Let's Go Jets (2017) Movie Script

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
National cheerleading dance competition
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Cheerfully, honestly, and beautifully!
Let's go, Jets!
Cheer Dance
The true story of female high school students with a cheer dance to conquer all-American
Fukui Prefecture
Prefectural Fukui Chuo High School
Three years ago
Congratulations to the table tennis club
Congratulations for playing the music department
Congratulations to the ballet club
Their uniforms are so cute.
What club is that?
Tennis club.
There are also managers?
How cute.
Isn't the senior in the basketball club quite handsome?!
Let's go and check him out!
If you please!
But the cutest is that, right?
Ain't they cute!
Cheer dance club welcomes beginners
Cheer dance?
Yeah, the dresses are cute but...
But my body is very stiff.
But my body is very stiff.
It's the club where girls who are capable join.
They all dance in the arena.
Let's go!
No, no.
We might be shown on television.
On TV?
Let's join, let's join.
Oh, Hikari.
You already made friends?
Sounds like you, Hikari.
Who is he? Could he be?
Well, well, how should I put it...
He's from middle school...
Nice to meet you. I am...
Are you still joining the soccer club, Kousuke?
Yup. Of course.
I'll absolutely play in a national stadium.
I'll be cheering for you.
I'll be cheering for you in the national stadium.
Is cheer dance like that?
You've decided it in the beginning.
It's hell, it's hell.
It's a hell teacher!
She'll hell, she's hell. I heard that a hellish old hag came.
Good morning, Ma'am!
We may be broadcasted on national television!
- National television?
- Now way.
- Not in national TV, though.
- What should I do?
Cheer dance club
The cheer dance club is aiming for America.
Baseball is the Koshien.
Soccer is National Stadium.
Rugby is Hanazono.
And as cheer dance's mecca is America.
If you became the best in Japan,
you can participate in the all-American cheer dance championship.
We're going to America.
And win the all-American competition.
We will dominate the all-American championship.
I don't want to practice hard.
It's alright for me to just be at the stands of an arena.
First things first, we have to comply with the rules and regulations.
Skirt is knee-length.
No nail art and falling in love is restricted.
The violators will be...
I don't get it all.
...will go to hell!
She said hell...
Why say that far.
The hair should be tied up.
Bangs are prohibited.
That's because the forehead should be completely exposed.
The forehead will be exposed?
- Ma'am!
- Yes?
Are bangs and and being a cheer girl related?
Not cheer girl but cheerleader.
What's the difference?
Don't ask me.
It is important for cheer dance to show themselves.
Can you show yourselves when you can't show your forehead?
What about the seniors?
I'll make them cut it starting tomorrow.
I don't want to do it anymore.
Ma'am, we'll quit.
It seems cheer dance club's problem is big.
And I don't get it that we have to go to America.
And what will we do when our forehead was exposed on TV?
That's right.
It's impossible for us, let's find some other club.
Let's find another club, yeah.
Hikari! I'm looking forward to your cheer dance club's support.
Yeah. We'll definitely cheer for you.
Bye, bye.
Good luck.
Your glasses.
Your bangs.
What's the big deal?
What about the seniors?
They quit.
The cheer dance club, from today on, are only you.
National cheer dance competition top 3
They are also high school students?
Okay everyone, look here.
First things first, what is cheer dance?
This is the pom dance.
And this is line dance.
Cheer dance is a combination of these four.
It is a performance of about 2 minutes to 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
Okay everyone.
We used to be from the gymnastics club.
Are there any tricks?
Such as throwing people or something.
That's cheerleading.
It is prohibited to do acrobatic movements in cheer dance.
So it's only just dancing?
If you don't like that then quit.
How boring.
There goes who don't want to stay.
Then try dancing one by one.
You can't do that all of a sudden.
Understood. Next.
You used to do cheer dance?
During middle school.
Please give me a moment.
Where did she come from?
- Understood.
- I've been doing ballet since I was a child.
Understood. Next.
That was cool. Could you teach me next time?
I cannot teach others.
What kind of style is hers?
