've got a plan that
everyone can benefit from.
Na. No can do.
Sorry, I'm going to have to postpone.
Again? This is the third time.
Yeah, well sorry. If you had kids,
you would know what it is like.
That's a low blow, even for you.
Look, I don't have time for this.
I 'll send over my solicitor's notes
and he can take this over from you.
Wait, that wasn't the plan.
Bloody bitch.
She cancelled.
Can you believe her?
Can you set the table?
Oh.That was quick.
Thank you.
Darling, is she here yet?
What? She cancelled, didn't you hear me?
No, I didn't.
I've just finished cooking. Nice
of you to come in and tell me.
Well, I hope you're hungry.
For your cooking, of course.
Wait. What?
What's the matter?
The extra setting. Oh,
doesn't matter, I've got it.
Hope it's all right.
Looks nice.
Thought we'd have some salad first.
Ugh, I really hate this house.
I'm beginning to agree with you.
What the hell was that?
I dunno. Do you want me to take a look?
Yeah, would you?
Yeah, of course.
So weird.
That tall lamp in the
spare room's fallen over.
Glass everywhere.
I hated that lamp.
Just cast the strangest shadows.
Well, I'm glad it's gone then.
I don't want any of that sort of
stuff in the house with kids here.
You have no idea.
I haven't even started getting rid
of the crap in the drawing room.
Why on earth not?
It's locked.
My Dad used to send me
into that room when he...
It's not exactly my
favourite room, you know?
If we mortgage this house,
I want you to take some of
it and set up your practice.
That'd be great, but we can't afford it.
We'll manage.
We made a decision.
Imagine that little boy calling you Dad.
You are happy to stay here, aren't you?
Right, yeah, I see.
'You must feel like you've
done a hundred assessments.'
Something like that.
'Well, it's been worth it.'
'Indeed. We believe we found
you and your husband a good match.'
Oh, my God.
That's wonderful news.
So, ah, so what happens next?
'We'll schedule an
introduction and take it from there.'
Oh, gosh. Thank you.
Thank you so much.
'Thank you Ellie.'
'You've put in a lot
of effort and we're grateful.'
'You and Alex will do just fine.'
Did you buy the whole shop?
Well I'm not going to
see years 1 to 7, am I?
So, I thought I'd over compensate.
I hope he likes what I
bought with your money.
Ah, Alex. After we met him,
I couldn't stop daydreaming and thinking
about what it's going to be like.
You know, our future.
Yeah, I still can't get my head around it.
I'm someone's dad.
I know.
Hey, put on some tea will you.
Do you want a hand putting all this away?
No. No I'll be fine.
Ah, Alex.
I'm so excited.
I never imagined.
Yeah, me too. Here, I'll get that tea.
Hey. Don't get to comfy.
I arranged for us to
pick up some more stuff.
From where?
From Freecycle.
An old couple have some stuff they want
to give away and thought we could use it.
Don't get cocky Beckham.
We're not done yet.
Come on.
You sure this is gonna be safe?
It will be, if you don't swing on it.
Right, stick it on then.
See. Good as new.
You know I could have got these new.
Yes, I do know you
could have got these new.
But since I took time off work
to do this whole mother thing,
I thought we could be a little more frugal.
So, we're begging off the internet now?
Not begging. Freecyling.
My mother would be up in arms at the
sight of these on her pristine grass.
Well, it's our home now, Alex.
We're a family.
Great. Done.
You want to try it out?
Nah. I trust your handiwork.
Oi! Where do you think you're going?
Well inside, I think?
No, no.
One more thing.
Come on.
Really? Pink flowers.
All right.
How's this?
It's for me.
Come inside. I can be your Pocahontas.
All right.
Found them.
I knew my hoarder mother could
not bear to throw anything out.
God, this bring back memories.
Good ones for a change.
I hope Charlie's not too old for them.
When you want it done
right, do it yourself.
Hi there.
