Let's Meet Halfway (2023) Movie Script

Come on.
Ok, Ok.
I swear I had something written,
but uh...
It didn't feel right so...
Of course my vows are a mess,
and I haven't even started yet.
On that note,
where do I even begin.
Hurry up.
One last thing before I start
I know that Henry couldn't be
here with us today.
Henry, we miss you dearly
And, we're wishing you a
speedy recovery.
I know Charlie is doing
everything she can, and
you did well raising
such a caring daughter.
Words can't describe how
strongly I feel for you,
I'd like to think that vows are
only as good as the love
behind them.
The speech can be uninspired or
rambling but...
true affection always seeps
through the cracks.
I don't know if I ever told
you this but...
I fell in love with your laugh
before I ever saw you.
I heard it from across the room
in our theology seminar.
And... I tried to read the Bible
once but I couldn't.
I mean people seem to really
love it but I thought it was
just a slog.
I do remember one thing
from that class.
It was when we read
the book of um...
Joseph... or David?
Maybe it was John.
I don't know... One of those
guys, about the turning of water
into wine.
I've been thinking about it
and I suppose our love is a bit
like that story.
To be honest I didn't really
understand it,
because on first read I thought,
"Why turn water into wine if
you're trying to save
thousands of dying and
dehydrated people?"
I mean, who would want wine when
they need water?
That is, um...
until I fell in love with you.
This year has made us impossibly
thirsty for something.
For a life that we took
for granted.
One where we could be
together always.
You've been my only tether on
a river pulling me out to sea.
I drank from you and
you from me,
and somehow we were able to
make it through.
However painfully and
even if we were never really as
happy as we once were.
Somewhere along the way
the water of my affection turned
deep red.
Strong and rich and bold.
And I forgot that I ever
wanted water.
Because who could want water
when they've tasted wine
so strong.
There it is, that laugh.
I can't wait to hear
it every day.
Oh... right.
I guess it's my turn.
How can I possibly
follow that up.
Avery, your story is a perfect
example of why I love you.
Your ability to ramble on and on
and somehow turn it into
coherent, beautiful,
and profound.
You find meaning in the most
mundane of moments.
You're strong willed.
You encourage me to follow my
gut and listen to my heart.
You're even borderline
stubborn at times.
Unfortunately I never noticed
you in our theology seminar.
I guess I was too busy not
listening to the lecture.
The first time I noticed you was
when you approached me
after class.
The first six months I thought
you just wanted to be my friend.
Because I cannot imagine my
life without you.
I just wanted to tell
you that I...
[car honks]
[car sounds grow louder]
[soft music comes in]
[footsteps approach]
More coffee?
So what's the occasion?
It was a wedding.
A wedding here?
Ok. [laughs]
They wanted somewhere quiet.
Well if that's what they were
looking for they definitely
chose the right place.
So where are your dates?
Oh, we just went together.
Oh nice! Well I wish you guys
would have told me,
it would have been nice to have
a reason to dress up
around here.
A wedding?
Yeah, what?
Go ahead.
[TV plays]
[shower stops running]
[door opens]
[music comes in]
[birds chirping]
I like it... it's different.
I don't see it.
[sign blows in wind]
[footsteps in grass]
[muffled laughter]
[wind in trees, lapping water]
You want this?
Uh... I think I'm good.
[low music]
Always goes by so quick.
It really does.
Will I be seeing you both next
month, same time?
So... the weekend of...
April 17th?
Yes please.
By the way,
how's your dad doing?
Still sick and still smoking.
She takes good care of him,
you know, the man is stubborn.
Well, I bet you both can't
wait for the day
you don't have to come back
to this place.
Safe driving you two.
Thanks so much.
So what are we gonna do?
What do you mean do,
there's nothing to do.
So that's it?
That's it then?
Look, how much longer is this
gonna go on?
Why can't you just take my
How many times do we have
to talk about this?
Until you say you'll do it.