I knew it.
Thank you!
Will she be okay?
Seems like everyone is good.
- What are you doing?
- I'm dancing.
Okay, next.
Okay. Next.
It's great that I'm not alone and like the rest.
I've fully understood what you are capable of.
What's your name?
My name is Ayano Tamaki.
Ayano. From now on, you will be the cheer dance's president.
You are responsible to teach the basics of cheer dance to these two.
What about you teacher?
Except dancing, I'll teach them something beforehand.
One, two, three, four. High clap. Low clap.
- Front, back, top, right, left. One, two, three, four.
- They're really good.
Where's Hikari?
One, two, three, four.
Come on, the other side.
Looks like she ended up to the not so good ones.
Okay, do it. One, two.
Very good.
No way.
What are you doing?
Looks like Hikari is the worst.
It's a relief I didn't continue the cheer dance.
Okay, one, two...
- That hurts!
- More.
Okay, two, three.
Once again!
What's most important in cheer dance is the smile.
Try smiling while your body is swaying.
Ready, go.
Hey, be more natural.
With feelings like you're cheering for someone.
The expression is too fake.
Stiff, stiff, stiff.
Are you angry about something? Sorry.
Even if there is bangs, ugly girls are ugly.
Okay wait. You're too distorted.
Ugly girls are
- still ugly...
- Smile, smile!
5, 6, 7, 8.
1, 2, and 3, 4, and 5, 6.
7, 8.
Ayano's father is a referee.
It seems like she just recently transferred from Yokohama.
Then when she was in middle school,
I heard that they were champions in the cheer dance at the Kanto region contest.
It seems like Ms Saotome was tasked to be the cheer dance club teacher,
was because Ayano joined.
And also, her grades seems to be great.
And I heard that she's really popular among boys.
Please go out with me.
The cheer dance club is forbidden to be in a relationship.
Wait a minute...
Forbidden to be in a relationship is too much.
I was hoping that only that would be forgiven. Right?
She's really awesome.
Ayano Tamaki.
She's good at studies and serious.
Pretty too.
Why is it that you are also saying that.
You never praised others in front of me like that before?
Were we going out?
We went to see a movie once.
We went to see just one movie once, right?
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...
What is with that face?
Your smile was the only one that was perfect.
Even though your body is stiff and your dancing is crappy,
but at least your smile was perfect.
Where are you looking at?
We've received complaints from the parents of the third years who quit.
But I agree with what Ms Saotome is doing.
It has been three years since you moved here.
You're to be credited to the betterment of the baton club.
But in the end, all of them now quit.
There are still first year students.
I haven't gave up.
Only relying on fierceness will not make the students follow.
Do you understand that? Right, Mr Principal?
What should we do Ms Saotome?
Before more people would quit,
I think it would be better if you go back to the baton club.
Won't you eat?
You'll get hungry during practice.
I have a physique that easily get weight.
You're not fat at all, Hikari.
You won't understand me.
Really? Thank you.
I'll quit the cheer dance club.
I don't see the point anymore.
I also lost the will to cheer too.
Besides, there's no way we would go to America.
The truth is, I don't want to go.
I'm not good at it at all too.
Yeah. I'll quit.
Even though you were the best.
Even though your smile was the best.
Smile is cheer dance's weapon, you know.
Even though everyone's smile is very stiff,
only your smile is great among them.
Bye bye.
Just this once.
Why don't you follow everyone and dance before you quit.
If you dance with just one song,
you would be able to appreciate cheer dance.
Yeah, give it a try.
Yeah, do as Ayano said.
Only your smile is the best.
- Right?
- Yeah.
Only your smile is the best.
Don't tell me you're already going to quit.
Well then, follow my routine.
It's alright to make mistakes or fail at them, but don't forget to smile.
Here goes! 5, 6, 7, 8.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...
So they said I only have my smile.
The right up, left up, flash, flash, bang.
1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7, 8.
- 1, 2, 3, 4...
- What are you doing?
Go back to the club room. Don't do unnecessary things.
We'll do your basic practice early in the morning.