Do come in.
Hi there. Good to see you again.
Hi Charlie.
Hi buddy.
Is this your house?
Yeah. If you like it,
it can be your house too.
Don't rush him.
Do you want to take a look around?
Yeah, OK.
OK then.
Can I help you with you're bag?
No it's OK. I've got it.
Sure thing.
I should leave you with
your new family, Charlie.
If that's okay, I am going to head off?
Yeah. Okay.
That's good.
I will be visiting soon.
Goodbye now.
Yeah, goodbye. Thank you so much.
We'll take good care of him.
I'll show you out.
So. Are you ready to see your room?
So, do you want to have
a look at your room?
Yeah, okay.
This way.
Is something wrong?
No. Course not sweetheart.
Something just fell out of your
wardrobe and made a mess on your bed.
Fix it will you.
What's the matter?
You're both acting funny.
Um. Nothing's wrong, Charlie.
Er, just an accident we have to clear up.
Yes, exactly.
S'all fine.
So, how about I show you
the rest of the house.
Maybe I can fix you something to eat?
And then, you can come back and settle
into your room when it's all sorted out.
Good as new.
How's that sound?
"Mr Wonka's great glass elevator was not the only
thing orbiting the earth at the particular time."
Has anyone seen my keys?
Did you check in the kitchen?
Of course.
Why's the drawing room unlocked?
Stop shouting at me.
You're the only one with keys to that room.
Has Charlie been in here?
I told you, no one goes into that room.
He's been with me since we got back.
I won't let you touch her!
Get your snooping arse out here!
What did I tell you would happen
if I caught you snooping again?
Eh, boy! You little shit!
Are you okay?
Mum's busy.
Can you read me a book?
Sure thing, buddy.
Come on.
Where'd you get to?
Um, when they'd just made their wish.
All right.
"Daniel noticed a strange woman standing in
front of him with a wand that glowed intensely"
"and shimmered with every movement of
the woman's perfectly manicured hand."
Who are you? demanded Daniel,
Does Mum know she's here?
I have no idea, said
Elizabeth, She just appeared.
"The woman spoke, her voice
had a flare of drama about it,"
I am a Fairy Godmother."
"And you my dear, made a wish.
Is that all right?
Your doing it just fine.
Aw, thank you.
What is it?
What's the matter?
Charlie, there's something
written on your chalk board.
Did you write it?
Charlie, I need you to be honest with me.
I though you were asleep, champ.
What's going on?
I'm talking to Charlie.
Yes. There's something
written on his chalk board.
I'm talking to Charlie about it.
Charie. Is there something
bothering you buddy?
Something you'd like to talk to us about?
I swear I didn't write anything.
Charlie, it's OK if
you're feeling homesick.
You were at the foster
home for a long time.
I like it here.
I don't miss it one bit.
What does the message mean then?
I didn't write it anything.
Please, believe me.
Right, look.
Why don't you help Mum and I clean up
out here and then you can get back to bed.
How's that sound?
What's wrong with me?
I almost lost my temper
with him, and for what?
We're learning as we go
here, just like everyone else.
Do you think he was being honest?
Does he not like being here with us?
Look at him.
Yeah, well. I don't want him to do that just
because he thinks I'm going to shout at him.
Now you're being silly.
That's good enough for now buddy.
Off to bed.
Hey. Come here, and give me a hug.
Thank you.
You get off to sleep.
I wasn't me!
Let's close these up.
Tomorrow I'll check the hinges,
so this doesn't happen again.
This old place has a
mind of its own you know.
Let's get you to sleep, eh?
What the hell is up with that room?
Has this happened before?
I mean when you were a kid?
I told you,
that is the only room I felt safe in.
But this is a whole new level of strange,
even for this place.
Yeah? Well I don't like it.
It's got to be a hard
enough transition as it is.
We'll pull together as
a family. You'll see.
Just fix those cupboards will you.
Did you get him up?
