Let's Make the Teacher Have a Miscarriage Club (2011) Movie Script

Isn't it dead?
Oh, it's twitching.
Oh, yeah.
What's so funny?
Let's-Make-the-Teacher-Have-a-Miscarriage Club
Aki Miyata
Kaori Kobayashi
Miyu Takara
Nanase Takemori
Suzuno Aiba
Sawaki Muroga
Yuriko Onuma
Cinematography by: Kosuke Anahara
Lighting Director by: Hiroyuki Hoshino
Produced by: Yuichi Kasahara Assistant Director: Masaki Sano Sound Designer:
Ken Kurosu Art Director: Taichi Hara Animatronics by: Iku Asakusa
Edited by: Keisuke Tominaga Logo Design by: Katsuhiko Music by:
Hisashi Arita CG by: Kunihiko Taniwaki Sound Mixer: Kei Nakase
Screenplay by: Eisuke Naito Screenplay cooperation by:
Masaki Sano Naruki Matsuhisa Ai Watanabe
Directed by: Eisuke Naito
[School Evaluation Questionnaire]
All Cs?
And a lot under 'free opinions.'
'A teacher told me off for
taking a picture on open day.'
'l only wanted a
photo of my child.'
'Is that too difficult for
a childless teacher to understand?'
Fumiho's mother.
It was your class?
She wanted a face
shot of Fumiho,
and cut in between me and
the students during class.
She disrupted your class?!
Nothing matters but her child.
See all her notes
criticizing me?
Wow, a real monster of a mom!
Felt a kick?
The baby is worried
about his mommy.
What if my child grows up
to be like my students.
He won't. He's
got a decent mother.
Aw, they turned over!
That baldy teacher?
Yeah, he thinks he's
hiding his bald head.
No way. It's obvious.
I know! He's as
bald as a cue ball.
How can he even think
that he's hiding it?
But he does.
It's too pathetic.
You're telling me.
On windy days
his hair flies up.
I guess it would.
Hey, no playing.
Tucky, are you going
to marry Chii-chan?
Don't call her that!
How do you know anyway?
You told us in class.
- Yeah.
- I did?
- You did.
- Me?
- Yes.
- No, I didn't.
But you did.
Do you mind leaving?
Huh? Why do we have to leave?
Just leave and figure it out yourself.
That'll be your homework.
Yes, life is nothing but homework.
Ms. Sawako sure does have a good point.
Ms. Sawako is really scary.
You're a good student, Mizuki.
- Mr. Takimoto.
- Yeah?
You're bothering me.
Ouch, that really hurt.
Mr. Takimoto.
You called?
Yes, I'm coming.
- What is it?
- I don't get this.
I never was good
in my studies.
Let's see. You try
solving it first.
I'll get that.
Oh, thank you.
I don't think he'd
make a good father.
Ms. Sawako.
Are you pregnant?
Yes, I am.
Yah, pregnant! Four months!
Let's begin homeroom.
Maternity leave in
the middle of a semester?
This is the first year in
junior high for your students!
It's totally absurd!
Was this a temporary job
till you had a child?
Oh no, that's not the case.
Fumiho is sensitive and worried
about not fitting in at school.
Guidelines for handling complaints
Fumiho is sensitiveand worried
about not fitting in at school.
Guidelines for handling complaints
Guidelines for handling complaints
I told you that during consultation,
or did you forget?
I told you that during consultation,
or did you forget?
Ms. Sawako. It's time
for curriculum meeting.
I'm sorry. I have a meeting.
You may think she doesn't
need looking after
But take time with her.
Yes, of course, I will.
Don't forget.
You saved me.
She usually goes on for
two hours non-stop.
You may need this.
It covers you against legal costs
when sued by unreasonable parents.
Is this really necessary?
Our hands are tied. We can't fight
back against students or their parents.
We need legal institutions
to help us.
500 yen a month...
What's this?
Here, Fumiho.
I wonder if Sawako had sex.
Are you being funny?
Of course she did,
she's pregnant.
Just imagine.
Sawako... had sex.
Isn't that gross?
I know what you mean.
It is...
Hello. This is Sawako at
Tachibana junior high school.
Is this Mizuki's mother I am talking to?
I'm sorry this is the Oda's.