I just want to let everyone realize to beauty of cheer dance.
That is what's important for them right now.
That's what I think as the president.
If you please, Ma'am.
5, 6, 7, 8.
1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7, 8.
I got it wrong.
Okay, stop, stop. Don't stop even though you made a mistake.
Anyway, let's continue the dance.
Come on, smile, smile.
Cheerfully, honestly, and beautifully.
Cheerfully, honestly?
Let's dance through the song.
3, 4, 5.
Can't you get your knee higher?
1, 2, 3, 4.
Continue even though you're making mistakes.
Let's go everyone!
It kinda hurts.
You danced till the end, Hikari.
I danced, Ayano.
What's this?
I'm gonna die.
Take a good look.
Everyone was terrific.
I'll ask one more time.
Please go out with me.
No. I can't. I would get in trouble.
It is prohibited to have a relationship in cheer dance.
I'm the president.
Ayano is really serious.
Excuse me.
Am I serious? Too serious?
Like you, I'm...
Kousuke! What about your club practice today?
Nope. Not anymore.
After giving it a good thought,
I'm not very fond of soccer.
Hey, Hikari.
Let's go somewhere.
Why? Are we in a relationship?
Do your best.
1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 7, 8.
1, 2, 3, 4,
- 5, 6, 7, 8.
- Hold it.
Why can't you raise your leg higher?
There she goes again.
Are you getting the wrong impression because you get to dance one song?
Your real strong points, even in Fukui,
are worst of the worst.
You should be more aware that you're only beginners.
Hey, are you listening?
You're always alone acting cool.
Cheer dance is about the smile.
I have never seen you smile.
Come on. Dance like this and smile.
Come on, smile.
- Don't just stare at me. Smile.
- Don't fight, okay?
Stop it.
How about thinking of someone you cherish you want to cheer on and put it in dancing?
You can perfectly make a smile.
One, two.
You're totally not smiling.
Do like this, here.
That's a bit...
Just because you are able to dance to one song, you're getting the wrong idea.
With things going on, you won't be able to win at America nor Fukui.
She said the same thing.
Why is it that you don't get it no matter how many times it's been taught of you?
The movement at this part is this, then this.
Simple isn't it? But why are you getting it wrong?
Sorry, I know but...
If you know, then do it.
Even if we start from the top,
- but with everyone doing it...
- We get nervous.
It's rare to be nervous during practice.
Let's stop that, okay?
If you're nervous,
just do the same thing and dance again.
Such as...
Touching the hair. bulging the cheek.
Like when Ichiro hit before,
he does the same thing.
A hit!
Home run.
Let's try it.
Okay, once again!
Fried chicken again, Hikari?
Hikari, please also give me one.
Here you go.
Do not lose your confidence with such things.
Nobody can be a president but you.
How do you know what I think?
Good luck
in the Fukui tournament.
I will go to cheer for you.
3 days before the Fukui tournament
There is something I want to show you all.
Look closely.
Hey, hey.
Could it be the jerseys? I want to see it.
Shut up.
Cheer dance Fukui contest at the 14th all-Japan student cheer dance tournament
Cheer dance Fukui contest
Thank you everyone.
That was an amazing performance.
Next is...
Prefectural Fukui Chuo High School.
Let's go.
What about our slogan?
Do you understand now your level?
If this goes on,
You can't even go to America
nor conquer Fukui.
It'll only be Fukui for you.
It's going to be Fukui hell.
Is it alright to just be in Fukui, huh?
Only Fukui.
Only in Fukui.
Think about it thoroughly.
What is with that old hag?
She's belittling Fukui too much.
There are still things to do in Fukui.
It's the first time we participate in a contest.
It can't be helped.
Remorse a little bit.
It's all because you dragged everyone.
You mean it's all my fault?
Sorry, it's my fault.
I'm sorry, everyone.
It's not your fault, Taeko.
That's right. It's not your fault.
There's also someone who dances on their own mood.
Why can't anyone say who it is?
That awkward dance, right?
- What do you mean?
- Hey, you too.