No. Thought you did.
No, no. I'll go.
Charlie. Wake up sleepyhead.
Mummy, I really don't feel great.
Oh, you poor sweet boy. Where does it hurt?
Whenever I cough. It really hurts.
Oh, gosh.
I need you to try and get
you up for me sweetheart,
so that I can get you checked out.
Do you think you can do that?
Right then. I'll be back
shortly with the test results.
Is there anything you need in the meantime?
Can I get a juice please?
Very good idea. Keep your fluids up.
I'll have a nurse bring one over.
Dad and I are going to be
just outside for a minute.
Is that okay?
What the hell is the matter with you?
He needs you right now and your behaving as if you
were a school boy sent to the headmaster's office.
Come on, pull it together,
for Charlie's sake.
Sorry, but I don't like it here.
God knows I spent too
much time here at his age.
Not that being home was much better.
Well, this isn't about you.
Okay? He's our responsibility
and he is frightened.
Hold it together. I need you now too.
I know, I know.
Let me grab a coffee from the machine and I
will be my normal self again. You want one?
No, I'm going in to be with our son.
Just be quick will you.
I will. Look, sorry, OK?
I have Charlie's results.
His bloodwork indicates he has pneumonia.
He, he was fine a week ago.
And his social worker
said he's never been ill.
I understand. But, this
condition can come on suddenly.
What's the treatment?
Well that's the good news.
We've caught it early and Charlie can
be treated with a course of antibiotics.
So he can go home? That's wonderful news.
Well, he'll certainly be
more comfortable at home.
But I'd like to observe
him for a couple of hours.
He's got a drip on to increase his fluids,
and I just need to administer
the first dose of the antibiotics.
Did you hear that? You're
gonna be okay, Charlie.
"George took and enormous saucepan out of the
cupboard and placed it onto the kitchen table."
"George," came the shrill voice from
the next room."What are you doing?"
"Nothing, Grandma," he called out.
"You needn't think I can't hear you
because you closed the door, you know."
You okay? Would you like me to stop?
Some water?
No, please finish.
Okay, where were we?
You got to that part, Mummy.
Yes, we did, didn't we?
"I'm just tidying the kitchen, Grandma."
"Then there was a silence."
"George has absolutely no doubts whatsoever about
how he was going to make his famous medicine."
"He wasn't going to fool about wondering whether to
put in a little bit of this or a little bit of that."
"Quite simply, he was
going to put in everything."
You feeling better, darling?
Yes, thank you.
What are you doing buddy?
Don't you want any breakfast?
Yeah, in a bit.
But let me show you this first.
Sebastian taught me
how to spin some blocks.
Ah, wow. That's clever.
Look at that.
That is very impressive.
So. Did you use to play with him then?
Yeah, for hours.
I didn't know you had any friends.
You never mentioned any before.
I don't usually.
I was always used to play by myself.
Hey. Can I get you
anything on the way home?
You can give me a hug now.
I don't know why I'm feeling this way.
We've only had him for a
few months, and now he's ill.
We only just got him, Alex.
He's going to get better.
You do know that, don't you?
I don't know what I know anymore.
I mean, I was just about getting my head
around this whole mother thing and then..
This... this, this is
nothing I'm prepared for.
You are doing fine baby.
But I'm not.
He was meant to start school in September.
He has to pull through, he has to.
He will.
You need something to focus on.
You're stressing yourself out
and it's not helping you or him.
Well, help me. What?
Why don't you find that friend of his.
What was his name?
Is that what Charlie said?
Yeah. It's obvious Charlie misses him.
It can only help.
Yeah. You're right.
I will do that.
Thank you.
All right.
I love you.
I love you too.
Thank you for coming on such short notice.
Don't worry.
Please sit down.
It's my job to be here for you and Charlie.
You sounded pretty frantic on the phone.
Ah, look at him.
I told him to stay upstairs in bed, but,
he insisted on going outside.