You've got the wrong number.
No one by that name here.
This is Oda.
Oh, I see. No one by that name here.
This is Oda.
Oh, I see.
- I'm sorry.
- No problem.
Who are you trying to call?
Mizuki's mother. But, the phone number
seems to have changed.
Have you tried their
home phone number yet?
The number you dialed
is not available.
[Solubility Curve for Alum.]
We're in class now.
Ms. Sawako.
About the solubility...
The solubility curve.
The temperature is
shown on the y-axis, right.
No, the x-axis.
Weren't you listening?
Do you have the sheet
I handed out?
See here.
This is the solubility curve.
The x-axis shows temperature.
The x-axis is the
horizontal axis, alright.
Meanwhile the y-axis...
...shows the amount that will
dissolve in 100 grams of water.
See, as the temperature rises...
...so does the solubility.
The amount...
...that will dissolve.
Then from this point...
Ms. Sawako.
Your lunch.
Thank you.
So, in the solubility curve...
Is that your favorite actor?
What's so attractive?
Umm, his face.
His face?
- He's cool.
- Yeah, really.
No, no, no.
I hate that beard.
But his beard is
what makes him so cool.
You're crazy! But his beard
is what makes him so cool.
You're crazy!
You're crazy! - He's definitely cool.
- Whatever. You're wrong.
- He's definitely cool.
- Whatever. You're wrong.
You really like him?
I guess...
I prefer smooth.
What do you mean?
You know that new drama on TV?
I like the younger brother.
The younger one?
Definitely not Mr. Beardy there.
What's wrong?
Ms. Sawako. Are you all right?
How's Ms. Sawako?
Morning sickness?
Umm, hard to say.
When do they become
human beings?
After 8 weeks,
they're called fetuses.
So, it's already a human?
She's in her fourth month.
That's when the baby begins to kick.
We won't be changing
seats in homeroom today.
Wasn't that totally gross?
I mean, she's not
the type to throw up.
I can imagine Mr. Takimoto
throwing up all day.
But Ms. Sawako?
That's just not her.
It wasn't morning sickness
that made me throw up.
There was something mixed
in the soup that I ate.
Why are you telling us this?
Why do you think?
I understand you wanting to
cause trouble for the teacher.
I was once a junior high
school student.
...there are limits as to
what you are allowed.
If anyone knows anything,
write me a note.
It's not us.
I received a note saying
that maybe it was.
Who told on us?
That's not important.
That person may be lying.
That's right.
True. It's not definite proof.
It may not be you.
Then let us go.
I'm going to ask you a question.
Answer, and I'll let you go.
If you got pregnant.
You have a baby
that you dearly love.
And you're looking
forward to its birth.
But then...
...someone plays a prank on you...
...and the baby dies.
Now then...
...what would you do?
I would sue.
Is the same answer okay?
I'd sue.
Me, too.
I don't know.
I'd pretend it never existed.
It died before it was born.
That's the same as not existing.
What would you do, Ms. Sawako?
I would kill...
...I would kill whoever
killed my baby.
A teacher isn't supposed
to say stuff like that.
I'm a woman before a teacher.
You're women before students.
Prank or not, women never forgive
anyone who hurts their children.
Mrs. Machimura. Wait!
Give me back my child!
How dare you accuse them of
being guilty! Shame on you!
- Please.
- It's just morning sickness!
And you blame these girls
for it? Unbelievable!
How will you take responsibility
if Fumiho decides to take her life?
Let's go out in the hall.
I had the students write me
anonymous notes about who did it.
Mizuki, Aki, Shion, Mao, Fumiho
Fumiho's name is on this.
Mizuki, Aki, Shion, Mao, Fumiho
Fumiho's name is on this.
Fumiho is a kind-hearted child.
The problem is,
you don't know that!
- That one?
- No, I think that one.
Fumiho's mom is gross, too.
And super rude!
'How dare you accuse
them of being guilty!'
- Are you guilty?
- I'm guilty.
- You guilty?
- Yeah, I'm guilty.
- Are you guilty?
- Are you? Are you?
Are you? Are you?
Guilty. Guilty.
Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.
Guilty. Guilty.
Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.
Those that laughed
are just as guilty!
Ms. Sawako is very serious
and earnest about teaching.