Why are you unwilling to open up to everyone?
You're always alone.
That's why you won't make up a smile.
You too.
Just because you dance better,
You always look down to everyone.
That's why we can't make it as a team.
Forget it. I'm not gonna do this.
I'll quit.
I can't get along with all of you anymore.
It's my fault.
It's all because of me.
Taeko! Wait!
Wait, everyone!
I wonder if everyone won't come.
It's my fault.
What the hell is that old hag doing at this time?
I want to give those kids a big goal.
But I think the problem is in your teaching methods.
Right, Mr Principal?
the cheer dance club will be turned back to baton twirling club.
Instead of America,
please cheer for Koshien or the National Stadium for now.
The cheer dance club is no more.
But it's also good that we won't be laughed around.
Saying that we would aim for America.
We didn't even win in the Fukui general tournament.
And there were only four schools who participated.
We were being laughed at?
You don't know?
Everyone was laughing at us.
Really now.
It seems like you're only just being trained by Ms Saotome.
Cheer dance club is not cool at all.
Not cool at all.
Completely not cool.
Whether it's cool,
or not,
it has nothing to do with it!
It has nothing to do with it?
Even if we were being laughed at,
we still...
- Linda! Linda!
- So you're singing?!
She's absent.
Are you looking Ayano, right?
I guess she feels it's her fault
as the president.
Who're you?
I'm sorry!
don't have anything else if I don't play soccer!
Please let me play again!
Is Ayano there?
Ayano just went out.
Here's tea.
How is Hikari at school?
Even if I look like this,
I was one of the members in who were runner-ups at Koushien.
You were a catcher?
I'm second base.
I run very fast good and good at bunting.
Aren't I skinny?
Skinny, right?
- Hikari.
- Welcome back!
I took the day off and thought about things.
I think cheer dance is all I have.
Let's go convince the principal.
I also thought it can't end just like this.
Didn't I said don't make fried chicken again?
Do you want me to be fat like you?!
But you like fried chicken.
I love it but...
But I'm going to be fat like you.
Be sure to be back early.
Oh, shut it.
You really are...
It's better if you don't eat too much fried chicken.
Endure it.
I have always been dancing alone.
So I don't know,
how to smile together.
But you just smiled, right?
Yeah, you just smiled.
But I just called to complain.
I'm the one that's pissed off to that old hag.
But anyway, just bring a car.
You're also going to school?
Okay. Okay.
Who is it?
My friends from cheer dance club.
Just before was a teacher, now students?
Ms Saotome came awhile ago.
- She knows me that I work at a family restaurant at night.
- Just come over here.
Then she said to my mom that she's a mother.
Ms Saotame said that?
But you're working?
I earn my own expenses.
Aren't you the only man around here?
Come here in five minutes.
You lot leave!
I won't let you get away for having a tone like that to my friends.
Just ten thousand a month is alright.
I can live with that.
Until I graduate high school.
After that, I'll live on my own.
It's just like what teacher said.
Aren't you a mother?
If it's your child,
you should take responsibility for giving birth.
Be an adult!
I finally was able to say it to her.
I'm not alone anymore.
We are here.
It's okay.
Would you go back?
Could we dance together?
What's this all of a sudden?
I don't have time to be with you.
I started dancing ballet again.
My goal is to be the best in the world.
I'm different from you lot.
Even without you,
I can still certainly do impossible things.
Come on, leave.
We will do it.
Those impossible things.
We will do it.
Let's do it.
We will surely...
We will surely go to America!
I want to dance in America!
We will win in America!
All of us will go!
Wait for it!
Good morning.
Please let us continue the cheer dance club.
- We are discussing about it...
- It is true that...
Ms Saotome's
teaching methods are stern, and talks painfully.
She's just a nagging old hag.
That's it?
They are my first friends.
Please do not take them away.
- Even though Ms Saotome is really very strict.
- Say something else.
But Ms Saotome gave us a goal.
We will win in America.
- Please.
- We want to continue to dance.
We think we can dance together.
Thank goodness.
Let's practice.