Children can be like that.
It's not cold out.
The air should do him good, I'd imagine.
We have the medical report
from his hospital visit.
How is he doing with his meds?
Well, he's pretty good
about taking his antibiotics.
His temperature still
comes and goes though.
At night, I can hear him
coughing and wheezing.
Sounds terrible.
We thought he was getting better,
cos, during the day, I mean,
he seems so much better.
But at night...
He just seems in so much pain.
And how are you holding up?
I don't know what I did wrong.
Sorry. I don't understand.
Well, when he came to us, he was perfect.
And now...
It's only three months
in, and we could lose him.
Children get sick and hurt all the time.
You're a school teacher, you know that.
I'm more used to colds and runny noses.
But when I hear him coughing, it's like
a death rattle inside that little chest.
I don't know how he endures it.
I mean, he's trying to be so brave,
but even a fool can see how he's suffering.
Charlie is a good boy.
And Ellie...You are being a good mother.
I need you to know you're not alone.
Social services are here for your
support as much as we are for Charlie.
Thank you.
I don't mean to sound
so pathetic and needy.
You don't.
He's waited so many years
to be adopted. Poor child.
Please don't dismiss the fact
that he's happy to be here.
That's as clear as day
from where I'm sitting.
Charlie's not alone anymore.
That reminds me.
How might we get in touch
with one of his friends?
Would that be through you?
A friend?
You mean from foster care, or his school?
um, I'm not sure really. I
mean, his name's Sebastian.
Well, I'd love to help,
truly, but I wasn't aware
that he had any friends.
Tell you what...
I'll look into it.
You know, when I was your age, my sister and I
wanted any other parents than the ones we had.
Why? Did your Mum and Dad not love you?
Well, a dad's meant to
protect you, don't you think?
As a kid, I had to protect me
and my sister after our Mum died.
And you know what else?
I couldn't wait to adopt you.
In my mind, I saw it as rescuing a child,
maybe even rescuing myself.
Does that make any sense?
Sort of.
Sort of is good enough for me, buddy.
Can I tell you something?
Anything Charlie.
I couldn't have asked for more.
And do you know what else?
Sebastian couldn't wait
to be adopted either.
Where is his home?
He grew up in Wessex Court.
Where are you?
Where is my bloody money?
They should burn down this hell hole.
Is that you?
Oh, hi Helen.
No Alex is at the shops.
No. Wait.
Why were you in our house?
Don't ever accuse me or my son.
Well, you're clearly out of your mind.
We were both out earlier, at the beach.
Oh. Your money? Is that all you care about?
Look! Don't ever come into
my house uninvited again.
You're not welcome here. Do you hear me?
Jesus... Bloody bitch.
Ah, It can't be.
What's wrong?
You cried out.
I had a nightmare.
I saw someone Alex.
What? In your dream?
He was standing right here.
It's okay.
I'm here now. I'm here. It's just us...
And Charlie is fast asleep.
I didn't realise I'd gone to sleep.
It's okay.
What are you doing still up?
You won't believe what I've discovered.
I think I found Sebastian.
It's the same right? I'm not going mad?
There's no doubt.
So, what was this place?
The estate agent never said
anything about all this.
Yeah, she did.
She even showed me some
eerie writing left on a wall.
Did Charlie go here with Sebastian?
No. Can't have.
The school was closed down
before Charlie was born.
Get to the point Alex it's late.
Before that it was an orphanage.
It doesn't say what happened to the boy...
He was beaten...
and left to die in a closet.
What? How could you possibly know that?
Because I just dreamt it Alex.
You can't be serious.
You think they're related?
Do you realise how crazy we sound?
What that we are actually considering
our son has a friend who died years ago.
Yeah, I am fairly sure there
is a more rational explanation.
I'll talk to Charlie in the morning, okay?
Let's go to bed.
Sebastian's upset.
He thought you knew.
He doesn't understand.