I can't picture him all alone in
a place like that.
Have you been inside of one?
It's depressing and it smells.
You really think Henry cares
how the place smells?
His whole house reeks of cigar.
What about you?
You don't even like your job,
just quit.
What do you mean I don't like
my job?
You've never once fucking
said that.
Yes, it's a tradition,
I can't let the man down.
This tradition's why he's sick.
He's only got so much time left.
You don't even have to let
him smoke them,
it's just so he knows I'm
thinking of him.
[trunk unlocks]
Really did go by fast.
I'll call you?
Why should that even be
a question?
Every time I call
you're at work.
Then don't call me while
I'm at work.
By the time you get home
I'm asleep.
Stay up later.
Get off work earlier.
[soft music]
[tires on gravel]
[car radio plays]
[music fades]
[footsteps approach]
So what else can I get ya?
- Just the check thanks.
- Ok.
Alright here you go.
It's always so nice seeing
the two of you,
I swear a month always feels
way too long.
[music plays]
[leaves rustle in wind]
[low rumbling]
[water movement]
[water plunging]
[underwater rumbling continues]
[whisky pouring]
Care for a drink?
May I ask where you're from?
- San Francisco.
- [gasps]
San Francisco, wow...
beautiful city.
And what brings you here?
- Only motel in town.
- No, no...
The bar you mean.
I didn't realize we
were in a bar.
Oh no?
Maybe I should have given
you water then.
You're beautiful.
[radio turns on]
[slow song plays]
[light switch flips]
[radio turns off]
[low music comes in]
[car door slams, engine starts]
[car approaches]
[coins rattling]
[pressing buttons]
[mysterious music comes in]
Hey... it's me.
I know...
It's good. What are you doing?
[toilet flushes]
Where'd you go last night.
On a walk.
I'm hungry.
How is he?
He's ok.
What's that mean?
Maybe we should figure this out.
What's that supposed to mean?
If he's gonna stick around why
are we still doing this?
I can't just leave him Avery.
Well I can't keep doing this,
I don't know how you can.
I'm not ok with it but
you're not there.
You don't see how hard it is.
I see you once a month and we
barely talk in-between.
Talk to me now then.
[music theme comes in]
[car engine starts]
[car pulling up]
[gas pump whirs]
[car engine turns off]
[crickets, birds chirp]
What are you reading?
Read me something.
"Barn's burnt down / Now I can
see the moon."
That's it?
I thought that poems were meant
to be longer and like...
It is.
[whispering] "Barns burnt down /
Now I can see the moon."
Isn't it weird?
That we're here.
Like we could be anywhere in
the entire world,
but we're here in the middle
of nowhere.
[cows in distance]
I was at work the other day,
and this one new guy acts like
he runs the place.
I mean seriously the gall on
some people.
I'm standing at the copier
and it's obviously my turn to ue
the copier because I've been
there longer...
[voice starts to fade]
[music comes in]
Hello? Have you not been
listening to me?
I was listening.
It's funny.
When I was driving here I saw
one of those ads.
You know the ones advertising
injury lawyers.
And I was thinking about it,
just a funny thought.
Imagine you get in
a car accident,
you're dying on the side
of the road,
and the last thing you see is
one of those signs.
I think it'd make me laugh.
It kinda reminded me of Henry.
Like, you know when he first
got diagnosed?
He acted like it was
the funniest thing in the world.
Like he'd call you and joke
about it like it was no
big deal.
Cause most people, when they
hear they're gonna die,
they try to make the most
of every day, but...
He just took it as an excuse
to watch more TV.
Yeah he was funny like that.
I think he's just an escapist.
Henry knows I come here
every month.
He never once asked me about it.
I know he knows about us, but
I think it just makes his life
easier not to think about it.
If that's what you mean
by escapist.
Why still take care of him?
Sometimes you love people even
when you shouldn't.
[leaves blow wind]
Isn't it nice?
The music.