Ma'am, we will absolutely...
She's gone...
Everyone, hurry and line up.
Why is she dressed like that?
You said so yourself that you will win in America, right?
I've said too much.
I was waiting for those words!
Here. Jets!
Starting from today, this is our team name.
The three years in high school is very short.
So like tanks flying in the sky, we spread our wings to the world, that's why Jets.
Let's use the three years time to achieve to somewhere impossible.
Let's do impossible things.
Everyone reach the peak.
Let's go, Jets!
In this case,
please think of the answer in the three choices.
The first person chose from the completed form.
Are you okay? You still have to work.
I'm okay. Though I'm usually sleepy.
As long as I can dance with everyone, I can continue dancing.
I'm fine surpassing my current self a little bit.
At the back!
will definitely go to the National Stadium.
If I did,
let's go somewhere.
When the national competition is done, okay?
I'll go then.
Could you
give up already?
- Don't you have nothing else to do?
- There is.
I also have dreams.
Like wanting to fly at the blue sky.
I will wait for you.
Until the national competition is over, I will always wait.
Ms Ono is an active professional coach who participated in the American cheer dance.
From now on, every month
she will teach us skills.
It's a Tokyo lady.
Keep up with Ayano, the center.
Good. Good.
I am the type who gets better when complimented.
That girl has more than her smile.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
The second year
All hair combed into a ponytail.
Bangs are prohibited.
The forehead will be well displayed.
Yeah, yeah.
Here it comes.
- Those will violate the rules will go to hell!
- Go to hell!
They are the new added strength.
Smiling is the most important in cheer dance.
I'm not good at that.
If you do it by thinking and cheering for someone you cherish,
you can naturally smile.
I don't have anyone like that.
If that's the case,
then just cheer for everyone in here.
I do that.
Congrats to the Jets cheer dance team for winning the Fukui contest
But we finally won?
But only four schools participated.
America is a dream of a dream.
But what if
we really go to America?
I'll talk to you in thick Fukui dialect
how big America is.
Yeah, yeah.
You will forever be in Fukui hell.
She's an asshole.
I will now announce the formation for the national competition.
Center is Ayano.
Yes, Ma'am.
Left side is Yui.
Yes, Ma'am.
Right side will be Eri.
Not Ayumi?
Is it alright?
That I replace a senior.
It's fine, it's fine, we don't mind.
That was from Hokkaido, Sapporo Pioneer High School's performance.
Next is the Fukui Prefectural Central High School, the Jets.
Let's go.
Let's do the slogan.
Everyone in a circle.
A year ago,
everyone went on separate ways and thought it would be the end.
- But then, we still...
- Too long.
It is?
It really is.
Something more cheerful.
- Today, the weather is good.
- Too long-winded.
What should I say?
Cheerfully, honestly, beautifully.
Let's go, Jets!
Everyone was synchronized.
They'll fall into hell if this goes on.
We might win.
The champions, Nara Sakura All-Girls' High School will enter the all-America championship.
Last year
The nation's first Seattle high school, Team Raven
Are they still humans?
Captain Miranda
That was an amazing performance from the US national champions.
Yeah, but you can't win in the nationals with the performance like that.
There's so much we still have to do and practice.
We can say the level of Japanese cheer dancing is greatly improving.
What do you think?
Honestly speaking, I'd like to say something. They're synchronized. But that's it. Nothing else.
- Who do you think she is?
It's expected. Cheer dancing is about what you do after that. It's about what message you can convey.
We look forward to seeing you guys here in America.
If this goes on conquering all of America is a dream of a dream.
From now on, improve on each of your shortcomings.
You get along too much.
If we do that, our team work will...
Listen well.
We are not dancing for school festivals nor some auditorium.
There's only one way to go to an impossible place.
It's to accumulate the days.
To do that, we're going to use this.
What is that?
First, write here on your own big dreams.
In order to achieve that dream,
think what you should do.
Half of a year, one month, one week, one day, as units, write your dreams.
And then do it.
Dream notebook.
That is too strange.