How are you feeling sweetheart?
I can't get to sleep.
My chest hurts and I can't stop coughing.
You poor sweet boy.
Do you want to sleep with us tonight?
Can I ask you something first?
Your friend Sebastian...
How did you meet him?
What do you mean?
You must have met him at
school or at fostering.
Silly Mummy.
Sebastian's not my friend, he's my brother
And you're our Mum.
I don't know where he is now.
I think he just ran off crying.
What made him so upset Charlie?
You can tell me.
I think he said, all he
waned was your attention,
and that you were ignoring him.
Let's get you to Mum's run, yeah?
Come on.
We have got to get out of this house.
And go where?
A hotel, anything.
You're not thinking rationally.
Something is in this house
and its making Charlie sick.
Really? You're putting his pneumonia
down to supernatural forces.
For God's sake listen to yourself Ellie.
No you listen to me.
You might be able to put up with
all this weird shit that's going on,
But not me! Not for a minute longer!
You think that's Sebastian? Come on.
Sebastian is making Charlie ill.
Can't you not see that?
What I see is that my son is very
ill and I need to take care of him.
What we could afford
you didn't like anyway.
So we're stuck here, aren't we?
Unless you have anything else to say,
you've already made me late for work.
Fine. Let me to deal with this on my own.
But don't be surprised if me and
Charlie aren't t here when you get back.
Ah, don't be so bloody melodramatic.
Let's see if this works for you, yeah?
Charlie, what are you doing out here?
Sebastian brought me here.
He didn't want the smelly
smoke to hurt my chest.
Mummy's sorry about the smoke.
I wasn't thinking.
Will you stay and play with us?
I'll do anything you want.
Charlie, I need to know.
That social worker,
the nice lady, Rose.
She said that you were a quiet boy.
Have you ever had any imaginary friends.
Not really.
I never had many friends growing up.
But I heard voices, in my head.
Isn't that what you mean?
Is that what Sebastian is?
You, you hear him?
No, I actually see him.
So can you.
No, I can't.
I never could, Charlie.
You're not making any sense.
He's your imaginary friend. Isn't he?
He's my brother. I love him.
So should you.
Charlie. I need you to
say goodbye to Sebastian.
No! No I won't.
I need you to try and
focus on getting better.
So that you can go to school in the autumn, then
you can make all the new friends that you like.
Please let that be the right thing to do.
Can I come in?
Charlie, please can I come in?
Look, Mum's sorry. Let's talk. Okay?
Charlie, I know you're up there.
Go away.
You don't get to tell
me what to do, Charlie.
Now, come down. Right now!
No! No, I won't
Not until you admit that Sebastian is real.
You're being ridiculous.
I won't play these silly games with you.
Now for the last time, down!
Mum. Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
I'm okay, Charlie.
You see?
He is there.
He wants us to be a family.
He doesn't want to hurt you.
I believe you, Charlie.
I do.
I need to ask you something.
Has Sebastian ever hurt you?
No, never.
I always feel better when I'm with him.
Do you? Do you feel better?
Oh, I want so much for you to feel better.
I can't bear for you to suffer like this.
Can we go outside sometime soon?
I like it out there.
I especially like the beach.
Sure we can.
Still do something right.
There go Mama's tullips.
Is somebody there?
Charlie, is that you, buddy?
So, what do we do now?
What can we do?
He's asleep.
I think he's still holding a grudge
against me, for what I said to him earlier.
He'll forgive you. Kids always do.
I'm going to get a top up. You want one?
Haven't you had enough?
Not even close.
To happy families.
Really? You wanna start with me?
I want your damn support.
I'm here aren't I?
You may as well not be.
What? So I didn't help put
him to bed. Give me a break.
Selfish prick!
He needs you.
I need you.
Can't you see that?
And all you can do is
drown yourself in that shit.
Yeah, well. I'm dealing
with my own problems.
You're hiding from this.
So? What the hell if I am?