[slow song comes in]
[song muffles]
Come on don't be a downer!
[song returns]
[song muffles]
[music plays]
[birds chirp]
[door rattles, opens]
Haven't played the piano since
I was like ten.
[piano plays]
Well that's about as good as I
thought I'd be.
Feels like I've been
here before.
Yeah like I know I
haven't, but...
I swear I've seen you sitting at
that piano before playing.
I feel as though I know every
inch of this room.
Do you ever get that feeling?
more often I walk into a room
I've been in a billion times
and feel like
I don't know it at all.
It's kind of like when you say
a word too many times...
And it starts to feel funny and
lose its meaning.
Like it's made up.
I feel like places are
like words.
The more you're in them the more
they feel funny, like...
they're all the same,
like they have no purpose.
But even the most familiar
places aren't concrete.
You wake up one day and realize
you never really know them
well at all.
Places are like people they
never stop changing.
Just when you think you have one
nailed down it squirms out from
under you.
It's like, walking into your
childhood bedroom
and realizing the ceilings
are cracked...
You never noticed it before but
now it's all you can see.
I missed the exit this morning.
I've driven down that highway
tens of times
and I still missed it.
It's always the same exit,
by this one house...
I know because it has the blue
brick chimney.
I didn't see it this morning so
I kept driving.
And when I realized I'd
gone too far...
I turned around to go back and
find the house.
But when I got there...
something was different.
So I pulled over to take
a closer look.
It was the same house alright...
But it had no chimney at all.
Places are like old
family friends.
They know everything about you
but, you can hardly remember
their name.
You probably dreamt it.
Dreamt what?
The chimney.
I never remember my dreams.
[footsteps shuffling]
[fan whirs]
[footsteps approach]
Have you seen this property?
Have I?
Oh it's one of the best.
Ten bed, five bath,
three stories...
You get lost on your way to
the bathroom.
Mmm... sounds amazing.
You know... I know it's a little
bit outside of the price ranged
that we discussed.
But, I think it has to be seen.
I'd love to.
Wait... what are you doing, are
you sure this is a good idea?
Odd... Frank must have forgotten
to put the key back.
Such a forgetful man.
Seems like it.
It's around here somewhere.
I told him to put the key
in one place.
It shouldn't be a scavenger hunt
every time I bring a new buyer.
I had to do this for
a family last week.
Is this it?
Well, what a surprise...
Can I get that tour now.
Right, tour.
Funny you say that, you know
the house has only been
on the market for a few weeks,
it's perfect timing.
It's a surprise someone
hasn't taken it yet.
[murmurs interest]
Do you think you could ever live
in a place like this?
I don't know...
House or apartment?
House definitely.
Why definitely?
The yard...
it's suffocating without one.
I never had a yard growing up.
Well I did...
yards are overrated.
We got so much rain,
it was so overgrown,
like a jungle.
But not a fun jungle,
you couldn't even walk through
it without getting small cuts
all over your legs.
I'd take small cuts over being
stuck inside with
a depressed father.
When I was younger, I used to...
listen to my neighbors,
talking late at night through my
bedroom wall.
I tried not to listen...
but I couldn't stop myself.
I could only really tell what
they were saying when they
would argue.
But sometimes when...
I felt really alone,
I used to...
picture them asleep beside me.
Sometimes I swear I could hear
the soft sounds of their
I think I might miss that,
living in a house.
Well, maybe if we lived together
you wouldn't feel so alone.
Do you remember our first night?
Feels like so long ago.
I was so nervous.
I don't know if you noticed but
I was sweating so much,
I tried to hide it.
Oh I noticed.
But I was nervous too.
God, I fucking hate
that feeling.
But I also kind of miss it.
Do you think we'll ever feel
like that again?
Probably not.
Remember exactly what happened?
Not exactly.
Well I do.
We were watching a movie.
You were bold.
Someone had to be.
Then what?
Then I leaned in and kissed you.