In order to become an all-American champion,
we're going to elevate everyone's level.
Exceed your current self.
That's the only way.
Dream notebook
Ayano Tamaki
In order to become the champions in the national tournament,
As a captain, I will become everyone's enemy.
5, 6, 7, 8.
1, 2, 3, 4.
Stop, stop.
Not good at all.
Is this really everyone's cheering smile?
Your weak point is smiling.
Learn from Yui.
Study more at Yui's smile.
Why are you saying to me that far?
Be more confident a bit more.
Your weak point is the lack of self-confidence.
Even if you say that...
You are too confident.
Don't just decide for yourself. Mind your surroundings.
Am I too conspicuous?
Okay. Don't speak like that.
Your overdoing things, Ayano.
- As Ms Saotome said...
- As for you, Hikari,
aim higher.
Your weakness is having no desire to improve.
It's alright to pass through someone, just go in front.
No, I'm fine when I can enjoy dancing with everyone.
What is that?
You're just making things the opposite.
It'll be the opposite, just relaxing and smiling in the corner.
It won't hurt.
Let's do it again.
Ayano is right.
just don't want to get hurt.
Actually, I hate myself like that.
I can do only that.
There are people like that
who are born to lead and those who are not.
No matter how hard one tries,
there are things you can't do.
you can only try hard, Hikari.
I want to dance.
I want to go to America and dance.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Even if I'm now in the corner, I will also be dancing like I'm the center.
The third year
Are you okay?
- Are you okay?
- Are you hurt?
Knee sprain. I have to rest for two months.
Will she be okay?
- Can she catch up?
- Hikari.
The national contest too.
It'll heal in two months.
5, 6, 7, 8.
1, 2, stop.
Misaki. Konomi.
- Yes.
- Yes.
You two should watch other people how they dance.
There are many people who can replace you.
Okay, change with the first years.
Ayano just hopes everyone would improve.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
You must not just match my dance steps.
You should perform on your own.
Also your smile is still stiff.
Go practice.
Okay back to the starting formation.
5, 6, 7, 8.
Yui also didn't know how to smile before.
It's alright. You can do it.
Hikari, that's enough.
If you're here, the members getting along well will be back again.
How do you feel everyone?
Can you still go from the back?
Can you still take a step from there?
Can you break the limit?
Let's finally go to an impossible place!
We are
You can do it, you can do it!
I will definitely go to America too.
Everyone is doing their very best.
That's why I feel frustrated.
I'm too frustrated.
I'm envious.
I hope I get well soon.
And I want to dance with everyone in Jets.
Ah! I want to dance through and through!
Dancing feels awesome!
Go Jets!
Should we go out?
After you finish your tournament.
I wanted to cheer for you in the National Stadium.
Even though I lost,
I don't think these three years was not in vain.
I will cheer
for you.
Three days left to national competition
Hikari, you're slow.
- Hikari.
- I know.
This is no good.
Stop the music.
There are people who are not good enough.
And that will drag everyone.
Hikari, aren't you off?
As I thought, I didn't keep up with everyone.
Don't make such a sad face.
Even though I won't be participating in the tournament, I intend to dance with everyone.
The goal is America! Right?
Bye. Do your best.
I also was a substitute.
Even then, your mother still came to cheer me.
Are you trying to comfort me?
Seems like
you're acting like a father.
But I am your father.
You'll be fine.
You can do it.
It's going to be alright.
will dance for you, Hikari.
Dance for yourself.
What should I do?
If we make mistakes here, what we have done for the past three years would be...
Stop thinking about bad things.
What should you do when you're nervous?
That was the performance from Minami Aoyama All-Girls' High School , Rose.
Next is from Fukui Prefectural Central High School, Jets.
- Oh no. My body won't move
- Me too.
- Form a circle.
- Okay, forming a circle.
It's okay.
Two years ago,
everyone went on separate ways and I thought it's over.
- But still we...
-Too long!
It's too sad. Say something more cheerful.
- Today the weather is good.
- It's like a speech.
Cheerfully, honestly, beautifully. Let's go, Jets!