He needs a father.
And I need a better husband than
what's sitting in front of me right now!
Now look what you made me do!
You ungrateful bitch!
Oh, God.
I'm so sorry.
I don't want to be like him.
Well then, get rid of him!
You will never do that to me again.
Or I will leave you and
take Charlie with me!
I'm sorry.
That wasn't me. And never will be.
I'm going to bed.
It's been a long day.
Thank you.
What are we doing so wrong?
All I wanted was a family.
I don't know what you want.
Are you the boy from the orphanage?
What ever you want...
What ever happened to you...
It's not Charlie's fault.
Let him go so he can get better.
Ellie! You need to see this.
Didn't you hear me?
Keep your voice down. You'll wake him.
I came in to turn off the lights and my
laptop was on, and this was on the screen.
That's him.
Oh, my God. They murdered him.
And they were only children.
The details are sketchy.
It doesn't say why it happened.
Only that the orphanage was closed down after an
investigation when the staff tried to cover it up.
So, do you think Sebastian thinks
we had something to do with this?
I don't understand.
What does he want with us?
Oh, for God's sake. He
was only 9 years old.
I wish I knew.
That poor boy.
There are parents.
They're taking one of us!
Who did they pick?
I bet Gwenie thought it was her again.
If they wanted to pick a girl they'd
pick someone pretty, like Ethel.
Actually, they wanted a boy.
They wanted him.
Stupid Sebastian. Who'd want him?
What do you want?
Leave me alone.
Nobody will want you when
you're all beaten and blue.
Hasn't he had enough?
When we say he's had enough.
Stupid Sebastian!
Who'd want to take you home!
Who'd want to take you
home, stupid Sebastian!
Stupid Sebastian!
Hasn't he had enough!
Stupid Sebastian!
Girls, have you seen Sebastian?
Not in a while, sir.
He was outside, wasn't he?
Yes. Out by the field.
This is so unlike him.
Darling, it can't be helped.
Let's... Let's go home.
I don't believe it.
He had no one to help him.
Does he think we're involved or something?
I don't think so. Do you?
I think he wants us to help him.
But to do what?
Retribution... Closure...
Maybe, yeah.
Are you serious?
You expect us to do a seance or something?
Well, he told us his story for a reason.
Even if he just wanted someone to know...
Let's just help him. Okay?
Say something.
I don't know.
Imagine if it was Charlie.
Tonight, we remember Sebastian Campbell.
His life was cruelly cut short
because he had no one to protect him.
Had his life gone a different path,
he would have found
parents willing to love him.
May he find that peace, hereafter.
It's time to go home, Sebastian.
Go home.
I think we made him angry.
We left Charlie alone.
Easy now.
Easy now. You're okay sweetheart. Come on.
We're here.
You scared us there little one.
I'm sorry...
Have you... spoke to... Sebastian?
Can... he stay?
He spoke to us.
I've made him a promise.
And I never want to break that promise.
A promise is a promise, right?
Look. Why don't you go
to sleep, little buddy.
And then we can all talk
about this in the morning.
Even Sebastian.
Thank you.
I'm gonna stay with him.
Goodnight, son. I'll be
here in the morning, okay?
Charlie, are you okay?
Yes, Mummy.
I'm home.
Well have a think about it.
As a couple, you'd be
ideal for such a child.
That is, if you're sure you want to
go ahead with the adoption process.
There could be a wonderful little
child running around this house.
If you tell me there's no one else in the house but
us, then yes, I'll be fine.
It's just us, okay. There's no one
who's not meant to be.
I'm Sebastian
Ungrateful bitch!
I've made him a promise. And I never want to break
that promise.
Are you sure?
So? What do you think?
I don't see myself raising our child here.
I mean, it's a stunning flat, Alex.
It really is.
But not for a family.
Come on...
Let's go home.
You've always been such a good boy.
A promise is a promise.
He's okay?
We're all going to be okay.