But it seems she stepped over
the line, and I am truly sorry.
And because of her condition...
I mean pregnancy...
...she was perhaps
more nervous than usual.
And this could have caused
this misunderstanding.
We apologize for the physical and mental
pains the children have received.
Our apologies. We apologize for the physical
and mental pains the children have received.
Our apologies.
You're awfully quiet.
We instruct teachers on a daily basis
not to use corporal punishment.
We will be more thorough and
give clearer instructions...
...so that things like this
will never again.
Who asked you?
They need to see the
seriousness of their mistake.
Their mistake? The only
mistake here is yours!
You blamed them for
a broken chair and hit them!
You're sick!
I demand that you resign.
Fumiho will not be coming
to school until you do!
You know, Ms. Sawako...
...it isn't just your problem.
What if people think this school
allows corporal punishment?
One act of one teacher
can ruin our reputation.
A written apology.
And to think, he was famous
for his punishments 20 years ago.
Did you know that he once hit a
student so hard his eardrums burst?
All idiots.
Idiots give birth to idiots
who give birth to more idiots.
All we teachers can do is to
let them run loose and flatter them.
So, what next?
Gas poisoning.
It's still on?
Our mission isn't over.
The other arm.
Across your chest.
The other arm.
Now turn.
Now jump.
Achilles tendons.
Stretch it.
Spread out your legs a little
more. Feel it stretch?
Now, the other foot.
Stretch it well.
You feel that? Yeah?
Now, shake your hands and feet.
Your feet, too.
Shake your hands loose.
Doesn't it feel good?
Alright. Now, breathe deeply.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
That feels good.
Again, breathe in.
Breathe out.
The last one now.
Breathe in, in, in.
Breathe in.
And breathe out.
You've got to breathe
out or else...
Shion, Mao, take her
to the sick room.
Maybe I should change
our P.E. leader.
I could let you take her place.
But... why?
Mr. Takimoto is
really cool, huh?
There is something I
want you to tell me.
What are you doing here?
Never underestimate adults.
Quit your game, and
I won't tell your parents.
And you?
Read it.
Iron powder.
Hydrochloric acid.
Would you help us clean the pool?
Help us! Help us!
If you help, I'll treat
everyone to good, cold ice pops!
What do you say?
We're going.
Alright! Hurry now!
How about you, Mizuki?
We'll get soda-flavored ice pops!
Come on!
I give in!
Hey! Quit that!
Clean the pool!
I said clean the pool!
Get to it!
Aw look, my shirt's all wet!
She's in bed with a cold.
You shouldn't lie.
How come your mother didn't
come the other day?
I don't care what you
do to Ms. Sawako.
Leave Fumiho out of it.
Ms. Sawako!
Ms. Sawako! Where are you?
Ms. Sawako!
Wait. She's coming.
Ms. Sawako! Fumiho's gone.
It's that miserable wretch!
Mizuki Suzukawa lured her out!
Ms. Sawako!
[Iron Powder]
Fumiho! Fumiho!
- Fumiho!
- Fumiho.
Fumiho! Fumiho! Fumiho!
Fumiho! Fumiho! Fumiho!
I've got you now.
Fumiho! Fumiho!
Oh, thank goodness!
You're making a mistake.
You just want to feel secure.
Why are you doing this?
Because it's gross.
Why is it gross?
Women are gross creatures.
I'm gross, and you're gross.
You know that.
You're just trying to
escape from the fact.
Get out of my way! Move!
Mom, stop it!
Fumiho! Fumiho!
Miss Taguchi!
Is Miss Taguchi here?
Come get your paper!
Look what I bought today.
Isn't it cute?
It'll look good on you.
Try it on and let me see.
I'll buy my own.
A fetus is not considered
an object of murder.
So you won't be
charged with murder.
I'd say, abortion
without consent...
...and the infliction
of bodily injury.
That's it.
[Child Consultation Center]
You dig.
Why me?
A family member can't.
We can't pretend it
never existed.
Let's-Make-the-Teacher-Have-a-Miscarriage Club
Aki Miyata
Kaori Kobayashi
Miyu Takara
Nanase Takemori
Suzuno Aiba
Sawaki Muroga
Yuriko Onuma
English translation by 'Unknown'.
Thank you, whoever you are.