Good luck.
Good luck, good luck. It'll be fine. Good luck. Good luck.
A magnificent performance that this year's Japanese representative of the American contest
is from the Fukui Prefecture Central High School!
We will now have a few words with the vice-principal.
Thank you. I believed in our team.
The club was originally a baton twirling club, right?
Yes. When we changed it to a cheer dance club,
I profusely said okay.
We hoped they would have such ambitious goals.
Congrats to the cheer dance club, Jets team for winning
We pray that the cheer dance club, Jets, would win the all-American contest!
We will now hear a few words from the club president, Ayano Tamaki.
It's because of you all that we became victorious.
We will do our best that we will also win the all-American championship.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you very much.
Let's do our best!
Let's go, Jets!
Even though one of my friends,
had to leave the stadium,
and also thought of giving up.
And then got re-assigned.
And she tried very hard.
I want to dance.
I want to dance together with everyone
at America.
One week before the all-American championship
Hikari, just when did you...
Her self-practice was not in vain.
You did well, Hikari.
I finally caught up.
I'm really scared.
Stop using Fukui dialect.
This is America after all.
We finally came
to an impossible place.
- Yeah, yeah
- I told you. Don't use Fukui dialect.
Next up. All the way from Japan. Ladies and gentleman, please put your hands together
from Fukui Chuo High School. The Jets!
Cheerfully, honestly, beautifully. Let's go, Jets!
We are the last team qualifying for the preliminaries.
It's not good if this goes on.
But it's still the world's number 7.
That's still amazing, right?
Number 7 the world, right?
- Gather.
- Yes, Ma'am.
You lead and become center.
Ayano. Switch with Hikari's position.
This will be the arrangement for tomorrow's final.
Our goal is to dominate the all-American championship. Number 7 is not good.
In order to win we will have to come up with the best.
We can't win with Ayano.
But we can win with Hikari.
That's not it.
Ayano is the team's center.
But suddenly change the center now...
In order to fulfill something,
there are times when something must be sacrificed.
If that happens,
the days spent aiming to win,
in the future,
it will become your strength.
No doubt about it.
- I said, that's not what I mean...
- Understood.
After dinner, gather at the place where we'll practice.
Let's dance with Hikari as center.
What's with that face?
Our common goal is to dominate the all-American tournament.
You came at the right time.
There's something I would like you to read.
Dream notebook
Ayano Tamaki
I took down notes how to become center.
Because I'm the president.
I'm the president, after all.
Directions of a center
I think there are things that can't be done even if you worked hard for them.
But you don't have a choice but to only work hard.
Ayano tried so hard to exceed her current self.
Did you know that Ms Saotome?
Of course you didn't know.
Since you're just a pretend teacher.
We only have now.
We don't care about the future.
We are able to be like this
because of Ayano's efforts.
It's not because of you.
Aren't you just siding with the principal?
You just destroyed our teamwork.
You simply don't understand us.
I don't want you to decide for us.
I look down on you.
Then go with that.
But my decision is final.
I have one thing to say.
Do their best in everything you do.
There is a view that only the top can see.
You will be able to see that.
You have that chance now.
Look at that view.
View? I don't understand it.
You can cry at times you want to cry.
You two are really alike.
But a you don't say that much bad things.
Baton twirling club
This is Ms Saotome who just started as a teacher.
Ms Saotome will serve as the adviser of this baton twirling club.
What's with that old hag?
She's really an old hag.
If that's the case, I don't care if you dissolve.
I think they will change if they have an objective.
Some ambitious objective.
After three years of devoted passion,
they finally achieved third place in the all-Americna cheer dance championship.
We did not expect that we would go this far.
Congratulation to Minami Aoyama all-girls' high school for winning 3rd place in the all-American cheer dance championship
We did not expect that we would go this far.
We have to thank our teacher for giving us an objective.
With an objective, we can go out in the world.
It's really magnificent.
Starting today, the baton twirling club will be changed to cheer dance club.
- That's really funny.
- No way.
I don't want this anymore.
Ma'am, we will also quit.