I'm pretty sure you weren't
that smooth.
You took your damn time.
Yep. That was your move.
And that was yours.
Hold up.
I'm pretty sure that was me.
What happened to this?
You know what happened.
What the fuck is that
supposed to mean?
I didn't ask to be treated this
way. You're supposed to support
me in things like this.
You're so fucking selfish you
only think about yourself.
You realize there's more than
just you and me right? I have
You have a responsibility to me.
I can't just pack up and leave
our friends live here.
What friends? We don't
have friends.
Once you've made a decision it's
impossible to change your mind.
It's like arguing with
a brick wall.
Some things don't need to be
discussed there's no other way.
What do you mean there's no
other way? Just don't go
back home.
Henry will be fine
in a care facility.
Where's the money coming from?
You know how much those cost.
Fine, then just move in
with me here.
I can't.
What do you mean you can't?
Nothing you're saying is making
any sense.
You're being an asshole.
That's not what I said.
I said to...
- Go fuck yourself.
- Go fuck yourself.
Have you ever not gotten
what you wanted?
I don't think you've ever said
you're sorry for what you
did to us.
What I did to us?
Are you serious?
Look at us!
Look at what this has done to
us, look what we've become.
It's like we hardly even know
each other anymore.
So this is my fault?
I did nothing to stop what
wasn't already happening.
We would've gotten here
either way.
Oh wow. So you never thought
this was gonna work?
That's not what I said.
That's exactly what you
just said!
That's not what I'm saying,
you always twist my words!
Why are we together then?
You know
I thought that Henry was the one
keeping us apart.
But maybe he's the only thing
holding us together.
I think it's you.
I think it's always been you.
Yeah you know,
maybe you're right.
Maybe this was never good, but I
couldn't see that until I left.
So what's gonna happen then?
When Henry dies,
is that it then?
He's dead.
What are you talking about?
My dad he's dead.
He died three months ago.
What do you mean he's dead,
are you crazy?!
He's been dead for months and
you've just been what...
holding it from me?
So all those times we've been
meeting acting like everything
is normal.
Why the fuck are we even here!
Why wouldn't you tell me?
You didn't tell me you
we're cheating.
You really thought I
didn't know.
I'm tired.
I'm tired of doing this.
Me too.
[melancholy music comes in]
[tire popping]
Pick up.
Pick up!
I thought you got a spare for my
car last year.
They don't make spares for your
car anymore it's too old.
Why didn't you tell me
about this?
There was no point. We couldn't
have done anything anyways.
[bell rings]
[bell rings]
[soft music comes in]
They said they'll be done
in an hour.
You um... hungry?
Not really.
Well at least it was only
a flat. It shouldn't be
too expensive.
Let's just take it one
day at a time.
We can't plan for the future.
What's that?
You still have that?
It's my father.
He... he's in there?
You... planning to spread
the ashes?
Haven't decided yet.
When did you have the funeral?
There wasn't one.
He didn't have any friends.
And the ones that he did
have are dead.
Well we should have one.
Why not?
He always wanted to be buried.
It felt weird to do it alone.
[music fades in]
I want to show you something.
Can I open them yet?
What is it?
You can't be serious.
Out of all places why here?
Cause I think I love this place.
It's all we have.
So what's the plan?
I mean I don't know.
But I think this is better
than not trying.
We've tried.
Have we?
What about your job?
I quit.
So what's the plan? We move in,
Then what? We get jobs where?
The diner? The motel?
Kids maybe?
We grow old and...
we end up like that old man
at the park.
What happened to taking it one
day at a time?
This just doesn't feel like
that either.
[car engine runs]
I'll see you soon.
I'll see ya.
[footsteps on wood]
[melancholy music comes in]
[busy diner sounds]
Hey, what can I get for ya?
Is Sam working today?
Never mind.
I'll just give you a minute.
[car approaches]
[car honks]
[distant radio song plays]
[music swells]