So what's wrong with exposing the forehead?
That's what teachers do.
No matter how many years pass, students understand.
Be more natural.
With feelings like you're cheering for someone.
That girl can do it.
With her smile, we can do it.
Those girls can still do it.
For making your child work at this late hour,
don't you understand that she's doing her very best?
Shut up!
Understand your child more!
I'm not good at all.
Please wait for only 2 years.
Until they become third years.
If there would be no results by then,
I will resign as a teacher.
Thank you for coming.
Well, since you sent me letters everyday.
That girl has more than her smile.
It seems like the feeling of cheering someone is primarily coming from her.
I thought so.
I'm not the only one that thinks the same thing.
The president and her has a different feeling though.
That's right.
What's holding them back is only me.
You can change everything as long you feel it
Ayano. Switch with Hikari's position.
The teacher must not be easily shaken.
It's alright if they hate me.
I must definitely not show any tears.
I swore that.
She said that she will only cry when you become the all-American champions.
She will cry wholeheartedly with everyone if you win.
That's what she said.
I think she wants to exceed
being a teacher
and her current self.
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 1.
Go, Jets!
- Ayano?
- Ayano? What's wrong?
I just cried awhile ago knowing I lost becoming the center.
But I remembered what Hikari said that she will dance in the corner as if the center.
I'm sorry everyone.
I'm a useless president.
There's no one here who thinks that way of you.
- Hikari.
I will dance as center.
That was an awesome performance by the Seattle High School.
Team Raven. Our champion from last year.
Magnificent performance.
I think we already have our winner. Well done.
Congratulations, team Raven.
- Not so fast, we still have one more team.
- Oh.
This will be the last time we will dance together with everyone.
After this, we will graduate,
and will go on our separate ways.
But let's make it an unforgettable day.
We did everything to make this far.
Let's shine in the very best stage for one last time.
Don't worry. I'm sure we can do it.
Cheerfully, honestly, beautifully.
Let's go, Jets!
Our last contestant comes to us from Japan.
I saw the prelims and they looked pretty nervous.
Yes, I understand that the Japanese teams are fabulous in synchronizing their movements.
Just why they're like a troop of soldiers.
Obviously, there's someone big-boned on the team who's not being cut out for dancing.
But maybe this will be something nice to remember from their trip to America.
What is that announcer saying?
Maybe he's praising them.
Do your best, Hikari!
- Come on!
- Taeko! You can do it!
- We are watching, Ma!
- Do your best!
Well, you'd expect that from the Japanese team.
They're very good at synchronizing their movements.
What were you saying about someone not cut out for dancing?
Now this is something.
Their performance is completely different!
Who would ever think of mocking their performance and saying as if they were a troop of soldiers?
Sometimes, I just don't get you.
They're not just synchronized,
it's as if every dancer's dancing in center position.
Everyone is filled with the joy of dance.
Let's dance!
Where'd this girls come from?
Fukui! Fukui!
Fukui, Japan!
Fukui! Fukui! Fukui!
Hikari, you're so awesome now!
She finally became good at cheer dancing.
I will not recommend him as the next principal.
We can't see! We can't see!
- You're in the way!
- Move, move.
Hikari, do your best!
Fukui, the most amazing dance team ever!
They are
the Jets!
I saw it.
I saw...
...the view. I saw it.
The one who wins
haven't been announced yet.
You're crying already?
You will fall into hell.
World championship goes to the Jets!
Ready, set.
Congratulations to the cheer dance club, the JETS team, for winning the all-American championship
Ayano is a cabin attendant?
She successfully achieved her dream.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
No, no. Sit down.
If this goes on,
winning the all-American championships is a dream of a dream.
Yes, Ma'am.
There is only one way to reach such an impossible place.
It's to accumulate the days.
The days being spent aiming to win,
will become your strength in the future.
It definitely will.
Exert all your efforts and continue doing it.
There is a view that only the top can see.
You should see that view too.
Yes, Ma'am.
Why don't we go somewhere.
The Jets have obtained been national champions for five times and is one of world's leading teams